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Stoicism and Unification II

Ten Sefirot out of nothing. Stop your mouth from speaking, stop your heart from thinking, and if your heart runs (to think) return to a place of which it is said "they ran and returned"; and concerning this thing the covenant was made; and they are ten in extent beyond limit. Their end is infused with their beginning, and their beginning with their end like a flame attached to a glowing ember. Know, think [reflect, meditate] and imagine that the Creator is One and there is nothing apart from Him, and before One what do you count?
Ch.3 V.1 Sefer Yetzirah, Saadia Version

We all know what its like to be very busy.  ''Running around'' - getting in adventures!  Funny I've been running around for about three weeks since I last meditated on the immobility of my consciousness and the fact that it only exists in the spiritual dimension where there is no time or space and only perspective.

Seriously.  ''I've'' been ''running around'' and my consciousness has not moved one bit.  Sure the thought-stuff that makes up its contents has been continuously recoloured, updated and reorganised to reflect the various phenomena that I have experienced but it in itself hasn't moved one bit.

I move my head to look to my left.  My consciousness doesn't move.  My awareness is remapped to show what is to the left in my perceptual cell.  I move my head to the right.  Same again.

No size.  No movement. No differentiation.  All consciousness.

Go for a swim.  Get in the pool.  Track back and forth in the waters.  Experience the weird sensations that come with swimming.  The feel of the liquid, the change in weight, the splash of the water in your eyes, the movement of all your limbs and meditate on the fact that your consciousness is not moving at all.  Its not just your vision that is remapped, etc but all your senses.  Not just vision but all of that sensation in a sphere of absolute stillness.

And there's practical Kabbalah in this thinking as well.  Being inside this goldfish bowl of consciousness where thought-stuff flows like a fluid, I know that as the fish my fins can influence currents.  I know that breathing out the letters make ''bubbles'' of those letters form*.

Where is this consciousness happening?  Its happening ''inside'' my larger consciousness which is also not moving.  Where am I running to?  Or what am I running away from?  Where can I return to if I've never ever left?

One could read this to suggest that it's experiences of consciousness that one runs to and then ''returns'' to ''normality'' in case it becomes all too much.  Once that sense of normality is altered from its original fallen state by the Great Work and one regularly experiences the rectified state of consciousness then one must expect ''running and returning'' to swap in their meaning, mustn't one?  One runs around in the delusion of material existence and one returns to the source of consciousness?

*Letters produce Kingships when impressed upon ''reality''.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Tree of Life II - Qabalah is the New Black

Those of you who have been following the work on this site will know that it is about harmonizing the Tree of Life with both traditional sources and modern biochemical understanding.

Kabbalistic Tradition states that the paths on the Tree of Life are associated with the elements, planets and zodiac signs, the three elements being related to the three horizontal paths, the seven planets to the seven vertical paths and the twelve zodiac signs to the twelve diagonals.  Within this rule the Kabbalistic authorities disagree on what should exactly go where, for instance should Shin be the topmost horizontal or should the letter Beit be associated with the Moon or Saturn.

In creating the Saadia Array I have followed the simplest and most logical method of attribution along with the associations in the Saadia edition of the the manuscript Sefer Yetzirah.

The elements are in the order they appear in the Sefer Yetzirah and in the Alefbeit - Air (Alef -1st horizontal), Water (Mem - 2nd horizontal), Fire (Shin - 3rd horizontal)

The planets are in the Chaldean order and associated with the doubles in the order the appear in Alefbeit - Saturn (Beit, top central vertical),  Jupiter (Gimel, top right vertical), Mars (Dalet, top left vertical), Sol (Kaph, central central vertical), Venus (Pe, bottom right vertical), Mercury (Resh, bottom left vertical) and Moon (bottom central vertical).

The zodiac paths are in the order that they appear in the zodiac (Aries - Pisces) associated with the order they appear in the Alefbeit (Heh - Qoph) and distributed from top to bottom with Aries-Taurus at the ''top'' and Aquarius-Pisces at the ''bottom''.  This manifests the Zodiac man in the Aura


When we say ''top'' we mean towards Keter and when we say ''bottom'' we mean towards Malkuth, but the spatial directions along with the dimension of time and the observer (the Ten Depths of the SY) are associated with the Ten Sefirot.  There is some discrepancy between sources for these attributions but the six spatial directions are often associated with the central six Sefirot of Zeir Anpin.

