Tuesday, December 1, 2015

''An Education: Grades'' - A Response

The human body is divided into a variety of different cell types in the same way humanity is divided into a variety of different psycho-social types.  For ease I divide these into types using the spectrum of the endocrine system, the glands, as they provide a useful general field of purpose (control, perception, communication, immunity, energy, engines, reproduction) and also a fairly easy set of physiognomical cues to identify them.  Using these archetypal forms i.e. high testosterone character or high adrenaline character etc, I can zoom in more closely using the paths and identify where an individual might lie *between* these archetypes, I can determine the genetic ''alchemical'' mix at the essence of a person and subsequently diagnose the disease (or spectrum of disease), both physical and mental, that they are likely to struggle with.

The discussion on Disrupt and Repair is about the usefulness of making a grade system out of this and learning systematically about characters other than one's own or trying to replicate them within yourself.  In this sense the process of initiation leads you away from yourself only to return to your ''natural grade'' when you achieve a certain level of enlightenment (8 = 3), and it also suggests that some grades are naturally superior than others.  The natural grades we are discussing do relate to the intiatory grades that have been associated with them for example a Practicus is using adrenaline to fuel their recall ability when learning and utilizing systems of correspondences, an Adeptus Minor is using insulin and glucagon to store and release energy.  This means that if one is an insulin/glucagon character their natural grade is Adeptus Minor. However this in no sense means that an Adeptus Minor is more important than a Practicus in this understanding.

Think about occupations in the real world such as the police force, associated with the immune system and Mars.  There are some people with a certain set of natural skills that make them good police officers.  There are other influences (spoiling, neglect, abuse) that can reduce their quality as police officers.  Within the police there are a variety of different types of jobs that require different skills - armed response is different from detective work, in the same way an eosinophil immune cell is different from a B memory cell.    Within these jobs themselves there are different levels of achievement and recognition, different ranks etc which are accessible, technically, by different displays of virtue and excellence.  You can earn more money and respect as a highly ranked detective (Mars) than a lowly ranked government official (typically Jupiter or Saturn types) or teacher (typically Solar or Venutian).  So I don't think there is anything inherent in a natural grade that makes one more important than the other, a skin cell or hair cell is equally important to a nerve cell in the grand scheme of things.  When I look at the Tree of Life, I use it in its 2d upright form to find position within the body and don't automatically equate that to status - if we take people's misconceptions as someone whose character lies around cortisol and testosterone (or Netzach and Yesod), kidneys and gonads, I would be considered quite lowly.  The head can't work on its own though - at least not yet - and even when it can it will be linked to things that are doing the equivalent of cleaning its blood, etc.

I do work ''up the Tree'' through initiations after a manner - when stepping onto a certain path or Sefira  an individual of the physiognomical type enters my life, they are summoned as a spirit, and I learn about the Sefira by learning about them.  I explore their traits both negative and positive and try to apply the most useful ones to myself.  For example I have been working between Solar and Martian initiations for some time now and would reject the Pride and Aggression but try to absorb the Inspiration and Discipline. 

Bear in mind that an individual is automatically a gestalt of the people they have met: an ex-girlfriend's smile, a father's frown, a mother's nod of assent - this gestalt forming a mask of memory or acquired behaviour, harmonious or otherwise, over a genetic core identity.  We naturally acquire this mask of messily acquired other ''grades'', initiation simply applies some system of undertsanding that - we acquire experience of other cells this way and come to know ourself in the body as opposed to just ourselves in the cell.  Without this tour of the inner space, which has beene expressed out into the world, we can't fully know what the point of it all is, although we may good at doing it.

When this process of discovery is complete the mask comes off (or is integrated and internalized) and the individual is revealed in their fullest glory as their archetype - this is the 8 = 3 grade - and in life this is where one is really good at doing what they do and what they have true will for be it artist or scholar alongside knowledge of the entire system - they are a real human being.  Typically the artists, scholars, scientists, mothers, fathers, etc who are renowned are the ones who have achieved this understanding, they understand how their part contributes to the greatness of the whole, as opposed to those who labour in their various cells without that knowledge.

