Monday, June 29, 2020

2020 -The Year of Lilith, Entering the Green Phase Pt III, The ''Degreening''

Beyond the horizon of the place we lived when we were young
In a world of magnets and miracles
Our thoughts strayed constantly and without boundary
The ringing of the division bell had begun

High Hopes, Pink Floyd


Christopher Nolan, architect of much of the colour theory pathwalking and the Inception - is revealing a hand by releasing a film called TENET (TEN TEN) showing a ''TEN'' which is forwards and a ''TEN'' which is backwards.  I look forward to see his wrestling with the baroque monstrosity of temporal alchemy that I've spent the last six months trying to explain.  We need to remember when we are analysing this year to reverse everything from 2019.  What we are entering, like the Dreadening (De-reddening), is a ''Degreening'' - but before you can fully appreciate the loss of the ''green'' your attention needs to be drawn to it first.  If we are likening the Green Phase of 2019 to the Green Lion eating the Sun, 2020 is about the Sun eating the Green Lion - in order to understand the full horror of this part of the alchemy you need to reverse it.  There is something to the argument that the adept should be attempting to maintain some kind of forward progression even against the tides around them, and try to go through the Green Lion ''forwards'', but I don't think it is entirely that simple.

Way back in 2011 ''the fucking MOX rods are on fucking fire'' was a conspiracy thread that fascinated me with its exquisite doominess.  Earthquake, tsunami, meltdown, hydrogen explosion, radioactive robots, waste water dumped into the pacific.  The fucking mox rods are on fucking fire would barely get noticed today, caught in the mix with the return of Planet X, bibilical locust swarms and the burgeoning food catastrophe.  The set dressing on the Degreening is being laid thick and fast but we must remember to hang on to the narrative and not get too lost in the symbols themselves


Those of you have been reading this blog will know that I have been attempting to figure out the answer to this question for the last several months.  I've posited an awful lot of suggestions along the lines of anti-Gretas, evil-Gretas, ecoterrorism, financial crises (money being tied to green) food crises etc but today, in the pool, it came to me.  I don't know when it will happen but at some point in this phase the penny will finally drop that the ''Green Recovery'' will not work.  That it doesn't matter how many trees we plant, how much we retro-fit our houses to prevent energy loss, however many deserts we plate with solar panels, however we try to ''green-wash'' our civilization, we have simply ran out of time.  ''We thought we had more time'' is often the central refrain from scientists in disaster movies and all those scientists, often outside the area of the environmental sciences, who have been cooing favourably about how China is doing great green things - will begin to say the same - we thought we had more time. 


So many systems have been screwed with now, so extensively, that there is no way we will avoid total catastrophe this Summer.  This catastrophe will be used to radically alter society, far more rapidly than I had previously thought.  There is no way we can bring down the carbon dioxide fast enough without ''short-term'' geo-engineering to prevent total ecosystem loss but in doing so we are altering the atmosphere to the point where it will be unhinged for at least a decade.  That lost time can only be regained through Faustian chaos magic. The ultimate Degreening is this realisation in everyone ecologically minded that our benign Green Dreams are just not enough.  Like so many things I say on this blog, it fucking hurts me to say this.


What you will witness this Summer is a Degreening of everything that is Green - money, trees, grass - as if Lilith a spectral lawnmower man is sweeping the planet.  The grasses, battered by the Godzilla Sahara cloud, and the intolerable heat, will dry to brown tufts. Fruit trees will be picked clean by the locust swarms and everything else that swarms and multiplies under the vengeful Sun. The financial markets are going to be obliterated.  Vegans, swollen with a victory over meat, will wilt in the light of a terrible harvest that only synthetic technocracy can heal. 

That Lawnmower Man will sweep over the emptying passions of the black phase, winding them down the anger into an ocean of despair, resignation and futility - only nihilists will continue to joke around.  For them, either you are the Lawnmower Man or you are the grass.  Only when all your passions and dreams are harvested through the realisation that all of them are less important than coral will Lawnmower man be sated.  There will be violence at the beginning, but the ultimate reaction from those who want to continue the old ways will be to go black market rather than topple governments.  Even the criminally minded can sense this is how it ends and will go quietly about their ways.


