Thursday, January 28, 2021

2021 - The Year of Gamaliel, The Purpocalypse

Several excellent examples, things of beauty and confusion, can be found on the quotes page. This trope does not cover works in a florid but not intrusive style — the sacrifice of Utility on the altar of Eloquence is an essential feature of Purple Prose. It should also be noted that Purple Prose usually pairs flamboyant vocabulary with fairly plain grammar (that can get outright primitive in extreme cases) which differentiates it from true Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness. Bear in mind that Tropes Are Tools. Some of the examples below are intentional: the Purple Prose is a stylistic choice, a comedic turn or in aid of characterisation.

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On 27th January monuments in the UK were lit up purple to mark Holocaust Memorial Day.  I wonder whether they are really ''marking'' the holocaust of yesteryear or the massacres that are being perpetuated today.  This highlights the idea of - ''if the world is your stage, why do you need the movies?'', and also speaks to the idea of an inversion between the movie realm and the realm of reality and how we may have been flipped between those ''worlds...'' e.g. if in 2018 Annihilation was on the screenis this part of the real world reflection of Annihilation in 2021...?  Is the Gamestop debacle the real world reflection of Ready Player One..???? This idea needs some work but maybe there is something here!

Although I am behind in my research, although I am making progress, my money is still on 2021 as a purple mood piece.  I think that it is fairly easy to make the argument that the Armie Hammer cannibalism fetish incident is a lurid example of ''Beautiful Man'' + ''Obscenity'' and I think you will be seeing examples of this all year. The Game Stop incident is probably an example of ''astral shenanigans'' assuming that, as surmised, cyberspace is a stand-in for the astral plane.  If it's truly a mood piece it will be a year-long bombardment of inverted Yesodian correspondences, or ''Purple Prose'', teehee!


Railroading is a term from the world of roleplaying games and it happens when a Narrator is driving players down a plot line and gives very little room for improvisation or random chance to get in the way - often by subtly controlling their choices.  One of the problems with the Unifying Colour Theory is that it produced this scary template below for ''the plan'' being driven by whoever (or whatever) the Unifying Colour Producers are and eventually, if this theory stands up, one way or another we are all going to have a take a long hard look at these railroads into our future.  

Compare contrastingly with the phenomenon given the appellation of Beige Prose. Seek furthermore the silicon entries known as: Walls of TextSesquipedalian Loquaciousness"Burly Detective" Syndrome, and Meaningless Meaningful WordsMills and Boon Prose is a Sub-Trope; furthermore, that affliction known as Said Bookism is a customary peculiarity of this mode of communication. The most rococo of Narrative Filigree may a'times shade into this. Some communications open on the traditional Dark and Stormy Night. When narrators characterise their visual appearance via a Description in the Mirror, the resultant prose oftentimes can be purple. See also Name That Unfolds Like Lotus Blossom, for when this is applied to names.

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Saturday, January 23, 2021

2021 - The Year of Gamaliel, Purple Reign

I never meant to cause you any sorrow
Never meant to cause you any pain
I only wanted one time to see you laughing
I only wanted to see you
Laughing in the purple rain

Purple Rain, Prince



So I guess I shouldn't let this pass without saying something, although its probably going to be one of the more pedestrian things we discuss this year.  I was looking back through the archives to see when I first predicted this using the Unifying Colour Theory.  It was in Beyond the Russet Falls, The Qliphoth and the Next Decade where I first laid out a suggestion of the qliphothic schema of the 2020 and beyond.  After that I spoke periodically, in the Lilith posts, about the inevitabilities of 2021 and some of its purple possibilities - with quite a few comments about the idea that the post-election, post-Trump wind down would be to fuse a purple person out of, for the dedicated followers of the blog, the four conflicting ''spirits'' of Malkuth.  The movies may be out of sync for a little while now but who needs them anymore when the world is your stage... and the TV channels are streaming?  The Unifying Colour Producers will produce purple people and guide them to the purple reign. 

