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Metabolism VIII - Jupiter, Gimel and the Endosomes

The more advanced techniques explored on this site require a working knowledge of the structure of the biological cell and an understanding of how this maps over to the structure of your consciousness. This ''cellular consciousness'' is further enhanced by a knowledge of Practical Kabbalah; the Hebrew Alefbeit connecting to the chromosomes as the ''Letters of Foundation'', in the Sefer Yetzirah or Book of Formation.

I am aware that this material is often considered too advanced for the average student (the actual average level is 101) out there and I understand that it requires knowledge of the QBL and knowledge of cellular biology both of which are rare and rarer yet combined.  I am also aware that often this site ends up being experienced as spiritual titillation of the form ''My genes are magickal!!!'' without many of my readers grasping the details of the system and how to make it work for them.   Yet I must continue with the tranmission of this Wisdom regardless if many of its seeds fall on barren ground for the Archangel Raziel compels me. Bear in mind that for the last few decades various occult researchers and practitioners have been trying to link genetics with Kabbalah, Enochian, the I Ching, etc.  The details of the system explained on the Blogos provide that link.

Since I am a Gentlemen of Jupiter I thought I would focus today on that planet and its biochemical and Kabbalistic aspects in light of the larger system of Cellular Consciousness.  In the last metabolism post we focused on the Cellular Membrane which corresponds to Saturn and how one can ''use'' it - the next planet down in the Chaldean order is Jupiter, associated with the Endosomes.

In the corrected system of Kabbalistic attributions Gimel (the camel caravans) as the 2nd letter of the doubles is associated with the 2nd planet of the Chaldean order.  Gimel as the ''rich man that runs to give to the poor'' is associated with the Kabbalistic kingship of Wealth.  The path of ''Wealth'' runs between the Sefira of Chokmah, Wisdom and the Sefira of Chesed or Loving-Kindness.  We have clear direction here - Charity, Generosity, Giving, Philanthropy - this is what Gimel is asking of us. The double letter can be pronounced in a hard or soft fashion G or J, thus G4J the acronym for our group is a composite of both forms of Gimel with the numerical value of Chesed between them. In Kaplan's SY we observe that the hard form can bring about the opposite of the Kingship - poverty - while the soft forms bring the positive Wealth.  The pronunciation of G4J though is Gee for Jay both of these consitute the soft, positive form*.

Obviously ''wealth'' does not necessarily mean cold hard cash - the kingship of Wealth (and the corresponding duty of Charity) is seen to run between Wisdom and Love.  Wealth can in this sense mean the combination of Loving Wisdom and I interpret this to mean ''Strategic Charity.''  Regardless of how many people call for universal wealth redistribution we know that in the vast majority of cases that transferred wealth will be wasted or will actually contribute to the problematic state of the individual in need (think about giving money to someone on the street who then fuels an addiction with your charity) - simply throwing money at a problem will not make it go away.  Charity needs to be strategic and targetted to solving a particular problem - or even enhancing a particular part of the local ecomony that will have knock-on positive effects.  Whatever your chosen charity is in order for it to be Kabbalistic you need to have *personal involvement* with it.

In Gimel we also see the important Kabbalistic idea of giving, and reciprocity - the idea is that one is a vessel that ''God'' gives to, and that you in turn will give of yourself.  This idea of giving is absolutely essential to understanding Jupiter's influence on your life.  It is not a planet for increasing ''savings'' it is a planet for increasing the rate of ''flow'' - financial expansion under the auspices of Jupiter does not mean more bullion in your strong-box, it means an increased cash-flow - to further increase one's access to the flow, and therefore one's potential to *give* of that flow one needs to be *strategic* in how one gives.


In the corresponding system of cellular biology as it is explored on the Blogos, Jupiter corresponds to the endosomes - which are like cargo containers inside the cell and are the workhorses (the camels!!!) of the export/import system of the cell.  The internal constituents of a cell are in continuous flow - ''parts'' for the construction of important proteins need to be imported from the blood, and similarly, each cellular manufactory needs to export the essential proteins it manufactures to the body at large.  Taking one example the thyroid gland needs to produce hormones and in order to do this it needs to import important precursor molecules and then export those hormones so other sites in the body can complete their metabolism.  These import/export ''trade routes'' need to be maintained in dynamic equilibrium and adjusted to fluctuations in the body's ''economics''.  If any given cell is  not recieving imports for whatever reason its function will be severely impeded, a cell that cannot ''export'' may even explode**.

In terms of Cellular Consciousness the ''endosomes'' transport ''events'' through the membrane of consciousness from the bloodstream of Time.  Events may constitute meeting certain individuals, or encountering objects or other phenomena.  Often, perhaps nearly always, there are ''economic'' implications to events - you may meet an individual in relation to business, or an individual in need - you may encounter an object which has some value, you may also have to give an object of value away.  All these transactions with events that are presented to your consciousness consitute your ''metaphysical'' economy and your relationship with its flow.  The Jupiterian Endosomes are responsible for transporting events into the cell*** and although those endosomes are of you (in your larger consciousness) you as a being that exists at the centre of your cell much choose wisely how to deal with them.  Strategic charity at a certain moment can have metaphysical implications for other events that will present to you from the ''bloodstream'' and sometimes when one is not looking with eyes that see or with ears that hear its easy to miss how events are connected.  One cannot grow without giving, one cannot complete one's metabolism without giving.

If we look at the Metabolism of Time diagram that ''Gimel'' will map over to a path between Reducing the Future (Chokmah) and the Reaction to the Moment (Chesed).  This shows us how our actions in response to any given event delineate the possibilities that the future gives to us - our *actions* are our *wealth* and those actions that are of the Loving Wisdom are most appropriate to any event encountered.

I realise that these ''later'' Metabolism posts are becoming complex.  If you wish to learn about Cellular Consciousness and the Metabolism of Time, about how we can learn from knowledge of the biological cell about our consciousness experience of reality and its relationship to Time, I strongly urge you to go back to the earlier posts on Metabolism.  I am happy to answer any questions readers may have.

*Joviality, generosity, gentleness.
**This is how TSEs (e.g. Mad Cow Disease) express their pathology.  Cells cannot export a mutant enzyme which then builds up in a cell until it pops and those enzymes enter other cells, which they cannot leave while ordering the construction of more of themselves until the process leads to a ''swiss-cheese'' brain.
***Bear in mind that ''events'' need ''digesting'' and also that some ''events'' are pathological and have entered your cell of consciousness by duping the membrane into believing that they were positive/advantageous.  The Blogos is not without its theodicy.