The sun, like some demented Pacman is about to try and devour you.  Eat the Sun before it eats you. How do you eat the Sun?  Eat your greens.  How do you maintain your vigour and courage during this relentless battery?  Eat your greens. How do you keep your chariot in forward motion?  Eat your greens. Don't just become, remember. If you are eaten by the Sun, and many of us will be, try to hang on to the tools of your own reconstruction.  They might break you down, but don't let them build you back up.  You build you.

The grass was greener,
The light was brighter,
When friends surrounded,
The nights of wonder

High Hopes, Pink Floyd

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

2020 - The Year of Lilith, Entering the Green Zone Pt II, the Greening

Take me down to the paradise city
Where the grass is green and the girls are pretty
Oh won't you please take me home

Paradise City, Guns and Roses


The fires made the world turn red, the pandemic made the world turn black so what will make the world turn green?  We've already discussed the various green New Deal style initiatives that are being proposed or launched in various countries and how Greta Thunberg is the character representing those efforts and a Tree Army would definitely turn a lot of the youth green, willingly or no. But these kind of initiatives, while a huge part of the coming transformation, do not literally turn the world red or black so with just over one week to go let's have another look through the possibilities for The Greening.


We know by now that the economic data from the second quarter is going to be extremely bad and may trigger all kinds of economic consequences.  Some countries have seen reductions in their GDP of over 10% and this is with the media trying to put a positive spin on apocalyptic news.  This will be impossible to hide by the end of July and while any related events would certainly be an inversion of the concept of ''green'' and definitely used to spearhead the main narrative of green revolution financial crash won't literally turn the world green. If the supply chain does hold up maybe the cash supply problem will create the mass starvation/hunger in the developed world needed to truly focus attention and cut through the pig headed ignorance.


Lilifluenza infections are beginning to be associated with meat packing plants drawing attention to the terrible conditions that a lot of these place operate under and turning stomachs around the world.  The discussion of dropping meat standards in the UK (chlorinated chicken) are also making the British think of alternative lifestyles.  Many came to vegan/vegetarian resolutions during the lock-down of their own will but meat is one of the big sectors on the chopping block of saving the planet so people will certainly be hurried along this year with their change in diet.

We remember from before that the yellow-green axis last year as being around farmers and rural people vs more urbane environmentalists, epitomised by the Gilets Jaune and Extinction Rebellion.  Is it better to think of this as carnivore vs vegan?  Its another issue which increasingly divides us like race.  In which case will the lilifluenza summer involve the destruction of the carnivores, followed by a Fall of bad harvests which also crush the vegans?  Although cooked meat is safe, mink have been slaughtered in the Netherlands and Denmark so if the disease mutates and is found in livestock - what then?  A repeat of the FMD crisis with a nation covered in sacrificial pyres?


In the wake of another Islamist stabbing in the UK it might be worth considering the event will be either from or in an Islamic country.  The flag of Libya shows the three colours that have been worked through this year.  Both Pakistan and Saudia Arabia because of the colour of their flags may be worth focusing on as potential sites for The Greening.  Generally, green was seen as a symbol for the military so is it possible that the USA or another country starts a war to get themselves out of the economic crisis?


The dry heat this year will guarantee the spread of pests and these will also be a major problem in the food sector.  Forgetting the locust swarms which ravage the developing world at the moment what will be the developed world's confrontation with the swarms beyond such things as greenfly?  The extension of the range of the malarial tiger mosquito?  Japanese beetles?  Were the murder hornets priming us for insect related general catastrophes?


I think the possibility of algal blooms visible from space are a good candidate for a phenomena that turns the world green.  Like the Northern Lights they could provide an event which captures the imagination.  The photo above shows the effect of the rising temperature and melting Himalayas on the Arabian Sea.  Algal blooms have been increasing in severity due to climate change and are a major problem in places like Florida but will it get bad enough to be The Greening?


Talk of Project Blue Beam dominated conversation in some circles over the last couple of months and if memory serves me one of the priming events for any attempt at faking an alien invasion was going to be the discovery of revolutionary archaeological finds that makes us question our own sense of history.  We've seen history under attack with the statue protests but with this discovery of ancient neolithic circles at Stonehenge I wonder if we are edging closer to a Blue Beam set up.   