The complete Saadia Array* then looks like this:

Looking at this array we can see that the planets are astrologically harmonized with the depths, for example - Sol runs between the depth of East and the depth of West, East through Saturn into the depth of Future and our Death, West through Moon returning to the past of our Birth*.  We can see the traditional beneficent expansive fortuitousness of Jupiter in its position between the Depth of Good and the Depth of South. Similarly the malefic Mars between the Depth of Evil and the Depth of  Cold.

Looking to the right of the diagram you will see the correspondences for cellular consciousness.  The idea is that consciousness is rooted in our cells, and our DNA, and that the structure of our consciousness is congruent with the structure of the cell.

Unfortunately there is not time to go into a detailed exegesis of this at the moment but I will provide some examples.  

Endosomes are the transport system of the cell - you can imagine them as cargo boxes carrying material from the blood to the various facilities within the cell.  As we know Jupiter as Gimel (Camel) represents the camel caravans so important to life in earlier times.  Endosomes then facilitate the ''trade'' between cells and the blood itself.

Lysosomes are the defence system of the cell - they are also little containers but their cargo is the lytic enzyme known as lysozyme.  When material is passed into these containers the lysozyme breaks down that material into its constituent molecules - this may be as routine as waste disposal or as militaristic as the destruction of invading bacteria/viruses.  Of the basic organelles of the cell these are those most appropriate to the powers of Mars.

Lets look at Aries and Libra as our examples of the cellular correspondences of the Zodiac signs as Mr Coppock suggests they are important at the moment because of events in space.


Aries is associated with the replication fork which is the beginning stage of the cell cycle and fundamental to the process by which cells replicate themselves.  It is wisely associated with Aries not only by virtue of it being the ''Spring'' of life, but also because the spiral horns of Aries echo the spiraling force of replication which emerges from the replication fork.




Libra then, is rightly associated with the processes that occur in the splicing of mRNA whereby introns (DNA regions coding for ''nonsense'') are removed and exons (meaningful regions) are brought together for the purpose of transcribing proteins.  What is most fascinating about these associations is how the zodiac glyphs exactly resemble our modern biochemical understanding of these processes. 

mRNA splicing

The information in the Cellular Correspondences of the Saadia Array can supplement the detailed physiognomy we have already laid out on this site.  The pathway between certain characters is not only a pathway between various endocrine glands on the physiological level but a pathway within each cell.  If we can identify someone as being on the path between Chokmah and Chesed (somewhere in between an ''Ignorant Fool'' and a ''Shellfish'') we know that not only will the hormonal area emphasized be serotonin and the immune self recognition system but also endosomes on the cellular level.  Whilst I appreciate this is complicated for the dabbler it is of immense practical value in healing***.

*Pathways with Hebrew Letters for Saadia Array

**Obviously this Saadia Array can be used alongside the Metabolism of Time - the head is in the future because the brain is pre-empting the next event, second guessing the flow of time, the ''food'' we eat, or the experiences we have, are ''digested'' and when all nutrition is removed the ''faecal matter'' is the past (that we have not stored as memories in our genitals i.e. for passing on genetic memory).  In order to fully integrate the Saadia Array with the Metabolism of Time one must resolve the mystery of Daat.

***The physiological problem highlights the cellular problem highlights the personality problem.  This still does not resolve the human quandary of whether it is better to be a suffering somebody or a smiling nobody.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Trainee Golem Builder - Teaching and Learning


The above image is taken from the Golem Builder blog.  I am reposting it because it is incredibly important as a map of Work.  I encounter many Western magicians who claim to be ''Kabbalistic'', who work with angels whose names are written in Hebrew, or who work with some derivative of the Tree of Life (mainly the erroneous Kircher array) who *have not* done any of the work detailed above - in theory or in practice. I do not claim to have an incredibly detailed knowledge myself but I do recognise this as hugely important and I am working towards the same goals as Golem Builder, if perhaps from different angles.

