Wednesday, September 30, 2020

2020 - The Year of Lilith, Greenlights and The Northern Way

FOX: You wanna green-light a picture?  What's your deal Bob, what's your new deal?
GOULD: What's my new deal, that's all you can talk about?
FOX: What's your new deal Bob?
GOULD: All right, over 10 million I need Ross's approval. Under 10 million I can greenlight it, so what?


Speed-the-Plow, David Mamet


In the play Speed-the-Plow by David Mamet two buddy-producers, Gould and Fox, are divided by a temporary secretary - ''Karen'' - who derails their plans to make a blockbuster ''prison script'' by seducing Gould and convincing him he wants to make an ''artsy'', ''political'', ''radiation'' movie about the state of the environment instead (it was the 80s).  Fox, trying to bring Gould back to the holy light of commercialism blasts this depressing project as - ''What is this? - 'the device of God, in all things, to prepare the world for its final decay?' Yeah that's a Summer picture. I'm sorry I need a drink. 10am in the morning and I need a drink!''  But over this Summer that's exactly what we have witnessed - a movie, if you like, designed to bring you down, to prepare you for the final decay.  Green Spirits, perhaps naturally hopeful optimists, more so than belligerent Yellows, self-absorbed selfie-taking Reds, or nihilistic Black Spirits have been particularly crushed by revelations over just how much damage has been done to the environment and that world leaders have failed to meet any of their agreements/targets in slowing/arresting this devastation - and just so the Yellow Spirits are clear we are not only talking about CO2 here we are also talking about the loss of biodiversity.  Responding to this world leaders have offered their pledge and to recommit to protecting huge swathes of nature by 2030.  Oil companies are talking a good talk as well with Shell and BP firing employees and declaring their own commitment to green energy.  Is this another show to garner another decade of the same?  I don't think so, I think this time they are serious, and I think its because ''we've ran out of time''.  But this Agenda 2030 Green New Deal will involve both a serious compression, and a reduction of humanity.  In terms of the carbon economy if we believe in that edit of the movie - if you can cut consumption in half you don't necessarily need to ''kill people'' in quite the way some people imagine .  Although I do think the decade will be characterised by a great deal of death as we attempt to mitigate the effects of ''climate change'' - whatever it is ultimately caused by: carbon dioxide from concentrated death energy, weather weapons, natural cycles, or the Wrath of God.

Not only green and (Qliphothic) watery themes were explored during this penultimate episode of the ''picture''  but also the concept of ''The North''.  As regards the Northern focus of the phase my attention was mainly occupied on the one hand by Russian shenanigans which has provided us with a colossal amount of content on its own - the Arctic fire; the great diesel spill; new chemical weapon poisonings; the Belarusian unrest; MiG fighter jets replacing F15s in Trump propaganda; and in the last few days the outbreak of conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan - Armenia threatening to activate its alliance with Russia and bring the bear into another battle - and on the other hand by environmental phenomena associated with Greenland and the Arctic Circle in general.  But it has literally just occurred to me that many of the Yellow Spirits were having their attention drawn northwards as well i.e. to Sweden - I definitely should have made that connection earlier!  Sweden has been the subject of much obsession discussion regarding the different levels of NPI (non-pharmaceutical intervention) any given state might take and is held up as an example of what a light touch on Lilifluenza's thigh might look like -producing all kinds of different arguments in its wake. Regardless of what you think I would just say that my experience of being in Sweden is that the country is extremely clean, doesn't struggle with the same level of air pollution that other European states have, and the population is largely spread out, healthy and happy.  Extrapolating the Swedish experience to countries that are far less healthy and happy, that struggle with obesity, that are poorer or more densely populated, etc should be done with extreme caution.  One should not conflate Valhalla with Tartarus.

Among the more outlandish predictions for the Green Phase were little green men, dollar collapse and a spectacular display of the Northern Lights (predicted as they blended two of the Qabalistic features of this phase - i.e. Green and the North).  Although the best we managed on the aliens front were hints of phosphine gas in the atmosphere of Venus or salty lakes on Mars and on the ''economic de-greening'' were record gold prices and record GDP-debt ratio, the Northern Lights , in the end, did not disappoint.  Visible from Scotland, Ireland, Finland, Canada, the northern states of the USA and North North Norway of course (thanks Njaal) over the last few days, the Aurora Borealis offered us a stunning blend of greens, pinks and yellows.  I admit that I had dropped the ball on this aspect of the phase so I cannot tell if this display is particularly unusual or fairly typical in the grand scheme of things - I don't want to be shoehorning this into the final moments of the phase so if anyone has an opinion or more detailed knowledge on the recent history of the lights I'd be curious to hear.  The main site I use on this front is Space Weather, who claim that pink aurorae are rare, but if anyone has alternatives again I would be pleased to make their acquaintance.  The photos below are from the last few days:









GOULD: I have it in my contract I can green-light one picture a year, under ten mill, without his prior approval or consent.
FOX: You will find your contract's shit.
GOULD: I don't think so.
FOX: Think so, or not, you will find its a sucker clause.  You will find that if you insist on it, you'll become a laughing stock and no one will hire you Bob.  You'll be off the ''sports list''.  Your best friend won't hire you, I won't hire you, because I will not understand why you did what you did and tried to make a movie no one will watch.  Are you insane? What's wrong with you?  Have you read this book?
GOULD: Have you?
FOX: I read the coverage - what do you want from me, blood?


