Saturday, December 26, 2020

2020 -The Year of Lilith, The Queen's Gambit

He says, humans originally had two faces. Four arms, four legs. And they were happy like that. Complete. Then they defied the gods, so the gods split us in two as punishment. Tore us away from our other halves. He said, each of us, when separated, is always looking for our other half. It's our nature. But when one is met with this other half... the pair are lost in an amazement of love, friendship, intimacy. And one will not be seen out of the other's sight. See, the reason is, human nature was once originally one. And we were whole. And the desire and the pursuit of the whole... is called love.


Micah, Io (2020)

At the beginning of Lilith the 2020 pandemic experience I watched a concerned relative, caught up in the First Wave of Ickian Conspiracy Theory, trying to spread awareness about nanotech in the vaccines and being roundly humiliated by my scientist friends who were all: ''Don't be a silly moo, they're not going to put nanotech in your vaccines!''  These online humiliations were committed with all the vigour one has come to expect from self-righteous scientists, and the scientistic but non-scientist gremlins that accompany them, outside the field of nano-medicine - I might add.  One of them, a military physicist, even showed a little film of a nano-carrier and said ''look this is where nanotech is now it could never do the things you are claiming it will'', but, of course, then it went and did exactly that.  It's one of the problems with scientists, they claim this high authority about material truth but when confronted with their own biases and ignorance their ultimate defense remains ''It's not my field.''  Oh right then what made your opinion more credible than someone from another field, you may as well just say ''I Fucking Love Science''.  If it's outside your field, you're not a scientist, you're just another banner waving scientistic gremlin.  What do we hear from them now they are rolling out the nanotech?  Crickets. They are ''playing'' Cyberpunk 2077 and watching Netflix with everyone else. 

As someone with a background in biochemistry I was in the unfortunate position where I could see that the actual existence of nano-medicine was beginning to dawn in public awareness.  The truth was never about installing little computers inside you that can track you (hint, they already put those ''in your mind'', this is old tech, but also ''outside your field''), the truth is about normalizing gene editing through nanotechnology, because once people accept what this particular nano-carrier can do, the sky is the limit.  All sorts of cures and fixes for various ailments are bound to follow.  One of the most important and bitterly fought pre-scripted distractions arguments coming up in 2021 will be whether the vaccine cured the disease or whether it blew itself out and the vaccination just happened to coincide. As one of my long predictions, based on the map of the Qliphoth, the announcement of full human cloning should be in 2029 and there is clearly a lot of social engineering preparation that needs doing before that.  A lot.  Obviously human clones already exist but the ''nanotech cure'' for COVID is an important unveiling of biotechnology that has been backed up in secret facilities or in regulation for decades as priming for the medical miracles to come.  Food tech is another one.  The Full Wellness Conversion TM will cost a fortune to begin with so its not going to be widely distributed but due to this financial limit the speciation of the rich and the poor, in terms of longevity, will continue unabated.  These somewhat false miracles of healing, false in that they do not appear to be globally oriented, fairly distributed or compassionate, will continue you throughout the decade and their development will be encouraged by rising infertility.  Before the New Jerusalem, humanity will be more heavily thinned, in some manner, as ''Eternal Life'' is not going to be given to everyone, only those who pass Dante's test

The Christmas Cringe on Social Media has been incredible this year, calcified images of all of these hollowed out ''normal'' people in front of their ''Trees''.  I hope they all enjoyed taking part in the yearly Cocoa Cola commercial but I feel like if I touch them they will crumble to dust.  They are the people that others are trying to save, these cardboard cutouts that are now less real than their avatars.  Remember how I said that 2021 would be purple and be in part about digital cloning - the specific idea being that digital cloning is a ''Qliphothic'' inversion of the astral body associated with Yesod - well check out The Queen's Gambit - no, not the production design extravaganza masquerading as prestige TV, the other one.  Her Royal Majesty entertained her subjects by donning her purple robes and imploring her cuddle starved man-children to find strength and resilience in these Covid/Brexit-battered times while guaranteeing that ''we'' will get through this eventually.  Yes, we will.  On Channel 4, however, Her Royal Majesty's digital clone, wearing blue, delivered esoteric in-jokes about pearly princesses and Epstein.  You see the road ahead?

As far as Netflix goes their new film The Midnight Sky is an esoteric inversion of the film Io which opened their year.  In Io a young woman in a barren place on an Earth with a poisoned atmosphere continues desperate scientific work in the shadow of the ghost of her father while agonizing about whether to get on the last ship to Io, a Moon of Jupiter.  In The Midnight Sky, an elderly scientist in a barren place on an Earth with a poisoned atmosphere continues desperate scientific work in the shadow of ''the ghost of his daughter'' while haplessly waiting for said daughter to return on a ship from K-23, a new Moon of Jupiter. What we are seeing here is another (fairly turgid) example of Golden Dawn style path-working (Io) and an inverted path-working (The Midnight Sky) from ''Earth to Jupiter''.  Since 2010, major films have nearly all been Golden Dawn style path-working as shown in the diagram of the Unifying Colour Theory.  Trust me, they have this poster on the wall of certain offices in certain studios.  Moreover, various actors are associated with the various Sefiroth and their roles become trans-filmic - for instance Jason Isaacs who plays an evil inter-dimensional warlock in both the OA and Star Trek Discovery.  If you watch this piece on Commedia dell'Arte from the National Theatre it will help you understand this concept and begin to maybe map out what is highly likely to be going on.... if you want to play that game.

