Wednesday, October 28, 2020

2020 - The Year of Lilith, A Tale of Two Cities

The wind is rushing after us, and the clouds are flying after us, and the moon is plunging after us, and the whole wild night is in pursuit of us; but, so far, we are pursued by nothing else.


A Tale of Two Cities, Charles Dickens


The Yellow Phase is to be dominated by inverted/''Qliphothic'' stories of the wind/air, west, yellow themes and the citrinatis (food).  If we are following a similar design structure to the previous phases we can expect the ''easy stuff'' i.e. the elemental and directional themes to have been completed by now as they set the tone or draw focus for the more ambitious demolition work.  Over the next few months we should now enjoy the yellow themes as much as we enjoy yellow snow, with extra points being awarded again for skilful and elegant attempts at blending the themes.

The virus ''mutated'' into an aerosol form as opposed to being completely transmitted by heavier water droplets in mucus and sneezes.  Scientists had begun to establish this over the Summer where infections were spreading rapidly in meat packing plants and other arenas with a sealed atmosphere and air conditioning but this knowledge has now begun to reach the majority of the population as they spent more time indoors with closed windows.  The virus could be effectively the same as the Wuhan virus where people were forced to wear goggles as well as masks, so what has really happened is that the science has been very slowly communicated to the public to create what we referred to before as the epidemiological whiplash for ''The Great Reset''.  Although Germany tried to fight this by keeping windows open most of Europe, including the epicenter where I am at, are now heading into various forms of severe lockdown.  Alongside this more rural states in the US are seeing their first wave as the virus has taken that long to diffuse into less densely populated areas.  It seems strange not to compare population density when making grand claims about various countries efforts but for the record the density is around 25 per square km in Sweden vs around 400 in England.  It also worth noting that the virus will now last 28 days on surfaces because of fomites, this means the winds are blowing it around and then it is settling all over the place.  I've certainly noticed an uptick in ''chemtrails'' and other strange sky effects over the last month and we have had several days of that lovely refrigerated rain at a time, these rains will, of course, wash the streets and other exposed surfaces, flushing the virus into the sewers.  I see you NATO.

The Arctic has begun to fart, as Northern Siberia continues to melt and release methane gas - as scientists expected this represents another tipping point and climate change will continue to accelerate from this moment on.  On that note BP has announced it will be involved in carbon capture.  For everyone who is opposed to climate engineering it might be worth realising that burning fossil fuels is climate engineering.  If you are basing arguments on what is natural, its worth realising that burning ancient graveyards of dead lizards to obtain dark electrical power is not natural.  You don't see fish manning oil rigs or seagulls sailing oil tankers.  In this vein, Hurricane Zeta is preparing to batter Louisiana for the third time this hurricane season, whereas the remains of Hurricane Epsilon threaten to cause more flooding and widespread damage in the UK.  This Hurricane season is currently expected to be the worst on record for 170 years other than 2005.  Let's hold its beer for it and see whether that prediction holds itself.

As the financial crisis in the travel industry spreads from hotels and airlines, airports themselves are now beginning to be hit - coincidentally completing the effort to draw down the carbon.  If slapping 80 pounds per person on the price of a ticket to buy an immunity passport wasn't enough to price the poor out of air travel they will make sure you can't even find a plane if you want to get on one!  I still think that ultimately those surplus planes are destined to be retrofitted to spray aerosol, although I know that seems far out at the moment.

Before moving on to the ''two cities'', its worth recognising that the discovery of water on the Moon, like ''Operation Moonshot'' and other name dropping is drawing our focus (priming) to the Moon where according to the theory there will be a lot of action next year 2021 being the Qliphoth of Yesod (Moon in the G.D. system). 


As part of Britain's mid-life crisis romantic desire to return to an earlier stage of its development the country now seems to be LARPing Oliver Twist. Marcus Rashford, a footballer, started a political campaign to make sure hungry children get to eat outside of school as well as inside.  The Government, rather stingily resisted this extension of free meals for poor children, and have passed the duty on to the corporate and charity sector.  Coupled with this we see food prices rising generally as a result of Lilifluenza's economic disruption and further disruption in the future as a result of Brexit.  Not only does Brexit lead to borders appearing within our own country (between Northern Ireland/mainland UK and Kent!) it also necessitates a drop in food standards in order to open the country up for big trade deals with the US and India.