Speed-the-Plow, David Mamet

Thursday, September 24, 2020

2020 - The Year of Lilith, Greenland's End & The Perseus Protocols

Come ride with me
Through the veins of history
I'll show you a God,
Falls asleep on the job
And how can we win 
When fools can be kings
Don't waste your time
Or time will waste you


Knights of Cydonia, Muse


China carbon neutral by 2060Not good enough.  Carbon capture an essential part of facing climate change (i.e. planting tree just isn't going to cut it by itself).  Close but no cigar.  Kids climate striking in the middle of a pandemic.  Hardly terrorism... - and no worse spread of lilifluenza than we get in any other riot protest or, for that matter, in the all the schools that are open around the world right now.  One of my grander predictions, that ''they'' would actually directly tell the world that we had passed too many tipping points and gone too far and that climate engineering was inevitable, did not come to pass.  Although we were very close.  The Green Phase has otherwise played out in exactly the way we arrived at - a drawing of focus to green issues elegantly semiotically tied to the concept of Green Zones in the pandemic, a ''de-greening'' phase of stacked water-themed environmental disasters and other weirdness and a spectacular finale of apocalyptic lightning fires of the world's fifth largest economy with pledges of Green Recovery, Carbon Neutrality and Building Back Better all round. We got our ''aliens'' in the form of ''Life on Venus'' and we even finally, finally this time, solved the murder of the elephants - this detective case running throughout the whole of the phase for those with eyes to see.

If it seems weird to know this it's only because I've unfortunately seen the script of that accursed play ''The King in Yellow'' (or at least the scene list and a hazy outline of the scene description) - and anyone can look, the difficult bit, as with most things Lovecraftian is staying sane while doing so.  We can clearly see the broad terrain of the Yellow Phase, as its been heavily signalled and detailed so we are in the position of knowing roughly what will happen in the closing quarter of the Year of Lilith (although I am sure it will both surprise us and let us down at points as the Green Phase did).  We can even begin to see the edge of the anti-Mauve Zone (my little joke I mean the Qlipha of Yesod) with Japan's announcement of successful trials of UV-C.  If in 2018 (The Year of Yesod) I would have told you that by 2021 (The Qlipha of Yesod) all of our breathable air in confined spaces like malls and trams would be filtered through UV radiation sterilizing it for safety you rightfully would have thought I had lost the plot.  What else would necessitate putting UV lights everywhere?


Although what we are espousing here is strange in and of itself, if the scientist in me was asked to name the two greatest threats to civilization over the next decade they would be climate change and biological terrorism.  Yellowcake may well come up in the Yellow Phase but Nuclear War is very 20th century; although the chance of nuclear weaponry falling into the hands of terrorists is a real concern, state players on this scene have to go through a very long process of building up the academic potential and then the industrial potential to even start their own nuclear weapons project.  Its worth speculating on biological terrorism and the environmental crisis as slightly more ''adult'' starter conspiracies if you are trying to wean people off Q-anonsense.  As I said above what I believe is weirder than these two but I think they are useful gateways towards getting a broader appreciation of what is going on - what might be happening is that a strange heresiarchial cult of power is trying to navigate those two threats in the way that a strange heresiarchial cult would.


''We don't need to weaponise the flu, the birds are doing that already'' Laurence Fishburne's CDC character informs the government when asked in the film Contagion - now while that line being a lie as we definitely are weaponizing the flu (''gain of function'') it is true in that microbial pathogens are constantly adapting to our attempts to exterminate them.  Coronavirus is nowhere near the threat that multi-drug resistant bacteria will be in our very near future.  With anti-biotics nearing the end of their shelf-life we could argue that a planet-wide biological security infrastructure was necessary with that justification alone.  The fact that the technology to manufacture deadly tailored pathogens is now far cheaper than generating yellowcake and that China, Europe and America have all pissed off two groups a) radical Islamic terrorists and b) rich radical Islamic patrons - probably started a lot of terrifying panicked conversations in various Departments of Defence.  Biological attack of a variety of forms throughout the 20s is almost certainly guaranteed and you can think of what we are building now as a kind of Civilian Defence Infrastructure in the same way we had fallout bunkers, etc during the threat of nuclear war.  I am not saying this is the case but it is a more plausible and reasonable justification than a lot of the pre-School conspiracy thinking on this.  Because when it does happen, and it will, we will be very very glad of having all that UV equipment, mask policies, control of information, industrial experience of rapid vaccine construction and distribution, etc etc etc in place.  In that way, what we are experiencing, including the ''info-war'' part could be a drill


As I have repeatedly pointed out on the Hermetic Lessons, the environmental catastrophe is more than enough of a reason for these adjustments to society that are taking place without need for any other.  Look at the total world's concentrated death energy fossil fuel consumption in the years since Greta has been alive this is true and make a ratio with the rest of our historical production and you will reach a scary realisation that we are undeniably seeing the consequences of.  Mass civilian aviation pumps greenhouse gases right into the stratosphere, sometimes that happens just to fly an avocado across the Atlantic not a human.  Let's all admit that that is moronically decadent. The fact that we are being led by an socially engineered child on this front is a searing indictment of the childish and banal nature of the majority of adults living today.  You don't even need climate change to justify tidying up the god awful mess we have made of this planet.  Open caste mining; oil slicks coating lush tropical islands; acidic rain; air pollution; lung disease; it's all extremely grim.  How much of the world has to be on fire for people to stop saying ''this is natural''?  Not ruling out the use of weather weapons by state actors or extraplanetary influence or even Revelations but again split the difference. We would need to react and build infrastructure.  The alternative is to sink beneath the waves.


