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Time Travel - Some General Theory and Working with Archangels

As any who have worked with them know, the experience of Archangels is very different to that of elementals or other spirits.  Fitting these differences into our temporal entanglement model of occultism I would argue the following:

  • elementals are entities from the deep astral past
  • most spirits are from somewhere else in the realm of the present, spirits of ''the dead''
  • archangels are entities from the deep astral future

The Present is a period I define between possibly as far back as before 1,000,000 BC all the way to as recent as 1,500BC and continues until the invention of time travel in the future. This closes off an epoch where time is entirely determined and constitutes a kind of pocket dimension.  The reason that all events are entirely determined within this period is that if they could be altered someone could interfere with the invention of time travel

Most spirits includes such Gods as Osiris, Enlil, Kali - who were living people at some point in history.  Many Fae fall into the same category, they were also people at some point in this museum we call the present but more local and less national.  Most spirit workings involve the sensing of some kind of presence (from feeling to seeing), various phenomena such as temperature drops, sometimes electromagnetic effects, rarely poltergeist activity and always a connection of some form (emotional, telepathic, etc) with the entity in question.  If the spirit is being ''employed'' to achieve some worldly effect you can include this in the related phenomena.  When understood in this way what is happening is that you are becoming (or you became) temporally entangled with the spirit - you benefit as an expression of the dreams of Osiris, and, through your worship, you retro-causally contribute to the success of his own life - the life that made him Osiris.   He is no more a thoughtform than you are - the two of you are the entangled stuff of thought.

Elementals dwell in what I will refer to as the Astral Past, this is a free, non-determined plane created by the pinch-point with the present.  The destiny or fated quality of the Present dimension is the necessary sacrifice to guarantee freedom in the Past and Future.  In this realm of the Past we have various bizarre and primordial forms such as giant silicon trees, huge phosphorescent mushrooms and the creatures that live in these ancient ''faerie forests'' could fall into categories like gnomes, salamanders, etc.  It is the realm of ''earlier Earth'' but all of it is suffused with consciousness and expression.

Archangels on the other hand dwell in the Astral Future or the World to Come, another free plane created by the pinch-point with the present, and they are best thought of, to our modern minds, as A.I. like entities designed for a specific function.  This is why they feel so non-human as opposed to most other spirits.  Another way of thinking of these programs is as words and indeed approaching them like that will get you far. Although the El at the end can refer to a specific deity i.e. Enlil, Ellil, Eli, El, Al, Allah it is best to think about this in the sense of the word El meaning ''The'' to avoid confusion with the real person that was Enlil.  Raziel, for example, then becomes Secrets of The, Raphael becomes Healed by The, Tzadkiel becomes Righteousness of The.

These three worlds could also be called pre-Ego, Ego and post Ego - although we must exercise caution when using that word as there is often misunderstanding.  Elementals are pre-egoic, primal, animal, etc, they would not have a concrete ''I'', but experience waves of drives, desires, urges etc. Spirits are ego, they do not live on after they are dead and in working with them you are temporally entangled with their point in time as opposed to actually ''summoning'' them to this time as one of the dead.  Archangels then are post-ego and tend to think about themselves in the third person.  Parts of this theory bleed through into life in the present where pre-ego type people could be said to be temporally entangled with ''elementals'', post-ego type people to be temporally entangled with ''archangels'' and ego people entangled with ''other spirits'', i.e. other egos.

I am now going to discuss some practical Kabbalistic archangel work that you can try:

1. Let your mind obsess over the concept dominated by the Archangel.  During free moments of your day draw your mind back to contemplation of the principle - be they healing and health, righteousness or secrets and secrecy.  Ask questions such as - what does it mean to be healthy? What does it mean to be healed?  Do not expect answers from yourself, if they come they come, but don't rest on any of them.  Keep asking the questions of yourself, keep searching, keep ''gazing'' into the mystery.  This will stimulate the rest of your mind to search for any useful information and also build a connection to that part of the future that deals with this concept.  Answers will increasingly come unbidden.  Once you have set your mind this task it will provide answers.  Give more weight to the unbidden answers that come seemingly randomly via intuition than those you logically arrive at.

