Monday, May 14, 2018

Hermetic Lessons - (Hermetic) Tarot


- Explain differences in Renaissance, Modern and Post-modern Tarot

- Show how the disagreements in Kabbalistic attributions of the Major Arcana between the G.D. British (Fool in first position) and the Levi Continental tradition (Magician first) lead inevitably to questioning whether there is any objective (astrological/kabbalistic) meaning to these associations or whether it is based on whatever the person thinks/believes - if so what are the implications for the rest of Tarot symbolism (i.e. that without astro/kab)?  The arbitrary nature of such attributions and questions about their value opens the door to the flowering of post-modern Tarot i.e. oracle decks, and whatever works culture - the subsequent ''return'' to the focus on ''authentic'' Renaissance decks is as much a function of millenial magipsters as it is any actual solving of the original problem, what it effectively does is half-avoid it


- Purpose of first lesson is to understand what it means to transition from Fool (0) to Magician (1), that the Magician is the idealised magickal self and that journey may take multiple lifetimes, and that this idealised self may be your ally, your teacher, your friend and your enemy depending on philosophical perspective

- Detail the Magician card, what are the primary tools of the magician and how do they relate to the Tarot at large?

  • Wands/Fire - Passion, Ambition, Drive, Creativity
  • Cups/Water - Emotions, feelings, dreams, receptivity
  • Swords/Air - Intellect, destruction/deconstruction, analysis
  • Pantacles/Earth - Material concerns, physical health and wealth

- Through the magickal tools the magician learns to direct his will but ultimately the objects themselves have no intrinsic value and act much like stabiliser wheels on a bike while you learn.  One of the tasks of the trainee is to incorporate/integrate these tools within the body, the mind and the soul.

  • The Wand runs from the base of the spine and culminates in the centre of the brain with the key glands (pineal, pituitary, amygdala) 
  • The Cup is located in several places, clearly the mouth and the stomach are ''cups'', but so are the brain pan and womb
  • The Sword is used for the purposes of elimination and runs down the body from the neck (the hilt), the shoulders (the crossguard) and then down the spine - the kidneys and the immune system can be thought of as sword functions as they eliminate toxins and invading microbes from the body, digestion and internal ''immunity'' of the cell use lysozyme i.e. trillions of molecular sword-enzymes
  • The Pantacle is your feet wherein is contained the wheel of your karma (i.e. DNA inheritance) and also the pains and burdens of your whole body are expressed in the feet and can be relieved/cured by foot care

- Explain that within Hermetic Tarot while the 22 Cards of the Major Arcana relate to the 22 Letters of the Alefbeit and the numbers of the suits relate to the Ten Sefirot (in the Four Worlds)

- Explain how the way in which you view the numbers of the suits can be dependent upon your underlying philosophy (or that of the Tarot creator) - e.g. pantheists see creation and creator as one so therefore all numbers can be equally nice or nasty, but certain extreme (?) Gnostic groups see Earth as a kind of Hell that our original light being selves were drawn into like moths to the flames of realisable desire and passion and are tortured by material existence so for them numbers closer to 1 are ''better'' as they closer to ''out of hell'' 


- In order to ''level up'' one needs to either study or practice, so here are some simple activities to do everyday with Tarot without needing endless questions about your life or sitting in a cafe waiting for people who are in need of readings

  • Tarot Headlines - Pick a tarot card to predict the first news headline at the hour on the channel you choose.  Apply your knowledge of the tarot to see how the Tarot is describing the headline.  Write this down in a journal.
  • Tarot Selfies - Hold the Tarot deck in your hand as if it is a phone, and ''take a selfie'' with the deck.  After taking the self draw a card this represents the image of your head.  Take a photo of this selfie.  Take one everyday and compare.
  • Tarot MRI - Effectively an extension of Tarot Selfies, use the deck to scan three sections of your body - head, torso, abdomen - and then draw cards to represent each of them.  Take an MRI like this everyday and you will see patterns emerge in the form of suits/numbers etc and you will also see yourself ''digesting'' the various energies that come your way - the head card will be what is immediatly on your mind, etc and the subsequent cards events of several hours or a day past (i.e. the digestion cycle)

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The Twelve Senses II (Astrology)

Building on the conversations around the Twelve Senses, various people (mainly materialists) had been asking me about causation within astrology and how it was possible that such remote objects as stars could have any physical effect on the body.  I explained that my studies in genetics suggested that really the stars were acting as markers for internal processes within the DNA (zodiac signs + basic genetic rhythms I II III), a clock if you like, as opposed to actually ''causing'' anything persay.  But the conversation proceeded to how as organisms we interact with our environment and I shared the idea that, depending on when we are born, we are children of the weather and the effect of that weather on the mood of the people around us i.e. Leos are Summer children and Aquarians are Winter children so they are socialised differently as people/society are behaving differently when their clocks are set.

I've been playing Life is Feudal: Forest Village recently, (as part of my shift from strategy games to management games due to changing business conditions and therefore different skills that need practising) and it demonstrates how our evolved background of survival in primitive conditions forces certain behaviour at certain times of the year: 

  • Aries - Individuals beginning to thaw from Winter, have energy to get outside and do stuff but before the sensuality of blooming spring, therefore can be quite '"Spartan''
  • Taurus - Sensual, regarding the sights, smells, sounds and textures that suddenly flourish in Spring
  • Gemini - Late Spring, Early Summer transition between the mania of Spring and the laziness of Summer
  • Cancer - Summer storms, bottled up pressure suddenly released, relaxed afterwards while more pressure builds
  • Leo - Lazy days of Summer explains the foundation of cat-like behaviour
  • Virgo - Harvest
  • Libra - Storage (figuring out how much we have of different foodstuffs, explains why they are so anal)
  • Scorpio - Nights are getting long enough providing darkness for concealing Scorpion action...
  • Sagittarius - Last (desperate) burst of energy, picking up the crumbs and last minute hunting before everyone is trapped by snowfall
  • Capricorn - have we enough food to last for the Winter, if not I will eat you - seriously though there will be slaughter of something, goat or otherwise
  • Aquarius - child trapped inside by Winter, has to use imagination/philosophy for fun way more than other children 
  • Pisces - still trapped inside by Winter, more dreamy because more generally exhausted by Winter, huddled with other people (shoaling for warmth)

These are a few sketchy notes (so my post doesn't drag on beyond the few paragraphs allowed by the contemporary reader) but the standard question in response to this (kind of) materialist explanation is the problem with the Southern Hemisphere to which my first answer is that the South has only been populated by people who would use Northern Astrology for a relatively short period of time and could be extremely faulty, the other answer would probably involve the genetics of the northern people who colonised there (although that is far from fleshed out).  Obviously the best thing to do in this situation would be to use the astrological system of the actual people who live/lived in that area previously as they are way more likely to be accurate if astrology is most effective in a regional setting.  I want to be clear though that this conversation was had with materialists and esoteric beginners and the above is a way to get yourself thinking about astrology and not my personal final position on the subject which would be more idealist than materialist (i.e. esoteric genetics where the twin helix of DNA is our gateway into the nature of time and consciousness itself).