With the works of Aryeh Kaplan et al, whose beautiful expositions of the Kabbalah are widely available there is no excuse for not at least attempting a study of this kind.  Cultural ignorance in the face of this academic research and the revealed sources that once were hidden wouldn't be tolerated in other areas of occult interest but for some reason it continues to be in Kabbalah.  To continue to promote the error-riddled speculations of the Victorian era, especially when widely respected magicians do it seems criminally insane or even cretinous and the justifications I encounter for it severely test my reason.   Most acknowledge the necessity of a scholarly and historical approach to the subject material of the WMT alongside vigourous practial application and I sincerly hope this is as applied to the Kabbalah as it is to other areas by as many students as possible.

Once you have completed such a study, even a cursory one, you will see clearly where the problems are with the ''Western'' understanding and you will find your work substantially enriched.  I absolutely guarantee that.  One of the things I enjoy most about studying Kabbalah is the humility that comes with recognising that you are a student and working in a collegic atmosphere with other students.  In the WMT I seem to run across many people who project themselves as teachers and feel that because of that they can't admit to gaps in their understanding or knowledge and find it difficult to admit when they are wrong.  Human knowledge is so infinitessimal.  Any so-called teacher who has lost touch with their own inner student is not worth listening to.  Any learner who has stopped learning is not a learner I would want to learn from.

I follow Golembuilder's blog as he is an impressive learner - systematic, organised, goal-oriented, humble, honest about the limits of his own knowledge, open-minded and burning with curiousity.  These are essential traits and there is much there to admire. 

Monday, December 16, 2013

Metabolism VI - Mother Letters, Elements and Consciousness

The mother letters are then associated with the structures of consciousness as laid out in the early phases of the Metabolism of Time in the following way*.

Alef represents the blood and the interstitial fluids which supply much needed nutrients and oxygen to the cells of your body to complete their metabolism (and respiration), and on the mental level, Alef represents the flow of time which provides the supply of ''events'' into your cell which you need to complete the metabolism of time.  The main trinity of this in the Metabolism of Time diagram are the Altered Future (the blood-time proper), ''reducing the future'' (which corresponds to the way the cell membrane filters out components of the blood that it does not need via gates and receptors) and changing the future (which corresponds to the way in which cells release back into the blood various products and their ''waste''').   In the diagrams of Felix this is represented by the third circle which bounds the other two, and corresponds to the cellular membrane.  The ''Experience of the Moment'' occurs within the cytoplasm itself, and represents the bridge between the third sphere and the second sphere.




Mem represents the cytosol and the organelles - this is the location where the main functions of the cell are performed.  Nutrients are processed by various organelles, chemical messages are interpreted and responded to, threats that have somehow passed the cell membrane are phagocytosed and destroyed (hopefully!).  On the mental level, Mem, then corresponds to your immediate environment and your sensation of your body within that environment.  The objects that surround you in your environment could be likened to stuctures, messages and nutrients, etc, within the cell, which you are operating on and processing.  Since Mem and the Organelles also relate to the planets, the environment around you is planetary (in the astrological sense) and those objects have planetary qualities if you look below the surface appearance**. The main trinity of this section are the ''Experience of the Moment'' (the events that occur in the cytoplasm - nutrients, messages, etc), Analysis of the Moment (the way those events are interpreted by the cell), and Reaction to the Moment (the choices of the cell in response to those events).  The Innner Mind which occurs at the bottom of this trinity corresponds to the nucleus (the nuclear membrane) of the cell.



Finally, Shin represents the genetic material and this is seen in its triple -headed flame in the form of DNA (two strands) + mRNA (one strand) - on the mental level this relates to your own ''memory'' but not just the memory of this particular physical incarnation but all of the incarnations of this line of the Tree of Life, down to things like coral and sponges and perhaps even to the atoms themselves.  When stimulated by the events of the ''present'' (cytoplasm), the self delves into the ''past'' (genes/chromosomes) in order to retrieve information in order to deal with those events, in the same way the DNA unwinds to present information that allow proteins to be transcribed that deal with the present moment of the cell.  This memory is ''inside'' you but *not* just inside your brain but in the very fibre of your being***.  Your cells have memory not just your brain.




