Monday, July 27, 2015

The Grimoire Crowd

Cut is the branch that might have grown full straight,
And burned is Apollo's laurel-bough,
That sometime grew within this learned man.
Faustus is gone: regard his hellish fall,
Whose fiendful fortune may exhort the wise,
Only to wonder at unlawful things,
Whose deepness doth entice such forward wits,
To practise more than heavenly power permits.

Chorus, Dr Faustus, Christopher Marlowe

The Blogos is primarily a means of getting the information I have recieved about Esoteric Genetics, Cellular Consciousness and the Metabolism of Time into wider, interested circles and secondarily a means of exploring QBL with the Sefer Yetzirah.  Only reluctantly is it a place to discuss the politics of the WMT where I have tried to keep my political focus on displacing the Kircher Tree as the dominant (and sadly erroneous) means of approaching the QBL.  To be completely honest when I see magicians discussing politics, whether it be social justice warrior types, the nuances of identity politics in paganism, whether Crowley being a racist makes his magick unethical, or the internecine and persistant conflicts that plague the out-dated orders that no longer have a reason to exist on this planet my stomach turns a little.  Its not that I don't see these issues as important to the people that post about them I just can't help but think of all of the dialogue about magickal technique and innovation that could be happening in their stead.

Jason Millier posted about the Grimoire Crowd recently, a group which I have to consider myself a fringe member of.  I have no interest in the beautifully bound books that are being produced or the PGM, the Picatrix, the Armadel, etc but since my focus is on the Sefer Yetzirah and a study of it not scrambled by the Golden Dawn et al - I am to all intents and purposes part of it.  I agree with Jason that sometimes the Grimoire Crowd can come across as smug, self-righteous, and instantly dismissive of more ''modern'' approaches.

In my opinion The Grimoire Crowd arose and gained in popularity, in response to a massively dumbed down WMT, saturated by Magick 101 books, and rapidly bleeding out into Paganism, Wicca, the New Age, UFOs, Darkfluff, etc and was indirectly led by people who wanted to regain some of the intellectual edge alongside rectifying longheld errors caused by the Victorians/Edwardians and restoring some credibility to the Tradition.  The people who are involved in the Grimoire Crowd are typically driven, passionate, thoroughly researched, ''grounded in astrology, enriched with tongues and well seen in minerals''.  They care about the Tradition in ways that your typical new age spiritual tourist flake can't begin to imagine and they are absolutely vital as sentinels for the WMT in its current, deplorable situation. This said, to dismiss modern methods of visualization, energy work*, psychic powers etc or the injection of Eastern Wisdom into the Tradition is utterly contemptible and makes those imbeciles just look like occult hipsters desperately trying to preserve or enhance their cool.

The Future happened already - everyone is a magician these days with their ability to gain secret knowledge from the web, communicate at long distances, fly through the air, bend electrons into heating, lighting, etc - Magick is for All.  In making it seem like the only appropriate approach to Occultism is the scholarly and historical one many of the Grimoire Crowd fail to grasp how much their child - Science - has to offer them.  For example, as a geneticist, understanding phenotype and genotype has given me incredible insight into the relationship between Yetzirah and Assiah, and indeed the whole four worlds theory of the Qabalah - and generally I can say that Science, more than any other discipline, has provided me with the technical knowledge and logical reasoning I need to increase the specificity of my results.  And when we talk about results this is what we need to talk about - accuracy, specificity - not just that they exist. 

Are there problems with science, and scientism?  Yes.  Science as a sociological force can seem to be allied with the military industrial complex and large scale capitalism - science for pure enlightenment or ''for the good of all humankind'' represents a tiny part of its operation - science is for profit often at the expense of poor animals who die in experiments testing cosmetics.  These people who worship science in the place of divinity... are they lost?  Well only if Scientism isn't simply a modern mask on Mercury worship.

That there have been similar periods in history which held deep understanding of the cosmos is obvious and the Hermeticist's quest for the secret advanced knowledge of the past is a huge part of the tradition and a love of antiquity should be cultivated alongside the knowledge of the future world.  We use both the past and the future to enrich our understanding of the present.

