Thursday, November 13, 2014

Metabolism VII - The Cellular Membrane and the Astral Temple

The Astral Temple is typically created in the following way.  During meditation or trance state, one uses their imagination to go to a ''different dimension'' where one visualizes their temple complete with its furnishings and exterior finish.  When one has ''gone there'' one can perform various kinds of work in this Astral space - communing with spirits, centring oneself, etc.

Very much like my position on Pathwalking, as a practice that should be undertaken in the ''real world'' as opposed to a guided meditation,  I would now like to present you with a similar take on the notion of the Astral Temple.  Since consciousness *never moves* and your physical representation in that consciousness is always at the centre of the cell of your consciousness you can *always be present* in your Astral Temple, indeed you already are - it being a delusion that you directly experience the physical world.  The Astral Temple is not in a ''different dimension'' but overlaid on this one.   You do not need to go to a different dimension you are *already in your mind*.  You always have been in your mind.


Lets begin with something like the calling of the Angels.  There is no reason why one needs to call the Angels repeatedly.  Correctly understood, the Angels can be in their positions in front, behind, on your right hand on your left hand - all the time - performing their various roles.

Or perhaps you may use an association of the Angels of the Sefirot with its sometime different and extended array of those mighty beings - when the Tree of Life is overlaid on Cellular Consciousness, according to the instructions that have been given in this blog, there is no reason why Metatron is not always in the Bloodstream of Time, why Raziel does not sit at the Cell Membrane filtering it for secrets to enhance your cell with, why Tzaphkiel is not with him constantly surveying that Bloodstream for evil intent from the Qliphoth, or why Michael as Tifereth is not the glowing sun of your mitochondria, why Gabriel is not the fortress of your Nucleus, etc.


Magick is not something one should turn on and touch for a moment, experience the truth of your cellular consciousness, and then return to the delusion that you look through your eyes at the world.  It is a truth you should embrace.   The training one performs with a physical wand or a physical cup are like stabilizer wheels when you are learning to ride a bike, once fully understood this magickal equipment exists as a permanent feature of the astral temple where you *always are*.

The magickal sword is part of your psychic defence machinery, like the lysosomes form the defence of the cell, always endeavouring to break down hostile entrants, so your magickal sword should be ''permanently on'. In this way your cell will be kept more free of hostile phenomena - don't pick it up when you are being battered, be permanently battering your foes, physical, mental or emotional.

Similarly, the spiral wand of the DNA is your spine up to the top of your brain - as Feelix is in the centre of the cell in his kinosphere, so *you are your own wand*. The cup is the brain pan, the pantacle always under your feet at the base of your kinosphere.  Creation is as simple as unwinding that information in yourself to build phenomena from its raw building blocks (the astrological forces) or opening the gates in the membrane to allow raw materials or phenomena to flow in - and of course having the focussed will to do it.

Any standard room is normally modelled on a cell - there are gates and openings in the membrane (doors, etc), an energy source like the mitochondria (lighting, heating), product carrying endosomes (containers), an information source like the DNA (books, computers and *you*), a waste removal system, etc etc.  A normal magickal temple is typically an enchanted room with various magickal objects in it which are used for ritual purposes - so its an ''enchanted cell''.  An astral temple is typically seen as an astral version of this in ''another dimension'', or in the imagination.  What I am discussing in this entry is taking your work from the material through the ''astral'' to the noetic - which is the true state of your existence.  The light that fills the room you are in right now, flows from a physical source, but exists in your mind - in your cell of consciousness - as the mental representation of that light.  What you are seeing is the mental light that has been produced by the magickal lamp not the physical light produced by the physical lamp.  Let that awareness, that your consciousness is the source of that mental light, complete you and enliven you.

We know that there is nothing important in the material itself.  I believe that the devotion required to gather specific materials in order to make magickal objects is hugely important because that devotion harnesses and hones the *Will* which is the creatrix.  The Will of a master craftsman such as Frater Ashen Chassan is always impressive but it is not the carbon, oxygen and hydrogen atoms of the wood, etc that he uses that is important its the dedication and commitment that goes into making it that is.

