Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Bacteria in the Library - The Macrobes

What if we are not even cats in the library, what if we are more like bacteria?

Rule Britannia, Otherwise

We are Archons.

Before we get into the depths of this post lets just take a moment to remember the unbelievable suffering that we inflict not only upon each other but also upon animals, plants and the ecosystem in general.  Bacteria subject to antibiotics, cleansing wipes, zit cream, etc  may well be cursing their alien gods, in a language based in ions and proteins, as their membranes pop and fry.  Alexandra brings up a good point, the scale matters, we think less of bacteria than we do of cats and similarly the scale of the archon, the macrobe, above you will determine its level of realization of the pain it is directly/indirectly inflicting.

John Klein: I think we can assume that these entities are more advanced than us. Why don't they just come right out and tell us what's on their minds?

Alexander Leek: You're more advanced than a cockroach, have you ever tried explaining yourself to one of them?

The Mothman Prophecies, John Keel

I see a lot of conversation on the blogs but not so much action or at least not enough accounts of action. As I have stated before summon the alien and ask it some questions or instead attempt to scale the astral prison walls.  My mind has been thoroughly blown by Raziel and the ''discussions'' with him on the subject of time travel.  I have recorded these encounters and attempted to decompress the information I have received.  Attempts at astral prison break have not gone well but I have recorded them and detailed some of what I think are the rules behind this. I have lived at Edward Kelley's Tower in Prague and attempted to navigate that insanely complex spiritual environment to achieve various effects, also failed, somewhat spectacularly, but broke new ground with the 231 Gates*.  I am still standing.

Come on, have a go at it - the worst that can happen is that you will blaspheme, go mad or die, but remember death is but a moment and cowardice is a lifetime of affliction**.  I have been writing here for four years and during that whole time I have seen a lot of mostly recycled discussion, motivational rhetoric from sorcerers, and political posturing but I can count the entries detailing accounts of practical deeper work on one hand.  You can't get better and grow as a being if you are just talking about it.  All your sorcerous success is as nothing if effectively you have been playing with beans in the prison yard, right?***  If you cannot astrally project yet then you are really at a very low level of magic, sorry this is just true - attracting things by magic is relatively easy compared to the hard work/disicpline required by astral projection, developing psychic powers, studying the Qabalah, healing, stoicism, time travel and regaining the nucleus.  If you don't want to at least attempt to understand the universe, and are just happy getting rich and laid then you are still in the kids pool.  I want to be clear that I am not against research and/or discussion of theory these are a huge part of scientific success but you also have to experiment.

I am a huge fan of the fractal or mathematical universe, at a certain level of descent I think ''atoms'' open into new universes and I think fractality is compatible with simulation theory, I don't think the simulation needs to be grounded in some hard drive in a final physical reality, I think the simulation can constitute all there is and outside of it is effectively infinite deadspace - this being where the successful Gnostic ends up****.  We act as archons and we are acted upon by archons, the nature of it determined by the scale of our current level of being.

Returning to my bacterial friends, allies and enemies for a moment, the lessons of the Metabolism of Time involve rediscovering our cellular nature, and becoming more microbial not less, our consciousness is ultimately membrane-bound. As discussed in the Depth of the West, initiations begin with descending our personal tree of life, through various organisms, and own connection to the first cell. We then rebuild ourselves as chronosomes (Yesod), then we regain our nucleus (Tifereth), then our cytoplasm (Daath) and finally our outer membrane (Kether), with its receptors (Chokmah) and transporters (Binah), semi-permeable to the bloodstream of time (En Sof).

The Economist this week talks about the dangers of antibiotic resistant bacteria, and developing this idea we must understand that we could be a similar threat to our archons.  In the episode from Rick and Morty featuring the Moonmen song a higher dimensional entity comes to our plane to annihilate all carbon based lifeforms because we are like a plague from their perspective.  Are we?  Are we really the victims here?  Or are we here because we are criminals, exiles?  The vast majority of us are god damn awful to each other a lot of the time, can we really blame all this selfishness, hatred, exploitation on our archonic masters?  Don't hate the players hate the game?  How do we find out for sure?

*Bear in mind Paul Foster Case thought that Enochian was simply an incomplete earlier form of  Qabalah... Perhaps think back to the legends regarding Raziel teaching the original Qabalah.
**Retreat is always an option and fear can be your friend at times.
***Some sorcery is necessary to acquire enough beans to get equipment for escape attempts or to communicate with beings beyond the walls - otherwise it is a means unto itself not a gateway into the why.
****Although there is a huge paradox in this.  The paradox may well be the root cause.