Honey, I know I know
I know times are changing
It's time we all reach out
For something new, that means you too
You say you want a leader
But you can't seem to make up your mind
I think you better close it
And let me guide you to the purple rain


Purple Rain, Prince

Thursday, January 21, 2021

2021 - The Year of Gamaliel, The Crappening


But you know I saw this movie this year called last year called er, 'Basic Instinct'. Okay now. Bill's quick capsule review:
Okay now. Yeah, yeah, end of story by the way. Don't get caught up in that fevered hype phoney fucking debate about that Piece-of-Shit movie.
"Is it too sexist, and what about the movies, are they becoming too...?''
You're, you're just confused, you don't get, you've forgotten how to judge correctly. Take a deep breath, look at it again.
"Oh it's a Piece-of-Shit!"
Exactly, that's all it is. Satan squatted, let out a loaf, they put a fucking title on it, put it on a marquee, Satan's shit, piece of shit, walk away.


Bill Hicks, Revelations


Say what you like but I really enjoyed The Happening and I think it's one of Shyamalan's better works, most of the other stuff I have found really disappointing, with the exception of Signs.  I know its not to everyone's taste but I feel like the actors in the Happening have been put through some cypto-Brechtian boot-camp to get to wherever they got.  They look genuinely puzzled about what they as actors are supposed to be doing.  The constant alienation caused by this kind of anti-drama and the supposedly terrible acting (gestus) make you ask with quite some clarity - WTF is happening in this film?  You ask... and you ask what is happening and where it is happening because it doesn't seem to be happening where they are and it's not happening for them but then it was happening there all along and they told you what was happening right at the beginning.  Then it stops happening.  Then it starts again.  This is a solid gold log of comedy genius.

If you read into Gomaliel, situated where it is on the Tree of the Qliphoth, you can infer some of its properties.  Since ''Tifereth'' (Beauty) is ''above'' it and ''the rays'' from Tifereth are normally finally crystallised and filtered by Yesod before ''landing'' in Malkuth/Assiah we can expect the ''Obscenity'' to distort the rays of beauty and create grotesqueries.  Now I like some grotesque art from time to time and grotesque art can be exquisite and beautiful.  The Happening is this kind of art and is ''of Tifereth'' in its own way.  That's why you will not see magnificent grotesqueries during Gomaliel but only really cringey ones.  This is The Crappening, it is being done and will continue to be done, on purpose, in crimes against Art itself, to propitiate the Obscenity.  Unlike solid gold logs of comedy genius, 2021 is going to have to have a lot (or rather way more than normal) of very cringe-worthy sprays of splattering crapOn Purpose.


There is this bit in Good Omens where these demons are bragging that in ''7-10 years this (or that) soul be ours... mwahahaha!'' whereas the demon Crowley just changed the layout of the M25 motorway to spell out the satanic sigil of Adegra then just milked all the bad vibes out of the constant traffic jams.  Many people seriously speculate that these kind of inter-dimensional entities are farming our pain.  On some vibrational level that we cannot detect our depression, our anxieties, our desires, our apathy, our anger are being harvested - this is the story line of the Matrix as well as the Bible.  

When it comes to The Crappening you have to apply that Crowleyan industrial demonic logic to cringeCringe can be milked.  It possibly tastes quite sweet to inter-dimensional vampires.  They'll milk the cringe out of you all year long if you let them... along with your other juices.  There is this Kabbalistic fragment on stoicism from Meditation and Kabbalah about being pissed on in the bilge of  a ship and remaining stoic throughout - that's the level of enlightenment necessary in order to steel yourself.  So for 2021, the question might have to be - can you look at the cringe without cringing? - because this year we are going to walk through a shower of piss.

"But is it too, what about the lesbian content...."
You're, you're getting really baffled here. Piece-of-Shit! Now walk away. That's all it is, it's nothing more! Free yourself folks, if you see it, Piece-of-Shit, say it and walk away. You're right! You're right! Not those fuckers who want to tell you how to think! You're fucking right!
Sorry wrong meeting again.


Bill Hicks, Revelations

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

2021 - The Year of Gamaliel, Alarum

White swan in the river,
the eye of cathedrals,
false dawn in the leaves,
am I. They cannot hide!
Who can escape? Who sobs
in the valley’s tangle?
The moon leaves a knife
behind in the air,
a lead-coloured trap
that seeks blood’s cry.
Let me in! I come frozen
through walls and windows!
Open roofs and breasts
where I can be warmed!
I’m chilled! My ashes
of somnolent metals
seek the crown of the fire
among streets and mountains.