''I have been studying how I may compare this prison where I live unto the world...'' 
Richard II, ActV, Scene V - William Shakespeare

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Metabolism VII - The Cellular Membrane, Tzeruf and the 231 Gates

Following on from the last entry we understand that in the membrane of our cell of consciousness, the membrane that separates us from the Bloodstream of Time there are gates, transporters and receptors in exactly the same way as the biological cell.  These receptors, gates and transporters activate the cell or allow various objects in the blood (hormones, chemical messengers, etc) to enter the cell (although some very small molecules like water, sugar, salt simply pass through the membrane).

In the Sefer Yetzirah: Theory and Practice by Aryeh Kaplan we are told that the Kabbalists used to use the 231 Gates in the following way.  They would arrange the letters around themselves in a circle - these letters are understood to have been hewn or carved from thought-stuff, as massive blocks and arranged like a psychic Stonehenge around the mystic or group of mystics.  By connecting the letters in various ways the 231 Gates can be activated in order to bring ecstasy, euphoria , delight.  Activated in another order the 231 Gates can bring plague, disaster, entropy.  

Expanding on the theory of Cellular Consciousness then we can imagine these letters as positioned in the sphere of Consciousness - as indeed they would be, pictured by the mystics at the border of their perception where it met their consciousness - and acting as those self-same receptors, gates and transporters in our cell membrane.

We know that each letter codes for a particular celestial influence, whether it be elemental, planetary or zodiacal - indeed if the aspirant is not comfortable with using the Alefbeit I don't see why these symbols should not be replaced with the astrological symbols themselves (although individuals should recognize that they are divesting themselves of the vast repository of mystical wisdom contained within the Kabbalah).

 By accessing this letter-gate, or a pair or series of letters to form a *word*, one should open those specific gates in the cell to allow associated specific phenomena to pour in.  Very much like hormones and chemical messengers act on the cell to produce changes in the chemical environment of the cytosol and DNA, one should be able to physically perceive the phenomena entering from the Bloodstream of Time and detect the changes caused within the mind and body of the recipient.

As we can see from the above diagram there are various types of receptors/gates/transporters found in the cell membrane but we must remember that all information coding for the construction of these receptors is contained in the DNA itself, which exists at the centre of the cell.  As there are 23 human chromosomes (and 23 copies) so there are 22 letters in the Alefbeit (astrological forces) + the mystical ''23rd letter to come'' - the four headed Shin.  As the DNA in the nucleus codes for all the proteins in the human body (and therefore all structures) so the 22 letters of the astrological forces contained within the human body (Feelix the Helix) code for all experienced phenomena.

In this model the practice of astrology is the equivalent of performing a blood test on the bloodstream of time, finding out what it contains (or is likely to contain) and take appropriate measures.  The practice of Theurgy is the equivalent to opening the right gates to the phenemona you want/need to experience so that it can enter your cell of consciousness.  One would be right in undertaking this method with the emphasis on personal and global tikkun.

This notion of Cellular Consciousness is a beautiful theosophical structure which ties together a lot of diverse material but it is merely mind-candy for spiritual titillation without knowledge of the details acquired through research, experimentation and memorization i.e. hard work.  This done, it becomes a very powerful super structure for the medically oriented Practical Kabbalist.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Metabolism VII - Tzeruf and The Cellular Membrane

The Sphere of Consciousness

The cellular membrane of biological cells correlates to the Sphere of Consciousness that encloses our ''bubbles of perceived reality'' and mediates between our individual cells of consciousness and the ''bloodstream of time''.

In the biological cellular membrane there are gates and transporters in the membrane that allow various proteins, chemical messengers, hormomes, etc through and keep others out. Pathogenic microbes such as viruses or intracellular bacteria exploit these membranes in order to gain access to the cell - often by presenting their own versions of ''keys'' to these ''gates'' or by ''picking the lock''.