A question that interests me now is whether or not we can associate the Twelve Senses with the Twelve Zodiac Signs in this way (as the Sefer Yetzirah does) - is there any reason why a sense of tone would marry itself to Aries, or a sense of smell would marry itself to Scorpio? Are these Twelve Senses a function of time itself?

Monday, April 16, 2018

The Twelve Senses

Twelve elementals: Heh, Vav, Zayin, Chet, Tet, Yod, Lamed, Nun, Samekh, Ayin, Tzaddi, Qoph.  Their foundation is speech, thought, motion, sight, hearing, action, coition, smell, sleep, anger, taste, laughter.

Sefer Yetzirah 5:1, Gra Version

As many practitioners know there are numerous benefits to memorising the Tree of Life and imprinting it within your mind as a model for thinking with, similar to the benefits of extensive mind-mapping but without the advantages of unification and centralisation that come with QBL.  While learning and mastering the QBL most serious attempts will result in improved cognition, lateral thinking, speed of referencing, long term memory retrieval, reflexes etc and therefore creativity (at the minimum).  In the study of the later parts of the Sefer Yetzirah (Gra Version) I took pains to ''calibrate'' the Twelve Kingships of the Twelve Simple Letters, separate them out from the tangled mess/noise that makes up the typical consciousness and understand these as individual threads within it. Practically I would focus on each Kingship for a month, i.e. focus on my anger for a month, my action, my sleep etc and through practical work learn more about and grow to more fully understand these faculties of my being.

Although I had done the work and fine-tuned (to a greater or lesser extent) my anger, my laughter, my sleep, etc I had not considered them all as senses until I was reflecting on these kingships the other day with friends and students.  We typically learn five senses but some of those senses contain a mixture of different senses which are bundled up as one because they share a common location (e.g. the ears), and there are other Kingships that may be senses but that we label as something different. The premise of the idea of twelve senses is that we falsely distinguish between senses, emotions and thought when we would be better to think of all of these faculties as senses and in thinking exercises (reflecting, meditating, contemplating) along these lines they will, very much like the cognitive benefits from other Tree of Life, spring into existence - no longer bound by the ''propaganda'' of the five senses, we will experience the full truth of having twelve.

  • Speech - sense of tone, it is possible for me to raise my voice aggressively and for people to sense the tone (not just the volume) and have physical responses, similar to the effect a calming quiet voice has on the mind (see ASMR)
  • Thought - we generally take more credit for our thoughts than we should, most (if not all) thoughts arise as result of external stimuli, anxious thoughts before performance, desire based thoughts when looking at something you love, want, crave*, temp goes up you ''think'' I am hot, or by God its hot! etc
  • Motion - sense of movement, dizziness, nausea, the feeling of still being on a rollercoaster when you leave, although this sense is centred in the ears (working by means of tiny hairs sensitivity to the rocking motion of fluid in the ears) it should be distinguished from hearing
  • Sight - is a sense, we can elevate this to ''vision'', we can transform looking into watching or seeing
  • Hearing - is a sense; we can elevate this from hearing (passive) to listening (active)
  • Action - note we do not have the sense of touch on the list, the sense of action could be considered the resistance of substances to our actions, i.e. pressure, pain 
  • Coition - arousal, often confused with emotions but the reality is that physical stimulation, the movement of a bus you happen to be riding on, etc can cause arousal alongside the sense object of a desirable body
  • Smell - is a sense - in terms of its position on the list, it might be worth considering how much smell affects arousal
  • Sleep - sense of our own fatigue/exhaustion, experienced as aches, pains, etc
  • Anger - underneath anger lies the flight/fight response which is a sensory response to perceived danger 
  • Taste - is a sense which we elevate to ''artistic taste'' but which is a sensory response to grotesque and disgusting things, we can taste the air as much as smell it 
  • Laughter - sense of humour (!) its funny that sense of humour appears after taste and anger as these two prior senses are very much wrapped up in laughter - whether it be fart jokes, or laughing at people falling over, the roots of laughter are in fear, anger and disgust, and again laughter can be calibrated and cultivated

*The origin of most of my metaphysical thinking can be seen as (at heart) a sensory response to the infinity of space and the scattering of stars therein. Do all such chains of thought have a sense object at their origin?

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Tempography - Archetypal Situations

Observe and see how, in the winter, all the trees seem as though they had withered and shed all their leaves, except fourteen trees, which do not lose their foliage but retain the old foliage from two to three years till the new comes.

The Book of Enoch
Time is a landscape where going ''downhill'' towards significant events causes an increase in the number of synchronicities and an acceleration in the perceived motion of time and vice versa as we go ''uphill'' away from significant events and experience a slow-down.  These events (robust branching moments) are significant only in that they let you shift between different pre-existing variations of yourself that Raziel calls minotaurs.   In following on from the last post, how can we best describe ''the lay of the land'' - what factors give away the identity of the significant event and how best can we describe this tempography?

Archetypal characters are used throughout esoteric sciences in order to better understand people, to zoom in on the qualities of individuals in order to assist or heal them.  In the Metabolism of Time these archetypes are drawn from the endocrine system where a hypothetical fluctuation in the levels of, or cellular sensitivity towards, different hormones controls much of underlying ''mood'' - adrenaline types being more jumpy, insulin types being more sluggish, etc.  Most of the time we find archetypal characters are drawn towards or are involved in archetypal situations that suit the nature of that character e.g.  characters who are derived from the (foreign body recognition) immune system (of the cosmic being) are involved in constant analysis, blame and judgement and would do well to have a career in the justice system where their occupation will supply those situations as opposed to them pathologically acting out immunological reactions in their domestic life or otherwise seeking out and (mis)attributing blame in environments where it is inappropriate.

When you encounter an archetypal situation, there will be a ''guardian being'' or archetypal character of the corresponding nature residing there for instance in criminal justice situations you will encounter a police officer, or bailiff, or lawyer etc who you must provide ''passwords'' to in order to effectively navigate the situation.  Sometimes those characters are out of alignment and in ''the wrong position'' but most of the time nature finds its form in one way or another.


