Sunday, August 14, 2022

2022 - The Year of Samael, Alex Jones Johnson Baldwin Ocasio-Cortez was Right!

And o' my brothers would you believe your faithful friend and long suffering narrator pushed out his red yahzik a mile and a half to lick the grahzny vonny boots.  The horrible killing sickness had wooshed up and turned the like joy of battle into a feeling I was going to snuff it.
Alex de Large, A Clockwork Orange, Stanley Kubrick


At the same time that Donald Trump and Alex Jones are being investigated and/or fined the FBI also state that Alexander (Alec) Rae Baldwin pulled the triggerSee what they just did there.  For four years during his Presidency Donald was shadowed by a parallel Alex (Alec Baldwin) who regularly ridiculed him on SNL.  For many liberally inclined people who couldn't stand watching the real Trump, our parallel Alex was ''the president''. In late 2021 on the set of the movie Rust, Alec Baldwin pulled the trigger of the gun that fired the bullet that killed Halnya Hutchins - occuring as late in '21 as it did with the segue to A Clockwork Orange and therefore to ''Alex'' as a ''protagonist'' it became obvious that he was one of the Alexirillion (Rust = Orange).  His not-so-subtle qabalistic references to a Splenda packet marked him out still further as one of the warlocks.  The timing implied the drama around the shooting would coincide with the investigations into Trump that had already been planned.  Although to the attentive this seems absurd, for the purpose of the pedestrians and to some extent the global ritual they are unknowingly participating in the FBI may as well have said Donald Trump pulled the trigger.  If anyone believes this is ''just a coincidence'' they are a moron.


Anyone who has been around people will tell you things are not the same post-pandemic, with substantial personality alteration and modification having occurred.  To what extent has this modification been structured according to the Unifying Colour Theory and the Cult Movie Meta-Theory?  More precisely to what extent were aspects of our original personality removed during the years 2010-2019 and to what extent are the new characters that we find ourselves surrounded by actually the characters from these films?  A bit like Beta Kittens or Delta Assassins lets have a look at the citizens of the Post-Ultra Normal.


The true nature of heroism lies in selflessness, a heroic character being willing to sacrifice their selves (or their own) to save others.  Selfishness then is the opposite of heroism.  The rise of the Selfie type (2010+) of pure smart phone narcissism and self-indulgence coincided with the cinematic ridicule/execution of many (primarily male) heroes from our collective childhoods - Luke Skywalker, Indiana Jones, Superman, the Ghostbusters, Kirk/Spock, Logan/Xavier, Mad Max (muzzled and overshadowed by Furiosa), Deckard, James Bond, Khaleesi... etc, or even the 50% of Marvel heroes in one snap by Thanos.  You can argue that even Birdman was an attack on the heroic archetype. In so doing, they psychically maimed, disempowered or killed the hero within.  And which character did they glorify more than any other?  Joker.  Almost at the end of their decade long ritual they uplift and celebrate one of the most iconic villains of all time.



One of the powers of White Alchemy is the power of Eternal Youth with the expert being able to maintain a youthful appearance alongside cultivating longevity.  In Dark Alchemy (FFS, I can't believe I just wrote that but whatever) you can weaponise Eternal Youth by using it to regress the individual to a child-like state and leave them there.  This can be achieved through ''Disneyfication'' nostalgia beams from black mirrors i.e. making them watch characters from their youth, forcing people to use child-like emojees in transactions and encouraging the use of infantilized language such as ''Yay''.  People regressed like this are, or rather were, far more suggestible - and when you crack them open there is nothing but a plastic toy inside. A dark point of view, I know, and sad as all hell.


