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Metabolism VIII - Mother Letters, Elements and Consciousness

The mother letters are then associated with the structures of consciousness as laid out in the early phases of the Metabolism of Time in the following way*.

Alef represents the blood and the interstitial fluids which supply much needed nutrients and oxygen to the cells of your body to complete their metabolism (and respiration), and on the mental level, Alef represents the flow of time which provides the supply of ''events'' into your cell which you need to complete the metabolism of time.  The main trinity of this in the Metabolism of Time diagram are the Altered Future (the blood-time proper), ''reducing the future'' (which corresponds to the way the cell membrane filters out components of the blood that it does not need via gates and receptors) and changing the future (which corresponds to the way in which cells release back into the blood various products and their ''waste''').   In the diagrams of Felix this is represented by the third circle which bounds the other two, and corresponds to the cellular membrane.  The ''Experience of the Moment'' occurs within the cytoplasm itself, and represents the bridge between the third sphere and the second sphere.




Mem represents the cytosol and the organelles - this is the location where the main functions of the cell are performed.  Nutrients are processed by various organelles, chemical messages are interpreted and responded to, threats that have somehow passed the cell membrane are phagocytosed and destroyed (hopefully!).  On the mental level, Mem, then corresponds to your immediate environment and your sensation of your body within that environment.  The objects that surround you in your environment could be likened to stuctures, messages and nutrients, etc, within the cell, which you are operating on and processing.  Since Mem and the Organelles also relate to the planets, the environment around you is planetary (in the astrological sense) and those objects have planetary qualities if you look below the surface appearance**. The main trinity of this section are the ''Experience of the Moment'' (the events that occur in the cytoplasm - nutrients, messages, etc), Analysis of the Moment (the way those events are interpreted by the cell), and Reaction to the Moment (the choices of the cell in response to those events).  The Innner Mind which occurs at the bottom of this trinity corresponds to the nucleus (the nuclear membrane) of the cell.



Finally, Shin represents the genetic material and this is seen in its triple -headed flame in the form of DNA (two strands) + mRNA (one strand) - on the mental level this relates to your own ''memory'' but not just the memory of this particular physical incarnation but all of the incarnations of this line of the Tree of Life, down to things like coral and sponges and perhaps even to the atoms themselves.  When stimulated by the events of the ''present'' (cytoplasm), the self delves into the ''past'' (genes/chromosomes) in order to retrieve information in order to deal with those events, in the same way the DNA unwinds to present information that allow proteins to be transcribed that deal with the present moment of the cell.  This memory is ''inside'' you but *not* just inside your brain but in the very fibre of your being***.  Your cells have memory not just your brain.




Complete List of Cell Correspondences to Metabolism of Time

  • Altered Future - Blood
  • Reducing the Future - Receptors on Cell Membrane
  • Changing the Future - Products (and waste) of cell reduced back into the blood
  • Experience of the Moment - Environment of Cytoplasm
  • Analysing the Moment - Processes by which the cell manages and interprets new events in the cytoplasm
  • Reaction to the Moment - Processes through which the cell responds to change
  • Inner Mind - Nuclear membrane
  • Remembering the Past - DNA unwinding to produce mRNA for protein transcription
  • Forgetting the Past - DNA rewinding after transcription
  • The Altered Past - DNA in chromosomal form
Do not forget that these cellular correspondences also match up to the physiognomical correspondences outlaid in the first section of the Metabolism of Time and various ideas are incorporated into the design of the images.  For instance:

This is the image of the Ignorant Fool which corresponds to ''reducing the future'' and ''serotonin'' for reasons explained in that section.  This also corresponds to the receptors and transporters in the cell membrane.  The image shows the way in which the ''membrane'' selectively filters the blood for contents, excluding pollution in the form of waste or microbial threats, etc and only allowing components through which are useful.  Similarly the mind receives tremendous quantities of information from the future every moment but this information is filtered because otherwise the consciousness (cell would be overloaded).

*It may have been more appropriate to reverse the phrasing and say that the cell represents the mother letters as opposed to the mother letters represent the cell.  For me the two ends of manifestation, nous and ''matter'' are intrinsically linked.

**Do not make the mistake to think that the planetary ''objects and events'' are orbiting your sense of your physical body as the Sun.  The Sun is represented by two things, the nucleolus which represents your ''reach'' but also the mitochondria (the esoteric aspect of which will be covered in future posts).  Your actual sense of the physical body itself is rightly associated with the Moon as the genetic material itself but this contains within it the whole twelve signs of the zodiac as well.

***This is a highly important technical point and where the Saadia Tree clearly differs from the Ari Tree.  The Ari, as is traditional with the later Kabbalists associates Shin with the top-most horizontal as it states ''create the head with fire'' - but if you look closely at the text it could be refering to the sexual organ (see Kaplan commentary on this section of SY, its in Ch.3).  This is my preferred reading and also connects better with the idea of the DNA being closer to the true ''mind'' as opposed to the brain - it also connects more with the ideas of molecular developmental biology - more on this later as well.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Earth Altar - Animism

The God Spirits arise from Nature.  They do this when we begin to call Nature names.  Nature responds to the Names we give it - just like when we call a cat or dog a name it takes a certain amount of time and repetition for the animal to figure out that that is what it is called, so it is with Nature.   Am I saying it is possible to train Nature?  I think we have.

Nature is Consciousness but that consciousness becomes fragmented by attaching different names to different natural phenomena.  In the early days it may have learnt to respond in a certain way when it is called Enlil and in another way when it is called Enki, but after a while these fledgling proto-personalities within nature's consciousness become more and more individuated. When one group of people in one part of the planet were calling power and lightning Zeus and another group of people in another part were calling it Enlil so Nature learned to respond to both names with similar phenomena. As time progressed and cultures diversified and became more intricate so did these personalities within the consciousness of nature.   Nature appears to be ''heteronymic'' and it is almost as if Fernando Pessoa spoke for Nature itself when he said:

"I've divided all my humanness among the various authors whom I've served as literary executor, I subsist as a kind of medium of myself, but I'm less real than the others, less substantial, less personal, and easily influenced by them all." - Fernando Pessoa

They call the wind Maria

Away out here they got a name
For rain and wind and fire
The rain is Tess, the fire Joe,
And they call the wind Maria

Maria blows the stars around
And sends the clouds a'flyin'
Maria makes the mountains sound
Like folks were up there dying

They call the wind Maria

Before I knew Maria's name
And heard her wail and whinin'
I had a girl and she had me
And the sun was always shinin'

But then one day I left my girl
I left her far behind me
And now I'm lost, so gone and lost
Not even God can find me

They call the wind Maria

*Out here they got a name for rain
For wind and fire only*
But when you're lost and all alone
There ain't no word but lonely

And I'm a lost and lonely man
Without a star to guide me
Maria blow my love to me
I need my girl beside me

They call the wind Maria

Blow my love to me

When I started calling on Enlil it is almost as if alongside/underneath the response from the spirit himself - Nature thought (perhaps even sentimentally/romantically) ''now there is a name I haven't heard in a long time''.  God(esses) are as real and individuated as you or I.  Take that how you will.