So, emboldened by Her Royal Majesty, let's take another look at what's on the hit list - for inversion - in the 'mood piece' that will be Gamaliel 2021:

  • TITLE: Yesod, the Foundation
  • MAGICAL IMAGE: A Beautiful Naked Man
  • GOD-NAME: Shaddai El Chai, the Holy Living One (equated to the Genome)
  • ARCHANGEL: Gabriel
  • ORDER OF ANGELS: Keruvim, The Strong
  • MUNDANE CHAKRA: Levannah, The Moon
  • SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE: The Vision of the Machinery of the Universe
  • VIRTUE: Independence
  • VICE: Laziness 
  • SYMBOLS: Perfume and Sandals
  • OTHER IMPORTANT IDEAS: Astral Plane, Astral Body, ''Etheric Double'', Treasure House of Images, Memory, Underworld, Illusion

I will try to present an overview sometime early 2021, but since we are past the four act structures of 2019, and 2020, it will be currently impossible to make more than year-wide predictions. In the films that I have dissected The Destruction Team seem to be following the order of the concepts as laid out in the actual textbooks - so we could see some great inversion of a ''Foundation'' of some form early 2021 and then move into whatever grotesqueries they have cooked up for the inversion of beautiful naked men, etc, month by month. This feels lazy though and it seems more likely that there will be some ''myth arc'' running through the year that ties it all together like we experienced with Perseus, Medusa and Andromeda.  My lore is underwhelming on this but it is highly likely that this will be an inversion of some lunar deity myth(s) - quite possibly for us in the ''West'', Artemis, Selene, Diana et al.

Younger Augustine: This is K-23, Jupiter’s previously undiscovered moon. Not quite an exoplanet. The moon’s atmosphere is governed not by the sun, but by its thermal volcanic activity. In simpler terms, when studying K-23’s lunar spectrum, its biomarkers and water vapors, it appears as though it’s being heated from the inside out. And while further probing will need to test for atmospheric habitability, we can confidently say that based on its mass, radial velocity, and orbit, it could be just right.

Jean: [flashback, to younger Augustine after meeting at a conference] But while I have you, can I ask you a very serious question about your very serious book? How much of what you’re searching for is reality, and how much of your planet is just bulls**t.


The Midnight Sky (2020)

Monday, December 21, 2020

2020 - The Year of Lilith, The Andromeda Strain and 28 Days Later

Burton: Jeremy, these are Bio-Warfare maps!
Stone: So they are! Defensive, Charlie. Simulations.
Leavitt: That's not the point! Wildfire was designed for Germ Warfare. Wildfire and Scoop.
Burton: They'd use Scoop to find biological weapons and use Wildfire to develop them!
Leavitt: It stinks, Stone!
Stone: Don't be an alarmist, Ruth. We don't have evidence for any of this.
Burton: Evidence? Look at the map!
Stone: Don't be an ass! The map only shows what could be done, in the hands of an enemy.
Burton: Enemy?! We did it to ourselves.

The Andromeda Strain (1971)

Pedestrians (circa April 2020): Nanotechnology in the vaccine???  You must be 'avin' a larf mate!
Pedestrians (circa November 2020):  Please inject me with nanotech!


We thought we were doing V for Vendetta, then with a sudden sharp turn for pedestrians, we are doing 28 Days Later.  A ''new strain'' has emerged in London and is spreading rapidly turning St. Pancras into Train to Busan.  If we're doing Christmas/Pandemic movie crossovers, boys - 28 Days Home Alone - what is next

  • ''It's a Wonderful Death''?
  • National Lampoon's Christmas Contagion? 
  • Trains, Planes and Ambulances? 
  • Elfbreak? 
  • Covid Actually? 
One thing they never say about me is that I am short on fresh ideas about the anti-Christmas.  The New Strain (VUI20201201*) is, as insinuated before... The Andromeda Strain ... and what they are not telling you is that this is Good News.  Lockdowns force selective pressure on viruses, causing them to evolve towards more transmissibility but less lethality - this one will be more resilient as an airborne virus that can defeat social distancing but that resilience will cost it space.  A virus only has so much room on its ''hard-drive'' for genes so the new strain, the viral daughters of the mother strain are slowly being bred into being just another background common cold.  Unless ''Andromeda'' already existed in a lab somewhere and so was unleashed to bring an end to Lilifluenza now it has done the economic damage to the carbon economy it was always intended to do.  The inflated fear of ''Andromeda'', as well as driving people to stampede, will also drive them to participate in the vaccination program (Gorgoneion) over the next couple of months whatever the final intentions are for that operation.  The movement of London to the new ''Tier 4'' also completes our Lilithian Quartet of 2020.  It is fascinating to watch the Andromeda Strain movie now, with its colour-coded uniforms that tell you how infected with Earthly microfauna you are, its satellite-borne (SCOOP) comet-meteor fragment inciting event, and the general psychogeography of intellectuals operating and trying to keep their shit together in a complex biohazardous environment.  


