Saturday, August 15, 2020

2020 - The Year of Lilith, O' Ceres, Universal Mother, Famed, August

Well I was wandering along the banks of the river

When seven fat cows came out of the Nile (uh huh)

And right behind these healthy animals

Came seven more cows skinny and vile (uh huh)

Well the thin cows ate the fat cows which I 

Thought would do them good (uh huh)

But it didn't make them fatter 

Like such a monster supper should

The Song of the King, Joseph and the Technicolour Dreamcoat

Ceres, the Roman equivalent of Demeter, Goddess of Agriculture, was one of the children of Saturn who, when roused to ire, would inflict her wrath upon the Earth through famine - so no surprises on the publication of the discovery of water on Ceres and that she may be an ocean world in our Green Phase.  Beyond aesthetics it seems that the purpose of all the ''set dressing'' for the various phases is to synchronise or calibrate global consciousness alongside bedecking the altar (be that on Earth or in space) with the correct correspondences for theurgic propitiation. Blending the symbol of water with a corn goddess do we get fertiles fields or fried and flooded ones?  Is there enough water for life on Ceres, or is there too damn much?  Is there life on Ceres???

The clean plate initiative is another propaganda piece, similar in intent to the UK's anti-obesity drive, which hopes to make starvation a group health effort to get in shape for the nation.  Both of China's river valleys have suffered extensive flooding, and the geopolitical situation is making importing food a bit more arduous.  If everyone is approaching a similar situation who are you going to import it from anyway???

Iowa has had 43% of its grain and soybean crops flattened by one of this year's insane winds - the derecho.  I don't know whether this means the crops are ruined or whether something can be salvaged, I'm not exactly a farmer, although I have fixed a yucca in a similar situation, but I am hoping that American officials listened to Joseph and stockpiled for at least 7 harsh years.   

A village in India, ravaged by lilifluenza, heatwave, famine, drought and a man covered in locusts running down the dusty street screaming was one of the most visceral images of 2020 so far for me, a forsaken place where all the various demonic winds of the quarters gathered as one.  Now these poor people can add monsoon floods to the mix.  National Geographic deep dives into India's various problems with water supply (too little and too much) and highlights why the Earth's second most populous nation is unlikely to scrape through this year without experiencing similar problems to everyone else with food security.

Food left standing after floods, fire, winds and worker shortages are ravaged by locusts, a situation which Bayer refers to as a living nightmare and is helping out with by providing incredible quantities of delicious poison, i.e. how necromancers they deal with most situations.  

To match with the epic apocalypses of the rest of the world the UK has a problem with one of its sandwich factories, coincidentally belonging to a company called Greencore.  To quote the late, great Bill Hicks ''this is Hobbiton and I am Bilbo Hicks''.  Just like the UK doesn't have crime like America has crime so we starve and suffer in our own unique way.  No more sandwiches????  True Doom.  Mouse plague destroy crops in Germany?  Cute doom. I do love Europe.  In all seriousness the crushing losses to the economy, with the UK topping the pile at 20% damage, food insecurity is going to be a big problem for a lot of europeans - financial supply being the problem if not physical supply as well.

Although the technology to make algae food (and biofuel) has been with us for a while now, genetically modifying tobacco using algae and extending that to other plants to reduce water consumption, or at least reporting on it, meets with the predictions that algae would be involved/highlighted in the Green Phase.  In the eyes of the destructive team - if its Green, it's on the Altar.  Of course, in the new normal we are going to see lots of innovations in the food sector, providing us with a variety of different types of reconstituted gruel with colourings.  As my sister reminded me, a lot of Zoomers are already socially conditioned to favour shakes and bars (huel, manna, soylent, etc) as meals so they can adjust easily to the new carbohydrate regime - thank the Lord, our Purifying King, for these mercies.

We are now in the middle of the Green Phase, and I warned that the ''twist'' in this phase, is the steady realisation that all the efforts of the environmentalists are for nought because we have already long since totally run out of time.  Green Spirits are sent down the ladder for sacrifice.  I thought ''they'' might actually tell us more directly, or have a big event that draws focus at this moment.  Arguably this event was the attack on Lebanon - a flag with a green sacred tree destroyed by *fertilizer* and destroying a port (water) that supplies 80% of the country's food - it feels like a perfect metaphor for the planet but I can't say for sure and it might be too clever for some. Although I think cleverness may have some impact on the extent of the oomph of the individual battery as they plug into the theatrical experience and so impacting a smaller demographic of cleverer ones may have a greater impact in terms of theurgic astral mechanics.  Maybe that is something to do with the quality of the Ruach of that individual.  I am not exactly that kind of scientist, and have not been party to exactly those kind of meetings, so I can't say for sure.  I don't know what preparations individual countries have done for a long spell of bad harvests but I have a feeling the food crisis will intensify and we will be witness to a situation that we cannot do anything about.  I am not exactly an agricultural official, but I worked in those offices once and its not exactly well - let's say, organised?  In the past it has been possible to send aid to places hit by starvation and a great deal of good spirits were generated from this activity - live aid.  The current climate will mean that all countries will tighten their food exports and the amount of food available for such aid.  If they force us to witness this horror many will be hit with a profound sense of powerlessness and despair and dread that it is coming for them next.  It's on the back of these kind of events that the case for geoengineering et al will continue to be built and I do expect the food carnage to inspire some kind of orchestrated global response if it will, in the end, remain inadequate.  Although the vast majority of the predictions for the green phase have come true I still expect this subject to be broached more publicly before the next six weeks are out and there is still time for a very weird green themed event.