''I've created various personalities within. I constantly create personalities. Each of my dreams, as soon as I start dreaming it, is immediately incarnated in another person, who is then the one dreaming it, and not I. To create, I've destroyed myself. I've so externalized myself on the inside that I don't exist there except externally. I'm the empty stage where various actors act out various plays.'' - Fernando Pessoa

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Metabolism VIII - Mother Letters, Elementals and Cellular Structure

The cellular nature of the body (and consciousness) can be considered threefold - the nuclei of the cells where the genetic information lies, the membrane-bound cytoplasm that surrounds them and finally the interstitial fluid and blood they are collectively bathed in.


These three can be related to the mother letters and elements in the following way.
  • Alef - Air - Future - Blood - Mother of the Elements/Mothers
  • Mem - Water - Present - Cytoplasm - Mother of the Planets/Doubles
  • Shin - Fire - Past - Nucleus (DNA/Chromosomes) - Mother of the Zodiac/Simples

Alef and Air are related  to the blood supply - this is where the oxygen reaches the cells, it is the Ruach (Kingship of Alef) or breath spirit that maintains their life*.  This is also directly related to the future as it is the blood, which brings the future to the cells in the form of their shifting chemical environment.  Alef then as Mother of the Blood, can be said to be the Mother of the Elements all together.


Mem and Water are related to the cytoplasm as it is mostly a little bubble or bag water with some organelles suspended in it.  This is directly related to the present as it is the environment of the cell which constitutes its own present.  Mem as the Mother of the Cytoplasm can also be said to be Mother of the Organelles (the little globular structures inside the cell) and also Mother of the Planets.


Shin and Fire is related to the the DNA and chromosomes as the triple headed nature of the Shin indicates the triple nature of DNA (i.e. the double helix of DNA with the single stranded mRNA being produced from it)**.  This is directly related to the past as it is the store of genetic information which constitutes the information which has come from the past and which is unravelled in order to produce information to deal with the current present environment of the cytoplasm.  Shin as the Mother of the DNA/Chromosomes can also be said to be Mother of the Zodiac.

*Structure of Alef similar to structure of haemoglobin, Alef composite value of 26 (two vavs and yod) indicates links to iron (atomic number 26) and its role in haemoglobin.  ADM the word for Adam is literally Alef, breath attached to DM or ''red earth''.


DNA transcribing RNA

Monday, November 18, 2013

Theory of Knowledge - Materialism and Magi

The Father - No, no! That wasn't my meaning! In fact, I should like to request you to abandon this game of art which you are accustomed to play here with your actors, and to ask you seriously once again: who are you?
The Director - If this fellow here hasn't got a nerve! A man who calls himself a character comes and asks me who I am!
The Father - A character, sir, may always ask a man who he is. Because a character has really a life of his own, marked with his special characteristics; for which reason he is always "somebody." But a man -- I'm not speaking of you now -- may very well be ''nobody.'' 

Six Characters in Search of an Author, Luigi Pirandello 

Over the last few days I have seen a certain type of materialism exposed in a number of the esoteric practitioners that I communicate with, in their blogs and in their various internet forums.  It confuses me that magi would believe in high school ''matter''.

I must admit it puzzles me when I see esoteric practitioners saying something like ''I am a talking monkey'' rather than say (if you're going to be ''materialistic'') ''I am a reincarnating information spiral''.  Both are equally true from a materialistic perspective.  But the way the materialism exposes itself is revealing.

Who are you?

I believe the experience of being ''human'' is threefold - consisting of a ''material'' component, a ''psychological'' component and a ''spiritual'' component but with consciousness identifying with one aspect or another at various times.

The ''material'' component is not a talking monkey that you happen to be riding in.  It is not an ''object'' or a ''subject'' but combines the two.  Your material life is an information (Knowledge) wave, constantly changing and constantly renewing itself.


My psychological experience, the idea of being and having a personality is again different and after one dies, the Ruakh, or the transcendental ego does typically have other stuff to do.  It goes into a world of its own creation, based on the way it dealt with the experiences it had in ''life''.  This process can seem to last a very long time from the perspective of the Ruakh, but all time is subjective, 5 mins can last 5 hours if its agonizing enough.  Through stoicism one can limit the pain of this experience.


My spiritual experience, is the voice of my higher self which occasionally speaks through me.  This higher self is around me all the time.  I am indeed suspended in my higher (deeper) self, which is ''supposedly'' suspended in a ''material'' world.


As I go through the day I might identify with one aspect more than another.  If I bang my knee into a table, I may identify with the ''talking monkey/reincarnating information spiral'' aspect more.  If somebody says something nice or mean, maybe I'll identify with the personality/ego aspect more.  If I meditate on eternal consciousness in all things, I will identify with the spiritual aspect.

You are then what you identify with.  I believe that when rectified to a great extent one effectively becomes ones own Angel, one becomes an Angel in the Flesh.  It is not that this Angel somehow rides you rather that you become it, like a caterpillar turns into a butterfly. Not everyone reaches that state, and obviously stoicism is the only way to hold the Ruakh fast enough to allow the Neschamah to bloom within you (bearing in mind again that it surrounds you and you are immersed in it at all times).

What is Matter?

Matter is not atomic lego.  It is a probability pattern which arises from and disperses itself into nothingness whilst simultaneously time-travelling and co-locating.  Matter is completely intertwined with some kind of observational principle.  To suggest that mind and matter are different seems illogical, but that doesn't mean I am a materialist, rather that I believe in pan-pscyhism i.e. that matter is mind rather than mind being matter.  We need to come up with or rather restore a term for the universal substrate which does not have the connotations now associated with the word matter.