Jason also talks about how he will believe in the impressiveness of your results when a demon teaches you advanced string theory, or to fly in the air.  The reality is that the esoteric genetic material on this site constitutes a considerable advance for the WMT and has been mediated by the Archangel Raziel who I would not have been able to work with in this way if I hadn't devoted myself to understanding the Qabalah and Sefer Yetzirah at his behest in the manner of many of the Grimoire Crowd.  The fact that this material is not widely understood is due in part to the lack of knowledge in the occult community required to understand it, we lack scientists and/or knowledge of science - alongside, more often than not, common sense.

To conclude, what you get from being in the Grimoire Crowd is singlemindedness, devotion, perfectionism, and an attention to details that you won't find in other parts of the occult world which are bedevilled by laziness, illogic and flakiness.  You will find yourself [seeming to be] consumed by the conceit of your knowledge, proud like Lucifer, ''glutted with learning's golden gifts, surfeiting on cursed necromancy'', etc.  But after a while the only way to make progress in magick is to dive deeply into a single tradition, that dive does not invalidate other approaches but is very different to just half-heartedly scratching the surface of the Ocean.

*I think energy is a poor term in magick and increases misunderstanding - better words, for different reasons, would be power or consciousness.

Monday, July 20, 2015

The Tree of Life - The Shadows of the Past

ViaGnostica wrote very elegantly on the Tree of Depths and as he points out what the Tree represents is a framework for orientation to discover ourselves in infinity and exploring this framework is both exhausting and exhilirating.  Having recently returned from England where I  performed several ancestral pathwalkings it encouraged me to reflect on the Depths of the Past or Malkuth.

In the WMT, Malkuth is often understood to be physical reality and here we encounter the first hurdle of understanding as we have to remember that most people believe the physical world that surrounds them is something they observe directly and in the now.  However, what we think is the physical world is actually a hologram of that world created by sensory signals bouncing off physical objects into our sense organs ultimately interpreted by the mind.  Our consciousness then observes and interacts with this hologram from somewhere else inside our mind.

We know that as conscious beings we are surrounded by our ideation/sensation of the physical world and this is enclosed by the rest of our subconsciouness which some of us then believe is contained in a physical brain which is then in the physical world.  This consciousness of the physical world that we interact with is not in the nowWe are never present.  The sense impressions that are transformed into the hologram we percieve take time to reach the brain so the hologram is the past - it is history.

In observing physical reality it will always be like this - we never directly percieve the physical world in the now, but only our ideas/impressions of the physical world in the past.  This understanding of the physical world, not direct physical reality, but the physical reality that we percieve - is Malkuth or the Depths of the Past.

The consciousness of individuals is constantly fogged up by the tendrils of the past, whether it be endless analysis and recall of experiences - regret, guilt, anger, revenge, or in the desperate attempts to forget - alcohol, self-medication, sleep problems, and it is part of the journey of every initiate to confront and overcome the challenges they represent and as a healer to extend that wisdom to help others.  When one is stoic one can live in what I call the immediate past, which others call mindfulness*, an experience of the past which is uncluttered by remembering and forgetting. But there is a lot to be learned from the deep past that coils and writhes inside your every cell- here are the memories of untold generations of incarnations and the secrets of the powers of a real human being - VITRIOL.  Whilst being as present as you can be, in the shallow end of the immediate past, is a sensible position for day to day life and much preferable to  wallowing and drowning - there are great treasures in the sunken wrecks and coral reefs of the ancient deep for the intrepid diver.

 *They often continue to mistake their perceptual world for the now though.


Monday, July 6, 2015

The Tree of Life - The Tree of Depths

Ten Sefirot out of nothing according to the number of the ten digits [fingers and toes], which are five against five and a single covenant to be determined in the center. In word and tongue and mouth, they are ten extending beyond limit: depth of beginning, depth of end, depth of good, depth of evil, depth above and depth below, depth of east and depth of west, depth of north and depth of south, and the sole Master and lofty King faithfully governs them all from his Holy dwelling in Eternity forever. - Sefer Yetzirah, Saadia Version
The Sefirot are said to be the Depths, and these Depths are the end-points of five sets of polarities that we use to describe the universe - beginning-end, good-evil, east-west, north-south, up-down.  We are all familiar with the three dimensions of space, and the one of time, but as physics is increasingly discovering, the observer themselves must be included in any observation and therefore there is a dimension of perspective.  This dimension of perspective is traditionally referred to as the depths of Good and Evil but could also be considered as advantage-disadvantage, merit-liability or like-dislike as the observers respond to what is being observed.  One function of the Tree of Life is to create a map of these five dimensions and through meditation we can reach the point at infinity;  these bottomless depths only meet at the point at infinity.