Monday, December 8, 2014

The Tree of Life IV - Qabalah is the New Black

Over the years I have engaged in many arguments with practitioners of the WMT regarding one of their hugely corrupt and dangerous central glyphs - the Kircher Tree.

Normally the argument runs something like this:

Blogos: Hey the Kircher Tree breaks the rule of 3, 7 and 12 i.e. 3 horizontal paths = 3 mothers, 7 vertical paths = 7 doubles, 12 diagonal paths = 12 simples - have you noticed?

WMT 101 Drone: Errr...

Blogos: Did you at least notice that there are 3 horizontal paths and 3 mother letters?

WMT 101 Drone: What? To be honest - no,  I dogmatically obeyed the Kircher Tree as *the Tree* as it is described that way in virtually all WMT books relating to the QBL ( we are talking about a lot of text here! Mathers, Crowley, Regardie, Fortune...)

Blogos: Did you build the Kircher Tree into your aura and astral body through continuous work on it?

WMT 101 Drone: No I don't have the will required to build up an astral body or even to memorise the associations but I do refer to them occassionally in the ''Tarot for Dummies''* guide to the mysteries that has been so useful in developing my full potential as a learner.

Blogos: Well thank Christ for that, you would have completely mangled your aura if you had!

The more sophisicated users of the Kircher Tree, who have hardwired it into their systems, are all crazy so the arguments are normally a little more ''frothing at the mouth''.  If the Kircher Tree was *purposely* adopted by the Western Orders in genuine awareness of and therefore breaching the rule of 3, 7 and 12 cite a source otherwise I have to come to the conclusion that it is a terrible error.  d'Aquin to Kircher seems to be the source-line and the error was inserted here and not corrected.

Sometimes amongst the more educated elite who have squandered their years in QBL studying the Kircher Tree, failed to encounter texts like those of Aryeh Kaplan early enough and now having rejected the QBL practise another form of magic - the argument runs somewhat differently.  They normally argue for a more pluralist approach defending the Kircher Tree's *obvious* flaws by suggesting that ''whatever works'' - to simplify this means it doesn't matter what arrangement you use if it works it works.  My problems with this argument are as follows.

1. It shows great cultural ignorance - check Jewish sources, the Ari and the Gra Tree show the rule of 3, 7 and 12.  The onus is on the WMT practitioners and texts which very often present the Kircher Tree as *the Tree* to show that it is but one variant.  Sometimes this argument feels like the crippling inertia in the WMT made flesh.  I also feel that these more intellectual practitioners would not have rejected the QBL *if* they had been informed about 3, 7 and 12 from the beginning since I am sure they would not champion such cultural ignorance.

2. The argument suggests there are 22!** possibly variations of the Tree - do they each work better at a particular task?  Pray tell me oh post-modern master who hath done the experiments necessary to assess this potential plasticity?

3. A great many of those variants, like the Kircher Tree, will break the rather *obvious* rule of 3, 7 and 12 which is so *obvious* that, for example, the commentary on the doubles and the verticals in Kaplan's SY is ''The 7 double letters are associated with the 7 vertical paths.''

4. Pragmatism bias - ''if it ain't broke don't fix it'' a) Many don't know its broke because they never get far enough to *use* it beyond a clumsy tarot reading and this is part of the general trend of the WMT in decline b) Different types of cars ''work'' differently, the Kircher may ''work'' but far less *effectively* than other arrangements, i.e. those that follow 3, 7 and 12 - but again who really out of the WMT as it stands has explored these different arrays and subjected them to that kind of test?


Anyway there is a pluralist solution to the Tree of Life problem that I call the Etz Ha Shaarim or Tree of Gates.  This is actually a very powerful piece of ''psychic machinery'' which I will continue to explore under the auspices of the 231 Gates project.  This Tree, shown above, reimagines each Sefira as a wheel of the 231 Gates showing that 22! potential manifestation.  If we truly believe in the pluralist approach to the Tree the above diagram should be adopted by the Western Orders and the students should be encouraged to study all *available material* and come to the conclusion that they are comfortable with through experimentation.

*I wrote this and then just discovered its an actual book.  FML.
** 1.1240007e+21

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Western Mysteries and Falling out of Fashion

In this blog entry Jason Miller talks about concepts like the Astral Temple and Visualization falling out of fashion* and it got me thinking again about the terrible state of the Western Mystery Tradition, what other fundamentals might be falling out of fashion and indeed what is ''in fashion''.

I wonder if this notion of what is fashionable has been influenced by my stating that Qabalah is the New Black**.  If you have an idea about what has become fashionable or disagree with anything on my list feel free to drop a comment or a message.

In Fashion:

  • Magicians as socio-cultural anthropologists
  • Magicians as event managers
  • Magicians as journalists - look at my interviews: I'm on tv or I'm a reporter!
  • Magicians as craftsmen - look at my material sunthemata!***
  • Magicians as scholars/academics - look at my article on translations regarding obscure deity/saint x
  • Magicians as geeks/nerds
  • Magicians justifying day-jobs
  • Advertising
  • Identity politics - where are you on the sexual spectrum fellow magus - QWERTYUIOP?
  • Conspiracy gnosticism (a fusion of conspiracy theory and Gnostic mysticism)
  • ''Micro-traditions'', I guess a bit like hipsters are fascinated by micro-breweries
  • Empty motivational rhetoric + chat
  • Sycophancy

Falling out of Fashion:

  • Magick
  • Astral Work
  • Healing
  • Qabalah
  • Dialogue

One of the reasons dialogue is so out of fashion is that there is no material incentive to have disagreements with peers and then form compromises in public.  It makes it look like your ''grandmastery'' of a subject is less than perfect and might affect sales of your books****.  Of course without dialogue stagnation of the tradition occurs as we can see.  If this post annoys you a little - good - you need to be annoyed by it, really.  There is a serious lack of internal criticism in this community - lets not get decadent people.  Its better to be self-critical.

*My own thoughts on the ''Astral Temple'' can be found here:
**It is.
***Its easy to make money selling something physical.  Its difficult to profit from Nous.
****Which apparently most authors can't support their lifesyles on anyway - I cite Aaron Leitch, Nick Farrel, etc.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Metabolism VIII - The Living God and its Dog Name

There has been a bit of talk recently about what it means to be a living God and whether magick makes you one or not.  Within this conversation there have been many grand claims and some fairly empty but motivational rhetoric.  Lets examine the actual details.

