Wednesday, August 18, 2021

2021 - The Year of Gamaliel, Creature of the Night

In the darkness lurk your fears/The panic felt for years/ Then another monster comes/ To make you scream and run Well the panic it attacks/ It's the black line in the cracks/ It's another passing year/ Which fills you full of fear Haunter of the dark/ Haunter of the dark/ No one to be your saviour/ No one to light the way/ No one to light a candle/ On the dawn of a new day No horizon just the black/ No hope does us back/ Just the slow drip of despair/ With no one who does care

Haunter of the Dark, The Tiger Lilies


As predicted by the Inner Plot  an event would need to be contrived for August 16th/17th that would bring the diverse cast of Rocky Horror together for the end of Touch Me and either that, or events themselves conspired to bring us the fall of Kabul and the return of the Taliban; creatures of the night par excellence, in perfect ''synchrony''.  Not only are we visited with the imagery of the victory of grizzly terrorists the lives and liberty of Afghan women are on the slab as well.  With Prince Harry, having served in Afghanistan, adding his voice to the political mix (Biden, Johson, Putin, NATO, etc) the circle of the refrain is complete.  Completing the script to Rocky Horror is more important than the fate of a nation and its people.  Show Me What You Got.


A lot of the dissections of this theory - whether it be entirely the delusional group hysteria of challenging times, or orchestrated by outerworldly, innerworldly, or otherworldly entities - have  an element of Guess Who as we've pieced together the players (pawns really, none of us have actually even seen a ''rook'' let alone a Queen...) across a variety of different spheres.  In trying to navigate this we set ourselves the bindings of the mainstream media (and streaming services) to rein in the apophenia somewhat and to parse the ''data'' down to what would only break through to the masses at large. 

Britney broke through
.  In Hot Patootie we discussed how ''FreeBritney'' channeled the relationship between Morbius and Altaira in Forbidden Planet (You've been under lockdown? Britney's been under lockdown her whole life!) and over the last month she has been stripping off on Instagram - this image below is synched with the end of Touch Me.

Originally, Britney, like Janet Weiss, was the picture perfect representation of small town virginal wholesomeness and the recent documentaries/reviews of her life have shown how this young woman was assaulted (and transformed) by the media and her ''medical support''.  No one has shirked from linking to Princess Diana regarding the psychological damage this media attention can do and therefore you have only a small step to Prince Harry.  Britney, like Janet is also on a journey towards sexual (reproductive) freedom with rumors circulating about how much control her father had over her sexual life as well as her financial life.   Show Me What You Got.


As mentioned before at least two creature features in the Outer Plot show alien enemies trying to break through a shield (Forbidden Planet's forcefield, Day of the Triffid's electric fence) and generally failing, the implication being that the vaccination program (appears to be) working for now.  This is producing a kind of buoyancy about the medicine in the media, but horror stories continue to appear in the rest of the world so there remains a sense of dread in the background.  In the Inner Plot the characters are transformed into statues by the Medusa Transducer around Oct 11th (errors in my temporal mathematics notwithstanding) which implies lockdowns and substantial vaccine failure (whatever the reason given) by that point.  I imagine supply, production and distribution of booster will be given as chief reason for lockdown.  As we traverse September it is worth remembering the following:
  • Vaccinations were administered during lockdown (and lockdown lasted a long time) so have only been tested in a post lockdown environment over relatively few months
  • Lockdowns evolved the virus into a more transmissible variant i.e. selective pressure bred a virus that can travel more than 2m (if it wasn't airborne all along) and technically will now breed a virus that is also vaccine resistant
  • These months have been the warmest and most brightly lit
  • Lots of the most vulnerable are already dead
  • Treatment improved, suppressed treatment was released
Clearly this is not a fair test and, with so many factors in the mix, any success cannot be attributed to the vaccine alone.  And, in spite of these tactical advantages we currently enjoy, the vaccine continues to be downgraded - first it would protect you and others from infection, then only others, then barely you, then you from hospitalization and death, then that only temporarily... unless the third jab of the pitchfork is administered.  Lilith, the Haunter of the Dark, prefers it wet, cold and dark so we can expect a much more vicious resurgence when people's systems are loaded with the environmental stress that comes with Winterfall, as it will come to be known in our post-season future.  Unless our assessment is completely off, this lockdown will be different from previous attempts, a reboot if you will, from the Inner Theory it will be more like Musical Statues than Hide and Seek.  Thanks MKUltra Behavioural Science.  We will be able to move when the music plays and have to stop when it doesn't.  This should continue for around a month until it all starts breaking down from sheer manic exhaustion (far quicker than it did last year) and the lockdown-vaccine solution will be effectively written off as a failure.  Three jabs will have been delivered.  Most everyone who would have died will be dead and we will enter the post-traumatic bleak psycho-geography of '22's ACO and the world of Samael, dancing in the ruins of a Rocky Horror gone horribly wrong.  Superheroes will come to feast and taste the flesh not yet deceased.*  With the passing of the Night Queen, we will be given to the Night King.