The point at infinity is the true nature of the Sefirot, of the Depths - erroneously associated with spheres, the word Sefirot is closer to cipher (point) and Sappirot (sapphires from Sanskrit); the word used to conjure up the vertices of the lines on the cut stone.

They saw a vision of the G-d of Israel and under His feet was like the brickwork of sapphire and like the essence of the heavens for its purity - Shmot 24:10
Think how the idea of a sphere is immediatly limiting to only three dimensions and how physicists use more complex shapes to imagine the universe - toroids to Calabi Yau manifolds - and free yourself from its geometric prison. Once the point at infinity has been reached through meditation on the Depths one has reached the idea of the Sefirot which will act as the foundation* of the Tree of Life.  Spheres are useful but they can also be misleading.**

The Depths are associated with the Sefirot according to the Saadia Tree in the following way.  Binah is associated with the Depth of Evil as it is atop the pillar of severity, Gevurah is associated with the North/Cold/Contract for Evil comes out of the North*** and Hod with Down/In/Fall****.  These attributions complete a pillar that describes the idea of contraction or severity.  Inversely, the other pillar is a pillar of mercy topped by Chokmah or the Depth of Good, Chesed as the Depth of South/Warm/Expand and Netzach as the Depth of Up/Out/Rise.   Finally the middle pillar represents the depths of time, Past (Malkuth), West (Yesod), East (Tifereth) and Future (Kether), the journey of our soul between the pillars of mercy and severity, expansion and contraction from its beginning to its end.  These days I do not use the traditional titles of the Sefirot but refer to them as the Depths, I include them here for the sake of other Qabalists.

There are possible variations on this structure although most sources keep the six spatial directions to the six central Sefirot of Zeir Anpin (Ches, Gev, Tif, Netz, Hod and Yes).  Some argue for Good and Evil to be associated with Kether and Malkuth, giving Chokmah and Binah the depths of Beginning (Reshit) and End (Teshuvah) respectively.

As we have explained before the paths between the depths are associated to the letters by their natural groupings thus three mothers associate with the three horizontal paths, seven doubles with the seven vertical paths, twelve simples to twleve diagonals.  We can then learn more about these letters from their placement on the Tree of Life.

Three mothers: Alef, Mem, Shin: their basis is a scale of innocence and a scale of guilt and a tongue ordained to balance between the two. - Sefer Yetzirah, Saadia Version
Three Mothers: Alef, mem, Shin, Their foundation is a pan of merit, a pan of liability and the tonuge of decree deciding between them. - Sefer Yetzirah, Gra Version
 Alef, King over Breath, is between the Depth of Good and Evil and in the Sefer yetzirah, The Mothers (especially Alef) are said to be a tongue of decree that decides between merit and liability.  We know that the pillars of Severity and Mercy can be asociated with Liability and Merit and the Mothers on the horizontal paths are situated to decide between the two.


Alef, the breath wind, King of Air, sitting between the Depths of Good and Evil is the decider of where the rain falls and the storm strikes.  Mem, the wave, and King of Water, sits between the Depths of North and South, Cold and Warm - these waves of energy determine the way heat moves, the interaction of fronts and the periodicity of the weather.  Shin, King over Fire, sits between the Depths of Up and Down, Rise and Fall - as objects gain energy they expand (out) or rise, as they lose energy they fall, and we see this action of rise and fall most clearly in the movement of fire itself.  These elemental mother letters rule over the primary forces of creation in the Sefer Yetzirah - air, water and fire or clouds, rain and storm-flame, and straddle the Tree of Life's horizontal paths - they determine which lands have fair weather and which have foul, how energy rises, sinks, radiates and flows and in so doing form a tongue of decree which decides between Good and Evil.
 Seven doubles: Bet, Gimel, Dalet, Kaf, Peh, Resh, Tav. Their foundation is life and peace, wisdom and wealth, fruitfulness, grace and government. - Sefer Yetzirah, Saadia Version
The Seven vertical paths are associated with the seven planets, or seven double letters.  For the middle pillar - Saturn as the path between Future and East signifies death and reincarnation, the Sun between east and West shows its movement in the sky and the passing of the day*****, and the Moon connects the West (the twilight land of dreams), with the Past (including memory, birth and the memory of the last life).