Just an urchin living under the street
I'm a hard case that's tough to beat,
I'm your charity case so buy me something to eat
I'll pay you at another time,
Take it to the end of the line

Paradise City, Guns and Roses

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

2020 - The Year of Lilith, Entering the Green Zone

Don't wanna be an American idiot
Don't want a nation under the new mania
And can you hear the sound of hysteria
The subliminal mind fuck America

American Idiot, Green Day


Before we go on let's just take a moment to reflect on confirmation bias and how these AI suggestion systems play into it.  So I have been studying the Black Phase (Nigredo) of 2020, something that I think few of my readers are disputing anymore but should Rebecca Black really be considered part of it or are my digital stalkers just feeding me this?  Point is its really easy to get lost in a cloud of your own delusions here and the internet does not make that easier.  That said to what extent are the Operators not just shaking out all their black toys on the table - Rebecca Black included - and seeing how many they can jam into the phase, like set dressing?  Rebecca Black is certainly not meaningful beyond the nature of her last name.  Her sequel to ''Friday'' - ''Saturday'' - which they might be bringing to some attention bears symbolism since in 2020 every day is Saturday. While I think the Black Phase may have one more treat left up its sleeve, we are now clearly progressing into the Green Phase and its worth reminding ourselves to stay focused on the major narratives as opposed to the set dressing.


Last year in 2019 the transition between the Yellow and the Green was signalled by the destruction of Notre Dame and the shift in media focus from Gilets Jaune to Extinction Rebellion (human food supply vs sustainability of the planet).   This year, reversing through France Macron has declared the entire country a Green Zone.  During this time in 2019 No 10 Downing Street was lit up in green to remember the ''victims'' of Grenfell (Greenfields) fire and this year, reversing through Malkuth, we transition from Black Phase to Green Zone and the Green Lights again play on the facade of No 10.

The Green Zone is signalling for the transition to the Green Agenda that has steadily been building steam under the black winds of lilifluenza.  In the early days of the lock-down people in major cities across Europe were noticing the drop in air pollution and remarking on the clear blue skies.  A spate of (centrally produced) memes began to spread imagining all the things we could see now the pollution was clear - things like the Matrix, the Annihilation Field, the Death Star, etc, etc.  At the time, remembering the Horizon documentary on global dimming I was warning that this reduction in global dimming would provoke an immediate and dramatic environmental backlash.


As we have explained in previous posts we are very certain now that the weather effects we expected are going to happen if we have not already seen them and these weather effects will be used to drive that Green Agenda.  What we have to understand is that people are so thick-skulled that only wildly dramatic events are going to create the necessary response to radically change the world in the way that is necessary to avoid extinction.  I expected serious food shortages as a result of drought and famine and food price increases but is mass starvation and poverty going to be enough as background phenomena to get through to people?  How is this going to be dramatised and serialised?  What will the set dressing be?

Greta, shown here sporting a lovely garland and black hoodie, is clearly the protagonist of the climate drama and it is highly unlikely that the Green Zone will pass without her on the stage pointing towards the scale of the food/refugee problem.  Her influence over young people is huge - Artemisia mentioned the multiplication of Greta - and the Zoomers will respond to just the images she indicates but for the rest of us we have to think about how this will be brought home.  Other than media appearances will Greta's life and movement get caught up in the drama itself with crimes of passion?  I can imagine some within the environmental movement to get triggered by the events will we witness doing something really stupid - either an act of terrorism or death through accident involving some stunt that goes horribly wrong?


So apparently the UK is set to be hit by a plague of greenflies which is so very UK.  Other countries have roaches, mosquitoes and locusts but in a country where we've massacred everything wild bigger than a bunny or badger the best we can mange to play the seasonal swarm game is greenflies.  Is this set dressing, or will insects, swollen with Summertime play a huge role in the upcoming famines?