Complete List of Cell Correspondences to Metabolism of Time

  • Altered Future - Blood
  • Reducing the Future - Receptors on Cell Membrane
  • Changing the Future - Products (and waste) of cell reduced back into the blood
  • Experience of the Moment - Environment of Cytoplasm
  • Analysing the Moment - Processes by which the cell manages and interprets new events in the cytoplasm
  • Reaction to the Moment - Processes through which the cell responds to change
  • Inner Mind - Nuclear membrane
  • Remembering the Past - DNA unwinding to produce mRNA for protein transcription
  • Forgetting the Past - DNA rewinding after transcription
  • The Altered Past - DNA in chromosomal form
Do not forget that these cellular correspondences also match up to the physiognomical correspondences outlaid in the first section of the Metabolism of Time and various ideas are incorporated into the design of the images.  For instance:

This is the image of the Ignorant Fool which corresponds to ''reducing the future'' and ''serotonin'' for reasons explained in that section.  This also corresponds to the receptors and transporters in the cell membrane.  The image shows the way in which the ''membrane'' selectively filters the blood for contents, excluding pollution in the form of waste or microbial threats, etc and only allowing components through which are useful.  Similarly the mind receives tremendous quantities of information from the future every moment but this information is filtered because otherwise the consciousness (cell would be overloaded).

*It may have been more appropriate to reverse the phrasing and say that the cell represents the mother letters as opposed to the mother letters represent the cell.  For me the two ends of manifestation, nous and ''matter'' are intrinsically linked.

**Do not make the mistake to think that the planetary ''objects and events'' are orbiting your sense of your physical body as the Sun.  The Sun is represented by two things, the nucleolus which represents your ''reach'' but also the mitochondria (the esoteric aspect of which will be covered in future posts).  Your actual sense of the physical body itself is rightly associated with the Moon as the genetic material itself but this contains within it the whole twelve signs of the zodiac as well.

***This is a highly important technical point and where the Saadia Tree clearly differs from the Ari Tree.  The Ari, as is traditional with the later Kabbalists associates Shin with the top-most horizontal as it states ''create the head with fire'' - but if you look closely at the text it could be refering to the sexual organ (see Kaplan commentary on this section of SY, its in Ch.3).  This is my preferred reading and also connects better with the idea of the DNA being closer to the true ''mind'' as opposed to the brain - it also connects more with the ideas of molecular developmental biology - more on this later as well.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Metabolism VI - Mother Letters, Elementals and Cellular Structure

The cellular nature of the body (and consciousness) can be considered threefold - the nuclei of the cells where the genetic information lies, the membrane-bound cytoplasm that surrounds them and finally the interstitial fluid and blood they are collectively bathed in.


These three can be related to the mother letters and elements in the following way.
  • Alef - Air - Future - Blood - Mother of the Elements/Mothers
  • Mem - Water - Present - Cytoplasm - Mother of the Planets/Doubles
  • Shin - Fire - Past - Nucleus (DNA/Chromosomes) - Mother of the Zodiac/Simples

Alef and Air are related  to the blood supply - this is where the oxygen reaches the cells, it is the Ruach (Kingship of Alef) or breath spirit that maintains their life*.  This is also directly related to the future as it is the blood, which brings the future to the cells in the form of their shifting chemical environment.  Alef then as Mother of the Blood, can be said to be the Mother of the Elements all together.


Mem and Water are related to the cytoplasm as it is mostly a little bubble or bag water with some organelles suspended in it.  This is directly related to the present as it is the environment of the cell which constitutes its own present.  Mem as the Mother of the Cytoplasm can also be said to be Mother of the Organelles (the little globular structures inside the cell) and also Mother of the Planets.


Shin and Fire is related to the the DNA and chromosomes as the triple headed nature of the Shin indicates the triple nature of DNA (i.e. the double helix of DNA with the single stranded mRNA being produced from it)**.  This is directly related to the past as it is the store of genetic information which constitutes the information which has come from the past and which is unravelled in order to produce information to deal with the current present environment of the cytoplasm.  Shin as the Mother of the DNA/Chromosomes can also be said to be Mother of the Zodiac.

*Structure of Alef similar to structure of haemoglobin, Alef composite value of 26 (two vavs and yod) indicates links to iron (atomic number 26) and its role in haemoglobin.  ADM the word for Adam is literally Alef, breath attached to DM or ''red earth''.


