Thursday, December 30, 2021

2021 - The Year of Gamaliel, Death to Rocky Horror

I've done a lot
God knows I've tried
To find the truth,
I've even lied,
But all I know,
Is down inside I'm bleeding.
And superheroes,
Come to feast,
To taste the flesh,
Not yet deceased,
And all I know,
Is still the beast is feeding


Superheroes, Rocky Horror Picture Show


Superheroes brings us to the end of 2021, The Rocky Horror Picture Show (The Year of Gamaliel); which is the Qlipha of Yesod in the Unifying Colour Theory & to the beginning of  A Clockwork Orange, The Year of Samael or the Qlipha of Hod.   While 2020 (Lilith, the Qlipha of Malkuth) had a four act structure and the (reverse) alchemical process built into the Sefira itself, 2021 presented us with a plain purple ''sphere'' and a list of correspondences bereft of other structural features - would they present this as an unstructured ''mood piece''  or was there some mythical structure we were otherwise unaware of?  If you look at the early posts of 2021 you can see us taking the former approach and seeking after the latter, and only later in the year did we find it i.e. our attempt to run the movie Rocky Horror Picture Show in parallel to the year (in simple terms take the run length of the movie and divide by 365 - although it was a little trickier than this in practice) and attempting to draw associations between the two and then to predict the ''future'' (read ahead in the script).  In the spirit of full disclosure this was almost entirely guided by esoteric work with Artemis, who has been a consistent and powerful ally throughout this phase of our enterprise.  Questions about the ''Darko Sync'', a ''time-warp'' signal, were the major catalyst in this respect and when I say ''us'' I mean members of the Apocalypse Squad.  If this is all too convoluted and weird for you then please stop diving in the deep end and go back to the kid's pool - signals intelligence is not for everyone, especially when those signals may well be coming from ''outer'' ''space''.  Cooper Cooper Cooper.


Darkside of Oz is an urban legend about Pink Floyd's Darkside of the Moon synchronizing with the Wizard of Oz and, having enjoyed it myself several times over the years (check it out yourself), I was well aware of any apophenic accusations that might come my way as I attempted to pursue this ''cult movie'' meta-theory from the Goddess of the Hunt.  Opponents of the ''Bible Code'' may say: ''well you can do this with any text, e.g. Moby Dick, and they are either a) just patterns or fractals in everything (everything is in everything) or b) our mind tries to turn the chaos of the universe into patterns even when there are none to be found''.  The problem with this type of challenge to the theory is that a rival text or movie would have to contain the same amount of trans-content as we have seen this year.  Once this is accepted our short list of apophenic rivals diminishes considerably. Bearing in mind that Isaac Newton believed in the ''Bible Code'' I think I'd rather be on his side than a bunch of feckless materialist skeptics whose sole purpose in existence is to be entertrained.  No offence.


Some people, who believe in the overall idea of ''you are watching a movie'', see this movie as a distraction from the real agenda, a pantomime with its patsy-villains of Gates, Andrew, Maxwell, Johnson, Biden-Harris, etc, to entertain the masses while bunkers are being filled with redirected food and masterpieces are being shifted to safety because of a) supervolcano b) tidal wave c) asteroid d) magnetic reversal e) insert preferred ELE here.  While I think this is entirely possible one of the reasons why I think that this is not only a distraction is because the alchemical process of psychological transmutation witnessed in this ''movie'' and the ones which will follow, align directly with the future that is so obviously being prepared for us - bio-security passports; carbon rationing; digital id; smart cities; robots; clones - you know the drill. I mean if you just need to depopulate drop some neutron bombs.  Simples.  If you can see it and like all this crypto-Nazism then good luck to you, if you don't and you can't see it by now then you are, unfortunately, as thick as pigshit.  I say this with all compassion - it's not your fault, bucko,  but it is your problem. The Rocky Horror Picture Show's ''trans agenda'' is a kind of policy level soft depopulation program i.e. confuse sexuality to the point where people are delaying having kids as they are busy experimenting with their identity. Although some people may benefit from transition or exploration it is not really applicable to everyone who is being compelled to explore it through the constant propaganda and while I am more than happy to ''make space'' in certain circumstances the question is the amount of space which is being taken up.  The Rocky Horror Picture Show's ''inocculation agenda'' (''some people would give their right arm for this'', ''this great medical breakthrough'', the rainbow injection machine, etc) is looking more and more like the hard aspect of this program.  As the War on Drugs and the War on Terror are now seen as absolute catastrophes, so this War on Lilifluenza Viruses will undoubtedly go down as the greatest medical disaster of human history.  From the mix and match of vaccines to people trying to hide what are very obviously serious adverse reactions, the future of this is, like the War in Iraq or 9/11, an endless series of ''unforeseen'' fallout like long-term side effects, lawsuits and national and international inquiries.  This is inevitable.  Accepting this and walking back from it if you have gone along with it so far is going to involve eating a lot of humble pie.  But this is the healthiest option on your plate right now and its time for you to get on the right side of history, the sitra d'kedushah.