When people call on God do they really know who they mean?  I know who Christ is and respect all people who come truthfully from this place but God... is mysterious at best.  Buddha, the happy portly smiley one, the cheerful Hindu boys and girls, I know them too, but God?  Who is he?  For many on the pantheistic approach God is equivalent to Nature, both Earthly and Universal and is often represented as female, Ceres, Nuit, etc.  This Goddess, when angry, and I might add insufficiently propitiated, punishes humankind as above. Historically the concept of God as Skybeard is fairly equivalent to Zeus or Enlil so this God of ours has a propensity to purify the Earth or unleash the demons from time to time when it has gotten... - well, let's just say - a bit decadent.  I have vegans who lecture me on a variety of ethical living styles and behaviours who have fleets of dogs, the combined meat footprint of which absolutely dwarfs my own fairly meagre consumption.  I have been lectured on the carbon imprint of my, again meagre, milk use by part of the Washington Woke who regularly flew to Nepal to ''help the people'' (and collect photo opportunities).  These followed each other as paragraphs before my unbelieving ears.  The madness of the fevered ego. I have used public transport my whole life, have no kids and have very infrequently flown... I really hope these people are doing some sort of mathematics, employing some sort of logic, when they hurl around their polemics.  When looking for the sinners, witchunters of all kinds (including witches, it seems, perversely) should make sure that they have truly ruled themselves out.  They may come to the conclusion that they can only do that by truly ruling themselves out. May Christ compel them.

Well I was standing doing nothing in a field out of town

When I saw seven beautiful ears of corn

They were ripe, they were golden, and

You've guessed it

Right behind them came seven other ears, 

Tattered and torn (uh huh)

Well the bad corn ate the good corn

They came up behind yes they did

Now Joseph, here's the punchline

It's really gonna blow your mind

The Song of the King, Joseph and the Technicolour Dreamcoat

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

2020 - The Year of Lilith, The Green Phase II, These Calm Little Moments

I used to get mad at my school
The teachers who taught me weren't cool,
You're holding me down,
Turning me round,
Filling me up with your rules
I've got to admit its getting better,
A little better all the time
I have to admit its getting better
It's getting better since you've been mine
Getting Better, the Beatles

With Biden's announcement of $2 trillion to invest in a Green Recovery and ''Building Back Better'', you should be now able to see how this plan comes together in the end - a New World Order - a grand ''Green'' alliance between Europe and America extending to the rest of the world via a restructured U.N.  i.e. what was expected all along. Britain will be caught in the half-turn as Trump falls and the USA and the EU reconnect but will eventually arrive at this party along with the rest of the ''Commonwealth 2.0.''   Nativist populism (the ''blond yellow spirits'' from a previous post) will be brutally shamed in Britain and the literal sick man of Europe will be held up as an example of what happens if you go it alone.  A financial crisis of the magnitude that requires rejigging the world order via Bitcoin or SDRs or a ''Euro-dollar'' will move the UK along faster as London will not be able to function and a more obviously semi-criminal off-shore banking platform aligned with Russia, China and Saudi Arabia is looking less and less attractive to the middle ground.  If anyone needed extra encouragement the de-greening fires don't look like they are dying down any time soon and fungal zombie locusts have been added in with the murder hornets for Abaddon swarm stories.


The Guardian presents with a long read on Malkuth XR (Extinction Rebellion) today and as you can see the similarity between the logo for XR and the quaternary structure of Malkuth is no coincidence.  XR rose to fame during 2019 (Year of Malkuth) where they were introduced heavily into the mainstream with Greta Thunberg and School Strikes in the Green Phase (for those really into this XR would be the Green Lion). In terms of the problem-reaction-solution social engine - Gilet Jaunes (blond native populism) and XR (internationalist emergency environmentalism) are the forces that are in true tension.  The synthesis (solution) runs along these kinds of lines: Nativists want their jobs back and Environmentalists don't want so much carbon intense international trade and exploitation of developing nations to feed luxury items to the developed world.  So food (and cash crop) production will be localised creating lots of new peasant agricultural labour for all the people made destitute by the collapse of the world economy.  Etc.  Again, if you want to get ahead of the weather, think about what would be agreed by these opposing sides if you were arguing towards agreement rather than away from it.  There is a synthesis here that keeps the centre ground very happy.

This woolly mammoth being pulled from a Siberian lake has echoes of the transition event of the freak die-off of three hundred and fifty elephants by green (algal infected?) lakes - but is also tied to ''the North''.  The pangolin was presented a potential source of the outbreak of Lilifluenza, now this strange beast is being rolled out again as a symbol of conservation and why we should not meddle with nature because we might cause these kinds of pandemics.  Access to nature is going to be more and more restricted as the decade rolls on - some areas will be out of people's reach because of the shattered economy and travel industry, some areas will be restricted on the grounds that people can no longer be trusted to not touch off a fire, litter, or do other criminal damage. Driving this message home is a story about another wildfire in California, apparently started by a malfunctioning vehicle.  Could the name Apple Fire be conjuring the idea of green flames? We had a taste of how these restrictions will be enforced during lockdown when people were driven out of the countryside or beaches via drones.  The truth is though, and this is beyond the remits of this particular post, that Nature is going to get even more strangely weird and vicious than it already has - people going missing, dying in strange ways, etc, but more on this later as an awareness of that change begins to develop.  Were these sailors really ''saved'' by SOS signal from pikelot island - I think you may have wanted to stay there people.  Liberate Tuteme Ex Infirnis.