So we take a bunch of cowardly, self-centred children and then we scare the shit out of them in 2020.  If you don't do what Father State says Lilith will get you.  This would have coincided with Clash of the Titans 1981 which at the time I thought was to do with the Perseus ''war effort'' against Lilifluenza - celebrating doctors, nurses, key workers, teachers, etc who all came together to ''defeat'' Medusa.  But can we see the Covidians represented in Perseus himself or in the characters he meets?  To some extent I think the ''magic weapons'' that Perseus has to acquire are the trappings of the Covidian - mask, vaccine, etc.  We could broaden this to say that people who actively engaged in spreading the fear of lilifluenza and making sure people obeyed lockdown or mask wearing (i.e. remained petrified or paralysed) became Medusas - or the Karenification if you will.


While simultaneously starving the majority of children of their education (no-one learned anything during the pandemic) they also pushed whey powder, protein shakes and regular gym workouts to both boys and girls through a variety of influencing channels.  They also successfully got many of them off cigarettes, booze and drugs (replaced with that sweet dopamine drip from TikTok) and identified this kind of reckless behaviour with the toxic male form - ''Eddie''. This was the ''Rockification'' of the youth, and I am assuming this took place as robots cannot (currently) build dams, flood barriers, clear dead wood from forests effectively, etc and they are going to need a bunch of guys and gals who can lay brick better than they can solve simultaneous equations.



During 2021 Frank, as the form of societal deviant that was mainly suppressed throughout the last few hundred years (at least), was released and ''Frankishness'' was positively encouragedYou all saw this and some of us did in painstaking day-by-day detail.  Whether this be the horror stories of teachers sharing their sexual proclivities with class, assisting students in getting ''gender affirming surgery'', the decimation of female athletes or just leathered up and loose about the town - the Franks were created and then released.  We could talk about Brad and Janet (how kink was inserted into mainstream conservatism*) and so on as well but I think you get the point!  What is the point of creating Franks?  Well the more people you encourage to ''explore their sexuality'' the less likely they are to have kids especially if they have a gender affirming hysterectomy.  I am not interested in coming across as conservative here, personally I don't care about how people are expressing themselves but one of the net effects of this alteration that I am interested in from the MK-perspective is people are being neutered like house-pets.


As expected the ''Alexes'' are those residual ''toxic males'' who evolved to the situation they found themselves in and have been typically associated with conspiracy - Alex Jones, Joe Rogan, Donald Trump via Q-Anon, ''truckers'' etc.  For your average person, especially those who have been vaccinated, these people are scary and are set out to destabilise society.  If you are not in the control group do you really want someone making constant noise about SADS, or ADE?  I would find that unsettling to say the least.  As we move into a new cold war where the state-approved conspiracies of ''Russian meddling'' or ''Chinese espionage'' are going to take the foreground surely you want to silence and defang your Alexes?  If we broaden this to the Droogs as a whole we see that the state has some intention for Dim and Peter providing them with job opportunities in the enforcement and execution of state power.

If you think this is implausible I would kindly remind you that those movies of the UCT were watched by countless critics for a decade but only Chris Knowles picked up on the colour synching, which I then subsequently developed, in 2017!  This alone shows how dumb and blind the majority are.  For those who are with me I could go on with discussion about Matthews, Elizabeths, Maxs, ''Eco-Kids'', Brads, Janets, Jessicas and Logans but I am running short of time and there are obviously massive spoiler alerts in here if for some reason you want to stay ''surprised'' over the next eight years.  As JB says the relentless accuracy of this theory is depressing and honestly watching it day-in day-out as I did during 2021 was truly fucking mind-bending.  I would be interested in all of your takes on the idea of this ''character as MK-Alter'' theory and if we think this is a good direction we can also discern a great deal from deeper ''character study'' and therefore, at this point, ''time travel''...

She came toward me with the light like it was the light of heavenly grace, and the first thing that flashed in my gulliver was that I would like to have her right down there on the floor with the old in-out, real savage.   But quick as a shot came the sickness, like a detective that had been watching around the corner and now followed to make his arrest.


Alex de Large, A Clockwork Orange, Stanley Kubrick

*This will ''bear fruit'' in 2025 when we return to Brad and Janet in Shock Treatment.

