Friday, March 8, 2013

Metabolism VI - The Masks and the Conflux

To summarise important learning points so far:

  • Everyone shares an identical structure of consciousness - everyone has an awareness of their physical body and insides, an awareness of their physical reach, an awareness of their perceptual limits and these faculties are enclosed within a 'sphere' of the larger mind - this structure we call Feelix
  • Everyone is different in that they are associated with a particular aspect(s) of Feelix more than the others, i.e. a person can have an overactive thyroid gland or be high testosterone and this produces certain natural behaviours appropriate to that person - the set of archetypes that allow us to zoom in on the individual are called the physiognomical characters*
  • In order that the characters may survive in this world they must complete their metabolism continuously by finding nutrition, in the form of food and water, but on a social level in the form of attention (attention can be stored as 'Shards' or memories and metabolised later - similar to 'fat')
  • Like over-eating or under-eating, being overexposed or underexposed to attention, both negative and positive has damaging effects on the individual (in the terms of this work the damaging effects are called 'Rifts' which cause breaches in integrity or 'Veil' which is more of an attritive form of damage)
  • Each of the natural physiognomical characters (associated with the endocrine glands) also has a natural mask associated with it
  • This mask presents certain kinds of behaviour when in social environments and feeding on attention (social nutrition) - the natural mask is the one that is appropriate to the underlying physiognomical character
  • Under the influence of negative and positive attention this mask may alter - under extreme conditions, the mask can be distorted temporarily (although the duration of the distortion is based on the intensity of the attention experienced) - distortion can breach both elastic and plastic limits of the mask though with harmful consequences
  • The distortion that occurs is in line with the Metabolism of Time diagram, negative attention forcing the mask to distort to the mask type associated with the character 'down' the chart from the person's natural character and positive attention forcing the mask to distort to the mask type associated with the character 'up' the chart from the person's natural character
  • The physiognomical character is at its happiest when presenting its natural mask and normally healthy individuals will take action to restore the balance - i.e. a character recieving too much positive attention will either avoid social nutrition for a while or seek out negative attention and vice versa
*Individuals typically lie on a 'path' between two of these archetypes, although some people are very striking examples of a pure form - it is wise to identify people of the pure form (using the info in the physiognomical characters section) first and then extend your abilities from there.

Below is a list of working notes you will need if you want to explore this system further.  I recommend printing out this information and then exploring the social environment with it.  I have tried to put a lot of information into the images themselves and it is worth reflecting on them.  The lists contain the image of the physiognomical character with its natural mask (and typical results of distortion under negative/positive attention), Qabalistic reference, their position in the Metabolism of Time, and the endocrine link (which some of you interested in the chakra system will see is very much like the characters associated with the chakras...) These notes conclude this section of the theory of the Metabolsim of Time and what will follow in subsequent notes are some practical techniques for using this system.  I will now also be detailing the work on the Sefer Yetzirah.  Please ask any questions if you want any help.

YESOD - Many Mannered Mind Man, altered past, genitals - testosterone, natural mask Vampyr, important notes - virtually immune to negative attention, positive attention results in distortion to Immortal

HOD - Jay, remembering, adrenals - adrenaline, natural mask Immortal +ve attention distorts to dreamer, -ve attention distorts to Vampyr - more susceptible to positive distortion

NETZACH - Mime, forgetting, adrenals - cortisol, natural mask Lover, +ve attention distorts to dreamer, -ve attention distorts to Vampyr - more susceptible to negative distortion
TIFERETH - Prisoner, inner mind, pancreas - insulin and glucagon, natural mask Dreamer, difficult to distort because of general contentment +ve attention distorts to magi, -ve attention distorts to Lover
GEVURAH - Confused Venutian, analysis of the moment, thymus - recognition of foriegn bodies, natural mask Demon, +ve attention distorts to Gambler, -ve attention distorts to Dreamer, more susceptible to -ve attention

CHESED - Shellfish, response to the moment, thymus - recognition of self, natural mask Magus, +ve attention distorts to Gambler, -ve attention distorts to Dreamer, more susceptible to +ve attention

DAAT - Treefrog, experience of the moment, thyroid/parathyroid, natural mask Gambler, +ve attention distorts to Timelord, -ve attention distorts to Demon
BINAH - Bloodless Being, changing the future, pineal - melatonin, natural mask Timelord, +ve attention distorts to Director, -ve attention distorts to Gambler, more susceptible to +ve distortion
CHOKMAH - Ignorant Fool, reducing the future, pineal - serotonin, natural mask Angel, +ve attention distorts to Director, -ve attention distorts to Gamble, more susceptible to -ve distortion

KETHER - Ignorant Genius, the Altered Future, pituitary, natural mask Director, virtually immune to positive attention, distorts to Angel under -ve attention

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