Monday, November 24, 2014

Cellular Consciousness and the Metabolism of Time - Presentation I

As readers of this blog will know I gave my first presentation on Cellular Consciousness and the Metabolism of Time just over a week ago to a crowd of about thirty people at a local teahouse which has a reputation for spirituality and progressive thinking.  I spoke for about forty mins, introduced the ideas and then took questions.  As I suspected speaking about my ideas proved much easier than writing about them.

I informed the audience that for the most part they were living a delusion in actually believing that they perceive the world directly and that they also over identify with their ego (coined the term ''dog name'') which is only one part of their mind.


I introduced Feelix the Perfect Helix as the being that ''amms'' the ''dog-name'' and the being that they actually are i.e. a walking, talking, sleeping, etc spiral of DNA*.  We looked at the molecular developmental biology of drosophila to show how a ''head end'''is latent in the DNA and joked about which cells get to be the ''ass-end''.


We then explored the spheres of Feelix - physical, perceptual and consciousness.  The sphere of physical influence or reach was much easier to demonstrate in the flesh, showing by reaching my arms and legs out like Da Vinci's Vitruvian man to demonstrate the ''nucleus'' which contains the DNA of Feelix.


The sphere of perceptual influence was defined as extending to the parameters of the room we were in, and the notion that this occurs in consciousness was reinforced by using the lights to dazzle people and watch the various burned blobs on the retina that are obviously not there ''for real''.  Other examples such as the pinging sound in our ears after loud music, or the feeling of still being on a rollercoaster once one has gotten off of it were used to support this notion.

The sphere of consciousness was easy to establish after that, showing clearly that we are inside our own consciousnesses through the sphere of perceptual influence we have to ask the question of what is beyond that perception?  The truth of this membrane of our cell is of course that it is between our egoic awareness of our immediate reality (our cell) and the larger existence of our mind and subconscious (the bloodstream).


We then discussed and I taught two methods of penetrating this membrane through the tricks of waking sleep paralysis, lucid dreaming and astral projection.  Questions about the difference between stepping on to the plane as opposed to observing it through a helmet (or bathyscaphe) were answered.  We also talked about the differences between passing through the membrane (mysticism) and bringing things through the membrane into the cell (magic) - although I did not teach the latter.

We then proceeded to move on to the Metabolism of Time proper.  Establishing that Feelix's three sections, head, thorax and abdomen correspond to the future, present and past respectively** we moved on to the idea of the differentiation of cells of consciousness,  Like there are brain cells and liver cells, so there are future people, present people and past people.  Some people are endlessly forgetting things, reminiscing or being nostalgic, some are futuristic, imaginative, inventive and creative.  As cells are differentiated to complete metabolism in a tissue or body, so we, as cells of consciousness, are differentiated in order to fulfil the metabolism of the local tissue and the greater body.

Finally we moved on to the notion that DNA is a very crude understanding of what is in reality a time spiral.  At the ''quantum'' level in our DNA there are ''wormholes'' which travel backwards and forwards in time*** to future and past selves (incarnations) respectively.  Feelix then, the natural state of the being that we are, is one of these time travellers.


I finished with various fragments of future travel that I have undertaken with my ''time-phone''****. Obviously our current civilization does not survive that far into the future.  Its disrupted by a series of slowly unwinding global catastrophes and the system finally buckles under its own weight and popular unrest (mainly food riots).  The revolution that happens in the aftermath is fairly peaceful although the population is significantly reduced by the catastrophes - there is a fairly long bleak dark age where food is scarce but government and society do sustain.  Lots of the Earth is returned to the sea and there is a growth of inland marshes, wetlands, lakes etc.  Some terra-forming occurs and most of the Earth is turned into something like Florida.  There is a global state which operates a very strict ecologically minded regime (in its excesses its quite close to fascism) and people live in hexagonal crystal buildings.  A source of clean, portable, relatively free energy is created and people do not need to work needlessly - most ''humans'' devote themselves to art, leisure and research.

Genetic sciences have advanced to the point where gender or race are quite fluid - where I went purple was the fashionable skin colour.  Since ''the Great Lie''***** is/was considered the main problem in terms of getting us into the awful paradigm which wrought such terrible havoc on the Earth, displays of truth are socially encouraged.  A lot of people go naked and one fashion was to have a kind of chakra display built into the spine so it lights up when the centres are activated.  This way it is very difficult to hide your feelings.

The purple beings that I met with (in the attic of an old cottage in a mostly submerged abandoned village in the south-west of England) also gave me more information on retro-causality and how it is to be utilized for travelling the time streams.  I was also informed and subsequently informed the audience, that the real self - this time travelling spiral of information which ''amms'' its ''dog-name'' - does not always go forwards in time, at least fifty percent of us will reincarnate further back in history rather than further forward (although they experience their lives ''forwards'').  Alongside this the beings also informed me that ''time-travel'' in this part of history (between 2700-2900 AD) is still very much the preserve of an elite tradition although the nature of that tradition does change.  Most people remain unaware of their real nature and still are physical beings that operate under the delusion that they look through their eyes (even though they are against the lie, perversely).

Anyway as you can imagine this was all very entertaining ;-) apparently people are still talking about it.  Some people are still digesting the ideas and more and more are speaking about the ''membrane''.

*I used DNA as it is the term that people are most familiar with - its not ''DNA'' in reality that is just part of what it is.
**Head is trying to second-guess, predict, anticipate, it lives in the future - the chest with heart and lungs are the most immediate connection to the present - and abdomen with digestion, nutrient extraction, elimination, and excretion link to the past (obviously with the gonads storing genetic material from the beginning of life).
***231 gates - galgalim - cycles...
****The 231 Gates built into a device which has now been incorporated in consciousness.
*****Almost a return to the Persian Empire in thinking.

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