Friday, July 11, 2014

Earth Altar - Playing the Calls

Ariel - The Tempest

- Peformed Elixir (the Mercury play towards end Merc Retro), hilarity abounded, I played Rabbi Loew on the second night.  The Earth was amused.  Joviality is an important thing to cultivate.

- Recieved more info regarding retrocausality.

- Short film was made entitled ''Scariest Places in the Czech Republic'' it featured a turkey puppet interviewing Bridges for the ''sake of the children.'' 

- Recieved complete Enochian calls from Bridges.  Playing them resulted in bizarre brownout.  Effects on the astral light were compelling.  It became filamentous for want of a better word and a rectangular white doorway opened but I lost concetration.

Here is what is available on youtube for your experimental pleasure:

Now does my project gather to a head:
My charms crack not; my spirits obey; and time
Goes upright with his carriage. How's the day?
On the sixth hour; at which time, my lord,
You said our work should cease.
I did say so,
When first I raised The Tempest...

Friday, June 13, 2014

Earth Altar - 231 Gates and Centropic Anti-Time

So anyone who has been following this blog will know that I currently live in the Donkey and Cradle House which was Edward Kelley's house when he worked for Rudolf and that I am working on the 231 Gates Project, a weird experiment with DNA and Time Travel in an endeavour to correct some kind of paradox I am still trying to establish the exact nature of.  The short form is ''Kelley's Tower'' as there is a rather impressive tower there with the ''spiral of life'' staircase which I have to walk up to get to my appartment. You will also know that when I arrived there I met Vincent Bridges, a well-known scholar on Dee/Kelley/Enochian and all things weird.  A cursory look at some of Bridge's work will show lots of features that are in common with my own:

Of course the ''devil is in the details'' and I feel that where I am slightly different from other writers on this material is that my academic background is focused on biochemistry and genetics so I can take the idea of DNA being a ''spiritual'' molecule and run with the actual details of how this plays out in physiognomy, cellular consciousness etc, i.e. practical useful stuff.  The Saadia Tree that you will see talked about on this site is a rectified ToL based on a very in-depth study of the Sefer Yetzirah which tallies not only with the majority of traditional thought on the subject but also with the biochemical and cellular nature of the human being.

Another common interest we have is Time Travel which I have been rambling about here for a while now - living in a wormhole paradox thing will make you ramble about it.  With synchronicities like the above and the work with ''The Time Phone'' there is no doubt in my mind that there is definitely something important happening here, at the very least for me (although other people are being drawn into the vortex as we speak, perhaps from the past, perhaps not, but necessary now).  Bridges' said of the Time Phone that he was gutted that he didn't invent it himself - this is high praise.


I can't go into the exact details of how to work this machine or what the ultimate intention is for it because of what I mentioned about silence in a previous post but I would like to make a brief report of some of the effects.  The 231 gates are said to oscillate back and forth and of this it is said there is nothing higher than delight and nothing lower than the plague.   At the moment the Time Phone is in a ''resting position'' that is the Alefbeit is in its standard order and separated into three partitions for the three groups of letters/forces.  The only thing I am doing with it is after completing Jupiterian ritual, I spin the dial anti-clockwise while either charging Moldavite inside it or wearing the charged Moldavite.  Music is playing ''Blue Song'' by Mint Royale which has the accompanying lyrics which I sing into the ''phone'':

''Ooh, right through my head.

I ain't got the blues no more I said.

Step some more I said, pick me up.

Thinkin' I got a lot, groovy I am.''

There is an evocation of a being we will call ''Blue Wright'' who is a Master of Safe, Free Energy that exists in the Jupiterian plane and which I am attempting to access in weird ways.  There is a sense that this process ''rewinds'' time, or perhaps winds time up - I am a little hesitant on the metaphsyics of what I am pratting about with exactly but c'est la vie.


1) After this ritual I feel incredibly empowered, spritely, jovial, charismatic, and youthful - in fact taking an external view of myself I would describe myself as ''delighted''.  Due to my work situation I am often exhausted when I go back to the Tower to perform this ritual and I am actually having a break from work to do it, after completion I return back to ''The Trick Bar''.  When I returned yesterday I had about 10x the energy of the people around me.