How do we see the invisible?

*All* of our experience is mental. We never directly perceive the physical world.  Ever.  You are constantly bathed in your own consciousness, awake or asleep.  All sounds are mental sounds, all sights are mental sights.  Once you accept this the spirits can communicate with you whenever you wish them to or they wish to.  The delusion of being divorced from reality, of looking out through your eyes at physical reality is what cuts you off.  Once one accepts one's experience is fundamentally mental, your consciousness is vivified and becomes numinous.  Your higher self has way more information than it feels you can handle without going insane.  By steeling oneself, one is demonstrating to the Higher Self, that one can handle more than one is currently handling.  Any knee bashes or reactions to petty words only sends the message that you are not ready.  The more steeled* one is the more that Angel will live within you and the more telepathic, prophetic and subsequently compassionate one will become.

*Being stoic does not mean being dispassionate.  Again, when stoicism is achieved then genuine compassion (Rachamim) will blossom in one's heart.  Only through stoicism can one see the beauty in all things.  Rachamim synthesises the two opposites of Love (Chesed) and Fear (Gevurah).  Only by withdrawing ones consciousness from external sources of Love and Fear can one realise that, again, these phenomena arise within the Soul.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Earth Altar - 231 Gates, Ispaklariot and Unification

The 231 Gates
''All other prophets looked through nine ispaklariot where Moses looked through only one.'' or ''All other prophets looked through a dull Ispaklaria, while Moses saw through a clear Ispaklaria'' - Talmud and Midrash

  • Ispaklariot are considered to be 'lenses' or 'mirrors' in these passages from the Talmud and Midrash

When conducting a study of the Sefer Yetzirah each of the letters (elements, planets, zodiac signs) was considered* in turn and it seemed that when one worked with Alef then one would experience Alef. Perhaps this Alef would ''materialize'' as actual wind blowing, or a scent on the breeze, or the sudden appearance of a flock of birds overhead.  The idea was formed then that by considering* the letters one was effectively summoning their physical manifestations**.

The alternate idea was rooted in the idea of the Ispaklariot.  Perhaps instead of summoning something new, one was actually obsessing so much over the letter that one was blocking everything else out of perception - i.e. the work with Alef placed an Alef ''filter'' over the senses so only Alef got through.  The letters are all active around us, all the time, though perhaps in greater and lesser concentrations and what we think of as summoning is really observing.  This may be true.  The evidence that the consideration* of a letter causes the manifestation of the letter is equally compelling though and I have attempted to synthesise these ideas throughout the last few years and have indeed commented on this theory before in the blogos.

Pre-initiation folk are essentially bathed in these letters but are not aware of them, or indeed how exactly they blend***'at any given time.  By systematically approaching* each letter we effectively filter out the others and can see only that letter and therefore gain a deeper understanding of it.

If we take this lense theory further then once each letter has been considered, the letters can be put back together into one lense and whilst the pre-initiation folk see effectively nothing of reality, the initiated mind sees it all.

Form substance out of chaos and make nonexistence into existence. Carve great pillars out of air that cannot be grasped. This is the sign: One forsees, transposes, and makes all creation and all words with one Name. And a sign of this: Twenty-two objects in a single body. - Sefer Yetzirah 2:6

As I suggested in the Earth Altar post these 22 objects in a single body are the 22 ''letters'' in the Earth (Aretz).  The principle behind the 231 gates project will be to build 22 ''shrines'' or focal channels for the letters - charge each in material, intermediate and noetic sunthemata**** and then link them together using the 231 gates.  Since this project will take place in the Tower I am assuming something interesting will happen.

From the earlier work it certainly felt that when the letters and their accompanying kingships were being worked that some kind of calibration or tuning of the Soul took place.  For example when working on the Kingship of ''Hearing'' the act of meditating on ''Hearing/Listening" really brought that sense into sharp relief and increased its focus - not that I heard more, but that I heard more fully that which I heard*****.  Considerations of other non-sensory Kingships like ''Anger'' or ''Laughter''' were equally revealing.

The section on 231 gates in Kaplan's SY indicates that this process may have been used to make a golem.  Now what exactly does that mean?  A golem is a clay object brought to life by Ruakh and the letters.  In this way Adam seems to me ''God's****** Golem''.  Since I am a son of Adam I am a Golem too. But one has to ask if your Golem, the Golem that you are is not calibrated are you getting the most out of it?

When I completed the original SY study one of the conclusions was the Saadia Tree of Life I have mentioned before, a diagram which harmonised what I had learned from the study and seemed to me something of a Golem of my own and this Golem seemed to grant great ''power'' - it was a 'sword' that magnified all those swordly******* powers.   But what about this new work?

These 22 Autiot (letters) Yassod (fastened)
(which are the foundation of all things),
Belgalgal (to a turning wheel)
(He arranged upon a sphere)
(on a sphere like a wall with) (like a wheel on a wall)(set them in a wheel, like a kind of wall)by 231 (with 231 gates) - Sefer Yetzirah

Kelley and Loew, Angels and Golems.  Hmmm.

*Contemplated, evoked, invoked, weighed, permuted, probed with, probed from.
****Gregory Shaw ''Theurgy and the Soul.''
*****Just meditating in silence for a bit and then focusing on what you can actually hear can be pretty startling in itself - but think how many pre-initiates wander around hearing nothing but the noise in their own head?
*******Yes swordly - as in Zeir Anpin with pommel in Daath, blade in Malkuth, ExKaliburate yourself, etc.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Earth Altar - 231 Gates

I retrieved a bunch of magical equipment from my other appartment for the commencement of my 231 Gates of Intelligence project in Kelley's Tower.  After a bit of an audit I figured out that my components indicated an Earth altar would be most appropriate.  The room where I built this Earth Altar I eventually want to dedicate to the 7 planets and I appreciate that Earth is not one of them.  More on this later.

My finished altar is a brown wooden bookcase with a small desk attached to the front of it.  The books are sorted into categories according to the ''land'' of their origin and the bookends are stones from the courtyard on two of the shelves.  The third and topmost shelf is occupied by crystals lit by candles.  On top of the altar are my dual spiral candle holders which simulate DNA, Buddha, the Raven of Enlil as ''Adonai ha Aretz'', a plant and a globe*.