The Moon, Blood Wedding, Federico Garcia Lorca


In 2020, I set myself a number of alarms on my phone that persisted with me throughout the year and reminded me to stay focused on a number of things.  I'm clearing my cupboards at the moment so bare with me as I figure out what alarms to set for 2021.


In this Alarm, the Red Army Choir rouses us to action in honour of the fallen of  Buchenwald, ressurects them into an army of the dead and allies them to the International Columns fighting Fascism.  I admit I always played as the USSR in Axis and Allies.  The Alarm sat on my phone as both a constant reminder of the horror of eugenics, anti-Semitism and racism and a constant reminder to speak out against them.  The Alarm calls to a world energized by crisis, of an ocean groaning with terror, and an agony of the Earth that becomes a nuclear hurricane.  It exhorts us, forcefully, to be very careful, to preserve the peace and to be kind to the planet. This one had to be there. Listen to the words.


The Malachite Sky alarm was a personal reference to a short analysis I wrote on the 2016 (Netzach) movie 10 Cloverfield Lane.  Originally I was using the words in the title of this Alarm to remind me to focus on the skies as in March/April I had serious concerns about the environmental whiplash that was likely to be caused by a reduction in global dimming due to the grounding of the planes.  I saw many different cloudless blue skies from on top of a deserted hill where I live and as the cloudless days passed I became increasingly convinced that it was going to be a terrible year.  2020 was tied for the hottest year on record.  The other year was 2016.  The Malachite Skies came in the end, during the Green Phase, when large swathes of our planet were flooded.

But there was more to the Malachite Sky than this and now I see my ultra-conscious self was pointing more broadly towards the nature of the year.  10 Cloverfield Lane is about a person in lockdown, it's a quarantine drama effectively, and now I can see myself in all of those characters as I endured my shadows.  Maybe even the alien at the end...  Say what you like about Raziel, but he is concise.


I've never been a ghost-botherer, I prefer the company of angels to that of the old souls. I've occasionally had a problem with ghosts bothering me but that is the risk you take when you walk haunted paths.  I generally walk moonbeams, it's quicker, and I am not a Millennial sentimentalist.  Ghost Town was an alarm that came in early, to keep me focused on the emotional impact of  being in a quarantine for aeons and the disturbing sights of an emptying city.  Inevitably, we all became physical ghosts but some fought more successfully than others against the hollowing.  Others lost their mental selves in screens and, unfortunately, the ones who went in weren't always the same ones who came out.

I knew Lilith had been released at the beginning of the Year as the Unifying Colour Theory predicted it perfectly.  But what I did not know was that there would be quite so many literal demons on the streets and in the air.  Boris Johnson described Lilifluenza as like being assaulted by an invisible mugger but many people have felt her embrace them with bloody talons and squeeze the life right out of them.  You notice the smell was lost?  The taste obscured?  When she hunts she hides her scent.  You could taste her like gravel in the wind.  This was the Black Wind.  The other winds brought other demons.  Rain.  Gale.  Hurricane.  The Ghost Town Alarm also worked on two levels.   Like the Buchenwald Alarm... it raised an army of spirits.

Do you remember the good ol' days before the Ghost Town?  Remember.  You may have been exposed to severe trauma.  Your cortisol levels may have risen.  Your neural architecture may have been damaged.  You may be repeating yourself.  When did you last take your Vitamin D?  You may be fading away.  Remember.  You must remember.  Or you're a ghost in a shell.  I told myself.


When I've taught the lessons I would tell my students if you want to really crack the initiations of Yesod ultimately you have to transform the Prima Materia.  Someone on the level of Malkuth only sees the world in material terms and often explains their magic through physical (and some ''psychical'') language like energy, force, power, etc and often has some kind of pseudo-scientific explanation for how it all works.  Whereas on the level of Yesod, one comes to see the Prima Materia as dreams and the world is better understood through dream logic.  The practical keys to this are found in astral practices and ''lucid dreaming'' and one of the ways to improve your abilities in this arena is by knocking every doorframe that you walk through in what you consider your waking life and ask yourself - am I dreaming?  Eventually the worlds will blur.  I advise an alarm on the phone, an Alice in Wonderland alarm whose sole purpose is to get you to ask that question.  Am I dreaming? Set it for whatever time works best for you...  2019 was a brutal year for me and made me reflect on how much luck, or whatever you would prefer to call it, I had enjoyed up until that point.  I felt like I had fallen into a different universe and I wanted to remind myself that I came from a different world.  That I could hang on to myself.  But, more importantly, it prepared me for 2020.