Returning to the Metabolism of Time we see that the ''characterization'' of time which provides our archetypal situations requires an individual moment to be broken down into ten phases for the purpose of experience but that each moment although containing ten, takes on the nature of one e.g. each moment of ''analysis'' requires all ten phases but overall that period of time can be characterised as ''analysis''.  These phases are at the core of the nature of reality itself (Atziluth, the divine thought-process, if you like) and our genetics, our endocrine system, our personalities, etc are all expressions of the Metabolism of Time.   Each of these phases become archetypal characters, and then hosts (or tissues), as individuals differentiate and then conglomerate.

Returning to the idea of tempography, since the robust branching moment will, of necessity, be an archetypal situation and contain the appropriate guardian character the situation itself indicates the type of significant event i.e. the two variants of yourself that are linked at that moment.  In order to break this down along the lines of Raziel's Fourteen Minotaurs and to get into the nitty gritty, it is necessary to look at an exercise from the Sefer Yetzirah.

In the Sefer Yetzirah there are 7 Kingships of the Planets, which along with their transpositions make up these so-called minotaurs of the self.  They can be associated with the planets in several ways but the one that works best is this one:

  • Wisdom/Ignorance- Saturn
  • Wealth/Poverty - Jupiter
  • Seed/Desolation - Mars
  • Health/Disease - Sol
  • Mastery/Slavery - Venus
  • Peace/War - Mercury
  • Beauty/Ugliness - Luna

On the Tree of Life there are 7 vertical paths (shaded purple) and therefore 7 positions for these Planetary Kingships and, by relating this to the Metabolism of Time*, we can look at the archetypal situations that are ''joined'' by such paths and thereby detect the underlying nature of the significance of the event, the type of synchroncities as you approach, and what timeline or minotaur can be successfully transferred to.

Lets finish up by attempting to apply this interpretation of Raziel's guidance to a ''practical'' situation!  For example then, I am wandering along the pre-existing timeline of the ''wealth minotaur'' of me (the Jupiterian version if you like), when I notice synchronicities increase and perceived time speeding up indicating that I am approaching a significant event and it is therefore possible to change lines.  This significant event has the archetypal situational nature of Remembering and Analysis of the Moment, the Mercurial path on the Tree of Life (and the Metabolism of Time), and has a guardian character who has similar physiognomy to the Mercurial character in superposition and in order to deal with this situation I must provide ''Mercurial'' passwords of one form or another.  Now, I must deal with the situation, or rather since the future already exists experience how ''I'' dealt with it, but where I am truly free is at the conclusion of this moment I can swap between my minotaurs, in this particular case I can swap between the wealthy minotaur and the peaceful minotaur.  We can also assume, for the sake of the next set of ''experiments'' that the type of synchronicities indicate the situational archetype that you are approaching at the moment.

Observe ye how the trees cover themselves with green leaves and bear fruit: wherefore give ye heed and know with regard to all His works, and recognize how He that liveth for ever hath made them so.  And all His works go on thus from year to year for ever, and all the tasks which they accomplish for Him, and their tasks change not, but according as God hath ordained so is it done.

The Book of Enoch

*The qabalistic issues with doing this relate to the ''mysteries of Daat'' - but for ease now consider the Depth of the West (or Yesod) the equivalent of the Altered Past, and Malkuth as the Actual Past or ''The Grand Moment'' - situational archetypes that relate to Luna the path that ''joins'' the Altered Past with the Actual Past are generally ''dream'' related.

Monday, April 9, 2018

Temporal Gradients

As for the likeness of the living creatures, their appearance was like burning coals of fire, like the appearance of torches going back and forth among the creatures.  The fire was bright, and out of the fire went lightning. And the living creatures went back and forth in appearance like a flash of lightning.

Ezekial's Vision

We watched three alien sci-fi movies over the last few days and all of them involved the Ezekial style UFO (wheels within wheels, etc) - Phoenix Forgotten, Attraction and Knowing.  Since we didn't pick those movies for their ship design it counts as a synchronicity I imagine.    Knowing is a Christian disaster movie about the end of the world with a theme of Determinism vs Free Will and I thought a re-watch might come in handy plus my partner had never seen it. At the same time I was directing and producing two short plays by Harold Pinter and shared the sound track from Sleuth which my partner pointed out was clearly pinched from Beethoven's 7th and then Beethoven's 7th was in Knowing!  Woah...

As magicians we are fairly used to this kind of synchronicity and we observe many of them throughout our careers.  One of the challenges of the 231 Gates Project - 2018 is that we are going to try and crack whether or not the nature of the synchronicities indicate the nature of the upcoming significant event and why.  As discussed in previous posts we believe that synchronicities increase in number as you approach a significant event and decrease as you leave one - and we are adding to this that we believe that the percieved forward motion of time seems to increase as you approach a significant event as well*.  Imagine the preexisting future like a rolling plain as you go uphill (away from a significant event) time slows and synchronicities decrease, and as you go downhill time speeds up and synchronicities increase. Generally magicians don't think about the de-synchronous (the reduction in the synchronicities as you leave an event - uphill) which is why you don't see this idea discussed anywhere, and often the magicians can mistake the synchronicity for the event itself.  The standard counter claim(s) to using synchronicities as some kind of measure or navigational aide would be a) you are only seeing the synchronous when you want to see it (confirmation bias), and in truth everything is in continuous synchronicity or b) there is no synchronicity only coincidence without any underlying meaning.

Last week I ended up in the top 1% of actors on IMDb (star rating) which was pretty crazy in terms of ''big magic'' considering where I started in 2015 (to put it in perspective I have moved up 1,500,000 positions this year).  Much like (pathwalking my way to) living in Edward Kelley's Tower it is certainly tempting to think of these kind of large results as the significant events of magic.  When I look back over my life though I can't think that the seemingly small inconsequential events that are somehow stuck in my memory are less significant and whether what sorcerers might consider ''big magic'' - in terms of power, wealth, attraction, etc - are really all that ''big'' in the grand scheme of things?    How are we measuring significance?  Is it even possible to measure significance from a presentist perspective?  Probably not as we can only truly measure it after the fact, after the life... but if Determinism is true then this life, and everything, has already happened and the future preexists. How do we measure that life - qualitatively or quantitatively?  Personal happiness?  Wealth?  Spread of genetics?  We need to know the answer to this, or at least have an understanding of the problems with finding an answer before we continue. 