Similarly in our sphere of consciousness there are gates and transporters in the membrane that allow ''phenomena'' to get in.  Employing the Kabbalah we can see that all phenomena derive from combinations (words) of the 22 sacred symbols and the celestial forces they represent in the same way that all proteins (which cause changes in the cell or which are used by the pathogenic microbes) derive from a very simple set of amino acid combinations.  One can probe, engrave, carve, or otherwise use the letters in the membrane to allow certain events (coding to the letter used) into the cell - i.e. to summon.


We know from a simplistic analysis that a stressed and exhausted person has a weaker immune system and is therefore more susceptible to have their cells invaded by pathogenic bacteria.  Is a stressed or exhausted person more prone to experiencing events that continue to damage their cell of consciousness?  To what extent can Tzeruf used in the sphere of consciousness prevent the experience of negative entropic events?  To what extent can Tzeruf or other forms of letter meditation be used to activate our psychic cellular machinery?  What would it mean to be able to open a ''Mem gate'' in the membrane of our cellular consciousness?  What does this do to our understanding of Gematria?

Here are the associations I use:

Alef - Blood (Mother of the Mothers)/ Air
Mem - Cytosol (Mother of the Doubles)/ Water
Shin - Nucleus + DNA (Mother of the Singles)/ Fire

Bet - Cell Membrane/Saturn
Gimel - Endosomes/Jupiter
Dalet - Lysosomes/Mars
Kaph - Mitochondria/Sol
Pe- Endoplasmic Reticuluum/Venus
Resh - Golgi Apparatus/Mercury
Tav - Nucleolus/Luna

Heh - DNA replication fork/ Aries
Vav - DNA polymerase/ Taurus
Zayin - DNA Topoisomerase / Gemini
Chet - DNA coiling/ Cancer
Tet - Histone-bound DNA/ Leo
Yod - Chromosomes and scaffolding/ Virgo
Lamed - mRNA splicing/ Libra
Nun - mRNA/ Scorpio
Samekh - tRNA-ribosome complex/ Sagittarius
Ayin - post-translational folding/ Capricorn
Tzaddi - DNA repair/ Aquarius
Qoph - DNA recombination/ Pisces

Monday, November 10, 2014

Cellular Consciousness and the Metabolism of Time

I have been asked to give a presentation on this subject at a local teahouse as part of a series of ''amazing discussions'' so I thought I would collect my thoughts here.

1. Establish what is meant by Cellular Consciousness.

Cellular Consciousness is a description of consciousness which suggests that our perception of reality is similar to the way in which the nucleus of a cell perceives the cytosol (and ultimately the larger cellular environment) that surrounds it.  My awareness of my physical body is surrounded by my perception of my current physical reality and this takes place somewhere within the larger mind.  Our reality bubbles share a very similar constitution to the reality bubbles of those around us and together we make up a ''tissue of consciousness''.  The physical body is a walking, talking representation of the genetic information that makes it up.

Most people live under the delusion that they are actually perceiving the physical world directly (through their eyes) as opposed to indirectly as a mental hologram of reality that they perceive from somewhere inside their mind.  Although educated people tend to know the truth of this ''reality bubble'' very few live it or indeed know a way how they could live it so they generally forget about it and live as if they are inside looking out.

There are some very interesting phenomena that emerge when we appreciate the true nature of our mental reality as opposed to the delusion of a direct experience of ''physical'' reality.

a) Our cell is contained inside the larger mind so that were we able to penetrate the limits of our perception we would not find the non-perceived physical world but the depths of our subconscious.*

b) We always face forwards.  When you closes your eyes and observe the pixels that make up your perception of the visual cortex (the little flashing dots) and then move the eyes around in the sockets you will notice that you are always looking at the same dots wherever your eyes are held.  This indicates that the dots are remapped to represent the different signals that are coming in from the ''physical'' reality but you are always looking forward at those dots.

c) There is no ''actual'' depth.  There is no movement.  There is no size.  All of these are achieved in an illusory fashion by the remapping.  See above.

d) ''You'' are everywhere present in your environment.

Once these facts are supported by contemplation and experimentation one can begin to extend one's consciousness throughout the ''spheres'' of consciousness.