The pillar of severity has Mars positioned between Evil and North and Mercury between North and Fall - the idea of Evil - North - Fall as a contractive axis has been established already and we know that Mars and Mercury are in charge of destruction and deconstruction. Mars as the evil that comes out of the north, and the Mercurial logical mind, with its tendencies to break things down are situated appropriately.  The pillar of Mercy on the other hand, Good-South-Rise fits well with the Jovian aspects of expansion and the erotic Venutian aspects of euphoria, awe and beauty.  Severity and Mercy can in this way be usefully contrasted with Work and Play.
Twelve simples: He, Vav, Zayin; Chet, Tet, Yod; Lamed, Nun, Samech; Ayin, Tsadeh, Qof. Their foundation is seeing, hearing, smelling, swallowing, copulating, acting, walking, raging, laughing, thinking, and sleeping. - Sefer Yetzirah, Saadia Version
Finally the twelve simples/zodiac signs trace our twelve diagonal paths and rule over various kingships, or faculties of the soul - Speech, Thought, Motion, Sight, Hearing, Action, Coition, Smell, Sleep, Anger, Taste and Laughter.  Most of these Kingships stem from the central Depths of East and West, appropriate in the way in which these faculties determine our sensory responses to conscious life and our movement within it - but Speech and Thought are associated with the future, and Taste and Laughter with the Past.  These kingships latent in our DNA trace their signature double helix through the paths of our Tree of Life, the Tree of our Depths.

*An alternate name of Yesod is Kol or All, through meditation on the Depths we do indeed relate to the All.
**We must also not forget that spheres are very useful text boxes.
*** Then the LORD said unto me, Out of the north an evil shall break forth upon all the inhabitants of the land. - Jeremiah 1:14, King James Bible
**** For thus says the Lord GOD, "When I make you a desolate city, like the cities which are not inhabited, when I bring up the deep over you and the great waters cover you, then I will bring you down with those who go down to the pit, to the people of old, and I will make you dwell in the lower parts of the earth, like the ancient waste places, with those who go down to the pit, so that you will not be inhabited; but I will set glory in the land of the living. - A Prophecy against Tyre
*****This central position also connects with the depths of North and South, and Rise and Fall which we all know are important in the movement of the Sun, and nuances the passage of time.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Tree of Life - The Saadia Tree, the Twelve Zodiac Signs and Genetics III and Summary

In thirty-two mysterious paths of Wisdom, Yah, Eternal of Hosts, Living Elohim, Almighty El, High and Extolled, Dwelling in Eternity, Holy Be His Name, engraved and created His world in three Sefarim: in writing, number and word. Ten Sefirot out of nothing, twenty-two foundation letters, three mothers, seven doubles and twelve simples. Ch1. V1. Sefer Yetzirah - Saadia Version
During the last series of essays on the Blogos we have looked at the associations between the cellular nature of the human body and the ten Sefirot and the twenty two astrological influences of the Sefer Yetzirah.

In the first essay we looked at the relationship between the three elements and the tripartite nature of the body - blood (air), cells (water) and nuclei (fire) along with the tripartite nature of respiration - oxygen (air), water (water) and sugar energy (fire).  We discussed carbon dioxide as ''earth'' in that it is a gas which we export from the body in respiration and which goes on to be used by plants to make the soil, vegetation and land of the Earth.  Carbon dioxide is not stored in the body which is why we have three elements rather than four.  This is especially important when building the Tree of Life into our auras.