Monday, May 23, 2016

The Depth of Up - Venutian Time Forms

I'd woken up early, and I took a long time getting ready to exist.

Fernando Pessoa, The Book of Disquiet

In Time Images Io discusses the role of Hera, heroism and the human understanding of time, pointing towards Heracles and his twelve labours.  Like the different phases of the cell-cycle and their basic genetic rhythms,  the zodiac, planets and elements could be said to be forms of time.

Since we were on the subject what do I think I know about Venutian time forms?


The Path of Venus leads to the Depth of Up represented in my cosmogony by The Mime figure above.  In her perfected state she sits atop the Stoa, juggling and multi-tasking stresslessly while beneath her two less perfected selves weep and self-medicate. The swamp, the ruins and the key turning in her back present this specific form's relationship with time i.e. getting lost, inevitable decay and the reality that all our achievements are as sandcastles. How does she wrestle with these temporal realities?

To respond to Io the role of the Stoa/Stoicism connects to the free will/choice situation, if the synchs/event represent the process of the fulfilment of desire, then one way into the de-synchronous or to disentangle is stoicism - to rise above it*.  In the Symposium though, the Stoic (as Socrates is described by Alcibiades in his final monologue regarding his immunity to cold/heat/fear/love - etc) ends up becoming the object of desire; the beloved instead of the lover - or in our previous language the Stoic becomes the significant event for another which often plays out as the meeting with the master/teacher.
He resembles the Sileni in the contrast between his exterior and interior. (αExternally he adopts an erotic attitude towards beautiful youths: (β) but internally he despises beauty and wealth, as I know from experience. For I tried to bribe him with my beauty, but all my many attempts came to nothing. Private conversations, gymnastics together, a supper-party à deux, even a night on the same couch—all was of no use. Against my battery of charms he was armed (by his temperance) in “complete steel”; and I charge him now before you with the crime of ὕβρις. His hardihood was shown in the Potidaea campaign, where none could stand the cold like him. His valour was displayed in the battle where he saved my life, and in the retreat from Delium. Especially amazing is his unique originality, which makes it impossible to find anyone else like him—except Satyrs and Sileni.

Alcibiades, The Symposium, Plato
As Io states - ''What we are is cultivated by these other forms to which our will is directed'' - If one is genetically inclined towards this archetype one will play out its dramas whether one knows it or not; an inevitable oscillation between mania and depression with those moments of stoicism hopefully rising ever more supreme, full of poise and elegance, sometimes seeming cold, aloof and attractively unobtainable - achingly cool.**  Although the Venutian inevitably becomes the beloved of the Mercurial, what in many ways the Mercurial strives to be, like Io states a new path opens to the Stoic in doing so as they are finally ready to be initiated into the Sun, the Depth of the East, the Form of the Good and regain their nucleus.

The role of restraint in training the will and ultimately opening up the paths to deeper magic cannot be underplayed - stoicism or the steeling of oneself is essential to the Yogi, the Renaissance Magician, the Cathar, the Neognostic.   Without control of the mind how can you pass accusing angels, access the higher planes, not go mad with the fear? The modern conversation in the WMT is about simple desire fulfilment as easily, as quick and as effective as possible through sigil or spirit - you rarely hear discussions about restraint.

No growth without assistance. No action without reaction. No desire without restraint. Now give yourself up and find yourself again.

Master Li Mu Bai, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

*As a key component of stoicism is Nature itself, rising above actually requires considerable if not complete submission.
**The quality of the skin of these forms cycles with these states, its a useful diagnostic tool for navigation/medicine/physiomancy.

Monday, May 16, 2016

The Depths of Up and Down - Is it Synching in?

Aha! You see?  That's what you said... We all, as I said, everyone has feelings, everyone would like to 'make a difference'.  Everyone says 'I'm a maverick' but we're, you know that, just one part of the whole, nobody's a maverick.

Speed-the-Plow, David Mamet

Synchronicities are like sonar pings - the rate at which they happen increase as I head towards a significant event and decrease as I move away.