- the kino-sphere, the sphere that roughly encloses the limits of the physical reach, very much like the Vitruvian man of Da Vinci.    You are able to re-position yourself (or your limbs) within milliseconds within that kino-sphere - you already exist there in potentia.

- the sphere of perception, the sphere that encloses your awareness of your physical body and its kinosphere - including all information from external senses (but mainly hearing and sight) with the possible exception of touch.  Since all perception is being formed from your ''thought-stuff'', your consciousness is already in the places you perceive.

- the sphere of consciousness, the sphere that encloses your mental perception of physical reality including your own body and its physical reach.  To achieve this level of awareness is to attain cellular consciousness and to be able to access the ''cellular membrane'' which like in the cell contains gates that allow ''nutrients''** to enter.

2. Establish what is meant by the Metabolism of Time.

Each individual cell of consciousness is in the process of digesting time, and time is digested according to a simple metabolic pathway.

Although every individual cycles through each of these steps in the metabolic pathway *every moment* - individual moments take on a nature which is particular to a step or steps depending on what happened in it.  For instance if one is being tormented by jealousy one is experiencing moments of either more analysis or more remembering, if one is drunk and partying one may be experiencing moments of either more reaction or more forgetting.

Just like individual moments, individual cells of consciousness also tend to focus on a particular ''type'' of moment and this emphasis characterizes the cell.  For instance there are people who are haunted by their memories, who find it difficult to let go of the past, are consumed by thoughts of vengeance, etc and we can say that ''remembering'' characterizes them.  Conversely there are people who recover from the end of relationships very easily and we could say that ''forgetting'' characterizes them.  Typically individuals fall on ''paths'' between two key concepts rather than specifically on one.

The endocrine system, the network of glands that spreads throughout the body delivering hormonal ''orders'' to the cells overlaps with the above diagram of the metabolism of time e.g. the adrenal glands produce both adrenaline and cortisol, one of the effects of adrenaline is to enhance memory function, one of the effects of cortisol is to impair memory function.  Overabundance of certain hormones, overfunction of certain glands produce physical characteristics in individuals which then allow typing based on those characteristics to occur - think of this as a genetic reboot of medieval physiognomy or the alchemical system of ''humours''.  Together then the host of individual characters make up the ''tissue of consciousness'' and Time is metabolised on a societal level as well as a personal level.  In order to take this any further one has to memorise the concepts above and the specific details of the various characters and their traits both mental and physical.

Any individual encountered in your cell is acting as a representative of their ''gland(s)''.  The action they produce in your consciousness is similar to the action of a hormone from that gland on a cell - thus a ''forgetting'' character associated with the hormone ''cortisol'' may cause stress.  A high adrenaline character, jumpy, tempermental, impatient and quick to violence may cause adrenaline production in the individuals whose ''cellular'' environments they happen to be in.

*This is made possible by the various techniques of lucid dreaming, astral plane exploration so that we (our consciousness) passes through the membrane of our individual cell and enters the ''bloodstream of time''.

Monday, March 31, 2014

The WMT - What went wrong? II

My first post in this series was about the Kircher Tree as I see this is as symptomatic of the disease at the heart of the WMT.  The fact that the logical basis for the construction of the Tree of Life i.e. the rule of 3, 7 and 12 could have gone unnoticed and the Kircher Tree unrectified for so long within the tradition shows just how mired in dogma and vested interest the various orders are and how illogic and ignorance have been allowed to hold sway.

For this second post I wanted to focus on what I see as the major causes of inertia in our tradition alongside dogma and vested interest although some of these points are developments of that criticism:

- Books within the WMT are confused and contradictory - some people go for a long time only studying modern commentaries without any recourse to source material, people who do compare and contrast these commentaries end up in a muddle and often abandon the whole pursuit or come to the erroneous conclusion that ''everything is right'' if it is right for the individual.

- Books that dumb it down - ''hey this next bit is going to be really wild, so you better sit down!''  Again accessibility is not something I want from an occult treatise but that's just me.  The danger of dumbing down an intellectual tradition is that the participants will not work on the reasoning/critical thinking skills that are so essential at the deeper levels of the mysteries or in the actual study of core texts which are written in highly arcane language - these books can get people stuck at the level of ''Peter and Jane'' when it comes to occultism.