In the second essay we looked at the relationship between the seven planets, the seven vertical paths and the organelles - planet-like structures that exist in the cytoplasm of every cell.  We imagined a descent into the cell from the membrane (Saturn), through the endosomes (Jupiter), the lysosomes (Mars), the mitochondria (Sol), the Golgi apparatus and the endoplasmic reticuluum (Venus and Mercury) and finally the nucleus itself (Luna).  This descent into the cell following the Chaldean order of the planets takes us into the interior of the Earth, our chronosomes, where we may find the hidden stone and unlock our latent powers.

In the two sections of our third essay we discussed the link between the twelve zodiac signs and the twelve basic genetic mechanisms of the DNA, the molecular whirlwind which dances in every nucleus - whereby our DNA is copied, reproduced, read and translated, repaired and recombined as it has been ever since the dawn of the first cell.  We looked at how these twelve signs and their genetic mechanisms match up with the twelve diagonal paths of the Tree of Life, effectively creating the shape of DNA itself in the glyph, and we see how the information stored in DNA emerges from the nucleus and creates every thing in the body.

In the Sefer Yetzirah we know that the twenty two letters (plus a fabled twenty third letter of the future world, a four headed Shin) merge into one name and here we see our twenty three chromosomes and the way their genetic material is deployed to create our entire physical and to a great extent, psychological being.

Sometimes in the current obsession with identity politics in the Western Mystery tradition, or with assuming a scholarly historical approach to the subject we forget that our ancestors, the alchemists, were primarily mystical experimental scientists and their principles are embedded in the scientific knowledge we have today.  There remains an untapped wealth of wisdom here which misdirected intellectual energies continue to fail to recognize and explore.

Ten Sefirot out of nothing. Ten and not nine, ten and not eleven. Understand in Wisdom and be wise in Understanding. Examine them, investigate them, think clearly and form. Place the word above its creator and reinstate a Creator upon His foundation; and they are ten extending beyond limit. Observe them: they appear like a flash. Their boundary has no limit for His word is with them: "and they ran and returned." And they pursue His saying like a whirlwind [vortex]; and they prostrate themselves [bend] themselves before His throne. Ch.1, V1. Sefer Yetzirah - Saadia Version

In this final section we will look at the two remaining signs of Aquarius and Pisces and their assocations in our twelve basic genetic mechanisms.

Aquarius and Pisces - Repair and Recombination

Aquarius - DNA repair

DNA is damaged in a variety of different ways, from toxins to cosmic rays, and there must be processes in order to repair the molecular lesions that occur.  When a section of the code is damaged an enzyme scans along the strands and uncouples the DNA in the mutated area copying the correct code from the remaining unaffected strand then repairing the missing links.  Damage to the DNA if uncorrected can lead to mutations and to cancer.  We see the glyph of Aquarius in the zig-zag motion of the DNA as it is being repaired.

Pisces - DNA recombination

During meiosis the production of sperm and eggs, the DNA is recombined, information swapped around between chromosomes and/or strands so that a new mix of DNA (and its accompanying traits or phenotypes) are created.  In this sense different sperm can potentially create different babies.  We see the glyph of Pisces in this swapping over of the strands.


The principles outlined in the Tree of Life essays can all be applied to what I call cellular consciousness, understanding the structure of your consciousness to be the same as the structure of the cell.  These associations once explored, memorized, and internalized will open the tremendous depths of your being - a being which continues in an unbroken line to the origins of life and into the furthest reaches of our metaphysical antiquity.

Monday, June 22, 2015

The Tree of Life - The Saadia Tree, the Twelve Zodiac Signs and Esoteric Genetics II

Twelve simples: He, Vav, Zayin; Het, Tet, Yod; Lamed, Nun, Samech; Ayin, Tsadeh, Qof. He engraved them, hewed them, tested them, weighed them, and exchanged them. How did He combine them? Two stones build two houses. Three stones build six houses. Four stones build twenty-four houses. Five stones build one hundred twenty houses. Six stones build seven hundred twenty houses. Seven stones build five thousand forty houses. Thenceforth, go out and calculate what the mouth is unable to say and what the ear is unable to hear.  Ch.3 V.4 Sefer Yetzirah, Saadia Version

