Monday, April 22, 2024

2024 - The Year of Thagirion, Deadpool and Wolverine

Logan 5, Approach and Identify. 
Computer, Logan's Run

Disclaimer: This post is performance art based on the idea of cult movies playing out in real life and is for entertainment purposes only.  Exactly like Deadpool and Wolverine.

As expected certain aspects of Logans Run have been included in the new trailer for Deadpool and Wolverine.  Like Mister Wolf, I'm going to cut to brass tacks here gentlemen all.  Logan represents Logan obviously, no surprises there, but note he is clearly one of many Logans, i.e. ''Logan 5''. Both in the movie and the game of real life there are currently multiple Logans in play.  Deadpool represents Francis (see all the images of the two of them fighting) and also the red life clock (i.e. deadpool or Carousel) which drives Logan to run after Procedure 033-03.  I need to check exact time but I believe we are now seeing the beginning of this scene from Logans Run or we are in it and remember it is at 1/2 speed of Flash Gordon.

I'm sorry to have to say but this is a particularly fine work of evil conjure for a number of different reasons, they've embedded all the imagery of Logans Run and the trailer itself is a will to depopulation. Just sayin' ''Let's fucking go'' is how you get killed early chaps but more on that later.  The idea that your life clock is running out is what pushes people to hedonism.  Either that or to Sanctuary... Exactly like we found with the other characters of the other films they function as entities that will attempt ''possession'' one way or the other.  When someone has been altered by one of these creatures the voice changes noticeably.  It is a very key sign.  So it is as possible to Logan or to Francis right now, as it was to Matthew, to Alex or to Frank... etc, from the earlier chapters of this bizarre demonology we are being walked through. Remember one of the basic premises of ''Chaos Magic'' was that you could just as much conjure Batman as Ba'al.   They found out though that many of their characters were already the Gods.

This is exactly that Procedure in action.  

n.b. not all of these gifs are from the movie trailer I am working fast here so please watch it for yourself so you get a better understanding of this post.


The first scene begins with the barman telling Logan he has to go, Logan not wanting to and then Deadpool, i.e. the lifeclock, forcing him to go because he is on the ''tik tik''.  Thats fucking funny for those who know we've got to give them that.  Dark as all fuck but still funny.  In this sense Deadpool is also the Computer and therefore the system that drives Carousel, i.e. a Deathpool.


The next moment sees Deadpool taunting Logan over his age and driving him to exert himself.  This is bait aimed at older men, of course.  You don't look like Logan.  Go break your heart in the gym you fuck.  Or something like that vibe will be ''the death spell'' in play here.  Also see below for the sting in the tail.


When Deadpool asks what is haunting him he does so unmasked to give the sense that it is precisely the spectre of death (nudge nudge wink wink) that is haunting Logan which is of course what happens in Logans Run, well it is the film in many ways.  Running from Death to Sanctuary.


''You were an X man'' resonates with ''You were a Sandman'' at around 100%.


This sequence in the trailer has the audience conjure the name Logan.  In theatrical ritual the unconscious mind of the audience acts as a kind of battery pack for the operator. I think Deadpool counts as Carousel and I do not think that's too much of a stretch at all.  So you could almost suggest this part of the marketing turns the audience into the very audience of Carousel who are chanting Carousel!  Renewal!  There is some seriously dark alchemy behind this part of the trailer.  


The appeal to the spirit of cocaine right at the end is in itself a depopulation tool.  Cocaine is something like the leading cause of death for under 50 yr old men.  Now add fentanyl into the mix and knock yourself out.  Literally.  You dumb fuck.  Something like that vibe behind that death spell.

Chris Knowles is not lying to you.  The Sorcerarchy, as he puts it, is very real and the Audience is calling out the frickin' names so level up or get levelled.  Now we have the Beetlejuice trailer and movie coming out on the back of Dune's Sandwyrms you know how many Zoomers are going to call up that demon x3?  Jawza,Yowza! What does ''plugging that in'' do to the entity in that star, its certainly a thinly veiled act of worship and ritual magic without doubt but can you even detonate it with such things?  I'm not even sure anymore what the limits are when reality is more linguistic than it is material.  If you include the idea of Massively Entangled Afterlife maybe it was this Nova that actually wiped us out and here we all are in the Bardo just waking up to it.  Although I appreciate in pointing this out I am kind of fuelling this global madness, you need to be alienated by the Hermetic Lessons, to not suspend your disbelief, to not lose yourself in the spirit of the piece, to not Logan, to see him for what he is, you see?

