Thursday, October 10, 2019

2019 - Joker - An Alchemical Analysis

When you bring me out, can you introduce me as Joker?

Joker, Todd Philips and Scott Silver

Having transitioned from the Black Phase, we are now in the final phase of the Year of Malkuth (2019, 1 + 9 = 10) which is the Russet or Red Phase.  Throughout the last decade the themes and colours from the Tree of Life have been used by a group of powerful studios and fashion houses to create a unified art direction.  There is considerable evidence that not only has art been mass-directed in this manner, but also society.

In this brief analysis I will show how the film ''Joker'' reflects this current transition and is delivered as an exploration of the Rubedo or Reddening phase of Alchemy [primarily Jungian Psychological Alchemy].  Just like the other films and projects in this ''on-the-nose'' or ''painting-by-numbers'' approach that has been adopted, ''Joker'' systematically uses the  alchemical symbols for the Rubedo.  These symbols include:

  • Blood
  • Rose
  • Phoenix
  • Person dressed in Red
  • A Crowned King

None of these symbols are difficult to find in the movie - particularly the blood or the person in red - although I must admit I was looking for a phoenix to appear and didn't link the name Joaquin Phoenix to the symbol until a friend pointed it out.  It goes to show that a lot of these symbols are hiding in plain sight.  The Crowning of a King occurs in the very final stages of the film and it wasn't until a few moments before this that I realised that the character's name Arthur was on-the-nose in this respect.  I didn't notice a rose but the flower serves as a key symbol twice in the film: once as a squirty clown flower, and the other as a function of a magic wand. This list, as brief as it is, may be all you need to understand that Joker is part of the same ongoing project but if you are interested in a more in depth account then continue to read.


As most occultists know C. G. Jung used alchemical woodcarvings to explore the process of the death of the petty divided ego and the emergence of the fully individuated and archetypal self in his seminal work ''The Psychology of the Transference''.  The alchemical process has a number of different stages but because we are in part limited by the those features specific to Malkuth and which are referenced in the film we will stick to Nigredo, Albedo and Rubedo in this essay.


In Alchemy, Nigredo means putrefaction or decomposition and it is the beginning of the ''Long Dark Night of the Soul'' which results in the death of the ego.  Bearing in mind that we were transitioning between the Black Phase and the Russet/Red Phase of the project it is unsurprising that the city is buried in black rubbish bags at the beginning and that the ''redness'' emerges from the ''blackness''.  Ostensibly the result of a strike by garbage-men, it is clear that this is a visual symbol of the Nigredo.  Building on this idea of the Nigredo we find that every ''shadow'' character that is involved in realisations that lead to the decomposition of the ego is played by a black actor - from the woman on the bus who admonishes him for playing with his face, through the fantasies he projects or ''transfers'' on to his neighbour and to every psychiatric professional featured in the film.


After the Nigredo comes the Albedo and the focus of the film shifts to the white characters representing his adopted mother (Penny Fleck), his projected father (Murray Franklin) and his supposed father (Thomas Wayne).  The Albedo phase is associated with the individual gaining insight into the nature of their projections and beginning to rebuild the fragmented projected true self (which occurs in the Rubedo).  This whitening is visually represented by the whitening of his face, and at one point he even applies this makeup to his tongue - this scene concludes the Albedo.  The realisation of these projections occurs when he reflects on the beginning of one of his delusions and we see him talking to an empty space outside his front door.  The song ''In the White Room'' begins to play at some point to hammer this phase home.


Beginning in brown and orange russet tones the Jungian birth of the ''Joker'' is reflected in the increasing reddening of the character's costume design.  As the ego self (Arthur Fleck*) is worn down by the Nigredo, and reconstructed by the Albedo, so the archetypal self begins to emerge.  Layers of red are added to the character until this archetypal self ''Joker'' is born from the ashes of what was Arthur Fleck and in the final moments this Joker is represented as King Arthur.