2) Friends who had not seen me for a while remarked on how youthful I was looking.   They were very surprised and not just being nice. :-)

I won't conclude that this ritual work is reversing or slowing the effects of time but it certainly seems to have something of the feel of anti-time.  It felt like, at least for me, yesterday, that I had ''rewound time''.  The effects of any ecstatic shamanic ceremonial ritual are bound to be invigorating but this certainly feels above and beyond any other experiences.  Perhaps the psychological boost given by knowing I am performing this act in such a sacred space, in such a weird space adds to it*... but it would be interesting to get a sample of my blood at some point and see if it is having any weird effects.  I know I was a little bit radioactive for a while after doing some other work because I used a geiger counter to confirm.**  Maybe its not a time phone*** maybe its a happiness machine?

*''There are weird places, really weird places, and then there is Edward Kelley's Tower'' - V.B.
***It is a Time Phone.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Earth Altar - 231 Gates and The Lover (Venus)

''You're very forward. You really are.  Oh you really are.  But my husband will understand.  My husband does understand.  Come here.  Come down here.  I'll explain.  After all think of my marriage.  He adores me.  Come here and I'll whisper to you.  I'll whisper it.  Its whispering time.  Isn't it?'' - The Lover, Harold Pinter

Out of the many reasons to engage in planetary theatrical ritual one of the best is to spend time reflecting on the role of that planet and its influence in your life - just as with the 231 gates, along with activation and manifestation of the ''elements'' in the outside world also comes calibration for the inside world.  Only when the soul is fully calibrated can it handle the Light (Ruakh Ha Kodesh).

What is Love?  What does it mean to be a Lover?

Before working with Enlil/Ellil as my primary patron, the most important deity in my life was Aphrodite.  In hindsight it seems a rather strange choice, as many who know me would think I was a child of Ares or Athena, but for seven years I was a devotee of the Goddess of Beauty.  Before that, largely, my attitude to women had been rather alarming, to quote from the play. I lacked faithfulness, I was a ''bounder and a cad'' and coupled with this I lacked expertise in the art.  In short I was a callous, insensitive and selfish lover.  One evening, aware of my increasing slide into meaningless relationships and one-night notches on the bedpost, I performed a ritual where I danced all of the ''God-forms'' you see on this site.  I created a dance for each of the physiognomical characters and as they came to life within me this ''calibration'' resulted in meeting the girl of my dreams - who I thought was my soul-mate.  We spent a year together in love, she went back home to Spain, we broke up, though I still loved her, and then she died in a fatal car crash.

For a long time I struggled to get over our breakup and her death and I certainly wanted to see this as some kind of initiation, some kind of meaningful event, at least for me.  I undertook an experiment with Liber Astarte vel Berylli and chose as my Goddess Aphrodite.  I worked with her for a long time, repaired, I hope, much of the damage to my heart and she taught me much of what I was lacking in understanding about love and beauty - until the Sefer Yetzirah study finally delivered me to the Sun and other initiations.

This journey with the powers of Venus made me reflect on soulmates - for if there is only one and she is dead how then do you proceed in this life in this world?  I figured that what had actually happened is that I had a visualization of a ''girl of my dreams'', a projection of my anima and she happened to match it and there would be many more women in my life that could fulfil that description.  I even went as far as to believe that in some way that ritual dance had ''created'' her, that she was some sort of Golem brought into existence by my summoning dance.  During the work with Aphrodite I presumed that some of these issues with women had to be integrated into my psyche in order that I may be complete within myself and have no need to project on to the world at large.  With the death of the hermaphrodite of the true love perhaps I would become an Angel, the Magickal Child.

"There is nothing more whole than a broken heart." Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Kotzk

Now after this recent work with the 231 Gates and Venus I feel like I don't know again, I feel like I have come full circle in my ideas.  Throughout my time with Aphrodite I was being slowly worked through the conceptions of Love as they are explored in the Symposium and I really thought that with the completion of the subsequent Solar work that I had attained the most enlightened view of love - that love of Sophia was the most sublime love there is - Aphrodite had truly been my Diotima.  Now I feel like I am back to the doctor Eryximachus and his awkward explanation of love as basically a medical condition which can be good or bad.  After plunging into the dark heart of Venus with this recent ritual, I feel ''The Anatomy of Melancholy'' by Robert Burton and its description of love as a diseased state where the only true cure is to gain the object of your affection rings the most true.  In Czech the translation of I love you, is I long for you, or yearn for you.