The ego, which is effectively a structure in the mind that formed around your learned responses to your given name (your ''dog-name'') - does not survive death and is not a God.

The DNA spiral that you actually are - which I term ''Feelix the Perfect Helix'' - is a Living God.  You don't have to go another dimension to find this Living God it is inside you and motivates all living things on the planet.   It reincarnates by propogating itself and has preserved and adapted its infomation spirals from the very beginning of life.  It shapeshifts, it co-locates (think twins but on a more general level that we will get to - genetic archetypes) and it is virtually invincible surviving on desolate asteroids in deep space. 

The stoics believed the soul was ''material'' and there is no other better candidate for a material soul than the DNA  - though the actual matter is irrelevant, its the information it contains which propagates.  You are that being - your dog name is just that, its a name, its not the dog.  The dog might think it *is* the name, but that doesn't make it so.  By loosening the grip that ''dog-name'' has on you, the more access you have to the powers latent in the information spiral that you are.


Another way that you are ''a God'' is in the way you express certain genetic archetypes that are immortal and directly related to the Metabolism of Time.  Although complete within ourselves we are also differentiated within society - there are hunters, teachers, warriors, lovers, entertainers, etc.  These archetypes at our local level scale up into ''Gods'' - Goddess of the Hunt, God of Love, etc.  By pursuing your genetic True Will and achieving excellence within that true will you are living that aspect of those Gods in your real life.  If you pursue the whims of your dog-name you are a pale shadow of that God within and probably crippled by the diseases of it. 

In the sections on physiognomy on the Blogos there are images and supporting information to help you discover the nature of your closest genetic archetype and therefore your ''true will''.  Often these genetic archetypes produce what people consider to be problems - fat storage, skin problems, memory failure, balding, etc - but those are symptoms of the underlying genetic power.  In confronting and understanding those problems one can uncover their true will.  Over abundance of fat storage in adipose tissue in the abdomen generally tells me that person has great power over dreams, visualises very well, and has the ability for tremendous release of energy (be it emotional, physical, or intellectual) at critical moments.  Skin conditions normally indicate the person is capable of multi-tasking to a very high level, handling the accompanying stress and because of this can be a great dancer or lover.  However if your dog name is consuming you with anxiety about your weight or skin and contributing to self-perpetuating the problems through that stress you're hardly a God are you?

As I mentioned in previous posts, I don't believe in the lego-brick approach to genetics, I believe that the fundamental part of that life-spiral is ''quantum'' and that ''quantum-mechanics'' have been incorporated into our metabolism and our evolution.  There is increasing evidence for this.  As readers of the blog will know as well Feelix is correlated to the time spiral, indeed Feelix is a ''time-spiral''.  In this way we are all Zurvan, the God of Time.
To repeat - the ego or ''dog-name'' is not a God, it is a dead man walking and that is why it is so full of fear, anger, anxiety, etc, ad nauseaum.  Breaking that name's hold is one of the first tasks that must be undertaken in order to achieve any sense of the God within.


Monday, December 1, 2014

Addressing the Failure Rate

As I understand it most of the ''101'' literature on magic is about getting oneself from the Earthly plane to the Lunar plane.

What is the Lunar Plane? - This is where the astral world opens up, one can access directly the bloodstream of the universe, its ''dream-stream'' and encounter the various beings that lurk there - it is the beginning of Yetzirah.  At first one's ability to percieve the Lunar plane is hazy or shadowy but as one continues to practise astral projection and develop the astral body one's sight grows clearer and one's ''muscles'' grow stronger.  One's ability to grow and utilise the opportunities afforded by astral projection can only happen when the other planetary spheres (of Yetzirah) are developed as well.  Systematic approaches to this work best.  In the WMT this is typically associated with ''Yesod'', the ninth Sefira which is often linked to the Moon.

For example - works like Dion Fortune's Mystical Qabalah or Donald Michael Kraig's Modern Magick (which I consider fairly solid 101 texts if ultimately misguided by the Kircher Tree like most texts in the WMT) spend most of the time teaching the students very basic Earthly plane work and end with Lunar plane style ''pathwalking'' teachings - which they see as guided meditation or visualization.

Other 101 works are completely limited to Earthly plane work setting up ''strange attractors'' through spells, altars, talismans, sigils, bound spirits, etc to manifest that which they are designed to attract and fail to even comment on the Lunar Plane and how their strange attractors interact with it.

At any given phase of the development of the new initiate (be it Earthly, Lunar, Solar, etc) into the Western Mysteries there is a huge failure rate.  I have met many people in the course of my life and work that have shelves *filled* with 101 ''introduction to magic''/''magic made easy'' style texts and have still failed to develop an astral body or complete the most basic memorization required by the Western Mysteries.  These failures are often some form of flake or spiritual tourist that often move on to another tradition although some of them stay and clog the stream (although they provide good fodder for the 101 magickal author).

Of the few that succeed they must now complete further trials and tribulations to access the Mercurial Plane which requires a completely different set of skills and a great proportion fail here.  People attaining to an understanding of the Mercurial plane and the subsequent further development of their astral body therefore make up a small percentage of our initial pool.  Precious few achieve *genuine* ''adepthood''*.
If you are writing for personal financial profit there is absolutely no material incentive to develop texts for what I will refer to as the ''Mercurial market'' - the only thing that can motivate you is love of the tradition and the knowledge that it contains - maximum Mercurial market potential is very limited in relation to the ''terrestrial'' market and they are hardly all reachable.**

There are very few texts aimed at this market - texts that ''dumb down'' Mercurial work under the auspices of making it ''accessible'' do no-one any favours because they simply reduce the need to develop the cross-disciplinary critical thinking skills which are absolutely essential in completing ''Mercurial'' work and developing one's inner Mercury.

In order to address the failure rate and allow more people to escape the 101 loop it is absolutely essential that we create effective *peer* support.  There is way too much teacher-student, cult leader-follower mentality and therefore way too much incentive to continue to milk the cattle.  The old orders also reinforce this mentality with their hierarchical thinking.  The ''Master-disciple'' structure is imbedded in the DNA of the WMT but it needs challenging.

I have been fortunate enough in the past to benefit from a *student-led* study group.  The students in that group gained far more ground in less time with core texts and a coherent study structure than they would have working with a teacher - I guarantee that.  The confident learner, sharing their insights in a supportive circle of like minded individuals, can make more difference than a small publication of 101 books to a larger group most of whom will *fail*.

