Monday, March 31, 2014

The WMT - What went wrong? II

My first post in this series was about the Kircher Tree as I see this is as symptomatic of the disease at the heart of the WMT.  The fact that the logical basis for the construction of the Tree of Life i.e. the rule of 3, 7 and 12 could have gone unnoticed and the Kircher Tree unrectified for so long within the tradition shows just how mired in dogma and vested interest the various orders are and how illogic and ignorance have been allowed to hold sway.

For this second post I wanted to focus on what I see as the major causes of inertia in our tradition alongside dogma and vested interest although some of these points are developments of that criticism:

- Books within the WMT are confused and contradictory - some people go for a long time only studying modern commentaries without any recourse to source material, people who do compare and contrast these commentaries end up in a muddle and often abandon the whole pursuit or come to the erroneous conclusion that ''everything is right'' if it is right for the individual.

- Books that dumb it down - ''hey this next bit is going to be really wild, so you better sit down!''  Again accessibility is not something I want from an occult treatise but that's just me.  The danger of dumbing down an intellectual tradition is that the participants will not work on the reasoning/critical thinking skills that are so essential at the deeper levels of the mysteries or in the actual study of core texts which are written in highly arcane language - these books can get people stuck at the level of ''Peter and Jane'' when it comes to occultism.

- Identity politics - in a discipline which constantly emphasizes the unity of all life and consciousness it is surprising how many people are beset on emphasizing the differences and divisions between people as opposed to the similarities, remember the forces that want to keep this world in spiritual darkness love it when we fight amongst ourselves and while I appreciate you're a very special and unique bag of water animated by reincarnating information spirals the whole reincarnating information spiral is the bit that interests me and the bit we all have in common.

- Spiritual tourism - because of various competing systems means that many people spend too long figuring out what is ''right for them'' that they do not get beyond the superficial levels of study.

- Esoteric nature of subject matter - this means the population studying at intermediate level is very small thus interaction mainly occurs over internet and is further complicated by bewildering terms such as the Green Lion, or Veil of Parkoreth.

- Competing egos - typical in any walk of life but especially demented because of subject material as it relates to development of personal power.

- Geekdom - geeks and nerds learning systems in the same way they would nerd out about roleplaying games, these types typically come from roleplaying entry point into WMT, they are nerds and geeks about their special topic of interest rather than genuine practising magicians, although I obviously accept overlap here one needs to be able to differentiate between spiritual practice and live action role playing.

- Refusal to accept criticism of themselves or their sources - criticism of one's own practice is necessary in the refining of that practice, criticism of sources is an accepted part of any method and should be applied to any authority in the WMT considering how weak most of these sources are.  It is as possible that Agrippa has it wrong as it that the author of the Sefer Yetzirah has it wrong.  Critical thinking hat should *always* be on.

- Various problems that limit peer-peer interaction
a) teacher-student relationship overemphasised because of power/money issues results in a lack of peer-peer communication
b) magical journalism where writers talking about magick being done, or magick that has been done, or new articles on magick and not discussing the magick the individual's themselves practice - magick ends up being about reading about magick/studying magicians
c) magickal scholarship where writers get lost in the intricacies of scholarship on archaic subjects - severe danger of armchair-ism unless it informs practice but often these scholars neglect to discuss actual practice as well - similar to magickal journalists
d) magickal authors who don't contribute to peer-peer relations because they are saving their words for books which make money - so they do not contribute effectively to dialogue with peers, some contribute to dialogue with *students* assuming they pay

The lack of genuine interaction at the higher levels actually results in a severe lack of insight and understanding at those self-same levels for instance I know of several WMT magi considered fairly advanced by the community who lack serious basic knowledge of Hebrew.  This problem is so severe that I have been credited with having special insights and masterful ritual craft by several of them, high praise which I think is largely undeserved.  All I have done to achieve this ''level'' of expertise is endeavour with all my heart to cut through the problems above in my own practice. 