''You like me to whisper to you.  You like me to love you, whispering.  Listen.  You mustn't worry about wives, husbands... things like that.  Its silly.  Its really silly.  Its you, you now, here, here with me, here together, that's what it is, isn't it?  You whisper to me, you take tea with me, you do that, don't you, that's what we are, that's us.  Love me.'' The Lover, Harold Pinter

Like Eryximachus now, I evade my eulogy to Love with a discussion of related ''medical'' knowledge. As ever, once the gate is open the path manifests in the real and I have, through ''physiomancy'' encountered many of those characters I would consider to be on the path of Venus, this path being between the Mime and the Shellfish or Netzach and Chesed.


This character is as wonderful as all the physiognomical characters and you can read more about her here and here.  I feel I have learned a little about how to cope with the skin conditions that are often the case with this character.  Generally they tend to handle stress quite well and are very capable multitaskers but because of their propensity for stress they often take on too much, even beyond their own considerable capacity.  The resulting oscillations of the hormone cortisol cause skin conditions.  Now I see the importance of proactive relaxation strategies (massage, aromatherapy, nice hot baths, etc) for these characters (even though in their ''stressy state'' they may resist - normal manifestation of their ''relaxation'' is something like smoking which is not so healthy).  Skin conditions are unavoidable with this type of physiology, while manifesting, so coping strategies must be employed.  The skin can become a source of stress itself if not dealt with and the individual ends up in  a feedback loop where stress causes skin conditions and skin conditions cause stress.  It always causes these very beautiful creatures to feel ''hideous'' whether the condition be acne, eczema, urticaria, etc - this ties to Aphrodite along with the makeup they often use to conceal the condition, which often becomes a cause.  With the Mimes I have met this time, I have been proactive in my psychodermatological interactions and as a Healer I feel I have learned a great deal.


The other physiological aspect of the path of Venus is the immune system's recognition of self as opposed to its identification of foreign bodies.  In the manifest social world of physiognomical characters they often appear as above - The Shellfish (more info here and here).  They want to ''include you in the party'' and there is often a lot of drinking to facilitate this.  The significant danger here then is alcoholism and other addictions.  Alcohol is a very good lubricant in losing the self in the whole, an important part of the process of love - whether it be merging into one person as two soul mates coming together, the love of your circle of friends, the love of the nation, or the love of the planet.  The urge to not think when these loves take hold of you is so strong that the ''alcohol'' is difficult to resist.  Addiction is a manifestation of obsession, of possession and the darker aspects of Love.  Its in the loss of reason that we commit the most violent and painful acts of Love.

What then is Love?  Skin conditions and drunkeness.

What does it mean to be a Lover?  It means to be a Healer.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Earth Altar - 231 Gates (Theatrical Venus Project, The Time Phone, Enochian Devices and Other Such Madness)

- Completed Theatrical Ritual to Venus with expected and unexpected results.  Will continue with other planets now.
- Sister and her partner visited and tampered with some of the various objects in the Temple including Time Phone and Moldavite.
-Time Phone worked, recieved message from someone about reversing theories of galactic formation i.e. that the black holes apparently in the centre of each are ''wound up'' and then spit out stars before needing to be wound up again.  Was told that current theories about contracting gas clouds are wrong.  When I asked who winds them up - phone went dead.
- Supernatural activity increased:  temperature drops, touching, bizarre noises (bells ringing, etc), disturbing type of sleep paralysis, attempted possession.
- Environment is *busy*, it is impossible to tell exactly what is going on at any given time manifestations could easily be from 1) ancient druidic site in caves/wells under the tower complex 2) ghosts/wraiths from plague cemetery or murdered bastards/orphans from base of tower 3) astral critters attracted there by the general conflux 4) random stuff coming through rifts left open by alchemists 5) alchemists themselves doing similar time travel type work to me, 6) Angels, and 7) Gods.
- Sleepless nights due to activity forced me to seek help from Bridges who built me an Enochian device (I can't share an image of this because I am not sure how secret this is).  He survived living there for two years, I don't know if I am going to make one at the moment.
- Enochian device worked to reduce business quelling everything it seems except the actual human presence from some alchemist who keeps attempting to ''interact'' with me.  All I know at the moment is he seems to be an arrogant asshole who wears black and silver.

