Thursday, August 27, 2020

2020 - The Year of Lilith, Peak Green, Colour Revolutions, and The Great De-Yellowing

It's only the End of the World,
Not a death in the family,
We've seen all the best sights,
Been on all the best rides,
The amusement park on Saturday,
We were tongue tied,
After all the best fights,
Stuff that's too boring to trash,
It's classless and crass
It's only the End of the World


Black Box Recorder


Over the last ten days or so we as a planet have experienced Peak Green - the climax of the Green Phase (green environmental themes, ''out of balance'' water events, ''North''/Russia) with a staggering amount of unprecedented environmental events (green signals) mainly around the theme of water.  As we have been explaining for over four months now a lot of these events were set in motion when the planes were grounded during the lock-down as this caused a reduction in global dimming, a spike in temperatures and then knock-on chaotic consequences throughout the atmosphere that will play out for the rest of the year.  We have not yet restored plane travel to pre-Lilifluenza levels and I very much doubt that we will ever be as reducing the direct injection of CO2 into the stratosphere was a key part of the Green Agenda, and the creation of a new normal.


If you investigate SRM (Solar Radiation Management), an approach to climate engineering advocated by Bill Gates, you will see it involves a number of elements for which the infrastructure and political systems to implement are being laid right now - mirrors in space, green infrastructure, reduction of civil aviation, dispersal of cirrus clouds through drones, ''shinier crops and buildings'', localisation of agriculture, local lock-down (i.e. reduced inter-regional travel), track and trace (ultimately for taxing energy usage), the list goes on and on.  One of the final phases of SRM (the Darkening, if you will) will be to pump sulphuric gases straight into the atmosphere, a literal hellification of the Planet Earth.


Although there are a number of interesting things still happening in Russia, in terms of water related disasters (symbols) for Peak Green we have a wealth to choose from: 

Six simultaneous waterspouts, twin hurricane nuclei, kangeroos throwing snowballs, a shortage of octopi (and the rest...), elephants on weed (another symbol of the green, and extra points for blending themes again, guys!), what looks like Enlil going full Palpatine and the loss of 28 trillion tonnes of ice, described as the worst case scenario - all bodes bigly badly for the foreseeable future.  The true threat of climate change (weather warfare, apocalypse, Planet X, insert according to the depth of your paranoia/distrust, etc) has been mollified as public relations and behavioural scientists felt that humanity would experience a sense of resignation and doom if they knew the truth - oh no!  Unlike these infant-saps who need a drip feed of so-called hope (really fear-based desires and wishful thinking) to get them up in the morning, I want the black pills mainlined by IV - thank you very much, i.e. talk to me like an adult please.  As we continue to pass tipping points the rate at which our civilisation will degenerate will accelerate and the growing alarm at the ensuing horror will allow the imposition of the new normal; the planet primed right now for a radical transformation of society that will see humans separated from nature and their every move tracked, traced and taxed - in the name of surviving climate upheaval.


I have hinted several times over the last few posts that Nature is going to get strangely more vicious towards humans over the next several years as we continue to restrict access to reservations, beaches, wilderness and parks, (ostensibly to reduce the risk of burning trees down that we cannot afford to lose)  and retreat from the embrace of her bloody claws.  This ''rewilding'' may not be in the form imagined by many hippy environmentalists and is more about Nature (Ceres/Demeter) ripping humans apart in a variety of ways that are pleasing to her, something that she has a lot of specially adapted skills for.  Materialists may want to think that this spike in deaths and weirdness is because of changing conditions that humans/animals/environments are not used to, but I would argue that there is a little more to it than that.  The shrewd should keep their eyes on this one.


Back in the days of 2000 and late, Soros-blamed colour revolutions were all the rage and I wonder if what we are experiencing right now is an assymetric qabalistic colour revolution.  Play along with me for a moment.  I wonder if ''social engineers'' may well have split people into four categories relating to the alchemical phases of Malkuth, as I began to do myself throughout 2020, I wonder if I can split my own diverse friend network into four fundamental types - yellow, green, black and red.

  • Yellow - Brexiteers, Trumpeters, Gilets Jaunes, rural folk, Agriculturals, Populists, Nationalists - ''closed''
  • Green - Internationalist, Environmentalist, all lovers of NGOs, Greta Thunberg, Naomi Klein, Neo-left - ''open''
  • Black - People who no longer give a solitary gram of fuck
  • Red - ''Selfies'', ''individuated'' (as they see it), prideful ''high-end'' Instagram ego types, only give a fuck about themselves 
For example, soccer mums who recycle for public consumption, so other people can see it, via selfies and sharing ''how to be waste-free'', blah-blah links may fall under Red-Green type; a disgruntled Gen X voter who votes populist to accelerate doom could be called Black-Yellow; antifa-BLM riots/protests Black-Green.  Its a useful thought experiment perhaps - we've already axed the Red (the Dreadening caused a massive decrease in the use of ''selfies'' throughout 2020 - the mask selfie was an attempt at resistance from this type, but it didn't work), the Black were confirmed in their hopelessness and enjoyed some genuinely Jokeresque nihilistic rioting, the Green are on the chopping block at the moment with ''it's too late to get out of this by planting trees'' and the Yellow are up next with the decimation of farming and agriculture and almost certainly their chief representatives.  I am interested in your takes on this, is that a useful way of dividing the population in 2020, where would you see yourself on the types?  I try to rise above it and see all perspectives but, due to ''Alchemical Eternalism'', I probably oscillate more between a form of Red-Black than anything else.