Now I no longer need an alarm to wake up.  I need an alarm to remind me to sleep. 


There is a sentimental satisfaction in keeping old alarms - fond memories of that time that that, whatever that was, mattered somehow.  But one must not hoard old alarms.  On the other hand, my ex-girlfriend used to regularly throw things out to the point where she could have been diagnosed with temporariness syndrome or whatever.  You have to be consistent and allow the alarms to acquire meaning before ridding yourself of them.  Stay lean.  Limit yourself to 3 or 4.  Keep your spirits concise.

I've started and finished this post with a sinister speech of the Moon from the play Blood Wedding by my old buddy Federico Garcia Lorca.  I'm letting the words percolate. I've got to get my eye on that evil Moon and I'll set an alarm to remind myself to look. 

A... lunalarum.

    But I bring the snow
to their shoulders of jasper,
and I flood, cold and harsh,
the depths of the lakes.
But this night my cheeks
will be stained with red blood,
and the reeds clustered
in wide swathes of air.
I have no shadow,
nowhere they can hide!
Let me enter a breast
where I can be warmed!
A heart of my own!
Burning! Spilling itself
on the hills of my breast;
Let me come in! Oh, let me! (To the branches)
No shadow. My rays
must shine everywhere,
and in dark of the trees
spread a rumour of dawn,
so my cheeks this night
will be stained with red blood,
and the reeds clustered
in wide swathes of air.
Who’s that hiding! Speak out!
No! There’s no escape!
I’ll make the horse gleam
with a fever of diamond.

The Moon, Blood Wedding, Federico Garcia Lorca

Sunday, January 17, 2021

2021 - The Year of Gamaliel, Goodbye Moonmen

The worlds can be one together
Cosmos without hatred
Stars like diamonds in your eyes
The ground can be space, space, space
With feet marching towards a peaceful sky
All the Moonmen want things their way
But we make sure they see the Sun
Goodbye Moonmen,
Yeah we say Goodbye Moonmen
Oh Goodbye


Goodbye Moonmen, Ryan Elder


Purple (Iridescence); Silver (alchemical metal and the ''Silver Thread''); The Moon (and those Goddesses); Tides; the Sea; Genitalia; Fertility; Dreams; Memory; The Subconscious Mind; Independence; The Astral Plane; The Etheric Double; The Treasure House of Images; The Vision of the Machinery of the Universe; the Number 9; Foundations; Beautiful Strong Naked Men; Shaddai El Chai; Cherubim; Gabriel; Perfume; Sandals; Animals (Wolf, Bat, Moth, Cat, Owl, etc) 


In this performance on the Masked Dancer, discussed at Secret Sun, Elizabeth Smart dressed as a moth, and subsequently unveiled, we can perhaps begin to see the outlines of what the ''hell-purple'' of 2021 means to Unifying Color Production Designers i.e. purple mixed with red/Yesod mixed with hell.  I know we can all salute such incredible imagination...  

We should also expect a great deal of the use of indigo palettes and some kind of reverse shimmer/pearlescence/iridescence - I have no idea what that might look like as I am not a color theorist but we should be on the watch for it whatever it is. 


We also find the use of hell-purple in creating the sterile hell of 2021 with the continuing rise of UV-C air conditioning units.  In this piece of biological security infrastructure disease prevention equipment the air of your closed environment is passed through a box where everything is toasted with ultraviolet light, killing all the little critters in the mix.  Simples.  I mean what do we need micro-fauna anyway, its not like we have autoimmune diseases as a result of sterile environments or anything!  Remember that a huge part of the symbolism of Gomaliel will be sterility, impotence, infertility, etc as this ''demon'' is ''aimed'' at Yesod in the aura.  Although I believe the actual presence of Lilifluenza will seriously diminish in the Spring, the infrastructure will remain including a lot of the PPE use.  After all, as we all know, getting that infrastructure in place was one of things it was really all about.  Its not something people like to think about but in the mix of ''communist plot this'' and ''magnetic field flip that'' we are often forgetting the much more plausible conspiracies of bio-security (CRISPR, MDR and archaic organism release) and climate change which were always going to be a nightmare to deal with in a liberal society, even one controlled by a reverse Gnostic cult.

