Friday, June 7, 2013

Metabolism VII - Masks and Metabolism II

This post will endeavour to explain how the physiognomic characters operate as a 'chemical message' inside your cell* and how your own physiognomy causes you to operate similarly inside the cells* of other individuals.  So for example lets say you are 'visited in your cell'* by a Mime character (typically presenting the mask of the Lover).


This Mime figure is effectively acting like the hormone cortisol.  A typical Mime will be busy multi-tasking and handling stress because this is the environment/tasks they are naturally designed for.  If you are 'visited' by one then you are probably in a high stress environment for whatever reason - maybe because you operate in an environment of high stress occupied by Mimes or maybe they have brought that environment to you.  Because of the behaviour of the Mime (busy running around handling all kinds of tasks) they will probably induct in you a 'stress response' (they will stress you out)and your own cortisol levels will rise and thus you will begin to take on the qualities of the Mime (ultimately your 'mask' will be distorted if this continues).  A lot of the stress response caused by the Mime is ultimately sourced in love and caring - they are not purposefully stressing you out but doing it because they care about you/the environment.

Thinking about this from a cellular consciousness approach then - this individual mime is in your spheres of perception/reach and as such this is exactly how a chemical messenger will operate in the cytosol and edge of the nucleus.  Once inside the 'cell' the 'message' will cause its change.  This is happening continuously in your environment in the sense that you are most likely encountering all kinds of chemical messengers/people in the day to day pursuance of your life.


Lets take another example.  Imagine for a moment you are visisted in your cell* by a Jay.  The Jay is the physiognomic character associated with adrenaline.  As previously discussed they tend to be lithe and have bird-like faces (again note the owl form of this as well as more obvious beaky forms) - they don't like to be forgotten, so can have an obsessional creepy edge to them, and they have difficulty controlling their tempers - in fact with this description it is obvious that many people interpret this type of person to be threatening.  Following me here then, you will see that since a Jay has a threat-like quality to their transactions in your cell they will induct an adrenaline response in you - you will feel threatened and therefore consciously or unconsciously edgey, nervous, defensive etc.  A lot of atheletes, etc have a Jay-like quality to them and if you are in this environment there is probably going to be a lot of competitiveness - again something which stimulates adrenaline and may not necessarily be something you need to avoid.

Stoicism is the key quality of control necessary to handling the messages from the blood-time.  It may be that your environment has become *too* stressful therefore steps must be taken to cut off the flow of cortisol (remember that the blood-time contains elements both 'good' and 'evil' or advantageous and disadvantageous), similarly perhaps your environment has become too threatened and one must cut off the flow of adrenaline messages.  The cell* has machinery** to deal with presences in the cell which are problematic to healthy metabolism - itis up to you to use them.

*Your psychic cell which consists of Feelix and his spheres of reach, perception and thought.
**The organelles of the psychic cell are actually structures that operate in thought and knowledge, some may actually be visisble to the 'naked eye' others are invisible.  More on this later.


  • Imitative magic and Godforms can be used to somewhat experience the viewpoints and hormonal moods of physiognomic characters other than your own.
  • Sympathetic magic can be used to draw certain 'messages' from the blood-time, i.e. one can 'summon a mime'.  This will be dealt with in much detail later on.