There is lots of other stuff going on along with some seriously crazy plans but I can't discuss any of it.  You reach a point I guess where you really understand that Silence bit of the Sphinx's advice to the magi.  Its not so much that I want to stay alive and don't want to get ''caught'' by the Inquisition.  We're an enlightened enough society and freedom of religion is guaranteed.  Its also not about not ''chatting'' as Patrick Dunn once said although I agree ''chat'' is hideously destructive to our community (we see it wreak its havoc on otherwise great thinkers on FB all the time).  Its definitely to do with the incommunicable nature of some of the work, although I feel I could communicate most of the ideas/experiences if I really wanted to.  Right now the rule of silence is to do with limiting the amount of people who may blow themselves up with this particular bit of experimental stuff as unlike a lot of other magi it seems I believe in the genuine and absolute danger of this practice.  ''I decided to take my work back underground to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.'' I believe in the 25% ''make it'' rule with the other 75% dying, going mad or ''blaspheming''/turning their back on the Arts.  I am very aware of how much of my sanity is currently at stake and I am way out of my depth in this environment but fuck it.

Although I believe this is a risky business, as risky as mountaineering and as risky as acting, I do feel that the lack of *truly ambitious magickal endeavour* in our community is either symptomatic of a lack of vision, a lack of understanding or a surplus of fear.

Gentlemen, death is but a moment, cowardice is a lifetime of affliction.


Thursday, May 15, 2014

Earth Altar - 231 Gates (Venus)

''I must say I find your attitude to women rather alarming.'' - Sarah, The Lover, Harold Pinter
If you remember from the earlier phases of this experiment the original plan seemed to be that the elements, planets, and zodiac signs would emerge, or unfold out of the Earth Altar.  In some ways this was trumped by the (re)invention of the Time Phone which used the Christmas baubles combined with an astrological globe to create a ''machine'' which modeled the 231 Gates.  Although the machine ''works'' which I will discuss in another post in order to work more effectively each of those icons must be ''activated'' in the larger sense by ritual work - thus the plays continue.

With the elemental ritual completed in ''The Homecoming'' and with regular Jupiterian workings occuring within the tower the next question was which planet to explore/activate now.  Using physiomancy, pathwalking and insights from the maggid, ''I'' decided on Venus. The Venus ritual consists of repeated rehearsals of the Lover and the Collection by Harold Pinter in Edward Kelley's Tower and has been running for nearly two weeks now with the intensity increasing over the last six days.  It uses the ''Solomon'' blocks* and the previously enchanted plants with more plants added (inc. strawberries and tomatoes).  The first play in the sequence ''The Lover'' will have the plants on stage showing the lush vegetation of Venus (typically observed in visions) and the second play ''The Collection''** will show fruit among those plants showing the harvest. Costumes are in black, white and red accents (tie, jewellery, flowers).  The blocking/movements of the actors in both plays are inspired by The Lovers and the Art card from the Thoth Tarot Deck and use two of the ''Solomon'' blocks (fire and water) as cubes of high and low status respectively. The plays also cut between Theatre and Film, with the Film world being a mirror of the Theatre but on ''the other side'' of the back wall of the stage.***

Themes explored within the plays are the Kingship of Dominance and its transposition of Submission.  The first play explores power within a couple, it explores how power and status shifts between the couple but also the way in which the submissive partner can exercise power without being dominant.  The Lover on the surface shows a relationship between husband (dominant) and wife (submissive) who act out various fantasies, but it could equally be the relationship between a prostitute and her client, a servant and her master or one of many other variations on that theme in the ambiguity typical of Pinter.  It contains elements of sadism and masochism as the fantasies the couple explore excite and hurt them in turn and I have been struck how much of the pain people endure in life is self-inflicted or imposed on them by their loved ones.


''The Collection'' takes these themes and squares them in an echo of ''The Homecoming'' but where half of the ''power'' cubes are in the theatre (percieved) and half in the film (thought/noetic).  In this we see a mirror world where the submissive partner is male and the dominant (and abusive) partner is female and alongside this also shows the relationship between the two submissive characters and the struggle for absolute dominance between the dominant partners.  On one level it is about vampire pimps battling over who controls the thrall-whores but on another level it is about stripping back relationships, stripping them of gender, of professional roles, of age, and of physical reality until we are left with simply fire and water, yin and yang, or + and - and because we have two of these pairings in our chamber we see +/+, -/-, +/-, -/+.