When one has learned about and experienced their astral body and gained some access to their ''magickal memory'' then one is ready for the Mercurial work.  This typically involves immersing oneself in the grimoires themselves - whether they be angelological, kabbalistic or alchemical (for the WMT).  Most Mercurial work is undertaken with parallel studies in the mundane world - architecture, psychology, genetics, quantum physics to name the more popular disciplines.  The Mercurial work also works alongside the further exploration of the Astral.

The failure rate guarantees the eventual death of our tradition.  The higher-ups need to consolidate the learning of the intermediate practitioner rather than caring about the masses.

Let me finish this post with some questions:

- Do you consider yourself to be (at least) Mercurial?  Does the material you post on your blog contribute to a Mercurial dialogue amongst your peers?
- Do you have an astral body?  What is it like?  How much time do you spend in it?  What are your capabilities?  Do you post your experiences of the astral on your blog?  If not - why not? Are you contributing to a dialogue about what the Astral is, and the nature of those experiences?  Should you be spending more time in the Astral and less on ''chat''?
- Are most of your posts terrestrial in nature?  Why do you post only Earthly material?  Is this important for grounding students?  How does your posting of Earthly material contribute to addressing the failure rate?  Are your blog readers discussing magick - or are they actually discussing identity politics, conspiracy theory, your 101 book, etc?

*I appreciate there are many more with the title, but that's about all they have.
**We often hear authors bemoaning on their blogs about how you can't make any money out of writing books about magick.  If this is the case I have to ask why bother?  Why not just contribute freely to the dialogue?  And, as has come out recently, if you're a magickal author, but, unlike Jason Miller unable to support yourself through your authorship, have to support yourself with an unbecoming dayjob (unbecoming to your ''magickal glory'' I mean), why not quit writing about magick and re-train for a different job in your free time, giving you a better lifestyle and allowing you to contribute freely?

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Tree of Life III - Qabalah is the New Black


''Tis true without lying, certain and most true - that which is below is like that which is above and that which is above is like that which is below 
to do the miracles of one only thing.'' 
from a translation of the Emerald Tablet by Isaac Newton

I remarked to a friend of mine last night about what an honour it is to be part of the noble tradition of esoteric practitioners which forms an unbroken chain from Hermes Trismegistus to the present day - Greek philosophers, Arab scholars, central European astronomers - the list of the great minds that have fertilized our tradition is both humbling and inspiring.  I see their achievements as a constant challenge to my own.

''He formed substance out of chaos and made nonexistence into existence

He carved great pillars from air that cannot be grasped.''
Sefer Yetzirah, 2:6, Gra Version


A particularly passionate subject of mine is the Sefer Yetzirah, this compact text from over a thousand years ago that has provided the fuel for so many of the intellectual fires that have burned brightly through the stories of alchemy and Kabbalah.   

Intensely cryptic and compelling, Aryeh Kaplan (the great Kabbalistic scholar and elucidator) remarks ''many of the commentaries upon it have shed more light upon the author's own philosophies than upon the text itself...'' - this little book has done more to inspire the fusion of alchemy and Kabbalah that lead us to the wonders of modern science than any other.


''This is a sign

[Alef with them all, and all of them with Alef]
He foresees, transforms and makes
all that is formed and all that is spoken:
one Name.
A sign for this thing:
Twenty-two objects in a single body.'' 
Sefer Yetzirah 2:6, Gra Version


As you can see from the above comparison Alef - the seed letter of the Alefbeit, the ''in-breath'' - shares many similarities with the X chromosome.  The idea that there is some association between the Alefbeit (the alphabet only arose *once* in history and then proliferated from ancient Canaan) and genetics is fascinating - a book called the ''Book of Formation'' used to create life (golems) based on letters which have a similar number to the number of chromosomes, or of proteinogenic amino acids - even beyond my own detailed studies on the subjects of Cellular Consciousness and the Metabolism of Time.  Is not a protein, a *word* spoken by the DNA?


In this fragment of Ch. 2:6 we see the notion that these letters must be combined in order to form a single name - is this not the same notion that the admixture and combination of amino-acid or chromosomal ''elements'' are arranged to form a unique individual, a ''one name''?  It is certainly possible to read the Sefer Yetzirah in the imperative as well - ''forsee, transform and make'' - an *instruction manual* for the creation of life.  What can we forsee with genetics?  What can we transform?

''Twenty-two Foundation Letters:
He placed them in a circle like a wall with 231 Gates.
The circle oscillates back and forth.'' 
Sefer Yetzirah 2:4, Gra Version

This moves beond a crude understanding of DNA lego bricks and into the deeper nature of these threads of life.  Many of you know of the work I have been undertaking with the 231 Gates (the 22 letters combined with each other)  at Edward Kelley's Tower in Malastrana - beginning under the auspices of my own work with the Ruach of the Maharal that brought me to Prague, influenced by (the late) Vincent Bridges and the accompanying spirits of Dee and Kelley, and finally in the silence of my own chambers. It is clear to me that the cycles spoken of in the passage about the 231 Gates are the cycles of time, that the true nature of our DNA, something in the underlying quantum code of that caduceus, is the substance of time itself.  All living things that were ever made were made from these ''letters'' and these ''letters'' form an unbroken link to the beginning of our life-line - that we may travel, have we the discipline, the courage and the knowledge of the ''names''.

By dividing the 231 Gates into 3 concentric circles, mothers at the centre, surrounded by the doubles (planets) and surrounded finally by the simples (zodiac signs) - it is a possible to create a ''horoscope'' for a particular time.  By whirling the Gates (oscilate) one can open a ''wormhole'' in consciousness for the purposes of exploration and experimentation.


These men of the Western Mystery Tradition today, with their fevered egoes and grand claims to material success, are not the giants upon whose shoulders Newton stood, they are not the Renaissance men of old with Utopian goals and far-reaching intellects.  Our tradition is clearly at the lowest ebb in history when these are the men that make the news, when these are the men that are discussed and celebrated as if they matter.  It is not that these men couldn't become those giants but they are not now. 


Those of you out there, who still believe in the quality and potential of our tradition, who believe infinity needs restoring to the heart of the manifest, our souls repairing, our Earth healing, plunge deep into the ocean of wisdom that is Alchemy, that is Kabbalah, that you may grasp those pearls of salvation.  

