Monday, March 13, 2023

2023 - The Year of A'arab Tzereq, A Very Intelligent Man

Elizabeth: I don't need a psychiatrist.
Matthew: Just forget that he's a psychiatrist.  Just think of him as a very intelligent man.  Which is what he is.  It's a book party.  He's a celebrity.  He's very famous.  And you'll really like him if you just forget that you think he's a psychiatrist.
Elizabeth: I don't know.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)


Just think of him as a very intelligent man... who accidentally shares pictures of a penis milking fetish video and believes it to be a fascist implementation of the Chinese government's One Child Policy.  Turns out these people being ''milked'' look a little like the first clone who is lying down in the spa. No, Mr Jordan B Peterson, not that kind of spa.  Some memes that built on this idea (see above) show Mr Peterson in some kind of pod having his penis milked as part of the treatment for his health crisis last year.  I guess in the film, David has already turned Snatcher before they meet him.  Maybe this is his way of signalling that but we kind of already know from his medical status... I mean if you follow the hard hypothesis...  No Mr Jordan B Peterson not that kind of hard.   Anyway as you can see now whether he is sharing pod milking images, raising awareness about the anti-conservative conspiracy on Jan 6 or tweeting at the Pope''I don't give a damn if the Pope himself thinks it's a good idea. It's evil. Just like Marxism itself: which is a manifestation of the envious spirit of Cain, in the guise of the Luciferian intellect.'' Mr Peterson is certainly drawing attention to himself. Based on the above I think the prediction of JBP playing Kibner is accurate and if you skip ahead to when he actually starts talking about his ideas e.g. around 33m in you will see Kibner saying things that wouldn't sound out of place in Jordan's mouth... no Mr Jordan B Peterson, not those kind of things You can see a similar rise in Russell Brand's (Jack Russell) profile with his recent appearance on Maher... here you can see the set up for Brand to play Jack. I mean he already knows JBP and goes for regular strolls with Yuval Harari. Anyway at least one of our Jacks...

On that note, its highly likely that Kibner could be shadowed by David Attenborough as well in the ''royal cast' with the release of a new documentary and similar claims of oppression of freedom of speech (material was removed to not anger the conservative audience) as Gary Lineker (see below). David originally played the Criminologist in 2021's Rocky Horror with COP26's Transylvanian Convention. Like we are seeing with Harry and Boris if they can use the same small group of people they will.


Along with Matt Hancock (''the royal cast'' to borrow a concept from 2021) we also have Matt Taibbi (the ''colonial'' cast) who we can see here receiving questions from a House Committee regarding the Twitter Files leaks.  In the UK, the Gary Lineker controversy has brought Matt Le Tissier to the forefront, a man who was sidelined for questioning lockdowns and the vaccination campagin.  I guess his point is freedom of the speech is ok (for Gary) if you're saying the right kind of liberal patter but its not ok when it comes to saying anything the liberal faction do not like.  Unfortunately this kind of contradiction is not healthy which is why the Guardian have not really reported on either Pfizergate, the Lab Leak or the Lockdown Files as it reveals this particular patch of the intelligensia is lacking in fertility.  Similar vibe to the last post here, the FBI director is allowed to think it is a lab-leak, the CDC director is allowed to think it is a lab-leak but if any of us peasants think that, regardless of whether we may happen to be a prize winning biologist in our own right, it is enough to get you censored, kettled or shadowbanned. The lack of reporting on these massive issues in the liberal community is leading to an incredible information deficit there where many of them continue to think such untruths such as the vaccine limited the spread of the virus.  When trying to tell the difference between science and marketing just remember that if an unvaccinated person prodcues a milllion virions, but a vaccinated person produces one less you claim that the vaccine has reduced the impact.  Either way those virions are going to go on to infect the same amount of people - as I said at the time patchy and very very temporary coverage is not going to cut it.   Anyway those of you not in La La Land saw this happen and continue to happen, and to get worse, with your very own eyes. 