What is a significant event?  The work with Raziel on Daughter Dimensions would suggest that a significant event is a robust branching moment, a place in space-time where your life diverges one way or the other.  I do not believe that there are an infinite number of possibilities in each moment, I believe the universe - spatial, temporal and observational - is finite and that any given life path collapses down into a manageable number of branching moments.  Although there feels like freedom in movement a series of different decisions of yes or oops in a number of moments lead to the same event in aggregrate* - there are perhaps fourteen versions of me in total.  Like riding in a tram I am free to do whatever I want on the inside of it, think what I want, talk to other passengers, form opinions of what passes by but I can only get off the tram or change to another track at certain key moments.

An obsession with synchronicities and a desire to navigate ones life via them stems from the Mercurial in us - the guide of the dead** - and ultimately from the Depth of Down (In/Fall).  For those who fixate on synchronicities heading towards a significant event and the uptick in the ping ping ping of synchs feels like you are spiralling in towards a nugget of destiny, fate or perhaps even magickal success.  The treasure that one discovers at the middle of this spiral is the vertex of the branching moment and, ultimately, meaning itself***.

Obversely our Venutian impulse, and the Depth of Up (Out/Rise), is about spiralling out - the police sirens screaming by your car in the night, Doppler staggering themselves into the darkness beyond your hearing. Leaving the city behind you, driving on that open road in the middle of the night, the yawning cosmos above you and the pinglessness in your heart is about getting lost as opposed to being discovered.


In the Metabolism of Time, the Depths of Down and Up are related to Remembering (discovering/synching in) and Forgetting (getting lost/de-synching) respectively.  If an uptick in synch pings indicates that we are moving towards a significant event - a memory, or branching moment in our pre-existing histories - then a decrease indicates we are moving away from one.  At the maximum distance away from a branching moment before we head towards another we may expect to encounter moments which are de-synchronous - the best way I have of describing this is ''Surprise!'' Following synchronicities has a sense of inevitability to it, that they are leading to something and as you are increasingly initiated into the Mercurial you acquire more knowledge of the specific type of event that the synchronicities are prologuing for you - you know how to read the signs.  The de-synchronous Venutian surprise always seems to have something of the time-ghost to it - a long lost love, friend or enemy turns up for example but not foreshadowed, you won't see it coming in the mirror...  Otherness, forgotten for so long it has become strange and alien.  Although navigation by synchronicity is easier, navigation by the de-synchronous is still possible.

A magician who believes in free will would say that they create the event in the future that they are gleefully pinging towards.  As a results-oriented WMT stumbles towards an understanding of the retro-causal temporal entanglement that is the only plausible explanation for many of those results, we grasp that the event causes the magick as much as the magick causes the event and our agency in this is called into question - the egregore creates us as much as we create the egregore.

Magicians avoid this line of reasoning as it really cramps their style.

Not only have I imagined these games, I have also meditated on the house. All parts of the house are repeated many times, any place is another place. There is no one pool, courtyard, drinking trough, manger; the mangers, drinking troughs, courtyards pools are fourteen (infinite) in number. The house is the same size as the world; or rather it is the world. However, by dint of exhausting the courtyards with pools and dusty gray stone galleries I have reached the street and seen the temple of the Axes and the sea. I did not understand this until a night vision revealed to me that the seas and temples are also fourteen (infinite) in number. Everything is repeated many times, fourteen times, but two things in the world seem to be repeated only once: above, the intricate sun; below Asterion. Perhaps I have created the stars and the sun and this enormous house, but I no longer remember. 

Jorge Luis Borges

*A bit like a choose your own adventure story book.
**We may already be dead and this is the underworld.
***Meaning or context is derived from the branch, it is the third step - point, line, branch - or ''Binah'' - see Changing the Future on the Metabolism of Time diagram.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Tree of Life - The Path of the Sun

In Start from the Top I described a male individual situated in the Depth of the West as having a simple identity with a limited internal monologue and instead experiencing a surging oceans of urges and forbidden desires. Why would I consider this individual an example of the West expressed in the human psyche as opposed to one of the other Depths?


Along the middle pillar of our rectified Saadia Tree of Life we see the grand journey of time from the Future to the Past and the more microcosmic day to day journey of East to West joined by the paths of Saturn, the Sun and the Moon.  What do these symbols/concepts really mean?*  The Sun is a symbol for being awake and self-conscious, the East getting up in the morning and the West going to bed at night; the Moon a symbol for the unconscious world of dreams and desires; Saturn a symbol for the embrace of our death (and higher selves) in the future.