Finally I want to end with another screed on logic and logical contradictions.  You [broad sweeping inclusive generalization] cannot say that people in general are ridiculous for believing in a demonic witchcraft cult behind the power elite if a) you are a demon trafficking witch yourself and b) you have stated previously that the power elite have their own spiritual protection - it's as amusing, confusing and somehow willfully naive as people who sign NDAs all the time saying conspiracies can't happen because no one can keep a secret.  To those assembled, if magic is as real as you claim, then it has been industrialised/militarised and people can keep a secret, and if you can't, maybe look around you and that will explain your life situation.  Will, Know, Dare, Keep Silent.  Similarly you can't snub people believing in aliens and spiritual possession as full of ''ridicularity'' if you yourself believe in probability-altering interdimensional entities that you can propitiate and/or will do your bidding.  You can't snub an 8 ball if you turn to tarot or teacups - you understand?  I know that many ''witches'' have issues with popularity and in-crowd mechanics from their experiences at high school but please recognise that in spite of years and years of Netflix based propaganda you remain as ''lunatic fringe'' for your beliefs as do the other occupants of this zone.   The fact that people are now more afraid of witches may well be to do with the success of this propaganda and the fact that you go on about hexing people all the time - you might want to start watching that when it turns.  If a) you are talking about hexing people and magical defences then b) don't be surprised if people start believing in hexes and defences and react accordingly.  Please watch your logical contradictions as your positions are becoming untenable and you will eventually pay the price.  Similarly its worth coming back to some conspiracy judo at this point - if you are an ''Ickian'' style conspiracy theorist (magickal or otherwise) please bear in mind that you have been played so you are now the ''reaction'' part of the problem-reaction-solution. Have a think and you will see, because the people who did that to you thought long and hard and many moves ahead of you. In many ways Icke (and others) has been hoisted by his own petard.


While we have a few ''calm little moments'' let's always remember: Courage; Reason; Compassion;  Enlightenment.  OM NAMAH SHIVAYA.

Me used to be angry young man
Me hiding my head in the sand
You gave me the word, I finally heard,
I'm doing the best that I can
I've got to admit its getting better,
A little better all the time
I have to admit its getting better
It's getting better since you've been mine
Getting Better, The Beatles

Saturday, August 1, 2020

2020 - The Year of Lilith, Mellow Yellow

I'm just mad about Saffron,
Saffron's mad about me
I'm just mad about Saffron,
Saffron's mad about me
They call me Mellow Yellow quite rightly
They call me Mellow Yellow quite rightly
They call me Mellow Yellow

Mellow Yellow, Donovan

As expected, with the incredible drop in most countries GDP during the second quarter, new locust swarms, and the domination of the media by green recovery themed stories we can see that we are well and truly in Greenland (there is even a special on bunkers today).  As I said I am not ruling out the more outlandish propositions of total economic collapse, Northern Lights weirdness or more disclosure on the little green men, but this phase may well just be what we have seen already with increasing intensity punctuated by a set of dramatic headlines and set dressing that fall within the established green themes.  There will be as dramatic a transition into the next phase and therefore it might be worth attempting to get ahead of the weather again and look forward to the Yellow (Oct 1st - Dec 31st).


Around the end of September we will be transitioning to the Yellow (Citrine) and final phase of the Year of Lilith, and as 2019 began with the Citrinatis, 2020 will end with the anti-Citrinatis.  For those of you into the Unifying Colour Theory, these colours are on display in Wonder Woman 1984 which will be released at that time. We have already discussed the Gilets Jaune (and the movements of that type) who will rise again but as with the anti-Green Lion we are going through at the moment where environmentalism will be ''shamed'' (or at least shown to ''not be enough'') so in that phase ''nationalist populist rural''ism will be ''shamed.''  This shaming will be to do with the price of food and in some settings the outright shortage of food, as well as the economic incompetence of countries that have been dominated by these yellow spirits.  This global food crisis will require an international response and I expect many nations to be taking part in that and putting on a good show of cooperation, believe it or not at the moment.  We will be bombarded with images of starvation but also emboldened by what we can achieve if we work together.  The experiences of the next two months, the middle and end of the Green Phase 2020, will convince more of us of the urgent need for global projects (ultimately geoengineering/carbon capture/private green energy) to tackle climate change, similarly the horror of the Yellow Phase 2020 will convince us of the same for the global food supply.  ''We can't go on this way'', ''we've run out of time'', etc - punctuated by mothers of all hurricanes, i.e. the full manifestation of our Greater Demon of the Year.

