Thursday, September 29, 2016

Time Travel - Musing on the Museum

Welcome my son, welcome to the machine
Where have you been? Its alright we know where you've been
You've been in the pipeline filling in time
Provided with toys and scouting for boys
You bought a guitar to punish your ma
You didn't like school and you know you're nobody's fool
So welcome to the machine

Pink Floyd
According to Raziel the population of this universe is finite but vast.  Untold trillions of time-travellers busily occupy/colonize the future. At Year 0, the moment time travel is invented, space is no more and there is only time.  Human culture will be completely absorbed and transformed by entities that resemble insects more than mammals which will spontaneously appear in their multitudes, dwarfing and engulfing our own population.  The astral entities described in previous posts by myself and others throughout the history of projection may not actually be insects they may actually be more like humans just wearing chrono-suits that have an insectoid appearance - maybe wings, chitin and complex eyes are necessary in navigating the time streams of the astral future?

This universe of my life, my experience of shared human history is a museum then, an eternal loop extending from the astral past to the astral future and linked to them by temporal pinchpoints that occur due to the invention of time travel.  The museum is frozen in time so that moment of invention cannot be altered and endanger the universe itself.  To what extent is this my life though? Is it simply the life of an another I am observing and forming opinions about?  To what extent did this life ever have opinions about itself or did it just simply behave? A museum exhibit where this external we fill in the gaps in consciousness?

In preparation for a planetary hyper ritual I started a little experiment on my smartphone.  Using the planetary calculator I started getting voice updates on when planetary hour shifts were occurring and I noticed that almost exactly at the hour subtle phenomena in my environment would sync with the shift. For example at one point I just had made a cup of tea and then for some mad reason plunged my hand into it to get the teabag out and squeeze, the blasted thing obviously burning my hand - I thought to myself, ''why the fuck did I just do that?'' - and then my phone said ''Mars time'' in its smug nasal tone.  Now obviously this kind of experiment is open to significant confirmation bias but its worth exploring anyway.  In the end though I switched it to silent (it got scary), backed away from the proposed ritual and resorted to using the calculator to time boost Mercurial and Jupiterian effects again.  But still it made me think more and more about what Raziel has been saying - I do seem to be caught in the mechanism of a clock, at least it feels like it. Intensely following this train of thought resulted in a day where I felt completely divorced from my actions, just watching myself do stuff that caused chaos and disruption seemingly powerless to prevent myself from doing it.  Obviously there are mental health issues at stake but if you're not messing around with your mind a little bit then you are definitely not doing this right, right?

The reason I say this is I realized at that moment that I might think I have control over my actions but really I might just be forming opinions [of my behavior and others] on the assumption that I am controlling my actions.  What do my opinions look like when I drop this assumption?  What would be my opinions of myself if I a) realized I had no power over what I was going to do next and b) that I was not even me?  How many entities could be looking out through these eyes, forming opinions about what this individual did and why they did it?  Am I just occupying this exhibit, looking through the eyes of a mannequin?  The late Vincent Bridges once told me that these entities, although they appear hostile to the sleep-paralyzed victim are engaged in sampling as opposed to anything truly malicious.  Sampling could be understood in two possible ways - sampling for science and sampling for taste - I don't think these have to be mutually exclusive.  Am I too, simply sampling and savoring?

I have entertained these ideas about magic for a long time i.e. that what most people consider to be magic is an egoistic opinion claiming ownership of what is actually prophecy or information gathering from a 4th dimensional perspective.  We have the classic evidence of doing magic to gain something and then getting it but realizing that it was sent before you did the magic.  The wonderful knots occultists tie themselves up in over this amuses me endlessly but its clear that these things are temporally entangled and that you are not the cause.   And that fact, that you are not the cause, is obviously terrifying to the fevered ego typical of the western magician.

 We have to bear in mind that you may not be yourself, that you, like me, like many others within you, are observers, maybe, as Empedocles put it, as exiles, in this Night at the Museum.  If that is the case then Exhibit A engaged in behaviour that appeared like magic and that it thought was magic at some point in the closed time-stream and thinking they were the cause claimed ownership of the effect - some entities occupying Exhibit A may agree with that position other entities may think otherwise and when they leave the exhibit, they leave with those opinions intact - what then do they do, where do those opinions go?  If there is any effect at all I think it determines what you are free to remember i.e. that Exhibit A was an asshole at that point, or that they were a victim of socialization, or that they were justified in their action being driven to it by the actions of some else - i.e. you can judge them and you can take those judgements away, I assume to the astral future, if, that is, you can escape the museum at all.* Or you can forgive both the exhibit and its occupants - after all its nobody's fault really.

Of course by that same logic this exhibit believes that it is engaging in some kind of prophecy mediated by a higher intelligence rather than magic and I am only free to form opinions about whether or not it was correct due to the fact that I am occupying it.  If I was occupying an exhibit that was just all about eating shit food, or obsessing over their hair, or thinking that they were altering the universe with squiggles then I'd only be able to form opinions about that.

Am I too fat?  Does my hair look nice? Does my squiggling change the course of the universe? These questions and others haunt my nightmares.

Welcome my son, welcome to the machine
What did you dream
Its alright we told you what to dream
You dreamed of a big star
He played a mean guitar
He always ate in the steak bar
He loved to drive in his jaguar
So welcome to the machine

Pink Floyd

*There are clearly flaws in these arguments and this is my fleshing out of Raziel's information as opposed to what Raziel stated - there is still much meat to be applied to this skeleton.  I am still missing key pieces of the puzzle especially regarding the astral past and possible ''war'' between the past and the future.

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