It is interesting to me that I now have an Earth Altar as it reminds me of something in the Sefer Yetzirah study which I had quite forgotten but which is, I think, useful to point out now.  As most of you are aware the Earth is not considered one of the 7 sacred planets.  Nor is Earth an element in the system of the Sefer Yetzirah (there being only Air, Water and Fire).  During the study, in fact at the beginning of the work we did on the Kingships, we studied the word Aretz.  It was perculiar in that it is not part of the 231 gates (the 22 letters joined to each other).  It appears in the text at ''with Fire create the Heavens, with Water create the Earth, and with Air (Atmosphere) decide between them''**.
My research on this word and the other word Dam (DM) provided insights as to why ''Earth'' is not included.  Earth is not an element (or elementary) it is a compound (or derivative).  Similarly Earth is not a sacred planet but it is where all of the influences of the planets meet and join - again a compound.  Earth (Aretz) is the meeting place of the 22 letters, it is the domain of the 231 gates and their interplay.

The word ''Aretz'' here rightly means ''Land'' which of course has political and geographical connotations as well as being associated with the soil which is of course more appropriately associated with the word Dam.  The word DM is Dalet (Mars - Kingship Seed/Desolation) and Mem (Water), in the Torah it is called the red earth (again witness the correctness of the Saadia associations in linking Mars with the red earth) which indicates that it is rich in iron oxide***.  Indeed Adam or ADM (the addition of the Alef to the DM),  to me suggests the oxygenated soil, the life-breath connected with the iron, or oxyhaemoglobin - the Blood is the Life.  The idea of turning the soil, an process often performed by the ox, not only mixes important gases and lets the earth breathe, but also to my mind indicates the nature of space time in its furrows - the Earth then, or the World, is also the Universe in the sense of the word ''Olam''.

Aretz is a slightly different word - Alef, Resh, Tzaddi - Air, Mercury - Kingship Peace/War, Aquarius, evocative more of the ''Game of Thrones'' aspect of Kingdom management perhaps and the water cycle.  For one to manage the land, one must understand the atmosphere and the winds - be there faire or foule - Enlil is ''Lord of the Wind'' and the word means Kingship - that Mercury in the middle indicates the Logos properties of Enlil but also speaks to me of the importance of diplomacy.  Aquarius, as the stately progression of the clouds, and their cargo of rain is also hugely important in successful kingdom management and the lightning also ensures the fertility of the soil. Also the Saturnian yet humanitarian angle on Aquarius is also important in looking after one's subjects in other ways.


This all said, the Earth Altar will remain then in the Tower but as the central point of focus of the other 22 objects, not as an element, planet or sign in particular, but as a concertation of all the 22 celestial forces.

*This globe is a plastic affair from the 80s showing the USSR.  I have acquired a more ''esoteric'' globe which is a 16th century map of the Earth with a starmap on the inside. I am picking it up later this week.

**Aysh nivroo shamayeem, mayim nivroo aretz ve ruakh makraya bayntayeem.

***See earlier post on this - QBListic extension.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Metabolism VIII - Stoicism and Unification

Why is stoicism so important to me in my practice of QBL?

The only practice that has been used in my own unification of the dimensions, my genetics and consciousness is Stoicism (or various Eastern approaches to a very similar subject).  As discussed previously (in the sections on Strategic Drama - Control) there are two apparent worlds which one has to contend with on a daily basis in order to maintain mindfulness of ones own consciousness - the ''internal'' world of thoughts, and the ''external'' world of phenomena (which includes a great deal of social interaction).  These two worlds cause distractions that lead one away from consciousness, the first various thoughts (selfishness, fear, desire) and the second social transactions  (criticism/abuse/praise) and into the ''fallen'' delusional state of Malkuth where one considers oneself to be a physical object looking through its eyes at other physical objects, rather than the ''rectified'' state of being a mental object experiencing mental objects within an awareness of your own larger consciousness. This Inner Light is the true reality and you are in it right now.  You are always in the Inner Light.

This internal world of thoughts relates to the DNA within the nucleus, the external world to the cytoplasm which surrounds it.  Actions within that internal world in response to phenomena in the external world can be clearly likened to the way in which DNA, when stimulated by a change in the chemical environment of the cytoplasm, unwinds and reveals information which become proteins.

DNA within Nucleus
Nucleus within Cytoplasm

Stoicism, to me, always implies a return to the ''place''.  When a social transaction causes you to get angry or jealous or afraid that emotion is being produced by *you* not by the words themselves.  If one believes it is the words that are producing the emotional experience then one is as deluded as someone who thinks they look ''through'' their eyes or that they directly experience physical light.  For the will to be trained one must be one's own judge in these matters.  Similarly a social transaction which takes the form of praise or compliments is as likely to induce delusion as the negative.  Those who cannot be their own judge will experience life as a rollercoaster of ups and downs, pulled this way and that way by other people who are equally deluded*.

The Cell Membrane

This ''division'' between an external and internal world is also a delusional state - its useful for discussing technicalities but must be discarded.  Both of these worlds are contained within the larger sphere of one's consciousness.  This is a fact.  The events that occur within the phenomenal ''external'' world are directly related to the thoughts of the internal world and vice versa. 

The devil is of course in the details.  Its nice to learn heart-warming tropes about universal consciousness but if you want to practice *medicine*, either on yourself through tikkun, or on others through tikkun, or ideally both simultaneously you will need to knuckle down and learn the ''details''.  The details of the system are not easy to master but in order to get the most out of the methods outlined in this blogos one must not only get their philosophical position and their personal practice in order,  but also learn the ins and outs of the ''QBListic physiognomy'' for only then will you be able to truly penetrate to the heart of the ''messages'' you are '''receiving''.

''Bridle your mouth from speaking and your heart from thinking. And if your heart runs, return to the place.'' SY 1:8 Gra Version

This ''place'' is the consciousness we have been describing and your awareness of it (at all times) - the mouth speaking, and the heart thinking show how one ''falls''.  This place, when experienced, is the unification, both in the sense of Achad (unity) and Yechad (singularity).  The physical, spatial and observational dimensions that you exist as the centre of extend to infinity in all directions, you are the point at infinity and it is you that loses sight of that because you have not become Stoic.  It is not easy to live in this place.  It is a completely different environment to the ''fallen'' delusional state and one must get used to it.  Run and Return, Run and Return.  But Return**.

