Thursday, July 22, 2021

2021 - The Year of Gamaliel, Tarantula!

Listen, I'm just a country doctor but I know what I know, and acromegaly doesn't turn up in four days out of leftfield.


Dr Hastings, Tarantula!

In Denis Villeneuve's meta-dramatic ''Enemy'' in 2013, Jake Gyllenhaal plays himself as the teacher-character he is playing who meets the actor he really is playing as himself.  Other than this being effectively the story of my life and a gloriously ''French'' piss-take of Stanislavski, the film also contains ''Donnie Darko'', Tarantulas and the Illuminati - its one to watch to understand how people who meta-exist see the world if you're more of a realist by persuasion.


As explored previously, 2021 is composed of two structures an Inner Plot and an Outer PlotThe Inner Plot consists of the drama of characters that happens in the show  - Frank, Rocky, etc, with all that that entails - and The Outer Plot covers more of the broad societal & technological elements. This ''Outer Plot'' of 2021 consists of the movies mentioned in the Prologue to Rocky Horror Picture Show: Science Fiction Double Feature.

  • The Day The Earth Stood Still (January)
  • The Invisible Man (February)
  • King Kong ( March)
  • It Came From Outer Space (April)
  • Dr X (May)
  • Forbidden Planet (June)
  • Tarantula! (July)
  • The Day of the Triffids (August)
  • Curse of the Demon (September)
  • When Worlds Collide (October)
  • Dr X (November)
  • Forbidden Planet (December)

After being focused on the Inner Plot for most of the time we've had access to the theory - we finally tested the Outer Plot last month by watching Forbidden Planet parallel with the scenes running up to and including Hot Patootie (Eddie), predicting the death of Mobius/Eddie at an exact date and being  amazed at the similarities between John MacAfee and those characters.  Unfortunately due to other commitments I couldn't ''get ahead'' in the same way for this month but we can easily play catch-up with Tarantula.  With some days still left in July it is possible to predict the ending of the month in the same way we did with Forbidden Planet by looking at the way Tarantula concludes.  Spoiler alert, it involves missiles.


The plot of Tarantula revolves around the nutrient experiments of Professor Deemer, who is trying to avert the food crisis first hypothesized by Malthus.   He had been injecting animals with an experimental radioactive serum and causing rapid growth in animals; in just a matter of days a guinea pig grows as large as a microwave.   The movie opens with a human assistant to Professor Deemer, who, after having been injected with the serum, staggers into a local town dead from rapid onset acromegaly.  Another assistant suffers a similar fate but not before he attacks the lab, releasing a giant Tarantula, and injecting Professor Deemer himself.  Dr Hastings (Rand Paul?), a local doctor from Desert Rock is drawn into investigate and with local law enforcement and the military finally figures out what happened and defeats the Tarantula.  As you can see from the overview above and the images below the mechanics of telling this story involve a lot of scenes where they are discussing side effects from experimental injections paying particular attention to the amount of injections the test animals have had.

Now while we expected a wave of cyber attacks with Tarantula (the word play being clear), and we were ''rewarded'' with the unveiling of Pegasus Software (clears throat noisily, Perseus Protocols anyone?) alongside the Microsoft hack, my actual experiences over the last few weeks have included handling a lot of questions about the pandemic particularly with regards to the vaccinated who have had serious allergic responses or side effects up to and including - feinting, dry eyes, eosinophilia, cognitive disorders, hallucinations, menstrual problems and early death from clots (the two deaths I personally encountered were a 42yr old and a 30yr old) - alongside much confusion when they catch and spread covid itself.  Discussions around me and on television have been focusing endlessly on the number of jabs that people have had - with graphs showing when and how many - just like in the film.  During this time the specter of the third jab has been raised by Pfizer with Canada already confirming it has ordered the ''booster''.  As I mentioned several weeks ago Mr Pitchfork, his actual name, a double rapist and murderer, was up for release but it was stalled for political reasons.  During Tarantula, Pitchfork will now be fully released into society.  I mention this because Pitchfork ties us back to American Gothic from the beginning and end of Rocky Horror and the idea of 3 ''jabs'', one for each ''spike'' - mRNA being a ''serpentine'' molecule, so each jab also counting as one of the ''6's'' of 666.

As experience of side effects continues to mount among the population so does vaccine hesitancy and/or resistance.  It is my firm belief that this campaign will be slowly abandoned after the ''third jab'' (thereafter applied to the vulnerable only) and replaced with anti-covid pills picked up from the pharmacist when you develop symptoms.  These anti-covid pills, which will probably appear in a multitude of forms like the vaccines, may or may not contain a molecule derived from Artemisa Annua, i.e. wormwood - this then completes the Revelation of the Blazing Star.  Frank, along with everything he represents i.e. the vax program itself, is ''killed'' by ''the third jab''  i.e. the anti-matter beams from Riff Raff's trident-pitchfork-lasers. 2022 will be about a society that ''lives with covid'' that looks a lot like A Clockwork Orange.

When you pick sides - left or right, actor or character - remember that the Illuminated are on both.

Dr Hastings: But what if circumstances magnified one of them in size and strength, took it out of its primitive world, and turned it loose in ours?
Prof. Townsend: The expect something that's fiercer, more cruel and deadly than anything that has walked on Earth!


Tarantula! (1955)

P.s.  Look ahead at the lyrics of Rose Tint My World to see how this all plays out towards the end of the year:

'I'm a wild and untamed thing,
I'm a bee with a deadly sting
You get a hit and your mind will go ping
Your heart will pump and your blood will sing
So let the party and the sound rock on
We're gonna shake it til the life has gone gone gone...
Rose Tint My World
Keep me safe from my trouble and my pain...' 

We'll try and catch up with the Inner Plot, it involves Touch Me, White Boy & Hot Girl Summer.



  1. There is no Delta Variant; only the vaccinated are getting sick or dying from it. The fake f**king "vaccine" itself is the Delta Variant, which will no doubt be renamed Covid-21, as voluntary vaccination becomes mandatory. Pan-ic is a formidable weapon, especially for braindead losers who don't want to be alone in their misery.

  2. Blogos, does this local news tie into the pattern?

  3. Looks like I’d better catch up on my viewing homework. I haven’t seen “Enemy”, so I’m starting there. It’s on Amazon.