As the Degreening was principally about hammering the environmentalists and the economy so the Deyellowing is about hammering farming and agriculture.  Our key foci for this phase are: yellow, air, and west.  We will see a transition event to the Great Deyellowing at the end of September, early October so watch out for ''Yellow'' themed events and think about everything that is actually yellow that can be used for these events - wheat, rapeseed, sunflowers, gold, sunlight, blond people I would put high up on the list, but I would be happy to hear your suggestions.  For those of you who have been following this for a while and beginning to see the logic emerge out of the madness, the Deyellowing is also about the ''air of wind'' as opposed to the Degreening's ''water of wind'' so we should expect a serious discussion about ''Cat. 6'' hurricanes after the worst hurricane season on record and a lot of reports into air pollution at the very least.  We should also expect to see the reduction of sunlight blamed for the increasing power of Lilifluenza over the next four months, as well as the threat and realisation that it is truly air-borne.

The ground is still spinning,
But it's slowing down
Its only the end of the world
Where is the love?
Satellites break up in the atmosphere,
Our ashes are scattered in space,
All of the answers fall into place,
It's only the End of the World.


Black Box Recorder


Here is a video clip of the pink lightning discussed below, I couldn't capture a bolt on film, although I saw about twelve bolts of pink lightning in total as the storm passed over the city.  In the video you can see the sky light up pink, I have never seen anything like it in my life.

Sunday, August 23, 2020

2019 - The Year of Malkuth, The Lighthouse

Hark, Triton, hark!  Bid, our father, the Sea King rise from the depths full foul in his fury! Black waves teaming with salt foam to smother this young mouth with pungent slime, to choke ye, engorging your organs til ye turn blue and bloated with bilge and brine and can scream no more -- only when he, crowned in cockle shells with slitherin' tentacle and steaming beard takes up his fell be-finned arm, his coral-tine trident screeches banshee like in the tempest, and plunges right through gullet, bursting ye...


Thomas Wake, the Lighthouse 

The Lighthouse, like an earlier scifi horror take on exactly the same film, Cold Skin, owes a visible debt to H.P.Lovecraft particularly Dagon and the Shadow Over Innsmouth.  As part of the Unifying Colour Theory the film is situated in the Black Phase of 2019, the Year of Malkuth, and explores the themes of the Nigredo. I'd argue that the film is also strongly influenced by the playwright Harold Pinter in dialogue and portrayal of two men locked into a claustrophobic isolation induced powerplay.  In fact, this film is a Pinteresque Lovecraftian masterpiece, moving seamlessly between those styles - and it is highly recommended that you watch the film yourself before reading any further esoteric analysis.  What follows is a few of the pertinent themes from notes, for our own immediate understanding, and I will probably return to this film for a closer study later.


Although in the film their relationship begins as raw recruit and seasoned seaman, the power play is intense and various dualities are explored - god-man, master-servant, father-son, brothers, lovers are all on the table - in some ways this mirrors Crowley's suggested appeals to the deity in Liber Astarte Vel Berylli moving through a variety of different relationship styles, if we imagine that the film is a theurgic ritual to Dagon Neptune.  In the end, with the who's who-ing - along with the revealing of the twin name - Thomas Wake (DaFoe) and Thomas Howard (Pattinson) - the twinning theme that ran throughout 2018 and 2019 returns to the centre.  This is also similar to the Astarte ritual as it is all about uniting with deity.


An idea, introduced early in the film is that the seagulls contain the souls of dead sailors, later on in Wake's powerful speech they are likened to the harpies i.e. the sirens.  Howard commits a sin against the Gods, when he murders one of them and brings a storm wind curse on the island.  Later he is himself cursed by the Gods, or rather that his ego-identity will be rotted and ultimately dissolved, forgotten by everything, even the sea.  We also see Howard beguiled by a siren himself, eventually having sex with her WAP, or masturbating over a carved idol of her.