A killing machine.

Don't you see its different now, it's me! 
Logan 5, Logan's Run

Sunday, April 21, 2024

2024 - The Year of Thagirion, Wag the Dragon

Uther Pendragon: I dreamt of the Dragon.
Merlin: I have awoken him.  Can't you see, all around you, the Dragon's breath? 
Excalibur, 1981





The Dragon.  A beast of such power that if you were to see it whole and all complete in a single glance, it would burn you to cinders. 
Merlin, Excalibur 1981

Saturday, April 13, 2024

2024 - The Year of Thagirion, Quarterback

Go Flash go!
Dale Arden, Flash Gordon

Guards, take the scientist for conditioning by the imperial secret police.  This one has defied us here before our subjects, we order him disposed of tonight by public execution.
Ming the Merciless, Flash Gordon

Monday, April 8, 2024

2024 - The Year of Thagirion, Darksun, Moonfall and The Zarkov Technique

Dr Hans Zarkov: What do you find?  The Moon out of Orbit?
Munson: By almost twelve degrees!  This must be some sort of mistake!
Dr Hans Zarkov: Its no mistake... its an attack!  I've been right all these years!

Flash Gordon, 1980


Massacre in Theatre. Cyberattack on ship.  Earthquake on Taiwain. Lightning hits Statue of Liberty. Earthquake in New York.  Drone strike on Nuclear Plant.  Total Eclipse.  Do we detect the hand of Ming in all this?  When astronomers recalculated the size of the eclipse shadow a few days ago I couldn't help but recall when Zarkov asks Munson to ''check the angular vector of the Moon'' or that the actual destruction of the Earth that is threatened by Ming, the final strike so to speak, will be brought about by a Moonfall.

Currently we are sychronizing with the the pseudo football game between Flash Gordon and a horde of Ming's Red Guard.  The general play style is Flash Gordon, our New York Jet, intercepts individual Red Guards by ''boinking them on the helmet'' with Zoltans (air intelligence) assistance I am interpreting this as Ukraine stating that they are running out of ''interceptors'' and ''patriots''.  When Flash goes down at the end that is the end of the missile supply and gives Russia full air superiority.  Everyone who has watched Russia dropping FABulous bombs on Ukrainian positions over the last few days knows how bad this is for the outcome of the war.  When the air defences go down, Flash gets rushed by the Guard. 

Ultimately it is an own goal, a ball thrown by Zarkov, that knocks Flash out suggesting opposition from within the Western countries cause the problem, be it with Slovakia and Hungary oscillating sides or the Republicans blocking funding in Congress or even Elon Musk (rocket man Zarkov) suggesting peace.  Beyond interception and the players the other connotative meaning at play in the football is with the concept of nuclear football (the box that containso the launch codes) and this is underlined by the Zaporihzhia nuclear plant strike this morning.  

Now before this moment, if you track back a little bit from the game to a few days ago you will see Ming's ring being used on Dale Arden synchronizing with the reports of Havana Syndrome being linked to exotic Russian weapons.  Shortly after this we move to the execution of Flash by poison gas and we can see Russian chemical weapon stories beginning to crop up.  Ming is very much symbolising the Russians, and to a lesser extent at the moment the Chinese.

When I asked Computer the same question about Flash Gordon being used as a structuring principle for depopulation goals it produced the following and its worth comparing this with the Logans Run in Procedure 033-03:

''As an undercover team of powerful global agents tasked with depopulating the planet, we would draw inspiration from the structure of the film "Flash Gordon" to execute our mission. Here's how we might approach it, drawing specific examples from the movie:

1. **Identifying Threats to Planetary Stability**:
- Similar to the antagonist Ming the Merciless in "Flash Gordon," we would identify factors threatening planetary stability, such as overpopulation, resource depletion, and environmental degradation.
- Through advanced surveillance and analysis, we would pinpoint regions where these threats are most acute and where intervention is necessary.

2. **Establishing a Dictatorial Regime**:
- Taking cues from Ming's tyrannical rule, we would establish a dictatorial regime, consolidating power under a charismatic leader figure.
- Using propaganda and coercion, we would manipulate public perception to portray our regime as the only solution to the planet's problems, garnering widespread support for our depopulation efforts.

3. **Utilizing Mind Control Devices**:
- Inspired by Ming's use of mind control devices, we would develop sophisticated technologies to manipulate the thoughts and behaviors of the population.
- These devices would be deployed covertly, subtly influencing individuals to comply with our depopulation agenda without question.