To fit in with the theme of pre-20th century UK a few days ago the oil tanker Nave Andromeda had a few problems with corsairs so the Crown had to send some of her buccaneers to deal with them or something.  I think the ultimate purpose of messing around with the hyper-stitional nature of the Perseus myth that we saw in the last post is that if Perseus is not around, having failed in an early boss fight and ended up decapitated by Medusa, he is not around later to save Andromeda (the fallen daughter, Malkuth) from the tender embrace of Cthulhu Cetus.


In trying to understand why these occultists would spend this much time on manipulating colours, names, etc what you have to understand is that these occultists believe the word is more real than the physical object, the physical object is only the manifestation of the word.  If you can draw attention to a name then the reciting of the name becomes an incantation which leads to a summoning, this is how theatrical ritual magick works by tapping into the unconscious power of an unsuspecting public.  London as one of the global centres of freemasonry has been very successful at mechanically hitting all the key beats of the Yellow Phase thus far.


Je suis professeur.  After the beheading of a history teacher in France who was making a point to his class about freedom of speech, Macron has gone on the offensive against Islam, projecting the offending images onto buildings and guarding them with police.  This is quite an astute move politically speaking as it outmaneuvers the right wing and if Islamists don't like it then they can hardly vote for Le Pen can they?  It also takes some of the wind out of the sails of the Gilet Jaunes as it is clearly part of that anti-globalist populist movement that combine xenophobia/islamophobia with animosity towards the EU and internationalism en generale. Having blown one of their whistles for them, the Yellow Jackets now only have one note left to blow.

To what extent is Macron our Sun King?  We started the Yellow Phase of 2019 with the Gilets Jaune and we expected our attention to return there in this final act.  Unlike Johnson and Trump the other scions of the ''West'' Macron is overtly rationalist, internationalist, environmentalist and pro European integration.  The Jupiterian is very much their man and we can expect Macron to triumph if Johnson and Trump are to be humiliated.  Je Suis Professeur (as an element air is associated with the intellect and thoughts, remember Paris masonry is classier and ''artsier'' than London's) seems to be the first move of the final quarter on this front. As someone who fell in love with his much older teacher at high school to what extent is Macron an inversion of the King in Yellow, if we associate this, via True Detective, as a symbol of pederasty and pedophiles?  Is he a victim? There seems to be something here, but I can't quite tease it out of the astral yet.

Do not forget that we have not even really started the Yellow Phase yet, the pieces in play have been put on the table but they are still capable of mixing in surprising ways.  Along with the Food Crisis, the humiliation of Yellow Kings and the Winds, these Yellow themes should be arriving and/or intensifying soon:  Sulfur; Yellowcake; ''Bilirubin''; Gold; Venezuela; Brexit; China: The Yellow Peril; more revelations on the King in Yellow via Epstein, the Repairer of Reputations.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to Heaven, we were all going direct the other way – in short, the period was so far like the present period, that some of its noisiest authorities insisted on its being received, for good or for evil, in the superlative degree of comparison only.


A Tale of Two Cities, Charles Dickens

Monday, October 12, 2020

2020 - The Year of Lilith, Medusa and Perseus

Poseidon: It is done. As we feared, King Acrisius of Argos has abandoned his daughter and her child to the sea.
Zeus: And he will be punished. Cruel and ruthless crime! Blasphemy! How dare the tyrant pray to me to forgive his savage jealousy...and cowardly revenge!!
Hera: Acrisius has always shown devotion to the gods of Olympus in the past. He has built magnificent temples and dedicated them to you, great Zeus, father of the gods.
Zeus: Hundreds of good deeds cannot atone for one murder. Thousands of temples, or statues, or sanctuaries, whether dedicated to me, or to you, Hera, my wife, or to Thetis, lovely goddess of the sea, or to you, Athena, ever wise and full of care, or Aphrodite, the goddess of love, nothing can wipe out or forgive contemptible act of blood!
Hera: Does it matter? The death of a girl or her child?
Zeus: Girl?! His daughter!!
Hera: After a lifetime's respect and devotion...
Zeus: Enough! I've decided. Acrisius must be punished...and his people with him. [to Poseidon] My lord Poseidon, I command you to raise the wind and the sea. DESTROY ARGOS!! And to make certain that not one temple stands, not one creature crawls, I command you to let loose the last of the titans. LET LOOSE THE KRAKEN!! The kingdom of Acrisius must be destroyed!
Poseidon: As you command.
Zeus: certain no harm befalls Danae or her son. Bring them safe to some remote and peaceful shore. Go now, swiftly.