Throughout our esoteric archives we see constant reference to our spiral nature whether it be through the Caduceus and the Tree of Life, Yogic chakras as vortices, or the whirlwinds, dragon-serpents and bolas of the Sefer Yetzirah.  Most esotericists would agree that the link between this imagery and our DNA is indisputable and many will discuss this association at length.  It is one thing to talk in general and quite another to know the details - with the former we can make beautiful imagery and inspire soulfulness in our endeavours in the material world, with the latter we can inform our medicine

There are Twelve basic genetic mechanisms and these relate to the Twelve Zodiac signs and the Twelve diagonal paths on the Tree of Life.  In the first section we related the first six signs of the zodiac to the six mechanisms involved in replicating DNA. In this second section, we'll look at Libra - Capricorn which cover protein synthesis.  As you know you are made of biological cells, each cell contains a nucleus which conceals the chromosomes - genetic dictionaries listing all the words or proteins necessary to make you. These four astrological signs  relate to the way in which genetic mechanisms are responsible for reading those dictionaries and creating a word (protein) from the genetic code.  In order to do this the chromosomes must be read, analysed, transcribed and translated - the subsequent protein must then be folded in a precise way otherwise it will not have its function.  

Libra - Capricorn or Protein Synthesis

Libra - mRNA transcription + splicing

Transcription is when mRNA is made from DNA - this RNA is a messenger which is ultimately read and translated into a protein. During transcription, an enzyme makes a copy of a gene from the DNA to mRNA as needed.  However some of the code is not useful and the mRNA needs to be spliced before it is read.   Splicing is the process by which pre-mRNA is modified to remove certain stretches of non-coding sequences called introns; the stretches that remain include protein-coding sequences and are called exons.  In the Libra diagram we see in the upper section an intron being removed from the pre mRNA.

Scorpio - mRNA

Once the introns have been removed the remaining exons form the finished mRNA which codes for the necessary protein along with what is called a 3' poly(A) tail.  This tail allows the mRNA to leave the nucleus and be translated into a protein as well as serving to protect the mRNA from degradation. When comparing the mRNA to the Scorpio glyph it is worth noting this tail but at the same time one should compare the image to the one for Virgo or DNA.  If we look at Virgo and Scorpio we see that they are very similar but where Scorpio has a tail, Virgo has a twist - Scorpio is our single-stranded RNA with its poly(A) tail and Virgo our double-stranded DNA.

The image below is useful as we see the DNA of Virgo, the mRNA splicing process of Libra, and the mRNA of Scorpio emerging.

Sagittarius - tRNA + mRNA translation
The produced mRNA is finally read by a molecule called tRNA which is attached to a ribosome. The mRNA is passed through the ribosome and the tRNAs coding for individual amino acids assembles the required protein.  The tRNA is evocative of the symbol for Sagittarius - in the 3d rendering of the molecule we see in the blue downward section the point of our arrowhead and in the green and red of the 2d rendering we see our crossbar.

Capricorn - post-translational folding

After tRNA has read the mRNA we now have our protein as a string of amino acids, our word as a string of letters - however the protein will lack its vital function without being folded, in some kind of molecular origami into its final shape.  This post-translational folding is what is referred to by our glyph of Capricorn.


These proteins read from the genetic dictionaries, our chronosomes, are the words of the serpent language of our spiral nature and this final folding of the protein is the inflection*.  These proteins are the words our DNA speaks as it replies to the needs and demands of the shifting environment of the body.

*Note that the site of post-translational folding, our inflection i.e. the E.R. and the golgi appartus relate to Venus and Mercury or Pe and Resh i.e. the mouth and the face

''It is probably best to think of the Golgi and the ER as both important parts of the process involving the way in which the nucleus packages and secretes proteins back out into the cytoplasm and finally the body at large.  What must be understood to really grok what is happening esoterically is that the cell is listening to the larger cellular community and then responding to its needs - the proteins, hormones or chemical messengers are the words.  In order to respond to the conversation the information contained inside the nucleus, the physiological dictionary, is read and the correct response/protein is formulated.  This word however must be inflected and spoken - in the language of proteins we would talk about folding the protein and then secreting it - Abrakadabra!''

