Monday, December 10, 2018

Significant Moments

Once, long ago, I used to be a shift leader at my university bar and I had a friend working for me, Simone.  Whatever I asked him to do he told it was not his job to do that - whether it was collecting glasses, taking out food or emptying the dishwasher.  When I asked him what he did do he replied: ''I fall in love a hundred times a day.''

How many significant moments have there been in your life?  And what does your answer say about you? I asked these questions to a group of friends and I was surprised by the response.  The answers ranged from 10-20, to hundreds.  Do you think every moment of your life is significant, that you can, to quote Simone, fall in love a hundred times a day?  That there is a choice available in every moment that can change your life one way or the other, or are there only certain moments when that can happen? If we say every moment is significant aren't we making them all equally meaningless?  And if we don't then how are we measuring significance?

For the sake of this post we are defining/measuring significance as a moment where there is/was a choice available which can/did radically alter your life one way or the other in a way that directly affects the Seven [Planetary] Kingships and their transpositions [altogether the Fourteen Minotaurs] of yourself: Wisdom/Folly, Wealth/Poverty, Fertility/Desolation, Health/Sickness, Power/Slavery, War/Peace, Beauty/Ugliness i.e. in that moment you became sick or poor [for a long time] and it was a result of a decision made in that moment.  These are what Raziel describes as ''robust branching moments'' and suggests that these are the only points in your life where you are ''free''. Now you would think that magical rituals, or rites of passage like funerals, marriages, baptisms etc would automatically be significant but this doesn't seem to be the case.  In fact much of ritual is [should be] dutiful routine temple work and simply maintains the quality of the path you are on as opposed to altering anything and even getting married can be another step on a path as opposed to a significant jump to another path.

If, in attempting to understand Raziel, we are defining significance as above, it could still vary widely between individuals, some individuals may have a faster rate, churning through significance much more rapidly than others who digest more slowly.  Similarly there may be periods where significance is a continuous flow to the point of being backed up and others where years may pass without significance.  Also in attempting to understand this subjectively we have the issue of the reality of significance in an individual's life and how it matches up with that individual's interpretation of significance - they may think any given moment may be significant but in reality it isn't and vice versa.  Meaning junkies - people who do say things like ''I fall in love a hundred times a day'' - are likely to think their life is full of significance, and meaning squirrels - squirrelling away rare nuggets of meaning in a bleak, wintry, monotonous life - might underestimate how much significance is actually going on.  Our tendency towards seeing significance in a grand sense may cause us to falsely attribute significance to ''big events'', whereas in fact they were more routine, and miss those branching moments that are hidden inside seemingly inconsequential, negligible actions.

Going back over the material, in particular the most recent sections on Tempography, we can say that we know, theoretically, that a robust branching moment is coming when the number of synchronicities [in our personal life] increase and we can also know the type of event that is coming from the type of synchronicities but we can't know exactly what that moment is.  It could be as simple as choosing to go right instead of left - how do we increase the effectiveness of our precognition to know exactly when that moment will be?

So I have been thinking about this over the last few nights and trying to make some kind of estimate on an answer to the opening question in the above terms, i.e. a change that was brought about by my choice at a robust branching moment that produced an observable radical shift in the Kingship and I don't believe in my nearly 40 years on Earth in this form that there have been more than 200.  I can say that there have been more objective significant shifts towards Wisdom from Folly than other Kingships and Power from Slavery and that the area of least observable shifts have been with Fertility and Desolation, in that I have fewer objective events relating to tribe, family and children - positive or negative.  There have been very few significant events involving Wealth and Health but those that there have been have been positive and extremely significant so far. 

There is something slightly morbid in this assessment, in that it makes you objectively address your mortality?  How many times have you [through your action in a significant moment] shifted from wealth to poverty and vice versa?  How many times has your life been brought low by sickness/infection, as opposed to catching a cold or flu?  How many times do you fall in love a day?


  1. Hi,
    For what its worth, I am not sure there is any choice happening, in so much as there is a separate 'me' that stands apart from all entanglements, and chooses. Rather 'choice' happens, as per entanglements through time. Even the most mundane choice - do I put on a white shirt or blue shirt today - is just memory coming forth. Perhaps someone commented once that the blue shirt highlights our eyes, or maybe white is more businesslike. Whatever. The biggest 'yes' comes to the fore, and that is the choice.
    I cant see a separate 'chooser,' nor a 'willer'.

    1. Hard determinism and fair enough. To be fair to Raziel he is giving ''me'' about 200 - 400 seconds of ''freedom'' in 40 years so his ''compatabilism'' is pretty restricted. What is meant by me here is important to understanding what is going on, and the freedom is only freedom to shift between fourteen pre-existing variants of that me.

      If you want to talk entanglements through time then also future memory is involved. The biggest yes tends to come from environmental cues and while you are correct in there is optimization going on its probably more in tune with the weather than anything else.