We have a primitive understanding of a way of categorizing significance in the form of the Fourteen Minotaurs which are, in short, the archetypal life-paths of fourteen variants of you - the wise one, the foolish one, the rich one, the poor one, the healthy, the sick, etc - and we have talked before about the possibility of measuring these from a hypothetical median self but against what?  Each other?  Is there even such a thing as health, or beauty?  According to Raziel, if I can be so bold, the significance of an event lies only in its linkage of two different Minotaurs together - two different categories of you, its significant only in that you can change from one person to another, change the channel of yourself that you are watching and not significant in and of itself or against any benchmark of meaning.

What is this thing then that measures us without measure and kills us even though it doesn't exist?  My headaches because the world aches.
Fernando Pessoa

So lets analyse the synchronicities mentioned at the start of this post and reflect on what signifcant event could possibly be coming up.  They are all related to Ezekial, so can I expect an Ezekial-esque event to be approaching?  Can I be expecting another abduction type encounter with Raziel**?  Are these significant events significant because they serve as branching moments between two minotaurs if so which?   The problem with this line of reasoning is that the synchronicities could be mere happenstance and any ''abduction'' that happens is only because I am on my knees praying for it to happen and not that it was preordained.

Now as I looked at the creatures, behold a wheel was upon the Earth beside each living creature with its four faces.  The appearance of the wheels was like the colour of beryl and all four had the same likeness.  The appearance of their workings was, as it were, a wheel within a wheel.

Ezekial's Vision

*This is consistent with a kind of Doppler Effect for the perception of time.
**I had a dream last night, where Raziel was explaining time crystals to me - these are four dimensional time nuggets that contain the various coherent realisable timelines of an individual, or universe - I don't think they are the other state of matter previously announced this year?  I saw them in the dream, he held some in his hand, they were nugget looking things and they were orange, copper, or brass, they kept shifting colours within this range and whether they were metallic or not - is this golden beryl or the amber from Ezekial's vision?

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Reverse Thinking

We cross our bridges when we come to them and burn them behind us, with nothing to show for our progress except a memory of the smell of smoke, and a presumption that our eyes once watered.

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, Tom Stoppard

My drama students and I are currently working on a play which is set inside a person's mind and the characters are the thoughts and thought structures of that person i.e. creativity, logic, addictions, instincts, realisations, questions, conscience, etc, etc.  The story involves the central character who is the persons' idea of herself (a nascent ego) exploring their mind, wrestling with the various other characters for the control of that mind until finally coming to terms with the idea that one thought must dominate - either her love for the idea of herself, or her love for another person.  The 7 part scenic structure is as follows:

  • Thoughtstream
  • Museum
  • The Abyss
  • Episodic Memory
  • Vision
  • Dreams
  • Cortex

We are working on the Episodic Memory scene where the protagonist (the idea of herself) is attempting to navigate their way through a memory while some characters point out the gaps and others are attempting to destroy it to free up space for marketing and advertising.  Towards the end of the scene a forgotten part of the memory (as a character) enters the scene and rewinds it back to the beginning and then plays it forward again so we can see what it is like when that missing piece has been restored.  Another character has sneakily inserted themselves into the memory so they can take the protagonist towards even higher realisations.  This is actually a very challenging scene as not only is it difficult to play something truly in reverse but the play is also creatively staged with in-the-round, reverse-round and traverse elements used in an immersive environment for the audience (so that they feel like they are her thoughts too).  Various characters have to be un-murdered or un-kissed, etc, and the students remark on how difficult and weird it is to block.  By the third rehearsal it started to look fluid and students were having their own set of realisations and enjoying the process immensely.

As readers of the Hermetic Lessons know I have been pursuing this reverse thinking for a few months now, trying to get myself (by running and returning) into a position where I can sustain de ja vu and these kinds of trans-temporal states of mind for a longer and longer duration with a view to psychically exploring a tempography.  For example I just visited the toilet and as I was returning to my studio about half way back I started picturing myself walking backwards to the toilet I had just left - trying to focus on both my forward motion and my anti-time clone's hypothetical reverse motion although I admit I stopped the experiment before reverse defecation. These aren't the first such thought experiments though, in fact decades ago I worked quite heavily upon one of Crowley's texts called Liber Thisarb.  Thisarb exhorts its readers to practice similar kinds of reverse thinking, even to try and read backwards but, and Crowley is pretty insistent on this as well, to not read esroh and think horse (which would be your brain cheekily escaping the confines of the trial) but to fully grok it as esroh.  With the proper application of reward and punishment it is entirely possible to begin to get results by ''the third rehearsal''.  While such thinking seems alien to begin with it rapidly becomes more fluid and natural.  In a previous post I talked about two different kind of people who remember - the ones who painfully try and extract memories, audibly groaning and agonising over the search and the other ones who just say ''it'll come to me'' and then it does, at some point.  What I am trying to say is that you only need to use will (and conditioning) to drive these experiments initially and then the mind will start performing those tasks itself and whole new vistas of reality will suddenly hove into view.

Consistency is all I ask.

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, Tom Stoppard

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Hermetic Lessons - Studying vs Smartphones

It was in early 2002 I found myself working in a champagne bar in Leicester; I'd open the bar in the late morning, complete the cleaning and maintenance and then have a lot of time on my hands as the bar was not busy until the evening.  During those hours I studied the Kabbalah alongside a number of different subjects including bio-psychology, endocrinology, philosophy, history and comparative esoteric sciences using actual physical books.  Not only was I intent on immersing myself in the world of the Sefer Yetzirah I was also intent on ''wiring'' my newly acquired knowledge into the Tree of Life (in my mind) with the general intention of improving my cognitive abilities, memory, speed of reference, psychic powers, etc.  I was aided in this respect because I had already sworn myself off fiction and had worked (through Raja Yoga) to develop the concentration and study skills necessary to just read textbooks.  In many ways I had been a very fortunate student (as I recalled a great deal of information from the memory palace of a former incarnation) but I wouldn't say I had ever been a good student up until this point. I had relied an awful lot on my silver tongue and good memory to blag my way through various situations but I realised that what lay ahead was a study bridge that no-one was going to cross for me.  I had to transform into the person that I needed to be and I had no teacher but myself.

Getting to the point of this post, I'll be honest there is no way I would have completed these essential studies or this transformation in the presence of a smartphone (I managed to avoid these devices until fairly recently, getting my first one in early 2017), optimistically it would have dented my productivity by at least 50%. I would have repeatedly dropped out of study mode to respond to people online or just browse the web.  Rather than reading the chapters of my set text I would have randomly wandered off at tangents or got into chats, etc.  Continuing this behaviour would have completely shattered my nascent willpower and reinforced appalling study habits. I avoided getting a smartphone because I could see around me the destructive effect it was having on people's minds (and personalities) and restricted myself to desktop internet. I struggle to mitigate the negative effects on my behaviour now I do have one.