We need to talk.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Stoicism and Unification II

Ten Sefirot out of nothing. Stop your mouth from speaking, stop your heart from thinking, and if your heart runs (to think) return to a place of which it is said "they ran and returned"; and concerning this thing the covenant was made; and they are ten in extent beyond limit. Their end is infused with their beginning, and their beginning with their end like a flame attached to a glowing ember. Know, think [reflect, meditate] and imagine that the Creator is One and there is nothing apart from Him, and before One what do you count?
Ch.3 V.1 Sefer Yetzirah, Saadia Version

We all know what its like to be very busy.  ''Running around'' - getting in adventures!  Funny I've been running around for about three weeks since I last meditated on the immobility of my consciousness and the fact that it only exists in the spiritual dimension where there is no time or space and only perspective.

Seriously.  ''I've'' been ''running around'' and my consciousness has not moved one bit.  Sure the thought-stuff that makes up its contents has been continuously recoloured, updated and reorganised to reflect the various phenomena that I have experienced but it in itself hasn't moved one bit.

I move my head to look to my left.  My consciousness doesn't move.  My awareness is remapped to show what is to the left in my perceptual cell.  I move my head to the right.  Same again.

No size.  No movement. No differentiation.  All consciousness.

Go for a swim.  Get in the pool.  Track back and forth in the waters.  Experience the weird sensations that come with swimming.  The feel of the liquid, the change in weight, the splash of the water in your eyes, the movement of all your limbs and meditate on the fact that your consciousness is not moving at all.  Its not just your vision that is remapped, etc but all your senses.  Not just vision but all of that sensation in a sphere of absolute stillness.

And there's practical Kabbalah in this thinking as well.  Being inside this goldfish bowl of consciousness where thought-stuff flows like a fluid, I know that as the fish my fins can influence currents.  I know that breathing out the letters make ''bubbles'' of those letters form*.

Where is this consciousness happening?  Its happening ''inside'' my larger consciousness which is also not moving.  Where am I running to?  Or what am I running away from?  Where can I return to if I've never ever left?

One could read this to suggest that it's experiences of consciousness that one runs to and then ''returns'' to ''normality'' in case it becomes all too much.  Once that sense of normality is altered from its original fallen state by the Great Work and one regularly experiences the rectified state of consciousness then one must expect ''running and returning'' to swap in their meaning, mustn't one?  One runs around in the delusion of material existence and one returns to the source of consciousness?

*Letters produce Kingships when impressed upon ''reality''.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Tree of Life II - Qabalah is the New Black

Those of you who have been following the work on this site will know that it is about harmonizing the Tree of Life with both traditional sources and modern biochemical understanding.

Kabbalistic Tradition states that the paths on the Tree of Life are associated with the elements, planets and zodiac signs, the three elements being related to the three horizontal paths, the seven planets to the seven vertical paths and the twelve zodiac signs to the twelve diagonals.  Within this rule the Kabbalistic authorities disagree on what should exactly go where, for instance should Shin be the topmost horizontal or should the letter Beit be associated with the Moon or Saturn.

In creating the Saadia Array I have followed the simplest and most logical method of attribution along with the associations in the Saadia edition of the the manuscript Sefer Yetzirah.

The elements are in the order they appear in the Sefer Yetzirah and in the Alefbeit - Air (Alef -1st horizontal), Water (Mem - 2nd horizontal), Fire (Shin - 3rd horizontal)

The planets are in the Chaldean order and associated with the doubles in the order the appear in Alefbeit - Saturn (Beit, top central vertical),  Jupiter (Gimel, top right vertical), Mars (Dalet, top left vertical), Sol (Kaph, central central vertical), Venus (Pe, bottom right vertical), Mercury (Resh, bottom left vertical) and Moon (bottom central vertical).

The zodiac paths are in the order that they appear in the zodiac (Aries - Pisces) associated with the order they appear in the Alefbeit (Heh - Qoph) and distributed from top to bottom with Aries-Taurus at the ''top'' and Aquarius-Pisces at the ''bottom''.  This manifests the Zodiac man in the Aura


When we say ''top'' we mean towards Keter and when we say ''bottom'' we mean towards Malkuth, but the spatial directions along with the dimension of time and the observer (the Ten Depths of the SY) are associated with the Ten Sefirot.  There is some discrepancy between sources for these attributions but the six spatial directions are often associated with the central six Sefirot of Zeir Anpin.