Time travel, free energy and hermetic revolution - these are the ambitious goals for the restoration of the tradition.  Move above and beyond your petty aspirations of personal enrichment, of obtaining love, of preserving your dynastic line - of setting up these strange attractors**  - and embrace the truth of what the mysteries have taught you.  The tradition does not ask that you be poor or unloved only that you do not limit your work to material riches.  Be the heart that loves knowledge and yearns for understanding and not the one that is only covetous for terrestrial gold.



*This is the Ispaklaria - the glass or mirror one stares into to see a spiritual revelation.  All other prophets stared through a dull ispaklaria, Moses saw through a clear one.  All other prophets looked through nine ispaklariot while Moses looked through only one.  Other accounts liken the Ispaklaria to a lense, a barrier or membrane.  The Ari refers to the Ispaklaria as the Sefirot.  - taken from Meditation and Kabbalah by Aryeh Kaplan pg316/317 notes to the text.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

What went wrong? III

These are my opinions and not necessarily the truth.  My perspective is (particularly) limited, as all of ours are. Feel free to discuss or criticise.

1. Death of discussion

- Loss of anonymity found in forums during WMT's heyday due to FB profiles led to positive reduction in flame war but also reduction in debate because people are unwilling to be proved wrong or right as it directly and often publicly reflects on whatever identity they are nurturing.

2. Increase in sychophancy and mutual back scratching

- financial and social incentives for this

3. Positive behaviour management systems (in place all over the world) lead people to  value affirmations of their behaviour/ideas more than challenges to it/them. Increase in inability to handle criticism.*

- likes, +1s, etc

4. Trends of conformity and need to be accepted, intensified as awareness of cliques successfully marketed

- any challenges to behaviour or ideas can be deleted at the click of a button leading to self-affirming circles of people (block, delete, unfriend, unthink) which can enforce narratives by ostracising others.

5. Author status or desire to become author leads to more idea hoarding (for books, presentations, etc) and less idea sharing, increase in need for sales as opposed to idea propagation

- overall reduction in growth of WMT due to decrease in effective dialogue, the rise of ''chat''**

6. Blogs become diffuse, contentless or perhaps worse become repositories of content other than that needed (i.e. rather than blog about actual material and subsequently create discussion WMT blogs become places to moan, to sell, or even worse to share socio-political ideas rather than metaphysical ideas - political overwhelms spiritual***).

7. Blogs lose activity - blogosphere contracts.  Social networks increase at expense of blogosphere.  ''Chat'' therefore increases.

8. Intermediate material ceases to exist as nowhere now exists for such discussions to take place - majority of transactions occur between questionable ''elite'' groups or teachers**** and their students.  Real life events (seminars, webcasts, etc) generally mirror the 101 teacher-student (lecturer-audience) relationship as opposed to peer-peer relationship.

9. Continued proliferation of 101 material and accompanying students that can be harvested for financial/social gain.  Blogs become ads.  Networks become ads.

- lack of development of research skills that are necessary to success in plumbing the ancient depths leads to overall decline in average calibre of average WMT student, decline in tradition's ability to pass successfully into the next generation.

10. Increase in ''chat'', decrease in ''work'' - insane levels of spiritual flakiness/tourism*****

- coupled with pro-''nerd'' but anti-intellectual (???) = most dangerous trend for WMT

11. Increase in sense of individual identity (via narcissistic networking) and all its minutiae increase sense of loss of community and isolation of said individual.

12. Fragmentation into disparate ''micro-traditions'' or patchworks of such traditions as central ground of QBL despoiled by scandals from main WMT orders (GD et al) and WMT QBL's own logical inconsistencies.

- micro-traditions have less ability to interact as shared language (however faulty) is lost.

13. Loss of interest in mess that is WMT, high calibre student material lost more and more to Eastern mysticism.


*One should beware the charming man.  Embrace your critics.  Here is the bard:

''Now this overdone, or come tardy off, though it make the unskilful laugh, cannot but make the judicious grieve; the censure of the which one must in your allowance o'erweigh a whole theatre of others.''

**Patrick Dunn once wrote that the law of ''keep silent'' actually could be interpreted to mean ''don't chat''
***I understand the political can be spiritual but when more than 75% of your post is about the economy, identity politics, or conspiracy theory you are operating a different kind of (activist?) blog with a metaphysical slant.
****Questionable in knowledge, understanding or questionable motives (money acquisition, the various scandals of late)
*****How much work does one have to do to be considered non-armchair these days?  Ritual every day?  Ritual once a week?  I am interested - let me know.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Cellular Consciousness and the Metabolism of Time - Presentation I

As readers of this blog will know I gave my first presentation on Cellular Consciousness and the Metabolism of Time just over a week ago to a crowd of about thirty people at a local teahouse which has a reputation for spirituality and progressive thinking.  I spoke for about forty mins, introduced the ideas and then took questions.  As I suspected speaking about my ideas proved much easier than writing about them.

I informed the audience that for the most part they were living a delusion in actually believing that they perceive the world directly and that they also over identify with their ego (coined the term ''dog name'') which is only one part of their mind.


I introduced Feelix the Perfect Helix as the being that ''amms'' the ''dog-name'' and the being that they actually are i.e. a walking, talking, sleeping, etc spiral of DNA*.  We looked at the molecular developmental biology of drosophila to show how a ''head end'''is latent in the DNA and joked about which cells get to be the ''ass-end''.


We then explored the spheres of Feelix - physical, perceptual and consciousness.  The sphere of physical influence or reach was much easier to demonstrate in the flesh, showing by reaching my arms and legs out like Da Vinci's Vitruvian man to demonstrate the ''nucleus'' which contains the DNA of Feelix.


The sphere of perceptual influence was defined as extending to the parameters of the room we were in, and the notion that this occurs in consciousness was reinforced by using the lights to dazzle people and watch the various burned blobs on the retina that are obviously not there ''for real''.  Other examples such as the pinging sound in our ears after loud music, or the feeling of still being on a rollercoaster once one has gotten off of it were used to support this notion.

The sphere of consciousness was easy to establish after that, showing clearly that we are inside our own consciousnesses through the sphere of perceptual influence we have to ask the question of what is beyond that perception?  The truth of this membrane of our cell is of course that it is between our egoic awareness of our immediate reality (our cell) and the larger existence of our mind and subconscious (the bloodstream).