As discussed in Joker, in the Citrinatis the Alchemist sees that they are only the shadow of their true self and not the Sun, and this awakening is the drive on the journey through ego/individuation towards enlightenment and the birth of the archetypal self.  Reversing that process means bringing people back down from whatever position they had achieved on this and making them back into shadows.  For those who have already fallen (and there are a great many) the person will seem hollow, their spirit well and truly broken by the travails of 2020 and from 2021 and beyond these husks will be body snatched by their digital self, again, if this has not already happened so far.  ''The Internet'' has been collecting and coalescing the list of your interactions into a virtual self, but this shadow self is generally an aggregation of all of your baser desires - material acquisition, sexual perversion, desire for recognition, the seven sins etc.  The snatching occurs through interaction with this self and the accompanying various entraining and enabling feedback loops.  Most do not realise it is happening.

The reason the ''Ego'', transcendental or otherwise is under attack in this manner is because it is petty ego which has driven people to insane levels of carbon consumption - flights, cruises, other forms of experience capitalism that have fuelled the Selfie by giving you amazing shots of yourself in amazing places or whatever.  The car was one of the most visible symbols of individuation throughout the 20th century and was the seed of environmental catastrophe.  Time has run out on this kind of individuation and it has to be killed stone dead.  Why use the shadow self then as opposed to pushing as many people as they can through to enlightenment?  First of all your chances to go with the flow and attain archetypal individuation and enlightenment ended last year, so while it is still a good idea to try it will no longer be made anywhere near as easy as it was as the social weather will all be in the opposite direction. The point is they did give you that chance, and in fact I believe they had to, under the kind of cosmic law that various theorists have discussed over the last several decades.  The reason the lowest kind of shadow self is so useful in realising this plan to save earth is that it is by its very nature servile, fearful and guilty.  One of the advantages of doing it this way in the current technological milieu is that this low shadow self can be satisfied with virtual goods purchased with real carbon credits - i.e. Millenial shadows acquiring shadows have nowhere near the carbon footprint of your gas guzzling, plastic gadget wielding Boomer.


It is funny how romantic people are when it comes to the concept of Hope -when asked a lot of people put this concept somewhere between 200 and 500 on the chart below.  The reality is that hope is primarily a form of desire (wishful thinking) that has its origins in fear and other lower emotional and spiritual states, remember it was bundled in with the whole of evil in Pandora's Box.  The best of us might consider hope to be a directional energy, something that can maybe lift us from 125 and give us the oomph to get to more enlightened vibrations.  The worst of us might consider hope to be a way of flexing people past their elastic limit until they snap.  Raise hopes, lower hopes, raise hopes, lower hopes, repeat until broken.  Easy.

Reason (Logos) on the other hand is a far more useful tool than Hope in navigating the remainder of this year, and the Self in general, and it is why it is so under attack at the moment.  We have the ludicrous situation of people who believe in fairies (fae) and God(s) thinking they can debunk someone based only on the fact that they believe in alien DNA and demonic sperm.  Many of the people who are in this situation of double-think are in fact debunking and demystifying themselves.  Contradictions, as occurred during the weird flip flopping of ''Science'' during the protests vs pandemia controversy, stack up in the soul, until Reason gives up in the individual and is replaced by anti-Reason and a short sharp trip down the ladder above.  Many of these dumb-dumbs are so out of connection with their own self and memory that they won't even notice what insidiousness has happened to them.

Electrical banana
Is gonna be a sudden craze
Electrical banana
Is bound to be the very next phase
They call me Mellow Yellow, quite rightly
They call me Mellow Yellow, quite rightly
They call me Mellow Yellow

Donovan, Mellow Yellow

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

2020- The Year of Lilith, The Green Phase I, Gold Fever

I would give the world to see
How I used to be
When I had no axe to grind
Except for chopping wood
Day was day and night was night
Wrong was never right
Didn't matter where I went
As much as I where I stood,
I had dreams, average size
There were stars in the skies
Not my eyes
Then I got Gold Fever!

Gold Fever, Paint Your Wagon

Paint Your Wagon is an old musical about pioneers in the Gold Rush whose themes include ''Man vs Nature'' and ''Man vs Man''.  In ''First Thing You Know'' Lee Marvin exhorts: ''God made the Mountains, God Made the sky, God made the people, God knows why!  He fixed up the planet as best as he could, then in come the people and gum it up good!''  That these simple wholesome mining folk made their coin over the centuries by ravaging the landscape in countless different ways reminds us that Civilization is a Heat Engine - i.e. the process of civilization always lays the seeds of its own destruction.


A few posts ago I opened and closed with quotes from Flash Gordon - the closing quote being Dale Arden: ''Flash, I love you, but we've only got fourteen hours to save the Earth.'' Following in my wake, ha!, is the Guardian with Climate Countdown, ''a hundred days to save the Earth'', well ninety nine now...  This propaganda is intended to tie equity (black phase, disproportionate effects of lilifluenza on poor and people from BAME backgrounds, etc) to the environment (pandemics originate in humankinds' despoliation of nature, etc), in the style of Greta Thunberg and Naomi Klein for the ''Green New Deal''.  The anti-obesity drive to make oneself fitter to survive the pandemic is going to make starvation feel like more of a group effort to preserve nature from the evils of agriculture.  Essentially, bike to burn your fat if you are so selfish you can't bike to save the Earth.

Truthfully I think a Green Revolution is very desirable and I would love to live on a cleaner planet with far less air pollution but foreknowledge here indicates that there is a secret judo flip involved in this phase and that control of Green Energy is the prize.  As a public emerging from a shattered economy a great deal of us will be working in ''the Green sector'' to ''Green our Economies'' and many of these jobs will be funded by the public purse.  Imagine a world where green energy funded by the public is owned by the public and the kind of liberation that would happen if we decrease energy prices on households overall?  Right?  You can't imagine that, as the future already exists and it will be Private Green Energy owned by Shell Oil (Qliphoth).