We mentioned ''Intelligence'' as an aspect of our analysis of the Air theme with Je Suis Professeur i.e. that the element of air is traditionally associated with the intellect - the death of John Le Carre then is another ''de-intelligencing'' and the princess parade of blonde airheads mentioned in previous posts also compliments this process.  Yellow-Jacketed Air-head Ultra-Patsy Boris Johnson continues to stagger around wrecking the UK economy, readying the way for ''Shock Doctrine'' style capitalist pillage and ultimately destined to serve as the hate sponge par excellence for the economic aftermath of this Virus.  This double whammy of COVID and Brexit looks like it is designed as an ''economic hit'' - for everyone in the know, everyone who saw the twinkle in that Scotch Egg's Golden Eye saw the signal for the feast to begin - is a Goldeneye a starter or a substantial meal?  In the Land of the Blind the One-eyed Man is King; London has Fallen.  This act of self-inflicted economic Armageddon will lead to the transformation of British society and, long term, this is also good news.  Over the next decade the UK will be the ''World Stage'' - to begin with the tragic lessons of going alone, then the rising poverty and income disparity leading to something of a (controlled) social revolution alongside the reconstruction work which will see the UK become a model green (eco-capitalist) economy. Ordo ab Chao.  In the vein of Goldeneye  I.N.T.E.L.L.I.G.E.N.C.E has also served up the Solar Winds / Fire Eye Russian hackathon and  ''Yellow Cyberperil'' courtesy of the Dragon, set dressing for those following the geopolitical throughlines. For those interested, in terms of ''set dressing'' we were looking for combinations of the ''Yellow Themes'' and I was a little surprised by this Lilifluenza Oxygen Explosion Crossover.


Mysterious comets.  Wildfires.  Malevolent algorithms.  Disney Pangolin Serpent Bat Flu.  Cities torn apart by riots.  Choked highways. Ghost towns.  Apocalyptic weather.  Undead mink rising from their culls.  Nyarlathotep''Mania, Panic, Eccentricity!''  Miscellaneous bullet points of eldritch alien horror.  Investigators on the brink of losing their sanity and health... and with one bullet point of each left... what is the Nightmare before ChristmasNo toilet paper?  What gifts is Father Twatmas getting ready to lay under our tree? 

I think you are getting one right now i.e. The Andromeda Strain with ''Train to Busan'' vignettes. As far as the first nightmare of 2021 goes, I think we will have to wait at least 28 days.  Note to the wise, bear in mind that as the ''Virus'' (or for non-pedestrians, The ''Andromeda Strain'' of Lilith) goes into ''Hyperspin'' along with darkness + cold, we will see casualty rates spike aggressively, but ultimately, I assure you, this is for the best, as it will spin itself out.  This Nightmare before Christmas is all about milking out the last dregs of garmonbozia 2020 terror to propitiate Cronos for the conjunction, but in the end, in all ends, there is no thing to be afraid of for the Fear of the Lord is the Beginning of Wisdom.

Perfect Courage.  

Sen. Phillips: This cloud-seeding business, Stone — [are] you absolutely sure it worked? You better be!
Dr. Jeremy Stone: All reports continue to indicate that the experiment was successful, Senator.
Sen. Phillips: Then we can feel confident your so-called biological crisis is over.
Dr. Jeremy Stone: As far as Andromeda is concerned, yes. We have the organism at Wildfire, and we continue to study it. We know now beyond a doubt that other forms of life exist in the universe.
Sen. Phillips: Thanks to Scoop.
Dr. Jeremy Stone: Yes. [pauses] However, with this new knowledge, there's no guarantee that another "so-called biological crisis" won't occur again.
Sen. Phillips: Hmm. What do we do about that?
Dr. Jeremy Stone: Precisely, Senator. What do we do?

The Andromeda Strain (1971)

*Note to Qabalists - VUI20201201 - numerical revolutions and resolutions of the Crown...

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

2020 - The Year of Lilith, Yolks and Yokes

M: What else do we know about the Janus Syndicate?
007: Top flight arms dealers headquartered in St Petersburg.  First outfit to restock the Iraqis during the Gulf War. The head man's unreliably described.  No photographs.  Onatopp is our only confirmed contact.



Dear readers, I am sorry that I cannot write more complete posts at the moment but it is beyond my time constraints and the limits of my hypomania.  Although they've obviously had us all saying the word ''Lith'', a subtle demonic chant that has made us all ''crisis actors of the Abyss'', one sync has come up that is so obviously a signal and so weird that I thought I should mention it to those of you are who interested.  It concerns the British Brexit angle and the connections with GoldenEye and Operation Yellowhammer, which will be ''invoked'' on January 1st 2021 in the event of a no-deal Brexit. For those of you who follow the absurd comedy that is the United Kingdom for the last week or so they have been arguing about whether a Scotch Egg constitutes ''a substantial meal'' or not.  This issue has arisen because of various levels of tiered restrictions and what pubs are allowed and not allowed to do in those tiers.

Looking at the image above, we can recall that we were all originally set to green and then dropped into yellow, amber and red.  What you can see from the map above is the de-yellowing being applied across a nation.  Only the Isle of Wight and Cornwall remained in the Yellow Zone and now the whole country is engaged in an effort to return to Tier 1, to regain that Yellowness they have lost.  In fact they are now de-reddening themselves via self-suppression for those of you who remember the idea of Joker and have been following the alchemical aspects of this social engineering.  This brings us deftly, gracefully and eloquently towards full circleThe Beauty of Evil.  ''You'll never know how I watched you from the shadows as a'll never know how it feels to be the one who is left behind...''  