In terms of the rest of '21 and '22 immunity boosting/undead slaying cocktails i.e. Vit C + D + Activated Garlic (allicin) + Zinc + Selenium + Omega 3 + colloidal silver (not anti-viral and take very small amounts) + ''holy water'' remain a very good idea and if you want to give yourself a little magical kick then drink the Koolaid in the Mars Hour of Jupiter Day. Have your back to the void as it is the only place that is safe.

And raise your glass to Perfect Courage.   Show Me What You Got

How far are we allowed to go to fix something that is broken?
Until the remedy is worse than the disease.


Samael Morbius, release date: Jan, 2022

*Note the Beethoven Fur Elise in the Morbius Trailer and compare with ACO for the full horror and blatancy. 


  1. Fall is near, the nights are getting cold already. I remember Baudelaire's poem, ansiously waiting for the lift of the curtain to see what is behind. Do not forget to get warm feelings too, they are very good for us.


      The philosophy of this site is to promote Courage which is the gateway to higher vibration and all Righteousness. Love and Logic have been under continuous attack and you can only protect them through Courage. Courage depends on confronting fear, desire, etc and therefore having as thorough an assessment of the battlefield as is possible. Even if that means seeing in the dark. Neutrality, or the Void, is Stoicism. Set your back to that. Set your back to Infinite Time.

      Hope is mainly a form of desire and the masses have been fed empty calories of hope for the last 21 moons along with apathy, anger and the rest. We've all long since left that banquet.

      Peasants lead to slaughter have hope and anger. Hoplites have perfect courage. Roar! Roar! ROAR!

      Good enough? ;-)

  2. So I watched Night/Curse of the Demon the ''movie'' that should structure September according to the Outer Plot. Its basically about chasing about a cursed bit of paper & a guy who doesn't believe in the occult even while surrounded by painfully obvious evidence of its existence. Piece of paper. You have to carry around. Cursed. Strange marks on it, or runes.

    So if:

    June, Forbidden Planet: Lockdowns, travel restrictions, vaccine efficacy
    July, Tarantula: Number of jabs, side-effects
    August, Day of the Triffids: Vaccinated spread (blind spread, not tested, no quarantine) & viral evolution


    Sept, Curse of the Demon = vaccine passport?

    A LOT of people got convinced by the whole vaccine passport thing, way more than I would have expected and dutifully turned up to to the jab to get their travel papers. Proudly they changed their FB halo to ''double vaxxxed''. But now its clear they are still catching and spreading, alongside seriously waning efficacy they will be required to be triple vaxxxed or their passport will be meaningless (?) and then quadruply vaxxxed (?) etc until it doesn't look like a real ground for a FB achievement anymore it starts to look like a curse. And of course as we are learning about during Day of the Triffids the passport is meaningless anyway as they are still spreading. Vaccine passports were one of the most controversial elements of this saga and have triggered wide-scale protests around the world. It looks like the concept will *collapse* under these kind of contradictions during Sept. The collapse of vaccine passports is of course necessary before lockdown Oct 11th, and ''When Worlds Collide''.