- Identity politics - in a discipline which constantly emphasizes the unity of all life and consciousness it is surprising how many people are beset on emphasizing the differences and divisions between people as opposed to the similarities, remember the forces that want to keep this world in spiritual darkness love it when we fight amongst ourselves and while I appreciate you're a very special and unique bag of water animated by reincarnating information spirals the whole reincarnating information spiral is the bit that interests me and the bit we all have in common.

- Spiritual tourism - because of various competing systems means that many people spend too long figuring out what is ''right for them'' that they do not get beyond the superficial levels of study.

- Esoteric nature of subject matter - this means the population studying at intermediate level is very small thus interaction mainly occurs over internet and is further complicated by bewildering terms such as the Green Lion, or Veil of Paroketh.

- Competing egos - typical in any walk of life but especially demented because of subject material as it relates to development of personal power.

- Geekdom - geeks and nerds learning systems in the same way they would nerd out about roleplaying games, these types typically come from roleplaying entry point into WMT, they are nerds and geeks about their special topic of interest rather than genuine practising magicians, although I obviously accept overlap here one needs to be able to differentiate between spiritual practice and live action role playing.

I play a couple of computer games from time to time and I have no problems in admitting that I role-played in the past. I thoroughly enjoyed making my own games up and the best available at the time were the World of Darkness where I ran Mage games. I make most of my living through acting and theatre so I still ''roleplay''. I would argue that I am a good director because I spent a long time running these games - it developed my imagination and my people skills. That said since most of us have a propensity to geekdom we have to accept that being a geek/nerd can get in the way of our work. How many man-hours are drained off discourse and practice because of geekery - i.e. playing video games? How many ex role-players see initiations as levelling up? I could go on with these comparisons but I don't think this is a non-issue and I hope I have made my position a little clearer. I think ''Geekdom'' or whatever you want to call it is a problem for our community like meth or crack are problems in others.

- Refusal to accept criticism of themselves or their sources - criticism of one's own practice is necessary in the refining of that practice, criticism of sources is an accepted part of any method and should be applied to any authority in the WMT considering how weak most of these sources are.  It is as possible that Agrippa has it wrong as it that the author of the Sefer Yetzirah has it wrong.  Critical thinking hat should *always* be on.

- Various problems that limit peer-peer interaction
a) teacher-student relationship overemphasised because of power/money issues results in a lack of peer-peer communication
b) magical journalism where writers talking about magick being done, or magick that has been done, or new articles on magick and not discussing the magick the individual's themselves practice - magick ends up being about reading about magick/studying magicians
c) magickal scholarship where writers get lost in the intricacies of scholarship on archaic subjects - severe danger of armchair-ism unless it informs practice but often these scholars neglect to discuss actual practice as well - similar to magickal journalists

Occupying a fairly niche position myself I have to resist the lure of presenting myself as a ''scholar'' of my esoteric cranny all the time. I try to make my material accessible to the intermediate levels i.e. the level I am at, and I really do want debate to occur. To me, often scholarship on the blogosphere ends up just being an exercise in trivia and minutiae as it relates to the WMT as a whole which is where my criticism is aimed. I would rather hear details of how experiments with historical practices go or at least some details of that with the scholarship. That said I would definitely prefer to read a bit of historical trivia about some pagan deity I am not particularly interested in or what I would consider an opinion piece from a ''magickal journalist'' than read another post aimed at selling me shiny things or something vaguely ''motivational'' empty of any genuine esoteric value. That is of course when the blogosphere isn't just dead altogether in which case maybe its time to leave out some cool water for it. 

d) magickal authors who don't contribute to peer-peer relations because they are saving their words for books which make money - so they do not contribute effectively to dialogue with peers, some contribute to dialogue with *students* assuming they pay

The lack of genuine interaction at the higher levels actually results in a severe lack of insight and understanding at those self-same levels for instance I know of several WMT magi considered fairly advanced by the community who lack serious basic knowledge of Hebrew.  This problem is so severe that I have been credited with having special insights and masterful ritual craft by several of them, high praise which I think is largely undeserved.  All I have done to achieve this ''level'' of expertise is endeavour with all my heart to cut through the problems above in my own practice. 