When I have hit my students with the reality sandwich of actual reading and studying they are going to have to do in order to grasp the Qabalah and the Western Mystery Tradition at levels beyond beginner they nearly puke at the thought of it.  It is far easier for the student's ego to re-frame their esoteric identity as an open minded explorer of the occult whose sense of curiosity and wonder will open doors to insights at the ''right time'' (i.e. as a permanent beginner) as opposed to truly appreciating the academic grind that is necessary for advancement.  The vast majority of texts that you need to complete this study are available for free online so there is no way you can justify your lack of study by lack of books (as used to be possible) so the ego has to invent other ways*.  Obviously its not only reading that is important, finding the time and will for practical work is also seemingly beyond most students.  Most of this training also has to be done in private and that means detaching yourself from the grid.  There is no point meditating, attempting astral projection or completing ritual work with your smartphone on and your mind in ''smartphone mode'' - restless, attention seeking, anxious, etc.

Finally I want to say that the students' behaviour in class is impeccable - they are attentive, disciplined and ask great questions - it is the personal study that is shockingly lacking.  I asked them at the beginning of the lessons how much nagging they wanted about completing work and what the level of hostility should be - I think they were surprised by this question but I reminded them that it is impossible to move on in building the temple, so to speak, without adequate foundations.  This post is not a moan about the students themselves, although it could be seen as such, rather its an understanding of the new difficulties faced by students today and a reflection on what I can/must/should do as a teacher to help them.  As a director, I can't learn actors' lines for them and as a teacher I cannot complete my student's personal study.  I know that the challenges are fundamentally a lack of willpower (that everyone starts off with) compounded by a lack of willpower to develop the willpower you know you don't have, compounded by smartphones eroding any chance you ever had - so what to do?

- inspire/lead by example
- punish/reward for non-achievement/achievement
- teach studying/thinking (and espouse its virtues) alongside content
- be physically present during studying (incredibly difficult in reality, probably highly effective)
- isolation study retreats (along with the above)

I do do many of these things already and I should make sure I focus on them as much as I do on the content which of course I am highly passionate about.  As a teacher its easy to get lost in that content and forget its all meaningless unless it ends up stored in someone's brain in some kind of coherent way - because if it doesn't I am not really a teacher I am providing esoteric infotainment.  For various reasons the Baby Boomers have failed to pass on the tradition in a recognisable way and a lot of the Gen X practitioners/teachers are really into ''material'' (don't ask too many questions) sorcery (which is not all that intellectually challenging or demanding) and/or identity/psychological issues as opposed to what I would consider a more mystical/mathematical approach to magic.  As I transformed myself into a more effective student, I now have to transform myself into a more effective teacher and just like before no-one is going to do that for me.

*Although studying online means you are likely more exposed to the various distracting forces of the internet - the demons of chat messengers, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook groups, etc.  But it is ''free'' (or certainly cheaper) from a money point of view.  If libraries exist use them if you can.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Tempus Fugit? Homo Fuge!

Homo fuge! Whither should I fly?
If unto God, he'll throw me down to hell.

Dr Faustus, Christopher Marlowe

Some days drag, others speed by; the days are long, the years are short.  I experienced a bizarre memory glitch with my partner last night when we both swore that Trump had been inaugurated in January and had done all he had done in two short months.  We had to check that's how weirded out we were.  Before you think I am about to evoke the Mandela Effect this was clearly our memories making a mistake but the ultimate cause of that mistake is the way time speeds up, slows down and so on throughout the year.  We know that our personal moods are a factor, when things are exciting and we are busy time moves more rapidly and vice versa and these moods aggregate so that when the times are exciting and busy we as a society feel that things are moving more quickly or more slowly and this change in tempo can be disorientating - what year is this?  This is the subjective side of the experience of being ''in time''.

But if, as Raziel suggests, the future preexists and contains so-called robust branching moments that are like vortices and act as vertices between surviving realisable timelines then as we approach these vortices not only will we expect synchronicities to increase but also that time will speed up as we are dragged into the spiral.  Is the increasing frequency of synchronicity married to an acceleration of the perceived flow of time?  If so can we say there is a more objective component to the way seemingly time changes speed - a gradient or topology in the fourth dimension - not from mass alone but perhaps in our minds interaction with that mass?  Raziel has already indicated that matter is time and consciousness is anti-time. 

According to Raziel as we enter these branching moments we do have a decision to switch between timelines, a decision we do not have as we travel along a regular path where our momentary decisions aggregate to the same end.  Throughout these thought experiments on time travel we have explored a number of possible phenomena that we can use to both identify that we are approaching one of these moments and to determine the type of moment it is:

- the way synchronicities increase/decrease as you approach/leave a robust branching moment, so you can pay attention to this as one factor - this implies that the ''soul'' is most aligned with ''reality'' at the branching moment itself, a point of maximum synchronicity if you like, the eye of the storm might reveal a dead calm for that moment (?)

- the way time speeds up/slows down as we approach/recede a branching moment, is there then a ''stillness in time'' at the branching moment itself, the moment of maximum synchronicity?

- the ways we can characterise synchronicities through archetypal people and archetypal situations, in your life there are various significant people you will encounter that have a distinct look (physiognomy) to them and that you can encounter them again in similar looking people when similar branching moments occur, this leads to the idea that actually the similar looking different individuals you are encountering are in fact one ''entity'' in superposition throughout your timeline(s) and that their physiognomy indicates the type of branching moment that is being opened

Making observations like this leads to some kind of fourth dimensional awareness which is deeply tied to personal narrative and character but ultimately to an ability to navigate that time - crossing between the lines of the ''Fourteen Minotaurs'' or the ''Seven Kingships'' and transpositions of the Sefer Yetzirah, moving between health and sickness, wealth and poverty, etc.

If time flies, then we must earn our wings and learn to fly.

My senses are deceived, here is nothing writ:
Oh yes I see it plain, even here is writ
Homo, fuge!  Yet shall not Faustus fly.