But what on earth does the Scotch Egg have to do with all of this, beyond whether it should be considered as a ''starter'' as opposed to a main meal?  Well - I would say - behold the Yellow Sign, mortals! But more specifically than that what we are looking at here is the Goldeneye...

After all, it is the Ancient and Accepted Rite of Scottish Freemasonry.

p.s. One further gem from the ravens but this is trusting my understanding of the secret language of the birds here and in particular the bird that whispered the word basilisk.  I tried to connect this to Medusa and possibly the code name for some kind of weapon system but the birds just whispered again.  2020 may well end with a deep freeze.  Of sorts.  All sorts.  This ''Basilisk'' (and a ''Medusa-esque'' scene) is suggested in the opening theme of GoldenEye - can you spot it?

p.p.s. At least they are not trolling us with Skyfall.

p.p.p.s They are definitely trolling us with Cyberpunk 2077 and Johnny Silverhand who will carry many people (Keanu as Jesus) into January 1st 2021, i.e. the Qlipha of Yesod, Silver being the alchemical metal of they'll be absolute gold dust in this game in terms of operational signaling and social engineering but unfortunately delving into its depths is also beyond the scope of my time.


007: You break into the Bank of England via computer and transfer the money electronically. Just minutes before you set off the GoldenEye, which erases any trace of the transactions.  Ingenious.
006: Thank you James.
007: But it boils down to petty theft.  In the end you're just a bank robber, nothing more than a common thief.



Tuesday, December 1, 2020

2020 - The Year of Lilith, Goldeneye

See reflections on the water
More than darkness in the depths
See him surface in every shadow
On the wind I feel his breath
Goldeneye, I found his weakness
Goldeneye, he'll do what I please,
Goldeneye, no time for sweetness
But a bitter kiss, will bring him to his knees


Goldeneye, Tina Turner


So Xenia Onatopp Lilith didn't nuke Disneyworld... it was clearly a 4am in the morning skrying attempt that one! In defence of our Apocalypse Squad's seers, shortly after that peer through the mists of time, Disney announced 4000 more job losses, bringing the total to 32000 - so someone got metaphorically nuked amirite?  In case you missed it, the Princess parade is still continuing with the Diana story in The Crown (Corona) - and bearing in mind that you have to carpet bomb different areas of the media with (images of) Princesses to make sure everyone gets caught in the blast, Kylie Minogue another blond pop princess was added to the set dressing with ''Disco'', and Miley Cyrus was covering Blondie.  They even managed to weave in Dolly Parton with the vaccine somehow!


The military assault in Ethiopia that our attention was drawn to did indeed tangle us all with Andromeda, the daughter of the ancient King and Queen of that country.  Now I know, and you know, that Ethiopia in the myth was probably a reference to Phoenicia but this is wordplay, for occultists the word is more real than the object which it represents.


The Buttercup Dream of Yellowcake seems to have materialised in the assassination of the Iranian Nuclear Scientist.  With ''the secret meeting'' between Saudi Arabia, the US and Israel is this all paving the way for a final assault on Iran? 


The Obelisks that have been appearing around the world have been attributed to an artist called John McCracken.  Again, whether he did it or not, it is the word drop that is important.  Say the word enough and it moves from being a signal to being a summoning of sorts.  This de-cocking of the Bavarian countryside is Lilithian ''set-dressing''.


The Arecibo collapse, I think, is probably an example of the Destruction Team's more imaginative work.  It recalls two movies - Goldeneye and Contact.  The Contact link is clearly meant to draw our attention to the Alien subplot that has been running throughout 2020, but I think the Goldeneye throughline may be worthy of our attention.  The Goldeneye weapon was an orbital weapon developed by the Russians that was later hijacked by the Janus Syndicate with a plan to destroy the British Economy with it by EMPing London.  Operation Yellowhammer anyone?  The UK left alone in the cold as a stark final message to what happens to those who try to go it alone.

Thanks I.N.T.E.L.L.I.G.E.N.C.E.

See him move through smoke and mirrors,
Feel his presence in the crowd
Other girls that gather around him
If I had him, I wouldn't let him out
Goldeneye, not lace or leather
Golden chain, take him to the spot,
Goldeneye, I'll show him forever,
It'll take forever to see what I've got,
You'll never know how I watched you from the shadows as a child
You'll never know how it feels to be so close and be denied
It's a gold, and honey trap, I've got for you tonight
Revenge is a kiss, this time I won't miss,
Now I've got you in my sights


Goldeneye, Tina Turner

Saturday, November 21, 2020

2020 - The Year of Lilith, Fools and Flowers

Shawty had them apple-bottomed jeans,
Boots with the fur,
The whole club was looking at her
She hit the flo
Next thing you know,
Shawty got low low low low low low 
Low, Flo Rida


Canadian meteorologist Frankie MacDonald used to be one of my ''conspiracy theory'' heroes.  Hailing from an earlier pre-Trump era where conspiracy sites like Godlike Productions still used to throw up fascinating threads like ''the fucking mox rods are on fucking fire'' or ''something went bezerk in the Gulf of Mexico'', people used to post Frankie giving these really random warnings and I was always impressed with his passion about weather and concern for other people.  I've always played the Magus, couching everything in esoteric lore and alchemical symbolism, but I always respected the Fool and recognised his own special brand of flower power.  Both behave in mysterious ways.  We experimented with the ''Vigilant Citizen'' format in Whores and Princesses, but today we will be imitating legend of prophecy Frankie MacDonald.  Since our world got flooded by ''question/answer non-player characters'' (QAnon) with their tired scripts, someone needs to provide some actual conspira-tainment.


