Saturday, February 6, 2021

The Unifying Colour Theory: Several Dark Conclusions and Meta-theories

At random. Dispassionate, fair.  The rich and poor alike.  And they called me a madman.  And what I predicted came to pass.


Thanos, Avengers: Infinity War



In Producers: Infinity Budget a virtuous Unifying Colour Producer attempts to capture all the Imagination Sefiroth in order to bring about the Apocalypse Qliphoth where 50% of humanity are annihilated to save the world from climate change.  Now I have your attention, the core advantages of the Unifying Colour Theory, as it stands, are that you can backcheck it, see above, and also use it to make solid predictions, dark conclusions and meta-theories.  Those of you following this work will know about the Purpocalypse and the Silver Squeeze as well, and will note that we are systematically ''ticking off'' the correspondences of Yesod - one by one.  Those of you following the Covid restrictions will be beginning to see a new ''darker red'' colour entering the various restriction schemata and in California there is even discussion of a purple tier... and yet the dark conclusions and meta-theories may prove of even greater value.


The First Dark Conclusion is the one we are living through right now i.e. that the descent through the Tree of Life implied a consequent descent through the Tree of Hell.  The Unifying Colour Theory implied that 2020 would be the Qlipha of Malkuth or ''Lilith''.  As you can see above, the Qliphoth is a reflection of the Tree of Life so we descend in reverse order.  This reversal was successfully applied to the Theory in the reversal of the alchemical colour coding of Malkuth in Lilith.  We saw unifying evidence of this application in the major movie release of 2020: TENET, the first forwards ten indicating Malkuth, the reverse ten indicating Lilith as well as signaling time travel , a core concept in this whole metaphysical crimescapade, and one which we should not underestimate the importance of.


The Second Dark Conclusion was around the concept of doubling or cloning which countless unifying movies signified.  As we ascend the Tree of Life we ascend through various fragments of our divided self, unlocking aspects of our being and seeking ultimate unification and the apprehension of clear mind.  Descending the Tree of Life implies dividing and fragmenting the self into different pieces, applied globally we can see this as a great shattering of the minds of the populace.  We can also see it as implying an intentional outcome of incredible importance for 2029, ''Split'' i.e. (the) public (reveal of) human cloning 

More than this, the Descent implies a shadow self waiting in ''the other realm'' which has to be faced with Perfect Courage in order to maintain a sense of cohesion throughout the unfolding apocalypse.  Now the idea of interdimensional possession acts powerfully upon the imagination but something more prosaic can have a similar effect.  For years many have been unwittingly feeding a shadow self, made out of the darkness of their data and interacting with it, teaching it so it may be more like them.  Furthermore, the pandemic pushed many people beyond the limits of the amount of time they should spend on line in the Skinner Boxes of social-media/pornography and this has contributed to serious personality derangement and a burgeoning mental health crisis.  I think it is conceivable that there is a psychological tipping point for individuals where that psychological shadow self begins to swap with the real self and that this is now indeed happening and will continue to happen en masse.  Insidious.



In the original scheme the movies weren't only associated with the Sefiroth but also the paths around the Sefiroth.   In 2018 then the Unifying Movies will have been associated with one of the four paths leading to/from Yesod so where Annihilation would definitely go on the path from 2018 - 2015 (Yesod-Tifereth), Avengers: Infinity War might go on the path from 2018-2019 (Yesod-Malkuth). Bohemian Rhapsody probably goes on the path from 2017-2018 (i.e. the Mercury association to Hod/Orange) but Hotel Artemis should perhaps be on this same path.  Mandy may be ''on the path'' from Yesod to Malkuth and Colour Out of Space (2019), produced in the following year from the same producers, looking at the imagery in the film may have represented the corresponding path from Malkuth to Yesod.  As you can now imagine this meta-theory rapidly sprawls but I think we can see something of a glimmering in here.  


While 2010-2019 the Unifying Colour Theory was ''in the movies'' from 2020-2029 we are ''through the looking glass'', ''on the other side of the screen, darkly'' and are reversing through the themes detailed in those movies.  What was once in the movies is paraded on the stage of the (what used to be) real world.  Therefore it stands to reason (lol) that the key themes (for inversion?) of 2021 (Gomaliel; The Qlipha of Yesod) are those themes explored, prefigured, and foreshadowed in the movies of 2018 (Yesod).  Can we see in the Gamestop debacle and the Silver Squeeze driven by WallStreetBets(inverted?) echoes of Ready Player One?  Can we see the Oasis in the ready rise of virtual tourism?  Similarly are the mutations/strains/variants discussed in Annihilation crystallizing as the mutations/strains/variants of Lilifluenza?  Or are we just now meeting what has been waiting for us on the other side of the mirror?

  • Ready Player One
  • Annihilation
  • Avengers: Infinity War
  • Bohemian Rhapsody
  • Mary Poppins Returns
  • Venom
  • A Wrinkle in Time
  • The House With a Clock in the Walls
  • Etc...
Several of the movies above, and movies throughout the Unifying Colour Theory in general, contain the theory and practice of time travel and each year approached that theory slightly differently.  When thinking about time travel we may also want to include some more prosaic techniques alongside our various imagined metaphysical crimescapades.  For example a youth-ray would constitute time travel, of a sort.  A youthing-ray that bombards you with nostalgic imagery, cute pre-school emojees, Disneyfication beams, etc, in order to infantilise you and make you go yay! more suggestible would have serious military applicationsSo you think about that Tammy.