The complete Saadia Array* then looks like this:

Looking at this array we can see that the planets are astrologically harmonized with the depths, for example - Sol runs between the depth of East and the depth of West, East through Saturn into the depth of Future and our Death, West through Moon returning to the past of our Birth*.  We can see the traditional beneficent expansive fortuitousness of Jupiter in its position between the Depth of Good and the Depth of South. Similarly the malefic Mars between the Depth of Evil and the Depth of  Cold.

Looking to the right of the diagram you will see the correspondences for cellular consciousness.  The idea is that consciousness is rooted in our cells, and our DNA, and that the structure of our consciousness is congruent with the structure of the cell.

Unfortunately there is not time to go into a detailed exegesis of this at the moment but I will provide some examples.  

Endosomes are the transport system of the cell - you can imagine them as cargo boxes carrying material from the blood to the various facilities within the cell.  As we know Jupiter as Gimel (Camel) represents the camel caravans so important to life in earlier times.  Endosomes then facilitate the ''trade'' between cells and the blood itself.

Lysosomes are the defence system of the cell - they are also little containers but their cargo is the lytic enzyme known as lysozyme.  When material is passed into these containers the lysozyme breaks down that material into its constituent molecules - this may be as routine as waste disposal or as militaristic as the destruction of invading bacteria/viruses.  Of the basic organelles of the cell these are those most appropriate to the powers of Mars.

Lets look at Aries and Libra as our examples of the cellular correspondences of the Zodiac signs as Mr Coppock suggests they are important at the moment because of events in space.


Aries is associated with the replication fork which is the beginning stage of the cell cycle and fundamental to the process by which cells replicate themselves.  It is wisely associated with Aries not only by virtue of it being the ''Spring'' of life, but also because the spiral horns of Aries echo the spiraling force of replication which emerges from the replication fork.




Libra then, is rightly associated with the processes that occur in the splicing of mRNA whereby introns (DNA regions coding for ''nonsense'') are removed and exons (meaningful regions) are brought together for the purpose of transcribing proteins.  What is most fascinating about these associations is how the zodiac glyphs exactly resemble our modern biochemical understanding of these processes. 

mRNA splicing

The information in the Cellular Correspondences of the Saadia Array can supplement the detailed physiognomy we have already laid out on this site.  The pathway between certain characters is not only a pathway between various endocrine glands on the physiological level but a pathway within each cell.  If we can identify someone as being on the path between Chokmah and Chesed (somewhere in between an ''Ignorant Fool'' and a ''Shellfish'') we know that not only will the hormonal area emphasized be serotonin and the immune self recognition system but also endosomes on the cellular level.  Whilst I appreciate this is complicated for the dabbler it is of immense practical value in healing***.

*Pathways with Hebrew Letters for Saadia Array

**Obviously this Saadia Array can be used alongside the Metabolism of Time - the head is in the future because the brain is pre-empting the next event, second guessing the flow of time, the ''food'' we eat, or the experiences we have, are ''digested'' and when all nutrition is removed the ''faecal matter'' is the past (that we have not stored as memories in our genitals i.e. for passing on genetic memory).  In order to fully integrate the Saadia Array with the Metabolism of Time one must resolve the mystery of Daat.

***The physiological problem highlights the cellular problem highlights the personality problem.  This still does not resolve the human quandary of whether it is better to be a suffering somebody or a smiling nobody.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Trainee Golem Builder - Teaching and Learning


The above image is taken from the Golem Builder blog.  I am reposting it because it is incredibly important as a map of Work.  I encounter many Western magicians who claim to be ''Kabbalistic'', who work with angels whose names are written in Hebrew, or who work with some derivative of the Tree of Life (mainly the erroneous Kircher array) who *have not* done any of the work detailed above - in theory or in practice. I do not claim to have an incredibly detailed knowledge myself but I do recognise this as hugely important and I am working towards the same goals as Golem Builder, if perhaps from different angles.