Clash of the Titans (1981)


Remember at the beginning of the Green Phase, I said that they had to ''draw focus'' to the ''green'' before the ''de-greening'' could begin.  If your eyes were elsewhere you'd have missed all that craft from the Destruction Team, you can't miss it if you had forgotten you had it in the first place.  With Johnson's announcement of wind as the sole source of energy for homes by 2030, the same is happening now, your focus is being drawn to the air and the wind, before the ''de-yellowing'' begins in earnest. The air and wind themselves will ultimately prove entirely ''Qliphothic'' whether it be the airborne nature of Lilifluenza making our breathable air ''toxic'' - or hurricane/tornado activity like Hurricane Delta - and much much more to come. So whether you think this plan of Johnson's is a lot of hot air, or the future of a green revolution in the UK, is kind of incidental as they are going to destroy it anyway, the important thing is your focus.


On that note, for those of you following the ''spiritual'' activities over at the Perseus Protocols you might raise your eyebrows at this unveiling of a Medusa statue carrying the decapitated head of Perseus which is causing something of a rage in classical academia.  What you should know, if you don't already, is that Algol, the Daemon Star is associated with both Lilith and Medusa and shines brightest around  Halloween so this statue is being unveiled at this time to propitiate that spirit.  Honestly they may as well have gone all in at this point and had a statue of Lilith carrying a decapitated head of Jesus.  Art, eh?

At the beginning of 2020, I looked ahead over the movie trailer releases for the year and speculated that the inversion of heroes was going to be a key theme of our journey through the Qliphoth whether it be seeing the bad guys as the good guys or whether stories would play out from the antagonist's perspective as opposed to the protagonist.  What is happening here is a manipulation of the hyperstitional, more crudely an attempt to re-write history - this statue chills me in the same way I felt the chills after watching Once Upon A Time in Hollywood.  If ''Once Upon A Time'' was the only thing to survive the apocalypse then future beings would never realise that Sharon Tate was murdered and in so doing she never would have been...  The statue seems reminiscent of Damien Hirst's Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable, which I had the fortune to see when it was in Venice.  In this work a Mickey Mouse is found as part of a shipwreck encrusted with coral alongside various other popular totems and re-imagined classical works of art.  As a gallery-goer it is thought provoking, from a 1984 perspective it could be New Truth.

Heroes have been slowly distancing morphing from Mister/Miss Average random relatables like Jack Burton or Ripley through to what were effectively CIA-Illuminati assets (Batman, Agents of Shield, etc) and now it seems they are completing the transition to villains entirely - and oh how the dumb-dumbs cheer!  What you need to understand is that by inverting the heroes in this way they are messing around with the ''hyperstitional world'' of Iamblichus - a world (to some extent) ''above time'' (the Chokmah-Binah or Good-Evil axis) where the myths exist in block time - when you draw upon this world you draw the power of that eternity into temporality.  Importantly the Myth of Perseus, like all good stories, already contains justice for Poseidon, Medusa's rapist in this interpretation, as Perseus uses the head of Medusa to turn the Kraken (Cetus), one of Poseidon's favourite pets, into stone.  Does that make the murder of Medusa justifiable? Not necessarily but it gives it a sense of mythic completeness as Medusa ends up becoming a super-weapon against demons/evil eye/monstrous offspring of godly-rape in the hands of Athena - maybe this was Athena's way of getting justice all along?  Who are we to question her wisdom?  Although I think the artist chose to focus on Medusa and ignore the rest (in fact to rewrite ''history''), because Medusa vs Perseus has greater public awareness its worth thinking about Cetus before you rush to comment on a story that has been effectively decapitated as well as inverted.  Depending on your bent you may end up doing something really insanely idiotic and futile like ''hexing the fae'' and we know where that ended - pentacanes and hexaspouts.  Far from making the story more just, from the Destruction Team's perspective this inversion of Perseus destroys/subverts the divine/cosmic justice of the original which is of course, the entire point: subvert, invert, and corrupt.  Back in the day writers could actually sustain plot and arcs through to the end of the saga - these days the writers/artists on Netflix et al are effectively chicken embryos assisted by highly competent production design.  This artist (following their commission) has focused on ''metoo'' me equals 2 shock-populism and completely glossed over the depth of the Myth, I advise you to not make the same mistake.  Perseus did not exactly have an easy life himself.  On that note for those of you interested in the Unifying Colour Theory it may be worth giving the 2010, Clash of the Titans, another watch, to see just how creative they've been with myth or history (delete according to your persuasion).