In light of some of the comments on the previous post it might be worth taking a closer look at Greenland, the new disaster movie with Gerard Butler.  Could the cometary fragments be a social commentary on the effect of localised lockdowns leading to a shattered world system?  Or are they just cometary fragments, no subtext, and we are all going to be annihilated if we are not bunkerside?  Whatever you want to draw from this movie, I saw that the trailer had been released wayback but was then removed from the internet (very effectively I might add and just as a green scary comet was breaking into fragments...) shortly afterwards and that it was a clear vindication of the overall arc of the Unifying Colour Theory.  The fact that so-called magicians are not all over the sheer obvious blatancy of this is because they gave up memorising the codex in favour of genuflecting about ''justice'' on social media, making grand statements about ''Place'', half-assed hipster sorcery and hawking faddish empty motivational rhetoric.  This continuing populist dumbing down of what was left of esoterics was as much a part of the overall psy-op as the Tiktatorships' very recent dabblings with Lilith. Ahhh, when I were a lad if it weren't memorised it weren't learned (please read in Northern accent).  Similarly, many conspiratards might benefit from actually studying the thing they are investigating rather than simply pointing and going ''oooo spooky occult symbolism one eyed goat stuff''.  The Devil is in the details.

Here is the symbol code of the literal trailer to compare with ''The Degreening'' theory and posts on the Blogos, give it a go:  Thunder Road. Green suburbs. Wayfield Foods.  Exodus.  Part of it - its going in the ocean.  Blast-wave/heat-wave.  Central Florida.  Are more (localized) pieces going to hit (locally)?  The sky is on fire.  They got it all wrong (we thought we had more time...).  ELE.  Military (Green) Flights.  Bunkers in Greenland (Green Zone).  Cyanwash.  Perimeter breach.  Cyanwash.  Exploding plane (industry).  Less than 24 hours (14 hours to save the Earth). Green embankment wrestling.  Forest fire.  Seek shelter immediately.  Seek shelter immediately.  Seek shelter immediately.  Liberate tuteme ex infirnis.  


''The Poor they got hope, the Rich can buy soap''

Gold hitting record highs was interpreted as one aspect of ''Degreening'' and most of my readers will know that the reason the stock market is disconnected from main street in terms of one reaching soaring highs and one clinically shatter fucked is that the Federal Reserve print the money (inflate the Green) and put it straight into the stock market.  Gold tends towards an inverse relationship with the dollar so as the dollar is being clearly bastardised at the moment with zero or extremely low interest rates in many currencies people are fleeing into Gold.  This mirrors the concept of the reversal of the Green Lion, if we symbolically take the Lion to be the Dollar and the Sun being Gold.


''Then the Lord said unto me: Out of the North an evil shall break forth on the inhabitants of the land'' is one of Jeremiah's oft-repeated statements within Kabbalah which lead me to associate the Depth of Evil with the Depth of the North.  The destruction team are doubling down on this concept with what seems like an endless litany of posts on the demonic nature of all things Russia this month.  Alongside the stories about paid bounties and environmental disasters due to incompetence and corruption we also get the intelligence report into Russia's involvement in UK politics (i.e. the Russians did Brexit) and a documentary about the Kremlin's radioactive poison assassins.  Are we being primed for war with Russia? I don't believe so, but our collective subconscious mind, the battery pack for global magicians and the reason they invest in such things as moving pictures, is being drawn northwards and evilwards. For comparison, white walkers, often interpreted as Games of Thrones' take on climate change, also emerged from beyond the North.


Disclosure continues to burn in the background with Senator Reid tweeting: ''I have consistently said we must stick to the science, not fairy tales about little green men.''  With the recent revevaulation of human colonization of the Americas rolled back by tens of thousands of years, are we continuing to see the shifting of the status quo in archaeology that was said would have to foreshadow Project Blue Beam?  As in the last post, I really think that the destruction team are making excellent progress and staying on message so well that I do genuinely believe it is possible that the more outlandish predictions will also bear fruit.  Enjoy the Summer where you can, but prepare for an Epic Fall.

Once we all did honest work
Farmer lawyer clerk
Married men and single men
And some who ain't too sure
Now I look at them and see
Duplicates of me
Cured of what we suffered from
And suffering from the cure
Who can say why we came?
Where's the hope?  Where's the flame?
We're the same
When you've got Gold Fever!

Gold Fever, Paint Your Wagon

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

2020 - The Year of Lilith, The Green Phase I, The Poor Man's Venus

Ye elves of hills, brooks, standing lakes and groves
And ye that on the sands with printless foot
Do chase the ebbing Neptune and do fly him
When he comes back; you demi-puppets that
By moonshine do the green sour ringlets make
Whereof the ewe not bites, and you whose pastime
Is to make midnight mushrooms, that rejoice
To hear the solemn curfew; by whose aid,
Weak powers though ye be, I have be-dimm'd
The noontide sun, called forth the mutinous winds,
And 'twixt the green sea and the azur'd vault
Set roaring war.

