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The Depth of Up - Venutian Time Forms

I'd woken up early, and I took a long time getting ready to exist.

Fernando Pessoa, The Book of Disquiet

In Time Images Io discusses the role of Hera, heroism and the human understanding of time, pointing towards Heracles and his twelve labours.  Like the different phases of the cell-cycle and their basic genetic rhythms,  the zodiac, planets and elements could be said to be forms of time.

Since we were on the subject what do I think I know about Venutian time forms?


The Path of Venus leads to the Depth of Up represented in my cosmogony by The Mime figure above.  In her perfected state she sits atop the Stoa, juggling and multi-tasking stresslessly while beneath her two less perfected selves weep and self-medicate. The swamp, the ruins and the key turning in her back present this specific form's relationship with time i.e. getting lost, inevitable decay and the reality that all our achievements are as sandcastles. How does she wrestle with these temporal realities?

To respond to Io the role of the Stoa/Stoicism connects to the free will/choice situation, if the synchs/event represent the process of the fulfilment of desire, then one way into the de-synchronous or to disentangle is stoicism - to rise above it*.  In the Symposium though, the Stoic (as Socrates is described by Alcibiades in his final monologue regarding his immunity to cold/heat/fear/love - etc) ends up becoming the object of desire; the beloved instead of the lover - or in our previous language the Stoic becomes the significant event for another which often plays out as the meeting with the master/teacher.
He resembles the Sileni in the contrast between his exterior and interior. (αExternally he adopts an erotic attitude towards beautiful youths: (β) but internally he despises beauty and wealth, as I know from experience. For I tried to bribe him with my beauty, but all my many attempts came to nothing. Private conversations, gymnastics together, a supper-party à deux, even a night on the same couch—all was of no use. Against my battery of charms he was armed (by his temperance) in “complete steel”; and I charge him now before you with the crime of ὕβρις. His hardihood was shown in the Potidaea campaign, where none could stand the cold like him. His valour was displayed in the battle where he saved my life, and in the retreat from Delium. Especially amazing is his unique originality, which makes it impossible to find anyone else like him—except Satyrs and Sileni.

Alcibiades, The Symposium, Plato
As Io states - ''What we are is cultivated by these other forms to which our will is directed'' - If one is genetically inclined towards this archetype one will play out its dramas whether one knows it or not; an inevitable oscillation between mania and depression with those moments of stoicism hopefully rising ever more supreme, full of poise and elegance, sometimes seeming cold, aloof and attractively unobtainable - achingly cool.**  Although the Venutian inevitably becomes the beloved of the Mercurial, what in many ways the Mercurial strives to be, like Io states a new path opens to the Stoic in doing so as they are finally ready to be initiated into the Sun, the Depth of the East, the Form of the Good and regain their nucleus.

The role of restraint in training the will and ultimately opening up the paths to deeper magic cannot be underplayed - stoicism or the steeling of oneself is essential to the Yogi, the Renaissance Magician, the Cathar, the Neognostic.   Without control of the mind how can you pass accusing angels, access the higher planes, not go mad with the fear? The modern conversation in the WMT is about simple desire fulfilment as easily, as quick and as effective as possible through sigil or spirit - you rarely hear discussions about restraint.

No growth without assistance. No action without reaction. No desire without restraint. Now give yourself up and find yourself again.

Master Li Mu Bai, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

*As a key component of stoicism is Nature itself, rising above actually requires considerable if not complete submission.
**The quality of the skin of these forms cycles with these states, its a useful diagnostic tool for navigation/medicine/physiomancy.

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