Dr Faustus, Christopher Marlowe

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

The 231 Gates Project 2018 - Thought Experiments II

I am continuing to practice the thought experiments, exercises mentioned in the last post and continuing to convert more of the theory from Raziel into meditative exercises.  I want to provide a little feedback from my thinking, mind-state and ''results'' this week:

- Contemplating the world as if a museum, your journey through it as if on tram tracks and inducing de ja vu for extended periods of time, leaves one feeling ghostly and the world as if ''hollowing out''.  Continuing with this work of active contemplation the above feelings have continued to intensify, through the ''ghostliness'' I am beginning to sense my ''wave'' self, a feeling of catching up to myself and a sense of leaving myself behind.  It feels quite jarring, like a 4d car kangarooing (?), as this mind-state is really just developing and I assume I will get used to it as ''time passes''.  Also the shell or husklike effect on objects that made them ''feel'' ''hollow'' hasn't gone away but they have begun to glow (?) from within - a kind of grey/blue light that is either seeping out or shining through, could this ''light'' be produced by the transtemporal friction?  This is disorienting in the least, maddening at the worst but I can't help but feeling Eternalism or (more likely) some kind of bespoke Compatibilism is a more truthful (?) way of living.  At the moment it feels comparable to a personal Copernican revolution, in that people living as if Philosophical Presentism is the truth are somehow the equivalent of Flat-Earthers.

- A way of preserving the museum of the sandbox universe and not allowing potential time travellers to cause Grandfather Paradoxes (which would interfere with the invention of time travel itself) and also to explain the apparent absence of time travellers would be the limitation to observation only through those entities that are frozen in time, i.e. that there are (other?) eyes looking out through ours or that we are the eyes that are looking out and we are not ''ourselves'', either way its disturbing right now.  Wouldn't this kind of voyeurism be a very spectacular form of futuristic TV?  While discussing this someone brought up the idea that it would have to be ''filmed'' or simulated first before it could be accessed but I disagree, I think this museum is ''the real thing'' and maybe the way in which that ''real thing'' is accessed by the time travellers is built into the physics of anti-time (?) itself - we know people can remote view, we also have experience (including myself) of (feeling very much like) remote-viewing through time, maybe this can be somehow induced in the future which already has happened (?).

- Trying to create thought experiments/exercises on Fourteen Minotaurs, I am actively contemplating the idea of a very small number of surviving variant selves and other limited potential journeys that could have ended up where I am now, in terms of the city where I am living in the sense of ''All roads lead to Rome''.  To begin with I imagined the fourteen selves to be a little more scattered across the world so I am constraining/restricting that still further.  I am actively wondering how a variety of highly limited different decisions in various life paths could have all ended here and how different would those journeys to the same place actually be.  In a previous post I talked about tram tracks and robust branching moments so I am working on exercise now to see what I can ''mine'' from that in terms of different ways of thinking about magical methodology.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

The 231 Gates Project 2018 - Thought Experiments

In Spain, the dead are more alive than any other country in the world.

Federico Garcia Lorca

Anti-realism in theatre was a movement that sought to recapture some of the essence of the art that had been lost to the overwhelming dominance of Stanislavsky and realist/naturalist playwrights like Ibsen and Chekhov.  It sought to restore verse, poetry, imagination and above all else magic to a form that was increasingly dominated by an obsession with the real.  Rather than face ''reality'' head on as was increasingly the trend it wanted to return a sense of wonder and escapism.  It recognised a weakness in itself as although it was anti-that it hadn't clearly laid out what it was for.  When asking itself what it was instead of what is was against Anti-realism ended up transforming into a variety of powerful different movements in theatre from the Epic Theatre of Brecht to the Theatre of the Absurd of Pinter, Stoppard, Albee and many others that continue to influence art and civilisation to this day.

Anti-materialists in the esoteric sciences find themselves in a similar position - full of spleen and rhetoric against mainstream materialism but they seem full of fluff and wool when it comes to defining what they are actually for.  Spirituality is such a nebulous term that it is effectively meaningless. The vast majority of the work on the Hermetic Lessons are about transferring the gains of material science particularly Biochemistry and Genetics into a mind-only model i.e. not throwing the baby out with the bathwater.  In Running and Returning I recount various thought exercises that allowed me to run into a mind-only point of view and then return to a materialist point of view, increasing the length of time that I was able to stay in the mind only state for longer and longer.  Changing the foundation of my state of mind in this way allowed my intuition to provide different food for thought.

As we explore anti-time throughout 2018 I should apply the same kind of exercises in order to allow my mind to harness ideas in similar ways explore what it is as well as what it is not.  We need to explore exactly what Raziel means by Anti time: a physical/material retrocausal flow of time or ''reversiverse''; combined with the ideas of consciousness being a time traveller producing ''anti-time'' when it imagines the future and remembers the past; or only in that self-same imagination?  We're aiming for a unity, in the sense of the Hermetic One Thing (where the apparent opposite is the same thing reversed) but we might not get one as our final answer.  If consciousness itself is seen as anti-time in this way then the work will be in refining the raw material of that consciousness that produces poor predictions and hazy recollections into the refined stone which allows astral passage to different actual positions in time for observation and experiments, crystal clear prophecy and perhaps the ability to impede or alter the (apparent) flow of time itself - with the mind only.  If not, then bring on the moldavite...

Just like we had to induce a sort of Alice in Wonderland syndrome through our exercises in order to escape delusional materialism by imagining for instance that there is no movement or size and otherwise reversing the relationship of matter with the self (i.e. to see the world as ''flowing'' through us instead of us as objects moving through the world) now we have to reverse and distort our ''natural'' yet probably mistaken relationship to time.  In order to challenge the assumptions of philosophical presentism, and the way in which those assumptions dominate the current view of magick I need to ask myself much more frequently whether the events I am experiencing have happened before or not.  So far I have found museums and tram tracks to be useful tools in these thought experiments - as I walk the various paths of this life, I reflect on whether what I am seeing is an exhibition and how free I actually am to choose what I see.   Looking more closely at my experiences with the Museum Thought experiment for a moment I have found that two things happen, firstly you can induce de ja vu for extended periods of time, as opposed to mere flashes, and secondly that everything begins to become extremely ''ghostly'' or ''spectral'' - maybe a kind of ''hollowing''.  More largely as I consider my basal sense of freedom, I feel that although there is some freedom of movement within museums (like first person RPGs) I am being guided, in one way or the other, that exhibits are signposted and there are restricted signs over all kinds of paths - effectively that the museum I walk through has invisible tram tracks.

You must not count too much on your reality as you feel it today, since like yesterday, it may prove an illusion for you tomorrow.

Luigi Pirandello

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The 231 Gates Project 2018 - Working Definitions and Important Archives

Leonard - This is Hot Tub Time Machine all over again.  Look if future Biff goes back to 2015 after he gives young Biff the almanac, he could get back to the 2015 with Marty and Doc in it, because it wasn't until his 22nd birthday that he placed his first bet.
Sheldon - But whoa whoa is placed right?
Leonard - What do you mean?
Sheldon - Is placed the right tense for something that would have happened in the future of a past that was affected by something from the future?
Leonard - Had will have placed?
Sheldon - That's my boy.