Perfect courage amigos, perfect courage.

Let the stars be named after them forever.  As long as man shall walk the Earth and search the night sky in wonder, they will remember the courage of Perseus forever.  Even if we, the Gods are abandoned or forgotten the stars will never fade.  Never.  They will burn till the end of time.


Zeus (Laurence Olivier), Clash of the Titans, 1981

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

2020 - The Year of Lilith, The Yellow Sign and the Pallid Mask, Lilifluenza-in-Chief

SUSPECT: Y'all never caught the man that did that.  He's been out there killin'.
COHLE: You talkin' out yer ass boy.  You don't know a fucking thing, you're just trying to buy some time, ain't you?
SUSPECT: I met him once.  There's big people, who know about him.  Big people.
COHLE: There ain't no deal because there ain't no people.
SUSPECT: You make a deal with me.  You deal with me about these murders.
COHLE: There ain't no deal, you ain't got nothing,  'cause you're full of shit and there ain't nobody alive that didn't know that killer.  He's dead boy.
SUSPECT: I'll tell you about the Yellow King

True Detective

The Yellow Phase (anti or Qliphothic - west, air/wind, yellow, citrinatis) opened with a particularly ''Syn-Cluedo-esque'' mystery in the form of The Amber Room, a whole room made of gold and amber the Nazis stole and shipped across the Baltic on the run from the Soviets - during their retreat the ship was bombed, sank and lay on the bottom of the ocean until finally explored by a team of divers.  Similar to our situation, the secret of the ''Yellow Room'' lies somewhere in this sunken ship of symbolism and like an esoteric salvage crew we scavenge through the coral and the creatures looking for clues, always reminding ourselves not to mistake the former for the latter.


The Yellow Sign generally features two humanoids (occasionally one wearing a skirt, possibly containing a uterus) with a double headed arrow (two-headed snake) between them enforcing social distancing with the numbers 2m or 6 ft (or both) depending where you are located, occasionally these images crested by Lilith Medusa the corona-virus itself.  Looking a bit deeper into the possible occult symbolic levels operating in the Yellow Sign:

  • Humans as Pillars: Jachin/Boaz - duality, separation, severity, mercy
  • Six feet is linked to Tifereth/Sol (Yellow)
  • Two metres linked to Chokmah/Fixed Stars and duality (male/female)
  • Where the Two and the Six are both present this links to Alef (2 Yods + Vav = 26) and the value of the name of YHVH (26)
  • Crowned by Coronavirus, i.e. Kether the Crown, implying an ''Inverted Supernal Triad'' (especially clear in the final image)
  • Humans linked by Arrow makes an ''H'' at a distance i.e. the final Heh of YHVH which is directly linked to Malkuth/Assiah (Y = Atziluth/Chokmah, First H = Briah/Binah, V = Yetzirah,  H = Assiah/Malkuth) and which would correspond to the first letter of the inverted name of God in the Tree of Qliphoth, the Tree of Hell i.e. HVHY, which would be Lilith
No-one disputes the unpleasant ramifications of The Yellow Sign which forces us to recognise other humans as, first and foremost, sources of potential infection, flesh bags full of microbial demons, as opposed to fellow travellers in the time stream.  Of course, public health is at stake and we should keep our distance but its easy to see this as a message spreading a more general, invidious, ''covidious'' sense of division which could easily be retro-fitted to suit other purposes later.  Dividing people like this will have a impact on the increasing population - the covid dating scene being as bleak as any other scene in 2020.  See below for the Yellow Fun Chaperones.



