Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Metabolism VI - The Mask of Cortisol, the Lover and the Conflux

A mask refers to the behaviour expressed by the physiognomical characters in order to acquire attention, each character then has a particular mask associated with it.  Positive attention (praise, compliments) drives the mask type worn up the Metabolism of Time diagram and negative attention (criticism, slander) drives it down.  For instance the natural mask of the Mime is the 'Lover', when a Mime recieves too much negative attention they begin to wear the natural mask of the Many Mannered Mind Man instead, the mask of the Vampire, and when they recieve too much positive attention they wear the natural mask of the Prisoner, the mask of the Dreamer.


The mask typically fluctuates around the natural mask of the underlying character as they go through the various types of attention they recieve throughout the day, the sign of a healthy individual is the action they take to restore their natural state, i.e. if a character  recieves excessive praise they will seek criticism and vice versa.  This seeking of the opposite can be active or passive, conscious or subconscious.

Too much positive or negative attention can distort the mask and longer exposures will extend this distortion's duration.  Wearing a mask that is not suited to the underlying genetics is a source of suffering - this mask will begin to dissociate from the character and manifest self-hate or self-harming, hubris, low self-esteem, etc.



While the individual is typically resilient to exposure to extreme forms of attention and can return to health, these distortions cause rifts and have a wear and tear effect on the mind - they can also push an individual past their elastic limit where they begin to lose flxibility and adaptability regarding the type of attention they can handle and ultimately their plastic limits, where the mind fragments completely.

We will systematically list the masks that are associated with the characters in subsequent posts but lets just zoom in on the masks of our first example with the Mime.  The Mime typically wears the mask of the Lover - this mask essentially feeds on the attention drawn from actual physical contact - they are very touchy-feelie, seeking excuses to pat people's backs, shake hands, kiss cheeks, dance close together - social butterflies.  


When they recieve too much positive attention they will assume the mask of the Dreamer and become more introspective and not seek out physical attention, they will also lose concentration in conversation.  When they recieve negative attention, they will become aggressively predatory with the mask of the Vampyr - they will become obsessive over one individual and use their eyes to lock them into mesmeric trances as opposed to their generally flirty flitty butterfly behaviour.  The natural effect of assuming the mask of the Dreamer is that the glut of positive attention will naturally recede as they become introspective and so gently revert to their previous state of the Lover.  Conversely the mask of the Vampyr allows them to forcibly acquire positive attention to again restore the balance to nature.  This is in essence a description of an attention based negative feedback loop similar to and derived from endocrinology.


Information relating to the Mime is associated with Netzach.

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