Monday, December 3, 2012

Metabolism V - Physiognomical Characters

The last two posts have been about the physiognomy of characters produced by a genetic distortion in the Metabolism of Time.  Characters who emphasised 'the Experience of the Moment' (Daath) were called Treefrogs and some of the physical traits of overactive/underactive thyroid were listed, characters who emphasised the Altered Past (Yesod) were called Many Mannered Mind Men and some of the physical traits associated with testosterone were listed.

The entire list of characters is as follows:

  • The Ignorant Genius - The Altered Future - The Pituitary - KETHER
  • The Ignorant Fool - Reducing the Future - The Pineal (Serotonin) - CHOKMAH
  • The Bloodless Being - Changing the Future - The Pineal (melatonin) - BINAH
  • The Treefrog - Experience of the Moment - The Thyroid - DAATH
  • The Shellfish - Reaction to the Moment - The Thymus - CHESED
  • The Confused Venutian - Analysis of the Moment - The Thymus - GEVURAH
  • The Prisoner - The Inner Mind - The Pancreas - TIFERETH
  • The Mime - Forgetting - The Adrenals (cortisol) - NETZACH
  • The Jay - Remembering - The Adrenals (adrenaline) - HOD
  • The Many Mannered Mind Man - The Genitals (sex hormones) - YESOD

Each of these characters will express the hormone that is associated with it more or less than average and as a result of this certain moods and various physical attributes will be displayed. From analysis of the mood and attributes one can come to a knowledge of the 'root-character' of an individual that one meets and so help them more effectively.

There are important points to remember here though that will be dealt with more thoroughly later on: 
  • Psychological damage from abuse or spoiling someone can distort the 'natural' root-character, such that they will present a 'mask' to the world that does not match up with that root character. 
  • The root-character may lie between these archetypes - typically on a 'path' between the two - but before one can contemplate the paths between the characters and how they are expressed one must learn the fundamental archetypes themselves. 

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