  3. I like the comment about courage. I see people saying we should do this or that? I don't know what I can do aside from looking after others and not letting those running this drag me down. Stoicism, Preparedness, Kindness, Humour, those are attainable and hopefully Courage also.

    At times I need to turn away from the more doom laden predictions. At present I'm feeling strangely optimistic, but there's a 'phoney war' feeling just now, with Autumn on horizon and doubtless long planned moves in play.

    Am I right in thinking that the outer plot is more likely to contribute themes rather than direct correlations? On timing it's complicated by two versions, The Night of the Demon (UK) 95mins
    Curse of the Demon (US) 88m, but it looks like only the longer cut is available online regardless of the title:

    I may have seen it, but will watch anyway. I like the MR James story it's based on. Not so much that I ever wanted to see it re-enacted 'as live' mind...

    Thinking about time, vaccines and the graphene thought to be within them, saw this:
    'Time reflection and refraction of graphene plasmons at a temporal discontinuity
    Temporal scattering of a graphene plasmon by a rapid carrier density decrease '

    I believe it was in the context of discussing CERN, Portals, Timelines etc. Fun times ahead.

  4. Looking for direct correlations with the outer plot may be a fools errand, but 21st August is an interesting point in the movie:

    The chateau where the protagonists have sheltered is invaded by drunken refugees from Paris, their Bacchanalian antics (and wild jazz) attract the Triffids that mass outside. By 22nd August they're smashing their way into the Castle whilst Masen and our gang flee in a truck.

    1. I am presuming this is a set of news stories about vaccinated mixing with unvaccinated.


      within the day's grace?

      The Triffids are attracted to 'noise'

      Declining vax efficacy reveal?
      Boardmasters linked to possible spike:

      (attendees either vaxxed, negative test or antibody PCR)

    3. Wonder whether some of those tests that people brought to the festival are going to prove to be fakes next month as part of the Night of the Demon paper chase?

    4. On the day's grace I would say so! Its all already horribly unravelling where I work, its actually kind of hilarious but this is more for future posts. Anyway see below:

      ''But the principal causes of Israel’s current predicament are the dominance of the extremely infectious Delta variant, which was carried into the country by Israelis returning from foreign vacations during the weeks in which Israel dropped all restrictive measures—along with the worrisome decrease in vaccine efficacy after about six months.''

      ''In order to keep severe illness and the number of COVID deaths down, and avoiding a fourth national lockdown, Israel has embarked on an aggressive effort to provide all adults with boosters in a matter of weeks.''

      ''Israel will then reconfigure its Green Passports, granting them only to the triple-vaccinated, and limiting their validity to six months.''

      That piece of paper is going to be a yoke on the vaxxxed. I don't know if you are UK or US Journeyman but when I was back in the UK I noticed the Tesco had a green light red light blast door type access now. With this ''app'' that door will just cease to open to the unvaxxed and shortly in the future, the ''lesser vaxxxed''. lol

      My red line was reached ages ago but for some I am still curious whether they will eventually draw one at all! As I said a few posts back if ''Epsilon'' et al runs amok in an animal reservoir such as pets will they let them cull their cats and dogs? Some people have told me that is their red line. We will see.

    5. And that no man might buy or sell save that he had the Mark of the Beast, or the Name of the Beast or the Number of his Name. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man and his number is six hundred and sixty six. Revelations 13:15-18

      Mark: Antibody test
      Name: Vaccine
      Number: Valid PCR Test


    6. I'm UK and redlined to ****! It's scary seeing people ok with the idea of removing the unvaxxed from transplant lists, but pets would likely be step too far for the UK at least.

      Talking of location. I saw a riot happened in French football at weekend and thought about a possible parallel to the outer theory, which got me thinking about the international dimension.

      I try and keep up with US affairs but there's an inevitable bias within the news I see towards UK/Europe. The movies of the UCP were nearly all US efforts, but with varying degrees of international funding. Do you / we think that this has an international scope? If so, how could we best ascertain it?