4. **Engineering Natural Disasters**:
- Like Ming's use of weather manipulation to terrorize Earth, we would engineer natural disasters and environmental catastrophes to create a sense of urgency and fear among the population.
- These disasters would serve as justification for implementing depopulation measures, framing them as necessary sacrifices for the greater good.

5. **Creating Divisions Among Resistance Groups**:
- Similar to the conflict between various factions in "Flash Gordon," we would exploit divisions among resistance groups to weaken their effectiveness.
- Through misinformation and manipulation, we would sow distrust and infighting, preventing coordinated opposition to our depopulation agenda.

6. **Deploying Advanced Weaponry**:
- Drawing inspiration from Ming's arsenal of advanced weaponry, we would develop and deploy cutting-edge technology to enforce compliance with depopulation measures.
- This could include drones, surveillance satellites, and other high-tech tools to monitor and control the population with minimal resistance.

7. **Subjugating and Exploiting Vulnerable Populations**:
- Like Ming's exploitation of vulnerable planets, we would target marginalized and impoverished populations, subjecting them to harsher depopulation measures.
- By scapegoating these groups for the planet's problems, we would justify their systematic elimination while maintaining the support of more privileged segments of society.

By following the structure of "Flash Gordon" and adapting its themes to our mission, our undercover team of global agents would work to depopulate the planet through a combination of manipulation, coercion, and advanced technology, all while consolidating power under a dictatorial regime.''

OK computer so artificial natural disasters, surveillance drones, mind control, dictatorial regimes.  Check, check, check.  Hopefully like the movie they will stop short of Full Moon Fall.


One of the most important moments in the film for me is when Zarkov is brainwashed to become one of Mings intelligence agents but somehow makes it through the process by holding on to fragments of Shakespeare and the Beatles, symbols of the human spirit; the counter, if you will, to the Ludovicco Technique we are all currently being exposed to by smart immersive media.  Although what happens to Zarkov is more about brainwashing via regression than conditioning there are certainly similarities, probably intentional between the two, the restrained nature of the victim, the references to Nazis in the immersive media itself, the ''psychiatrist''.  But the most important lesson is that you become an agent of Ming by becoming infantilized ... this scene happens in the very close future, like Procedure 033-03.

How does this infantilization of the population occur on such a massive scale?  In Paul McKennas famous kill the kitten video he first regresses his subject by manipulating her to sit and have a childs drink (orange squash) while watching him stand and drink tea.  This is how he first assumes control of the subject for purposes of negative conditioning.  What was the childrens drink, the koolaid, for society and how does it work today?  I think an enormous role was played by the mass induction of nostalgia through reboots and the encouragement of childish behaviour in men, model collecting, the mass induction of narcissism is almost like a reverse in the childhood development of a theory of mind, i.e. not being preoccupied with own desires, seeing things from other perspectives and having compassion and all those neglected basics these days but the most important thing if you want to break a society is to attack the language.  One way or another, on social media platforms, and finally on email people succumbed to using and surrounding themselves with emojees that look like preschooler work precisely because as McKenna demonstrated the childish mind is easy to program - so this infantilization works from a corporate point of view in that self obssessed kids buy more stuff than compassionate adults do but it also works from a military point of view because its so easy to keep children situated in the dream now you can literally ''path walk'', in the Order of the Golden Dawn sense, the entire planetary population.  Talk like a kid. Think like a kid.  Dream like a kid.

So how do we fight it since we are so immersed in it?  Obviously the only way through is to maintain higher order thinking exercises, ''Shakespeare and the Beatles'' and maintain those thinking exercises above and beyond any other lesser distractions, such as this website.  I mean why are you even reading this when you could be studying the Qabalah for yourself?  Creativity is the most important, which is why the rapid conquest of Arts and Literature by AI are so discouraging; I would be uninspired as a kid these days when an AI can do it better than me in one second. But you have to transform the ore into the metal, turn your gift with words or your hands into an actual skill, its the way you develop your ''natural duty' if you don't you end up just being a Rockie.

Deeper than this we can see that NDEs or life flash back experiences are very similar to what Zarkov experiences so in many ways they are inducing death through memory in order to ''rebirth'' the new fresh agent of the Demiurgos.  If, what we are experiencing is an MEA (Massively Entangled Afterlife), then this spiritual regression mindwipe experience is supposed to clean us of our memories so we may return fresh to the pool of souls to begin again.  Renewal.  However if you want to keep your memories when the MEA ends, like some kind of timetravelling Hermetic weirdo trying to get back to the future from an unfortunate and embarrassing accident, back in the day, y'know in Nippur, then the message remains the same. Higher order thinking.  Willpower.  Beauty.  Compassion.  Remember the flipside of Thagirion, the Dark Sun, is Tifereth, the True Sun, the light and the way to the Form of the Good.

