Sunday, February 19, 2023

2023 - The Year of A'arab Tzereq, Not the Same Person

Elizabeth: Well, I hope so. I know this is gonna sound insane.
Matthew: What?
Elizabeth: Geoffrey is not Geoffrey.
Matthew: How do you know?
Elizabeth: I know. I mean, on the outside, Geoffrey is still Geoffrey. But on the inside, I can tell that there is something different. Something is missing.
Matthew: What is it?
Elizabeth: Emotion, feelings. He’s just not the same person.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)

As mentioned before Kevin McCarthy is the name of the star of the 1956 IoBS, the actor who plays an important cameo in the 1978 version (see above) and now the name of the Speaker of the House (R) in the United States of America.  Similarly in the 1993 IoBS, set on a military base, the lead investigator is called Malone - here I would venture Robert Malone or Aseem Malothra for your comparison.  And in reviewing the 2007 IoBS movie, directed by Oliver Hierschbiegel, I couldn't help noticing, amidst the contrived style and wooden acting, the elite gathering scenes involving spurious Russian characters -  we truly are on the other side (sitra achra) of the cinema screen.

See below for the ''synchromystical'' list/Demolition Team working manual and Follow the 1978 Script through the year at 2023andWe a purpose-built blog kindly provided by reader ''Words Are''.


''Permit revocation'' & ''unsanitary'', are some of the lines describing the ''French'' restaurant where Matthew launches his first investigation of the movie as he believes that there is ''something off'' about ''ingredients'' in the ''food''.  Note the restaurant venue for Veritas' ''sting'' by James O'Keefe against Pfizer director Jordon Walker, note the references to ''gas stoves'' when there were gas stoves in the shot.  The Environmental Health investigation in the movie is tracking the alternative media ''investigation'' into the mRNA vaccines (whether it be James or Aseem Malohtra) , their quiet withdrawal from use in various parts of the EU and the USA  and the ''bewildering'' rise in excess and ''sudden'' deaths.  The takeaway from this is not that the skeptics and conspiracy theorists are winning the war on big pharma its that the counter narrative is also controlled. 

We've seen the diseases of the body but we are about to witness the effect of the diseases of the mind - the so-called personality changes.  I imagine that you've noticed that a lot of people are getting more and more stupid cognitively challenged - this lack of sensitivity and alertness can especially be seen in the eyes of our patients, increasingly dull and listless, and in the robotic slowness and stupidity of their speech and writing.  For example the quality of writing at magazines like the Economist and the Guardian has suffered substantially... which you would imagine to be the case in terms of the concentration, or density if you will, of jabbed populations in their offices. California and particularly San Francisco will become, if this is possible, increasingly dense as a result of that density.  Although some of this retardation decline in mental acuity is undoubtedly psychological in origin, not that the Demo Team can avoid responsibility for that either, I imagine a lot of it is to do with plaque formation on the brain and microclotting in the blood brain barrier - the blockage of the pineal gland preventing complete rest and increasing fatigue is also contributing to this increasing idiocy cognitive impairment.  And lets not even get started on the effects of the Ludovico Technique Tik Tok.  To comprehend what is going on you need your wits about you and be able to think several years in advance, but some of our pedestrian brethren are struggling to remember what you just said to them.  Regrettably, there is no hope in the pedestrians.


''Lizzo'' at the Grammys

''Lizzo'' at the Brits

''Ellie'' from the Last of Us

Note Body Snatchers tendrils in background and colouring. 

''Red Rose'' from Netflix


Harry at the Grammys


Jeffrey Epstein was in the news as the list of associates has now been released - the focus at the moment being emails that were sent to Jess Staley.  This release sets us up for ''Elizabeth'' following ''Geoffrey'' around in the movie and seeing his co-conspirators.  Does this stuff just write itself?  No.  The Demo Team has writers, I think you know the name of one of them very well indeed (see above).


We haven't met Kibner yet but he is about to be referenced in the film for the first time.  As a world famous ''psychiatrist'' Dr Jordan Peterson is an obvious choice for Dr David Kibner - the parallels between the lines in the script and the kind of thing that JBP often comes out with is remarkable.  You can watch for yourself around 33mins into the movie.. you be the judge but suffice to say its about ''committed relationships'' and ''responsibilities''.  Like Joe Rogan was last year so JBP is part of the controlled opposition, his links to MKUltra are worth investigating in this respect.  Many assets of the ''Intellectual Dark Web'' are trying to walk back from their prior support for Big Pharma and we would be fools to let them.


Although its tempting to identify with Matthew, in trying to keep him at a distance, to prevent the kind of literary possession we observed with Frank and Alexwe need to criticize his character.  Although the romantic hero of the movie demonstrates significant virtue in his battle against the Body Snatchers, when we first encounter him he comes across as an irritating Jobsworth - compare to Peck from Ghostbusters.  Not only is he smug, hectoring and patronizing he is also clearly attempting to seduce his co-worker providing numerous put downs and criticisms of her boyfriend Geoffrey and undermining their relationship.

By dint of his association with Kibner he also likes ''Jordan Peterson'' which is never a good sign.

Matthew: No. Do you wanna go see my friend David Kibner?
Elizabeth: The psychiatrist?
Matthew: It’s not like that. I mean, you talk to him. I mean, he would put things into perspective for you.
Elizabeth: I’m not crazy.
Matthew: No, no, no, I’m serious. He would eliminate a lot of things. He would eliminate whether Geoffrey was having an affair, whether he’d become gay, whether he would…uh, had a social disease, whether he’d become a Republican. All the alternatives, all the things that could have happened to him to have made you feel that he had changed, something that he was doing. You know what I mean? You wanna go see him?
Elizabeth: You think I’m nuts.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers, 1978

P.s.  Jordan Peterson and others from the IDW are also showing signs of mental decline.