An individual who is closer to the East will experience a strong internal monologue, they are very like to think in terms of ''I, me, mine'' and this will be expressed in the way they talk about the world. They will be egocentric, think the world orbits around them even to the point of a Messiah complex. They can also be pathologically self-conscious.  On the other hand an individual in the West will be losing this self consciousness, self obsession, etc, they will not be concerned with fitting in or with making themselves the centre of the world.  They will not think ''I am angry'', they will simply feel anger and the urge to do violence.  They will not think ''I think this person is hot'', they will simply experience lust and the urge to have sex.**

The West is the Best,
The West is the Best,
Get here and we'll do the rest.

The End, Jim Morrison

Extending this to the Path of the Saturn and completing our description of the Middle Pillar, individuals here will tend to think objectively about themselves and even experience themselves in the third person.  This type of consciousness becomes more pronounced the closer that individual is to the Depth of the Future.  The Path of Saturn and the Depth of the Future inevitably lead to the death of that self-consciousness and the re-connection with the Higher Self and the All Self and it is this type of consciousness that is being expressed by their relentless objectivity.  We can sense this loss of self in the themes of divine melancholia and the crossing of the abyss.

Although the word ego can be a little cumbersome one can think of the path of the Moon as pre-ego, the path of the Sun as ego, and the path of Saturn as post-ego.  In the Depth of the East I discussed masks and our nuclei, these primary spheres of self-ideation, personality, mood or scent with which we surround ourselves.  A close examination of the Tree of Masks will show you how the specific masks associated with the Depths fit into this overall idea of the development of self-consciousness/ego and the inevitable loss of it.  In the Depth of the West, I discuss our connection to our ancient animal selves that are preserved through our chromosomes, this nestling nicely with individuals in the West being more connected to their primal spirits.

The real trick to this kind of navigation/medicine though is in utilizing the physiognomical endocrinological clues that have been explained on this site and which will only become clear when you start using them.  The Depth of the Future produces big friendly giants, tall individuals***, with strong features particularly brows and noses - neophilic, creative but also controlling i.e. directors and generals. The Depth of the East produces individuals who store fat easily around the abdomen and will have either a pigginess or a slightly feline look (these two animal appearances are joined by the boar on our spectrum).  The Depth of the West produces body hairiness, severely receding/balding, gorilla muscularity in men and an Artemisian warrior-huntress look in women.  As explained in Start from the Top, the 22 path system allows us to realise the spectrum of all near-infinite possibilities and create a sliding scale of these groups of features.

*For instance with North we need to think cold, and with Down we need to think contract.
**By this I don't mean that all individuals of the West are mere brutes on the contrary they can make fine poets, but the form it will take is unbidden words rising from the unconsciousness as opposed to the poetic craft of the Easterner.  Their lack of concrete self means they can also be great actors, perhaps the best.
***Tall, for their family.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Tree of Life - Start from the Top

Metaphysics has always struck me as a prolonged form of latent insanity.  If we knew the truth we'd see it; everything else is systems and approximations.  The inscrutability of the universe is quite enough for us to think about; to want to understand is to be less than human because to be human is to realise it can't be understood.

Fernando Pessoa, The Book of Disquiet

Let us begin within the beginning.  We cannot start at the beginning, otherwise time has to be somewhere and go somewhere.

Necessity is the mother of invention.

Plato, The Republic

Within the beginning things have to (have) end(s) for without them they could not be perceived. These ends or depths are the system of five dimensions; three polarities of space, one of time and one of morality/perspective describe the Tree of Life.  Such huge finite numbers - of souls, of alternate worlds of experience - exist within the Tree of Life you would be forgiven for thinking it infinite but it is not.  The infinite defies ends, the finite necessitates them. Our finite cosmos approaches infinity in depth but never quite reaches it.

Since the finite requires position in order to be finite, a series of relationships have to exist between the depths - therefore the 22 paths of wisdom.  Although they are represented by element, planet and zodiac sign you do have to see this as shorthand for what those symbols represent*.  Each position within the system ends up being characterized by the network of paths or depths that define it.  A finite world or soul/individual/character defined by the Depth of Evil would thereby be distinguished from a world defined by the Depth of Good and therefore percievable/intelligible.  Similarly a character or individual in our world can be characterized by the admixture of good, evil, north, south, east, west, past or future.  For example this position could find physical expression in the colour and quality of the skin, how saturated with melanin, whether it is cold, warm, clammy or dry or in personality qualities like neophobia and neophilia.