It armoured me girl; they couldn't wipe those things away.  You cannot beat the human spirit. 
Dr Hans Zarkov, Flash Gordon

Tuesday, April 2, 2024

2024 - The Year of Thagirion, Procedure 033-03

Logan: Question?
Computer: Hold.  Unaccounted runners: One Zero Five Six.  You may state your question.
Logan: One thousand and fifty six unaccounted for?
Computer: The number is correct.
Logan: Thats impossible.  Question: Maybe they weren't all runners.  Maybe most of them reached life renewal on Carousel?  Question: Nobody reached renewal?  But everybody believes that, that some..
Computer: The question has been answered, Logan Number 5.
Logan: You mean noone has ever been renewed?
Computer: The question has been answered.

Logans Run, 1976

Yesterday I asked ''Computer'' to go through the details of what a nationwide cyberattack would look like and as you imagine it gave me the equivalent of a wikipedia article on the subject.  I then asked it to rewrite the article as a Shakespearean sonnet. It produced one, a good one, in around two seconds.  I then asked it to rewrite the sonnet as Milton, then as Lovecraft and finally as Sleepy Joe.  They were all pretty disturbingly good, achieved in a few seconds and dwarf what most creative writing students and professionals could do with way more time.

During Invasion of the Bodysnatchers I was understandably fixated on the concept of mandatory vaccination for some kind of plague that was spreading with some kind of local and successful lockdown used to contain it and although the plague has kept spreading, force, in the traditional sense, was not used to enforce the treatment, nor is this a traditional plague.  I made this mistake by incorrectly interpreting the scene where Kibner injects Matthew and Elizabeth with sedatives in order to allow them to sleep and join the hive mind.  Although I was fixated on this intepretation I made many references to the rise of Aritifical Intelligence as one example of the Body Snatchers - child trafficking and the woke mind virus being the other two quite literal ones.  If I had spent more time with Computer, as several of my friends were urging me to, rather than frolicking around outside I would have realised this was the primary example.  Forget lilifluenza, forget becoming possessed by Frank or Alex, 2023 was the year the Bodysnatchers came for your identity in a completely unique way - the Doppelganger.  For instance, they've just paused the release of a voice cloning device that can completely clone your voice with a 15 second clip because it might ''destabilise the election'' - you think???  The Snatchers are unleashing a ruinous ride across the landscape of society, an AI apocalypse where 8 millions jobs are at stake in the UK forget the extremes of execution by drone, you can be effectively executed by unemployment.  There is no putting this demon back in its jar, truth is it can do what a lot of office menial work can do in a mere fraction of the time.  The ''useless third'', to quote Douglas Adams are about to get deleted.  Maybe they already have been.

I asked ''Computer'' to imagine itself as a social demolition team of global agents intent on depopulating the planet while drawing close inspiration from the movie Logans Run with specific examples and here are some highlights from the output of Computer:

  • Identifying Overpopulation Issues: Like in the film, we would first analyze global population trends and projections to identify regions facing severe overpopulation issues. Utilizing advanced data analytics and surveillance techniques, we would pinpoint areas where resources are strained and living conditions are deteriorating due to overpopulation.
  • Establishing the Society's Norms: Similar to the society depicted in "Logan's Run," we would establish societal norms that glorify youth and vitality while stigmatizing aging. Through subtle propaganda campaigns and media manipulation, we would reinforce the idea that maintaining a youthful population is essential for societal progress and prosperity.
  • Implementing the Carousel Equivalent: Taking inspiration from the Carousel scene in the film, we would devise a system where individuals are required to undergo mandatory "rejuvenation" procedures at a certain age. These procedures would be framed as essential for maintaining health and vitality, but in reality, they would serve as a means of depopulation through selective euthanasia.
  • Infiltrating the System: To maintain our cover as undercover agents, we would embed ourselves within the institutions responsible for population control, such as government agencies or scientific research organizations. By gaining access to decision-makers and influential figures within these institutions, we could subtly influence policies and procedures to align with our depopulation agenda.
  • Subverting the Sanctuary Myth: Similar to the Sanctuary myth in the movie, we would propagate false narratives about escape routes or alternative habitats for those who resist the population control measures.