To give a practical example for my Netzach initiation, I conjured various forces - ended up working in Taurean and Libran spheres - my Taurean intiation was handling the FMD crisis in 2001, my Libran working as a waiter, balancing plates in an extremely fancy green restaurant.  Due to excellence I was promoted and became the manager of this literal green sphere, outside of which were two statues of women one black (exposed to rain and pollution) the other white (less exposed).  During these spheres and the pathwalking that followed them - which were mainly in either caring (Alzheimers, Schizophrenia) or entertainment (restaurants, pubs, shows) leading to teaching in the end as the Solar sphere - I formed close relationships with Mime types, listening to the transactions on the sod level. For my Solar initiation, I conjured various forces and went to work in a big yellow building numbered 320, I worked with and encountered many Prisoner types and again paid attention to them on the sod level.  These experiences have not just yielded qualities of personality but esoteric abilities as well.  As I said above I think there is substantial correlation between the physiongnomical archetypes and the grades of the A.A. and can go through it in another post.

Monday, November 30, 2015

The Nightmare


If you haven't seen the documentary ''The Nightmare'' yet you really should.  Its about sleep paralysis... and features an extremely unbiased view of the subject which touches on a variety of different reasons/explanations such as genetic factors, social factors, etc all the way up to spirituality and extra dimensional entities.  As somebody who experiences sleep paralysis about once a month and has been through times, especially at the Tower, when it was every night, I can say that the way in which it is portrayed and the confusing/terrifying experiences that go along with it are extremely accurate.

To some extent I think the most plausible explanation for this is unrecognized shamanism and these unfortunates should have been exposed to systems which helped them train the mind and explore the spiritual realms.  They look like Shaman-flesh too.  Some of the pre-paralysis ''hallucinations'' shown in the documentary very closely simulate what the early parts of the astral plane look like - coloured blobs, geometric tesselations, scintillating fields etc - and often the people are pulled back from the astral and trapped in their physical body.  Some describe OBEs and being able to see their astral thread.

I understand now that there is a pay-off to my predilection for sleep paralysis and this is the ability to explore the astral plane alongside lucid dreaming.  I know,from experience, that hypnapompic hallucinations are way more pleasurable than hypnagogic - like many other victims/patients in the documentary I have developed coping strategies that reduce the terror of the latter.  The shadow man, made of static, has shown himself to be an angel numerous times* for ''every angel is terrifying'' - their apperance much like that portrayed by the character of Indrid Cold in the Mothman Prophecies along with their ability to tell me things I could not possibly know.

In the Hekhalot literature the planes of heaven, i.e. higher planes of consciousness/other dimensions** are protected by accusing angels and in order to pass them you must use the correct words - I have spoken about this at various times in the Hermetic Lessons.  In my understanding the individuals shown in the documentary get trapped bewteen Malkuth and Yesod or Assiah and Yetzirah, the sleep paralysis ''zone'' being on the path of Tav which the erroneous Kircher Tree attributes to Saturn and which I attribute to the Moon.  It is very easy to state that conquering your fear is the way in which to bypass this sleep paralysis ''holding cell'' but people who do not experience it regularly can't understand just how absolutely terrifying it is.  People also need to be aware that these terrifying guardians are there for a good reason either 1) you are not responsible enough to mess around on the higher planes or 2) you are a legitimate threat to the higher planes because you carry the curse of violence.  The sleep paralysis cell is actually one step more free than the cell which you nominally occupy in the ''physical world'' - perversely.  If we can liken it to Plato's analogy of the cave, sleep paralysis is like ''knowing'' that you are chained to the ground staring forwards at shadows all the time, which we forget on a day to day basis when confronted by the illusions of depth, colour, etc created by our mind.

In the past Kabbalists argued about whether the ultimate nature of Kether was love or fear.  As you can read here many of the alternate names for Kether speak of absolute destruction, annihilation and darkness.  The Sefer Yetzirah warns us to run and return, lest we are obliterated by the divine kiss. The Kabbalist explores the tension between love and fear and recognizes the existence of both in the Godhead - the light that draws the moth in is beautiful but it burns.