Two birds.  One stone.


Michael Moorcock explored what a hell purple society might look like in his exquisite short work of Lovecraftian Fantasy The Shores of Death.  Aliens questing for the meaning behind everything have stopped Earth's rotation (shades of Dark City) and separated it into 3 regions - a desolate blasted frozen eternal night, a sun scorched world of eternal day and a twilit world in between.  In the sun scorched world the plants grow to magnificent heights but everyone is sterile from the cosmic rays so its one final generation's hurrah.  The twilit people are still partially fertile and they give birth to the last of the twilight children.  A faction of the day people obsessed with their approaching oblivion conspire to build a giant radio transmitter whose only job is to broadcast something like: We Were Here! I forgot to mention that the Moon, upended Dr Faustus style, ''has fallen from her sphere'' and now rests broken in the pacific ocean.   That is the set-up so if you are looking for nightmare fuel, its worth having a look.

Goodbye Moonmen.

Shut the fuck up about Moonmen.


Rick Sanchez, Rick and Morty

Friday, January 8, 2021

2021 - The Year of Gamaliel, The Magic Giant Penis

This clouded heart where the rain begins and the traffic dies
We cry a little because of the bricks showering from the broken buildings
The windows divided into pieces of pictures, the incomplete dirt and sallow gardens
There is a girl she doesn't know what her breasts are for and holds them up curiously with her fingers
Her eyes are two wagons gone off down different sidewalks
Pulled by boys with playing cards in their pants, who can't read their hands
Whose goodbye mouths sail higher and higher, the souls of their shoes are virgins.


This Clouded Heart, Steven Jesse Bernstein 

When we are dealing with the lists of correspondences the opening move, which correspondence had been sought after and achieved first, starts to determine the nature of the overall strategy.  After the last few days my position is that 2021, The Year of Gomaliel will be what I've been referring to as a mood piece as opposed to the four act structures of 2019 and 2020.  Netflixomancers frequently uses this approach and overall they seem to be aimed at the easily distractible phone user who might just have a ''movie'' on in the background while they twiddle about on their phone - examples of mood pieces from recent efforts might be The Grass, Cadaver or even Uncut Gems where atmosphere masquerades as story.  Both plot and character development seem to have been mostly replaced by slow burning sophisticated production and lighting design, i.e. images of the ''altar'' allowing the  ''pathworker'', unsuspecting or otherwise, to bathe in the atmosphere of a given phenomena for the duration of the ''movie''.  The Theory of 2021 then is that we will be bathed in the ''correspondences'' of Gomaliel (The Inverted Yesod) throughout the year.  Depending on which of the Unifying Media the audience consume they will receive doses of all of it but I expect there will be a Moon Goddess as well, a protagonist of the year and she will follow a mythic structure - this could be the only other structure at work.

One of the most surreal stories of the last few days, amongst the cockophony, has been the story of the man with the giant magic penis.  No, not him, the other one.  Apparently the Danish launched a TV program aimed at children, about a man who wields his wizardly wand in a variety of different and what I am sure are intended to be hilarious ways - #metoo advocates question the appropriateness of releasing a story about a man who can't control his dick right now. Just like the other one paraded on the world stage, I am sure this penis will not produce a fantastic climax and will unfortunately let us all down in the end...  This is just one of the ways that your mind will be drawn to the inadequacy of the right honorable member throughout the year - but expert infertility (one of the effects of suspected long covid) to be towards the top of the list.  I'm short on time at the moment, this is not the complete overview but I figured many of you might need to see Shaddai El Chai and the Cherubim and make the connections you need to make.  There are of other things going on at the moment, from the admission that they have built a fake Yesod around the Earth to ongoing conversations about long covid's effect on sleep and memory. Since this is a mood piece you'll see what you see depending on where you are in the Unifying ''Stream''.