Cloud data.  Good cloud data is notoriously difficult to get and you often have to go to extreme lengths...  I am not talking Twister, I am talking more Die Hard 3.  An ''opportune moment'' to gather such data happened in 9/11 when planes were grounded for 3 days.  The best moment ever though was over the last few months when our decrease in production of air particles took human contribution to cloud formation out of the equation and we could really get a good handle on what was going on with the role of aerosols in climate change scenarios. These are black clouds indeed but the propaganda essence of these muddled articles is to point us towards the role of clouds in what is going to happen over the Summer to prepare the way for short-term geoengineering.

The Clouds is a comedy by Aristophanes that mocks intellectuals, particularly Socrates, and may be an appropriate play to read over the coming warm Summer days.  When the best tools science has got for fighting demons is a) run and hide inside or b) stand 2m away from each other and cover your face like its preschool playground game - you know we are fucked.  The Surgisphere scandal did not do anything for me in inspiring confidence in the institution and definitely continued to erode the confidence of the intelligentsia who have been made to look extremely foolish over the last few months, foolish being a look they've spent their lives avoiding.  Whether it be ignoring their own mandates over lilifluenza or castigating a president on their own faulty corporate espionage riddled pharma data the best is yet to come - chemtrails.  Yes, the chemtards were right.  The challenge is can they get it hot enough for people to demand it.


We have a few other details regarding the Summer Green Phase - we know it will be centred on ''the North'' and be associated with an inversion of the element of water - so what can we come up with ahead of time?  When I imagined a Summer of sad deflating anger/confusion collapsing into resignation I am inverting the Green Lion.  ''Greenland'', a disaster movie with Gerard Butler was originally supposed to come out on June 12th but has been delayed by the pandemic and the trailer was pulled, maybe because it was deemed insensitive?  There have been a few reports about the magnetic field destabilising at the moment so could we potentially see far south reaching Northern Lights?  As with the last year we should expect a dramatic transition event between Black and Green around the end of June - early July - the transition event last year between Green to Black were the Amazonian forest fires.

Welcome to a new kind of tension
All across the alien nation
Where everything isn't meant to be OK
Television dreams of tomorrow
We're not the ones who are meant to follow
For that's enough to argue

American Idiot, Green Day

Sunday, June 7, 2020

2020 - The Year of Lilith, The Black Phase, Nigredo Pt III

I see a red door and I want it painted black
No colours anymore, I want them to turn black
I see the girls walk by dressed in their summer clothes
I have to turn my head until my darkness goes
I see a line of cars and they're all painted black
With flowers and my love both never to come back
I see people turn their heads and quickly look away
Like a newborn baby it happens every day

Want It Painted Black, The Rolling Stones


Let's go back to the beginning and have a quick overview as it is easy to get lost in this madness. From 2010 to 2019 a broad operation began to take humanity down ''the Tree of Life'' for the purposes of socially engineering a new world citizen and resetting the global economy. Weapons, both material, psychological and spiritual were brought to bear on virtue, heroes were eliminated and kings were humiliated and exiled. As the decade drew to a close more and more of the media focused on doubling and (digital) cloning and it became abundantly clear that the intention was for us to ''body-snatch'' ourselves.

2020, the Year of Lilith, our first step into the Tree of Hell was about reversing the pscyhological alchemical processes of 2019, the Year of Malkuth, the final Sefira of the Tree of Life.  As 2019 ended with the Rubedo and the southern fire winds, so 2020 opened with them.  We saw the environmental optimism of 2019 crushed by the long note of dread that rang throughout the reversed Rubedo phase of 2020 until we finally reached the Nigredo when the pandemic, or eastern plague winds, hit Europe and America.  Locked down into our various holes, some psychological entities boiled while others dissipated.  Introverts wallowed in isolation, Netflix, porn; Extroverts simmered and hissed; Everyone went through serious and mostly unsuccessful reflection and/or battles with their shadow selves and other projections.