We need to talk.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Stoicism and Unification II

Ten Sefirot out of nothing. Stop your mouth from speaking, stop your heart from thinking, and if your heart runs (to think) return to a place of which it is said "they ran and returned"; and concerning this thing the covenant was made; and they are ten in extent beyond limit. Their end is infused with their beginning, and their beginning with their end like a flame attached to a glowing ember. Know, think [reflect, meditate] and imagine that the Creator is One and there is nothing apart from Him, and before One what do you count?
Ch.3 V.1 Sefer Yetzirah, Saadia Version

We all know what its like to be very busy.  ''Running around'' - getting in adventures!  Funny I've been running around for about three weeks since I last meditated on the immobility of my consciousness and the fact that it only exists in the spiritual dimension where there is no time or space and only perspective.

Seriously.  ''I've'' been ''running around'' and my consciousness has not moved one bit.  Sure the thought-stuff that makes up its contents has been continuously recoloured, updated and reorganised to reflect the various phenomena that I have experienced but it in itself hasn't moved one bit.

I move my head to look to my left.  My consciousness doesn't move.  My awareness is remapped to show what is to the left in my perceptual cell.  I move my head to the right.  Same again.

No size.  No movement. No differentiation.  All consciousness.

Go for a swim.  Get in the pool.  Track back and forth in the waters.  Experience the weird sensations that come with swimming.  The feel of the liquid, the change in weight, the splash of the water in your eyes, the movement of all your limbs and meditate on the fact that your consciousness is not moving at all.  Its not just your vision that is remapped, etc but all your senses.  Not just vision but all of that sensation in a sphere of absolute stillness.

And there's practical Kabbalah in this thinking as well.  Being inside this goldfish bowl of consciousness where thought-stuff flows like a fluid, I know that as the fish my fins can influence currents.  I know that breathing out the letters make ''bubbles'' of those letters form*.

Where is this consciousness happening?  Its happening ''inside'' my larger consciousness which is also not moving.  Where am I running to?  Or what am I running away from?  Where can I return to if I've never ever left?

One could read this to suggest that it's experiences of consciousness that one runs to and then ''returns'' to ''normality'' in case it becomes all too much.  Once that sense of normality is altered from its original fallen state by the Great Work and one regularly experiences the rectified state of consciousness then one must expect ''running and returning'' to swap in their meaning, mustn't one?  One runs around in the delusion of material existence and one returns to the source of consciousness?

*Letters produce Kingships when impressed upon ''reality''.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Tree of Life II - Qabalah is the New Black

Those of you who have been following the work on this site will know that it is about harmonizing the Tree of Life with both traditional sources and modern biochemical understanding.

Kabbalistic Tradition states that the paths on the Tree of Life are associated with the elements, planets and zodiac signs, the three elements being related to the three horizontal paths, the seven planets to the seven vertical paths and the twelve zodiac signs to the twelve diagonals.  Within this rule the Kabbalistic authorities disagree on what should exactly go where, for instance should Shin be the topmost horizontal or should the letter Beit be associated with the Moon or Saturn.

In creating the Saadia Array I have followed the simplest and most logical method of attribution along with the associations in the Saadia edition of the the manuscript Sefer Yetzirah.

The elements are in the order they appear in the Sefer Yetzirah and in the Alefbeit - Air (Alef -1st horizontal), Water (Mem - 2nd horizontal), Fire (Shin - 3rd horizontal)

The planets are in the Chaldean order and associated with the doubles in the order the appear in Alefbeit - Saturn (Beit, top central vertical),  Jupiter (Gimel, top right vertical), Mars (Dalet, top left vertical), Sol (Kaph, central central vertical), Venus (Pe, bottom right vertical), Mercury (Resh, bottom left vertical) and Moon (bottom central vertical).