The nature of this archetypal self that emerges in the finale is the summum bonum of the Great Work or the divine Hermaphrodite - Mercurius himself, one of Jung's core archetypes.  As you look at the above image [and the iconic Joker pose on the stairs that is literally the same thing] think about how all this imagery and color coding has been blended by the process of the ''psychodrama'' of Arthur Fleck.  Throughout the film there is this orange-russet waistcoat (orange being associated with Mercury, the red-orange-yellow of Mercury Oxide and qabalistically by the sefira of Hod and the colour orange - see 2017 movies like Bladerunner 2049 for identical processes) that is bursting to get out.  These suppressed, projected and unreconciled feminine aspects of his personality shown in his physical behaviour throughout the film are finally integrated.  Mercury bridges the gap between the Fool and the Magus, a role that we see the Joker flicking between in various scenes - the Fool being represented by the Clown (as the living signpost outside the shop) and the Magus being represented by the Stage Magician (at the gates of Wayne Mansion).  It is in  understanding these esoteric concepts that you will fully understand the Joke that is at the heart of this movie and the one that is ultimately being played on you.

You wouldn't get it.

Joker, Todd Philips and Scott Silver

n.b. I am not saying that these films cannot be interpreted in another way - as a social commentary on Trump's America or whatever - but I am saying that at the heart of the production design, the direction and the writing lies this master-plan of unfolding the symbolism of the Tree of Life and with an expected outcome beyond the unification of fashion and film for mass cross-promotional purposes and aimed at the total transformation of our society by sublimation of the ego.  I am sure that there is much more to support this interpretation [I mean I missed the whole Phoenix = Joaquin Phoenix thing which is almost unforgivably dumb] and more will emerge if and when I see it again, but if you notice anything that has slipped me by, please write in the comments below.  I post this, fully conscious that I am doing so, on 10.10.2019.

*The last name Fleck may be a reference to Malkuth as well.  Qabalistically in one world the colours of Malkuth [citrine, olive, black and russet] stand alone and in another they are said to be flecked with gold...

Friday, October 4, 2019

2019 - Malkuth - Russet Falls II

Henceforth my wooing mind shall be expressed
In russet yeas and honest kersey noes.

Love's Labour's Lost, William Shakespeare


Before we continue this assessment it is vital to your comprehension that you understand the full spectrum of colours that are being deployed under ''Russet''.  A simple search of google reveals very light orangey-russets all the way to fairly deep red ones and the movies/fashion that are working with this colour are using all of them.  You will see this full spectrum displayed in the lighting, set and costume designs for Joker and Ad Astra.



As you can see we are now moving into the final phase of the Year of Malkuth (2019, 1 + 9 = 10), the Red or Russet Phase of this Qabalastic Alchemical Ritual.  In Alchemy, the Rubedo, or Red Work comes at the end of the alchemical process and indicates success in creating the Philosopher's Stone.  The symbols used in alchemy to represent this stage of the Great Work are Blood, the Phoenix, the Rose and a Crowned King. The principles of Alchemy are folded into Golden Dawn derived Hermetic Qabalah in two ways a) planetary metals associated with the Sefirot according to the planet i.e. Chesed (2013) relates to Jupiter so is associated with Tin, or Tifereth (2015) relates to Sol so is associated with Gold and b) another system which uses the Paracelsian Mercury, Salt, Sulfur and the planetary metals.  I have mainly focused on a) throughout the Unifying Color Theory but it is impossible to rule out that b) is also being used in a way that I can't currently understand.  Russet, a browny-red is associated with the bloody earth or red clay out of which Adam was originally formed and throughout the Hermetic Lessons we have associated this with haemoglobin the active component of red blood cells.  Adam is spelt ADM (Alef-Dalet-Mem), A or Alef associated with air, and DM meaning ''red soil''.

Yesterday (4th October), Extinction Rebellion the protest group with the Malkuthian logo design sprayed the Treasury with Blood from a lovely, red, shiny fire engine to protest about the Government's involvement with ''climate death''.  Back during the Green Phase, Theresa May lit No. 10 (Malkuth) with Green Light, twice, and I can't help but see the similarity in this stunt of spraying the Treasury (implying Gold the outcomes of the Alchemical work mentioned above) blood-red and other aspects of the ''theatrical form'' guiding this.