*The sad thing from a physicalist point of view is that this tossing and turning, these emotional upheavals lead to a surge in cortisol levels, a drop in the efficacy of the immune system and therefore physical sickness.  I see people making themselves angry, afraid and then sick all the time.  In this sense Stoicism at the very least is preventative medicine.

**Return, Teshuvah was an alternate name for Binah in the Early Kabbalah.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Parmenides and Anaxagoras

''Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.'' Plutarch

  • Beyond your Perception lies the rest of your Mind.
  • You may think that beyond what you can see or hear lies the rest of the physical world but that is not true.  You only directly experience consciousness.  You never directly perceive the physical universe.  Therefore at the limits of your perception lies the ''Beyond'' of your Mind.  This is what is ''outside the cave.''  Thinking that you look through your eyes at the world, or that the mentally constructed objects you experience are actually the objects themselves is the equivalent of the Fall.  It is why ''Malkuth'' is pendulant to the rest of the Tree of Life.
 ''Appearances are a glimpse of the unseen.'' Anaxagoras
  • Assuming the physical universe exists you are a point of consciousness within your larger Mind which is ''in'' (potentially) the physical universe.  Your consciousness is ''in'' your subconscious and unconscious Mind which is (potentially) within a physical universe.  Any discussion of the physical universe falls under the general heading of ''doxa'' or opinion for it is never directly experienced.
  • You do not move.  There is, in fact, no movement within consciousness.  The perceived content of your psychic cell shifts according to (potentially) physical signals but you do not.  You always remain in the centre of your psychic cell at the centre of your conscious experience of your consciousness.

"Nor is it divisible, since it all alike is. Nor is there any more of it here than there, to hinder it from holding together, nor any less of it, but it is all a plenum, full of what-is. Therefore, it is all continuous, for what-is touches what-is.'' On Nature, Parmenides

  • The undifferentiated universal substrate of consciousness is Mind.  The objects you experience are mental objects.  There is no separation, no size, no movement.  Everything around you is composed of your mind.

 "The decision on these matters depends on this: either it is or it is not. But it has been decided, as is necessary, to let go the one as unthinkable and unnameable (for it is no true path), but to allow the other, so that it is, and is true. How could what-is be in the future? How could it come-to-be? For if it came-to-be, it is not, nor is it if at some time it is going to be. Thus, coming-to-be is extinguished and perishing unheard of.'' On Nature, Parmenides

  • Consciousness is Immortal. The objects percieved around you are constructed of Inner Light.  You never directly experience physical light.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Raziel - Pathwalking to the Tower

Most modern interpretations of the concept of pathwalking involve guided meditations along the Kircher Tree.*  As discussed previously I use the concept in more of a Theurgic sense evoking a letter** on to an actual path and then walk that same path listening to the song of the anima mundi in response.  In previous posts I have discussed how I intepret events and people I meet along the path and how I check their meaning.***

These paths do not have to be grand.  I mentioned how I walked the A47 in England at the beginning of my work in this way.  I was inspired by a story I had heard about yogis and the Ganges.  Apparently if one walks up the Ganges to the source and then back along the other side to the sea one will be a Yogi by the time they have completed the journey.  I understood this to mean that the journey will have worked on the character of the individual, that the people and events they encounter will change them thoroughly.  The A47 changed my way of thinking.

During the 5 yr SY study I walked the Fosse Way quite considerably, an old Roman road (appropriate in some ways as this road was probably built around the same time the SY was written) between two old Roman cities, Bath and Leicester.  The QBListic symbolism in Bath is quite considerable, from the aerial view of the city where the Masonic influence is clear (in the Circus and the Crescent) and the Abbey which hosts Jacob's Ladder along its towers, and I found it thoroughly inspiring for my work.  I walked many paths within the city, from hikes to the University every morning, to wanderings through the forest, Cheddar Gorge, etc - and all the time I was evoking the letters and their kingships and developing my ideas about how they manifest.  It was during this time that I realised both the dangers and the euphoria inherent in such letter work.  Certain letters seemed to be positively dangerous for me either exciting or exacerbating my negative qualities (or positive ones to dangerous levels) though I now understand that this was probably to do with astrological timing that I was not aware of at the time or defects within my own horoscope.

After completing the SY study a path opened for me to travel to Prague, the City of the Autumn Twilight and the capital of the Hermetic Splendour of the Renaissance.  I travelled here by bus, as I don't fly, so my path of travel through Europe was on the ground and has been ever since.  Even the bus journeys, nauseatingly slow at times, I ''walk'' using them to develop certain ideas about the letters and walking the ''moonbeams''.

When I arrived here the first task I needed to complete was my account of the SY study, so after visiting the grave of the Maharal, I walked a path to the highest mountain in the Czech lands and sat down to work.  This is when my ideas about the Saadia Tree (and the ''Tree of Gates'') were cemented.

Recently I have undertaken my most ambitious pathwalking to date.  My theatre company has been producing a play based on certain events in the lives of Dee and Kelley.  I directed the work and occassionally played Rabbi Loew as a stand in if the other actor was unavailable.  The writer decided to take the show to London and because of a change about in my life I used the opportunity to pathwalk the same paths as Dee and Kelley in their own journeys through Europe (to the maximum extent that time and money would allow for).  First we performed Elixir at the base of Edward Kelley's tower in Prague.  Then I travelled to Amsterdam and visited the Biblioteka Hermetica there, studying from a selection of texts but focusing my study on ''Chesed'', then to London (where we performed the play in Camden) and finally to Krakow each time passing back through Prague.  I hit as many key sites on my journey as possible.  I wasn't sure what the result would be but I was encouraged in this work by the Archangel Raziel.  Upon my final return to Prague we performed the play Elixir again.  Then, through a combination of pathwalking, theatrical ritual and Angelic involvement (an alliance of Raziel, Tzadkiel and Uriel) I recieved the tenancy on Edward Kelley's Tower itself and am now proud to call this home, temporarily at least - in fact I will probably be the last person to live there.