We find ourselves in very dangerous and difficult times and I wanted to reassure my more spiritually leaning readers that I have not become only an armchair conspiracy theorist howling at the Moon during this long journey.  Practical work, utilizing a variety of different approaches began before lilifluenza hit the western world and has matured throughout the pandemic.  With that in mind I would like to invite you to enjoy the Perseus Protocols which will be a page dedicated to recounting parts of that journey and also inviting others to join us and share our practice.  We arrived at Perseus as a figure we could rally around, I hope you can share the same experience.

Sometimes change is good and sometimes change is bad.  You are not the person you were ten years ago, and by extension you are not the same person you were ten seconds ago.  The sense of self flows through us and as the vessel changes with time so does the shape of the ruach, the breath-wind - some people change less being made of different stone, some change smoothly and readily.  There is a difference between natural change, the gracefully eroded face of a mighty cliff, beit sandstone or granite, and forced change, where an outside agency is undermining your behaviour, assaulting your logic, demolishing your core and shaping that cliff into part of its own monolithic face.  Maybe this is necessary, maybe individuality is too expensive on a planetary scale, at least as individuality was imagined in the American Dream - I could be convinced - but either way it did not have to be quite so brutal if education had not been purposefully starved and the doom clock allowed to run to its last grains of sand.  Our challenge now, as soldiers, is to stand firm and shield in the face of all of this psychic assault.  You are defending Reason itself, if everything else passes in the next decade and you still have Reason you've won.  Even if you only have one point left.  Make a phalanx where you can, these demons are large, or stand alone with perfect courage. Give ground if necessary, but like Socrates, if you retreat, retreat in good order to a better position.  Regenerate your reason at the Perseus Protocols.

No-one's going to take me alive
Time has come to make things right
You and I must fight for our rights
You and I must fight to survive
No-one's going to take me alive
Time has come to make things right
You and I must fight for our rights
You and I must fight to survive


Knights of Cydonia, Muse

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

2020 - The Year of Lilith, Entering the Yellow Zone, Lilifluenza Takes Flight

I follow the Moskva
Down to Gorky Park
Listening to the winds of change
An August Summer night
Soldiers passing by
Listening to the winds of change
The world is closing in
Did you ever think
That we could be so close, like brothers?
The future's in the air,
I can feel it everywhere
Blowing with the wind of change


The Scorpions, Winds of Change


The first Qlipha of the Qliphoth, the inversion of the Sefiroth, is named Lilith - all the Qliphoth that follow taking their names from various greater demons.  As Lilith is the inversion of Malkuth we assumed that there would be the same quaternary division applied but that the process would be reversed.  Whether she represents a liberated female or the ultimate expression of a demonic female from an Traditional Jewish perspective is largely down to your own bent - I admit my audience ranges between people who think either.  The Destruction Team does not care about your interpretation of Good and Evil and the entity is definitely being evoked in a hostile way, Goddess or Demon Queen her wrath is the same.  The Lilitu are a group of wind-demons associated with sand storms and diseases and some say the veil evolved as a primitive form of NPI (non-pharmaceutical intervention) against infection as well as against the dust-clouds.  For those of you struggling with taking ''the veil'' think of it as a basic protection against a greater demon and you might find it less of a struggle, I don't think you would have an issue with wearing a gasmask in an air-raid - would you?  I named SARS-COV-II ''Lilifluenza'' as the prime example of this years ''demonic diseased wind'' but there are more catastrophic aspects beyond this including the various ''Qliphothic'' wind-based environmental phenomena - pentacanes, firenadoes, hexaspouts, etc - as well as simply the change in the atmosphere brought about by the reduction in global dimming caused by the planes.  These are the winds of change.


Sometimes, all I need is the air that I breathe and to love you.  With that in mind the CDCs little wiggle wiggle on the potential that Lilifluenza is airborne is fascinating, especially the timing - did they leak this a little early, I thought it was not going to ''go airborne'' i.e. be officially announced as such, until we started the air wind yellow phase in just over a week.  Anyone who has been watching the news over the Summer with the outbreaks in sandwich factories, nightclubs and meat packing plants has known for a while now that she may have tippy tap-danced over that fine line between waterborne - aerosol - airborne.  Now they are were recommending air purifiers?  What is next recommending the mass installation of ultraviolet ''hell purple'' lights in every public space?  LOL - yes.  Way back on July 8th I made the meme above for the The Great Degreening as it was clear then how the water to air transition in the rotation of Lilith would play out.  It hurts not to be able to love and it hurts even more not to be able to breathe.  You've been fighting naval warfare this whole time, whether you knew it or not, its about to be all about airstrikes.


In the Great Degreening I recounted the following dream: I was escaping from a dilapidated and weird, Innsmouth-like town on a stormy coast that had a big top circus tent that featured a giant cartoon Cthulhu - as a real Cthulhu rose out of the ocean behind it and ripped the fake one to pieces As I expected the announcement about dangerous mutations was forthcoming I was not disappointed when they announced a mutation in a particular gene shifting from a D to a G.  Viruses that mutate successfully tend to dominate the environment like a real Cthulhu ripping a fake one to pieces does.  Daleth to Gimel mutations may mean that the virus affects another protein-variant cohort of humans that it wasn't previously striking or it might mean other gain of function - the ability to move in the air, different organ systems affected, binds more effectively to ones it already affects - etc.  From then it looked like the G form would be more contagious but not more deadly.  As I was warning in the previous posts it is very unlikely that our Destruction Team would have risked everything on a low grade virus that Bob the Plumber from down the covid-ridden pub could figure out was a hoax.  I said what was more likely is that Bob the Plumber was being fed the belief that the disease was a hoax from right-wing semi-eugenic think tanks to keep everyone underprepared for when they drop other strains out under the cover of the first.  Bear in mind, I don't know who said it (Sun Tzu?), but if you are trying to win a battle you don't shoot to kill you shoot to maimEvery maimed soldier takes out another three who have to cart the poor guy off the battlefield - apply the same principles to economic-pandemic post-modern warfare and there is your answer - you don't want lethality you want transmissibility and severity.