I am still getting over the Kevin McCarthy meta-performance and I am not sure I'll ever be right again.  How meta can it get..?  Well as an example the Apocalypse Squad worked out the demonic order for 2024 is supposedly Thagirion which is pretty fucking near as dammit Targaryean...  A year of the dark sun, mega fires etc gives us a taste of the Dragon and we know that the whole of Season 8 was a rushed and clumsy attempt at character assassinating ''Dragoness Divine'' Athena. But I digress and that is surely for another post...   Kevin McCarthy released the original video (bodysnatchersesque) footage of the January 6th in which we see Q-shaman being peacefully lead around by guards and officials.  There will apparently be more footage released over the following days so if you look ahead in the script for the Running Man sequence it is pretty clear that the running man, the crowd and the cops standing by passively will all be covered by this story.  At least in the Colonial Cast, in the UK we are still assuming there will be some ''event'' relating to David Icke because of... well look at the actor's face and the character he is representing.  David is talking a lot about scripts at the moment.  Saying there is a script is one thing, saying which one it is is quite another.  For example Flash Gordon covers the long running war with China you've been predicting David and climate change, smart surveillance cities, etc.


The collapse of SVB, Silicon Valley Bank, draws our attention back to the San Francisco area once again and in some ways this is actually good news.  My chief concern was to what extent the events in the film would be localised or globalised.  If the chaos and demonolatry of the film is concentrated in Silicon Valley, Hollywood, California, etc then its not as bad as the entire planet being cloned and then dissolving.  As I have pointed out before you can really see the damage the vaccine is inflicting on the so-called liberal intellectual brain because of the reduction in the quality of their writing after the Jabberwocky vaccination program.  They cannot see themselves getting thicker cognitively impaired because everyone in their bubble is getting thicker cognitively impaired at roughly the same rate. We imagine that in certain areas of the population compliance was extremely high so these areas are the ones that have to cope with the concentrated effects of the mental shredding of both the vaccine and the logical paradoxes that have come with submitting to the grand illogic of the ruling discouncil of Nephandi.  Forget the physical stabs, just the unresolved paradoxes of the psychological stabbing is enough to put you in a mental perma-fog. Some of them are even coming across as whimsical, naive or painfully romantic in their view of the world.  Not a good look for a so-called rational intellectual. On that whimsical romantic note, the rumour is that Prince Harry may have lost all his money with the SVB reducing him to the penury, at least for Hollywood, of 250k dollars - rumour or not, like losing Frogmore Cottage, this dovetails with the tramp character he is playing in the film. I'm not really a liberal or a conservative as I don't really believe in matter itself but if I had a bank, which I don't at the moment, maybe I'll pick one up for a quid from Poundstretcher, our CEO would be Merlin not Morbius. Maybe in the future Harry should consider banking with us?

Elizabeth: Matthew I've lived in this city all my life.  But somehow, today, I felt everything had changed. People were different not just Geoffrey but everybody. Yesterday it all seemed normal.  Today, everything seemed the same but wasn't.  It was a nightmare.  It became really frightening.  It was like the whole city had changed overnight.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)

Tuesday, March 7, 2023

2023 - The Year of A'arab Tzereq, That Not Matthew

Elizabeth: I keep seeing these people.  All recognising each other. Something is passing between them all, some secret.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers, 1978




  • From the film: Matthew holds Elizabeth close
  • From real life: Matthew Hancock, Lockdown Files reveal his desperate attempt to save his career after kissing coworker


We expect the release of Disney's ''Secret Invasion'' (secret? muffles laughter), expected Spring 2023, to coincide with a scene involving Jack Bellicec (Jeff Goldblum's character) as we have seen that the names are extremely important for this ritual ... e.g.  The Rock turned out to be a vampire called Frank in Jungle Cruise in the Rocky Horror Disney Show of 2021 and in fact quite a bit of their collection was timestamped to the movie: Wandavision; Loki; Cruella...  Samuel L Jackson was one of our picks during last year's ''psychic reconaissance'' along with characters like Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp), Jack Black, Hugh Jackman etc to cover this role.  We now also expect some of the upcoming confrontation between David Kibner and Jack Bellicec to feature Russell Brand.  ''Jack Russell''  may be stretching the name thing a little bit, I'm not so sure but bless him, he's clearly an Unluminati asset and will do a good job harranguing Peterson.  As long serving readers of this blog will now know you can keep the cast quite small and still manage to bewitch the world.