The King in Yellow pays homage to one of Poe's works the Masque of the Red Death in its symbolic use of colour throughout the story.  A masque was a classical dramatic performance presented to a member of royalty (for birth, marriage, or an entry into society) often including pastoral and mythological elements.  The masque was eventually folded into the masquerade ball which became a common feature of the carnival season in the 15th century - in reference to the last post about green-lighting movies, perhaps it is better to think of this global performance as a masque, say what you like about the Illuminati but they are classy.  In the Masque of the Red Death, Prince Prospero is hiding from a plague of the blood - a vascular virus - and during his sojourn hosts a colour coded masquerade ball in his country estate.   A masked stranger threatens the peace of the ball by displaying the symptoms of the Red Death and the Prince pursues him through the colour coded rooms and, finally confronting him, suddenly drops dead - only then do the audience discover that there is nothing beneath the costume of the mysterious stranger that the dead Prince was chasing.  Similarly, during the King in Yellow, after attending a Masquerade Ball in his honour the stranger removes the ''Pallid Mask'' only for people to see there is nothing behind the mask, that the mask was his face.

The Rose Garden massacre event in the White House carries echoes of these stories of Red Death and Yellow Kings - a super-spreader event at a ''Masquerade Ball'', a President pursued by a vicious, venomous media and an astonishing final ''maskless display'' - effectively removing a mask from a mask, as with most narcissistic psychopaths there is nothing behind the mask, or what little there is is nothing wholesome, a churning insatiable void of drives and desires.  As the virus is likely to edit the behaviour of its host we now have a Virus-in-Chief, Lilith is resident in the White House (Keter).  

In the King in Yellow we made several predictions about the ''De-Yellowing'' of Trump and Johnson, that the blonde figureheads of the Yellow Spirits (Brexiteers, MAGA, Gilet Jaunes, Ethno-Nationalists, Rural Folk, Populists, etc) would be ''scalped'' /humiliated if we follow the general pattern of the year of breaking the spirits of all of our four demographics to pave the way for the new normal.  So, as if by magic, Trump catches Lilifluenza on Day 1 of the Yellow Phase (BTW - I assume this is our transition event) and the trajectory of the disease will determine at least the next 14 days of the most important US elections (west) in a lifetime.  Has God-Emperor Trump finally met his match at the hands of the Queen of the Night or will his mighty power-fists beat back, to quote Johnson, the ''invisible mugger?''

Comparisons with World King Johnson do not bode well for Emperor Trump as after an initial sympathy bump from the electorate his star steadily faded and fell, people fed up with the laziness, the nepotism and the incompetence when they are suffering a great many privations in their own lives. The UK Government bungled their response to the pandemic with mixed messaging, repeated breaches of the rules by the rule-makers and still further, not even knowing their own rules!  To say the UK population is royally pissed off with the Government is putting it lightly, even the Government's own Party is pissed off with the Government!  The men in grey suits, as they are referred to, are already jostling to remove Johnson (Jeremy Hunt is clearly chomping at the bit), the rumour mills suggesting that the PM is over the hill, suffering from Long Covid, etc, and should be taken around the back of the shed and put out of his misery.  To what extent the GOP have their own version of ''the grey suits'' and to what extent people are voting for Trump now but going to essentially elect the Vice President is up for debate.  Pence does not raise the passions...


Let's just remind ourselves of these four ''Malkuthian'' demographics as we may make more reference to it as we journey on through hell (if its not useful we'll ditch it):

  • Yellow Spirits - Give a fuck about their family, clan, tribe and by extension their nation
  • Green Spirits - Give a fuck about humanity as a whole and the planet
  • Red Spirits - Only give a fuck about themselves
  • Black Spirits - Do not give a fuck

All these spirits need crushing to make way for the new model purple citizen of the new normal and we saw in turn each one of them come under the esoteric psychological hammer - finally we arrive to the coup de grace - the final and absolute obliteration of the Yellow Spirit.  New York Times Bestseller 2020: ''The World Needs More Purple People'' may be seeding influence for the upcoming purpality in the same way people are being subtly moved towards the purple in other ways.  What that ''purple person'' might looks like we will scry in another article but reading the blurb for the book it seems to be attempting to get people to find a synthesis or compromise between these four demographics above - the purple person meets in the middle with a neo-centrist handshake and ''paints the world purple.''