Although sleep paralysis is an extremely harsh experience to endure it has propelled me rapidly along a path to greater understanding. I have had to come to terms with direct experience of these entities along with extreme vulnerability in their presence, my spiritual path has not been spent chasing fairies in the woods or looking for goddesses in the waterfalls.  The experience is not a hazy, fleeting one, as you can see in the eyes of the people who have experienced it.  It lasts a long time and is never forgotten.  Ultimately though it is a gift and probably a genetic one - like I spoke of before about epilepsy and diabetes obfuscating great gifts so does sleep paralysis but in a society that does not explore dreams or spirituality, or discuss the nature of imagination and creativity these gifts can often go unrecognized as the person focues on the disadvantages of their condition and has no understanding of the benefits gained or the losses they will incur if ''treatment'' is successful.

*Mainly Uriel or Raziel in my experience.
**I think these are probably the same thing, not that this is a ''psychological model'' just that everything in the universe is fundamentally mind not matter.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Pessoa, Vishnu and the Multiplicity of the Self

Fernando Pessoa, his mind full of heteronyms, studying his reflection in the mirror thought they think therefore they are.  In asking after the cause for the condition of his soul, he would speechlessly point to a clothes hanger, a mirror and a pen.  In one of the Disquiet vignettes he spoke of ''amming the self''.

I share common ground with Fernando Pessoa - he approached the subject of the multiplicity of the self through his poetic heteronyms and literary voices and I approach it through knowledge of hormones, of proteins, and of genes.  My heteronyms are physiological and physiognomical - the glands of my own body anthropomorphised, communicated with in distinct voices, and projected on to the world as the physiognomical archetypes, revealing which invididuals are dominated by which god or gland and subsequently entering dialogue with them.


These dominant glands manifest certain types of identity for instance if dominated by the pituitary and pineal glands one tends to think about themselves in the third person - they objectify themselves continuously.  Domination by the pancreas, the thymus and the thyroid produces individuals with a more concrete identity and those that think in terms of me, I, etc*.  Finally those dominated by the adrenals and genitals are those with the least concrete idea of themselves - they will experience emotions, thoughts, etc in a more primal way without automatically attaching too strong a me or I to them.

A good benchmark to calibrate this system for your own understanding is to examine the influence of testosterone which generally produces aggression, impulsiveness, paraphilias and a decidedly animal nature - my representation of this is the Many Mannered Mind Man a man with a testicle for a head whose identity is in constant flux.  Contrast this with the pituitary Ignorant Genius - the kindly, balding giant more at home in creating and controlling characters than in manifesting their own - our writers and directors.



In discovering the multiplicity of ourselves we have to understand that although our personality typically ends up being dominated by one of these glandular gods we contain them all within ourselves - but we don't have to go on an inner journey to discover our multi-armed, multi-headed selves we can find them externally, the people around us the other cells of that divine physiology - working together like a tissue to complete our metabolism.  


We understand them through conversation - when you are in company with an individual of another type it is possible to interpret that conversation on the secret level and understand that you are in dialogue with a spirit of that type - it is even possible to use the principles of cellular consciousness to summon an individual in order to have the conversation with the spirit within them.

In Kabbalah we speak of Tikkun ha Olam - the rectification of the worlds - the idea being that in the Shevirat Ha Kelim, the Shattering of the Vessels, the world became broken and overwhelmed by evil. The Ari used the partzufim (personifications, countenances) in order to complete this reparation - for while the kelim could not contain the light and so shattered, the partzufim, by being able to enter dialogue with each other, could both give and recieve the light**.   We could speak of our task on Earth being Tikkun ha Partzuf, the repair of the face.

*Thyroid types form a bridge between objective self identity and subjective self identity.

Friday, October 16, 2015

The WMT - Reincarnation and its Discontents

Reincarnation is a fundamental belief in the mysteries and one that has consequences if we take it to heart.  You will find references to reincarnation throughout the Hermeticlessons - thought experiments on things like retro-incarnation, recovered insights from past lives, etc.

In this post I discuss why one would want to recover their magickal memory and warn against the standard new age problems of remembering you are Cleopatra or that you know everything already. Working on your magickal memory helps communication between the lesser countenance and the greater countenance within you.  We are all at different stages in this journey and some people return to help others.  As I believe this I am not racist, sexist or ageist.  I value and listen to the opinions and wisdom of young people and older people alike.  I respect the fact that younger practitioners can advance far along this path and that older practitioners can have had their growth stunted by poor choices or late starts.   Being older does not automatically make you superior.  Wisdom depends on life (lives) experience and varies widely between individuals.