Big Bang Theory, Series 8 Episode 5

The following is a set of principles which will form the current working definition for the 2018 231 Gates Project although this will change as I acquire more information from various sources.
  • Magick rituals intended to contact entities or produce results are preexisting events that served to entangle their operators in two or more distinct points in time  
  • Synchronicities and desynchronicities were evidence of the temporal entanglement increasing as you approached the ritual and decreasing as you left it behind, like mass warps space-time 
  • During the moment of entanglement there was an information or energy exchange which fuelled the experiences and results on both sides
  • All time happened at the same time, there was no before or after, or one spirit in the past and one in the future, but both entities engaged simultaneously in the ritual experience - willingly or otherwise
  • Seen from a global perspective magickal rituals were one of the ways to describe the mass entanglement of all sentient beings
  • This universe is a determined sandbox pocket universe with finite but repeatable time which only has a few alternate paths through it, tied together by the invention of time travel
  • The only surviving universes are ones where time travel was invented, this serves to tie together that universe with its reversiverse at temporal pinchpoints
  • The vast majority of so-called ''infinite possibilities'' are dead, uninhabitable or otherwise un-realisable
  • You only have access to a few timelines where you exist, rituals produced robust branching moments where it was possible to change from one timeline to another like tramlines
  • Small decisions of yes or no, left or right, etc aggregate towards the same conclusion and keep you on the path until the next branching moment, during this pathwalking there is no genuine free will 
  • There is no spiritual otherworld where spirits live, all beings are spread throughout time
  • All ''spiritual beings'' share DNA and all existed at some point in the timeline, DNA is the root through which temporal entanglement occurred, the ''tangled threads''
  • Contact with the dead (or spirits that were originally real people) is contact with the living
  • Contact with ''elementals'' is the result of entanglement with entities living in the deep past, contact with angels is the result of entanglement with entities from the far future 
  • The Astral Plane is the reversiverse, a trans-temporal river of ''memory'', subject to extreme distortion, that allows you to move out of time and observe another period of time; the ''Bloodstream of Time''

Below is a list of all relevant material from the Hermetic Lessons regarding time travel undertaken over the last few years by myself or under the guidance of Raziel.  Over the next year I will be working to sort through this material and fashion it into some kind of ''paper'' and work with various entities to fill in the gaps, complete experimental data. The first two links are a little bit of the backstory as to how ''we'' got here and how it ties into the Qabalistic work with Sefer Yetzirah and the experiences at Edward Kelley's Tower.

The following are explorations of the dialogues with Raziel about the mechanics and structures of time travel, how and why it works, and why it is necessary.  Some of this material is the ''compressed'' info from Raziel, some is my attempt to ''unpack'' it.

These are posts relevant to the 231 Gates Project for 2018 on temporal entanglement as a unifying explanation for esoteric phenomena particularly on contact with so-called ''spirits''.

Miscellaneous posts musing on the intersection between an Eternalist perspective and common features of the discussion and experiments about magick - the astral plane, ''boons'', synchroncities, etc - and how Eternalism can have more explanatory force than ''unexamined probabilitism''.  Some of this material overlaps with work on the Metabolism of Time. 

A few examples of attempting to explain magickal results from an eternalist perspective with a view to temporal entanglement.

Blogger does not really structure the information in a searchable way so this is for my own use as much as readers of the Hermetic Lessons who wish to review or recap before following the 231 Gates Project for 2018.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018


The word Sefirah is not related to the Greek word sphere although as early as the Bahir it is related to the Hebrew word sappirot, or sapphires. 

Gershom Scholem, Kabbalah

I've been ''campaigning'' against spheres for some time now and once again the topic has resurfaced* along with a lot of the other baggage of the 'Hermetic Qabalah'.  I am not saying that spheres are entirely useless but they do stand in the way of a lot of other useful concepts that are at least as worthy, if not more, of your time.  In Brickwork of Sapphire I explored the link between the word for Sefirot and Sapphires illustrating how this brickwork could be referring to the Tree of Life itself which resolves into a series of rhombuses/diamonds once you remove the spheres, which are only there in the first place to serve as text boxes.  Removing those text boxes you are left with the Sefirot as vertices, or points where the lines meet on the cut stone or crystal.  This idea and the accompanying language of quarrying, engraving and carving stone(s) permeates the Sefer Yetzirah the key source text in the development of the QBL as a whole.

Look at nature - bubbles are spheres, sure, but Earth isn't, its a misshapen blob.  Cells aren't spheres in tissues like some perfect bubble wrap either they come in all kinds of blob shapes.  Speaking of cells bearing in mind the idea of vertices when overlaying the Tree of Life on your body you are much more likely to benefit if you focus on your nervous system and the connections between the main nerves, and those connections are the ganglion which are hardly ''spheres''.

From a mathematical perspective, as we move up through dimensions, we have circles, spheres and then glomes or higher dimensional spheres to play with - if you are working with spheres you are intrinsically working in 3d excluding the dimensions of time and perspective from your work.  When it comes to the Sefirot themselves you might find more traction in toroids and vortices - if not, try blobs.

*Re-surfaced is probably inaccurate, its always on the surface like so much ocean plastic, it just happened to drift into my field of vision again.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Evidence - Transtemporal Friction

Gravity is working against me
Gravity wants to bring me down
Oh I'll never know what makes this man
With all the love his heart can stand
Dream of ways to throw it all away

Gravity, John Meyer

Quantum mechanics is common currency in modern esoteric practice, dished out like it readily explains all the hard problems of magickal work.  Widely evoked, barely understood but funky as all hell, QM does provide scientific testable ''evidence'' of things and therefore is important to include alongside the eye witness testimony that we often have to rely on.  If we are putting magick on trial here, QM et al will constitute an expert, if relentlessly confused, witness.

The most popular of the interpretations is the Many Worlds Theory whereby every moment, multiple realities are being created and co-exist - in one universe the cat is alive, in another it is dead, etc - as the wave functions are being collapsed into observable reality.  We may witness only one version but how do we know that not all possibilities are happening some other where in their own fragment of time and space?  In this thinking magicians influence probability to end up in the universe they would like - a kind of probabilistic surfing.  Although the most popular there are other ways of interpreting the results of Young's Double Slit and other quantum experiments, with serious consequences for Magick, and it is to one of these that we turn in our last post on Evidence - TIQM or the Transactional Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics.  The reason this interpretation stood out in my long hours of reading on the bus was the way it resonated with what Raziel says not only in the way that Superdeterminism explains away such things as non-locality, spooky action or infinite worlds but also in the more obscure areas like the message on Anti-Time Clones or on the Reversiverse.