It was after that earthquake in Turkey in Izmir/Smyrna released the Kraken but before right wing pundits started signalling about it we were projecting to a Temple in Athens (for tax reasons) when one of the crew reported a strange vision.  The release of the Kraken did not coincide with the its final assault, it would take time to get to its target - Andromeda - and the 23rd of November would be the beginning, or at least the beginning of the beginning, of this Cthulhu/Kraken (Cetus/Ketos) event that would round out the nightmarish year of 2020.  We confirmed its nature with mixed methods - wind/air, waves/floods, vortex, second smaller wave, second smaller wind - and moved on to confirming its location.  Where, in the west, would Ketos strike?


In one of the Games of Time, ''Desdemona's Fault'', the way you win is to rewrite history from the birth of Christ changing the world in subtle ways so that William Shakespeare writes Othello in such a way that Desdemona murders the tragic hero herself and Iago is converted to Islam.  The legendary Jugador, Jacque Karaquazian, generally plays his famous ''Faustus Maneuver'' where you play the entire game to influence Christopher Marlowe writing Dr Faustus. Rather than target Shakespeare directly, you target his influences - a kind of temporal trick shot.  Those who follow the Hermetic Lessons will know about the Lilith/Medusa connection and how we have been following it closely over the last year, you'll also know a little about the qabalistic, alchemical, psychological and temporal mechanics that have been used - perhaps the focus of the ritual was never about slaying Perseus or Medusa's vengeance, its always been about Andromeda and making sure ''Cthulhu'' gets fed, and perhaps more importantly that Poseidon is appeased?  Without Perseus there is nothing left to stop Cetus eating our Princess.  At least nothing left to mortal's eyes...



Who or what is ''Andromeda'', where is she and where is she going? Andromeda, as a Princess, is a symbol of Malkuth (2019), the ''soul of the world'', and one that is inverted in Lilith (2020), the first Qlipha of the Qliphoth. I was always attracted to that idea from Robert Anton Wilson (?) where he talks about the Spirit of the West (an Athenian Spirit perhaps) moving west around the world over thousands of years - rising from Athens, settling in Rome then rising again, Paris, London, then on to New York, Los Angeles, and then still further, to Japan and South Korea where it now resides - our wisdom, the information carrying capacity and application of the human race, and our sense of freedom rising with it.  Has a misaligned Eastern Spirit moved ever Eastwards, carrying autocracy in its wake - an Ahriman to this Ahura Mazda? Of course this theory is simplistic and open to easy criticism but just today I came across an article about a South Korean cheerleader to a baseball game and the whole scene looked more American than America and with K-Pop, computer games etc has this spirit of the West taken on its new form?  If this spirit continues to move we can expect democratic reform in China and more autocracy in the USA ''soon''.  This type of conjecture matters when we talk about ''The West'' and what will happen to it, as the West does not end with California.  We know the target of ''Poseidon'' is West but where in this ''West'' of which we speak?


Malkuth, like the World Card in the Tarot is often shown wrapped in laurels or other flowery garlands.  We saw this imagery in the movie Midsommar, in the alchemical Joker movie, in Katy Perry's princessing photos of 2020.  We've seen Garlands (the Corona, etc) signalling all over the place, on all sorts of other princesses.  Flowers are one of the key symbols of the earth and spring and life in general, and sacrifices of Princesses is an important part of ''historical'' culture.  In trying to tie these themes together it stands to ''reason'' that the target is ''The Flowery Ones'' and if we combine this with a soft interpretation of the Ketos event, i.e. that they are super-strong hurricanes, we can conclude that the islands of flowers like Haiwaii, or even Indonesia could easily be targets.  A lot of these places, even if they were destroyed would not raise the international ''social capital'' necessary to justify radically stepping up the efforts to mitigate climate change and complete the Great Reset.  2020 is now the most active hurricane season ever on record and, for instance, the chance of a hurricane hitting New York (a symbol of the West) has increased from 9% to 14%.  A more specific interpretation would suggest the target is Florida which literally means Land of Flowers and is of course home to all those Disney Princesses and their Theme Parks. Florida was also signalled in the movie Greenland (along with ''robo-messages from the government'' - that we saw reported in the US election). Thinking of something that Chris Knowles' has theorised about Hollywood dumping its executives during #metoo and avoiding lots of expensive payments of final salaries - with the decline in world tourism (not set to return in anywhere near the same scale) is The Princess Mafia about to pull off an incredibly ambitious insurance scam - a kind of weather weapon ''arson'' on Orlando?  Sounds mad right?  The Parks have only been closed seven times in history before lilifluenza, six were for hurricanes and once was for 9/11 - what would it take to permanently close Disney World?  And is this the way to symbolically sacrifice all those princesses in one go?