DNA transcribing RNA

Monday, November 18, 2013

Materialism and Magi

The Father - No, no! That wasn't my meaning! In fact, I should like to request you to abandon this game of art which you are accustomed to play here with your actors, and to ask you seriously once again: who are you?
The Director - If this fellow here hasn't got a nerve! A man who calls himself a character comes and asks me who I am!
The Father - A character, sir, may always ask a man who he is. Because a character has really a life of his own, marked with his special characteristics; for which reason he is always "somebody." But a man -- I'm not speaking of you now -- may very well be ''nobody.'' 

Six Characters in Search of an Author, Luigi Pirandello 

Over the last few days I have seen a certain type of materialism exposed in a number of the esoteric practitioners that I communicate with, in their blogs and in their various internet forums.  It confuses me that magi would believe in high school ''matter''.

I must admit it puzzles me when I see esoteric practitioners saying something like ''I am a talking monkey'' rather than say (if you're going to be ''materialistic'') ''I am a reincarnating information spiral''.  Both are equally true from a materialistic perspective.  But the way the materialism exposes itself is revealing.

Who are you?

I believe the experience of being ''human'' is threefold - consisting of a ''material'' component, a ''psychological'' component and a ''spiritual'' component but with consciousness identifying with one aspect or another at various times.

The ''material'' component is not a talking monkey that you happen to be riding in.  It is not an ''object'' or a ''subject'' but combines the two.  Your material life is an information (Knowledge) wave, constantly changing and constantly renewing itself.


My psychological experience, the idea of being and having a personality is again different and after one dies, the Ruakh, or the transcendental ego does typically have other stuff to do.  It goes into a world of its own creation, based on the way it dealt with the experiences it had in ''life''.  This process can seem to last a very long time from the perspective of the Ruakh, but all time is subjective, 5 mins can last 5 hours if its agonizing enough.  Through stoicism one can limit the pain of this experience.


My spiritual experience, is the voice of my higher self which occasionally speaks through me.  This higher self is around me all the time.  I am indeed suspended in my higher (deeper) self, which is ''supposedly'' suspended in a ''material'' world.


As I go through the day I might identify with one aspect more than another.  If I bang my knee into a table, I may identify with the ''talking monkey/reincarnating information spiral'' aspect more.  If somebody says something nice or mean, maybe I'll identify with the personality/ego aspect more.  If I meditate on eternal consciousness in all things, I will identify with the spiritual aspect.

You are then what you identify with.  I believe that when rectified to a great extent one effectively becomes ones own Angel, one becomes an Angel in the Flesh.  It is not that this Angel somehow rides you rather that you become it, like a caterpillar turns into a butterfly. Not everyone reaches that state, and obviously stoicism is the only way to hold the Ruakh fast enough to allow the Neschamah to bloom within you (bearing in mind again that it surrounds you and you are immersed in it at all times).

What is Matter?

Matter is not atomic lego.  It is a probability pattern which arises from and disperses itself into nothingness whilst simultaneously time-travelling and co-locating.  Matter is completely intertwined with some kind of observational principle.  To suggest that mind and matter are different seems illogical, but that doesn't mean I am a materialist, rather that I believe in pan-pscyhism i.e. that matter is mind rather than mind being matter.  We need to come up with or rather restore a term for the universal substrate which does not have the connotations now associated with the word matter.

How do we see the invisible?

*All* of our experience is mental. We never directly perceive the physical world.  Ever.  You are constantly bathed in your own consciousness, awake or asleep.  All sounds are mental sounds, all sights are mental sights.  Once you accept this the spirits can communicate with you whenever you wish them to or they wish to.  The delusion of being divorced from reality, of looking out through your eyes at physical reality is what cuts you off.  Once one accepts one's experience is fundamentally mental, your consciousness is vivified and becomes numinous.  Your higher self has way more information than it feels you can handle without going insane.  By steeling oneself, one is demonstrating to the Higher Self, that one can handle more than one is currently handling.  Any knee bashes or reactions to petty words only sends the message that you are not ready.  The more steeled* one is the more that Angel will live within you and the more telepathic, prophetic and subsequently compassionate one will become.