The superobjective of Thomas Howard is to gain access to the lamp at the top of the lighthouse as throughout the film he is confined to the equivalent of Malkuth and Yesod (the rocky island, the cesspit, the base of the house, and the machines that drive the lamp, i.e. the vision of the machinery of the universe again).  This lamp represents Kether, the first sefira, and the fire of the Gods; the source of all Ideas.  This is hammered home both by the reveal of the lamp's true nature and, finally, by Howard's Promethean punishment, a seagull pecking out his liver on the reef for all eternity.



Presaging the pandemic, the Lighthouse focuses on themes of isolation and supplies and as a film released at the end of the Black Phase of the Year of Malkuth, it neatly foreshadows the Black Phase of the Year of Lilith. Remember the Black Phase is the Nigredo or Putrefactio/Mortefactio, death, decay, and degeneracy - the death of the ego so that the birth of the archetypal self, the Rubedo, may occur.  Since this film plays forward through psychological alchemy - the Rubedo produces Prometheus as the archetypal self of Howard and Neptune as the archetypal self of Wake.  We see imagery of the Nigredo in the one eyed head recovered from the ocean, the bodies dissolving in the cesspit, and in the drunken degeneracy.

During the lockdown many wrestled with alcoholism, alone, or with companions which only helps dissolve the ego and also the power of inhibition (executive will).  The problem with what is happening currently is that the process is now being ran in reverse - in this case the alcohol does not push you towards archetypal realisation - but assists in dissolving the ego back down into the conflicted shadow-self of duality. Very simply if you encountered similar struggles during the lockdown, reduce the drinking and focus on the part of you that scales up to an idea like the hunter, or the investigator, or the muse, or whatever, etc, dignity and courage, as opposed to the part of you that wants to degenerate into one faction of a bewildered, incoherent and terrified mob.

The Lighthouse Farts GIF - TheLighthouse Farts GodDamn GIFs

...a  bulging bladder no more , but a blasted bloody flm now and nothing for the harpies and the sirens and the souls of dead sailors to peck and claw and feed upon only to be lapped up and swallowed by the infinite waters of the dread emperor himself, forgotten to any man, to any time, forgotten to God and the Devil, forgotten even to the Sea, for any stuff, for any part of Winslow, even any scantling of your soul is Winslow no more but is now itself the sea.


Thomas Wake, The Lighthouse 

Saturday, August 22, 2020

2020 - The Year of Lilith, Elementalism 101

Ten Sefirot of Nothingness
Their appearance is like ''the appearance of lightning''
Their limit has no end
And His Word in them is ''running and returning''
They rush to His saying like a whirlwind
And before His throne they prostrate themselves


Sefer Yetzirah, 1:6 - Gra Version 

2020, the Year of Lilith, was the inversion of 2019, the Year of Malkuth.  In 2019 we went yellow, green, black and red, in 2020 the order is reversed.  The Green Phase was/is about the inversion (or qliphization - sp?? pr??) of the symbol of water and green related themes and symbols - and the main narrative is/was unleashing/witnessing environmental doom in order to wake people up to the realities of the apocalypse climate change.  We started with the good intentions of green recoveries, but throughout we are also witness to the consequences of our climate crimes.  This de-greening leads to the serious food problems we will encounter, as a planet, in the de-yellowing phase which begins in under six weeks - blaming people who are stockpiling for the long haul and anti-obesity drives, etc will be used to unite the people during this time as well as providing cover for the beginning of what is really happening i.e. extended global food insecurity.


Since Lilith is Lady of the Night Winds, we originally separated the year into four phases - each one of the winds (anemoi) tied to a particular element driven to Qliphotic extremes, a southern fire wind (red phase, Jan-Mar), an easterly earth wind (black phase, Apr-Jun), a northern water wind (green phase Jul-Sep) and a westerly wind wind (yellow phase, Oct-Dec) as well as attributing a psychological alchemical component to the phase to focus on what was happening to individuals and societies as they were being changed to embrace a new normal.  As you will know from reading this blog my main contention is that the new normal, that the pandemic is a dumbed down stage play (if performed with live virus) of, is preparing the changes necessary for the continuing of civilization in the face of horrendous climate upheaval.  In mid-August the Green Phase, or Water Wind, peaked with storm disasters  (the derecho, tropical storms, lightning complex fires) affecting every part of the USA -   ''The Lake Fire'', for example, another water symbol, had been roaring up the hill before being magnified by the storm gusts and the over ten thousand lightning strikes.  Has the penny finally dropped that certain parts of the once great nation may no longer be insurable?  I think it will have after the wind wind, the wind of all winds that is surely coming in the Fall.   

