Saturday, February 29, 2020

2020 - La La Land [The Dreadening], Demon Children and the Anti-Greta

Within the infant rind of this small flower,
Poison hath residence and medicine power.
For this, being smelt with that part cheers each part;
Being tasted, stays all senses, with the heart.

Friar Lawrence, Romeo and Juliet

The Dreadening seems to have had its intended effect with the mass retreat into egoic sunshine bubbles by the average citizen and the denial of the evidence that appeals directly to their senses.  Saturn, the Great Malefic exalted; telescopes detect biggest explosion since the Big Bang in Ophiuchus, the Serpent Bearer; untold billions of locusts ravage large parts of the world, much of the rest subject to fire storms, gale force winds and flooding; an unknown disease that comes from bats and snakes [or bizarre scaled mammal things] tears through the population causing quarantines and travel bans;  the stock market is teetering on the brink; a self-absorbed, easily distracted and ridiculously romantic/emotional generation completely unable to deal with reality but only able to scream their petulant and entitled demands into the uncaring wind.  ''It's just the flu!'', The La La Land response has been difficult to watch.



As predicted in Beyond the Russett Falls, the first anti-Greta has emerged in the mainstream media,  Naomi Seibt, who has far as I can scan seems to have all the alien hybrid qualities of our climate Joan of Arc.  I wouldn't be surprised if they can both breathe underwater.  In that post I stated: ''So for now we can see that 2020 is Lilith [Queen of the Night, Mother of Demons] so we can expect a lot of plays on that in popular culture and speculate on what they might be.  Bearing in mind the sheer amount of Fallen Daughters in movies this past year we can expect that imagery to be reversed - i.e. expect evil daughters and demonic birth.  How might that play out in the world as opposed to movies?  Well Greta Thunberg is our global representative of the concept of the Fallen Daughter now so in 2020 she could be compromised by a set of stories that set her movement back or we could see false daughters, kind of anti-Gretas (capitalist, materialist???) might emerge, or evil-Gretas (eco-terrorist?).'' Remember, we've already seen the demonization of Greta's movement [the evil Greta] by listing extinction rebellion as a terrorist organization. Here is the second part of that prediction coming true.


Alongside the concept of evil or anti-Gretas we also discussed the general idea of demon children, being birthed by Lilith.  Now while I do not think any child, dwarf or otherwise should be subject to bullying, I find it interesting from a medieval perspective that Quaden Bayle was presented to the mainstream during this same sequence.  If this was not the modern world, people would react to this child as a demonic birth, in fact many still did...


According to the BBC the biggest ever explosion since the Big Bang was recorded in the Ophiuchus galaxy cluster probably the result of a super massive black hole detonating somehow. Our attention is being drawn to this star man who wrestles with the snake, grants immunity from venom [exchanges kisses with monsters and receives no harm] and blesses the work of doctors.  Hmmm.  Not exactly rocket science is it, guys... the blatancy of the operation is still really impressive, almost as impressive as the purposefully blinkered ignorance of the masses.


Remember the de-reddening, or first phase of the ''reverse psycholog[ical alchemy]'' of this year was intended to wind back the global concern and archetypal self [the true DNA self as opposed to the ego mask] which had been partially awakened in many people by the end of 2019 by flooding them with doom, or as Super Hans put it, the long note of dread.  We have one month left of the Red Phase before we reverse through the Black Phase.  Bearing in mind the rate of the spread of The Crowned and Winged Serpent Tailed Plague of Lilith that is carried on the Evil Wind COVID-19 it will take another month for it to be a serious problem in nearly every country we can now be clear that ''the Black Wind'' will predominately be a plague wind.  We can also confirm that it blew from the East so we can now fairly confidently say that this is the schema being followed.

  • JAN - MAR, South Fire Red/Russet Winds
  • APR - JUN, East Earth Black Winds
  • JUL - SEP, North Water Green Winds
  • OCT -  DEC, West Air Yellow Winds

We will now need to speculate on the possibilities of what is meant by a black earth wind beyond a plague wind.  In Event 201 CAPS, a mock scenario/drill about about a coronavirus pandemic that conveniently occurred just before the outbreak proper began [so meta...] the gathered academic, political and corporate elite discuss all manner of possible ways that such a plague could playout.  Based on this highlight reel [I admit I haven't watched all five hours] - we can expect there to be considerable corporate control of medical response, a Marshall plan like stimulus package to restart the global economy and increasingly draconian control and censorship of the internet.  If rationing of any form comes into force [pharmaceutical, food, toiletries] then we can accept the idea of a kind of  ''famine'' that also arises from this wind.

Benvolio: This wind you talk of, blows us from ourselves, supper is done and we shall come too late.
Romeo: I fear too soon, for my mind misgives some consequence hanging in the stars shall bitterly begin his fearful date with this night's revels, and expire the term of a despised life closed in my breast by some vile forfeit of untimely death.  But he that hath the steerage of my course, direct my sail!