We then discussed and I taught two methods of penetrating this membrane through the tricks of waking sleep paralysis, lucid dreaming and astral projection.  Questions about the difference between stepping on to the plane as opposed to observing it through a helmet (or bathyscaphe) were answered.  We also talked about the differences between passing through the membrane (mysticism) and bringing things through the membrane into the cell (magic) - although I did not teach the latter.

We then proceeded to move on to the Metabolism of Time proper.  Establishing that Feelix's three sections, head, thorax and abdomen correspond to the future, present and past respectively** we moved on to the idea of the differentiation of cells of consciousness,  Like there are brain cells and liver cells, so there are future people, present people and past people.  Some people are endlessly forgetting things, reminiscing or being nostalgic, some are futuristic, imaginative, inventive and creative.  As cells are differentiated to complete metabolism in a tissue or body, so we, as cells of consciousness, are differentiated in order to fulfil the metabolism of the local tissue and the greater body.

Finally we moved on to the notion that DNA is a very crude understanding of what is in reality a time spiral.  At the ''quantum'' level in our DNA there are ''wormholes'' which travel backwards and forwards in time*** to future and past selves (incarnations) respectively.  Feelix then, the natural state of the being that we are, is one of these time travellers.


I finished with various fragments of future travel that I have undertaken with my ''time-phone''****. Obviously our current civilization does not survive that far into the future.  Its disrupted by a series of slowly unwinding global catastrophes and the system finally buckles under its own weight and popular unrest (mainly food riots).  The revolution that happens in the aftermath is fairly peaceful although the population is significantly reduced by the catastrophes - there is a fairly long bleak dark age where food is scarce but government and society do sustain.  Lots of the Earth is returned to the sea and there is a growth of inland marshes, wetlands, lakes etc.  Some terra-forming occurs and most of the Earth is turned into something like Florida.  There is a global state which operates a very strict ecologically minded regime (in its excesses its quite close to fascism) and people live in hexagonal crystal buildings.  A source of clean, portable, relatively free energy is created and people do not need to work needlessly - most ''humans'' devote themselves to art, leisure and research.

Genetic sciences have advanced to the point where gender or race are quite fluid - where I went purple was the fashionable skin colour.  Since ''the Great Lie''***** is/was considered the main problem in terms of getting us into the awful paradigm which wrought such terrible havoc on the Earth, displays of truth are socially encouraged.  A lot of people go naked and one fashion was to have a kind of chakra display built into the spine so it lights up when the centres are activated.  This way it is very difficult to hide your feelings.

The purple beings that I met with (in the attic of an old cottage in a mostly submerged abandoned village in the south-west of England) also gave me more information on retro-causality and how it is to be utilized for travelling the time streams.  I was also informed and subsequently informed the audience, that the real self - this time travelling spiral of information which ''amms'' its ''dog-name'' - does not always go forwards in time, at least fifty percent of us will reincarnate further back in history rather than further forward (although they experience their lives ''forwards'').  Alongside this the beings also informed me that ''time-travel'' in this part of history (between 2700-2900 AD) is still very much the preserve of an elite tradition although the nature of that tradition does change.  Most people remain unaware of their real nature and still are physical beings that operate under the delusion that they look through their eyes (even though they are against the lie, perversely).

Anyway as you can imagine this was all very entertaining ;-) apparently people are still talking about it.  Some people are still digesting the ideas and more and more are speaking about the ''membrane''.

*I used DNA as it is the term that people are most familiar with - its not ''DNA'' in reality that is just part of what it is.
**Head is trying to second-guess, predict, anticipate, it lives in the future - the chest with heart and lungs are the most immediate connection to the present - and abdomen with digestion, nutrient extraction, elimination, and excretion link to the past (obviously with the gonads storing genetic material from the beginning of life).
***231 gates - galgalim - cycles...
****The 231 Gates built into a device which has now been incorporated in consciousness.
*****Almost a return to the Persian Empire in thinking.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Metabolism VIII - The Cellular Membrane and the Astral Temple

The Astral Temple is typically created in the following way.  During meditation or trance state, one uses their imagination to go to a ''different dimension'' where one visualizes their temple complete with its furnishings and exterior finish.  When one has ''gone there'' one can perform various kinds of work in this Astral space - communing with spirits, centring oneself, etc.

Very much like my position on Pathwalking, as a practice that should be undertaken in the ''real world'' as opposed to a guided meditation,  I would now like to present you with a similar take on the notion of the Astral Temple.  Since consciousness *never moves* and your physical representation in that consciousness is always at the centre of the cell of your consciousness you can *always be present* in your Astral Temple, indeed you already are - it being a delusion that you directly experience the physical world.  The Astral Temple is not in a ''different dimension'' but overlaid on this one.   You do not need to go to a different dimension you are *already in your mind*.  You always have been in your mind.


Lets begin with something like the calling of the Angels.  There is no reason why one needs to call the Angels repeatedly.  Correctly understood, the Angels can be in their positions in front, behind, on your right hand on your left hand - all the time - performing their various roles.

Or perhaps you may use an association of the Angels of the Sefirot with its sometime different and extended array of those mighty beings - when the Tree of Life is overlaid on Cellular Consciousness, according to the instructions that have been given in this blog, there is no reason why Metatron is not always in the Bloodstream of Time, why Raziel does not sit at the Cell Membrane filtering it for secrets to enhance your cell with, why Tzaphkiel is not with him constantly surveying that Bloodstream for evil intent from the Qliphoth, or why Michael as Tifereth is not the glowing sun of your mitochondria, why Gabriel is not the fortress of your Nucleus, etc.


Magick is not something one should turn on and touch for a moment, experience the truth of your cellular consciousness, and then return to the delusion that you look through your eyes at the world.  It is a truth you should embrace.   The training one performs with a physical wand or a physical cup are like stabilizer wheels when you are learning to ride a bike, once fully understood this magickal equipment exists as a permanent feature of the astral temple where you *always are*.

The magickal sword is part of your psychic defence machinery, like the lysosomes form the defence of the cell, always endeavouring to break down hostile entrants, so your magickal sword should be ''permanently on'. In this way your cell will be kept more free of hostile phenomena - don't pick it up when you are being battered, be permanently battering your foes, physical, mental or emotional.

Similarly, the spiral wand of the DNA is your spine up to the top of your brain - as Feelix is in the centre of the cell in his kinosphere, so *you are your own wand*. The cup is the brain pan, the pantacle always under your feet at the base of your kinosphere.  Creation is as simple as unwinding that information in yourself to build phenomena from its raw building blocks (the astrological forces) or opening the gates in the membrane to allow raw materials or phenomena to flow in - and of course having the focussed will to do it.