  • THE ID 

    O Mama, get me a plane ticket out of here! 
    O Mama, put me on a bus! 
    O Mama, get Daddy out of Jail!
    How come the hole in the roof isn't big enough so I can fly out
    But it's big enough for rain to get in?
    And I saw you in the picture and I saw you in the picture
    And I am not too young or too dumb to know what you was doing in the picture
    I saw you in my clouded heart


    This Clouded Heart, Steven Jesse Bernstein

Monday, January 4, 2021

2020 - The Year of Lilith, Unifying Colour Producers & Summary

Maybe that's all Bob is, the evil that men do.  Maybe it doesn't matter what we call it.


Albert, Twin Peaks

For those not familiar with the history of the Hermetic Lessons it is a record of the lessons that I have learned and freely share to those who care to read.  These lessons started with a focus on a biochemical qabalah with roots in physiognomy around 1995, and moving through ''esoteric genetics'', Sefer Yetzirah study and my experiences in the Tower eventually lead to a focus on approaches to time travel. Speaking to this, prediction seems to me more difficult than Captain Hindsight-ery, and I relish that difficulty and I also don't mind being wrong.  It has happened, I admit.  I have been wrong in this life.  If I had been wrong over and over again I would stop because it descends into foolishness but I've been right enough to continue to explore the limits.  Over the years I have employed a variety of different approaches to unravel mystical secrets - mixed Qabalah, various operations of the demonic logic of magic, advanced planetary alchemy, divination, meditation, astral projection, remote viewing, angelic conduits to the intuition, etc, etc and so forth.  And, over the years I've been happy with the results.  I've had my worldview turned upside down more than once and each time new dimensions of reality and possibility open up before me.  If time travel is possible, then it will happen, therefore it already has. 


There will be more revelations along the lines of Unifying Colour Producers if people dig a little but to my mind that kind of colour co-ordination across studios, channels, fashion houses, etc, makes perfect sense when there are only a few players left in the game.  If you all ''do yellow'', or whatever, it makes bulk purchase of dyes cheaper at the very least.  I would be surprised if this wasn't happening.  We know cartels have been forming over the last 100 years and nearly all independent media were bought up by one of the few major players and, if occultism is at the heart of this, a ''Netflixomancer'' if you will, as many suggest, then the Tree of Life repurposed as a unifying diagram across the production lines is arguably inevitable.  In terms of ''raw symbolism'' that reaches into the hearts and souls of your unsuspecting audience, colour is far better than number, and the other correspondences stack neatly on top of this concept. What has ultimately happened is a loss of biodiversity in entertainment, the spread of the Unifying Colour Theory being the equivalent of mono-cultured soy.  Plot and character development are now secondary to production design as ''production design is the altar'', ''production design is the message.''

The real leap for me this year and in 2019, was in the idea of ''Unifying Colour Producers'' operating behind the scenes in society in roles such as Behavioural Science and the extent to which it was possible to stick to some kind of ''calendar of events'' in the real world, a kind of global four act structure.  The test for that was how well the extension of the ''Unifying Colour Theory'' to ''the Inverse Tree of Hell'' was going to match over to the ''narratives'' deployed in the real world as opposed to the movies.   I asked the question - as 2019 (Malkuth) was the end of the Unifying Colour Theory as applied to the decade, in 2020 would the world be taken over by Lilith?  And by extension would the colours of Malkuth, and all they imply, go backwards in Lilith? 

Most of you know the answer by now.


- No ''Cat.6 hurricane'' but 2020 was worst hurricane season on record
- No food crisis but food security is a huge problem now and prices have drastically increased in the UK, food crisis is looming
- No dollar collapse but more public debt created than in WWII and for the UK economy deepest recession for 400 years so financial crises are deepening
- No direct public admission of the necessity for solar radiation management (chemtrails) but this was announced to intelligentsia
- No devastating volcanic eruption but continuous global fires
- No major algal event but algae used in signaling for Green Phase along with whole Elephant mystery
- No substantial ecoterrorism but #IamGreta, Greta vs Trump narrative, etc
- No massive extension of the Northern Lights in an auroral event but cool pink aurorae at end of Green Phase, i.e. Northern Lights were ''de-greened''
- No attack on Venezuela

Overall I am happy with these predictions being wrong as they were stated in the posts as being outlandish interpretations of the underlying theory although we can see that some parts of the Year clearly pushed towards or signaled these as possibilities.   