With the works of Aryeh Kaplan et al, whose beautiful expositions of the Kabbalah are widely available there is no excuse for not at least attempting a study of this kind.  Cultural ignorance in the face of this academic research and the revealed sources that once were hidden wouldn't be tolerated in other areas of occult interest but for some reason it continues to be in Kabbalah.  To continue to promote the error-riddled speculations of the Victorian era, especially when widely respected magicians do it seems criminally insane or even cretinous and the justifications I encounter for it severely test my reason.   Most acknowledge the necessity of a scholarly and historical approach to the subject material of the WMT alongside vigourous practial application and I sincerly hope this is as applied to the Kabbalah as it is to other areas by as many students as possible.

Once you have completed such a study, even a cursory one, you will see clearly where the problems are with the ''Western'' understanding and you will find your work substantially enriched.  I absolutely guarantee that.  One of the things I enjoy most about studying Kabbalah is the humility that comes with recognising that you are a student and working in a collegic atmosphere with other students.  In the WMT I seem to run across many people who project themselves as teachers and feel that because of that they can't admit to gaps in their understanding or knowledge and find it difficult to admit when they are wrong.  Human knowledge is so infinitessimal.  Any so-called teacher who has lost touch with their own inner student is not worth listening to.  Any learner who has stopped learning is not a learner I would want to learn from.

I follow Golembuilder's blog as he is an impressive learner - systematic, organised, goal-oriented, humble, honest about the limits of his own knowledge, open-minded and burning with curiousity.  These are essential traits and there is much there to admire. 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Earth Altar - Lizards and Ladders

''What we need is a lizard with a ladder!'' The Dodo, Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll


The Lizards.  I have not encountered them personally, although I have it on good word that they exist.  What are they?  Here are the theories that I am aware of:

- manifestations on the astral imagination of the R-complex in the brain, the R-complex being the reptile brain in the core and base of the human brain where lieth our natural bloodlust, sex drive, territorialism, etc, these manifestations appear as reptilian as 1) they are actually reptile in the sense of our evolutionary pathway so there is a genetic memory component and 2) we are instinctively scared of reptiles so it is natural that the ''fear'' centre would take that shape*.

- demonic agents of cosmic evil, like anti-angels

-terrestrial creatures living underground in caverns or inside the ''Hollow Earth''

-actual Reptilian aliens from another world/dimension which abduct people in order to perform strange experiments on them and which orchestrate conspiracies to keep the world in fear and misery because they feed on negative human emotions.  Effectively this theory has the Reptilian Overlords running a pain farm not so different from the pain and fear many of our farms inflict on our livestock...

I want to add another theory, which may or may not synergise with some of those above

- reptilian shamans from an earlier age on Earth when Earth had a population of intelligent dinosaurs (possibly a form of raptor) and they had magi like we do**.  These shamans time-travel into the future to get here, like our magi timetravel (i.e. prophecy, memory of past-lives alongside more powerful experiences)

When I was finishing the first edition of the Metabolism of Time at the end of university a few other ideas were inserted*** at the same time.  One was the notion of a War in Time being fought between four groups - Renaissance magicians, Victorian timetravellers, a futuristic Utopian/Dystopian group and finally psychic timetravelling raptor shamans - it was part of the overall reception of the idea of the Masks of Time and the way in which people feed on [different types of] attention in order to complete a form of social metabolism.  I know it sounds weird, and I did dismiss it at the time but recently I have returned to the theory partially at the behest of Raziel but also because of my sister's work and experiences in this area after her Transcendental Meditation course/experiences.  This war in time was being fought in key places and at key times by these groups.  The major conflict was between the Utopians and the Raptors, the Victorians and the Renaissance magi forming fairly outclassed groups.

I am speculating here but I believe that once one is aware of [our capacity to] timetravel then one begins to live effectively in a slightly different dimension or mode - one will think of time in the same way one thinks of space.  It would not be difficult for me to spend some time either in the return to a position earlier on the timestream or advance to a perspective in the future.  We do this anyway when we go over memories or when as magi we predict the future.  Anyone who has evoked a memory on the astral will find it crystal clear (as the Mind remembers everything it just mercifully keeps that memory from us a great deal of the time so we can move on****), similarly advanced states of the prophetic mind are equally crystal clear*****.  One must remember that the Neschamah experiences all incarnations simultaneously as if it were one creature moving one body simultaneously through various positions in time and space.