Every prediction regarding the climate whiplash from the reduction in global dimming from the grounding of planes, and the ceasing of factories seems to have come true with the hottest July on record, unprecedented melting and fires in the Arctic circle, and extensive flood, drought, tempest and swarm damage across the world. When understanding the potential for a global disaster you need to move beyond the limits of 2020.  A lot of people have been hexing 2020, as was the fashion in 2016, thinking that maybe it'll get better, but really our problems stretch and deepen over the whole of the next decade - giving us very little time to get our breath, or mental health back.  What we are seeing at the moment is not the result of one harsh Summer it's the stacking of many bad ones finally unfolding into mass realisation of how utterly fucked we now are.  And there will be more to come.  My main beef with liberal green spirits who think we can upcycle and permaculture our way out of this is that it is just far too late on the doom clock.  Those permaculture eco gardens in California that may have represented hope for many will also get obliterated by these continuous winds, floods and fires etc. There will be food-solutions in the form of localising agriculture, fortifying agriculture, industrialising the production of huel, manna, soylent, protein whip-sundaes, etc - which the image and fitness conscious have already been conditioned to use instead of food.  

When understanding the minds of wind wizards atmospheric engineers you have to attribute to them the same specific and esoteric detailed knowledge you would give to MKUltra behavioral scientists.  GEUltra, if you will, These atmospheric engineers knew that this would be the effect of grounding the planes and reducing global dimming - they knew it would create a spike as if the accumulation of several years of climate change warming were delivered in one go, they knew it would hasten the Reckoning.  Like MKUltra Jungian psychological alchemists might use their elements of citrinatis, nigredo, albedo, green lion, rubedo to perform social engineering so the geo-engineers have their atmospheric equivalents.  The manipulation of the atmosphere - either exoterically by mass aviation or esoterically by satellite and drone - will be overseen by the same occultniks as Hollywood or NASA is. In the Sefer Yetzirah, the order of the elements is air, water, fire - in the storm, the air gathers the water into clouds, the water particles separating into ice crystals and graupel, grind against each other and like rubbing two sticks together in the woods, sparks form and the storm speaks with fire -Lightning is the forked tongue of water, thunder is its voice. 

Ten Sefirot of Nothingness
Their end is imbedded in their beginning
and their beginning in their end
Like a flame in a burning coal
For the Master is singular
He has no second,
And before One, what do you count?


Sefer Yetzirah, 1:7 - Gra Version

Sunday, August 16, 2020

2019 - The Year of Malkuth, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

That was the best acting I have ever seen in my life.

Trudy Fraser, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Citrinatis, Rubedo, Nigredo

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, a 2019 movie conforming to the principles of the Unifying Colour Theory utilises at least three of the colour palettes in its overall design as well as sharing other themes of that year, such as ''doubling'', in common.

While more basic movies like Bumblebee (Yellow/Citrine), Captain Marvel (Green/Olive) or MIB International (Black) were released in phase this movie partially transcended that phasing by using more of those colours.  You can see from the promotional poster above that it blends these colours in the costume designs of the three characters (green being merged with the yellow) while also being once again reminiscent of our citrinatis, rubedo and nigredo from Joker.

Quentin Tarantino is no stranger to product placement but what if instead of just advertising one company, like Kangol, you were advertising a set of colours that everyone in the cartel was going to be using that year?  

It would make all of those companies' efforts a lot cheaper because they would be bulk purchasing dye and bulk ordering textiles in hitherto unknown acts of corporate synergy.  If you want everyone to be wearing colour x a couple of months from now, your influencers have to be working ahead of time to boost sales.  At that time in 2019 the shops were absolutely full of these colours. These are the enormous financial and organizational benefits of something like the Unifying Colour Theory regardless of its more baroque symbolism and occult significance.

If this overarching theory is correct certain directors would have to be in the know to some extent when they get their instructions regarding pallette, symbolism, etc from the Studios.  The pallette for this film features only licks and hints of green and being shown strongest in Kurt Russell's character above.  How much the directors are in the know would be interesting to find out but this strange little song clip from the movie - Green Door - might be an example of a director actually knowing there is more but not being privy to those meetings and wanting to know.  

Midnight, one more night without sleeping,

Watching, till the morning comes creeping,

Green Door, what's that secret you're keeping?

Green Door, what's that secret you're keeping?

Green Door!

Why does this pop up for a random minute?  Is this Quentin, not party to ''the Green Team'', voicing curiosity about what is behind that Green Door?

The primary theme of this movie is the act of doubling/copying and the director explores this conceit in a variety of different ways.  Theses explorations fall into part of a pattern for 2019 and 2020 which included many films on doubling - Gemini Man's younger vs older self, Us's russet clad clones, Infinity Wars' ''time clones'', Living with Yourself's Paul Rudds - and in terms of psychologically priming the population our future will be increasingly bound up with a double of sorts.  The outlook on 6G suggests we will be sending digital clones to do ''work'' for us - digital clones at the moment are being/have been created by analysis of all of your audio video and text transmissions on the net, and will do things, in the beginning, like suggest how you would write your email etc.  These clones though, because of the nature of their creation - internet searches, your frivolous chatter - are bound up with material desires of various forms and more bereft of your higher impulses.  As there is a feedback loop from this shadow self, i.e. your desires are presented back to you as suggestions for further desires, many people are entraining themselves with their own shadow self  i.e. the alchemical process ran in reverse.  Again, as overwhelmingly sad as this is, these reversed inverted people are easier to market things at.