Any standard room is normally modelled on a cell - there are gates and openings in the membrane (doors, etc), an energy source like the mitochondria (lighting, heating), product carrying endosomes (containers), an information source like the DNA (books, computers and *you*), a waste removal system, etc etc.  A normal magickal temple is typically an enchanted room with various magickal objects in it which are used for ritual purposes - so its an ''enchanted cell''.  An astral temple is typically seen as an astral version of this in ''another dimension'', or in the imagination.  What I am discussing in this entry is taking your work from the material through the ''astral'' to the noetic - which is the true state of your existence.  The light that fills the room you are in right now, flows from a physical source, but exists in your mind - in your cell of consciousness - as the mental representation of that light.  What you are seeing is the mental light that has been produced by the magickal lamp not the physical light produced by the physical lamp.  Let that awareness, that your consciousness is the source of that mental light, complete you and enliven you.

We know that there is nothing important in the material itself.  I believe that the devotion required to gather specific materials in order to make magickal objects is hugely important because that devotion harnesses and hones the *Will* which is the creatrix.  The Will of a master craftsman such as Frater Ashen Chassan is always impressive but it is not the carbon, oxygen and hydrogen atoms of the wood, etc that he uses that is important its the dedication and commitment that goes into making it that is.

''I have been studying how I may compare this prison where I live unto the world...'' 
Richard II, ActV, Scene V - William Shakespeare

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Metabolism VIII - The Cellular Membrane, Tzeruf and the 231 Gates

Following on from the last entry we understand that in the membrane of our cell of consciousness, the membrane that separates us from the Bloodstream of Time there are gates, transporters and receptors in exactly the same way as the biological cell.  These receptors, gates and transporters activate the cell or allow various objects in the blood (hormones, chemical messengers, etc) to enter the cell (although some very small molecules like water, sugar, salt simply pass through the membrane).

In the Sefer Yetzirah: Theory and Practice by Aryeh Kaplan we are told that the Kabbalists used to use the 231 Gates in the following way.  They would arrange the letters around themselves in a circle - these letters are understood to have been hewn or carved from thought-stuff, as massive blocks and arranged like a psychic Stonehenge around the mystic or group of mystics.  By connecting the letters in various ways the 231 Gates can be activated in order to bring ecstasy, euphoria , delight.  Activated in another order the 231 Gates can bring plague, disaster, entropy.

Expanding on the theory of Cellular Consciousness then we can imagine these letters as positioned in the sphere of Consciousness - as indeed they would be, pictured by the mystics at the border of their perception where it met their consciousness - and acting as those self-same receptors, gates and transporters in our cell membrane.

We know that each letter codes for a particular celestial influence, whether it be elemental, planetary or zodiacal - indeed if the aspirant is not comfortable with using the Alefbeit I don't see why these symbols should not be replaced with the astrological symbols themselves (although individuals should recognize that they are divesting themselves of the vast repository of mystical wisdom contained within the Kabbalah).

 By accessing this letter-gate, or a pair or series of letters to form a *word*, one should open those specific gates in the cell to allow associated specific phenomena to pour in.  Very much like hormones and chemical messengers act on the cell to produce changes in the chemical environment of the cytosol and DNA, one should be able to physically perceive the phenomena entering from the Bloodstream of Time and detect the changes caused within the mind and body of the recipient.

As we can see from the above diagram there are various types of receptors/gates/transporters found in the cell membrane but we must remember that all information coding for the construction of these receptors is contained in the DNA itself, which exists at the centre of the cell.  As there are 23 human chromosomes (and 23 copies) so there are 22 letters in the Alefbeit (astrological forces) + the mystical ''23rd letter to come'' - the four headed Shin.  As the DNA in the nucleus codes for all the proteins in the human body (and therefore all structures) so the 22 letters of the astrological forces contained within the human body (Feelix the Helix) code for all experienced phenomena.

In this model the practice of astrology is the equivalent of performing a blood test on the bloodstream of time, finding out what it contains (or is likely to contain) and take appropriate measures.  The practice of Theurgy is the equivalent to opening the right gates to the phenemona you want/need to experience so that it can enter your cell of consciousness.  One would be right in undertaking this method with the emphasis on personal and global tikkun.

This notion of Cellular Consciousness is a beautiful theosophical structure which ties together a lot of diverse material but it is merely mind-candy for spiritual titillation without knowledge of the details acquired through research, experimentation and memorization i.e. hard work.  This done, it becomes a very powerful super structure for the medically oriented Practical Kabbalist.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Metabolism VIII - Tzeruf and The Cellular Membrane

The Sphere of Consciousness

The cellular membrane of biological cells correlates to the Sphere of Consciousness that encloses our ''bubbles of perceived reality'' and mediates between our individual cells of consciousness and the ''bloodstream of time''.

In the biological cellular membrane there are gates and transporters in the membrane that allow various proteins, chemical messengers, hormomes, etc through and keep others out. Pathogenic microbes such as viruses or intracellular bacteria exploit these membranes in order to gain access to the cell - often by presenting their own versions of ''keys'' to these ''gates'' or by ''picking the lock''.

Similarly in our sphere of consciousness there are gates and transporters in the membrane that allow ''phenomena'' to get in.  Employing the Kabbalah we can see that all phenomena derive from combinations (words) of the 22 sacred symbols and the celestial forces they represent in the same way that all proteins (which cause changes in the cell or which are used by the pathogenic microbes) derive from a very simple set of amino acid combinations.  One can probe, engrave, carve, or otherwise use the letters in the membrane to allow certain events (coding to the letter used) into the cell - i.e. to summon.


We know from a simplistic analysis that a stressed and exhausted person has a weaker immune system and is therefore more susceptible to have their cells invaded by pathogenic bacteria.  Is a stressed or exhausted person more prone to experiencing events that continue to damage their cell of consciousness?  To what extent can Tzeruf used in the sphere of consciousness prevent the experience of negative entropic events?  To what extent can Tzeruf or other forms of letter meditation be used to activate our psychic cellular machinery?  What would it mean to be able to open a ''Mem gate'' in the membrane of our cellular consciousness?  What does this do to our understanding of Gematria?