The Tree of Life, using these principles of mathematics (number, geometry), language and physical quality, defines the entire range of possibility for manifestation within the finite and also the extent of all possible knowledge.  The use of this knowledge in medicine requires that you classify the position of the world or soul according to it.

For example a male individual who is positioned in the Depth of the West would be expected to have: a simple identity, no strong concrete internal monologue/voice but a surging ocean of urges/drives, paraphilias, anger management issues, impulsive behaviour, balding along with a host of other characteristics we might consider more positive like assertiveness.  Using this stock character as my benchmark the path system allows me to zoom in on a spectrum of individuals** that branch off from the Depth of the West and alter palliative remedies.

  • If this individual has the qualities in the median above but is also slightly fatter and stores the fat in their abdomen I would place them on the Path of the Sun (King of Life/Health) but close to the Depth of the West - diet focusing on blood sugar levels. 
  • If they are also fleshier with evenly distributed fat storage and have some kind of skin issue (eczema, urticaria, etc) or manic-depression I would place them on the Path of Sagittarius (King of Sleep)  - proactive psycho-dermatological relaxation strategies to reduce cortisol levels, anti-inflammatory diet in severe cases.  
  • If they are also skinnier and more avian in facial features I would place them on the Path of Capricorn (King of Anger) expect their anger management issues to be exacerbated and for them to be jumpy and temperamental - sports/exercise to burn off excess wrath.*** 

''Starting from the top'', within the beginning, what begins as simply a position in the cosmos of space-time-observer rapidly becomes a nest of virtues/vices that we derive character/personality/world from - the process of alchemy being the mitigation of the more vile aspects of our character and the extraction of virtue.

*In a previous post I talked about considering the planetary kingships as akin to the defining qualities of living organisms remembered in the acronym MRSGREN - movement, reproduction, sensitivity, growth, respiration, excretion, nutrition.
**Isaac Luria drew the ability to read the karma of individuals from their faces/bodies using similar methods.
***Although astrology is involved in this just because you are a Sagittarius do not expect to be on the Path of Sagittarius.  Your position in this scheme is determined by the totality of your horoscope plus underlying genetics.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The WMT - Is the Kircher Tree of Life overrated?

Is the Qabalah overrated?

The problem with answering this question is that the vast majority of people in the WMT have only studied the flawed system of Qabalah espoused by the Golden Dawn et al based on the Tree of Life by Athanasius Kircher.  Their work and application has been largely limited to the commentaries of folks like Regardie, Fortune, Crowley or Waite.  There is a fundamental lack of understanding of what the Qabalah actually is.

Is the Kircher Tree overrated?


What the Sefer Yetzirah describes and what the Tree of Life aims to represent is the Universe we inhabit which literally consists of the five dimensions of space, time and consciousness/observer - these are the Depths or Sefiroth.  This is all you get.  The paths between the Sefirot are the 22 elemental, planetary and zodiacal forces that shape our reality which describe aspects and are fundamental to it i.e. the Kingships*.  Mathematics, Language/Code and Communication/Relationship are the defining principles of reality.  If you don't believe this is the case please discuss. Consciousness is only one dimension of the universe, derived from time, via space.  The experience of these five dimensions takes place in our personal glome/hypersphere.


The Qabalah is a system that seeks to describe objective reality and it is why her Alchemical lovechild Science has made such an impact on the world.  Correspondence systems are useful in the way they can be validated by experiment - i.e. classification of diseases based on the physiological centres they target: Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Kidney infections, Autoimmune diseases - types of correspondences allow us to zoom in on a problem and solve it more readily.

Some easy criticism of 777 type correspondence tables would be:

  • The Sefer Yetzirah does not conflate planets with Sefirot and doing so leads to a great deal of logical contradiction in the Golden Dawn, Thelemic systems - there are 10 sefiroth, 3 elements, 7 planets and 12 zodiac signs and 32 positions on the Tree of Life.  No overlap is necessary.
  • 32 does not equal 34, the two sub tables and overlapping between extra elements and planets that goes on in 777 is unnecessary, confusing and misleading from a Qabalistic perspective.
  • Grouping all sky Gods, or Mother Goddesses together with each other and linking them to a Sefirah causes problems, there are a wide variety of cultural differences and nuances that distinguish these Gods/Spirits that is harmed by such generalization and subsequently leads to less effective practice

There are many embarrassing individuals in the Western Mystery Tradition who have brought shame to the community over the years with their fevered egos but it is ridiculous to suggest this is the fault of the Qabalah. I blame the Kircher Tree (and some of the ideas that have gathered around it) which does end up mutilating the aura to the point where you look like an astrally scrambled Mr Potato Head.