P.s. Second quarter of IoBS & A'arab Tzereq up next


Tuesday, August 9, 2022

2022 - The Year of Samael, Hermes Alexikakos

You needn't take it any further, sir.  You've proved to me that all this ultra violence and killing is wrong and terribly wrong.  I've learned my lesson, sir.  I see now what I've seen before, I'm cured, praise Bog!


Alex de Large, A Clockwork Orange, Stanley Kubrick


2022, The Year of Samael, is the Qlipha of (Orange) Hod, or more simply, ''the Evil Mercury''. When understanding what this anti-Mercurial ''energy'' is Alex De Large as a character does a good job demonstrating the spread of hobgoblin like violent pranks, bold-faced lies and atrocious sex crimes that are possible with it.  This Evil Mercury character has been ''played'' by Ezra Miller, representing Mercury (Hermes) within the thinly veiled Greek Pantheon of the DC Universe.  As you will know ''Ezra Miller'' has been on a pretty continuous crime spree and is currently jeopardising the future of the whole DC universe.


Throughout the last few months it was clear that Alexander Boris Johnson was going to be thrown under the bus during the Ludovico Technique but the question remained how many would go under with him?  Macron lost majority vote in Parliament, Olaf Scholz's government is in trouble, Draghi quit politics and the Italian government swung to the right, Mitsotakis is embroiled in a spying scandal, the Bulgarian government fell apart, the Sri Lankan government collapsed amidst popular uprising and the American President may as well be a deep-fake clone or whatever at this point.  The list goes on I am sure, its been a busy month and there have been some government collapses that I have surely forgotten.


As predicted in the Alexirillion, Alex Jones (initial) takedown ritual was eventually synchronized with the end of the Ludovico Technique and the beginning of the post-Ludovico humiliation.  As this month plays out expect Alex Jones to roughly follow the script saying some things which although may be intended as sarcasm will on the surface read like contrite apologies and promises never to be bad again or whatever.  Note for the astute, AJ has also been playing the ACO soundtrack in the background of his shows over the last week.


As you are aware by now the name Alex is central to this year's operation so although Trump had already been long associated with ACO through his love of both orange and violent chaotic disruption just to make the link clear he was pilloried for a long time by Alec Baldwin (who may be facing his own crime and punishment experience).  The Trump Saga involving the Jan 6th hearings, etc has been playing throughout the whole trial and punishment sequence and is so obvious its almost not worth mentioning - but in light of the recent FBI raid on his property (Mar-a-Lago, Florida = Orange State) we include it again now for the sake of completeness.


During the last two years as well as disrupting divine energy in the form of anti-planetary Qliphotic rituals they have also disrupted what we can consider as ''heroic energy''.  In 2020 the hero that was under attack was Perseus (Clash of the Titans - 1981) and in 2021 the hero that was under attack was Hercules (Rocky, Rocky Horror Show - 1975).  In my opinion 2022 offers two solid candidates for the ''Mercurial Hero'' that is under attack - Orpheus and/or Odysseus, two heroes that have various parallels and who both endured their trials through Mercurial virtues.  As you know Mercury is God of Travelling so the continuous travel disruption fits with the idea of an anti-Mercurial energy forcing many families standard beach holidays to turn into, to say the least, a bit of an Odyssey.  When trying to counter the effects of the Demolition Team you have to run the Qliphothic magic in reverse, i.e. as they try to ''conjure'' the vices of anti-Mercury and anti- Odysseus/Orpheus into you and society at large, you have to respond by working on expressing the virtues of these mercurial Heroes and their God.

''Men are so quick to blame the Gods, they say that we devise their misery.  But they themselves in their depravity, design grief far greater than fate assigns.'' Zeus, The Odyssey, Homer

You are not cured yet my boy.


Dr Brodsky, A Clockwork Orange, Stanley Kubrick

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