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Metabolism V - Physiognomy (Pineal)

The pineal gland features two characters - the Bloodless Being (Changing the Future) and the Ignorant Fool (Reducing the Future).  They are associated with melatonin and serotonin - two hormones related to the pineal gland that regulate cycles of sleep and wakefulness.


The Bloodless Being is representative of melatonin, her full title was 'Mr Fernando - The Bloodless Being' for reasons we will go into later, but looking at the image and the name it indicates a certain androgynous quality to this character.  Melatonin generally produces slim people with good complexion - it has an anti-oxidant quality to it that also fights cancer.  As a result of the melatonin, Bloodless Beings will look young for longer than the other characters.  This combination of slimness, good skin and youthful appearance often makes them highly envied by other characters as these are the attributes that society (or rather the media) regards as beautiful.  However high melatonin is linked to anorexia nervosa so one can expect a strange relationship of the individual to their looks here in that they will often feel that they are not good looking (even though generally they are regarded as such).  Melatonin is also linked to infertility and irregular periods - again this is the universe and the genetics of man keeping everything in balance - so these youthful ('timeless') good looking people typically have problems with their self-image and find it more difficult to reproduce.

 I have had some misgivings about using celebrities to illustrate what I mean by the different genetic characters (like I did with Jack Black and the pancreas) but since I do not necessarily share a circle of acquaintances with the readers it is pretty much my only option.  I have chosen Gwen Stefani, Orlando Bloom and Azealia Banks for melatonin to show that the qualities of these Bloodless Beings (and of course the other characters as well) are not bound by race or gender.  They are 'races' but they are genetic races and they exist across other social boundaries.  Also these celebrities will also typically be 'on a path' between characters like everyone else so they are not pure archetypes but they are close enough to get the point across.

The image of the Bloodless Being is replete with qabalistic symbolism.  The four hearts hanging from the fingers of the tree are indicative of the 32 paths of wisdom in each of the four worlds (for the value of heart lev is 32).  The bowler hat is reminscent of the rings of Saturn, the jacket the outer world of concealment, the braids the caduceus (and genetics), even the thumb phallus and the female in man's clothing is indicating the genderless androgynous qualities of the divine hermaphrodite who contains within itself contradicting qualities.


The Ignorant Fool is the other character associated with the pineal gland and he is representative of the hormone serotonin.  You first encountered him in the image of the Many Mannered Mind Man where he lay prostrate on the beach.  The two of them are indeed linked by the relationship between testosterone and serotonin.  High testosterone and low serotonin are behind the incidence of impulsive behaviour - these indicates that high serotonin characters are good at working within society. One story that explains this relationship (and contains some physiognomical treasure) is how silver foxes were bred for tameness - as the silver foxes were selected and bred for their tameness or domesticity (by figuring out how close they would come to a human to get food) - the serotonin levels of the fox went up and there were some corresponding physiognomical changes.  Over the generations, the foxes got 'cuter' - their eyes got bigger, their ears became floppy etc.  This explains how the wolf turned itno the dog, at the border of human camps there would be scraps of food, and their genetic predisposition to work within or against those borders allowed them to get that food (and therefore be successful).

So what we are dealing with the Ignorant Fool is a very cute human creature that is great at dealing with people inside convention.  Now what do we mean by 'cute' - it does not mean fairy-like in humans, fairy style cuteness is pretty much the domain of a character we discussed previously 'The Treefrog' - no these people are groomed, stylish and can be strikingly handsome or beautiful.  If they are men they will have some of the timelessness of the Bloodless Being but it will generally manifest in a 'stylishly aged' way like say Robert Downey Junior or George Clooney.

These people will be charming, courteous etc as they are very good at working within societal boundaries.  They will have a stockier more muscular build - again a good rule to bear in mind is 'left pillar' tends to slimness, right pillar tends to the stocky.   The serotonin also gives them a deeper experience of 'wakefulness' or consciousness and such these individuals can get 'intense', not in the sense of violence like the Many Mannered Mind Man but in explosions of 'love', or obsession, or even religiosity.

There is a huge difficulty in writing this blog that makes me understand why to some extent our esoteric tradition will always be an oral one - passed from adept to initiate.  It is through necessity that I keep these posts as short and sweet as possible and just hope that the reader will make some notes and then go and make some observations in the world, if the posts went on too long, if they were too complex, I would lose the tiny readership that is even remotely possible for a subject like this.

I do want to again urge the reader to be aware of 'the paths'  that is the connections between the 'Sefiroth' or in this case the hormones. Knowledge of the archetypes is essential for successful use of this system in the real world but typically people are not the pure archetypes, regardless of how close some get.

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