Saturday, September 23, 2023

2023 - The Year of A'arab Tzereq, Cocoons, Bodysnatchers & Wickermen II

Joe: Doctors don't know everything.
Ben: There is a school of thought that says they don't know nothing.
Cocoon, 1985


Cocoon: To wrap or envelope in or as if in a cocoon

& Jack from Coccoon (see below)


These men are all bodysnatchers (see below)


Southern European & Haiwaiin Wildfires

Burning Man Festival: Effigy of Ukraine; Flooded Out (Climate Change); ''Ebola Outbreak'' (Biosecurity) - nice bit of semiotic convergence from the Demo Team.

Marina Abramovic (Thelemite, Witch, High Priestess, Satanist) appointed to be Zelenskiiys ambassador.  Abramovic as Miss Rose? So Zelenskiiy as Summerisle?  Putin in the Wickerman?  Doesn't seem quite right but definitely part of a pagan ritual.  Maybe Ambassador really means Minister of Occult Offence?

Now as opposed to a specific person Sergeant Howie represents those who are (seemingly) questioning this massive occult (pharma, sorcery) ritual (gulp!) and it looks like they are all going in the Wickerman - at least those who were in the cast.  With 1 in 3 Europeans pushed to the political fringes by the last few years of liberal insanity, if they are going to full on purge its looking like it needs to be a big one to burn all these ''witches''. 

The Demonology of the Age still stands.  Beware of ''possession'' by these other characters as well.   In the same way people are threatened by (the characters from the) Bodysnatchers, they are threatened by Cocoons and Wickermen.

If we are going to get a true appraisal of what is going on we also need to understand Excalibur 2023-2026 and Mad Max (I still think we are in this now so Gordon should be swapped with Mad Max in this diagram)) which runs from 2022-2025.  However Cocoon, Bodysnatchers and Wickerman are being brought to a head in the most central position of the Tree of Life, Tifereth (Beauty) which in the (Kircher) Tree of Life is reserved for the Sun and which in the Tree of Death/Hell (The Sitra Achra) is reserved for Thagirion. 

Although we are clearly all along the lines right now I still do not understand how they get the true ''convergence'' of their ideas without another outbreak... of something... relatively real. Think about what it means to ''Cocoon'', and what people on that path have been doing for the last few years. 2021-24.

Mary: I for one don't believe any of this alien crap.
Alma: You don't believe your husband?
Mary: No I don't believe him.
Alma: Well I believe him and I'm scared.
Bess (Elizabeth): Well I don't believe him and I'm still scared.


Cocoon, 1985


  1. I'm feeling more and more evangelical myself, about Pan.

    Joining Twitter has allowed me to preach to a far greater audience, about Pan.

    *I* will be Summerisle.

    (sets fires)

    1. And like that, he was snatched... Say what you like about JB but he's no Rocky.

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    3. But seriously, Zelensky is going into the Wicker Man.

      His name literally means "Green Man".

      Always dressed in green, actually nicknamed the Green Man.

      Ukrainian neo-pagan beliefs are all about Veles/Volos, their Green Man/Pan figure, who gets ritualistically *burned alive* by Perun, the Russian god of war, who will never allow for the Ukrainians and their god to climb to the top of the Tree of the World...

    4. Who does Sergeant Howie look more like? Who is investigating Summer Isle for pagan ritual magic? Just trying to head off a potential twist


      Compare with Howie vs Z.

    6. Didn't Putin accuse Ukraine not only of Nazism but Satanic Nazism repeatedly in his speeches. & talking up clean moral Christian values. This is also Howie dude...




  4. One of us! One of us! One of us! One of us!

    On the subject of Mayor Adams having been made a "Master", probably as a reward for ruining NY:

  5. You can just watch the last 20mins of wickerman now. Whoever Howie is he is dressed as a fool by now. The action is on the coast as it has been in ukraine. You think the general has been decapitated by the sword (missile strikes) but hes fine. I'll let me ol ' subconscious tick over as there are a few alternatives to P or Z I guess. Max coverage will be achieved by P or Z alone. Smaller sacrifices mean more of them. You need "a very special adult." Still Putin as Howie, Summerisle as Ukraine seems to work best for me although I know that's a whacky take. Remember the seemingly intended person doesn't actually go in the wickerman. It would have been a twist when we first saw it ...

    1. The "personification of Ukraine/the Ukrainian people" is their pagan Green Man/Pan character, Volos/Veles.

      Everytime you think he's been reduced to ashes by Perun (Russia), he makes a big comeback.