The logical contradictions demonstrated by most people, right and left inclined, were probably the most interesting result of the last ten days from the perspective of MKUltra behavioural science.  You had the left slamming the right for protesting and breaking other lock-down rules because of the desire to ''save lives'' and then immediately, and emotively, back breaking those same rules and placing vulnerable BAME groups in the firing line of COVID-19 Lilifluenza.  On the other hand, armed ''liberty-driven'' rightists demanding an end to the lock-down because they ''needed a haircut'' and to, more importantly, economically survive, supporting an authoritarian crack down on protesters and backing the president in attempting to bring in martial law and a new lock-down.  These logical contradictions are the holy grail of this part of the project as the dissonance and hypocrisy demonstrated fries the mind and eats away at an individual's integrity.  Logic is a fairly elevated ''spiritual'' vibration and is therefore attacked with the same gusto as truth and love.  Consistency is all that we ask.


In turning the profile black, we symbolise the death of ''the Selfie'' (or Ego) but instead of this happening on the way towards the Rubedo, through reconciliation and therefore to the birth of our archetypal self, this process driven in reverse is about splitting that same self back into its component projections - those who have blacked and those who have not.  Although we all had to endure the fear over the safety of our older friends and parents and therefore reflected on Senex, Father, Mother, etc the most important one here was the work done on the shadow self.  Many took this time to feed the fires of their hatred, blaming the evils done to them by lock-down on the other: race; gender; religion; class; politics. These dark smouldering fires were then given a blast of oxygen, and cities, and the old order along with them, burned.  The destination of the operation is inevitably a non-thinking, logically-contradicted, paradox-riddled mob, as that is the inversion of the principles of psychological alchemy of individuationOrdo ab Chao.


As mentioned already in this series Oil seems to have oscillated heavily in both the black phases of 2019 and 2020, rising in 2019 and falling in 2020.  On top of the weird fluctuation in oil price we were also witness to this bizarre gridlock of oil tankers in the world's oceans.  Now as we reach the conclusion of the Nigredo we have just witnessed the worst ever Arctic oil spill, in Russia, associated with the thawing of permafrost and ice, presaging the Northern Wind of Doom that will begin to blow in the next 3 weeks.

Before we move on let's remember that oil is literally concentrated death energy and our relationship with this force, and the necromancers who wield it, is far from over.  Despite the rise in rosy environmentalist opinion pieces on greening everything from the economy, our cities, and our airlines and the doomy prognosis for the future of the carbon industry we make an awful lot of other things from concentrated death energy like medicines, cosmetics, roads and plastics and fossil fuel companies recorded record profits in 2019.  While the oil industry will be impacted by the ''new normal'' I think its role will change but its power will be far from curtailed and we must still visit the interior of the earth to find the hidden stone.  Don't burn yourself out on this one, we are not going to make progress here for ten years and you need to square with the reality of climate engineering so we can continue the use of fossil fuels and lets not forget the crushed shells (Klippot) which are limestone and therefore concrete and cement.  Our whole civilisation is a giant monument to Death.


Over the last few months many of us have watched the skies brighten and in this the black was inverted.  In short order, The Green (inverted) Water Wind will blow from the North, runs from July to the end of September, and we expected this would result in a heatwave, drought and famine. As you can see from the diagram above the reduction of aerosols and drop in air pollution has both a local and a global impact because of the decreased Albedo of the Earth and the reduction in global dimming.  As we expected we can see that temperatures will be driven much higher in the north and that precipitation will drop, this will increase the intensity of storms and hurricanes.  These winds will have to be fairly spectacular in 2020, and must also occur in the developed world, as attention must be drawn back to the environment and the looming collapse of our ecosystems that is seemingly driving the need for this transformative agenda.

We still expect an inversion to occur within the Green Movement - whether that be genuine, or by agent provocateur - so some impressive environmental terrorism may occur.  Another potential inversion will be that the winds and the associated phenomena rise to such intensity that Greta shifts from a more inclusive, equity-based, tree-planting leader to a more obviously internationally funded geoengineering advocate.  Remember, that geoengineering is as much on the wish list here as track and trace, as cashless economy, or as reducing international travel.  Deus est Homo.