While the following scenes are presented as questions relating to acting theory you can apply them to your own Jungian psychological processes as well as any social engineering MKUltra behaviour scientists and marketing divisions have been undertaking behind the scenes alongside applying the acting theory more ''spiritually'' to topics like spirit possession, i.e. being possessed by ''character.''

To what extent when you are playing someone who really existed is your job to study their likeness, behaviour, mannerisms and a present a performative clone, i.e. to what extent is any actor engaged in this actively doubling?

In a vignette, Dalton plays a character that is a callback to Brad Pitt's Lieutenant from Inglorious Bastards, is he playing Brad Pitt playing that Lieutenant, aping his style, or is this is own interpretation of the same character?  And in hindsight the twin use of the flamethrower, bookending the film clearly links the Hollywood witches with Nazis.

Later we see an actor playing Steve McQueen at a party and then an insert that replaces the actual Steve McQueen from video footage with Leonardo DiCaprio.  The film is riddled with questions of these sort whether it be performances of Bruce Lee or Sharon Tate.

In this scene towards the beginning of the film, we see Dalton learning his lines for a scene that occurs later on - is a rehearsal a copy?  A pre-copy? A proto-copy?  When Dalton then completely mangles the scene by forgetting his lines he threatens himself in his caravan of mirrors that if he fucks it up again, he will blow his brains out - to what extent is the ego self that rides in the physical self - a copy, an analogue consciousness or dopple-self?

Conversely the character of Trudy Fraser (with the DiCaprio's character DeCoteau completing the blatant reference to Elisabeth Fraser and her twins) insists that she does not break character on set because when she doesn't she is a little bit better and she is striving for perfection.  What is perfection in this relation to the character or, if you want, the spirit?

Is Fraser telling us that the way to achieve perfection is to completely subsume the ego-self in the character/archetype - and isn't this a very similar message to Joker?  Fraser's character re-enacts ''the Fallen Daughter'' moment when she is thrown from Dalton's character's lap - when asked later she says she likes being thrown to the ground and throws herself to the ground from time to time just for fun - what does this imply about Malkuth? When Dalton threatens himself in the mirror is this the will to subsume threatening that ego and is this why his final performance is the best acting she has ever seen or is it the ego dopple self threatening the authentic self?  More importantly unlike playing a real person where the task of copying is much more simple to what extent is it even possible to perfectly copy a character that only exists on a page and render them to a film?  So many layers of possible interpretation await!  Can one performance of Joker be more authentic and one Joker less authentic?  How do we knowAsk the writer?  Ha! To what extent is Rick Dalton an inauthentic character anyway, a mere copy of a copy, a copier's copier?  In Once Upon A Time it looks like this authentic self vs inauthentic self is generated by comparison of Cliff Booth (easy going, at peace with himself as himself) and Rick Dalton (fretting over popularity, fragile ego) - in this sense the double seems to be the more genuine. But I might even go further and suggest that DiCaprio's plays the inauthentic authentically and Pitt plays the authentic inauthentically but that might be too far!  Either way that is the kind of 4am in the morning high as a kite direction that might have occured!


The influence of Satanism and Pedophilia in Hollywood is a clear concern of the film as well and the time-countered Manson killing serves as a backdrop for this.  When Cliff Booth is driving Cat along he turns down her proposition out of not wanting to go to prison for having sex with a minor, but this is from a character who killed his wife and got away with it.  Are these references to Roman Polanski?  I noticed what might be a Rosemary's Baby reference in a scene where is he explaining to a fellow actor that he only got the part of DeCoteau out of luck because something tragic happened to the actor who was supposed to be playing the part - in RB the actor's satanic pact brings about a similar fortune.  Dalton's character, if not Dalton is shown to treat Fraser's character in a very creepy way...

In the beginning of the film Al Pacino's benefactor character corrects Dalton's pronunciation of Schwarz (which means black) and goes on to suggest that if he stays in Hollywood he can only play bad guys and it is his star ego as Dalton, that is being ritually slain on screen not the character.  Is Schwarz behind that ''freak accident'' that happened to the other actor in the show he played in with Fraser?  He certainly has taken a fancy to Dalton, how far is he willing to go to make things come good for him?