The Yellow Spirits ''took their name'' from their leaders and from the fields of wheat, corn and rapeseed they largely represent.  From the perspective of the operators of the grander plan to save Earth from Humanity itself, older people who lean right wing (Trump, Brexit, Gilets Jaunes, Climate Change Denial, Anti-Mask, etc) represent the greatest threat to our continued existence.  Raised and living in the world created by the Mad Men of the 60s, older western citizens, bred for selfishness and entitlement, have a huge carbon footprint (SUVs, air conditioning, general wastefulness, etc) that dwarfs the citizenry of other parts of the world.   When citizens of developing countries meet to discuss what they can do they rightfully point at the Western World and talk about any changes they make being wrecked by inaction on the part of the USA et al.  Running the COVID-19 maths a 95% survival rate in our over 65+ population in the UK (significant part of the overall aging population) still yields hundreds of thousands of deaths by the end of it - this in itself constitutes a significant de-yellowing esp. if it hits poorer uneducated older people more than richer educated older people - while reducing the lifeforce of hundreds of thousands of others.


Operation Yellowhammer was the codename used by the UK Civil Service for contingency planning in the event of a no-deal Brexit - originally this code-name grabbed my attention as it was leaked back in 2019 and I made the link to the Yellow Phase of that year (also the link to the Gilets Jaunes that was happening at the same time).  Borrowing their language we can think about the various ''Buttercups'' that will be used as ''Yellowhammers'' to crush these Yellow Spirits:

  • Air/Wind/Hurricane
  • Brimstone/Sulfur/Yellowstone
  • Corn/Wheat/Rapeseed/Etc
  • Gold
  • Jaundice
  • Yellowcake
  • China - the Yellow Peril
  • Brexit
  • Epstein - ''The Repairer of Reputations''

This is not a comprehensive list by any means it simply represents those buttercups I first picked, there were many more out there in the field of dreams.  We can expect the effects of bad harvests (happening right now) caused by the brutal winds, floods and droughts of the Green Phase to play a significant role in the de-yellowing - poor yields being its literal realisation.  We can expect that the spread of Lilifluenza (airborne now, thanks Nancy) which first hit the cities has had the time to diffuse into more rural spread-out less densely populated areas who are more unshielded being more likely to believe it is ''a hoax''.  We can expect the economic impact to be severe on the working class for instance if the middle classes are saving their money sheltering inside then no jobs for fitting new kitchens, bathrooms, purchasing new cars, waiting tips, etc etc, the frightening list goes on.  Retail is done, restaurants are done and now the cinemas have shut themselves down.  Suffering in these communities will mount over the next six weeks bringing us to a crunch point before the election where a set of key voters in swing states will decide the fate of the King in Yellow - the turbulence caused by the ripple effects of everything that has happened this year will certainly impact their decision making.  Just like the tax revelation may have upset some of those who believed in the fantasy of the virtuous Trump battling the Deep State (or whatever) could revelations on Epstein (The Repairer of Reputations...) actually tar him or fellow Republicans/allies with the same pedo-brush Trump has been using to implicate the Democrats - this would be tricky terrain for the Q-anonensicals to navigate.

Or will the US even make it to an election?  Yellowstone eruption is obviously at the extreme end of the buttercup dreams, but a set of climate change or weather weapon induced Cat.6 hurricanes could result in a state of emergency being declared in various parts of the USA leading to a prolonged, delayed and even more questionable election process than before.  As would someone making a dirty bomb out of Yellowcake.  Although there will be variance in severity and intensity as there was throughout the Green Phase I think the outline of the Yellow phase of the Year of Lilith has finally crystallised.

To realise that all your life, all your love, all your hate, all your memory, all your pain, it was all the same thing.  It was all the same dream you had inside a locked room - a dream about being a person.  And like a lot of dreams, there is a monster at the end of it.


Rust Cohle, True Detective