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The Tree of Life - The Path of the Sun

In Start from the Top I described a male individual situated in the Depth of the West as having a simple identity with a limited internal monologue and instead experiencing a surging oceans of urges and forbidden desires. Why would I consider this individual an example of the West expressed in the human psyche as opposed to one of the other Depths?


Along the middle pillar of our rectified Saadia Tree of Life we see the grand journey of time from the Future to the Past and the more microcosmic day to day journey of East to West joined by the paths of Saturn, the Sun and the Moon.  What do these symbols/concepts really mean?*  The Sun is a symbol for being awake and self-conscious, the East getting up in the morning and the West going to bed at night; the Moon a symbol for the unconscious world of dreams and desires; Saturn a symbol for the embrace of our death (and higher selves) in the future.

An individual who is closer to the East will experience a strong internal monologue, they are very like to think in terms of ''I, me, mine'' and this will be expressed in the way they talk about the world. They will be egocentric, think the world orbits around them even to the point of a Messiah complex. They can also be pathologically self-conscious.  On the other hand an individual in the West will be losing this self consciousness, self obsession, etc, they will not be concerned with fitting in or with making themselves the centre of the world.  They will not think ''I am angry'', they will simply feel anger and the urge to do violence.  They will not think ''I think this person is hot'', they will simply experience lust and the urge to have sex.**

The West is the Best,
The West is the Best,
Get here and we'll do the rest.

The End, Jim Morrison

Extending this to the Path of the Saturn and completing our description of the Middle Pillar, individuals here will tend to think objectively about themselves and even experience themselves in the third person.  This type of consciousness becomes more pronounced the closer that individual is to the Depth of the Future.  The Path of Saturn and the Depth of the Future inevitably lead to the death of that self-consciousness and the re-connection with the Higher Self and the All Self and it is this type of consciousness that is being expressed by their relentless objectivity.  We can sense this loss of self in the themes of divine melancholia and the crossing of the abyss.

Although the word ego can be a little cumbersome one can think of the path of the Moon as pre-ego, the path of the Sun as ego, and the path of Saturn as post-ego.  In the Depth of the East I discussed masks and our nuclei, these primary spheres of self-ideation, personality, mood or scent with which we surround ourselves.  A close examination of the Tree of Masks will show you how the specific masks associated with the Depths fit into this overall idea of the development of self-consciousness/ego and the inevitable loss of it.  In the Depth of the West, I discuss our connection to our ancient animal selves that are preserved through our chromosomes, this nestling nicely with individuals in the West being more connected to their primal spirits.

The real trick to this kind of navigation/medicine though is in utilizing the physiognomical endocrinological clues that have been explained on this site and which will only become clear when you start using them.  The Depth of the Future produces big friendly giants, tall individuals***, with strong features particularly brows and noses - neophilic, creative but also controlling i.e. directors and generals. The Depth of the East produces individuals who store fat easily around the abdomen and will have either a pigginess or a slightly feline look (these two animal appearances are joined by the boar on our spectrum).  The Depth of the West produces body hairiness, severely receding/balding, gorilla muscularity in men and an Artemisian warrior-huntress look in women.  As explained in Start from the Top, the 22 path system allows us to realise the spectrum of all near-infinite possibilities and create a sliding scale of these groups of features.

*For instance with North we need to think cold, and with Down we need to think contract.
**By this I don't mean that all individuals of the West are mere brutes on the contrary they can make fine poets, but the form it will take is unbidden words rising from the unconsciousness as opposed to the poetic craft of the Easterner.  Their lack of concrete self means they can also be great actors, perhaps the best.
***Tall, for their family.

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