Here are the associations I use:

Alef - Blood (Mother of the Mothers)/ Air
Mem - Cytosol (Mother of the Doubles)/ Water
Shin - Nucleus + DNA (Mother of the Singles)/ Fire

Bet - Cell Membrane/Saturn
Gimel - Endosomes/Jupiter
Dalet - Lysosomes/Mars
Kaph - Mitochondria/Sol
Pe- Endoplasmic Reticuluum/Venus
Resh - Golgi Apparatus/Mercury
Tav - Nucleolus/Luna

Heh - DNA replication fork/ Aries
Vav - DNA polymerase/ Taurus
Zayin - DNA Topoisomerase / Gemini
Chet - DNA coiling/ Cancer
Tet - Histone-bound DNA/ Leo
Yod - Chromosomes and scaffolding/ Virgo
Lamed - mRNA splicing/ Libra
Nun - mRNA/ Scorpio
Samekh - tRNA-ribosome complex/ Sagittarius
Ayin - post-translational folding/ Capricorn
Tzaddi - DNA repair/ Aquarius
Qoph - DNA recombination/ Pisces

Monday, March 31, 2014

What went wrong? Sociocultural Trends

My first post in this series was about the Kircher Tree as I see this is as symptomatic of the disease at the heart of the WMT.  The fact that the logical basis for the construction of the Tree of Life i.e. the rule of 3, 7 and 12 could have gone unnoticed and the Kircher Tree unrectified for so long within the tradition shows just how mired in dogma and vested interest the various orders are and how illogic and ignorance have been allowed to hold sway.

For this second post I wanted to focus on what I see as the major causes of inertia in our tradition alongside dogma and vested interest although some of these points are developments of that criticism:

- Books within the WMT are confused and contradictory - some people go for a long time only studying modern commentaries without any recourse to source material, people who do compare and contrast these commentaries end up in a muddle and often abandon the whole pursuit or come to the erroneous conclusion that ''everything is right'' if it is right for the individual.

- Books that dumb it down - ''hey this next bit is going to be really wild, so you better sit down!''  Again accessibility is not something I want from an occult treatise but that's just me.  The danger of dumbing down an intellectual tradition is that the participants will not work on the reasoning/critical thinking skills that are so essential at the deeper levels of the mysteries or in the actual study of core texts which are written in highly arcane language - these books can get people stuck at the level of ''Peter and Jane'' when it comes to occultism.

- Identity politics - in a discipline which constantly emphasizes the unity of all life and consciousness it is surprising how many people are beset on emphasizing the differences and divisions between people as opposed to the similarities, remember the forces that want to keep this world in spiritual darkness love it when we fight amongst ourselves and while I appreciate you're a very special and unique bag of water animated by reincarnating information spirals the whole reincarnating information spiral is the bit that interests me and the bit we all have in common.

- Spiritual tourism - because of various competing systems means that many people spend too long figuring out what is ''right for them'' that they do not get beyond the superficial levels of study.

- Esoteric nature of subject matter - this means the population studying at intermediate level is very small thus interaction mainly occurs over internet and is further complicated by bewildering terms such as the Green Lion, or Veil of Paroketh.

- Competing egos - typical in any walk of life but especially demented because of subject material as it relates to development of personal power.

- Geekdom - geeks and nerds learning systems in the same way they would nerd out about roleplaying games, these types typically come from roleplaying entry point into WMT, they are nerds and geeks about their special topic of interest rather than genuine practising magicians, although I obviously accept overlap here one needs to be able to differentiate between spiritual practice and live action role playing.

I play a couple of computer games from time to time and I have no problems in admitting that I role-played in the past. I thoroughly enjoyed making my own games up and the best available at the time were the World of Darkness where I ran Mage games. I make most of my living through acting and theatre so I still ''roleplay''. I would argue that I am a good director because I spent a long time running these games - it developed my imagination and my people skills. That said since most of us have a propensity to geekdom we have to accept that being a geek/nerd can get in the way of our work. How many man-hours are drained off discourse and practice because of geekery - i.e. playing video games? How many ex role-players see initiations as levelling up? I could go on with these comparisons but I don't think this is a non-issue and I hope I have made my position a little clearer. I think ''Geekdom'' or whatever you want to call it is a problem for our community like meth or crack are problems in others.

- Refusal to accept criticism of themselves or their sources - criticism of one's own practice is necessary in the refining of that practice, criticism of sources is an accepted part of any method and should be applied to any authority in the WMT considering how weak most of these sources are.  It is as possible that Agrippa has it wrong as it that the author of the Sefer Yetzirah has it wrong.  Critical thinking hat should *always* be on.

- Various problems that limit peer-peer interaction
a) teacher-student relationship overemphasised because of power/money issues results in a lack of peer-peer communication
b) magical journalism where writers talking about magick being done, or magick that has been done, or new articles on magick and not discussing the magick the individual's themselves practice - magick ends up being about reading about magick/studying magicians
c) magickal scholarship where writers get lost in the intricacies of scholarship on archaic subjects - severe danger of armchair-ism unless it informs practice but often these scholars neglect to discuss actual practice as well - similar to magickal journalists

Occupying a fairly niche position myself I have to resist the lure of presenting myself as a ''scholar'' of my esoteric cranny all the time. I try to make my material accessible to the intermediate levels i.e. the level I am at, and I really do want debate to occur. To me, often scholarship on the blogosphere ends up just being an exercise in trivia and minutiae as it relates to the WMT as a whole which is where my criticism is aimed. I would rather hear details of how experiments with historical practices go or at least some details of that with the scholarship. That said I would definitely prefer to read a bit of historical trivia about some pagan deity I am not particularly interested in or what I would consider an opinion piece from a ''magickal journalist'' than read another post aimed at selling me shiny things or something vaguely ''motivational'' empty of any genuine esoteric value. That is of course when the blogosphere isn't just dead altogether in which case maybe its time to leave out some cool water for it. 

d) magickal authors who don't contribute to peer-peer relations because they are saving their words for books which make money - so they do not contribute effectively to dialogue with peers, some contribute to dialogue with *students* assuming they pay

The lack of genuine interaction at the higher levels actually results in a severe lack of insight and understanding at those self-same levels for instance I know of several WMT magi considered fairly advanced by the community who lack serious basic knowledge of Hebrew.  This problem is so severe that I have been credited with having special insights and masterful ritual craft by several of them, high praise which I think is largely undeserved.  All I have done to achieve this ''level'' of expertise is endeavour with all my heart to cut through the problems above in my own practice. 

We need to talk.