Monday, June 5, 2023

2024 - The Year of Thagirion, We Don't Need Another Hero

Remember where you are. This is Thunderdome.  Death is listening and will take the first man that screams.


Auntie Entity, Mad Max 3: Beyond Thunderdome


Important Note for the Wise: These diagrams I used in the Charm of Making are based on the Sefirot not the Qliphoth/Klippot so what you see above should technically be upside down.  Very few diagrams show the Qliphoth and the associations so I am adapting this one for expediency not for accuracy.  But for any regular reader the point I have been making should now be very well illustratedTina Turner has died on the Path of Death that links 2023, Invasion of the Body Snatchers to 2024, Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome.  In light of everything else we have witnessed, seriously, what are the odds?


  • Establishing shots, setting: Water + food crisis + civil wars in the developing world focused on desert countries + megafires, droughts, crop failures, civil unrest, energy crisis, ultra violence in developed world
  • Mad Max: Donald Trump
  • Auntie Entity: Kamala Harris, Michelle Obama, Oprah
  • Jebediah: Civil Aviation, Airforce
  • Master Blaster: Putin + BRICS
  • Barter Town: Stock Market, US+EU
  • Underworld: Gas Supply, BRICS + OPEC
  • Savannah Nix: Great Thunberg
  • Primitve Tribe of Eco Kids: Extinction Rebellion, Just Stop Oil, etc
  • Tomorrow Morrow Land: Promise of Ecotopia
Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome is not an especially complicated ''film'' and in parts it is as campy as Rocky Horror and as cheesy as Avatar.  Beyond Thunderdome is far from being Fury Road which in many ways is a relief.  But since this ''movie'' is going to be aimed at the modern audience as opposed to the 80s I reckon the establishing shots, i.e. the creation of the Mad Max setting are going to feel very much like Fury Road.  Using this basic ''cast'' (we can argue about details later) you can read the synopsis and it should be very clear what will happen in 2024, even simpler is just to tune into Clair Audience and listen to ''We Don't Need Another Hero'' maybe watch the music video as it gives a good sample of the film and the tone in rough chronological order. While this song plays into the anti-hero thing they've had going on since 2010 ( I mean anti hero)  this song could easily be part of a campaign message for a certain political party.

One more note on Thunderdome, after Kevin McCarthy's role in this year's movie I think they are going to push it even more metawards.  In that spirit I think we may see Mel Gibson guest starring as Mad Max next year, at least in one important sequence.  This is also consistent with the ''role'' they have just given to Tina Turner.


Bodysnatchers has gone fully mainstream, its clearly the Zeitgeist (although I will leave some space for Living Dead for sure - but zombie apocalypse conversation I've observed in various places often confined/focused to San Francisco as a prime example of said apocalypse) and the only fundamental difference between the cinematomancers, if you will, and the rest of the still thinking free world is they think its ''like'' Bodysnatchers whereas we think it is Bodysnatchers.  I still maintain that AI (Deep Fake) + Woke Mind Virus, although very much examples of body snatching, is still not enough to carry the ''film'', those ideas are not true enough to the aesthetics of the 1978 version, and although they are clearly both part of ''depopulation'' they are not directly linkable to climate security for the pedestrian, whereas biosecurity is.  A failure in biosecurity returns pedestrianity to the lockdown hell of 2020 - 2022 and biosecurity is already closely linked with climate change i.e. blaming covid on people encroaching into wildlife areas they shouldn't as opposed to lableaks.  On that note you have both the WHO Pandemic Treaty and Disease X (X steganography again) being flagged up at the moment.  For me the only narrative that currently makes sense and is true to the movie are (possibly successful) local lockdowns in response to Disease X as I think a global lockdown is not possible.  As an example of what may be coming this story of a 5000 mile seaweed blob full of flesh eating bacteria is very much on the nose of the Bodysnatchers aesthetic, so are the reports of MDR fungal growths.  I'll repeat what I said before a local lockdown in a city because of Disease X that can be blamed on climate change and that will go along with it without too much fuss i.e. San Francisco (high % of vaccinated + woke + work from home types) managed by the W.H.O., seemingly successfully, provides all the opportunities for cinematography necessitated by the ''movie'' and plays into the overall narrative arc.  Remember people watching from the outside will probably want the lockdown to ''work''.  Climate change has to be flagged up somehow because of all the semiotic precursors (the green pass, living in a green zone, just stop oil being orange etc) and because... Mad Max is ''coming soon''.

Bartertown Crowd: Two men enter, one man leave.


Beyond Thunderdome (1985)