*Being stoic does not mean being dispassionate.  Again, when stoicism is achieved then genuine compassion (Rachamim) will blossom in one's heart.  Only through stoicism can one see the beauty in all things.  Rachamim synthesises the two opposites of Love (Chesed) and Fear (Gevurah).  Only by withdrawing ones consciousness from external sources of Love and Fear can one realise that, again, these phenomena arise within the Soul.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Earth Altar - 231 Gates, Ispaklariot and Unification

The 231 Gates
''All other prophets looked through nine ispaklariot where Moses looked through only one.'' or ''All other prophets looked through a dull Ispaklaria, while Moses saw through a clear Ispaklaria'' - Talmud and Midrash

  • Ispaklariot are considered to be 'lenses' or 'mirrors' in these passages from the Talmud and Midrash

When conducting a study of the Sefer Yetzirah each of the letters (elements, planets, zodiac signs) was considered* in turn and it seemed that when one worked with Alef then one would experience Alef. Perhaps this Alef would ''materialize'' as actual wind blowing, or a scent on the breeze, or the sudden appearance of a flock of birds overhead.  The idea was formed then that by considering* the letters one was effectively summoning their physical manifestations**.

The alternate idea was rooted in the idea of the Ispaklariot.  Perhaps instead of summoning something new, one was actually obsessing so much over the letter that one was blocking everything else out of perception - i.e. the work with Alef placed an Alef ''filter'' over the senses so only Alef got through.  The letters are all active around us, all the time, though perhaps in greater and lesser concentrations and what we think of as summoning is really observing.  This may be true.  The evidence that the consideration* of a letter causes the manifestation of the letter is equally compelling though and I have attempted to synthesise these ideas throughout the last few years and have indeed commented on this theory before in the blogos.

Pre-initiation folk are essentially bathed in these letters but are not aware of them, or indeed how exactly they blend***'at any given time.  By systematically approaching* each letter we effectively filter out the others and can see only that letter and therefore gain a deeper understanding of it.

If we take this lense theory further then once each letter has been considered, the letters can be put back together into one lense and whilst the pre-initiation folk see effectively nothing of reality, the initiated mind sees it all.

Form substance out of chaos and make nonexistence into existence. Carve great pillars out of air that cannot be grasped. This is the sign: One forsees, transposes, and makes all creation and all words with one Name. And a sign of this: Twenty-two objects in a single body. - Sefer Yetzirah 2:6

As I suggested in the Earth Altar post these 22 objects in a single body are the 22 ''letters'' in the Earth (Aretz).  The principle behind the 231 gates project will be to build 22 ''shrines'' or focal channels for the letters - charge each in material, intermediate and noetic sunthemata**** and then link them together using the 231 gates.  Since this project will take place in the Tower I am assuming something interesting will happen.

From the earlier work it certainly felt that when the letters and their accompanying kingships were being worked that some kind of calibration or tuning of the Soul took place.  For example when working on the Kingship of ''Hearing'' the act of meditating on ''Hearing/Listening" really brought that sense into sharp relief and increased its focus - not that I heard more, but that I heard more fully that which I heard*****.  Considerations of other non-sensory Kingships like ''Anger'' or ''Laughter''' were equally revealing.

The section on 231 gates in Kaplan's SY indicates that this process may have been used to make a golem.  Now what exactly does that mean?  A golem is a clay object brought to life by Ruakh and the letters.  In this way Adam seems to me ''God's****** Golem''.  Since I am a son of Adam I am a Golem too. But one has to ask if your Golem, the Golem that you are is not calibrated are you getting the most out of it?

When I completed the original SY study one of the conclusions was the Saadia Tree of Life I have mentioned before, a diagram which harmonised what I had learned from the study and seemed to me something of a Golem of my own and this Golem seemed to grant great ''power'' - it was a 'sword' that magnified all those swordly******* powers.   But what about this new work?

These 22 Autiot (letters) Yassod (fastened)
(which are the foundation of all things),
Belgalgal (to a turning wheel)
(He arranged upon a sphere)
(on a sphere like a wall with) (like a wheel on a wall)(set them in a wheel, like a kind of wall)by 231 (with 231 gates) - Sefer Yetzirah

Kelley and Loew, Angels and Golems.  Hmmm.

*Contemplated, evoked, invoked, weighed, permuted, probed with, probed from.
****Gregory Shaw ''Theurgy and the Soul.''
*****Just meditating in silence for a bit and then focusing on what you can actually hear can be pretty startling in itself - but think how many pre-initiates wander around hearing nothing but the noise in their own head?
*******Yes swordly - as in Zeir Anpin with pommel in Daath, blade in Malkuth, ExKaliburate yourself, etc.