On the same day a blood sacrifice was committed right by Notre Dame, the alchemical cathedral which featured in various key positions of this year long ritual from the transfer between yellow and green, to the comparisons made with the viral memes during the Amazon fire of the Black Summer.  This sacrifice was a freakish attack from inside a police security facility where one tech guy with a knife somehow managed to murder four anti-terrorism officers. I cannot help but thinking that the ceramic knife used is important somehow in its role as a sacrificial blade and that some kind of MK-ULTRA was used.


A reminder that the plan to deploy the military in the event of chaos relating to a no-deal Brexit is called Operation Redfold.  This is to contrast with emergency planning that came under the moniker Operation Yellowhammer.  I am assuming based on the principle of ''Ordo Ab Chao ''that we are heading towards a no-deal Brexit.  It would make sense within this ritual to unleash total chaos upon the UK at the end of October.  I can see how a lot of people are pushing it to make money shorting the pound in the ensuing financiageddon but I think its more to do with how society will be guided in the future and the role of the UK in that.


In Aristophanes' ''The Birds'', daimones set up a spiritual blockade of heaven in order to starve the Gods of energy.  The play speculates that the Gods are fed by prayer and sacrifice and that the Daimones (or Birds), since they occupy the realm between mortals and immortals, can effectively control this ''trade route''.  There has been a lot of trade war this year, ostensibly under various forms of nationalist ideology of making a given country great again, but there are some other levels to consider when thinking about the impact of trade war in the context of everything else we've been seeing.  In order to prevent climate change the economy has to be stalled and standards of living will have to be dropped.  While environmentalists might voluntarily live like feudal peasants because of their ideology, nationalists will need some kind of ''war'' to justify another round of approaching austerity.  Both of these ideological weapons will be used in order to usher all people towards the ''Hunger Games society''.  I still believe that public acceptance of geoengineering is one of the preferred outcomes of the ritual theatre and we are seeing more and more references to carbon capture and the like in the mainstream media.

Monday, September 30, 2019

2019 - Malkuth - Russet Falls

As we enter the final quarter of the Year of Malkuth (2019, 1 + 9 = 10), the Russet Phase, its worth familiarising ourselves with the Russet Pallette and then you will be able to see very clearly how this is being utilized in both fashion and the movies.  This is a short post but since the change of colour is today I wanted to flag this up for those of you following this ''ritual performance''.  As I have said for some time now the end goal of the Russet phase is for the public to be willing to sign up to a technological solution to the problems of climate change which is why this ''trust the science'' message is being constantly pushed.  Ostensibly, these technological solutions will buy enough time to switch the carbon economy to the green economy.



Ad Astra follows Major McBride as he journeys from the Earth [Malkuth] to Neptune [symbolising Keter and infinity]. Like the Fallen Daughter [Nuqba], The Bride [Kallah] is another name for Malkuth/Earth and so McBride means Son of the Bride.  The movie opens by tracking through colour fields which are the colours of the quarters of Malkuth and also features those colours at various intervals, but the dominant color pallette of the film is the russet one shown above.  Note how the first event of the movie is the literal fall of McBride putting into a list of other films from this year which contain both the fallen daughter and her fall [I am Mother, Birdbox, Annabelle Comes Home, Rim of the World, Pet Cemetary, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood].  Its worth bearing in mind how the most visible of these fallen daughters is Greta Thunberg, Greta meaning Pearl, who is/represents the Fallen Daughter of the Earth parading on the world's stage.


The way in which Ad Astra ties into the russet/red phase of Malkuth is that it pushes both technological solutions to planetary disharmony and in the final analysis an Exodus Imperative.  If we cannot save this rock [reforestation, carbon capture, stratospheric spraying i.e. chemtrails] then we have to get off this rock [Elon Musk].