All of the above is assuming the ''Kraken'' is indeed the set of city-wrecking super hurricanes that we were expecting this year (and I mean over and above the most active hurricane season in recorded history, record breaking ''Cat. 6'' hurricanes themselves) but what if it were something even more dramaticStatus 6, is a terrifying new weapon from Russia, a tsunami-causing nuclear torpedo nicknamed Poseidon - in this way could ''Release the Kraken'' refer to faking a natural disaster? This kind of event somewhere in the Caribbean plate would see a tsunami and floods caused by a blast wave (as opposed to the wind), there is also the sync with our projection revelation and its reported very slow speed (which is one of the torpedoes modes of stealth).  Devastating Florida (and probably Cuba and Haiti), with Florida ''breaking the wave'' and reducing the destruction in the rest of the Gulf of Mexico, would allow Biden et al (Biden's Moonlight) an incredibly dramatic backdrop for speeches of reunification and healing the world.  This kind of event would also tie in the ''Yellowcake'' aspect of previous vision-work.  My problems with this interpretation are that an earthquake-caused tsunami is not attributable to climate change and therefore sits outside of the main narrative.


As occultists will know the Fool is the first card of the major arcana while the ''Flowers'' in this case represent the last - although Lilith is the first of the Qliphoth, its an inversion of Malkuth and the World Tarot card (attributed to Saturn in the faulty G.D./Thelema system), therefore in the Qliphoth the World is the first card and the Fool is the last.  The Colour Theory seems to be standing up with the constant humiliation of Trump and Johnson (Giuliani's hair bleed and the defeat of Trump again in the Georgia recount), the repeated references to wind power, even with this new focus on wind powered ships and the bearing out of the hurricane prediction. But in the previous phases they have drawn focus only to invert in the middle, here perhaps the inversion is - what is the point building wind power if it will only be destroyed by the winds becoming too strong?  I'm unsure.  Each phase has also been subject to more extreme interpretations that, to me, seem less plausible, for example the eruption of Yellowstone (to tie with the de-Yellowing and the Sulfur) or now my new friend in nightmares: the ''Status 6 Poseidon Nuclear Tsunami''.  Only the operating Magus knows the exact power and order of ''the flowers'', the Fool, at best, can hazard a guess.

Them baggy sweat pants,
And the Reeboks with the straps,
She turned around and gave that booty a slap,
She hit the flo,
Next thing you know,
Shawty got low low low low low low


Low, Flo Rida

Monday, November 16, 2020

2020 - The Year of Lilith, Lilifluenza-in-Patsy/Patsie and the Yellowbellies

Marcellus Wallace: I think you're gonna find, when all this shit is over, I think you're gonna find yourself one smiling motherfucker. The thing is, Butch, right now you got ability. But painful as it may be, ability don't last. And your days are just about over. Now that's a hard motherfuckin' fact of life, but that's a fact of life your ass is gonna have to get realistic about. See, this business is filled to the brim with unrealistic motherfuckers. Motherfuckers who thought their ass would age like wine. If you mean it turns to vinegar, it does. If you mean it gets better with age, it don't. Besides, Butch, how many fights do you think you got in you anyhow? Two? Boxers don't have an Old Timers Place. You came close but you never made it. And if you were gonna make it, you would have made it before now. (holds out the envelope of cash to Butch, but just out of his reach) You're mine, dig? 


Butch: It certainly appears so. (takes the envelope)

Pulp Fiction, Quentin Tarentino


A literally de-yellowing Trump is joined in further humiliation by Boris Johnson as after having lost his precious Brexit special advisors (Dominic Cummings & Lee Cain) he has been forced into isolation again after meeting with MPs who were covid-positive.  Number 10 had been described as ''covid-secure'' but pictures emerged where masks were not worn and social distancing was not enforced - regardless of where you are on the political spectrum this is beginning to look like a special kind of stupid and more indication that Johnson will shortly be exiting stage right. But there were always two paths the Destruction Team could have followed to realise their ambitions with Lilifluenza - the right or the left wing.  Although they went with ''the left wing'' as the main ''activists'' in favour of lockdown I think that if Lilifluenza had been characterised as a biological terror threat from rogue Islamic states in the aftermath of the release of the same disease with biosecurity being ''a patriot's duty'' a viable right wing path to the same goal was possible. Whether 9/11 itself played into their decision making here, and they didn't want to overuse the right in enforcing corporate militarism - in the COVID ''9/11'' the ''left'' acted as thesis, the ''right'' provided the anti-thesis, and a synthesis is now emerging.  Problem-reaction-solution, opposition is controlled, etc, we all know that, but for some reason so many otherwise ''sensible conspiracy theorists'' were gulled by Johnson and Trump and they somehow forgot the First Rules of Conspiracy Fight Club.  The extent to which the act of ritual humiliating ''de-yellowing'' is now happening with the complicity of Johnson and Trump should probably be questioned.  These people are professional liars after all.  To misquote Mister Marsellus Wallace - ''In the fourth, your ass goes down''.


Sweden was always in a strong position when it came to the question of opening vs closing the economy as it has a much healthier, happier and more spread-out population compared to other countries.  For comparison the population density in Sweden is 25 per square kilometer vs 400 per square kilometer in England and the Swedes are at 7th position in most happiest countries vs 15th for the Brits.  During the Summer Sweden is blasted with sunlight and, already in place to counter Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) caused by the incredibly dark winters, Vitamin D is added to food directly.  On the other hand, struggling with similar variations in light level, 1 in 5 people in the UK are vitamin D deficient as well as being more obese, etc. The fundamental problem with the herd immunity approach, modelled by Sweden, and exaggerated by right wing voices across the political spectrum is the problem with reinfection.  As those with ears heard shortly after the pandemic came to West, but information which failed to reach the mainstream, evidence for reinfection was already surfacing in the first few months.  Although T-cell immunity confers some protection, antibody levels for this disease drop very rapidly in the months after recovery.  ''Herd immunity'' then will come in waves like the disease itself.  A mutant cold which has a 5% chance of killing people over the age of 70 and/or in risk groups every time you catch it is a serious illness which requires societal response.  I disagree with the lockdowns but I also disagree with starving your population of nutrition (education) and adequate healthcare.  Giving everyone Vit D (and other boosts) and massively improving care capacity could have been enough in the case of this particular disease, and far less expensive, but of course that would not have served the economic purposes of The Great Reset, or the need to create a biosecurity infrastructure in the face of CRISPR-edited or MDR diseases, or mitigating the effects of climate change.  This is why there was a need to create political argument and dissonance in the West - the Destruction Team did not want to solve the problem too quickly.