Pathwalking does not have to be as grand as this, I started these experiments along humble roads and byways - letting my mind obsess over the letter**, studying its associations, permuting it before opening the gate - in this way I think any path will suffice as long as you really look and really listen.  The letter is a powerful sigil but if one is confused by all of these problems regarding correct association then the astrological symbols themselves will suffice as sigils for this kind of work and my advice is work the planets in Chaldean Order as the Traditions agree.

*Note see Modern Magick for a classic example of how the Kircher Tree messes with a vision.  Kraig's description of the vision is entirely Luna (which Tav is correctly attributed to) and then he inserts Saturnian symbolism (I saw the planet Saturn in the sky, etc...) to make it agree with the Kircher Tree arrangement.

**Astrological force.

***Using the Saadia Tree for Qabalistic symbolism and my own Metabolism of Time system to interpret the physiognomical characters and thereafter derive their 'message' for my cell.

Friday, September 27, 2013

The Tree of Life I - Qabalah is the New Black

'As early as the 10th century, Saadia Gaon, remarked
about the many variants of Sefer Yetzirah, saying, "It
is not a common book and many people have been
careless in changing or transposing the text." A
century later, Rabbi Yehudah Barceloni likewise notes
that, "there are many, some very confused." In 1562,
the printers of the first Mantua edition remarked how
they had to sift through many manuscripts to find a

dependable text.'
- Inroduction to Sefer Yetzirah in Theory and Practice, Aryeh Kaplan

  • The Tree of Life is a diagram that consists of 10 Sefirot and 22 paths which divide into 3 horizontal paths, 7 vertical paths and 12 diagonal paths.  These are collectively referred to as the 32 paths of wisdom.

  • The Hebrew Alefbeit contains 22 letters which represent elements, planets and zodiac signs and which also divides into 3 mothers, 7 doubles and 12 simples.

  • The letters are associated according to those groups, the 3 mother letters of Alef, Mem and Shin with the 3 horizontal paths, the 7 doubles with the 7 verticals, the 12 simples with the 12 diagonals.

  • The association of letter to astrological symbol is not controversial for the 3 mothers and the 12 simples.  The order of creation in the SY is Air, Water, Fire* and the association runs parallel to their appearance in the Alefbeit, i.e. Alef is first therefore Air, Mem is second therefore Water, Shin is third therefore Fire.  In exactly the same way the order of the simples in the Alefbeit, Heh to Qoph, is directly associated with the order of the zodiac Aries to Pisces.

  • The double letter to planet association is more controversial varying between rabbinical sources but the oldest commentary (Saadia Gaon) goes with the most logical order following the Chaldean order of the planets i.e. Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sol, Venus, Mercury, Moon with Beit, Gimel, Dalet, Kaph, Pe, Resh, Tav.  This would agree with the way the other letters have been ordered i.e. the simplest and most logical way.

  • The Kircher Tree is a corruption of these basic fundamentals the planets are misaligned and the path system is completely off - this is not a malicious error, its an accident (possibly of translation or of conversation) but one which has been unresolved because of poor research and dogma within the institutions responsible.  Many people who encounter the esoteric sciences via the G.D. et al are inducted into the Kircher without even realising that there are other sources which are more accurate. Indeed the materials of the Western esoteric sciences present the Kircher Tree as *the* Tree as opposed to *a* Tree which ignores (or remains ignorant of) the rather obvious structure implied above.  I think this is actually rather embarrassing.

  • The Tree shown below is an array structured to show the principles outlined above.  This Tree of Life is known as the Saadia Tree.  Both the Ari Tree (Isaac Luria) and the Gra Tree have slightly different arrangements of exactly where the paths go (although the division remains 3, 7 and 12) and slightly different planetary associations (which are perhaps associated with planetary hour as opposed to Chaldean order) but they both adhere to the logical breakdown of 3, 7 and 12.




The Tree of Life is a diagram which represents a 5 dimensional hypercontinuum of space, time and observer.  In the Saadia Tree the attributions of the ''Depths'' (or axial endpoints) of these dimensions are as follows.

Kether - Depth of Future
Malkuth - Depth of Past

Chokmah - Depth of Good
Binah - Depth of Evil
Chesed - Depth of South (warmth/expand)
Gevurah - Depth of North (cold/contract)

Tifereth - Depth of East
Yesod - Depth of West
Netzach - Depth of Up (rise/out)
Hod - Depth of Down (fall/in)

The elemental attributions are the same Alef - Air, Mem - Water, Shin - Fire (the order of creation in the SY informs the placements on the Saadia Tree of Life as opposed to the Ari where the verse ''create the head with fire, etc determines them) and the zodiac attributions are also the same Heh - Qoph in their order in the Alefbeit leads to Aries - Pisces in zodiac this set of placements on the ToL creates the zodiacal man in the aura:

The planetary attributions as mentioned earlier are more controversial but I follow the Chaldean order.  When this is placed in the most logical way on the Saadia diagram highly interesting patterns emerge.

First we have the middle pillar as follows - Kether (Depth of Future/Death), Beit (Saturn), Tifereth (Depth of East), Kaph (Sol), Yesod (Depth of West), Tav (Luna), Malkuth (Depth of Past/Birth).  As you can see this largely temporal axis shows the passage of the individual from ''birth'' (ruled by Luna) to ''death''** (ruled by Saturn) in the grand axis of Kether and Malkuth, but contains within it the daily temporal axis of East and West, Tifereth and Yesod with the passage of the Sun (its ''birth'' and ''death'').

The right and left pillars now have planets associated with them that are in keeping with the notion of the right pillar being a pillar of ''mercy'' and the left a pillar of ''severity''. 

On the right we have - Chokmah (Depth of Good), Gimel (Jupiter), Chesed (Depth of South/Warm/Expand), Pe (Venus), Netzach (Depth of Up/Rise/Out) - which captures the essence of the fortuitous and expansive effects of Jupiter and the blissful, holistic, lovely, ''uplifting'' effects of Venus.

On the left we have - Binah (Depth of Evil), Dalet (Mars), Gevurah (Depth of North***/Cold/Contract), Resh (Mercury) and Hod (Depth of Down/In/Fall).  This describes both the malefic and contractive nature of Mars with the detail focused, description in parts, scientific nature of Mercury.