The Sun has looked even more bright, white and intense for the last week or so - there is very little yellow in its colouring, if any, and moving from shadow to light is a surreal and immersive black and white film experience.  As climate change skeptics are quite right to point out - the Sun is at a minimum right now - but I would ask them then what happens when it goes maximum - in 2025?  Looking at the ultimate black pill of doom inverted Tree of Life Qliphoth diagram I translated/created for those in the perma-nigredo doesn't remotely calm the nerves.  Burning ruins.  Great.  In focusing on the Sun we are forgetting the lensing power of our atmosphere i.e. it doesn't matter if it is solar minimum if we are magnifying what reaches us and clearly without geoengineering by 2025 of some form we are toastie.  The magnification of that Sun is causing more problems than ever now because we significantly reduced the global dimming from the planes earlier in the year, as I speculated then it was the equivalent of three years of global warming delivered in one go. This year was like 2023 was going to be, if you get me.  This environmental whiplash from plane grounding would have been very well war-gamed and was not entered into lightly.  For those of you who believe Lilifleunza is a bio-weapon, I would point out that the climate disasters that resulted from the plane grounding were a weather-weapon.  I am not saying that this lensing effect is not being altered in other ways - chemtrails, HAARP, mirrors in space, etc - but that the simple grounding of planes, even way back when, could easily be causing all the phenomena we are experiencing on the climate front as the chaos ripples of that spread out in front of us for many months still yet.


As Queen of the Night we should expect lilifluenza to get considerably worse during the winter - the dark will reduce vitamin D levels, stress (cortisol) will increase further debilitating the immune system and our microbiological warriors will be fighting on multiple fronts with influenza in the mix.  I was sick with all the standard symptoms over the last few days (sneezes, dry cough, runny nose, fever, no taste/smell), my job is basically front-line in the worst possible way right now but my ramped up immune system seems to have dealt with it in two days (touch wood).  When I knew I was sick in combination with Vit C, D and Zinc/Selenium that I take daily I also ''overdosed'' on big activated garlic pills (maybe ten...?) and colloidal silver (double regular dose), imagining them as bullets fired into the demon - I also ate the hottest curry I could stomach.  I imagine this made my blood taste very unpleasant to vampires and if this was lilifluenza then that seemed to work, but frankly, it could have been a heavy cold which is the whole problem with this as it is a cold, just a particularly weird and vicious one.  Not knowing is what is taking people out of the workforce, think of it like a re-imagined post-modern version of mass civilian bombing in WWII, not knowing is the maiming effect on the economy. The immunity cocktail I have been taking is frankly rather expensive, and on top of that I've been adding spa retreats, meditation, spiritual work, etc which is all time intensive and I shudder to imagine what happens when this lovely lady lands in less educated, more poverty stricken, densely-populated environments. What I would say is that different to a cold there is what feels like little feathers brushing you and tickling you in places not normally associated with a cold - legs, intestines, ears, inside the head - and it's true that she brings very  vivid dreamsSleep tight.

Take me to the magic of the moment
On a glory night (a glory night)
Where the children of tomorrow dream away (dream away)
In the wind of the change (the wind of change)
The wind of change
Blows straight into the face of time
Like a stormwind that will ring the freedom bell
For peace of mind
Let your balalaika sing
What my guitar wants to say


The Scorpions, Winds of Change

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

The Year of Lilith - Entering the Yellow Zone, The Great De-Yellowing

Something's come to rock me
And I can't keep my head
I get nervous in the New York City streets
Where my legacy treads
I know I'm better off standing in the shadows
Far from humans with guns
But now it's too late, there's no escape
From what they have done
I'm going deeper underground
There's too much panic in this town
I'm going deeper underground
There's too much panic in this town
I'm going deeper underground


Deeper Underground, Jamiroquai


Two weeks to the Yellow Zone and the narrative of the Green Zone has been clearly established exactly along the lines laid out in the Hermetic Lessons many months ago.  Environmental whiplash. Tipping points crossed. No more time. Electric car + solar panels not enough, sorry babe, maybe mass climate engineering and carbon capture will buy time? Major planetary projects are necessary immediately. This article too conservative. Systems collapse within a decade: droughts; derecho; dustbowl; - in grain baskets and orchards for years to come. As each system supporting our world collapses it unleashes a demon, if you will, an elemental force, an evil wind that roars out of control. Firenadoes. Water spouts. Lightning. Pink Lightning! Plague winds. Locust swarms. Pentacanes. These stack and blend into legions. Commanded by vengeful animal spirits. Excuse the imagery - call it Climate Change, call it Revelations, one for the materially minded, one for the spiritual - split the difference. There is only one thing. Everything I am describing is entirely natural and scientific and expected from the moment the planes were grounded and the dust of our industry settled. How did we get here? Desire, fancy and whim fuelled by incinerating concentrated death energy in the form of the husk-shells of primordial semi monstrous beings.

