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Metabolism VII - The Alchemist

You are the control centre at the middle of your own reality but the only real way you can tap into the controls is through the use of your Mind. Felix the Perfect Helix and his three spheres is an effective map of this personal reality and by fixing this map in your mind it is possible to open up the information contained inside the 'nucleus' as well as unlock the gates to the various different magickal, mental or psychic powers that are contained within the 'cell'. These different powers come with lessons.

We posit since ultimately all functions of the body, such as the production of various hormones and pheromones, the control of blinking etceteras, are ultimately under control of the Mind, it is possible to tap into these forces at will and via will. It is your Mind after all!  Climb your spine and clasp it!

These powers/controls are locked away from your normal consciousness (ego) into the realms of your 'subconscious' because most people are not responsible enough to consciously look after things such as digestion and sweating, and if we were to consciously manage such processes it wouldn’t leave that consciousness much time or concentration to do anything else. It is best that way, for if the functions of your body are being controlled by your subconscious then it leaves your consciousness able to concentrate on other things, such as the accumulation of the Flux (attention, food, etc) necessary to keep it going, and keeping your guard against outside threat.

The practical upshot of this condition is this, if one can take control of one’s own consciousness in totality, at least temporarily, it is possible to switch on certain functions and actually use them to your own benefit.   Bear in mind that the body is a massive storehouse of potions, chemicals, electricity, power - even biological weapons - and you are the owner of this incredibly flexible Alchemist.*

*Control* must be taken before it is possible to undertake any of the techniques of Strategic Drama that we are about to discuss. You will achieve no real success in this field except through stoicism in the social world, and meditation in the inner world. Since the secret of success is being able to imagine the moment, desire and motive result in the formation of poor shadows, not exact mirrors because desire and 'motive' are in essence a form of time-travelling. You must mirror the moment and in order to do so your mind must be clear.  You must focus yet let go.  Do not push - but pull.  Think with the back and bottom of your brain not the front. Imagine a fluid floating around inside your head. Tip your head back and feel it slosh to the back and bottom. Now think.

Once control has been taken however one of the simplest routes to accessing the Alchemist of your body is with the power of your imagination, as the magi and alchemists of old were prone to use. If the correct mind-state can be achieved you can simply will a person towards you and they will correspondingly make the move. The sphere of perception acts as a kind of 'interface' between the will and the body.  This maybe works because the Alchemist generates the pheromones of attraction for you, in the same way you can generate those for anger. Moods collect in the air around people, most of us can sense the chemical mist. If one person comes back from work in a bad mood, all those around them are plunged into a bad mood, unless the forces of 'good mood' can prevail. Or maybe your Alchemist changes the bioelectromagnetic field of your body in order to attract the person; maybe it is some form of ''energy'' or even spiritual etheric link - all is Mind after all and these are words to label the fluctuations within the One thing.

If memory or ambition blinds us however our senses can be dulled and eventually masked. Memory and ambition bring us out of tune with the moment and propel us into the past or the future.  By judging the character of the moment incorrectly one can inadvertently generate the wrong kind of chemical effect.  It is certainly possible to make mistakes here.

The word is the most basic form of transmitting a mood or feeling other than simple gesture. By saying something harsh you can make someone feel bad to his or her stomach, his or her body producing all the chemicals they need to make them feel really miserable and in agony, like their arm has been torn off.   You can make people physically sick with your words and actions - either by causing stress to the point where the cortisol surge shuts down the immune system or sending people into paroxysms of self-doubt and mental agony.  You can say all these destructive things and not even really mean them.  You can say something with nowhere near the intensity that it is interpreted with.  You can also say and do the opposite - and heal merely with words and kindness.  A happy person is less likely to get ill and more likely to fight illness.

How much do we believe in words and how much more in action? This is why all good actors, and we do not mean stage actors, can stimulate the same effects as words with merely a look in their face. They may be so good they are not even conscious they are doing it anymore, but every single look they give seems to mean so much. Saying that you’re angry or in love in well-chosen words is one thing, looking like you mean it is something entirely different. The word or action in order to produce feeling in a different person is a direct influence of mind on matter. A thought conveyed into a word or action stimulates the chemical senses of another person in order and changes their thoughts, the position of their body and even the concentration of hormones in their blood.