Those of us who are watching towers of faulty logic and cognitive dissonance crumble like its the end of Fight Club do not for one second think that ''we'' have won.  The only people we have really been fighting is each other and this is just as bad as fighting yourself.  Everything that the Demolition Team wanted to achieve has been achieved - they've tracked you, they've traced you, crushed small businesses, destroyed careers, ruined lives, abused children, wrecked minds and health, turned your human rights into ''privileges'', made countless ordinary people into criminals and MK-Ultra'd the planet.  ''We'' have lost and badly. Just like the end of Superheroes from Rocky Horror, society is now devastated. A good general knows exactly when to look weak so don't be tricked by any of this rollback.  Maintain your composure.  Hold the line. Steel yourself before your God.  

And if your Heart runs return to the Place.

And crawling on the planet's face,
Some insects called the human race,
Lost in time and lost in space
And meaning.


Superheroes, Rocky Horror Picture Show

Wednesday, December 8, 2021

2021 - The Year of Gamaliel, This World Will Do The Time Warp Again

RiffRaff: You see when I said ''we'' were to return to Transylvania I referred only to Magenta and myself.  I'm sorry however if you found my words misleading but, you see, you are to remain here. In spirit anyway.
Dr Scott: Good heavens that's a laser!  
RiffRaff: Yes Dr Scott.  A laser capable of emitting a beam of pure anti-matter.
Brad: You mean you're going to kill him.  What's his crime?
Dr Scott: You saw what became of Eddie.  Society must be protected.
RiffRaff: Exactly Dr Scott.  And now Frank'n'furter your time has come. Say goodbye to all this.  And Hello to Oblivion.


Rocky Horror Picture Show, Richard O'Brien


As readers of this blog know I am a Qabalist, a Jewish mystical practice (with Christian and Hermetic intepretations) based in the ''practical'' application of symbolism.  Work with esoteric time travel lead us to the use of symbolism in the  Unifying Colour Theory, which implied the events of 2020 and a decade long descent into the Qliphoth.  After 2020 bore out this ''Qliphothic Theory'' the question became - (beyond Malkuth) how do you a structure an apocalypse (specifically Gamaliel, the Qlipha of Yesod) and if you are using a script which one do you use? 

The leap to the Rocky Horror Picture Show Theory of 2021 was a mystical one, I freely admit, although the work was Orphic and not Qabalistic but the point of saying this is that in a lot of this we sought for ''help'' and we received it.  Rockomancy, the idea that the year was divided up according to the run time of the film and that we could divine the future (upcoming synchronicities) from the script provided a number of technical challenges regarding both timing (measuring exact beats of action) meaning (how symbols are displayed) and cutting (specifically cutting to more manageable units of time) i.e. the work they had done to the piece and choices they made beforehand and also in our tracking and then communication of these ideas to a broader audience.  One of those decisions was to separate the Prologue (Science Fiction Double Feature) from the rest, this became the ''Outer Theory'' and I was happy with how that worked out.  The other decision was to cut Superheroes and Epilogue and I do not yet know if I made the right decision to cut where I did or to what extent any mistakes that I may have made in those decisions were guided and therefore if we have ended in ''the right place'' from the Demolition Team's perspective.  Either way the theory effectively ends when Magenta says ''And this World Will Do the Time Warp Again'' and the space castle blasts into space (the world doing a ''time warp'' in the transition between '21 and '22 over New Year). 

Both Superheroes and the Epilogue are presented as ''afterthoughts''.  As I mentioned in comments in previous sections when I was trying to explain the ''technicity'' of all this, how this will work in ''reality'' is that 31st December is often a time for last year in review in the media i.e. Death to 2020 so reflections and opinions on one of the shittiest times in living memory specifically from Brad, Janet and Dr Scott (i.e. people like Tucker Carlson, the Good Morning Britain crew, Dr ''Phil'' or whatever medical pundit they have on) will form the bulk of ''Superheroes'' and the Epilogue is the content of the news recap - this will run Dec 31st-Jan 1st plus whatever is made of the symbolism of the house blasting into space.  If I was wrong in making those decisions or my wrong decisions were not accidentally the right ones then the drift should already have been way more recognizable than it has.  I will do the same thing myself though and post a review of the year as the Superheroes post.  The test of accuracy really is the synchronization of the downfalls (or murders..?) of Columbia 16th December (+/-1), Frank 18th December (+/-1) and Rocky 22nd December.   When considering the ''casts'' below bear in mind that they could use stand-ins, mannequins or minor versions of the character as well (for example Halnya Hutchins or MacAfee) and will more than likely deploy Putin for most of the Riff-Raff legwork continuing the Putin Twist.   I do not know the extent of Maxwell's impact on all this but it could impact several and she could be synched with Columbia in this sequence...


