Friday, January 26, 2024

2024 - The Year of Thagirion, The Global Dashboard

Flash: What was that fellas?
Pilot: Clear air turbulence is all.  Nothing serious.
Co-Pilot: But nothing you'd want to toss a third down pass through either. 
Flash Gordon, 1980

On the BBC’s ''Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg'' programme, Lord Cameron said it is “hard to remember a more unstable, dangerous and uncertain world” and that the “red lights on the global dashboard are very much flashing”, amid wars in Ukraine, the Middle East and Africa.

Flashing red lights you say?  On the global dashboard you say?

So let's review and calibrate quickly (excluding MM3 and Excalibur for the moment):

  • Flash Gordon   111 mins / 12 months = 9.25min / month
  • Logan's Run     120 mins / 24 months = 5min / month
  • Bladerunner     117 mins / 36 months = 3.25min / month
  • Golden Child   94 mins / 48 months = 1.95mins / month
  • Labyrinth        101mins /  60 months = 1.68 mins / month

As far as Flash Gordon is concerned we are roughly about to meet Zharkov and the action will transfer to the rocket site - as JB pointed out Elon is our main cast member for this, Elon also having synched with ''Dr X'' in Rocky Horror in 2021.  Keep Jordon Peterson in mind as well as he is supposed to be going some kind of ''woke reeducation'' soon which would synch with what happens to Zharkov during his conditioning/brainwashing later. So far we have experienced all of the Mingverse environmental woes around the world including volcanoes, earthquakes, storms, etc continuously over the last three weeks - the specific strike being for the Japan earthquake which synchronized exactly with Ming's first attack and bearing in mind ''the global dashboard'' from that moment on.  We did not experience a meteor swarm that I am aware of.  Alongside this we have had the increasing plane troubles from Boeing, returning us repeatedly to the ''plane'' setting where Flash has been this time and for their various misadventures on the flight.  Currently the spikey exchanges we get from Dale Arden at the moment (about what a ''big deal'' GorDon is) I am assuming synch with Nikki Haley, although I am expecting (90% certainty) that character to shift reasonably soon to a female VP candidate who is far more pro GorDon.  A side note for Flash as well, Taylor Swift dating that Football player is probably connected to this as well.

As I think I explained in a previous post, Logans Run has a long slow intro sequence where we see various shots of the smart city, even up to 4 mins we are still in these shots.  We are just about to meet Logan 5 and Francis 7 (Frank) for the first time when they go to see Logan 6 in the baby hatchery or whatever it is.  Keep your eye on Logan Paul for this and some other obvious ones like Wolverine and the main guy from Succession the TV watching pedestrians were/are talking about but maybe keep general ''ogans'' in mind as well such as Joe Rogan (two minds on this, I think its a bit of a copout but there you go).  

Bladerunner is in a similar situation and although there will be some discussion about where to exactly start these movies (when the lions roars for the second time, Darkside of Oz style, opening credits no opening credits etc) I think we have perhaps seen the cast list and the title Blade Runner. These words ''Blade Runner'' were carried by the Oscar Pistorious headline.  Personally I think thats it, I think we've seen a list of the ''cast'' somehow as well though so we could potentially figure out who the characters are from that, but otherwise yep nothing has happened so far.  If we skip that sequence I think we've got some establishing shots similar to Logan's Run but basically nothing.

With Golden Child, more has happened because of the shorter intro sequence, so if this is the case we have already met Chandler, Eddie Murphy's character.  Now we've already established Chandler as a keyword for them, whether it be the Perry sacrifice, the Rachel Chandler connection, or this concept of Chandler as ''Child Handlers''.  Chandler has just come up behind someone looking at a porn magazine and made a joke, along with this we've seen a bunch of ''Americana''.  Please let me know in the comments below who Chandler is or is currently.  I remain suspicious of Golden Child but Alex Jones made an obscure reference to it out of the blue the other day and what with Kanye waving an orange flag on there and talking about ACO, either I am feeding him, or he is feeding from the same source, one way or the other.

For Labyrinth if we include the opening credits we are barely through them, if we start with the opening scene we see Sarah practising with the script of the Goblin King.  If this is the case I would relate the tunnels under the synagogue story to relate to Labyrinth.  Also there was some incident with some dressing as a goblin or something at the BAFTAs.  Again thats about it because of these long time lines (fuses).

So there is a lot to keep an eye on and this is excluding Excalibur (2023-2026) and MM3 (2022-2025) but this is a good position and time to calibrate ourselves from ''Thagirion''.  Again, although there will be some dispute over when to press play on the tape I think its as good a time as any to say (roughly): calibrate your watches.

Pilot: Wow call Winchester approach, see what they've got.
Flash: I sure hope we don't have to turn back. I mean this is first day of training camp, I wouldn't want to be late ---
Pilot: Seatbelt time.
Flash Gordon, 1980

Tuesday, January 2, 2024

2024 - The Year of Thagirion, Ming the Merciless

Klytus, I'm bored what plaything can you offer me today? 
Ming the Merciless, Flash Gordon, 1980

Ladies and Gentlemen, we present, Flash Gordon


Klytus: Will you destroy this Earth?
Ming: Later!  I like to play with things a while before annihilation. 
Flash Gordon, 1980

P.s. For context those of you who are new to it this is the Cult Movie Meta Theory diagram below.  We are 100% convinced at the moment by everything except Critters and we are ''looking'' for the alternatives (Golden Child..?).  The important thing we learned over 2023 is while Flash Gordon (2024-2025) will rapidly dominate the headlines as it is the one year timeline there are multiple other narratives that are being set in play right now: Logans Run (2 years), Bladerunner (3 years), Labyrinth (5 years) & the mystery movie (4 years).  In order to map them over to ''reality'' you simply divide the run length by a bigger number so these ''movies'' will appear to be moving much more slowly.  As far as Logans Run is concerned, like Bladerunner, we are just going to see images displaying ''smart cities'' for the first sequence but we will get to the first Carousel within a few weeks which indicates the massive die off of ''under 30s'' will finally be reported.  You can take out the boomers with the vax to ''save the economy'' but you can't depopulate without hitting the youth somehow I'm afraid.  Anyway while FG is the popcorn movie the others are actually working to change the world quite dramatically as well.  I will try and ''divine'' through Logans Run as well as Flash Gordon this year.

P.p.s Since my attempt to ditch readers seems to have failed quite spectacularly, I want to remind everyone (and any newbs) that a) this blog is for entertainment purposes only b) I am a high functioning schizophrenic but basically insane and c) there are warnings over and throughout the grimoires for serious reasons.  Consider yourself advised.