  How else did people think that would end?


As you know by now Malkuth (2019) is divided into four quarters, one citrine/yellow, one olive/green, one black and one russet/red and we know in Lilith (2020) this ordering is reversed. During the film releases of 2019, movies seemed to be timed to ''land'' in the correct quarter - we have seen a lot of evidence for that happening in 2020 as well.  Looking closer at this for a moment we see that ''MIB International'' was released in the ''black quarter'' of 2019 and MIB 3 was released in the all black 2012 Year of Binah (Saturn).  What this suggests is that the Destruction Team was making an association between the black Sefira of Binah, and the black quarter/phase of Malkuth.  Following this daemonick qabalistick logick then we can suggest that the red phase was associated with Mars (southern fires at beginning of year), the black phase with Saturn (the pandemic), the green phase with Venus (within Hermetic Qabalah, Netzach, as Venus, is Green - the environment) and therefore that the Yellow Phase, starting in two weeks will be dominated by the Sun (harvest, food).  

Here is an updated list for the reverse (psychological) alchemy of 2020:

  • Jan 1st to Mar 31st - Red/Russet - South Fire Winds - Gevurah/Mars - Rubedo
  • April 1st to June 30th Black - East Earth Winds - Binah/Saturn - Nigredo/Albedo
  • July 1st to Sept 30th - Green/Olive - North Water Winds - Netzach/Venus - Green Lion
  • Oct 1st to Dec 31st - Yellow/Citrine - West Air Winds - Tifereth/Sol - Citrinatis


Spectres of ''Life on Venus'' complete the ''Little Green Men'' prediction for this phase, as well as bridging the phases via Phosphine and Sulfur, the ''Qabalistic Alchemy'' correspondences above and in Buttercups will help you navigate this. The Alchemist Discovering Phosphorous, a painting by Joseph Wright shows the moment where our eponymous alchemist, instead of producing gold, accidentally discovers Phosphorous instead - when first isolated the green glow from white phosphorous would persist for a while.  Our own ''space alchemists'' now tell us that the discovery of phosphine gas (PH3) traces on Venus indicates the possibility of life somewhere in the sulfuric atmosphere.  What they don't tell us, although I am 100% sure the Destruction Team is aware of this symbolism, is that both Venus and Phosphorous are associated with Lucifer; the Lightbringer.   Life on Venus via Phosphoric compounds translates ''Yetziratically'', if you will, into Life on Lucifer with Lucifer.  


Just like we had to draw focus to the Green, before we could ''de-Green'', so we have to draw focus to the Yellow, before we can ''de-Yellow''.  This Great De-Yellowing will be characterised by Darkness and Silence.  One aspect of Silencing crushes individual voices/spirits and individualism in general.  The achievement of ''herd mentality'', a clear Freduian slip from The King in Yellow there, and rolling back the process of individuation has been the whole point of this psychological alchemical enterprise as I have clearly explained over several posts, specifically those detailing the Black Phase or the Nigredo.  A herd mentality is necessary to manage the masses and survive climate upheaval - your unique and passionate voice of reason drowned out by one or another of the hysterical herds.  The second aspect of the Silencing is that information will be even more controlled during this phase, ramping the censorship up a few notches, dissenting voices suppressed, muzzled literally and figuratively, if not, then drowned in disinformation.

Similar to The Silencing, The Darkening should be taken entirely literally as the day grows shorter in the northern hemisphere and our exposure to the yellow light decreases.  With this Darkening Vitamin D levels will drop, in some countries like the UK they are already criminally low anyway, and this will increase the virulence and efficacy of lilifluenza.  Those of you who have been holding up Sweden as a model of herd immunity, after having been influenced by semi-eugenic right wing think tanks to do so, should keep a close eye on them as they enter their own Winter which based on how north they are is significantly more severe - remember they've had the light on their side this whole time.  I won't guarantee they will have a terrible winter as there are many other epidemiological factors in Sweden's favour - spread-out generally healthy and happy population, etc.  We can see the literal Darkening across the US right now as the smoke from the wildfires, blots out the Sun and decreases temperatures on the ground - the fact that attention is being drawn to the effect of clouds blocking out the Sun's heat on all news channels is a note to all those who know this ends in Climate Engineering and the reinstatement of Global Dimming, the Great Darkening.


Various parts of the world are now oscillating between being considered a Green Zone with traceable limited viral transmission and a Yellow/Amber Zone which are areas that see sustained community transmission.  As the momentum builds for the inevitable second wave - which is building as we write and as most now accept, their wigwams of ''hope'' having collapsed - you will see Green Zones going Yellow/Amber en-masse but being held back from turning red, except in some cases, by increasingly draconian measures.  

In the UK high-vis jacketed ''COVID marshals'' will police the regional lock-downs and break up happy parties - this spurs the speak-easy black-market element to this operation that I have been talking about for a while now to go even deeper underground.  The so-called Rule of Six, instituted by the UK government could potentially link back to what was said in the first paragraph - if we follow the Qabalistic associations of Tifereth to Yellow, the number is 6 and the planet is the Sun.  Amusingly the ''marshals'' shown above aren't socially distancing themselves but one rule for us and one for them was a key part of the cognitive dissonance used to attack logic/reason during this phase - logical, clear thinking being quite a high vibrational state, relatively speaking.  We have a situation where the UK government are putting social distancing into law and expecting people to stick to the rules or face fines while in the next breath breaking international law.  In France, our Gilets Jaunes, have reappeared to turn the streets of Paris yellow, and bring our Malkuth-Lilith revolution full circle.