  • Brad - Prince William
  • Janet - Kate Middleton
  • Riff-Raff - Boris Johnson
  • Magenta - HRH QEII
  • Frank - Prince Charles-Camilla
  • Eddie - Prince Andrew Albert Christian Edward
  • Rocky - Prince Harry
  • Columbia - Meghan Markle
  • Dr Scott - The FBI, CIA, other intelligence services
  • Skeleton in Coffin (Time Warp) - Prince Philip
  • Transylvanian Convention - G7, NATO, EU, UN


  • Brad - Prominent Republican men (ex. Tucker Carlson)
  • Janet - Prominent Republican women (ex. Liz Cheney)
  • Later Janet - Britney Spears
  • Riff-Raff - Boris Johnson (Trump?  Putin?)
  • Magenta - Oprah, Pelosi (Halnya Hutchins)
  • Frank - Biden-Kamala (note similarity with Camilla above, Camilla-Kamala) (Gates) (Frank as vaccine/virus)
  • Eddie - Kanye West (Donda), John MacAfee, Hunter Biden, Prince Andrew
  • Rocky - Prince Harry
  • Columbia - Meghan Markle (AOC) Hayna Hutchins.
  • Dr Scott - The FBI, CIA, other intelligence services
  • Transylvanian Convention - G7, NATO, EU, UN


  • Brad and Janet - small c conservatives ''the public''
  • Columbia - alt-left, SJW, BLM, environmentalism, metoo etc
  • Rocky - new nu age guys
  • Frank - LGBTQA+ etc ,virus/vaccine
  • Riff-Raff - inept government
  • Eddie - toxic masculinity
  • Dr Scott - intelligence services 
  • Transylvanian Convention - the elite


10th December

11th December

12th December

13th December

RiffRaff: You see when I said ''we'' were to return to Transylvania I referred only to Magenta and myself.  I'm sorry however if you found my words misleading but, you see, you are to remain here. In spirit anyway.
Dr Scott: Good heavens that's a laser!  

14th December

RiffRaff: Yes Dr Scott.  A laser capable of emitting a beam of pure anti-matter.
Brad: You mean you're going to kill him.  What's his crime?
Dr Scott: You saw what became of Eddie.  Society must be protected.

15th December

RiffRaff: Exactly Dr Scott.  And now Frank'n'furter your time has come. Say goodbye to all this.  And Hello to Oblivion.

16th December

Interpretations: Downfall of Markle
Interpretations: Halnya Hutchins investigation revelation about who pulled the trigger because it definitely wasn't Alec Baldwin - I think this is highly likely at the moment

17th December

18th December

Interpretations: Downfall of Biden-Harris
Interpretations: Vaccine campaign in ruins

19th December

20th December

21st December

Interpretations: Downfall of Prince Harry

22nd December

Brad: Good God!
Janet: You killed them!

23rd December

Magenta: But I thought you liked them, they liked you.
Riff-Raff: They didn't like me.  Nobody likes me.

24th December

Dr Scott: You did right.
Riff-Raff: A decision had to be made.
Dr Scott: You're ok by me.

25th December

Riff-Raff: Dr Scott, I am sorry about your nephew.
Dr Scott: Eddie - yes.  Well perhaps it was for the best.

26th December

Riff-Raff: You should leave now Dr Scott, while it is still possible. We are about to beam the entire house back to the planet Transexual in the galaxy of Transylvania.  Go now.

27th December 

28th December

Riff-Raff: Our noble mission is almost completed my most beautiful sister and soon we shall return to the Moon drenched shores of our beloved planet. 

29th December

Magenta: Ah sweet Transexual - land of the night... to sing and dance once more to your dark refrains.  To take that step to the right... ha!

30th December

RiffRaff: But its the pelvic thrust
Chorus:That really drives you insane

31st December

Magenta: And this world will do the Time Warp Again

31st December & 1st January 

Superheroes & Epilogue

Note the Clockwork Orange, connect to Astroworld.
Connect ''boosting'' with Moloko Vellocet etc.