Suggesting that results validate the efficacy of a system is remarkably illogical.  The question is what quality of results are achieved and are some methods better?  The idea that all methods or approaches are somehow equal is deeply flawed - sure I can do brain-surgery with a sledgehammer if you'll let me! Whatever works is an excuse for sitting on your laurels.  If an individual has never compared and contrasted different Qabalistic approaches (for example actually studied the Jewish approach in depth) then their evaluation of the subject is inherently flawed.

*Wisdom, Wealth, Fertility, etc as described in Sefer Yetzirah - these can be considered very much like the fundamental aspects of living organisms - movement, reproduction, sensitivity, growth, respiration, excretion, nutrition or more ''elementally'' mutability or catalysis and should be studied in a similar way.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The WMT - Jupiter

I have bedimmed
the Noontide Sun, called forth the mutinous winds,
And twixt the Green Sea and the Azur'd vault,
Set roaring war: to the dread rattling thunder have I give fire
And rifted Jove's stout Oak with his own bolt.

Prospero, The Tempest, William Shakespeare

It is ridiculous to single out Jupiter as an evil entity.  If you want to say that Jupiter is the God of exploitative investment bankers, then Venus is the Goddess of pop music drivel, Mars of black budgets and Saturnus of pharmaceutical companies who farm pain and suffering. As Qabalists we accept that the world is broken and attempt to rectify it.  Our seven planetary Kingships - wisdom, wealth, seed, health/life, power, peace and beauty - have their seven transpositions - ignorance/folly, poverty, desolation, disease, submission, war and ugliness.  These principles are nominally out of balance in our lives and it is our task to calibrate the currents.

As one of the remaining members of the group established by Sef Salem that was lampooned by Gordon White in the discussion about Jupiter I have this to say about Wealth.  Prosperity magic has completely transformed my life and the lives of those around me over the last four years.  My association with that group has lead to promotions, opportunities, and influence.  I am grateful to Sef and to Jason Miller for their initial involvement in the project.

The involvement of Raziel in the prosperity working, at least in my own praxis, cannot be undervalued.  The Archangel taught me about the role of Wisdom and Love in the meaning of Wealth (the Path of Jupiter) - that Wealth/Prosperity in my personal life is as much an enrichment in my mind and my community as it is an enrichment of my pocket.  Charity is central to this philosophy of wealth and I invest in my community with my time and my coin.

However my personal and group work does not involve the Roman Jupiter but ''the Jupiter current'' and the Kingship of Wealth. The God that I work with and continue to work with in this vein is Enlil and in establishing/cementing this relationship I used the extended ritual in Liber Astarte vel Berylli - which involves a commitment most people in the WMT can't seem to muster these days.

Consistency is all I ask.

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, Tom Stoppard

Prosperity magic is one way of rectifying the kingship of wealth and in order to extend this to all kingships a seven day planetary hyper-ritual would need to be explored.  Using the ideas below one might consider an invocation during the planetary hour of the planetary day working with an appropriate god alongside activities pertinent to whatever it is that you are trying to rectify or calibrate.

  • Monday - Moon - Cleansing, bathing
  • Tuesday - Mars - Family/Tribe/Team bonding
  • Wednesday - Mercury - Meditation and communication
  • Thursday - Jupiter - Finances
  • Friday - Venus - Lovers, dating
  • Saturday - Saturn -  Books, study
  • Sunday - Sun - Exercise, healthy cooking

The problem is that most people's lives are a slow motion train-wreck of chaotic events and/or sheltering from their effects and it is unlikely that people can  pull themselves together for the time it would take with this kind of work to solve or attempt to solve the problems.  It seems easy on the surface but the distractions of the world are infinite.  The best approach is baby steps - once you have worked up a regular practice with one Kingship, begin to integrate another making sure that it does not interfere with your first.

I couldn't think at all... I could.... never quite get it... together.

The Caretaker, Harold Pinter