Friday, June 5, 2015

The Tree of Life - The Saadia Tree, the Twelve Zodiac Signs and Genetics

Twelve simples: He, Vav, Zayin; Het, Tet, Yod; Lamed, Nun, Samech; Ayin, Tsadeh, Qof. He engraved them, hewed them, tested them, weighed them, and exchanged them. How did He combine them? Two stones build two houses. Three stones build six houses. Four stones build twenty-four houses. Five stones build one hundred twenty houses. Six stones build seven hundred twenty houses. Seven stones build five thousand forty houses. Thenceforth, go out and calculate what the mouth is unable to say and what the ear is unable to hear.  Ch.3 V.4 Sefer Yetzirah, Saadia Version

I will be breaking this post on the twelve zodiac signs into two sections in order to make it easier to digest.  What you will learn in these sections, building on the rest of the Saadia Tree and Cellular Consciousness, are ideas which should be exciting for the esoteric community.  It is challenging material to get your head around and ultimately up to that community what they do with it but the ideas are freely given.

There are Twelve basic genetic mechanisms and these relate to the Twelve Zodiac signs and the Twelve diagonal paths on the Tree of Life*.  We'll look at the first six in this section, Aries-Virgo which cover DNA replication.  As you know you are made of biological cells, each cell contains a nucleus which conceals the chromosomes - genetic dictionaries listing all the words or proteins necessary to make you.  These six genetic rhythms relate to the way in which these chromosomes replicate in order for the cell to divide into two daughter cells and involve contortions of the double helix - it must unzip, be read and copied, uncoil, reanneal, wrap and stack - this dance of the DNA secures the continuance of all life on Earth.

DNA replication or Aries to Virgo

Aries - The Replication Fork

The replication fork is a structure that forms within the nucleus during DNA replication when the two strands break apart so they can be read and ultimately copied.  The resulting structure has two branching prongs, each one made up of a single strand of DNA.  These prongs are the horns of the Ram.  As the replication fork is the beginning of the cell cycle so our Aries is the beginning of our Zodiac.

Taurus - DNA Polymerases

Each one of these separate strands is now read by an enzyme called DNA polymerase which runs down the strand and copies it.  Every letter that makes up the code AGTC has its mirror opposite and what the polymerase does is provide this opposite so that each separate strand can ultimately become DNA again.

Gemini & Cancer - DNA Topoisomerases

During the copying of the DNA there are problems with the twisting of the threads and these must be solved by DNA topoisomerases - enzymes which regulate the overwinding or underwinding of DNA.  DNA topoisomerase I cuts into the strand allowing it to break into two separate strands very reminescent of the symbol for Gemini and DNA topoisomerase II allows the strands to reanneal and supecoil again - this supercoiling being shown by Cancer, the two strands rotating around each other again.

Leo - Histone Bodies and Nucleosomes

Our DNA is now ready to be bound into the structures called chromosomes.  First this thread is wrapped around histone bodies - you can think of these as something like spindles.  As a spindle is filled with thread it is stacked against another spindle until they all stack up neatly into chromatin.  Since each human cell has about six feet of DNA inside the nucleus this is truly economic packing and stacking.   The genetic diagram below shows the super-coiled DNA of Cancer at the far left, the wrapping of these onto our histone spindles of Leo in the central section and finally the solenoids of Virgo at the far right.

Virgo - Solenoids

The wrapped DNA packaged on to the histone bodies is then stacked up into a structure called a solenoid.  These solenoids form our chromosomes the repository of our life and our cellular fertility. A fitting association for Virgo.  In the diagram below you can see the solenoid on the far left and if you rotate the symbol for Virgo ninety degrees you will hopefully see the obvious connection between the two.

From Aries to Virgo then we chart the origins of the replication process in the uncoiling of the virile horns of Aries, the fertile work ox of Taurus that replicates each one of the horns by providing it with its mirror opposite, in Gemini, the uncoiling of the loops so they stand opposite one another - duality unbound - following by the supercoiling of Cancer - duality rebound.  This double helical twine is then bound on to its spindle in Leo, and the spindles are stacked in Virgo finally culminating in the structure we call the chromosome.  