Prospero, The Tempest


Just to be clear if you are a so-called witch focusing time on worrying about or reporting on TikTok witches claiming they are hexing the fae, the sun, the Moon etc, then look no further - you are the problem.  We are currently faced with the biggest challenges to global health and the environment in human history and, just like with COVID-19 Lilifluenza, ''social media magicians'' have once again been responding to these crises in the most banal and mediocre way imaginable.  Nature spirits are actively being ''hexed'' right now, and not by teenagers, and if they can't see that they might want to cut back on their popular culture and make-up tutorial intake just a little - grimoires don't read themselves, well not all of them!



Malachite Sky is the name of one of the three permanent alarms on my phone, named after a nugget of information I was given back when I was writing my analysis of 10 Cloverfield Lane as a 2016 Netzach (Venus) ritual as part of the Unifying Colour Theory.  Well that was the sentence.  Reading this article on confirmed methane leakage in the Antarctic I couldn't help but be reminded of the malachite sky by the cyanic, aquamarine ''clouds'' swirling doomiliciously over the prostrate starfish, and, of course Venus Cloacina - the purifier of poisoned air.  Although this leak was found in the South as opposed to the North, and even if the trigger for this event remains a mystery it brings the attention of scientifically inclined people back to the problem of tipping points.  If certain tipping points are passed then we get run away climate change and toastie, i.e. the threat of Earth becoming too hot for humans as it transforms into a poor man's Venus.


China had to burst one of their own dams (Great Walls) in order to allow the flood-waters to flow.  The nightmarish floods that have plagued East Asia in the wake of the actual plague are now spreading to Nepal and other Asian countries.  Remember that the Qliphoth are said to be the embodied forces of chaos and evil, so when applied to water it means floods or drought as both are extreme manifestations and show that the water element is out of balance.  Whatever your opinion on the way in which ancient independent deities and spirits were re-branded as ''Qliphothic'' , it is being said, and far louder than your own voice currently carries.



China's own Greta Thunberg, Ou Hongyi, has now been thrown to the wolves the spotlight to once again demonstrate that only Zoomers are capable of saving the planet by joining the Green Army and ''Planting for Survival'' as ''People of the Millenium'', entrained by their Boomer parents are (in the nicest possible way apparently) ''way too easily misdirected feckless romantics obsessed by popular culture''.  What about hexing the fae by making magicians think that magicians are hexing the fae, eh?  There is no spoon.  It is only the mind that bends.


First up on the eco-terror block for the Green Phase (The Degreening) was Greta standing in front of an image claiming that environmentalists are activists and not terrorists.  I suggested that the image was interesting to us as alongside being a clear striking symbol of the Green Phase it could also be read as priming the population for eco-terrorism as well as signalling - activate green terror.  We are now seeing a spate of stories with the Black Forest Rambo who seemed to have an eco-fascist manifesto and a siege in the Ukraine that only came to an end when the President shared a Joaquin Phoenix movie about Animal Rights on social media.  In light of this its worth referring back to Godzilla 2 - a film dominated by green and cyan - which focused on eco-terrorists releasing titans to destroy humanity.  Clear your throats noisily.


Combining two green themes (money and environment) from our smorgasbord, Greta wins big with a prize of, please read in Dr Evil's voice, one million euros!  I found this one of the more imaginative explorations of the Green Phase so far, although not as creative as the flying ant swarm which takes the biscuit in wrestling with creative limitations. As I said the UK was always going to be playing catch-up when it comes to generating apocalyptic swarm stories for the national and international press, competing as it is with biblical locust plagues.  Flying ants and greenflies???  Abaddon is risen indeed!

Remember when trying to see ahead we have to think a little bit like a creative destructive writing team who are brainstorming ideas within strict rules and tight time-frames - the use of green/cyan palette; green themes; the ''North''; money; environmentalism; ''qliphothic water'' (water out of balance); eco-terrorism; de-greening; swarms; etc.  Just do your job and generate cool disaster stories and receive extra rations for blending the themes in innovative ways! The narrative of this phase is ''man vs nature'' ''vs'' ''man vs man'' and the end is supposed to be utterly and overwhelmingly tragic - ''we thought we had more time'', etc - in order to snuff the ego. This destructive team can't deviate too much for risk of losing an easily distracted public whose interest will fade even when their very lives and the very lives of their species are in dire peril!!!  At the rate at which our team are making progress through the themes above I believe we should see one of the more outlandish propositions of this working theory crystallising this phase i.e. major ''Northern Lights'' event or even de-dollarization...

But this rough magic
I here abjure, and, when I have required
Some heavenly music, which even now I do,
To work mine end upon their senses
That this airy charm is for, I'll break my staff
Bury it certain fathoms in the Earth
And deeper than did ever plummet sound
I'll drown my book.

Prospero, the Tempest

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

2020 - The Year of Lilith, The Green Phase I, The Washing Up

If blood will flow when flesh and steel are one,
Drying in the colour of the evening sun,
Tomorrow's rains will wash the stains away,
But something in our mind's will always stay,
Perhaps this final act was meant,
To clinch a lifetime's argument,
That nothing comes from violence
And nothing ever could

Fragile, Sting



Naya Rivera, the Glee Star who drowned last week, means ''New Riverbank.''  Although I am not denying the suggestions of her death being part of a cleaning out potential witnesses operation I do think its curious that this is a significant water event with a very watery name.  Lake Piru derives its name from the Shoshonean pí idhu-ku meaning ''grass, plant''.  Lake Grass?  Lake Green?  New Riverbank Drowns in Green Lake.  You see?