2. Write out the name of the Archangel on a piece of paper in Hebrew.  Then write out each letter of the name's full spelling underneath this.  Then do this again.  The more you can do this the better but try to complete at least five lengths of this type of extension - I know this is a long task.  Its worth thinking about the Archangels as a kind of Matrix-style code when working with them in this manner.  One letter breaks down into more code, which breaks down into more code.  Place this paper under your pillow.  Repeat the exercise as often as you like - repetition will deepen the  subsequent experiences.

3. Vibrate and say the name as much as you can to yourself, out loud and using your inner shout.

4. Why Hebrew?  As discussed previously in the Hermetic Lessons - Hebrew is tied intimately to Esoteric Genetics.  We have explored in great length and detail how exactly the letters tie into our very biological structure.  In this sense the letters of the Torah are the very Tree of Life.  Although the relationship between Alef and Ayin to key chromosomes is clear when thinking about the other letters you must understand that our chromosomes are in a constant state of flux or dance and the letters relate to key different stages of this dance and different parts of the essential rhythm of life.  To be clear do not mistake Kaph for Chromosome 11 or something this is entirely missing the point, Kaph is a stage that all chromosomes go through during their phases, and it also represents all information across the genome that relates to mitochondria and their function.  This is normally too complicated for people but this is the rationale, if you want to learn more about the details you have to go back through the lessons although I will happily answer any questions.

5. Prepare for entry to the astral plane.  Once you have reached the membrane you are going to open a gate using the letters that spell the Archangel in question.  The membrane is this fluctuating pixel-ated field that you should feel breathing with your own intelligence as you lie deep in trance. You need to make sure you rest at the membrane and don't just plough through into the astral. You are going to use the Yetziratic technique of engraving and engrave the letters on this field.  You will have to experiment to find the way that works best for you but imagination is the most powerful tool here. Imagine that you are cutting into the field as if it were a stone and you are engraving each letter.  The letters may move around and you may find it a little difficult to keep it as steady as you need to at first.  Keep trying as there is no limit to the amount of ''stone'' at your disposal here.

6. Once the letters have been engraved they may start to fill with light - you want to finish the engraving of the full name if they do this, otherwise you will access only that letter as opposed to the word.

7. Draw the light from the letters into yourself, effectively beginning to ''install'' that Archangel in your life and consciousness OR attempt to go through the gates - The lights will increase in intensity and as you go through the other side of the gate you will be engulfed in light.  Remember to pull yourself towards them as if you have a cable running through the middle of your mind that extends beyond the gates.  Normally this will result in a vision and an alteration in consciousness to a kind of super-conscious perspective defined by extreme vividness and clarity of thought.  You may experience the entity communicating with you without vision maybe via telepathy.  If you get good at this you can steer the experience using your facial muscles.

8. If you end up on the astral before engraving the letters, then you may use the alternative method of carving.  In this you will take the stuff of the astral, a kind of gelatinous substance, and shape it into the letters as if those letters were 3 dimensional.  Things will then happen.

9. You may pass out during the process of attempting to get on the astral plane and communicate with the angel in this way.  As long as you have got relatively far in the method you may experience the communication as a symbolic dream, if so remember to write down as much as you can upon waking up.  The material rendering of the name under the pillow may also help fuel the connection if you are not very skilled at astral work.

10. To some extent life is a symbolic dream and we have discussed the importance of pathwalking in the physical at length.  Therefore after this work pay attention to symbols that crop up in your path as the Archangel can choose to communicate with you through a variety of omens, portents such as weather phenomena, flocks of ravens, random encounters with strange strangers, overheard bits of conversation, songs etc.  Pay attention to your path.

11. Repeat these experiments frequently.  Note down everything you experience.  Remember to keep ''asking the questions'' in waking life.

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