The zodiac paths are in the order that they appear in the zodiac (Aries - Pisces) associated with the order they appear in the Alefbeit (Heh - Qoph) and distributed from top to bottom with Aries-Taurus at the ''top'' and Aquarius-Pisces at the ''bottom''.  This manifests the Zodiac man in the Aura


When we say ''top'' we mean towards Keter and when we say ''bottom'' we mean towards Malkuth, but the spatial directions along with the dimension of time and the observer (the Ten Depths of the SY) are associated with the Ten Sefirot.  There is some discrepancy between sources for these attributions but the six spatial directions are often associated with the central six Sefirot of Zeir Anpin.

The complete Saadia Array* then looks like this:

Looking at this array we can see that the planets are astrologically harmonized with the depths, for example - Sol runs between the depth of East and the depth of West, East through Saturn into the depth of Future and our Death, West through Moon returning to the past of our Birth*.  We can see the traditional beneficent expansive fortuitousness of Jupiter in its position between the Depth of Good and the Depth of South. Similarly the malefic Mars between the Depth of Evil and the Depth of  Cold.

Looking to the right of the diagram you will see the correspondences for cellular consciousness.  The idea is that consciousness is rooted in our cells, and our DNA, and that the structure of our consciousness is congruent with the structure of the cell.

Unfortunately there is not time to go into a detailed exegesis of this at the moment but I will provide some examples.  

Endosomes are the transport system of the cell - you can imagine them as cargo boxes carrying material from the blood to the various facilities within the cell.  As we know Jupiter as Gimel (Camel) represents the camel caravans so important to life in earlier times.  Endosomes then facilitate the ''trade'' between cells and the blood itself.

Lysosomes are the defence system of the cell - they are also little containers but their cargo is the lytic enzyme known as lysozyme.  When material is passed into these containers the lysozyme breaks down that material into its constituent molecules - this may be as routine as waste disposal or as militaristic as the destruction of invading bacteria/viruses.  Of the basic organelles of the cell these are those most appropriate to the powers of Mars.

Lets look at Aries and Libra as our examples of the cellular correspondences of the Zodiac signs as Mr Coppock suggests they are important at the moment because of events in space.


Aries is associated with the replication fork which is the beginning stage of the cell cycle and fundamental to the process by which cells replicate themselves.  It is wisely associated with Aries not only by virtue of it being the ''Spring'' of life, but also because the spiral horns of Aries echo the spiraling force of replication which emerges from the replication fork.




Libra then, is rightly associated with the processes that occur in the splicing of mRNA whereby introns (DNA regions coding for ''nonsense'') are removed and exons (meaningful regions) are brought together for the purpose of transcribing proteins.  What is most fascinating about these associations is how the zodiac glyphs exactly resemble our modern biochemical understanding of these processes. 

mRNA splicing

The information in the Cellular Correspondences of the Saadia Array can supplement the detailed physiognomy we have already laid out on this site.  The pathway between certain characters is not only a pathway between various endocrine glands on the physiological level but a pathway within each cell.  If we can identify someone as being on the path between Chokmah and Chesed (somewhere in between an ''Ignorant Fool'' and a ''Shellfish'') we know that not only will the hormonal area emphasized be serotonin and the immune self recognition system but also endosomes on the cellular level.  Whilst I appreciate this is complicated for the dabbler it is of immense practical value in healing***.

*Pathways with Hebrew Letters for Saadia Array

**Obviously this Saadia Array can be used alongside the Metabolism of Time - the head is in the future because the brain is pre-empting the next event, second guessing the flow of time, the ''food'' we eat, or the experiences we have, are ''digested'' and when all nutrition is removed the ''faecal matter'' is the past (that we have not stored as memories in our genitals i.e. for passing on genetic memory).  In order to fully integrate the Saadia Array with the Metabolism of Time one must resolve the mystery of Daat.

***The physiological problem highlights the cellular problem highlights the personality problem.  This still does not resolve the human quandary of whether it is better to be a suffering somebody or a smiling nobody.