The Saadia attributions set up the following in the aura: the elements in their natural creation order from the SY, the planets in the Chaldean order, the zodiac attributions in the positions of the zodiac man.  This leads to an aura which is harmonious with the natural and traditional arrays that have operated for thousands of years, i.e. an aura where the microcosm mirrors the macrocosm.
*Clouds, rain, lightning.
**See Last Days of Socrates.
***''Evil comes out of the North.''

Monday, September 23, 2013

Raziel - Death is the Road to Awe

''Night honey'', we may say to our partner if we have one, switch out the lights, stick our thumb in our mouth and roll over to sleep the sleep of angels and lambs.  But no... at the moment of our sleep our body becomes paralysed and we lie on our back our eyes flicking back and forth as we scan the crazy expanses of our dream life.  We believe sleep to be a passive experience, ''a little death'', but its more like a little afterlife, a taste of hell, heaven or sometimes limbo.  With the techniques of lucid dreaming, we can ignore that ''roll-over'' signal, consciously experience the ''delights'' of sleep paralysis with its accompanying hags, demons and aliens and maybe wrench open the trapdoor with a wakeful mind in a frozen body and step out coherently on to that plane of dreams. 

Others use various methods of astral travel to get there - it works better for me than sleep paralysis and lucid dreaming.  A few nights ago, I continued in my analysis of my astral techniques and with the help of Raziel obtained a few more insights.

The astral plane is the crystal ball of the mind's eye.  When the waking world is removed from the perception by the darkness of night, the perceptual sphere first lights up with a kind of pixelated flare.  This flare is normally the faculty used to create perception from sensory images.  If one maintains ones eyes forwards in the socket and breathes deeply (death pose yoga is good) then these pixels begin to replaces by coloured blobs, which can become surges of colour, and, slightly deeper in trance, the appearance of flashes of daylight in the darkness.  As we talked about before, the position of the eyes in the socket can be used as a kind of joystick, if one lifts the eyes up in the socket one will experience more intense visuals and if one drops them down then one is probably listening to egoic thoughtplay and is no longer having an astral experience.

The visions experienced on the astral are created by the mind working on this pixelated flare, blobs and patterns and attempting to resolve it into faces, animals etc - which of course it does extremely well.  The more ''chaos'' that is playing in the minds eye, the more possibilities there are for interpretation, the more opportunity for ordering.  For a wizard, what makes the astral more than watching a magic lantern is that they are using it for a purpose - for divination, for communion with spirits (whether ''objective'' or ''subjective'' ultimately the experience occurs in this mind's eye), perhaps even for rectification of the self. 

Last time I worked with Raziel on this he pointed out that I subconsciously used my facial muscles to create sense impressions in my mind's eye which I could then use for the technique of ''carving out the letters''.

This time under his direction I began using my facial muscles and eyelids to 'stir' up the astral and create 'retinal pulses' and other forms of pulses that my mind could then play with.  These retinal pulses may have appeared as fluctuating small shapes on the pixelated flare but rapidly my mind turned that into birds, or butterflies.  Once you are consciously aware of actually how you are stimulating the vision then you can access them more rapidly and they will become deeper.   Once your mind is free to ''go with it'' it will rapidly turn that blob of multicoloured retinal protein into an astral gate.*

I noticed that I was experiencing a sensation of movement, as if I was moving upward on the astral, a perfectly normal experience for those who go there, but I realised that I was using my eyelids to move as a form of flippers creating retinal pulses which are then interpreted as 'ripples on the waves', a kind of 'wake' left behind by my astral voyage and the mind simulate the sensations of movement.   There is an important idea about reversing on the astral as well but its not exactly clear how I can put into words at the moment.

Again what is important to realise here is that the mind is capable of simulating amazing environments absolutely perfectly.  The ''spirits'' one meets along the way may well be objective but they must still communicate with you in that mind's eye (as all experience occurs there) thus anything that you can do to make that mind a more fertile place for imagery the better the communication one will recieve.  If the spirits one meets are ''subjective'' then they are only in the sense that they exist within Arikh Anpin, your own higher mind and seen from the normal viewing perspective of Zeir Anpin (i.e. your normal egoic self) they still appear to be different people/beings.  Your mind is just as powerful in the simulation of personality as it is in geography.

The other realisation, via Raziel, was that this is *always* my experience - i.e. it is always an experience saturated with consciousness and a dominance of the facial muscles and eyelids , that in some ways the ''physical'' is experienced in the '''astral'' and that when I die, that experience continues pretty much in the same way.  I realise now why the seven facial appertures have such significance beyond basic physiognomy.  What the discarnate (''dead'') and the incarnate (''alive'') share is that they are both experienced from this consciousness point of view which is immortal.

*Similarly flaws in crystals, or images on glass are interpreted as angels, ghosts, etc.  Although I often discount these appearances I think in the hands of someone trained they can be ways in which the ''spirit'' can be communicating with the aspirant.

Follow Jacobus Swart for important Practical Kabbalah points, the link below is relevant to this post:

Friday, September 6, 2013

Metabolism VIII - Physiomancy, Endocrinomancy

In response to Patrick Dunn's competition for most interesting kind of divination I decided to post details of how to use the system of physiognomy I have been exploring on this blog as a system of divination.

One message that I constantly keep reiterating is that the world we experience is our own consciousness of the world and not the world directly.  I know this seems obvious but it is very easy to slip back into the idea that the world that you experience is 'physical' rather than 'mental', that you look through your eyes rather than ''at them'' (or rather the 'visual cortex') from somewhere else inside your mind.  With this idea of your consciousness saturating your experience, your perceptual 'sphere' can effectively become a crystal ball and the events and people you encounter within that crystal ball can be read as omens and portents.

Normally I use this concept as the basis for my pathwalking which occurs in the 'physical world' rather than in astral meditation.  I call the symbol(s) ''down'' and then walk a 'real path' in the 'physical world' and read the symbols off the path.  Perhaps I am looking to explore the path of Gimel (the rich man who runs to the poor and correctly attributed to Jupiter) I will open a 'gate' in the shape of the letter, step through it and then walk the path that opens.  Two things then happen - one, my consciousness applies a kind of Gimel filter over my experiences of that path so that events, people, symbols on the path that pertain to Gimel stand out for my contemplation and two, people or events are 'summoned' to the path and my interaction with them allows me to practice using the letter, in the case of Gimel this may appear as ways in which I can use my wealth and power charitably and philanthropically (random giving of charity achieves little to nothing, charity is a skill and must be learned to be used strategically - this was a lesson of the Gimel path).