When I was perhaps too young I worked in a nursing home for ex-mental patients and saw the terrifying realities of aging and insanity, this certainly increased my understanding of the reality of the human condition.  I also worked in radiotherapy, cardiology and acute medical conditions for more experience.  After obtaining my degree in Biochemistry I worked in an Alzheimer's Day Centre for a long time before working in a secure mental ward with more advanced cases of mental disease. I also worked in an asylum for a time dealing with the victims of schizophrenia.  Even then I listened - the soul can speak out through these conditions and in fact can often be heard more clearly when the ''impatient'' ego of the individual is debilitated by the disease. I have learned a lot from both the old and the insane.

As I began work in education I also learned to listen to young people.  A progressive approach to education means that we don't belittle young people but see them as partners in a journey towards becoming a life-long (lives-long) learner.  This partnership is the secret to engaging that spark of the individual that will turn into a roaring inferno and its also the secret to reawakening the passion of the learner in yourself.  The default hierarchical thinking of the WMT, that older = wiser is a great impediment to the advance of our tradition and one that must be abandoned as rapidly as possible.  

We are in this, whatever it is, together - as peers.

During my life I have witnessed extremely wise and good young people taken from this world by tragedy.  Often I believe these people were angels in human form and simply too good for this world. Children are extremely sensitive from a psychic perspective and it is always worth considering their imaginings from that position - they can come out with absolutely precious nuggets of wisdom - conversely an older practitioner, weighed down with cynicism and a lifetime of failure and embarrassment can produce tosh and ignorance.

Here I discuss details of the kind of material that can be unearthed from the soul through the use of techniques aimed at recovering magickal memory - regaining one's former spiritual allies and esoteric knowledge.  My artist is still working on bringing this map to life but I hope to have it out in the next month.  In searching for and embracing memories from my past life and communication with my higher self I have made significant progress on the Western Mystery Path.  If you are on this path it is likely that you have been here before - you too would do well to search in the recesses of your soul.

Finally in this post I discuss the notion that there is no such thing as the present - and in some sense what we experience is all memory.  These are quite demanding ideas.  Throughout my experiments and discussions on time travel with Raziel it has become to clear to me that presentism is a deeply flawed philosophical basis for reality.  Presentism is actually one of the reasons that some people think, erroneously, that older automatically = wiser because we see things from the narrow perspective of linear time. Magicians who are presentists are a confusing bunch as so much of the mysteries speak of Eternalism.  Eternalism has scary implications for free willc so generally magicians don't thoroughly explore properly and end up with paradoxes buried in their philosophies that they are often unaware of.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

The WMT - Teaching and Learning

Teaching is not an easy task and it is clear that some teachers of the occult have never actually learned to teach.  Just because you have mastered the occult does not mean you have mastered teaching.  Teaching is its own subject and your frustrations with the quality of students may be down to the fact that you don't really know how to teach. 
  • A good teacher is interested in and listens to the opinions of their students - if you do not allow them to voice their questions however banal or off-the-wall it is impossible to judge the efficacy of your teaching, if you are condescending or patronizing they will despise you.
  • A good teacher enters into a dialogue with their students allowing them to teach the teacher - from the very simple understanding that you as a teacher are learning more about the variety of students out there so you can continue to successfully adapt your teaching strategies all the way to ideas, insights and brilliant suggestions that sometimes emerge from students.
  • A good teacher plans their lessons in ways that make the information challenging but not incomprehensible.  Do not expect the millenial generation to sit in silence while you lecture them from the front for a few hours.  Make your lessons interactive.  Use different resources. Plan activities. Learn about teaching.
To be successful you also have to adapt to the changing culture when it comes to marketing yourself as a teacher - for instance Jason Miller is a brilliant example of this with his recent youtube video.  2016 is acknowledged as the year that videos and other visuals will dominate social media.  Access to the technology is so widespread that any teacher worth their salt will be exploring these new mediums.  If you don't - don't expect the students to be heading your way.  Jason Miller is clearly a fantastic teacher and personally concerned with the success of his students, celebrating their victories publicly and allowing himself to grow as a teacher within this dialogue - this builds a positive relationship based on mutual respect.  For all his pursuit of financial sorcery Jason is obviously motivated by love.