There is a way to escape the inference of super-luminal speeds and spooky action at a distance but it involves absolute determinism in the universe and the absence of free will.  Suppose the world is super-deterministic, with not just inanimate nature running on behind the scenes clockwork, but also our behaviour, including our belief that we are free to do one experiment or another, absolutely predetermined, including the 'decision' by the experimenter to carry out one set of measurements rather than another, the difficulty disappears.  There is no need for faster than light signals to tell particle A what measurement had been carried out on particle B, because the universe, including particle A already 'knows' what that measurement, and its outcome, will be.

John Stewart Bell

Bell Test Experiments are ways of testing the various interpretations of the data of Quantum Mechanics and their results suggest that theories that depend upon local hidden variables (i.e. faster than light communication and other funky ''quantum'' stuff) should affect these experiments in certain constrained ways and they don't.  Particles lose energy into the vacuum itself though so what is causing this energy loss - could it be that the particle is entangled with itself leading to the ''everything is one electron'' type of thinking? In Q.E.D. (Quantum Electro Dynamics) it is shown that nothingness spontaneously splits into particles and anti-particles which then annhiliate each other.  One interpretation, depending on some retrocausality, is that the anti-particles are actually particles going back in time when we see them manifest it as if the reversiverse is directly contacting this one.  What then if that energy loss in the void is not to do with a particle somehow interacting with itself persay, but interacting with, to quote Raziel, its ''anti-time clone'' - what if that energy loss is actually the result of a kind of transtemporal friction mediated through some extra orthogonal time dimension?  The universe and the reversiverse literally rub against each other, and this ''spark'' that Raziel talked about is the heat energy lost from that self-same friction?  Is time literally burning you out?

My dedicated study of physics finished after college and although I considered applying for Physics and Philosophy at Oxford, I pursued biochemistry and genetics at university instead.  I do maintain many good friends who are physicists though and the thinking in this post has been run by them and any new material generated will also be factchecked with such ''real physicists''.  Anyway when most are confronted with this kind of thinking, physicist or otherwise, the argument against it starts with personal incredulity (I don't understand so that is not how it works) or when people ''get it'' defeatism (well if so then what is the point of science or anything, huh?).  What I will show this year is that by getting beyond our delusional idea of 3 dimensional freedom we can access, through Raziels compatabilist approach, another type of genuine freedom.  Based on the average current understanding of magick in our community, I reckon that most people will find this kind of thinking impossible, depressing or frightening but with Saturn in Capricorn, in these strange days leading to 2020, Chronos is coming for you.

Time is on my side, yes it is,
Time is on my side, yes it is,
Now you always say that you want to be free
But you come running back
You come running back
You come running back to me

The Rolling Stones

Monday, January 8, 2018

The 231 Gates Project 2018 - Skepticism

I have been studying how I may compare
This prison where I live unto the world:
And for the world is populous
And here is not a creature but myself
I cannot do it: Yet I'll hammer it out.

Richard II, Act V Scene V, William Shakespeare

Definitions of magick range from ''everything is magick'', ''magick is the influence upon probability by strange attractors such as spells, altars, amulets, rituals'' to ''magick is the contact of and entreaty with otherworldly entities''.  Being skeptical as I was analysing what is considered to be a result  in such work was useful in that it let me question how much of my magickal experience was hysteria or delusion and challenge the usefulness of loose versus tight definitions.  If your identity and status are built around the quality of your demonstrable magickal experience it is less likely that you would want to question it as you are questioning the foundation upon which you stand both from a social and from a mental health perspective.  A certain brand of magician is keen to seize on anything and everything as success in contact or results so much so that what magick is ends up becoming highly diluted. 

For those of you who have been following this last couple of months of renewing purpose and consolidating the work on time travel you will know that I have also been pursuing extreme skepticism when it comes to the WMT's notion of what a spirit is.  According to my theory there is no such thing as an otherworld (or even astral plane persay) where spirits (elementals, demons, djinn, fae, angels, etc, ad nauseaum) ''live'', but spirits are all living entities in their own time and communication and effects are the result of temporal entanglement, both conscious and unconscious, as opposed to ''spiritual energy'' from ''another dimension'' or whatever.  I am a ''spirit'' as much as an angel, elemental or faerie is and I can be ''summoned'' knowingly or unknowingly.  The astral plane is the ''reversiverse'', where time flows backwards - although it might appear or feel, to our senses, to be something else.  As the temporal entanglement theory requires the future to exist it also casts doubt on one of the assumptions of modern magickal theory i.e. that what you are ''affecting'' with magick is probability of a given thing happening.

Thus play I in one person many people,
And none contented: sometimes am I king;
The treasons make me wish myself a beggar,
And so I am, then crushing penury
Persuades me I was better as a king;
Then am I king'd again: and by an by
Think that I am unking'd by Bolingbroke
And straight am nothing: but whate'er I be,
Nor I nor any man that but man is,
With nothing shall be pleased, till he be eased,
With being nothing.

Richard II, Act V Scene V, William Shakespeare

These exercises culminated in my yearly bus trip to England, a quality 19 hours with myself, the German night and the contemplation of time travel.  Moving around in my own mind felt so much more free and my thoughts more dextrous after such skeptical de-cluttering.  I used to ''joke'' with friends that I had deleted lots of memories from my childhood in order to free up room for ''other stuff'' and this felt very similar - in the space created new ideas could blossom.  I spent the hours reading about philosophical presentism vs eternalism alongside a particular interpretation of quantum mechanics and a lot of what Raziel had been talking to me about began to come into sharp focus.  I felt ''possessed by myself'' and was actually afraid of even thinking the theory that was beginning to form in my mind as I thought the thought alone might be enough to trigger the ''timetraveller swarm''.

In conclusion then, I have one more post on evidence to make before we begin the 231 Gates Project for 2018 and this is rooted in this analysis (and adaptation) of quantum mechanics.  This is not the Many Worlds idea (as Raziel already said this was highly misleading) but a different way of explaining the evidence we observe in science which links to concepts Raziel was sharing and which supports my theory of magick.  I'll post links to the material that I am working with but it won't be fun for those of you who prefer your magic loose, woolly and snugly, as opposed to tight and restrictive like a strait jacket.  Bearing in mind what has been outlined above - redefining magick and spirit(s) and abandoning probability - for some of you this may feel like a Theory of Anti-Magic.

I wasted time, and now doth time waste me;
For time hath made me his numbering clock.

Richard II, Act V Scene V, William Shakespeare