Recently Japan had to ask one million people to evacuate ahead of torrential rain, this was followed in short order by rains and flooding that are affecting nearly 40 million people in China.  Why would rain contribute to the Great Degreening - wouldn't that be the green water element quarter in overdrive not underdrive, ''forwards'' and not inverted?  Just like fires, floods are also a degreening force, an aspect of Lilith the lawnmower man, as they wash away nutrient rich topsoil. Within a week of a flooding event the mosquito (and other parts of the crawling chaos) populations can explode; forcing flooding evacuees together can also help to spread Lilifluenza, COVID-19; farmers describe moonscapes where once fertile fields stood.  Counter-intuitively floods can also lead to drought because they alter the shape of riverbeds and create cracks where they were none before.These rain events and the others that will accompany them over the rest of the Green Phase are continuing to lay the foundation for a terrible terrible Fall.  The constant flooding, the feeling of being cold and damp, of your possessions being ruined also contributes to the deflating Green Lion, its difficult to maintain anger when you are soaked through.


We've been talking for a while now about the Green Phase and how it will inevitably tie in with the Great Degreening, or Great Green Disappointment - as the guiding force behind this operation is a desire to empty people out, to make them into hopeless, (digitally) malleable husks. In the last few phases I cautioned environmental optimists that they were next on the chopping block (by optimists I meant that they believe in the power of the human spirit to remake our world a paradise).  Under a day ago, Pearl Greta Thunberg posted the image above regarding the accusations/associations of eco-terrorism that are ongoing in the Philippines right now bringing that prediction into sharp relief.  Although criminalising environmental movements has been ''on the burner'' in many countries for a while now we see this attempt to raise awareness early in the Green Phase.  If you look at the way the image is constructed this is also priming for radical people in various movements who may think eco-terrorism is now necessary, or signalling for sleeper agents ensconced within them. Technically speaking though Greta, you are a terra-rist, just like I am an eso-terra-cist!  Get it?  Ha!


Governments put green recovery ''on the back-burner'' according to the Guardian - were the cries for green-washing simply window dressing propaganda for a society and elite that have no intention of going through with the necessary changes to save the planet - well without short-term geo-engineering?  I think a Green Revolution is inevitable at some point very soon but what geo-engineering will do is buy the economy time to shift away from fossil fuels and into green energy while maintaining the same power hierarchy (public subsidised private green energy), controlling the narrative and avoiding extreme economic disruption.  Trying to explain to young or idealistic people why you can't just switch off the oil without utterly destroying society is difficult but ultimately this is why geo-engineering of a form is a given at this point - whether it works or not remains to be seen.  Also trying to explain that green energy should be owned by the public seems insanely difficult like teaching a dog to do card tricks.  A washed out, exhausted population is going to have even more limited capability to make this argument - the most essential argument we have ever faced as a species and even more pressing than who is going to do the washing up tonight - Naya Rivera? - I think she did it last night.

On and on the rain will fall,
Like tears from a star
Like tears from a star
On and on the rain will say
How fragile we are
How fragile we are

Fragile, Sting

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

2020 - The Year of Lilith, The Green Phase I, The Great Degreening

MING - Klytus, I'm bored what play thing can you offer me today?
KLYTUS - An obscure body in the S-K system.  The inhabitants refer to it as ''Earth''... Will you destroy this Earth?
MING - Later, I like to play with things for a while... before annihilation

Ming the Merciless, Flash Gordon, Michael Allin

Covid infected meat plants, incredible swarms, algal blooms, vegans, eco-terrorists, climate whiplash, drought, floods, Islam all featured in discussions of the great Degreening over the last few posts and way back when the anti-quarters were first understood. The Green Wind now blows, Green Recovery of the economy is the hot topic - and the Green Lion is now established.  With the right will and determination we can put this world to rights, we can be that Green Lion spirit that uses our righteous indignation, saves Nature and protects Earth and Civilization!  We can finally be the hero inside ourselves!!! Or will we discover, as I suspect, that it is too late, that too many tipping points have been breached, that ''our affairs come too late'', that Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are, so to speak, already fucked - and that the Green Lion is about to be slain by the Sun.  You must invert the image to find the hidden stone - and, green of heart be aware, that Green Spirits, not Black Spirits, are next on the chopping block.


I had a dream the other night that I was escaping from a dilapidated and weird, Innsmouth-like town on a stormy coast that had a big top that featured a giant cartoon Cthulhu - as a real Cthulhu rose out of the ocean behind it and ripped the fake one to pieces.  Welcome to the next three months.  If you are a ''green spirit'', get the fuck out of dodge and brace your psyche for impact.