However - it is actually surprisingly difficult to simply ‘will’ a person towards you and have them come, to ‘will’ them to do something and have them do it - and by will I mean that these effects are achieved without speech or action but simply by thought. The first difficulty comes in attaining the right mind-state and control of that mind, then focusing what one wants to happen on the environment is very difficult to do without losing yourself in 'desire of result'. This is why for countless generations we have used ‘focuses’ to transmit our will on to the world, ancient magicians used wands and staves for example. The wand, or rather, the knowledge of that wand tied them into reality, grounded them into the moment, if you like, so they could channel their ‘will’ into it.  The 'real' caduceus wand though is your spine and your brain stem.

Here is where it will get weird.  The person in front of you that you are willing to do something, or trying to heal, etc is not so much objectively real (although we assume they are) as they are an ''apparition'' or even 'spirit' in your Mind - and this is one of the secrets of Magick. The Astral Plane that is referred to does not only mean that sea of images that one enters in deep meditation but also the world which one interacts with when fully conscious. The people in the world around you are the ‘spirits’ of the ‘astral plane’ and one can summon them and bind them as magicians of old did.  The mistake remember is thinking that one looks through their eyes rather than at their eyes.  You *never* directly experience this 'physical world' you presume exists.

By pulling a certain face you generate a certain emotion, maybe humour, despair, anger (as discussed earlier). Making people laugh is more about your movement and personality than it is the sharpness of your wit. Some people laugh at their own jokes and suddenly other people laugh with them, don’t they? They mirror the moment they wish to unveil.  Of course people can see that you’re doing it, which means of course you are clearly responsible for that piece of Strategic Drama and the consequences of pulling that face will be felt.

The *trick* is to pull that face in your mind, if you wish to intimidate someone, imagine a tall, powerful version of yourself towering over them, or shout and bellow at them *in your mind*, if you wish to seduce  imagine you are telling them how beautiful they are, etceteras. You must do this while continuing to interact with the environment in a completely normal way.  You will find that thought is the more powerful of the three.

Feelix in his perceptual sphere is a reflection of the structure of the Alchemist in that it is a structure of the cell in its representation of the nucleus in the cytoplasm.  This reflection is very similar to the physiological diagram of the homunculus, a diagram where the human brain is turned into parts of the body, revealing huge hands and feet because of all the brain space devoted to these functions. This is the true secret of the Mask; most people are limited to their knowledge of words, some of actions and gesture and words/actions are limited to the physical, lingual, social, psychological and economic limits of the Conflux however. The power of your thought and your dreams - if you can control them - are not bounded by these rules however.

With some knowledge of physiology, anatomy, genetics and biochemistry you may understand that certain places in the body are responsible for the production of certain chemicals and hormones, substances which if used correctly can greatly enhance physical power, sexuality, concentration, etceteras. Oriental mystics from Japan, China, India, focus on points on the spinal column, the seven chakras and imagine them glowing in their mind. If one is correctly prepared with meditation, this can lead to some interesting physical responses in one’s own body (if one concentrates on the chakra above the head, a pleasant feeling of being lifted up may result, the heart, euphoria, and focusing along all the chakras, can lead to a feeling of rotation, one may even begin to swirl around on the spot, like you were mapping the helix with the movements of your spine). Obviously the sex organs can generate pheromones and attract the opposite sex if they are concentrated on, the adrenals can be stimulated for adrenaline or emotional control. If one thinks about love, the feeling comes from the solar plexus, if one thinks about sex the feeling comes from the genatalia and in between them, for some reason, in the adrenal medulla, is the power of lust. The chakras of other people may be touched in this way imagine the third eye/pineal gland of someone else to be glowing and they may turn to look at you. We all know instinctively that someone is looking at us, don’t we, how does that work? What may happen, although beginning in the mind, concentrating on the back of a brain, our look is translated into chemical messengers, electrical fields, whatever, that are released from our body and sensed by the other person’s Alchemist. Since every chemical medium is a proton/electron network formed into the shape of a molecule, what is essentially happening, when anything happens regardless of will or no, is a mind tapping into the Flux. 

Or in fact only the Flux is happening.

*All matter is essentially a condensed form of Mind.

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