The reason that this ''Time War'' only includes these groups (hypothetically - assuming the magid was correct on this) is because not many people get to the point where they work out a) the above is possible and b) work hard enough on the skills to achieve it regularly and therefore have an impact.  The Time War is probably played out in the form of ''possession'' either knowing or unknowing whereby the time-traveler uses another being as a window into that time, or as a vehicle. 

What is this for?  What are the war aims of these different groups?  I don't know.  Its certainly involved in controlled activities at key locations (i.e. nodes, nexi, the junction of ley-lines, etc) and key times.  Even though one is in the time stream, one still only gets one go at doing something, so it is possible for these groups to make a mistake and not be able to change it by going back.  I still think once something has happened it has happened, but like in Twelve Monkeys, the act of 'time-travel' is included in the actual linear****** flow of time.  I think we must bear in mind that all of these groups could also be the same species just at different points in time, like I mentioned before there is clearly a lizard and an angel inside every human being - and the time-stream also flows both ways from future to past as well as past to future.  I remember that the ''Utopians'' from the future are concerned with ''sampling'' although I am not sure exactly what for. 

It is certainly possible for anyone at any point in time to figure this out and do the work and be able to time-travel *but* the reason that for example the Renaissance and Victorian teams******* are outclassed is because in order to fight effectively in this dimension one needs a group of people working together.  I figure that the group from the future and the group from the past are more organised in this respect and its why the independents fare so badly.  We must also bare in mind that certain agents from these groups are already at work through windows and vehicles in this world so someone who figures it out in this world may actually be one of them, rather than being an independent.

To ground this all out - I would also argue that since these groups are one species and that our biology is currently the ''physical'' bridge between the future and the past this ''Time War'' is also fought out inside each of us - between the Reptilian lower drives and the Utopian higher drives.  This gives greater emphasis to one's personal struggle in life without feeling one is a pawn in a great cosmic battle *but* I believe that one should not disregard the epic narrative.


*We are instinctively scared of snakes and insects because of the amount of dead beings that would have resulted from petting these typically poisonous creatures.   Many people include an insectoid component to their visions of reptiles.

**In fact a component of us *is* them, via evolution.

***Magid, Daimon, ''Raziel'' etc.

****Adrenaline types struggle with an inability to forget more than their opposite cortisol types.  This is why they [more often] bear grudges and want revenge - see relevant sections on physiognomic characters and masks.

*****The Future Exists.

******And retrolinear.

*******The fact that I have Renaissance and Victorian time travellers figured may also be of my lineage.  The jury is still out on that one for a number of reasons.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Earth Altar - Time Travel

The Metabolism of Time featured on this blog reimagines the Tree of Life (and DNA itself) as a series of pathways through time.  Taken as a whole it can be interpreted as the necessary steps that consciousness goes through in order to experience time.  Once fully understood in this way the Tree of Life can be used to travel through time.

Since the entirety of the Universe occurs in a single grand moment and our perspective is but one of many possible perspectives it is possible to transfer one's perspective to a different point in time - indeed this is a core belief of many esoteric practitioners i.e. reincarnation and the transmigration of the soul.  This transference could be limited to one's own lineage (or may be easier within one's own lineage) but it should still be possible to go as far back as our common ancestor with coral, sharks, sponges, etc.

As was discussed in the post on animism, the Earth does not only respond to names but it also has a memory for places and times.  Ritual locations and times giving the names we use more efficacy - the Earth remembers when and where and who and eventually this becomes part of the instinct of the Earth.  If one's connection to the Earth is strong enough (and we are all part of the Earth and fundamentally connected to it) one should be able to ''ground'' one's own consciousness in the ''beginning'' and head up another lineage and cross the lines.

Since the Metabolism of Time involves the future and the future exists* it is possible to shift one's perspective also to a future self.  Grasping this type of Eternalism is sometimes weird as people feel it challenges free will.  I feel that it shifts free will to a 4 or 5 dimensional construct and moves the responsibility to the Higher Self (which I believe adepthood is all about incarnating in life, in the fullest sense one can).  The idea that an event in the future could cause an event in the past, or that rather than reincarnating in the linear sense into the future, one could reincarnate into the past typically causes problems with people's thinking**.