This meta-theory is now back-checkable (just compare and contrast the movies of 2019 with the realities of 2020), suggests that 2024 will have the same themes (in part? inverted?) of Mad Max: Fury Road and therefore could also be comfortably described as a dark conclusion.

Time will tell.

When I'm done half of humanity will still be alive.


Thanos, Avengers: Infinity War


  1. It's very foolish on their part to believe they can control unprecedented levels of political/economic/social chaos, especially if everyone has gone insane to some degree, many violently, irreversibly insane.

    This is not an initiation process; this is an attempted controlled demolition of the collective human consciousness, with near-zero chance of profit by the Elite.

    1. But in that regard, it's obvious that anyone would prefer a controlled demolition to a chaotic one, if with that you can at least secure your own survival....

    2. This is a reverse initiation process, yes. For the vast majority the ''youthing ray'' is intended to hook them on various dopamine cycles (e.g. the ''infinite cuteness stream'' took over a lot of minds, and all it needed was millions of kitten pics) and make them more suggestible for advertising so to be specific its more like they are targeting human will. For these poor chappies it's more like being hollowed out and swapped as opposed to pushed over the edge.

      In their defense they have done a very good job at managing and manipulating everyone so far via controlled opposition. So very many have been more than willing to read directly off the scripts they have been given...

  2. Just reading your intriguing thesis, then this appeared in my email

    Human cloning announced in 2002.

    Second footage after ‘the unexplained’ header

    You were right ...

    1. Hey Spartan,

      This was the monkey cloning revealed by China. At that point (2019) I thought they were going to go all in on 2020 because human cloning may have been a fitting conclusion to the descent down the Tree of Life. However when the Qliphoth dark conclusion began to be realised I thought that it made sense (lol) that actual (revealed/official) public human cloning would probably be in 2029 for the Thaumiel.

      Anyway there is a lot of social engineering work on this to be done before then, I don't think the public would stay cool on this. As I have mentioned before the gene editing tech behind the mRNA vaccine has potential to be ''the wellness conversion TM'' as the nanotech platform that carries the info for the viral protein could be changed for gene therapy purposes and other remedies. The population would need to be seriously whittled before they reveal ''New Jerusalem'' type longevity tech.

      Obviously it is being done (and utilized) in private in all kinds of secret research facilities around the world.

    2. For 2020-2029 Digital Cloning is a big part of that social engineering program. Virtual copies will make people calmer around physical copies.

    3. Undoubtedly you’re on the money; hence the burlesquing use of masks, designed to get people accustomed to ‘the faceless’. With that comes the negation of emotion.

      Purple also has connotations with royalty and imperialism as per Nero banning people wearing his ‘rightful colour’ and Alexander the Great - and subsequent Ptolemaic/Seleucid empires - all wore a purple variant to signify royalty etc...As for the Catholics (Jesuits), I believe purple signifies sorrow or penitence. Is it all part of the conditioning process using these stereotypical myths? Perhaps.

      Then again a variant of purple represents good fortune in China. Wasn’t the forbidden city, purple or wasn’t it called the ‘purple forbidden city’?

      As an aside, non-conformists in WW2 German prism camps had to wear a purple star. All part of the purple rain (reign).

      Love your work my friend.

  3. *prison not prism (perhaps not to dissimilar)

  4. Just to add to your cloning thesis, I just came across this

    ‘I was raised in a cloning lab’ ???

    1. This may well be delusion in this case but I don't doubt it has happened and is going on in a variety of military labs. I would be very surprised to find out it hasn't. It's quite possible that it was weaponized, etc, a long time ago. 2029 is suggested as the formal reveal, however it plays out.

  5. Here you go:
    I see 11

    1. It has to be spammed across a variety of channels/genres/media to make sure everyone is caught in the blast.

  6. Oh boy, has Cyberpunk2077 something to say about these concepts, especially digital "posession"... left me with my mouth open, how kabballistic/gnostic/ocult that whole thing was... leaves an extremely dark residue of feeling... brilliantly narrated though... still very bleak and transhumanistic

    1. I downloaded it but unfortunately only have windows 8. I will have to wait to play. I expected as much. I also expect it was rushed because of that yellow-purple crossover which seems to feature heavily in the design.

  7. Yes, physical clones, with engrams or digital personality constructs programmed onto them... the dream of immortallity come true... but once again, it s the fake as fuck version... integrating technology into biology will have severe psychic consequences

    1. Well ''cyber-psychosis'' is basically what I am saying is happening now to a lot of people but from fusing too much with the net.

  8. Just returning to this now looking at the list of 2018 films and comparing them with the experience of 2021, have a glance over:

    Annihilation - (copies vs variants)
    Ready Player One - (Gamestop debacle, wallstreetbets, internet life 24/7)
    Mary Poppins Returns - (Home schooling)
    House with a Clock in the Walls - (Lockdown)
    Bohemian Rhapsody - (LGTBQA+)
    Venom - (symbiosis with black goo - ''graphene oxide'')