The formal play occurs at a different location in a couple of days but the activation is now complete.

 ''There is a decree of necessity, ratified long ago by gods, eternal and sealed by broad oaths, that whenever anyone in error from fear defiles his own limbs, having by his error made false the oath he swore daimons to whom life long-lasting is apportioned he wanders from the blessed ones for three times countless years, being born throughout the time as all kinds of mortal forms, exchanging one hard way of life for another. For the force of air pursues him into sea, and sea spits him out on to earth's surface, earth casts him into the rays of the blazing sun and sun into the eddies of air; one takes him from another and all abhor him. I too am now one of these, an exile from the gods and a wanderer, having put my trust in raging strife.  For before now I have been at some time boy and girl, bush, bird and a mute fish in the sea.'' - Empedocles

*Solomon Blocks were enchanted for general use in ''The Physicists'' and subsequently had the elements bound to them in the Homecoming.
**The Collection could be read two plays as a collection of objects (in this case Lovers) or as the ''pickup'' (harvest).
***This is intended to operate on the membrane between the percieved and the imaginary/dreamed world of thought and is necessary for the Theurgy to work (opening a channel to the noetic).
****Possibly Earth Altar was grounding point for idea that emerged from the noetic Venus.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Jupiter - Do not conflate with Chesed!

In the system of the Sefer Yetzirah there are 32 symbols.  The 10 sefirot or depths which are the axial end points of the dimensional system i.e. up-down, east-west, north-south, future-past, good-evil.  The 22 other symbols are the Alefbeit.

In the erroneous system of the Kircher Tree and thereafter a large part of the WMT you have this idea of conflating the planets with the Sefirot and *also* the paths themselves ending up with an unnecessary series of repeating associations.  This reaches its most absurd with Tav (associated with an element ''earth'' and a planet ''Saturn'') and Shin (associated with two elements ''spirit'' and ''fire''' 32=34 now right?).  This whole problem stems from a misunderstanding of the word Sefira and a poor reading of the Sefer Yetzirah.

Sefira should not be directly related to the word Sphere.  This is stated as one of the misconceptions in Scholem's Kabbalah but it persists because truthfully whilst many people study GD/Kircher derived WMT material they don't study enough Jewish Kabbalah.  The word Sefira along with linking to count, text and speech can also be related to the sanskrit word Sapphire (Sappirot).  The points where the paths meet (the Sefirot) can be more accurately understood to be vertices/confluxes where the ''lines'' on the cut stone meet.  These points, the Sefirot are the Depths.  I appreciate the need for ''text boxes'' but don't confuse a text box with part of the metaphysical system.

When rectified according to the very clear rule of 10, 3, 7 and 12 the Tree does not conflate Sefirot with Planets but it does have the 7 planets on the 7 vertical paths that lead between the Depths.  You get a very interesting and simple reading from this.

Looking at this diagram we can see the elegance of the 7 vertical paths as they run between the depths.  We see, for instance, Sol on the path between East and West (where else?), Saturn on the path between the East and the Future (Death), and the Moon on the path between the West and the Past (Birth).  Specifically looking at Jupiter we see that it is *on the path* between Good (''Chokmah'')and Warm/Expand/South (''Chesed'').

Drop the Kircher Tree people, its slowing you all down. 

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Jupiter - God of the Rothschilds???

I don't know much about Jupiter as a God but to blame Rome on him and not at least equally on mad humans with fevered souls and desire natures seems a bit much.


As I understand it Jupiter is that which mediates between the Depth of Good (Fortuitous) and the Depth of South (Warm/Expand).   As Gimel it is Charity and Philanthropy, it is Wealth in the sense of being the product of Wisdom and Love.

If we are on the subject of dishing out responsibility for the horrible world we live in I think Saturn should take its fair share of the blame astrologically speaking.  Its Saturn behind the necromantic grip of the fossil fuels, its Saturn behind those corporations spreading things like the terminator gene in the crops... or did I miss a meeting?

If you're going to say Jupiter is the banking industry's evil, then Mars is the military's, Saturn is the food system's, Venus is the fashion/porn trade's, Mercury the pharmaceutical industry's, and the Sun is the naked diseased human ego blazing in the centre of its web of desire with the Moon his willing slave and/or mistress.

Is this the world view of the conspiracy gnostic?