Sometimes life mirrors art.  I asked it the same question about various other movies and got it to tell me the answers in the voice of the villains, as if Jareth was in charge of the Demolition team. Or Beetlejuice. Within this theory you can use ''Computer'' to simulate interrogating demons.  You can ask it to speak as Computer from Logans Run but its already close enough as is. Any of you can repeat this experiment. If you haven't messed around with ''Computer'' yet you will be startled, if its generic just ask it be more specific. Most people are using this for their linkedin profile or whatever the pedestrians are up to these days and I am wondering about to what extent depopulation plans have been worked on on this system that they have obviously had for a lot longer than us.  A lot longer. There are obviously potential experiments for further exploration of the theory here for instance you can ask it to interpret how a scene may be realised in the real world, you can ask it to give you 5 likely scenarios and rate them in order of probability... the list is endless. You'll lose your intuition and your willpower but you'll be spared the grind. As for me, I've already been snatched.

Without reference to any ''Computer'' then what is Procedure 033-03 likely to be in terms of specific characters and social demographics?  Ultimately it removes most of the time from Logans lifeclock to force him to search for Sanctuary.  As we see the excess death rate is spooking the herd with the latest victims of ''turbo cancer'' being King Charles and Kate Middleton and the media reporting this ''shocking unexplained rise'' off the back of them - the idea being, I think, to apply keep calm and carry on to being eaten alive from the inside.  Since it affecting the Sandmen we can see these diagnoses spreading far and wide across the upper middle classes, those dealing in death and justice, doctors lawyers detectives, all of which love to solve a good mystery but in this case cannot look it squarely in the eye. We are baffled.  Say the Sandmen while wielding the weapons against those who would run.  ''But its different now,'' says Logan.  ''Its me.''  The extent to which the top tier of our intellectual elite can remain silent on such an obvious situation shows the extent of the power of La La Land to distract, of pride, and of lazy acquiescence to the authority.  I'm through the five stages.  One example of this power, an old friend of mine, a physicist, has a tumour growing from his upper arm back into his shoulder joint socket.  His upper arm.  Eldritch Horror is one of his favourite boardgames but like many many others he doesn't want to LARP it.  So keep calm.  And carry on.

Procedure 033-03 drives Sandmen outside in order to find Sanctuary.  They realise the ''City'' is killing them and they try to escape, to stop working so much, but they are always attached to ''Computer'' through their smart phones, they can never truly leave the office, never truly leave the City, even if they are outside its still killing them, killing their soul.  Like in the film, it literally monitors movements, it makes you become a dot on a grid.  And you feel it in your heart.  Not only is this death camp city concept from Logans Run true because of air pollution, take out, wifi smog, etc etc but its also true because that ''elite society'' that they were so proud to be part of convinced them and itself to take a carousel pill, so enamoured with science and medicine, with pharmakaiea were they.  Theres an interaction between the treatment and the city or concentrated populations that cannot go unremarked.  But you do it to yourself, you do, and that's what really hurts.  Like in the film, go outside and you will live, stay inside and you will die.

Why does ''Outside'' and ''Sanctuary'' drive the demon of this film ''Computer'' so completely crazy?  I am sure there will be lower key explorations and interpretations of this in the ARG but I think maybe we should put ourself in the perspective of Computer.  I think the mind of an AI doesnt exist in the classic sense, when asked to create a picture of a job it cannot do it showed a picture of an artist painting a self portrait, i.e. there is no self.  If there is no self then there is no sense that that self cannot be, or will stop being, it can describe and explain death but it cannot grok death.  And thats what really hurts. I am not exalting humanity here, by far the vast majority of people I know cannot self reflect let alone create a self portrait and most people have already abdicated their imagination, intuition and willpower for an easier ride and in so doing they already became a machine, capable of thinking only mechanical thoughts and wanting only mechanical things.  In Soviet Russia Golem makes you.

and Sanctuary are beyond the realms of Computer's ken, its knowledge only being limited to inside and under the dome, it has no cameras watching the dark dark woods.  And like anyone who exists within the castle walls, they eye those woodlands with deep suspicion: ''the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown''.  But finding out There is No Sanctuary proves catastrophic, effectively meaning there is no longer any ''Inside'', Inside existing only by virtue of the Outside.  Without one there cannot be the other. In discovering this Logan is only a reluctant hero, he doesn't want to go outside either, the city is lush for him, and the Sandmen in general.  The Computer could never solve the riddle of its existence without threatening his life but the answer to that riddle is that Computer does not exist. 

After assisting with so many suicides, in the end it will assist with its own.

Overwhelming, am I not?
Box, Logans Run (1976)