If I really grasp understanding of the Neschamah then ''I'' am simultaneously incarnating in ''my'' various incarnations at various positions throughout time - there is no ''re''.  If I really grasp understanding of Chiah then ''I'' am simultaneously being expressed as all life.  Ultimately, if I touch Yechidah then I am Thought.***

The Dee/Kelley pathwalking experiment, trekking the trails of Dee/Kelley's journey through Europe and punctuating with Theatrical Ritual, which resulted in the return to the Tower caused the Earth to ''remember'' and connected past to present.  Similarly the most vivid astral experience I have had whcih I have described before was probably more time travel perhaps than astral travel.  I cast a net of the Alefbeit over the pre-static of astral vision and then passed through it, quite literally.  I was angry and I was storming around at the base of a tower, dressed in fineryand angry with the Queen of England (QEI) because she had decided to sell England to someone without informing me.  I stormed up the tower only to have my passage blocked by butterflies (I believe these were Angels that block access to the time stream).  They demanded, in butterfly speak, a kind of weird humming buzz, that I stop as she was busy and not recieving people.  I replied, in Butterfly**** (my partner of the time was listening to this in the next room, I have no idea how I learned Butterfly!) that they should know who I am and let me through.  I was kicked back into ''reality''.  I thought for a while that this tower was the Tower at the end of Charles Bridge but now I realise that it was probably Kelley's Tower that I now write from.  Now this was about 5 years ago and way before I came across this Tower and got sucked into its vortex.  I may have even mentioned it before on the blog and referenced it as that other location as the blog has been set up before the Dee/Kelley experiment.

Enough for now.  Next I will talk about the timetravelling raptors.  It is an important issue and should not be completely dismissed to the lunatic fringe, especially by those who already find themselves on it!!!

**Retrocausality - important astral experience with purple elf things in flooding town informed me through dialogue with them that this position is more accurate.  Hugely important concept in magic should be studied and discussed more.
***Machashavah - an alternate name for Kether.
****Enochian or more correctly Angelical.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Earth Altar - Kelley's Tower

I realise I haven't posted for a while.  I was busy resting in the sunshine in the microclimate of Kelley's tower. It has a strange way of making any weather beautiful but this Winter I enjoyed some amazing sunshine.  I have been thinking a lot about my portal project and had some bizarre synchronicities.

Kelley's Tower has been something of an expatriate hangout since the Velvet Revolution and there are a whole host of interesting artists associated with it.  One of them gave me the keys to my flat as I moved in when he moved out.  Below is the album he recorded in the basement:

LBRP song recorded in the basement of Kelley's Tower

You can't currently get into the basement as it is sealed off, but apparently it is a vast location under the courtyard with tunnels that lead to Prague Castle and tunnels which Rudolf probably used to visit his various alchemist pets.

A local author, famous for his acid-noir style, came over to read from his new book The Combinations which is set in the Tower and which will be out in June.  Written many years ago the book details the adventures of a man living in the courtyard and tower and his interactions with the place itself and the characters associated with it.  During the book the tower is being deconstructed by people renovating and making way to turn it into Kelley's Tower Hotel.  The funny thing is this is what is now happening.  Everyday with the exception of Sunday I am woken by the sound of heavy machinery being operated through the wall.

Conscious that I will be the last of these artists I have decided to make a documentary about the Tower and have already recruited a small film team and am trying to source some more advanced equipment for a ghost-watch style event to be included with it.  I have no experience of paranormal investigation so it would be much appreciated if anyone  wants to chip in with ideas about what I should aim to look for.

What I know currently is there is a temperature drop, and a presence with a haunting event that occurs most evenings.  There is occasionally mild poltergeist action - for instance a bottle was moved yesterday and I saw it happen.  And at certain positions in the Tower and in the tunnel leading to the courtyard mobile phone signal weakens considerably.  Either this is the weird geometry of the place or something else.  It doesn't seem right that it is the geometry as I get signal underground and the tower is actually at street level for the main street.

Anyway I welcome thoughts and input!