According to the Urban Dictionary there are two definitions of Patsy.  Apparently on the one hand ''Patsie is a selfish person who likes to use Jeremy Kyle to solve all their problems. She is loved by many but also despised by many.  She is of an unloving or uncaring nature who lets nothing get in her way and struggles to keep a committed relationship'' and on the other a Patsy is a person who is used a fall guy to cover a greater conspiracy. Ultimately it looks like our dear blond leaders - Trump and Johnson - were always intended to serve as ''Patsy Patsies'' for the demolition of Western society i.e. paragons of selfishness that we can all pin the blame on when this is overAnd it will be over, after the third wave, the disease will dissipate, but the infrastructure and policies it was used to justify will not.  I said, months ago, that the ''anti-maskers'' (inc. David Icke) were the ''reaction'' part of the problem-reaction-solution and that this was intensely war-gamed and influenced before it was launched.  Through a mixture of manipulation and complicity, Trump and Johnson (and the forces they represent on the right), have ended up laying the ground for the epidemiological whiplash that has so disfigured, literally, the West.  Both have untold skeletons in their closets and would have been susceptible to various acts of bribery/coercion that could have been used to maneuver them into this position willingly or otherwise. 

In the Fourth, their asses go down.

Marcellus: Night of the fight, you might feel a slight sting. That's pride fuckin' with you. Fuck pride! Pride only hurts, it never helps. You fight through that shit. 'Cause a year from now, when you kicking it in the Caribbean, you gonna say to yourself, "Marcellus Wallace was right."
Butch: I got no problem with that, Mr. Wallace.
Marcellus: In the 5th, your ass goes down. (Butch nods silently) Say it.
Butch: In the 5th, my ass goes down.


Pulp Fiction, Quentin Tarantino

Friday, November 13, 2020

2020 - The Year of Lilith, Whores and Princesses (WAP)

There's some whores in this house.


Cardi B featuring Megan Thee Stallion, WAP


With Cummings confirmed to be on his way out, its clear that a) the rats are leaving the sinking ship of Brexit and b) those who would replace them are already deep in their machinations.  I think Gove is poisoned by Brexit as regards with him fitting in with the New Biden Order so I still think after another leadership contest it will be Technocrat in Chief Jeremy Hunt at the helm of the Good Ship Brittania.  Regardless, the depleting Brexit of Boris is yet more confirmation of the general de-Yellowing theory and the crushing of the Yellow Spirits.  Remember the focus of the Yellow Phase is ''inverting'' the West and the Air/Wind. 


Trump and Johnson are not the only dumb blond airhead precious princesses up for de-Yellowing though and the spectres of Princess Diana and Britney Spears being brought back to public attention at the same time (the Martin Bashir interview and FreeBritney campaign) cast me back to theories we had at the beginning about the inversion of Malkuth and, of course with the history of those two, theories of MKUltra and Princess Sacrifice in general (importantly, and the subject of another post, Andromeda in the Perseus Myth).  

As you all know by now some of the primary symbols of Malkuth are the Princess and ''The Fallen Daughter'', so in Lilith/Medusa/Algol or ''2020'' as pedestrians refer to it, and, if you remember, we expected there to be anti or evil versions of the Princesses.  Since it has been clearly established that Greta (Pearl) is playing Malkuth, the Fallen Daughter of the Earth we expected anti-Gretas or evil Gretas specifically focusing on Meghan (Pearl) Markle as being an anti-Greta. Meghan (Pearl) Markle, frequently shown wearing Green during the Green phase, has been setting herself up as an advocate for climate/social justice - was she effectively ''de-Greened'' during that Phase when she was accused of ''stealing our Prince'' and they both fled the country?  Now we think back to when this all began with the covid outbreaks on the cruise ship the Diamond Princess, and later the Ruby Princess and after that the Grand Princess... there was a strong focus on the Princess as set as well as persona.  

So back to the ''sudden appearance'' of our blond airheads - Diana and Britney - in the mainstream media.  If there was an order of the princesses playing out for Lilith it would have been attached to the phases of Malkuth played in reverse so...:

  • Wands (Fire/Red Phase) Jan-Mar
  • Disks (Earth, Black Phase) Apr-Jun 
  • Cups (Water/Green Phase) Jul-Sep 
  • Swords (Air/Yellow Phase) Oct-Dec 

I have to admit I can't recall everything at the beginning of the year but it stands to reason if you want to emblazon the word princess in each phase you would need to have several active princesses of each type to reach different classes of the people at the same time - Britney and Diana are both necessary; a proper princess and a pop (popular or people's) princess, if you like.  Stack in a bunch of ships called Princess and attach them to Lilifluenza and you have that dual symbol (''Whore'' and ''Princess'') again in people's consciousnesses.  For instance I think People's favourite Katy Perry was the Princess of Wands (fire) as she was big at that time of the year (shown in Midsommar style here), Naya Rivera could have been one of our ''pop princesses'' of Cups (water) whereas Britney and Diana are now pointing at the Princess of Swords (air).  