Fraser on the other hand corrects Dalton's pronunciation of DeCoteau to make the reference clear to the audience but also to flag up Dalton's lack of perception and character work.  Dalton means ''of the valley'', but the name Dalton is also associated with colour blindness - the obviousness of this Unifying Colour Theory (and everything behind it) which the unsuspecting are blind to?  Later on in the movie, George, a blind character literally cannot see how his Hollywood ranch has been taken over by cultist weirdo witches - Booth having to push past hordes of them to see this old producer type - is that a not too subtle metaphor for how it actually is?

Post credits we see Dalton (Tarantino?) standing next to a cardboard cutout of himself, advertising Red Apples cigarettes by talking about that ''although he had to roll (role) them himself in the past, these factory rolled (''roled'') cigarettes are authentic, but then breaking character and complaining that the cutout gives him a double chin.  Isn't this a comment on the factory production lines of Hollywood that send down directives like ''use this palette''  for the purposes of ultimate product placement (and occult chicanery) and a plaintive, a-little-too-late-now question for us about authenticity of film?  But forget film, to what extent are ourselves now being rolled off a digital production line?

I'm as real as a donut

Tex, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

p.s. There were other kinds of priming at work in that film and you might need this later-later...

Saturday, August 15, 2020

2020 - The Year of Lilith, O' Ceres, Universal Mother, Famed, August

Well I was wandering along the banks of the river

When seven fat cows came out of the Nile (uh huh)

And right behind these healthy animals

Came seven more cows skinny and vile (uh huh)

Well the thin cows ate the fat cows which I 

Thought would do them good (uh huh)

But it didn't make them fatter 

Like such a monster supper should

The Song of the King, Joseph and the Technicolour Dreamcoat

Ceres, the Roman equivalent of Demeter, Goddess of Agriculture, was one of the children of Saturn who, when roused to ire, would inflict her wrath upon the Earth through famine - so no surprises on the publication of the discovery of water on Ceres and that she may be an ocean world in our Green Phase.  Beyond aesthetics it seems that the purpose of all the ''set dressing'' for the various phases is to synchronise or calibrate global consciousness alongside bedecking the altar (be that on Earth or in space) with the correct correspondences for theurgic propitiation. Blending the symbol of water with a corn goddess do we get fertiles fields or fried and flooded ones?  The Qliphoth tends to the extremes and Lilith, for this purpose, is the Qlipha of Malkuth.  Is there enough water for life on Ceres, or is there too damn much?  Is there life on Ceres???

The clean plate initiative is another propaganda piece, similar in intent to the UK's anti-obesity drive, which hopes to make starvation a group health effort to get in shape for the nation.  Both of China's river valleys have suffered extensive flooding, and the geopolitical situation is making importing food a bit more arduous.  If everyone is approaching a similar situation who are you going to import it from anyway???

Iowa has had 43% of its grain and soybean crops flattened by one of this year's insane winds - the derecho.  I don't know whether this means the crops are ruined or whether something can be salvaged, I'm not exactly a farmer, although I have fixed a yucca in a similar situation, but I am hoping that American officials listened to Joseph and stockpiled for at least 7 harsh years.   

A village in India, ravaged by lilifluenza, heatwave, famine, drought and a man covered in locusts running down the dusty street screaming was one of the most visceral images of 2020 so far for me, a forsaken place where all the various demonic winds of the quarters gathered as one.  Now these poor people can add monsoon floods to the mix.  National Geographic deep dives into India's various problems with water supply (too little and too much) and highlights why the Earth's second most populous nation is unlikely to scrape through this year without experiencing similar problems to everyone else with food security.

Food left standing after floods, fire, winds and worker shortages are ravaged by locusts, a situation which Bayer refers to as a living nightmare and is helping out with by providing incredible quantities of delicious poison, i.e. how necromancers they deal with most situations.  

To match with the epic apocalypses of the rest of the world the UK has a problem with one of its sandwich factories, coincidentally belonging to a company called Greencore.  To quote the late, great Bill Hicks ''this is Hobbiton and I am Bilbo Hicks''.  Just like the UK doesn't have crime like America has crime so we starve and suffer in our own unique way.  No more sandwiches????  True Doom.  Mouse plague destroy crops in Germany?  Cute doom. I do love Europe.  In all seriousness the crushing losses to the economy, with the UK topping the pile at 20% damage, food insecurity is going to be a big problem for a lot of europeans - financial supply being the problem if not physical supply as well.

Although the technology to make algae food (and biofuel) has been with us for a while now, genetically modifying tobacco using algae and extending that to other plants to reduce water consumption, or at least reporting on it, meets with the predictions that algae would be involved/highlighted in the Green Phase.  In the eyes of the destructive team - if its Green, it's on the Altar.  Of course, in the new normal we are going to see lots of innovations in the food sector, providing us with a variety of different types of reconstituted gruel with colourings.  As my sister reminded me, a lot of Zoomers are already socially conditioned to favour shakes and bars (huel, manna, soylent, etc) as meals so they can adjust easily to the new carbohydrate regime - thank the Lord, our Purifying King, for these mercies.