Friday, September 20, 2019

2019 - Malkuth - Black Summer's End

2019 is the Year of Malkuth (1+9 = 10).  In previous years one sole colour from the Golden Dawn Hermetic Tree of Life was chosen and various industry players in the know synced their colour schemes in fashion, television and movies.  Unlike the other Sefirot, Malkuth is composed of four colours representing, among other things, the directions, the elements and the seasons.  Each of these colours ruled over a 1/4 of the year: Citrine/Yellow for January - March, Olive/Green April - June, Black/Navy for July - Sept and Russet/Red for October - December. Although it is clear that movies and products have been ''synced'' in this manner over the last decade I was curious as to whether political events were being synced as well.  Through analysis of the connotative meaning of the colours (along with a knowledge of the underlying Qabalah) I made a number of predictions for the nature of the events of the first 3/4 year

  • Citrine/Yellow - Gold [Money], Wheat [Agriculture]
  • Olive/Green - Environmental Movement, Currency [Money], Military
  • Black/Navy - Oil [Money], Earthquake (and Volcanoes)
Before we review the Black Summer and the way in which Black has been used we should remember that each movement between the colours has had a significant event associated with it for instance the destruction of Notre Dame and the plume of yellow smoke (from the lead contained within the central spire) indicated the crossover between yellow and green.


When trying to tie together themes in the connotative meanings of the colours and then predict the future based on this, green and yellow [currency and gold] into black seemed to indicate financial crisis.  During our Black Summer it was announced that the world is going into recession.  It is also worth noting that Black Monday, a film about the financial crisis in 1987 was released on Showtime this year.


During the beginning of our Black Summer we had the Iran tanker crisis where it was clear that someone was angling for a war.  As the Summer draws to a close we have the drone attacks on Saudi Arabia destroying 5% of the global output of oil and increasing the stresses on the financial system.  Just as the Gilet Jaunes [Yellow, driven by agriculture and anti-carbon tax] were juxtaposed against Extinction Rebellion [Green and pro-carbon tax] so we have the needs of the environment juxtaposed with the needs of the fossil fuel economy.


Another event that happened during our Black Summer was the first major power-cut or blackout that has occurred in London in ages, this article describing it as an ''apocalyptic darkness''.  Its events like this an President Trump's floating of the idea of buying Greenland that keeps us within the ritual.



I predicted that there would be a volcano or earthquake which would produce significant damage in a developed nation in the middle of August, a time corresponding to the black section of Malkuth and the part that directly lies against the Qliphoth.  While we did not receive the earthquake or volcano I expected, Stromboli in Italy did erupt twice over the Summer to quite considerable media attention along with various others - Popo, Raikoke.  Although I was wrong in this respect I am not ruling out this devastating volcano or earthquake and another potential date to consider would be the black - red transition which is the end of September.




Mid August marked the middle of the Black Summer and I discussed how this would be the point of maximum evil as it is that particular section of Malkuth that directly abuts against the Qliphoth [The Inverse Tree].   I predicted Earthquakes and Volcanoes for the event which would mark the middle of the Black Summer but instead we had the fires in the Amazon which of course turns green to black as the earth was scorched.

Its worth looking more closely at the Amazon vs Notre Dame meme that was launched during this emergency as it makes us directly compare two of the major orchestrated events of the Year of Malkuth.  Logically this is a rather silly comparison as if you want to talk about what billionaires are doing to the environment its probably better off comparing the Amazon fires with the trillions spent upon and unbelievable vast carbon footprint accrued of Dubai.

Returning to the Tree of Life and the Qliphoth we should consider that the Amazon is often referred to as the Lungs of the Earth or to put it another way the Trees of Life.  In the film The Fountain by Darren Aaronovsky the Tree of Life is discovered by conquistadors in South America.   So the point of ''maximum evil'' coincided with the destruction of the Trees of Life.



So what does the Red or Russet quarter signify and what can we expect for the Fall?  In the trailer for Joker we clearly see that the costume design has departed from the traditional purple to be replaced by Russet for the normal identity and a Red suit for the Joker identity.  I imagine this movie will trigger a number of record breaking mass shootings but you don't need the Qabalah to predict that.  Blood on soil, etc.  I highly recommend googling the colour of Russet so you can see the range they are working with here and how that is reflected in the trailer.