Sure Sam... but what makes you think Matt Hancock is still Matt Hancock, eh?  Or Matthew Perry is still Matthew Perry for that matter?  The Body Snatchers are already everywhere now.  Check the movie Jack, you may not have too long to be yourself.


I take the Janitor to be the public eye on Matt Hancock's affair with Ms Coladangelo, as the camera zooms in, or the hypercleaning rituals that were going on during the pandemic but I am enjoying JB's idea about how the sphinx-like Janitor often relates to Janus in the movies, a keymaster, gatekeeper between worlds.   

Janus was important in 2020 when we saw that one of the vaccines treatments was the Johnson and Johnson - Janssen and that Janus was directly referenced in Illuminati Playbook TV show Utopia.  Originally made by Channel 4, Amazon reskinned it for the American market and released it in the middle of the pandemic, you know, for funsies. So what is this so-called Utopia that the Snatchers are after?  One where we all One or one where we are just so much human trash?

In the movie Elizabeth transports Matthew from his own fairly benign world where all is still relatively normal into her crazy conspiracy land.  As she discusses Geoffrey's exploits we expect this to dovetail with continuing revelations about who went to that island, how many times and when...   As she follows him she sees him meeting various people, some seemingly powerful, some seemingly less so in a variety of locations.  You'll know someone is ''Elizabething'' when they are ranting like this, like I am, you know, trying as best they can to connect all the dots.  Problem is for your average pedestrian this behaviour comes across as manic, paranoid and scary.  Even in the face of the truth, average everyday normal guy just wants to bury their head in the sand, not think about the poisoning and enjoy sports or whatever being normal means.  People struggled with 9/11 now try and tell them they've got years left to live and the planet is swarming with aliens, see how far that gets you, eh?  But the truth has its ways.  Maybe we are at the point where ''Everybody Knows''.  Aliens or no. Remember though, at a certain tipping point, the pedestrians will ''decide'' to just shoot the squawking ravens and try to enjoy what's left of their Run before Carousel.

These revelations regarding ''Matthew'' and the ongoing ''environmental health investigation'' will undermine western government's approach to the pandemic (Trump, Johnson, Hancock, etc) and justify calls for the next one, which it seems both sides are now talking about, to be managed directly by the Technocracy via the WHO Pandemic Treaty. It seems far out now, especially when many scientific advisors are currently being discredited through these files, but things will change as quickly as the Case Fatality Rate.  A disease which has visible symptoms like the one in the movie, a kind of rapid necrotic body rot, will turn neighbours into nazis in a hot second.  Do not think in your hot second that everyone believes ''never again''.  For everyone of you there are a couple in pedestrianity who think ''please just gimme it one more time but harder''.  For me and many of you lockdown may have been psychic torture, but for many others it was a bliss of limited work, seemingly free money and lots of time for wine and wanking.  ''Fuck the future''.

You may not believe in the future.  But the future believes in you.

And so does the Logos.

Elizabeth: It's a conspiracy and I know it.
Matthew: There can't be a conspiracy.
Elizabeth: Matthew, I'm telling you, something is going on here.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers, 1978

Thursday, March 2, 2023

2023 - The Year of A'arab Tzereq, I Left My Heart in Sam Frank Sisco

Mrs. Tong: That not coffee.
Matthew: That is coffee. I put it there myself.
(Mrs. Tong hands Matthew a ticket)
Mrs. Tong: Maybe not come out.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers, 1978


They are not the same person and the key word, it appears is ''they''...  Look at Samael Smith as they emerges from their Body Snatchers style slime.... somewhen back in '21 a Soft Kill Demo Team Dr Frankenstein whispers ''look at my beautiful creation!''  With all this talk of a ''bodysnatching'' body morphing ''woke mind virus'' in right wing circles to what extent can it be argued that Patient Zero was in Sam Frank Sisco? I'm not an American but I get that sense from listening to y'all.  Incidentally Sam Frank is where the LARPing Dungeon Master of Twitter is headquartered and apparently  ''Even Democrats are fed up with San Francisco...'' 