Another teacher who has adapted and who is also cherished is Josephine McCarthy who gives her course for free online at Quareia.  This widely respected individual has given of her own time to create and sustain a resource of immeasurable value for free.  She has done this because she cares about the tradition and knows that it must adapt if it wants to continue.

Why should I, as a potential student, buy your book on magic when I can read Iamblichus, Plato, Levi, Crowley, Newton, Fludd, Bardon, etc for free?  With all kinds of lectures available for free on youtube why should I pay for your course or pay for a convention which includes the cost of flying you to wherever it is being held?  You have to be able to answer these questions especially in economically challenging times. 

The millenial generation do have flaws as learners even if you plan and prepare as a master of teaching.  You can be delivering an excellent lesson and a modern student will still check their phone occassionally.  This is part of that student's internet addiction.  Often the student is doing nothing but nihilistically scrolling through banal adverts and reposted content from their friends.  Some are accumulating ''likes'' as social media continues its roll out of Skinneresque positive reinforcement strategies.  Obviously in the pursuit of wisdom there are students out there who are good learners and they adopt approaches to learning that help them get the most out of their lessons.  They know they have to check or at least minimize certain behaviours if they want to succeed.  They are the ones with the will.  They are the ones you should focus on.

The fact remains though that you as a teacher are going to be more successful and complain less if you embrace the new culture.  There are amazing students in this new generation with incredible potential and its your duty to attempt to bridge the divide.

More importantly lead by example.  Teachers who whine about their students don't cut very fine figures.  Teachers who whine about not having enough money or their students' unwillingness to give them money don't appear to be successful sorcerers.  This is not rocket science.

I haven't given up on learning.  I am a still a student.  I am also a teacher.  And ultimately a scientist not a scholar.  I post theories, experiences and experiments on this blog and I am not ashamed of admitting when I have made a mistake.  I will commit passionately to my hypotheses because those pursued with a full heart are the only ones that have really been given a fair test.  If we all did this together, as peers, we would see revival and regrowth of our community because the world we are exploring is a fascinating one and once you have glimpsed it, it is impossible to look away.  If your heart is not on fire with curiousity and in love with knowledge you were never meant for this path.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Theory of Knowledge - Paranoia and Hostile Spirits

The spirit that I have seen
May be the devil, and the devil hath power 
T' assume a pleasing shape; yea, and perhaps, 
Out of my weakness and my melancholy, 
As he is very potent with such spirits, 
Abuses me to damn me.

Hamlet, William Shakespeare

Is it possible that spirits are behind these mass shootings?  Or more globally is it possible that spirits are behind many acts of violence and crime in the world? Several magicians are suggesting that it is ridiculous to think this and these maniacs are only under the influence of their own demented ideologies and that ultimately people are responsible for their own actions.   I believe that knowing what we do as esoteric practitioners it is foolish not to believe in the existence of harmful and hostile spirits - as far as I am aware possession is very real and people are constantly being tempted by a variety of extra-dimensional entities.  Are they behind all violence?  No.  Are they behind some of the violence?  Definitely.

Accepting the existence of a spirit world occupied by a variety of beings with multiple conflicting agendas was something I avoided for a long time.  When I began my esoteric career I was certainly influenced by both an energy-matter model and a psychological model for my theory of magic.  I believed that it was possible to alter the magnetic fields around my body by will and effect change this way and that demons were largely neuroses and complexes.  As I moved through the study of the Qabalah and began to explore the Yetziratic world I moved more towards an informational model appropriate to a system based on a kind of astrosemiotics - by altering the code behind reality I could alter the reality itself.  Throughout this work I was summoning Archangels but included them in the informational model as sentient codes or archetypes.

Over the last five years I have also included the idea of non-physical entities that are as real and independent as I am, not ideas or concepts blown up to giant proportions or simply parts of my mind, but complex individual beings.  The reason I avoided the spirit-model for so long is that even to a highly rational mind it opens the door to a vortex of paranoia.  Believing that there are non-physical entities of which some are attempting to manipulate human beings in order to complete their metabolism is par the course in the esoteric world - as magi, we know that in offering a spirit anything from incense and incantations to blood sacrifice, that they feed on that attention and in turn cause manifestations in physical reality.   The giving and receiving of attention is the essential nature of the dialogue between spirit and man.