Hmmm.... Is there anywhere else extraordinarily mainstream where these images of the princesses have been played with, on and through?  Put your seatbelt on as we go all Vigilant Citizen.


What seems to have ''happened to appear'' in the set of the music video WAP by Cardi B and Megan (Pearl) Thee Stallion is the design/imagery of the Princess Tarot cards from Crowley's Thoth Deck.  Drawing inspiration from the Tarot Deck is far from uncommon, and we need to look no further than the chevron master - David Lynch (who has been so astutely referenced in the video) who frequently dips into the Tarot for imagery in characters, plot and set.  The set of the video itself appears to be the Princess and the Whore is the dancer who is inverting (or Lilithising/Dualising) the Princess.  The ''Whore'' is represented by the dual/multiple/fragmented, forgive me Lord, ''Qliphothic self'', as the ''Princess'' would be the united, forgive me Lord, ''Sefirothic self''.  The exception would be in the final ''Princess'' Room where we see a single dancer in a room who is not represented by the two singers - is this because at the time of the release (The Green Phase), the Princess of Swords had not been activated - do the two singers look into that room because they will swap her out as they have in other rooms?  More on this and a few other missing pieces later, for now have a scroll.


After spotting the tiger in the doorway our attention is drawn to this golden pedestal, our first major clue to what is going on in terms of set design and dressing.  In terms of the costumes it's worth noting the green rays (in ''the colour wave'') in the Princess of Wands imagery and how they show up in the bikinis and in the green snakes.  The snakes overall are part of ''the colour wave'' but I would argue that one of them is intended to be the tail of the tiger.  Its worth looking closer at the hair design here as well - you can see in one of the images below how the artist's black hair has been stylised into the shape of the blond, golden, green lock of hair in the main card with the flick at the end.


In this interpretation of the Princess of Disks the duality of the whore is represented by splitting the symbolism into the two different costume/set designs for the two different performers.  The aspects of Cardi B's segment relate to the yellow, brown, dusky oranges and golds of the Princess.  The chain braids are a reference to the hair; the nipple tassels are probably a cheeky reference to the coloured shield (?) she is carrying.  The shift into Megan's segment and the appearance of the Siberian Tiger is the black and white aspects of the Princess of Disks costume, in the fur you see flowing over her shoulders and down to the floor.  It is probably worth paying attention to the shifting representation of the pedastal in this sequence as well.


In the next sequence you can clearly see the colour wave of the Princess represented in the colour wave of the set.  Not only the colour wave but the structure of the set itself suggests the opening of the clam.  The colours of the clam and bird are suggested in the plastic leather look of the costumes and in aspects of their choreography.  


The colours of the ''colour wave'' are again very striking in this particular interpretation of the Thoth Tarot Deck.  The Goddesses with the arms raised in the corners (possibly another reference to the Red Room of Master Lynch) is almost certainly the Athena-like presence we see in the image of the card although the angle of the choreography suggests that this performer is the intact Princess.  At this point in the video, our saucy twosome are still discovering these rooms (i.e. that phase of the plan had not happened yet at the time of the videos release but is in fact happening now) so perhaps this Princess has not yet been ''dualised'' or ''whoreified'' by them (but by implication will be soon).  The wonderfully lit black balls that are are falling down from the pillar/plinth shelf at the right side of the image are reminiscent of the bulbous ball like shapes forming out of the dark mist that surround the goddesses and scatter around her feet.  In the video these balls are also shown at different levels as if they are falling off that shelf, which connect to the pedestal of our card again.


There are a couple of segments that I have left out so I just want to comment on them here as they are slightly separated from the four princesses.  In the purple-green machinery sequence the camera is shown descending through the floor (Blue Velvet reference?) to the basement and, combined with the colour, I originally thought this was a reference to Yesod, the Foundation and ''the Vision of the Machinery of the Universe''.  Structurally, I am not sure why they departed from the Princesses theme, at that point in the song and then returned to the ''General Whoreification'' except to show that there is considerable industry behind this process. You see several other performers in different rooms flashing up before the end. Vigilant Citizen may refer to them as Beta Kittens, and the house is filled with these pussycats but I originally interpreted these later rooms as a progression through the rest of the Qliphoth and the idea of other demon-whores in other rooms (Qlipha).  This later stage is, at most, a few moments of the overall footage though.

That there are some whores in this house is no great revelation nor is the set being dressed with sacrificial princesses.  As discussed in the previous post, these powers of writing/design are used by our Destruction Team, so while debating the symbolism in art and dance we've also been navigating through it in the real world - 2020, forgive me, has been an obstacle course made out of the abandoned princesses of our dreams and designed by the Queen of the Night herself. The only usefulness in looking closer at set dressing is to see if we can divine what will happen next specifically - otherwise we'll always be Captain Hindsight.  Maybe worth looking a little closer at the Princess of Swords.

There's some whores in this house.


Cardi B featuring Megan Thee Stallion, WAP