Although the announcement occurred on the 4th of July, I would argue this is one of the absolute final events of the Nigredo (Black Phase) - a closing event, if you will, and a foreshadowing.  Remember that our final wind (anemoi) will be yellow (anti-Citrinatis) and blow from the West - this covers the period of the US election. This indicates to me that we should take this run seriously or expect that Kanye will play an important role in the election i.e. this is not a joke.  Review the list below and get ahead of the weather:


  • 1st Quarter 2020 - (anti) - Fire, Rubedo, ''Russet/Red'' South Wind
  • 2nd Quarter 2020 - (anti) - Earth, Nigredo/Albedo, ''Black'', East Wind 
  • 3rd Quarter 2020 - (anti) - Water, Green Lion, ''Olive/Green'' North Wind (you are here)
  • 4th Quarter 2020 - (anti) - Air, Citrinatis, ''Citrine/Yellow'' West Wind


Black Neutron stars were not thought possible until the final phases of the Nigredo.  Now they are a thing, like monster Black Hole star destroyers.  There has been some top tier space trolling from the boys in NASA for the ''transition'' to the Green Phase as well with Mars going Green and the release of a video of a decade of the Sun.


I think there is a good argument that the freak die off of 350 elephants in Botswana is one of the major transition events - as elephants are a water symbol par excellence.  These images cut through to a great many people about the need to return their attention to saving the environment.  You can see from the image above that toxic algal build up could be one of the reasons behind their deaths.  Apparently algae is also threatening the Alps (although the snow is turned pink, the algae are black green, as you can see in a picture on the link).  This troubling story from Florida about deadly amoebae should give us all pause for thought about heading into any green lakes this Summer.  On that note, remember in 2019 that cyan was used during the green phase (as the blue end of the green ''pallette'' for those who are into the intricacies of this from the colour theory - expect ''de-cyaning'' whatever that might mean...) so this should broaden our attention to definitely include cyanobacteria in this summer's microorganism woes.


We knew that the transition event(s) should be centred on the North and during the transition our attention was repeatedly drawn to Russia, via various accusations of paid bounties, election rigging and arctic diesel oil spills, alongside the arctic temperature spike.  These temperatures are also contributing to massive plagues of mosquitoes linking us back to the general prediction of national and international bug swarms. The idea of the Arctic being at those temperatures also cut through to the intelligentsia in a big enough way to draw attention back from black lives matter to green issues.  The temperatures shown in the image above also exactly match the expectations from the climate variation due to drop in global dimming (i.e. anti-Albedo for those following this baroque reverse physical and psychological alchemy) that I was pointing out would happen several days after the planes were grounded and the factories were halted.  If you want conspiracy I would argue that the central purpose of the pandemic shutdown was to cause the environmental whiplash as it is this, more than Lilifluenza, that is ultimately going to be used to drive the changes to meet the Green Agenda.


So there are a few new things about Lilifluenza worth bearing in mind - the growing suspicion that it is airborne (i.e. always was, we had strong suspicions during early stages of outbreak in China - so it was truly a demonic wind) - and that HCQ is showing good signs when used as treatment to avoid infection, possibly linking us back to ''the Blazing Star'' via/with Artemisia/Wormwood, if this happens outside of Africa.  The large countries that are now getting hammered by both lilifluenza and locusts, Brazil and India, both feature green prominently in their flags. There are increasing signs that this a very broad disease that affects numerous organ systems with particular attention being drawn at the moment to the effects on the brain - I am not sure exactly how this ties into the alchemy of the (anti) Green Lion at this point - effects are fatigue, cognitive impairment, etc - but we could say it is certainly affecting the psychology physiologically as well as the environmental affects/shock of the lock-down/economic impact/health of self and family members on the mind.


With the economic forecasts emerging and the H2 data under analysis is it possible that we will see a run on or decline in the greenback during the de-greening?  Oil prices remain much lower from where they were a year ago, undermining the currency in this way.  It looks like there are many possible powder kegs that could blow up in the next few months that could trigger hyper inflation or deflation.  De-dollarization was an intended outcome of the global elite in order to bring in a digital currency and cashless society.  Gold, which is the alchemical metal of the Sun is looking strong as well.  Could this be a potential interpretation of the reversal of the Green Lion, where the Sun eats him rather than getting eaten, i.e. collapse of dollar, rise in gold?


In the Dark Sun trilogy a group of shady magicians draw power by draining the life out of the environment around them, The Defilers.  While I understand the range of opinion on climate change I honestly cannot understand how we can drill/mine trillions of megatonnes of concentrated death energy to satisfy our every whim and fancy without causing environmental consequences and in this way we are all Defilers to one extent or another.  I acknowledge the existence of weather weapons that could cause effects similar to climate change so accept that this could be happening instead to drive various agendas but to deny that it is happening at all - when the developing world has been ravaged by it for several decades - seems absurd to me.  Close to a million people in Japan are being urged to evacuate today because of rain.  Even if you believe that carbon dioxide is not driving climate change (and that weather weapons are behind it) you should accept that fossil fuel extraction causes despoliation of the environment in a host of different ways - acid rain, mountain top blasting, oil spills, cancer causing pollutants, etc, etc.  I think its highly suspicious that nuclear energy is not being considered as an obvious way out of our predicament and that we are heading towards a short-term geoengineering de-growth private green energy, public subsidised carbon capture type feudal society plan instead.  Nuclear energy has been pre-nerfed, in the public eye, by series like Chernobyl and Dark - could this be because we are cosmically banned from nuking ourselves free, or just that the chief Defilers among us have a plan for how they keep power and it doesn't involve nuclear?  Question in the first case is why, question in the second case is why not?

Flash, I love you, but we've only got fourteen hours to save the Earth!

Dale Arden, Flash Gordon, Michael Allin