Just as there are a wide range of microbiological organisms on the planet that have evolved various different ways to feed - from symbiosis to parasitism - so there are a wide array of spiritual organisms, macrobes if you like, equally widespread in the completion of their metabolism.   Some seek out special individuals to work with, forming symbiotic and reciprocal partnerships that are largely mutually beneficial - this seems to be the way with relationships with gods.  In giving praise, and other forms of attention to the god-spirit its manifestations are its thanks for that praise.  On the other hand, parasitic entities provide nothing to the host and only siphon off its energy or effect its mind in such a way that it spreads chaos, fear or other forms of negativity that the entity that feeds off.

Just as I discussed the overlap between biology and folklore when its come to demonslaying,  your defense against possession can be informed by the same sources. Vampires can only enter your house if you invite them in.  What constitutes an invitation is something you need to think about.  Taking colloidal silver and garlic every day is the equivalent of protecting your temple with amulets made of these things.  Sunlight (and its astral equivalent) remains the best means of destroying the undead.  It took a long time to slay my sister's ear demon - in the end the use of lactoferrin which worked spectacularly was informed by my knowledge of the apotropaic effects of iron from Babylonian demonology.

The undead will take over the temple when either the defences are down-  fatigue, stress or trauma - or after direct invitation.  That there are people out there willing, and even crying out, for possession, is not hard to find evidence of.  Some people, as natural mediums, are more open to possession than others and always fare better inside a tradition where they garner its protection, than they do outside where they are often ridden by random and vicious entities.

The scariest thought to most people is to what extent these entities control the halls of power in this world and this is the one that most try to avoid. When I worked for DEFRA during the FMD crisis I thought to myself that building giant pyres of burning cattle would be a great way to perform a mass sacrifice for a god - that various governmental forces aren't doing the same kind of rituals whether it be great wars, entertainment spectacles or abusive rituals in secret basements would be a naive thing to believe.

However, I avoided the terms good and evil in this post for a reason.  I don't believe Yersinia Pestis is inherently evil, it is simply trying to complete its metabolism the way it has evolved to, and I feel exactly the same way about parasitic or pathogenic spirits - whether you call them reptilians or demons.  From their perspective the silver, the garlic and the sunlight are evil.  They are doing what they do to get attention, in the same way some humans are abusive, or vampiric, in their search for the social form of glucose.

My experiences at Edward Kelley's Tower, with its selection of low level parasitic psychic critters, terribly dangerous wraiths, nature spirits, archangels and astral alchemists confirmed to me that we are living in a complex and dangerous world the true nature of which is beyond our imagination.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Raziel - Time Travel II

I've been reflecting more on what Raziel has been teaching me about time travel.  The description of reality offered by Raziel suggests that we are in a sandbox time cycle which starts with the invention of time travel by Reptilians in the past and ends with the invention of time travel by Utopians in the future.  This beginning and end occur simultaneously and these two events are considered to be the pinch-points - the past, before its pinch-point with the present sandbox time-cycle, is populated by Reptilian time travelers and the future, after its pinch-point with the present, is populated by Utopian time travelers.  Time, as we understand it, from a linear perspective does not exist in these zones, as the primary sentient denizens of them are all time travelers and see time in the same way we see space - to them the 1890s would be a place rather than a time period.  Indeed in this model, time as our present period, is a circular river and when we approach the pinch-points, the flow increases, time seems to move faster but we can't get past the pinch-point* and are swept back into the past.  We can liken this to the journey of the soul and it would allow for retro-incarnation, i.e. being reincarnated into the past.  The events are fixed though and there is no such thing as free will on this level.

In exploring this further lets imagine that time travel is invented in 2200 and is widespread by 2250 - when time travelling into the future one would only encounter time travelers i.e. time travelers colonize the future. Imagining this is fairly simple but when we begin to contemplate how it must be for the reptilian time travelers of the present-past pinch-point its a little more complex as we must imagine this process in reverse i.e. the reptilian time travelers have colonized the past.  The reason it works backwards for them is due to the nature of retro-causality, since the future causes the past as much as the past causes the future the experience is in the opposite direction for the Reptilians.  Please let me know if this makes any sense!