So during the Hunkering Down (i.e. Darkening and Silencing), to quote a legendary Alchemist from the Destruction Team, they will continue to lay the foundations of the New World Order ''New Normal'' whilst we are all cooped up inside, warm and snugly, and tracked and traced via the internet of course.  During the last lock-down the 5G network, absolutely essential to our upcoming hell-purple ''astral plane'' experience of 2021, continued to be laid in the streets as it was considered to be ''essential work''.  Similarly the psychological foundations of the new normal, the ''newmal'' - communicating, teaching/learning and even travelling without ever leaving the confines of our cell - were laid in our mind.  For a large part of the population, mainly the extreme introverts, lock-down provided them with a reason to spurn the society that drains their energy and a return to such an environment is attractive for them.  As absurd as that seems to some of you, some people are already begging to return to their cell.  Eventually the extroverts will become enthusiastic about newmal as avatars meeting in ''head-space'' (or whatever it will end up being called) are able to use body-language in the way that they traditionally did in ''real-space''.  The weirdness of a doppel-gangering app - Replika (note the influencing colours at work here for 2021...) - and others like it, seen and unseen - combined with ''hollowed-out'' and exhausted people, human Qliphoth if you will, will be ''inhabited'' by this virtual self composed from typically the lowest (desires, anger, cowardice, apathy, etc) aspect of your personality, if they aren't already - these low states being the easiest to manipulate.  When trying to understand how this process of body-snatching is happening you have to understand it has been an insidious process of reward-punishment conditioning on social media which means the person literally turns into their doppelganger but as more turn, the process can become more overt and aggressive.  As ever, I retain the capacity to be surprised.

Some people with a pocketful of money
And an eyeful of hate
Take a pleasure in destruction
Of the very thing that they tried to create
Somebody tell me why does all
Mankind only tamper and touch?
Have a habit where they bite off
More than they can chew
And now its too much
I'm going deeper underground
There's too much panic in this town
I'm going deeper underground
There's too much panic in this town
I'm going deeper underground


Deeper Underground, Jamiroquai

Thursday, September 10, 2020

The Year of Lilith - Yellow Fever and the Buttercup Field of Dreams

I fell asleep amid the flowers
For a couple of hours
On a beautiful day
I dream of you amid the flowers
For a couple of hours
Such a beautiful day


Daydream in Blue, I Monster

The Yellow Phase (The De-Yellowing) will be characterised by the reversal, inversion, negation or corruption, of the concepts of air, ''yellow themes'', the West and the Alchemical phase of The Citrinatis.  We certainly expect to see the narrative shift away from its focus on Russian shenanigans, the Northern focus of the Green Phase, to more westerly places.  Since a large portion of the Green Phase (The De-Greening) was about the environment getting destroyed by ''Qliphothic'' water events we are certain that the transition will involve moving to a focus on food i.e. our very real connection with the results of climate change, for those who can't connect to simply the extinction of animals and the loss of our own habitats they should be able to connect with starvation.  Food directly connects with air because that is what it is literally made out of - although many people still think it comes ''from the Earth'', i.e. made out of soil - scientific literacy not being a strong suit of our dumbed-down population.  Where I live food prices for takeout have increased by about 20-30% and many items in the shops are seeing similar increases - your country may attempt to offset this with subsidies but either way the public are paying for it in the end.  We expect ''yellow foodstuffs'''to be especially affected and this covers a lot of products.  We also expect some dramatic ''air-based'' events such as a ''Category 6'' hurricane, severe air pollution, and perhaps even some kind of chemical gas weapons going off.  As we have learned throughout the year though, these aspects of the phase are not necessarily addressed individually but woven together i.e. Greta (Green) + Money (Green) as one example, but there were many other examples as you can see if you go back through the posts - if you can face that horror.


With less than three weeks to go until our transition event, and the ground for the Yellow Phase being well and truly laid by ''influencers'', I asked my ''ravens'' for help with Yellowness last night and had an extended dream vision of my mind going through yellow possibilities, which was visualised as a meadow filled with buttercups - I ran through this wild field in a kind of delirium, a yellow fever if you will, and each buttercup I picked contained a key concept.  I don't think these ideas were necessarily received from an outside entity, there was perhaps some assistance, it felt more like visualising opening the file in my head marked ''yellow'' and my mind sifting through it.  I would welcome others doing the same.  Below is an example of a yellow palette but there are variations - this one is useful in terms of understanding some of those ''natural'' yellow tones that were used in Tenet for example, the ''safari'' look.   Similarly there is a yellow ''palette'' of yellow ''themes''.

According to the overall theory, this will be a ''de-yellowing'' so we might have to ''invert'' some of these buttercup concepts to arrive at our answer. For example - in linguistic terms the word Yellow means bright, gleaming and to ''to cry out'' - the inversion then would be ''the darkening and the silencing''.