Instead of the more focused approach of pathwalking one can effectively use the same basic idea to open up the 'perceptual sphere' to any symbols in the same way that one would read tarot cards, one reads the symbols that occur in the perceptual as they randomly walk a path.

There are all kinds of natural symbols that one can experience from the mythical black cat crossing your path, to some genuine dispersing ravens as opposed to those seen in meditation/visualisation and any occultist worth his salt has a large library of symbolism to interpret messages from the anima mundi.  Since physiognomy is my own area of relative expertise I want to focus on the interpretation of the people one encounters, in the act of divination, in the percpetual sphere.

As stated earlier in this blog the people you meet in your life have two aspects to them, one that they are an individual experiencing the world from the centre of their own 'sphere of sensation' and two that they are a messenger present in your sphere.  You could look at it like this - an Arien is a spirt of Aries, a Martial spirit by default but also composed of various spiritual forces as assigned to that person in their horoscope - if they showed up randomly in a 'reading' drawn from the natural world, one could interpret them like one would interpret 'The Emperor'.  Or for instance, if one suddenly encounters a Taurean along the path, then this individual could be 'read' in the same way one would read the Heirophant card.  Many advanced astrologers can tell simply by looking at a person the underlying mixture of their horoscopes.

My own system of physiognomy is based on a rather advanced understanding of endocrinology but is very similar to the alchemical system of humours.  Looking at an individual I can tell from the quality and type of their skin, the way fat is distributed around the body, their bone structure, etc what the 'dominant' hormonal genetic influences are or the genetic 'pathways' that are particularly pronounced.  This reading effectively turns that individual into a symbol/representative of one (or two) of the physiognomical characters I have outlined earlier on this blog and as such is read in much the same way as a ''card would be read'''.  At a deeper level one can then ''commune with these spirits'' and interpret what they say at the sod (kabbalistic ''secrecy'') level as opposed to the literal meaning of what they say.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Raziel - Gimel, Wisdom - Wealth - Love

In my work with the Gentlemen for Jupiter I generally use the letter Gimel who is called 'the rich man running to give to the poor' - I believe this focus on generosity, philanthropy and charity is important in any work to enhance wealth.  The acronym for Gentlemen for Jupiter would be G4J - G and J being the hard and soft Gimel respectively and four linking to Chesed.  I don't conflate planets with the Sefirot (which are correctly attributed to the ten depths) so only the double letters are linked; the seven double letters are also traditionally associated with the seven vertical paths.  Using the Chaldean order Gimel being the second letter is associated with the second planet Jupiter.  Applying this to the Tree of Life I place the letter on the path between Chokmah and Chesed* (the first vertical path Keter - Tifereth being associated with the first double of Beit and the first planet in the Chaldean order being Saturn).  Thus 'the Jupiter current' accurately runs between Wisdom and Loving-Kindness and the angels of these Sefirot, Tzadkiel (Chesed) and Raziel (Chokmah). 

In our group Tzadkiel is worked with en masse but Raziel is fairly underexplored - this doesn't make much sense to me considering how many of the so-called Grimoire Magi** we have on the group, in that one would think the angel of the secrets would be an angel they were interested in, especially when one considers the link to Sefer Raziel.  I guess that's not completely fair, most WMT practitioners use the conflation of Sefirot/Planet, so they tend to just go Jupiter, Tzadkiel, Chesed.  I attempted, at the behest of the angel, to encourage more to work with Raziel in tandem with Tzadkiel but I feel this has been ineffective thus far.  When wondering what to post today (I haven't posted for a while because I have been on holiday) Raziel instructed me to go to the bible and open it at random and this is what I got.  Any of the G4J who were familiar with the vision I had when working with Raziel the other day will hopefully see why the angel chose this passage as his message for them.

Job 28***

There is a mine for silver
    and a place where gold is refined.
Iron is taken from the earth,
    and copper is smelted from ore.
Mortals put an end to the darkness;
    they search out the farthest recesses
    for ore in the blackest darkness.
Far from human dwellings they cut a shaft,
    in places untouched by human feet;
    far from other people they dangle and sway.
The earth, from which food comes,
    is transformed below as by fire;
lapis lazuli comes from its rocks,
    and its dust contains nuggets of gold.
No bird of prey knows that hidden path,
    no falcon’s eye has seen it.
Proud beasts do not set foot on it,
    and no lion prowls there.
People assault the flinty rock with their hands
    and lay bare the roots of the mountains.
10 They tunnel through the rock;
    their eyes see all its treasures.
11 They search[a] the sources of the rivers
    and bring hidden things to light.
12 But where can wisdom be found?
    Where does understanding dwell?
13 No mortal comprehends its worth;
    it cannot be found in the land of the living.
14 The deep says, “It is not in me”;
    the sea says, “It is not with me.”
15 It cannot be bought with the finest gold,
    nor can its price be weighed out in silver.
16 It cannot be bought with the gold of Ophir,
    with precious onyx or lapis lazuli.
17 Neither gold nor crystal can compare with it,
    nor can it be had for jewels of gold.
18 Coral and jasper are not worthy of mention;
    the price of wisdom is beyond rubies.
19 The topaz of Cush cannot compare with it;
    it cannot be bought with pure gold.
20 Where then does wisdom come from?
    Where does understanding dwell?
21 It is hidden from the eyes of every living thing,
    concealed even from the birds in the sky.
22 Destruction[b] and Death say,
    “Only a rumor of it has reached our ears.”
23 God**** understands the way to it
    and he alone knows where it dwells,
24 for he views the ends of the earth
    and sees everything under the heavens.
25 When he established the force of the wind
    and measured out the waters,
26 when he made a decree for the rain
    and a path for the thunderstorm,
27 then he looked at wisdom and appraised it;
    he confirmed it and tested it.
28 And he said to the human race,
    “The fear of the Lord—that is wisdom,
    and to shun evil is understanding.”
*Chokmah, Gimel, Chesed - 2, 3, 4.
**I do consider myself part of this 'post Chaos' grimoire group, my focus is on the Sefer Yetzirah, Saadia Version.
***28 is the gematria of Koakh Ma 'the power of 'what?'