I thought for a while that the outcome of this year was supposed to be that the public embrace climate engineering.  Bombarded with the scale and complexity of the environmental problem and the impossibility of squaring such circles as the destruction of the economy vs the destruction of the ecosystem [i.e. Gilet Jaune vs Extinction Rebellion] and that the Earth is an existential threat to us as opposed to our friend, that the only way out is technological.  I also thought for a while that one of the more clandestine plans might be to somehow detonate volcanoes in various remote parts of the world in order to release the SO2 necessary to cool the atmosphere without having to resort to chem-trailing, an induced volcanic winter if you like and that guided me a little in predicting the volcanoes. So I still believe that the Red/Russet might indicate volcanic activity i.e. red/brown, fire in earth.  Alongside this the News/Media has been showcasing quite a lot of more minor efforts at climate engineering over the last month of so - like carbon capture towers and spraying water on to glaciers.  I think this will continue and is priming us for the more intense activity that will be necessary to ''save the Earth'' or at least that which we will believe is necessary to ''save the Earth''.  I'll provide more thoughts on this later.

Monday, June 17, 2019

2019 - Malkuth - Black Summer II

I tried to warn you, I tried to warn you, I tried to warn you, no more time.
I tried to warn you, I tried to warn you, I tried to warn you, no more time.
Midnight.  Midnight.  Midnight.

DJ Shadow, Camel Bobsled Race

While we are still two weeks away from the official opening of the 3rd quarter of Malkuth (2019, 1+9 = 10), our Black Summer if you will, its worth reflecting on the final flourish of the Green. On June 14th 10 Downing Street and Kensington Palace were illuminated by green lights, ostensibly to pay respects to the people who died in the Grenfell Tower fire [an event which struck me as potentially a burnt offering in itself].  A little bit of searching found that the Prime Minister had also lit Number 10 with green light in May for Mental Health Awareness Week although I am not sure how turning the seat of government into a Jekyll and Hyde movie set exactly achieves that.  What it does achieve is to shed a timely green glow over Malkuth.




While we have the Green manifest [be manifested] in Environmentalism in Climate School Strikes, Extinction Rebellion, etc, I still give myself til the end of June to see if the military side of the prediction will bear out.   My money was, and has been for some time, as my colleagues know, on intervention in Venezuela and this would necessitate green uniforms.  Things seem to be hotting up in Iran again though with these attacks on the oil tankers but I don't think the uniforms that would be involved with an attack on Iran would be green.  It seems to be the case, that the push for war in Venezuela has simply stalled or ran into ''production problems'', so to speak, a factor that we allow for in the Unifying Colour Theory when films don't ''land'' where they are supposed to* - either that or I am wrong!



As we move from Green to Black, its worth reflecting on how Environmentalism and Big Oil appear to be in direct competition at the moment but how they may end up becoming erstwhile allies in the upcoming joint push for climate engineering.  The Environment or the ''Earth'' as Malkuth is always under attack from the Qliphoth or World of Shells below it.  One way you can think of these underground evil shells are fossil fuels as concentrated death that we extract from the Earth to wastefully burn for power and which directly contributes to the depleted quality of our atmosphere [ruach] through air pollution, carbon dioxide, acid rain, etc.  Extending this you could include limestone, another product of the ''shells'', and the source of cement and concrete which covers up the natural soil and also produces carbon dioxide as a by-product [5% of the total planetary emissions, cement and concrete being the second most ''consumed'' substance after water].

As environmentalists begin to realise that they do not have the time to achieve their goals in a natural organic way [planting trees, reducing waste, etc] they will push for more and more radical intervention.  Expect, first of all, a push for global environmental austerity - we're already seeing talk of WWII levels of preparation needed and for rationing - but when this is rejected by the public, expect them to push for Big Science solutions, i.e. climate engineering, as the only possible option left.  As soon as climate engineering becomes acceptable the pressure on the fossil fuel industry will decrease because with artificial cooling the effects of carbon dioxide will be mitigated and business will carry on as usual.  With this in mind its worth thinking about HBO's Chernobyl as a timely attack [from the POV of Big Oil and ''Big Renewable''] on nuclear energy, which is an obvious solution to reducing carbon emissions while maintaining electrical power.