      I thought of asking the K-Pop gang at VC to look at the UCP and see if they could find parallels in Korean movies and music videos of the time? K-Pop seems to the most overtly occult themed genre at present, to a truly incredible degree.

      If the UCP was carried out on a truly global scale. the question could be, would they have their own movie rather than RHPS? Is there a French site where people are tying events in Paris to Les Amants des Pont Neuf, or Germans trying to work out which of their identikit politicians is the captain from Das Boot?

      Bizarre stuff but I have to say I prefer thinking of this than how I'm going to break into Tesco to get something for dinner...

  5. I don't know for sure as I haven't researched it enough. I think themes is probably the right way of looking at it. The science characters can stand in for ''science'' itself which has been on quite a convoluted journey this year. Forbidden Planet (travel restrictions/lockdowns), Day of the Triffids (vaccinated spread, virus moving amongst the blind which is now mainstream news...) and Night of the Demon (vaccine passports) surely relate to the ''Vaccine Program''. More broadly they prob. all relate to the Gorgoneion Program which is prob. bigger than just a vaccine and includes the space element. I thought they might apply the same logic and go with actual characters for this as I think we all know who Dr X is.

    Dr X: Musk
    Forbidden Planet/Morbius: McAfee
    Tarantula/Deemer: Fauci?
    Night of the Demon: ?

    I like the idea of this guy being completely oblivious to the occult element even when it is glaringly obvious. Maybe they'll ramp up the occult elements in Sept? But they would have to work hard as materialists are gonna materialize whatever you throw at them. I mean Gates launched Zoom with Marina Abramovic and only VC et al thought that was weird. We know she likes to stare into people's eyes/souls and now she can stare into most any soul she desires. So what with the music videos, ''Vax Live'', the state rituals, etc all being obviously occult what more can they do to make it *even more* obvious? Blue Beam? CERN Portal? Although I have scientist friends who wouldn't believe in an alien even if it was standing in front of them, they are that hardcore against anything deemed to be fringe. They would rather deny their own senses. I've asked to make sure. Some would swing on a major sighting/string of abductions or even an alien probe. But some would rather gouge their eyes. Its a madness. The UFO thing has been bubbling in the background, so do they do it via hostile extraterrestrials (demons)?

    I think it more likely that the demon is the virus, and the cursed paper is the vaccine passport. That would be consistent with everything else so far.

    With the timing RHPS is a little off as well. I rounded up and added the +/-1 Day of Accuracy and ''Global Time'' concept to make it viable. They prob. applied a similar fix, or do actually work in ''Global Time''?

  6. I spent a long time in the same mindset as your scientist friends and only left it relatively recently once the counter evidence had become too great to dismiss. It's a comforting place, you get to dismiss a lot of things that would otherwise give you sleepless nights. Very difficult to break through, in part because our entire system of education, entertainment and societal customs combine to brainwash us quite effectively. It's one reason VC or Secret Sun are so useful, because those parallels that can be drawn between ancient statues and whatever costume Beyonce, Katy Perry etc are wearing is such an instant visual match that any honest obsever should at least concede that it's unlikely to be accidental. Whether they go on to dig further is another matter.

    If anyone wants to read the original MR James story 'Casting the Runes', which Night of the Demon is based on:

    1. Amongst my friends, I've always thought of it as defensive intelligence. They're intelligent. They knows its a fucking rabbit hole and its a way of avoiding it. These same people far prefer to think the government is incompetent rather than singularly malevolent. That's why they always chief us with these jokers. Its for the clever amongst us not for the stupid...

    2. It was defensive on my part, if some of it was maybe subconsciously so.

      I think the govt incompetence is just one of the themes the system is happy to reinforce on a regular basis to keep one from looking deeper. 'Yes Minister' is being repeated prime time at the moment and is often hailed as the most accurate depiction of how govt works. It's superb and there's a lot of truth in there about bureaucracy etc. There's no scene where Sir Humphrey moves the date of the announcement to coincide with Mercury traversing Scorpio though, or Bernard channeling lower plane entities. Nowadays I rather think there should be...

  7. This looks mainstream.