One buttercup revealed Sulfur which is the fifth most commonly occurring element on Earth, exists in its pure form as a bright yellow solid, and is historically referred to as brimstone and associated with hell.  What would it mean to de-Sulfur, would that be like we do in ''cleaning coal'', or what would it mean to ''Qliphotise'' the theme of Sulfur - can we see volcanic action in this?  Volcanic action might also tie in with our concept of noxious gases and would also connect back to my theory of the easy solution to climate change havoc i.e. nuke a set of small, easily-poppable volcanoes.  Somewhat ominously Yellowstone caldera would fit a lot of these precursors - corruption of wind/air and west with a yellow tinge - but I would automatically put that as one of the more outlandish predictions out of sheer terror at the prospect.  What we are seeing though with the California fires that are a shocking 2000% of what they were last year is the application of hot, dry winds further complicating an otherwise overwhelming situation and producing an apocalyptic palette.   


If we are looking through our minerals and elements Gold, of course, should be one to watch and as someone pointed out we can expect Gold prices to drop from their historic highs throughout the De-yellowing - by extension of the colour connection Bitcoin as well.   That doesn't mean all crypto would be bad to invest in but if I was going to do it I would look for one that can come out of the shadows and is purple-indigo-shimmer in its colouring - I don't know much about this whole area but someone suggested Ethereum to me. In terms of deep mineral symbolism I would also keep an eye on yellow beryl as beryl plays a strange role in the bible (and by extension beryllium) but I understand right now that cup'll be more cryptic than crypto.


Thinking of what the yellow fever buttercup was telling me could we associate jaundice with this de-yellowing, or Qliphothization (sp?) of the yellow.  If this is one of the symptoms associated with more severe infection is it likely that we will see jaundice on the screens, people actually turning yellow en-masse, driving that yellow narrative?  Seems weird.  Mutation maybe?  Maybe the yellow fever is a metaphor for something else???


Another buttercup opened to reveal yellow cake, either the impure form of uranium oxide produced by first cycles of enrichment, or a spongy mix with the taste of vanilla and egg yolk!  A short search afterwards lead me to a bit of an uptick in yellowcake news related to Saudia Arabia, whose ''yellow desert'' brings us back again.  Deserts are different colours around the world so rather than applying our yellow directly to deserts we should think precisely about which ''western'' deserts are yellow, and perhaps expect focused events there.  Beryllium and Yellowcake anything in that mix?  Radiation warnings are yellow and black?


Another buttercup revealed the flag of Venezuela, a country that has been systematically degraded and softened by the USA, like Iraq was before they invaded that country.  I had money on Venezuela being ''Trump's War'' with my colleagues about 3 years ago.  I still think we could see this play out.


The anti-Asian and racist ''Yellow Peril'' buttercup has been done to death by others but its worth keeping in the background, especially as the West continues to adopt the systems of control that have been trialled there.


The return of Gilets Jaunes and the political forces of Trumpism and Brexit are undeniably returning with the end of the transition period for the UK, the US election and a renewed series of protests in France.  This comes effectively down to internationalism (green) vs nationalism (yellow).  Have the events of the Green Phase turned enough Yellows Green is the question everyone is asking? Is western ''democracy'' about to be de-yellowed?  I don't know I think the clue is in the King in Yellow.  As I have said before the stage is set for a grand humiliation of populism which I think would be the ultimate de-yellowing and serve as a final warning for those who want to ''go it alone'' and not work together to save the planet.  I may be wrong on this, but as the reckoning approaches for all of these things I believe you will find the public mood has shifted significantly - they've been emotionally and physically battered and, as I said in the last post, maintaining rage is exhausting.


In The King in Yellow, there is a character known as ''the Repairer of Reputations''. Wilde (the ''Repairer'') claims to be the architect of a vast conspiracy which uses, amongst other devices, blackmail to influence and command powerful men whose reputations the conspiracy has saved from scandal. Hildred imagines that, with Wilde's help, he will become the heir of the "Last King" of "The Imperial Dynasty of America", which Wilde says is descended from a lost kingdom within distant stars in the Hyades.  For those of you favouring the Lovecraftian through-line of ''the conspiracy to end all conspiracies...'' - this kind of system sounds a lot like the system that was operating out of Epstein's Bond Villain Lair - was Epstein our real life ''Repairer''?

I dream a dirty dream of you baby
You're crawling on the bathroom floor
You float around the room and you're naked
Then you're flying out the bedroom door
I dream a dirty dream
I dream a dirty dream


Daydream in Blue, I Monster 

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

2020 - The Year of Lilith, Syn-Cluedo

She said, ''there's something in the woodshed
And I can hear it breathing,
Its such an eerie feeling, darling...''
He said, ''there's nothing in the woodshed
It's your imagination
End of conversation, darling.''
Something in his heart, told him to come clean
He was not who he claimed to be
Something in his genes, told him to pretend
'twas something for the weekend


Something for the Weekend, Divine Comedy


The classic detective game!  In Syn-Cluedo, occult investigators move from Sefira to Sefira to solve the mystery of who performed the ritual, with what and where?  Occult investigators are dealt Partzuf, Correspondence and Sefira cards after the top cards of each deck are placed in a confidential file in the middle of the board.  Investigators must move to a Sefira and then make an accusation saying which Partzuf did the ritual in that Sefira with a particular correspondence - and through deductive reasoning figure out which cards are in the secret pile.  As ever, as we move around a board with access to a wealth of potentially misleading information what syn-clues should we syn-clude in our theories?