Romeo and Juliet, William Shakespeare

Sunday, February 23, 2020

2020 - The Year of Lilith, Storm of the Century

As this Unifying Theory currently stands: in 2010 a decision was made to synchronise major studio production design, fashion etc according to the basic colour scheme of the Golden Dawn Tree of Life.  This was done for a variety of reasons a) on a very basic level it allowed hitherto unheard of degrees of corporate synergy for the purposes of product placement b) it created a psychic effect whereby those who were walking the paths (i.e. exposing themselves to the media influences of the major studios and companies) were contemplating the same themes and c) through manipulation of the collective consciousness directly caused or contributed to the political upheaval we experienced throughout the descent.  In 2019 it was clear that major world events were also being synched with the principles of the Sefira Malkuth and we can comfortably assume that in previous years this was also happening although I have not backchecked the specifics of this yet.

Between 2010 and 2019 then, through various channels, we have collectively descended through the Tree of Life until now, in 2020, we have transitioned to the inverse Tree: The Tree of Hell; the Tree of Shells.  During this next decade we will descend through this Tree until the operation is complete in 2029.  This Inverse Tree is characterised by its Qliphoth as opposed to the Sephiroth, each one of the Qlipha being represented by negative daemonic entities (detailed here by Frater Acher).  Bear in mind that because this Tree is inverted we have left the Malkuth of the Sefiroth and entered the Malkuth of the Qliphoth.

  • 2020 - Lilith, Queen of the Night, Lilitu, The Demons of the Wind 
  • 2021 - Gomaliel, The Obscene Ones
  • 2022 - Samael, The Poison of God, the Decietful Ones
  • 2023 - Gharab, The Corrosive Ones, the Ravens of Death
  • 2024 - Tagimron, The Disputers
  • 2025 - Golohab, The Flaming Ones
  • 2026 - Gha Agsheblah, The Smiting Ones
  • 2027 - Satoriel, The Concealing Ones
  • 2028 - Ghogiel, The Hindering Ones
  • 2029 - Thaumiel, The Contending Forces 

Although the grimoiristas et al may have moved beyond these schemas, and polytheists may have tried to reclaim ancient entities on this list or otherwise that were demonised by Christianity their opinion is irrelevant to the deployment of this ''script'' as the group behind it are using those Golden Dawn/Thelema ''instructions'' regardless of historical or ''scientific'' work that may have been done to make the system better or more authentic or updated or whatnot.  So while my own understanding of Kabbalah these days may be wildly different from the G.D. et al, I have to engage with this script regardless as I am trying to understand their project not my own.

Therefore as we knew from the schema that this year would be dominated by Lilith we were able to make a number of predictions just on the basis of the concept of ''evil winds'', winds which we have seen aplenty and which still rage across parts of the world.  From Storm of the Century, ''Ciara'' [little dark one], which just battered the UK and mainland Europe, to the ''evil wind'' of Locusts that plagued East Africa and which the government were spraying against.  We've also seen this mass chem spraying as the Chinese government attempt to clear the streets of The Crowned [Garlanded] and Winged Serpent-tailed Plague of Lilith, COVID-19, along with hazmat suits, welding people into their own apartments and mass infection quarantine camps in order to keep this airborne disease at bay.

Currently we theorise that because Malkuth has four quarters, these evil ''winds'' will ''blow'' from the cardinal directions and the elements will be symbolically or literally associated with them as well.  For instance we could consider the fires of the first red quarter a fire wind.  Similarly we can try to stay ''ahead of the weather'' by looking into the future of the script and theorise on how it must play itself out, for instance we know the Obscene Ones are the Qlipha of Yesod [associated with the gentialia] so we can theorise that 2021 will be dominated by stories of sexual deviancy, etc.

Back to 2020 it is very important to up your protection game this year whether you are muggle or mage or something in between.  Since masks will not work against the virus, unless you have a hazmat suit or something equally industrial and there are no anti-virals or vaccines yet it is important that you boost your immune system.  What works on the ''Undead'' will generally work against microbes: garlic, silver, sunlight, sage, etc.  You can add all other sorts of other tinctures and herbal remedies according to your own quackery but the most important is Vit D (your chemical ''sunlight'') which has been shown to be an important precursor in activating the immune system.  Also if COVID-19 causes a global lockdown and the healthcare system is overwhelmed you will want to have your ''self-isolation'' supply in early and be as aware as possible about how to treat viral pneumonia from your own house.  Don't forget toiletries when stockpiling.

From a magical perspective it is important now to entreat your allies for protection and build relationships with those entities that oversee these spheres of interest like Apollo or Ascended Master Hilarion - again whatever your own form of quackery.  From a Kabbalistic perspective I have been renewing my longtime association with Raphael, who has had my back through various extreme healing situations of myself and others along with my cat.  In an earlier post Demonslayers and elsewhere over this blog, I have discussed the similarities between microbes and demons but here is a quick overview:

  • Invisible to the naked eye
  • Manifest in hordes or legions
  • Associated with specific regions [Sefirot, organ systems]
  • Monstrous serpentine, insectoid forms [microbes have when magnified by the microscope]
  • Associated with livestock animal corpses [goats, sheep skulls, etc] i.e. zoonotic disease 
  • Possession, behavioural changes, infection, infestation
  • Symptoms - delirium, rabid, wasting away, zombification, etc etc etc
  • Vulnerable to sunlight, garlic, silver, sage, ''holy water'', iron, etc

This is not to say I am a materialist who thinks that all legends of demonic assault were simply microbes, I think it is lot weirder than that but this is beyond the limits of this post, in fact I would definitely urge you to maintain spiritual protection during this time as well as material health.