So when I commented about Earthquakes in the last post on Malkuth, it wasn't because of whacky conspiracy theorists pointing out astrological alignments [although they did] it was where the [''qabalistic''] logic lead me.  I was surprised to find that shortly after that comment, an 8.0 magnitude earthquake struck Peru fortunately killing and injuring very few people because of it being in a fairly remote area.  In terms of a Big One i.e. a powerful earthquake striking a major city in a developed nation, I think we have to wait to the middle of the Black Summer [Guardian article on X Day X = 10].  I am really wary of predicting earthquakes and disasters because I don't want to end up like Frankie MacDonald, who I remain a big fan of, and let you all down when it fails to materialise.

Thinking of Frankie he reminds me of the time when well known conspiracy sites were actually libertarian (or at least purported to be), fun and thought-provoking as opposed to ethno-nationalist crypto-fascist bullshit generators - most of those sites these days are as stagnant a pond as the 'public' Western Mystery Tradition is.


So let's review the [qabalistic] logic of the Black Summer again: 
  1. Malkuth, the Fallen Daughter, lies atop the Qliphoth or the World of Shells [the underground] 
  2. The Qliphoth represent the source of Evil 
  3. The four quarters relate to the four quarters of the year: Yellow (Jan - Mar), Green (Apr - Jun), Black (Jul - Sep) and Red (Oct - Dec).
  4. The four quarters relate to the four elements: Yellow (Air), Green (Water), Black (Earth), Red (Fire).
  5. In perambulating Malkuth [going through the colours via the quarters of the year, the rim of the world] we reach the lowest point of the Sefira, Black and Earth, and therefore the point that directly abuts the Qliphoth in mid August
  6. The Earth itself therefore has to or will appear ''evil'' so it cannot be climate change related disasters which can be blamed on man, but earthquake, volcano or tsunami - or all three.
  7. These major disasters connect to dragon and the other apolcalyptic monster symbolism that we have seen

Not only have we had a lot of Dragon or Giant Lizard apocalyptic endgame movies and tv-shows going [e.g. Godzilla 2, where both the good guys and bad guys work for ''Monarch''] but it is worth bearing in mind that Netflix have been churning out End of the World themed movies all year, nearly all of them containing the Fallen Daughter - Superior Mother theme of Malkuth.  A lot of these end of the world films make reference to poisoned air - The Society, The Rain, IO, etc.  Here are a selection below: 








This article catches up with the promotion of the green that has been going on but as I have said before the challenge of the this year is that four colours have to be deployed as opposed to only one. So anyone with eyes will have seen the black summer dresses popping up every where and a selection of mainstream outlets are prepping you on everything you need to present neo-gothic chic [i.e. funereal] for the upcoming apocalypse: Buzzfeed, Huffpost, PureWow.  Although sites are still pushing tie-dye and animal prints and so on, you will find that black will dominate for two reasons a) a lot of these various prints etc are pretty ludicrous and b) even if they weren't ludicrous a lot of women would still lack the confidence to pull them off.  So again, to double down on this, - a lot of the whackier stuff will be eschewed, but flowery and leafy prints will be popular [i.e. earthy, nature] you will still see all yellow, or all green dresses or combos of the two, black will gradually dominate and will, in part, be paired with yellow and green, the colours of the first quarters.

Quickly everyone, head for that cave over there.  Its our only chance.  Keep firing as you go. But our primary concern at this point should be, where do we go from here?

DJ Shadow, Camel Bobsled Race

 *The Martian is probably an example of this - optioned in 2013, I believe destined for 2014 [the Mars year], production halted and director swapped to Ridley Scott, final release mid 2015 - I need to watch the movie again as I know the word Sol is said over and over which would associate with 2015, the Year of The Sun. Or the Edge of Seventeen released late 2016, but in the full orange colours of 2017 - maybe early release for priming?   Anyway as you know Art is not an Exact Science however much the producers might want it to be.