Sunday, May 31, 2020

2020 - The Year of Lilith, The Black Phase - Nigredo Pt II

'twas late '65 at the old wall sea yard
She was commissioned to haul the black tar,
And built the Northumbria there on the bar
Roll Northumbria, Roll
For when the Egyptians they closed the red sea
And call came on high from the powers that be
To build a royal monster right down on the quay
Roll Northumbria, Roll me boys,
Roll Northumbria Roll

Roll Northumbria, The Dreadnoughts


As I was saying, The Nigredo, you see?  When you enter the Black Lodge you must face your Doppelganger with perfect courage or it will utterly annihilate your soul.  Extroverts, bottled up for months are a perfect powder keg for Joker.  Extremists of all forms - black, white, left, right - have been pumping themselves up on a variety of theories that play to their views, priming their shadow selves in hatred of the other, and now they are cruising for a bruising.

In the UK there have been a spate of drownings and injuries from running into the Sea too far or jumping off cliffs for fun and I get it.  I so badly want a swim and I am so badly landlocked.  The call of the sea is in my soul, it's where I evolved, and I am willing to risk death by Lilifluenza in the local leisure centre to satisfy it.  If I had been bottled up right next to the Ocean, hearing its seductive swells, agonizingly close, for a few months I can completely sympathise with those who would swim out until they sank beneath its gentle waves or hurled themselves into its depths.  Hail Poseidon.


As we mentioned previously there is no other way to obtain perfect courage than through anger.  Your anger is the Gatekeeper and is holding all the keys.  If you wish to complete the Great Work that moment of perfect anger has to be sublimated into self respect and then perfect courage but its at this critical point of the operation that the whole thing could explode.  Since this global experiment is being ran in reverse we have to expect that disaster is the intention or... Well. There was no way all of us would stay in the lowest planes of hell - fear and desire - whether cowering in our homes watching 29 hours of CNN a day and an endless danse macabre of grim statistics or stoned completely docile by a combination of Netflix and free porn.  So, at the very least, as MK-Ultra a behavioural scientist you would want to vent that rising fury somehow if your ultimate intention was to keep people on the lowest vibrational levels.


I tend to avoid motivational rhetoric on this blog because most of my peers seemed to descend into thinking the practice of magick was bound up with this somehow - mainly because it was their intended or successful social business model. I still maintain that this populist shift was a disaster for our community.  That said I want to share motivational rhetoric with you all now as many of you clearly need some but I won't ask you to pay for it. 

The first thing you need to always remember is that there is no hope.  Stop expecting it and stop asking for it.  It is pathetic. There is no hope whatsoever.  Don't get fooled into thinking the launch of a part of the Draconian fleet SPACE X DRAGON is a reason for hope.  If anything the Moonbase already exists and all of this, however ridiculous that sounds to you now, is about psychological priming for you to get on board with what is already going on in space.  Or the Lilifluenza numbers going up and down and whether the lockdown has been a success or not?  Your mood cannot be oscillating on such a rollercoaster of false hopes - the second wave will be five times worse than the first and it is highly likely that it will mutate during that time - the rest of the accompanying hellscape will go on for a solid decade.  Same with the Sun.  The Sun has long been the ultimate symbol of hope and happiness and everyone is desperate to run out to the beach and soak it up.  But it's going to get sunnier and then sunnier and then sunnier and at some point the sun symbol is going to be reversed and you will learn to hate it  - hate it with the same passion you might hate the darkness or any of the subtle secret hatreds they are entraining you with, hatreds you didn't know that you had.  Everything will be inverted.

The situation on Earth right now is utter despair and hopelessness - the very bottom of the vibrational ladder.  I hate to say this, it's hard to say it, but if you truly want to get out of this pit your ladder has to stay on that floor, in acceptance of that reality.  You are not going to float away, however much you may want to, and you are not going to climb a ladder of false hope where every other rung gives way beneath you.  The bottom of your ladder is going to be unshakably cemented in the concrete of absolute despair but also absolute truth - the sorrow that comes from clarity that brings purpose and perfect courage.  If you do this, the ladder you are going to build is going to be made of titanium and every one of your footfalls on those perfect metal beams are going to resound with perfect courage.  Courage, not hope, is going to emerge from the source of eternal light that burns in your heart.


You can obtain some perspective in the abstract timeless dimension and you can prepare yourself for what is coming and build on the resilience of that foreknowledge.  We know the next wind that will blow will be from the North and it will be to do with water and the colour/concept of Green.  We are already breaking records for the driest Spring in a hundred years or in some places, ever.  We know what that means for food prices and production and so on.  If there are things that you can do now, and there almost certainly are, then do them.  And when that day comes you won't be saying at least I prepared you'll be saying bring it on.


Again, readers, you have the Map, here it is Again, Above.  There are ten planes to this decade of hell.  You can begin to interpret the future with them, get a feel for the bosses.  I said before that the colour of 2021 will be ''hell-purple'' and now we are beginning to see ultraviolet lights being rolled out on public transport in order to kill the virus (and a bunch of other microorganisms let's not forget...).  It'll take a while to lay a UV infrastructure if they go with this plan but massive in door sun beds may well be a key part of life in 2021. What else is at work here? Where else might we see the hell purple?  What do you think?  And what can we learn from what was told to us in 2018?

Or this year - we know we will be reversing through a kind of hot Green Lion of deflating rage over the Summer and then a resignation that our higher selves are forever beyond our realisable ambitions in the inverted Citrine Fall.  We know we face this demonic green northern (inverted) water wind
and then a demonic yellow western air wind.  That's why predicting this sol miserablis was simple and why the record breaking hurricanes are also guaranteed.  But what else can we divine?  Just like the Nigredo has exploded in a very black way - what might a similar green explosion look like - beyond the wrath of the Sun?  Eco-terrorism?  More ''Anti-Gretas''?

I understand some of you sleepers don't want spoilers but then don't expect salvation when you are scared witless by the movie as it breaks through the screen and your ignorant friends scatter in panic.  Your heroes are dead and they aren't going to be resurrected.  Your kings are in a mortally wounded shameful exile that they may never return from.  No one is coming to rescue you.  Time to pick up some sticks and rub them together.

So come all ya good workmen, beware the command
That comes down on high from the desk of a man
Who's never held steel or torch in his hands
Roll, Northumbria, Roll
For atop a wild breaker the cracks in her frame
Spilled her black guts all across  the wild Maine
And she limped away through an ocean of flame
Roll, Northumbria, Roll me Boys
Roll, Northumbria, Roll

Roll Northumbria, The Dreadnoughts


  1. Another great read, and you were spot on from the get go about the Nigredo coming.

    The Year of Judgement rages on...

    1. Yes and notice now how a lot of people have turned their profile pics black i.e. symbolising the death of the ego - the selfie. I'll make a more detailed post soon and how this works with the global inverted Nigredo

  2. Are you saying the Populist shift was a disaster for the Magical community?

    If so, I'd like to hear more of your thoughts on that.

    1. Hi - yes. Its a subject of a whole post really but you can read these posts and it might help you see where I was coming from and how things have declined in that way since then:

  3. Thank you for the reply and the links! I just got back to work so I haven't been on the internet as much. Your work is a fountain of inspiration, and I can't wait to read your recent entries as well.