Sunday, July 17, 2016

The Metabolism of Time - The Book of Fantastic Lies




Thursday, July 7, 2016

Robust Branching Moments

I want to apologise for not blogging for a while and assure my readers that I will be back but a number of things (plays, films, teaching) conspired to murder June.  As many of you know I remain part of the Gentlemen for Jupiter and consistent prosperity work brought me to what I would now call a robust branching moment.   One of the mottos of the G4J was ''When Kingdoms Come'' and I knew that I had reached this significant moment in the course of the operations when I recieved a key role in the soon to be released computer game ''Kingdom Come: Deliverance - 1403''.  Transforming into a computer game character which involves lycra suits, motion capture and face mapping is a fascinating experience and esoterically dovetailed with both the rising interest in simulation theory over the course of the last year and some of my own work with Raziel - I was provided with a opportunity to practically reflect on these themes with million dollar equipment.

The computer game experience is only one part of a general increase in acting work over the last two years which have seen me appear alongside Sean Bean and Noomi Rapace, and featured in the same TV episodes or films as actors like Donald Sutherland, Michael Douglas, Orlando Bloom.  Fairly minor parts (lots of them related to the secret service...) but it all starts somewhere.  Certainly looking at it from the perspective of my younger self I wouldn't believe this was even possible.  As we all know many highly qualified actors work in coffee shops because there is little work and lots of competition so these are amazing opportunities especially for someone who studied genetics at university as opposed to theatre because of those exact same employment risks.

When we discussed robust branching moments we posited that there are certain key moments when we can deviate from replication and completely transform our lives but if we attempt to do so at any other moment we would effectively damage or destroy ourselves.  We talked about possible experiences being like tram tracks, change is possible when the rails allow otherwise you will derail the tram.  If the structure of time is similar to the structure of space, then we can expect thread like structures of realisable time, linked by robust branching moments, with great voids of uninhabitable time in between them. 

I have been torn in three by my skills and interests for a long time - by mathematics and science, esoteric or otherwise, by education and by directing/acting - and I have managed to alchemically cobble together a Bohemian lifestyle that allows this divided nature to be a strength but it remains unclear as to whether this is sustainable.  Although the freedom of movement on a tram is limited there are some things the driver can control the primary one being speed - its possible to gracefully transition on a robust branching moment by proceeding calmly or to have a very jarring experience if you go too fast.  ''Kingdom Come'' is a terrific synch ping as I approach the moment and strategically the best thing to do is to slow down.