As there was a lead in or build towards the pandemic: release; contagion; spread; multiplication; so there is a lead in towards starvation: frost; heatwave; storm damage; flooding; lilifluenza based restrictions upon agricultural workers.    Remember that we can learn a lot by looking at the phases of last year and reversing them.  Way back in the early days of 2019 a group called Gilets Jaune, yellow jackets, arose from the agricultural/rural aspects of society that were particularly harmed by Macron's proposed carbon tax.  They were joined by a network of national, rural identities that all resisted globalism be it through trade war, or succession from trade organisations.  The power of the wheat, the Yellow Phase of 2019, was in an ascendancy that was only checked by the destruction of Notre Dame and the rise of a contradictory power in world attention under Greta Thunberg, which is ultimately pro-carbon tax.  This ''power of wheat'' will decline in a very intense way during the final phase of the anti-citrinatis.

So where does 2020 leave us?  A mostly divided, logically inconsistent and terrified witless mob dependent upon state regulation of food and energy to prevent all-out ecosystem and economic collapse about to get caught up in the stupefying fronds of the New Net from Beyond in 2021 - the perversion of sexual energy represented by Gamaliel, the Obscene.

I look inside myself and see my heart is black
I see my red door I must have it painted black
Maybe then I'll fade away and not have to face the facts
It's not easy facing up when you're whole world is black
No more will my Green Sea go turn a deeper blue
I could not forsee this thing happening to you
If I look hard enough into the Setting Sun
My love will laugh with me before the morning comes

Want It Painted Black, Rolling Stones

Monday, June 1, 2020

2020 - The Year of Lilith, The Blazing Star, Wormwood and COVID-19

The third angel sounded his trumpet
And a great star, blazing like a torch
Fell from the sky on a third of the rivers
And on the springs of water,
The name of the star is Wormwood.
A third of the waters turned bitter
And a great many people died
Revelations 8:10, 11

Remote viewing the future from the past can be difficult at the best of times because you lack context for what you are seeing and so can only express it in your own terms.  Many people have been asking about revelations and whether COVID-19 Lilifluenza is involved or not.  Only six months ago, if that, we were literally witnessing Revelations 8:7 i.e. a third of the earth being on fire, etc so ''what part of Revelations are we doing today?'' is a legitimate question with all the literal craziness that has been happening.

In brief - because we are all short on time:

  • Blazing Star = Coronavirus
  • Falling on the Waters = Water borne, carried in water droplets  
  • Springs of water = cough, sneeze droplets
  • Wormwood = wormwood i.e. Artemisia Annua (''covid organics'')
  • Third of waters turned bitter = infection/exposure rate goes to 1/3 of population
  • Great many people died = Great many people died


If you were looking forward from the early first millennium, you would see a strange image everywhere, a giant sphere with spikes or rays - corona, that the people are regarding fearfully - this image would be being presented in art, on tv, in science advice, and so on - as a remote viewer you would see it everywhere.  You would not know that this was a microscopic - nanoscopic organism but could easily see it as some kind of malevolent star.  The advice regarding social distancing and mask wearing is all to do with combating this entity that has ''fallen on the waters'' - water droplets having a range of 2m or so when ejected from ''springs of water''.  Imagining a little bit in the future, not so far now, ''a third of the waters turned bitter'' in that a third of the population now carry the disease and therefore with mass infection the risk of your own exposure increases.



So where is the wormwood?  This has been bothering some of my colleagues for a few days now and there have been lots of theories about what wormwood is and what it means.  I was shocked, no stunned, to find that Artemisia Annua (sweet wormwood) is being investigated as a potential ''miracle cure'' for COVID-19 Lilifluenza.  Again reflecting only a short distance into our future we can see a world where people are drinking this wormwood tonic, very much like the British drank tonic to keep tropical disease at bay, prophylactically.  This prophylactic use would be even more urgent and widespread if the disease did mutate into something more vicious which is entirely possible.


So have a great many people died?  Well relative to the population of the ancient world a great many people have indeed died.  And certainly anyone remote viewing this kind of situation lacking context might easily conclude that a great many people have died from how people are behaving.  But I think this revelation, if that is what it is, is far from over.

So the answer to the question of ''what bit of Revelations we are doing today?'' is 8:11.

The fifth angel sounded his trumpet
and I saw a star that had fallen
from the sky to the earth
The star was given the key
to the shaft of the Abyss.

Revelations 9:1