We are now in the middle of the Green Phase, and I warned that the ''twist'' in this phase, is the steady realisation that all the efforts of the environmentalists are for nought because we have already long since totally run out of time.  Green Spirits are sent down the ladder for sacrifice.  I thought ''they'' might actually tell us more directly, or have a big event that draws focus at this moment.  Arguably this event was the attack on Lebanon - a flag with a green sacred tree destroyed by *fertilizer* and destroying a port (water) that supplies 80% of the country's food - it feels like a perfect metaphor for the planet but I can't say for sure and it might be too clever for some. Although I think cleverness may have some impact on the extent of the oomph of the individual battery as they plug into the theatrical experience and so impacting a smaller demographic of cleverer ones may have a greater impact in terms of theurgic astral mechanics.  Maybe that is something to do with the quality of the Ruach of that individual.  I am not exactly that kind of scientist, and have not been party to exactly those kind of meetings, so I can't say for sure.  I don't know what preparations individual countries have done for a long spell of bad harvests but I have a feeling the food crisis will intensify and we will be witness to a situation that we cannot do anything about.  I am not exactly an agricultural official, but I worked in those offices once and its not exactly well - let's say, organised?  In the past it has been possible to send aid to places hit by starvation and a great deal of good spirits were generated from this activity - live aid.  The current climate will mean that all countries will tighten their food exports and the amount of food available for such aid.  If they force us to witness this horror many will be hit with a profound sense of powerlessness and despair and dread that it is coming for them next.  It's on the back of these kind of events that the case for geoengineering et al will continue to be built and I do expect the food carnage to inspire some kind of orchestrated global response if it will, in the end, remain inadequate.  Although the vast majority of the predictions for the green phase have come true I still expect this subject to be broached more publicly before the next six weeks are out and there is still time for a very weird green themed event.

When people call on God do they really know who they mean?  I know who Christ is and respect all people who come truthfully from this place but God... is mysterious at best.  Buddha, the happy portly smiley one, the cheerful Hindu boys and girls, I know them too, but God?  Who is he?  For many on the pantheistic approach God is equivalent to Nature, both Earthly and Universal and is often represented as female, Ceres, Nuit, etc.  This Goddess, when angry, and I might add insufficiently propitiated, punishes humankind as above. Historically the concept of God as Skybeard is fairly equivalent to Zeus or Enlil so this God of ours has a propensity to purify the Earth or unleash the demons from time to time when it has gotten... - well, let's just say - a bit decadent.  I have vegans who lecture me on a variety of ethical living styles and behaviours who have fleets of dogs, the combined meat footprint of which absolutely dwarfs my own fairly meagre consumption.  I have been lectured on the carbon imprint of my, again meagre, milk use by part of the Washington Woke who regularly flew to Nepal to ''help the people'' (and collect photo opportunities).  These followed each other as paragraphs before my unbelieving ears.  The madness of the fevered ego. I have used public transport my whole life, have no kids and have very infrequently flown... I really hope these people are doing some sort of mathematics, employing some sort of logic, when they hurl around their polemics.  When looking for the sinners, witchunters of all kinds (including witches, it seems, perversely) should make sure that they have truly ruled themselves out.  They may come to the conclusion that they can only do that by truly ruling themselves out. May Christ compel them.

Well I was standing doing nothing in a field out of town

When I saw seven beautiful ears of corn

They were ripe, they were golden, and

You've guessed it

Right behind them came seven other ears, 

Tattered and torn (uh huh)

Well the bad corn ate the good corn

They came up behind yes they did

Now Joseph, here's the punchline

It's really gonna blow your mind

The Song of the King, Joseph and the Technicolour Dreamcoat

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

2020 - The Year of Lilith, The Green Phase II, These Calm Little Moments

I used to get mad at my school
The teachers who taught me weren't cool,
You're holding me down,
Turning me round,
Filling me up with your rules
I've got to admit its getting better,
A little better all the time
I have to admit its getting better
It's getting better since you've been mine
Getting Better, the Beatles

With Biden's announcement of $2 trillion to invest in a Green Recovery and ''Building Back Better'', you should be now able to see how this plan comes together in the end - a New World Order - a grand ''Green'' alliance between Europe and America extending to the rest of the world via a restructured U.N.  i.e. what was expected all along. Britain will be caught in the half-turn as Trump falls and the USA and the EU reconnect but will eventually arrive at this party along with the rest of the ''Commonwealth 2.0.''   Nativist populism (the ''blond yellow spirits'' from a previous post) will be brutally shamed in Britain and the literal sick man of Europe will be held up as an example of what happens if you go it alone.  A financial crisis of the magnitude that requires rejigging the world order via Bitcoin or SDRs or a ''Euro-dollar'' will move the UK along faster as London will not be able to function and a more obviously semi-criminal off-shore banking platform aligned with Russia, China and Saudi Arabia is looking less and less attractive to the middle ground.  If anyone needed extra encouragement the de-greening fires don't look like they are dying down any time soon and fungal zombie locusts have been added in with the murder hornets for Abaddon swarm stories.