Some of my muggly mates really struggled with the idea that Melania Trump may have worn green full well knowing that people would use it as a green screen and adapt the image.  Those mates like to accept things as they appear on their surface - its comforting to think that the people who are in charge of their lives are simply idiots as opposed to malevolent daemons.  These are the same disadvantaged friends who believe that the ''accidentally'' politically incorrect adverts of Dove, Pepsi, etc weren't done on purpose.  Forgetting the basic adage of PR - that any publicity is good publicity - social media engineers often make ''mistakes'' on purpose, in order to increase the virulence of whatever it is they are spreading.  How many people will now remember Pepsi's disastrous Jenner commercial but during the time of its launch, and the ''controversy'' surrounding it, how many erstwhile critics and viewers were having that brand seared into their subconscious - how many went on to unknowingly favour a Pepsi over another drink? 


Wearing a green dress, like Kylie was a few weeks ago as well, instead of, say, a yellow one, probably increased the viewership of that White House photo of Melania by at least tenfold.  Accepting the pure idiocy of the public has been a difficult journey for me; discovering that the average reading age in the UK is eleven or that many believe that President Trump is genuinely leading some kind of crusade against deep state/private pedophiles causes me actual physical distress.  While many have been focusing their ire on Hollywood Woke, which is supposed to draw our attention remember, many have clearly been forgetting Bohemian Grove i.e. the entities that fund both sides of this puppet show.  Looking at the images above - Lady Gaga, Melania Trump, Kylie Jenner - it is hard not to see parallel syn-clues of green room fashionistas, what do you think? But why spoil the show by not suspending your disbelief?  Pay no more attention to the being behind the Green Curtain!  Drain that swamp, swamp thing!


As an example of how to play syn-cluedo let's return to a tragic murder event from early in the green phase. Three hundred and fifty elephants suddenly dropping dead in the doorway between the Black Room and the Green Room certainly pricked up the ears of this occult investigator.  If you remember back to posts where we were theorising about the kind of weapons, if you will, that would be included in the Green Phase we included both algae and swarms. Turns out the murder weapon used on the elephants was either algae or swarms.  Its worth remembering the resolution of this particular game of syn-cluedo as we rapidly approach the Yellow phase - we have not exhausted all the possibilities that are available and we have also not thought enough about how they will be blended in the coup de grace.


Is a syn-clue contained in the death of Chadwick Boseman, in the Green ''room'' with cancer, an actor who also played Thoth in Gods of Egypt as well as Marvel's Black Panther? According to the actor weird signs accompanied this casting,  and although black seems out of phase at the moment, if the character of Black Panther is related to the Rastafarian Lion of Judah then the colours seem very in phase indeed.  What is Wakanda supposed to represent?  Mali or Ethiopia?  I have heard arguments for both - if Ethiopia the arguments seems strong for a connection to the Lion.  The significance of this event is obviously the death of the black power symbol which again is a depressing blow to the ''Green Lion'' - along with the fact that the police continue to kill black people and perpetuate injustice with impunity.

Remember, in reversing the psychological principle of the Green Lion, which in its forward proper form we took to mean a kind of angry courage that launches you from the festering remains of your former self into the embrace of your archetypal being or higher self, we came to the idea of ''rage-milking'', a process whereby high testosterone men, the most likely to kick up a fuss against the totalitarian state were repeatedly kicked in the balls all Summer - messing with their cheap holidays to Spain, making them register their email addresses at their local boozer, wearing a muzzle, following instructions, etc.  ''No-one tells me what to do'' - they cry!  Many of them now think they've ''won'' by sharing anti-mask material generated by think tanks and returning to ''it was just the flu'' memes/news not realising that they've been told to do that, I guess.  Amazingly these anti-maskers have it all figured out now and have triumphed against the Illuminati who foolishly risked their whole global operation for 2020 and beyond, on a pesky flu hoax.  Yes - the stupid burns.


As I was saying over at Secret Sun's Den of Intrigue its not possible to maintain high-tension anger and rage for long periods of time, especially when you are out of work, soaked through, on fire, starving or homeless. People are becoming exhausted - the high testosterone male will last longer than most but they also have limits - eventually they will capitulate and the desire to ''not follow instructions'' from the Big Ts will be integrated into the enormous ''new normal'' black market that is being created (more on this later as it becomes clearer) - back street party passes for anti-authoritarians.  The less rebellious ones will be foot-soldiers and storm-troopers for the Global Elite, as was ever the case.  This emotional exhaustion compounds with cognitive dissonance and will have catastrophically weakened the immune system en-masse.  An aging, immuno-suppressed population, half of which think this is all a hoax anyway is inadequately prepared for the second wave - which is, hear me out - inevitable and inevitably going to fill up the Green Wings to capacity and beyond.  Darkness and cold will supercharge lilifluenza, that is guaranteed, assuming another virus is not released under the cover of the first.  If anything locking down when they did and then opening schools when they have done now, is definitely going to make this even worse.  If you wanted to handle this in a ''herd immunity'' type way it would have been best to bring back the schools for a month before Summer and get it circulating in the young then, with the light and the fresh air, as it is we have purposefully laid the foundations for an epidemiological whiplash, one to match the environmental whiplash caused by the grounding of the planes.

Hold on to your balls, Big T, Lilifluenza targets them specifically, and try not to ''spaff your wad'' before the final showdown.

But she said ''there's something in the woodshed
I know because I saw it,
I can't simply ignore it, darling
He said ''Now baby don't be stupid
Get this into your sweet head
There's nothing in the woodshed
(Except maybe some wood)''
''I'll go all the way with you
If you'll only do the same for me - go and see
If it's nothing like you say
Then you can have your wicked way with me''
He went down to the woodshed,
They came down hard on his head,
Gagged and bound and left for dead,
And when he woke, she was gone with his car and
All of his money


Something for the Weekend, Divine Comedy