Mr and Mrs Tong in Chinatown synchronized with the Chinese Lab Leak Theory rising again and the Chinese intervention in Ukraine with their peace plan.  What is that ''coffee stain'' that may not come out and who really is ''Mrs Tong''?  Remember when discussing the lab leak theory was wrongthink and could get you blacklisted and kettled by Facebook and Friends?  But I guess its ok to think it if you're the FBI director just like it was ok to party hard during lockdown if you were on the Downing Street Staff.  Also I'm curious about the millions of Chinese dead from Covid-19 that were supposed to have passed by now... have millions died or not..?  Answers on a postcard to the Blue Peter studio, best one recieves a free vaccination against an ailment of your choice.  Well by ''your'' choice we mean ''our'' choice.  She, he, they, them, whatever, whoever, just roll up your fucking sleeve or we'll put bullets in grandma and all your kittens.  Was that the movie Woody Harrelson was talking about?


Important Note for those into the more intricate side of the ''Pathwalking'' (how the Qliphoth interact) as opposed to just the ''Qliphoth'' themselves: This is a Matthew-Alex exchange. 

100000s of whatsapp messages from Matt ''I'm a Celebrity Health Minister, Get Me Out of Here'' Hancock have leaked and the woman who ''betrayed his trust?''  Isabel Oakshotte, Isabel being a form of Elisabeth.  This story is enormous news, its all over the British TV right now and it'll get the whole country chanting ''Matt! Matt! Matt!'' This is an insanely precise operation from our Demolition Team.  When I say our Demo Team I mean the one assigned to blowing our houses up as opposed to my bastards rather than their bastards if you know what I mean.  Its important to be precise these days language being as slippery as it is.  Elizabeth is double-flagged by this story regarding Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos who is completely coinkidinkilly a fraudulent biotech entrepreneur.  But aren't they all fraudulent biotech entrepeneurs at this point?


Harry is the name of the Homeless Banjo Player that they pass on the way to work in the Environmental Health Office, this moment in the movie has synchronized with Prince Harry being made 'homeless'' after being asked to leave Frogmore Cottage.  Which is apparently going to be given to Prince Andrew or ''Eddie'' for the wise.  Those of us ahead of the curve on this know exactly what Harry's (Rocky) final destiny is in this movie... Look they've even given him a little tail!  How cute!  


Have you ever dreamt about your smart phone?  Anecdotally it seems very few people do.  I can't recall a dream with a smart phone only landlines.  If this is the case then it seems particularly strange since people sleep right next to them in bed... what does it whisper to you while you sleep? For those of you who haven't had your brain smashed to a ten second attention span and already abandoned me to watch someone twerking in athleisure... then in the Netflix teen drama Red Rose the body snatching device is shown to be the phone itself which entraps people in a kind of game and then steals their digital identity.  This is clearly a metaphor for what is definitely happening to people.  Playing ''games'' on the net, social media games or otherwise and it warping and stealing your identity.  

But ''the digital doppleganger'' has been in play on this site as a unifying thread of the Unifying Colour Theory and Dark Conclusions since 2019 - doubling being highlighted in numerous films from Annihilation to Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.  Let alone Twin Peaks: The Return.  If you are in the deep end of the conspiratainment pool then maybe you are thinking that the weapon system is integrated from a set of complex parts the phone perhaps being one of them.  Liquid crystal chips, hydrae, graphene, etc.  Where's all the 5G fanfare..?  Remember the launch of 3G and 4G whats up with 5G it seems to have gone very very quiet... The point remains that, soft hypothesis or hard hypothesis, there is no better candidate for the flower-pod that sits in your bedroom copying and then stealing your identity than your smart phone. 

At the very least, turn it off before you go to sleep and put it in the garden where it belongs.

Mr. Tong: You doctor, right?
Matthew: Me? No, Health Department, Civil Servant
Matthew: Do you need a doctor?
Mr. Tong: My wife sick.
Matthew: What’s wrong with her?
Mr. Tong: She wrong.
Matthew: She’s not right?
Mr. Tong: That not my wife.
Matthew: You mean, she’s…
(Matthew points at his head)
Mr. Tong: No, no, different.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers, 1978

P.s. Thank you to Words Are for running the Time Clock at 2023andWe and my co-writer for today Nancy Bellicec.