Both sets of time travelers sample time from the sandbox of the present therefore how do we know that we are not, at heart, time travelers from these two opposing groups in the process of sampling time right now?  We don't.  In certain moments of my meditation or astral experiments when I am feeling most transcendent and not ''myself'' this is how I feel, that I am another being experiencing a time tunnel of this particular human's consciousness.  If this sampling is ultimately an aesthetic experience, then we could explain the fact that people lose themselves in ignorance of their true self and have to rediscover this inner time traveler as a way of heightening the experience.  At the level of the time traveler one could envisage different difficulty settings determining how hard it will be to know thyself in this incarnation.  Although this model of reality suggests that events in this sandbox are fixed and there is no free will, it does not mean that our opinions on those events are necessarily as fixed - what we take away from this experience of this particular tunnel is not predetermined, in what we take away we are free?  Perhaps we are taking away something more than simply aesthetic pleasure?  Perhaps post-present and at home in the future or past these experiences and opinions do have other implications?

When do these inventions occur and what then are the boundaries of our particular sandbox?  In my previous experiments with this I managed to project into the future, from a linear perspective, between thirty and fifty years to a heavily flooded village in Somerset where I met some entities in the attic of a mostly submerged cottage.  I understood, from them, that various parts of the world had undergone severe flooding and that the waters were not receding.  However the severe climate change had brought people together into a strictly controlled Ecotopia.  I have the sense that the future begins, in the sense that the pinch-point occurs, not too longer after this perhaps 2200?  Maybe this is too early? I can't be sure though and I need to experiment more.  I feel that the other pinch-point must occur around the extinction of the dinosaurs, say 65 million years ago - these two figures then would define the temporal size of our sandbox time cycle.

Are angels time-travelers, or is the entity claiming to be Raziel a time traveler?  Certainly when angels are encountered they have a very different feeling to other spirits or Gods - they do feel a little like concepts made star-flesh and not as human as other entities.  I don't think this means that they are not Utopians from the future though - I imagine that this crypto-fascist ecotopia could produce a very different kind of sentience over time so much so that the Utopians are radically different from humans - i.e. colder, more rational, more collectivised, perhaps merged with some kind of AI, etc - in this sense maybe humans become concepts made flesh, Utopians literally embody Utopian principles. 

In the same way our pinch-point with the past is to be found in our common link with the dinosaurs, Diadectomorpha, our pinch-point with the future may occur when humans transcend into Utopians.  There are certainly genetic (and astrogenetic) components to this sandbox and this probably does effect our ability to achieve various forms of time travel and projection from any given body - this kind of work would increase the range of potential sampling as well as present a new type of aesthetic experience.  As Tomasi said in a comment on the last post we travel in families (perhaps tribes or parties), and through esoteric work we transcend the local physical family in many ways, to begin with in our ancestor worship we build bridges to a deeper past and in spiritual work we build the connection of our family to all humans, to all mammals, to all organisms.  The more enlightened you are in this sense the more you can project into different vehicles in this life - whether they be animals, plants or even minerals.  Our connection with different points in time could be rooted in the memory of our genetics but I feel that there are more and less advanced ways to exploit these wormholes that exist inside all of our cells - travel could occur down gene lines but one could bridge across to another and then travel up allowing one to look out of a different set of eyes i.e. various forms of remote viewing.

Since the events will happen, they already have happened both in the future and in the past, therefore this sandbox time cycle universe was born this way.  In the bible the first line of ''in the Beginning'' we often interpret to mean as ''at the beginning'' and imagine a timeline proceeding from it into an uncertain future shaped by our free will.  But the first Beit of the word Berashith (in the beginning) could be read as within i.e. ''within the beginning'' i.e. the whole of this sandbox could be called the beginning since it all happens at once.  We are approaching creation as an eternalist not as a presentist.

There still remains this idea of a struggle between the Utopians and the Reptilians, struggle over the present and the way in which this struggle occurs is not clear to me, especially if the events are fixed and any time-travelers are only sampling as opposed to influencing.  Since Raziel informed me that due to the nature of the pinch-points future travelers cannot enter the domain of the past travelers and vice versa they regard each others veiled areas with some suspicion.  Perhaps the struggle is also played out in this notion of what we take away from the sandbox as opposed to what we do?  Is there a more vital mission behind the sampling?  What could it be?

*Or at least it is incredibly difficult and only achieved by those with a very high level of enlightenment.