- As Lilith is Demon of the Evil Winds, that 2020 would be the worse for storms on record
- Reduction in global dimming from grounding planes would cause environmental whiplash which would intensify the effects of global heating
- The environmental effects would be associated with the element of the phase
Massive restructuring of society along eco-capitalist lines - #buildbackbetter, China's carbon targets, #greennewdeal'', etc - eco-propanganda focused in ''Green Phase'', that de-greening meant destroying jobs and the economy, ''less green in the wallet''
- Lilifluenza would mutate to become airborne in the air or yellow phase and there would be accompanying conversations about mutations, new variants etc ''Andromeda'' signalling 
- Lilith would continue to be reclaimed by witches/feminists (?) as a symbol of their power - see #medusatoo
- The reverse psychology of lockdown would bottle people up with their shadows (Nigredo, Black Phase) and prompt attacks on the ''other'' - painful syncs here with #blm - hiding the face is part of this
- The movies largely stayed in line with the expected reversed sequence of colours e.g. ''Greenland'', ''WWII1984'', but there will be some foul-ups in the production line next year Ghostbusters III, etc, some of this has been righted already by streaming channels but we should expect the streaming channels to be more in synch than certain studios at the beginning of the year as they recover from this kink in their lines
- ''Psychological'' colour-coding of ''Green Zone '' and ''Yellow Zone'' but with reverse effects i.e. de-greening which lead into yellow, and then de-yellowing as lead into amber and red 
- That ''de-yellowing'' implied the decline of Trump and Johnson, and populism in general
- That the overall reverse psychological process would mirror Joker in reverse i.e. the diminishing of individual expression and the rise of herd compliance - this slip from Trump is worth looking at in that respect
- Lots of ''set-dressing'' in each of the phase tied to the colours (some of these observations are more open to the accusation of confirmation bias, some far less so)
- People being body-snatched by their digital selves - this is a more schizoid line of thinking that a lot of you will not want to entertain, suffice to say that that happened as well and was inevitable because of the sheer amount of time that people were spending online - for close readers this was implied at the end of 2019 as the idea of the progression of a unity in the self 2010 to a multiplicity of self by 2019 (2010-2019, The Tree of Life) and a divided or body-snatched self in 2020 (2020-2029, The Tree of Hell)


Where I want to go is not the same as where you want to go.  I am a weird person.  My goals are eccentric.  If the magus is the X axis and sorcerer is the Y then I am trying to wiZard.  One is extending their tower to touch the heavens, the other is trying to broaden the area they dominate, and I am trying to move sideways through time.  The hard problem of magic and ego-consciousness that comes from wizardry is a theory of time travel, a theory of ''anti-time'', which on close inspection is a theory of anti-magic.  None of this squats particularly easily within ''me'' but squat it does.  Power does not equal truth.

Any entertainer has to ask themselves why they do what they do - do they do it for art, for message, for money, for attention, for love?  In all of those things there has to be an overlap in the Venn diagram of where I go and where you go or you'll stop reading and that is fair enough.  Hopefully you enjoy having some of your parameters stretched and I promise you I will not pander to you.  Nobody likes a panderer.  I'm stuck in the middle with you and there is an abundance of sycophantic clowns and malevolent jokers.  You don't need another one.

Where we are all going is into 2021 and right now none of us can change that.  When picking my plays I try to think about what I want to do, what the audience want to see, and what we all need to see.  We all want power but what we need is truth.  What will be true for 2021 and how can we customize our response to maintain perfect courage in the face of the ensuing tribulations?  As it is highly likely we are about to witness a fairly surreal and grotesque display, as Gomaliel manifests, 2021 will be more about mental health than physical health.  Even if 2020 was about mental health for many of us it was mainly about the physical side of maintaining mental health.  The reality is that 2020 was the trauma and 2021 and a few years after will be post-traumatic.  My neighbor hasn't had a sense of smell or taste for three months because of long-covid for example - this may seem like a minor example compared to many horror stories we could all share but even these minor traumas aggregate in society.  As a mystic I have to recommend a mystical hero's path and the one I will follow and explore through a series of devices will be a kind of Moon-based quantum stoic hyper-minimalism.  If that already sounds pretentious to you I can guarantee you that it will be but that doesn't stop hyper-minimal moon base quantum stoicism being the best way to tackle the Obscenity that is 2021.  If it isn't pretentious then it isn't wizardry.

''You think about that Tammy.''


Gordon Cole, Twin Peaks