Are these associations between the astrological glyphs and genetic diagrams mere coincidence?  The Sefer Yetzirah is known as the Book of Formation and was used, according to legend, to create life - the twenty two letters like astral chromosomes that we mix and match through the 231 Gates in order to heal limbs or manufacture golems**.  Throughout the knowledge of the Western Mysteries we see reference to our spiral nature - be it through the caduceus or through the Tree of Life - and indeed the discoveries of our biochemists stand on the shoulders of our ancestors, the alchemists and the qabalists.  That the wisdom of the ancients, transmitted from antiquity through our mystery schools would correlate so well with the findings of genetics seems to be clear - indeed if we believe in the principle of as above so below why would it not be? 

If the chromosomes are The Rivers of Time, their course unbroken since the dawn of life and the first cell, their internal clocks, their cell cycles mapped by the movement of the stars perhaps a better name would be the chronosomes.

*Note the way the diagonal paths trace a DNA like shape on the ToL.
**More on this later.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Tree of Life - The Leeches and Crossing the Rivers of Time

The Rivers of Time contain destructive and disruptive entities in their waters which are the equivalent of the Klippot, the Shells or Husks of the Qabalah. Often the Klippot are thought of as a kind of demonic hierarchy relating to the Tree of Life and I think this is useful in that we can classify them by the centres they effect  i.e. there are Klippot that cause sexual diseases, some that cause kidney illness, skin conditions, various types of madness, etc etc.

Shabbatai Tzvi's alternate view of the Klippot is well worth getting one's head around though.  His theodicy suggests that the Klippot are particles of thoughtless infinity that have become wrapped up in the thoughtful infinity's creative intentions.  All this thoughtless infinity is seeking to do is return to its original undifferentiated state - the Klippot are not going about this in a consciously malevolent way - its simply a metaphysical mechanism.  Try to imagine the Klippot as holes in something where there is a pressure difference on either side, like a plane or submarine, - finity begins to be pulled into infinity - this infinite force on finity causes its structures to break apart until they completely crumble. Is this a positive source of evil like the Devil?  I don't think so but whether they are ultimately evil or not the Klippot do suck.

In the cosmogony of the Rivers of Time, these waters contain Leeches and they are one of the main opponents of the physiognomical characters as they attempt to figure out and eventually repair themselves.  The leeches are more densely concentrated in the lower portion of these Rivers, i.e. more in the swamps of the delta of remembering and forgetting, than in the mountainous regions of the altered future.   The effect of the leeches seems to be very similar to Tzvi's view - they are mindlessly and mechanically sucking your blood - aging you, increasing the effect of entropy on your body, destroying your great works as if they were sandcastles, etc - in the same way all finite objects are eventually ground down by time.

The vision of the Rivers of Time was accompanied by a lot of what I would probably refer to now as spirit work - communicating with the physiognomical characters for more information regarding their nature and the nature of the lands they occupy i.e. the 4th dimension - where time is seen more as block time - always morning in the mountains, always evening by the sea.

From conversations with the Bloodless Being I was told a story of how the Treefrog once tried to cross the Rivers of Time and was swarmed and drained by leeches - as the blood left her body the Bloodless Being told her that she should have exchanged her blood for light - a light being untouchable by leeches. This dialogue also lead into my later understanding of chronobiology - the Bloodless Being a physiognomical character of melatonin - an antioxidant hormone responsible for maintaining biorhythms that produces young looking, slim, slender boned, cancer resistant people with good complexion - in this sense the high melatonin levels of Bloodless Beings do indeed make them less susceptible to the leeches.

In another way we can see the Bloodless Being's position on the Rivers of Time at Changing the Future as being above the abyss and from the Qabalah we know that the Sefirot of the Supernal Triad were not effected by the Shattering of the Vessels - they managed to contain the light - future beings are light beings.  Blood, a symbol of our finity, our mortality, and our vulnerability to the leeches does not exist above the Abyss, it exists in the shattered worlds of the three dimensions below.  The Bloodless Being in us, the Light Being, is telling us to exchange our blood for light, or in other words to develop our astral body.