The Guardian presents with a long read on Malkuth XR (Extinction Rebellion) today and as you can see the similarity between the logo for XR and the quaternary structure of Malkuth is no coincidence.  XR rose to fame during 2019 (Year of Malkuth) where they were introduced heavily into the mainstream with Greta Thunberg and School Strikes in the Green Phase (for those really into this XR would be the Green Lion). In terms of the problem-reaction-solution social engine - Gilet Jaunes (blond native populism) and XR (internationalist emergency environmentalism) are the forces that are in true tension.  The synthesis (solution) runs along these kinds of lines: Nativists want their jobs back and Environmentalists don't want so much carbon intense international trade and exploitation of developing nations to feed luxury items to the developed world.  So food (and cash crop) production will be localised creating lots of new peasant agricultural labour for all the people made destitute by the collapse of the world economy.  Etc.  Again, if you want to get ahead of the weather, think about what would be agreed by these opposing sides if you were arguing towards agreement rather than away from it.  There is a synthesis here that keeps the centre ground very happy.

This woolly mammoth being pulled from a Siberian lake has echoes of the transition event of the freak die-off of three hundred and fifty elephants by green (algal infected?) lakes - but is also tied to ''the North''.  The pangolin was presented a potential source of the outbreak of Lilifluenza, now this strange beast is being rolled out again as a symbol of conservation and why we should not meddle with nature because we might cause these kinds of pandemics.  Access to nature is going to be more and more restricted as the decade rolls on - some areas will be out of people's reach because of the shattered economy and travel industry, some areas will be restricted on the grounds that people can no longer be trusted to not touch off a fire, litter, or do other criminal damage. Driving this message home is a story about another wildfire in California, apparently started by a malfunctioning vehicle.  Could the name Apple Fire be conjuring the idea of green flames? We had a taste of how these restrictions will be enforced during lockdown when people were driven out of the countryside or beaches via drones.  The truth is though, and this is beyond the remits of this particular post, that Nature is going to get even more strangely weird and vicious than it already has - people going missing, dying in strange ways, etc, but more on this later as an awareness of that change begins to develop.  Were these sailors really ''saved'' by SOS signal from pikelot island - I think you may have wanted to stay there people.  Liberate Tuteme Ex Infirnis.

Finally I want to end with another screed on logic and logical contradictions.  You [broad sweeping inclusive generalization] cannot say that people in general are ridiculous for believing in a demonic witchcraft cult behind the power elite if a) you are a demon trafficking witch yourself and b) you have stated previously that the power elite have their own spiritual protection - it's as amusing, confusing and somehow willfully naive as people who sign NDAs all the time saying conspiracies can't happen because no one can keep a secret.  To those assembled, if magic is as real as you claim, then it has been industrialised/militarised and people can keep a secret, and if you can't, maybe look around you and that will explain your life situation.  Will, Know, Dare, Keep Silent.  Similarly you can't snub people believing in aliens and spiritual possession as full of ''ridicularity'' if you yourself believe in probability-altering interdimensional entities that you can propitiate and/or will do your bidding.  You can't snub an 8 ball if you turn to tarot or teacups - you understand?  I know that many ''witches'' have issues with popularity and in-crowd mechanics from their experiences at high school but please recognise that in spite of years and years of Netflix based propaganda you remain as ''lunatic fringe'' for your beliefs as do the other occupants of this zone.   The fact that people are now more afraid of witches may well be to do with the success of this propaganda and the fact that you go on about hexing people all the time - you might want to start watching that when it turns.  If a) you are talking about hexing people and magical defences then b) don't be surprised if people start believing in hexes and defences and react accordingly.  Please watch your logical contradictions as your positions are becoming untenable and you will eventually pay the price.  Similarly its worth coming back to some conspiracy judo at this point - if you are an ''Ickian'' style conspiracy theorist (magickal or otherwise) please bear in mind that you have been played so you are now the ''reaction'' part of the problem-reaction-solution. Have a think and you will see, because the people who did that to you thought long and hard and many moves ahead of you. In many ways Icke (and others) has been hoisted by his own petard.


While we have a few ''calm little moments'' let's always remember: Courage; Reason; Compassion;  Enlightenment.  OM NAMAH SHIVAYA.

Me used to be angry young man
Me hiding my head in the sand
You gave me the word, I finally heard,
I'm doing the best that I can
I've got to admit its getting better,
A little better all the time
I have to admit its getting better
It's getting better since you've been mine
Getting Better, The Beatles