Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Raziel - Replication and Deviation

The other night I communicated with Raziel, or rather he communicated with me although I put myself into the trance.  His communication was that from the perspective of higher dimensional entities there is no movement as we understand it because there is no space persay - the only form of movement that exists is replication or deviation.

When you journal or keep a diary you see patterns emerge in your life;  people make the same event happen over and over - replicating a pattern or script very much like a gene is transcribed.  I remember once I was really head over heels in love with this ginger girl, and, after I had made so many mistakes in my attempt to court her that it was impossible to recover, I met another incredibly similar girl and immediately got a chance to repeat the event and succeed.  The rate of replication of events like this varies considerably between individuals - some people replicate events extremely quickly, some take a near lifetime*, and this could be considered something of a metabolism of time.

In terms of the philosophy of Cellular Consciousness explored in the Hermetic Lessons  events, experiences and people in your perceived environment are likened to proteins/chemical messengers that have either entered from the bloodstream of time or have been created by transcribing genetic information within the self at the nucleus - replicated from within.  The vast majority of events that enter the cell from the bloodstream of time though can only do so because of receptors on the ''cell surface'' that allow those types of events to enter, these receptors are therefore equally an expression of that interior reality.

As previously discussed ad nauseum, in the cell of consciousness there is no actual movement, what feels like movement is the retexturing of the universal substrate of the cell which is thought.   In understanding Raziel then, genuine movement within this cell can only take two forms-  replication and/or deviation.  The cell, whatever type of cell it is, must manufacture the same proteins over and over again in order to survive - what changes is the quantity and rate of replication. The factors that determine the quantity and rate are manifold, amount needed to top up levels in the blood to maintain homeostasis or the amount of substrate available to build the protein.  I must eat, sleep, excrete, breath, find warmth, light, etc in a series of replicated events, just like the cell, or I am dead.

How does this map over to our experiences in the percieved world, as opposed to simple routines? It seems to be that we encounter the same scripted realities or variations along certain lines/themes and the same type of people/characters who play out the same role although sometimes they scale up/down in length or intensity of relationship or you encounter them at different speeds. This makes sense in our correspondences as certain cells, tissues, organs in the body must have specific relationships with cells, tissues, organs of another type - for example a leaf is made of a group of different specialized cells working together.  We feel this repetition most keenly in our working lives which are often about repeating the same kind of tasks within our office cell with people of similar types but people experience this kind of repetition in their personal lives as well.

To understand this replication as movement imagine that you are trapped in a toilet in a bar.  You can see the walls of the toilet and the toilet bowl change, different graffiti adorning the walls, cleaned off or painted over, different levels of damage from passersby, different levels of nastiness in the soiling of the space.  The replicated reality of the toilet is in constant flux, though the structure remains and you are trapped inside this space - this toilet dimension.  Some of the cells of your body and some of the people in the world live in exactly this toilet dimension of replicated toilet reality forever.

When it comes to deviation we are talking about breaking patterns and cycles and redefining/recreating ourselves - in this sense we can break out of that toilet reality into another type of reality but before we discuss in detail we must remember a few things

a) without DNA repair most mutations are deleterious i.e. fatal, in suddenly changing up your routines or risking dynamic changes to your cycle you may damage yourself
b) the world needs its cleaners (doctors and toilet attendants are actually on the same spectrum in relating to the kidneys)
c) we need repetition and replication in order to survive
d) once the cell is redefined one must return to some level of replication
e) not to confuse a different scale of replication with genuine deviation**.

Understanding all this then genuine deviation is not a common experience, although minor mutations may be, they constitute mild randomness in the system as opposed to a general break with it.

I was watching the 13th Floor again last night, and I always remember wishing that the Matrix had been as ambitious in its sequels as the 13th Floor was in its original story-telling.  I also believe that this film contains something of the truth of our reality.  As scientists have pointed out if it is possible to simulate universes within a universe to a high degree of fidelity then within any given universe the number of simulated universes far outweighs it therefore we are statistically more likely to be in a simulated one than a ''real one''.  If like the protagonist in the film we really deviate from our natural cycles we reach the metaphorical edge of reality.

My experiences in Edward Kelley's Tower were certainly like this - I broke with the replicated reality I was living in at the time in an extremely purposeful and willful way supported by alliance with various powerful entities and intrepid theatrical ritual and at the end of it found myself moving into the Donkey in the Cradle House in Prague on Halloween and living next to a hideously haunted dimensional rip for a year.  As readers of this blog know I certainly found myself at the edge of reality.  But most serious mutations are deleterious*** - if we were to walk away from our replicated cycles right this second, take all the money we have, board a train and head north and hike out towards the pole of the Earth we would likely not survive but if we did we would find the edge of reality, if you see what I mean?

At the level of Raziel though, replication and deviation**** are forms of movement - I believe that when one being of this type is occupying a particular cell one is in a state of replication (like treading water...) and when one is moving between cells one is deviating (freescaling between cells) - there are no other states possible.  From the perspective of higher dimensional entities you wouldn't move from the room with the toilet to a room with a computer rather the room with the toilet would be reconfigured to be a room with a computer - you would never move.  ''When'' they visit us, this kind of spirit does not ''move'' in a spatial sense they reconfigure their cell to have us in it, to be the one with us in it, their cell overlaps our cell in a ''psychic'' sense.

*I would argue psycho-physiological explanations for rate of replication.
**As I may have done with the ginger girl when I first encountered her, I may have thought this was something different as opposed to the same thing at a different rate/scale - be discerning.
***Without continuous DNA repair most mutations would lead towards rapid genetic drift.
****It is clear that replication and deviation are associated with Chesed and Gevurah respectively and can be related the concepts of similarity and difference.  It also helps us explore the role of Gevurah in the Shevirat haKelim.

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