Thursday, January 2, 2020

2020 - Beyond the Russet Falls, The Qliphoth and the Next Decade

It's just a drill, it's just a drill.

Monkey Dust  


In the Russet Falls posts I had been exploring how the Russet Palette could be, and then was, used during the final quarter of 2019.  I had expected volcanoes in the Pacific Rim to manifest and although volcanoes did make the news none on the scale that I had personally expected.  Instead the fires indicated by the Russet Pallette turned out to be actual fires, in both Australia and California.  The reason that I said the disasters had to happen in a developed nation were that only then would the world pay the attention necessary to enter the next phase of the plan for the future.


Although I have put the pallette into these images myself note that throughout the media stories of both the California and Australian Wildfires the gradual reddening of the imagery that they used and that I discussed in Joker.  From a Jungian alchemical point of view this refers to the birth of the archetypal self but what is meant by archetypal self we are all about to discover.


As observed by Vigilant Citizen, the AMA awards had a ''Hell on Earth'' flavour to them and that returned me to thinking that maybe the next stage was exactly that, The Tree of the Qliphoth , the ''Shadow Tree'' of the ''Underworld''.

So from 2010 to 2019 we have been brought down the Tree of Life and from 2020 and beyond we will be transitioning into the Inverse Tree.  The Inverse Tree is exactly as you would imagine it: instead of divine names, diabolical; instead of archangels, greater demons; instead of Sefiroth, Qliphoth.  What does this mean for the Unifying Colour Theory?  I imagine we can expect the same schema but in reverse so that in 2020 we will formally be in the ''Malkuth'' equivalent of the Tree of the Qliphoth [i.e. Lilith] and then we'll head down towards ''Kether'' in 2029 [note 2 and 9 adds to 11 which is both the number of Magic, the number of the Qliphoth and 11 symbolises the demonic duality of the Thaumiel, the Greater Demon of Kether].

General Rules

  • Same colour scheme as 2010-2019 but in reverse and in hellish tones [this seems to be either an intensification or boldness of the colour or a washed out soulless tinge] e.g. for ''Malkuth'' 2020 [i.e. Lilith] expect red then black then green then yellow but also all of them mixed together in design as we saw this year
  • Post apocalyptic hellscapes and ecological catastrophes
  • Antagonists inspired by the Greater Demons such as Lilith, Belial, Samael which might explain all the focus on H.P. Lovecraft
  • Antagonists as Protagonists so expect to be following some evil characters and sympathising/identifying with them [I'll chuck Faustian out there as a word to describe some of what will end up being our most ''beloved'' evil ''heroes'' of this period in popular culture]
  • Vice as Virtue, expect to see stories where ''Vice'' ends up being the way to success in the movie, or a lot of twists/takes on this idea
  • Unhappy endings

Looking through this example of trailer from 2020 we can see how those general rules are playing out.  Particularly pay attention to those Malkuthian colours [yellow, green, black and red] and bear in mind Malkuth is more complicated to deploy in terms of production elements [set, costume, lighting, etc] as there are four colours as opposed to one.  When we reach 2021 and return to indigo-purple [ but ''hell'' purple] the colours will be a lot clearer [as it was in 2018].


Although there is a role for intuition and divination in my work I am mainly relying on reason and the maps I'm sharing and I'll try to indicate where the former is more important than the latter.  Sometimes people are surprised by how I do this saying things like ''you are thinking three moves ahead you can't do that'' but of course you can do that and the powers that be very much are doing that.  All you need is the ''hymn'' sheet.  

So for now we can see that 2020 is Lilith [Queen of the Night, Mother of Demons] so we can expect a lot of plays on that in popular culture and speculate on what they might be.  Bearing in mind the sheer amount of Fallen Daughters in movies this past year we can expect that imagery to be reversed - i.e. expect evil daughters and demonic birth.  How might that play out in the world as opposed to movies?  Well Greta Thunberg is our global representative of the concept of the Fallen Daughter now so in 2020 she could be compromised by a set of stories that set her movement back or we could see false daughters, kind of anti-Gretas (capitalist, materialist???) might emerge, or evil-Gretas (eco-terrorist?).  While we will see various hellish representations of Lilith I believe we will also see her continue to be reclaimed by witches as a symbol of female power so don't expect the [trans] gender wars to be finishing anytime soon, if anything expect this to escalate in 2020 as well also fuelled by a radicalised youth.  I'll provide more speculation as I study more.


So where is all this going?  Is it apocalypse for the sake of it?  I imagine the end game of this next decade is the political foundations of what will become a paradise world sometime around 2030 i.e. after the Revelations we will begin to get the New Jerusalem.

There are some who believe that climate change is not real and I would suggest that they are now in denial of their own senses.  There are some who believe that the climate change we see is actually the result of weather weapons, HAARP, etc and although I don't rule this out as a factor I honestly can't see how we could have ripped the amount of fossil fuels [concentrated death energy] we have out of the earth and placed in the atmosphere without consequences so in my opinion climate change is absolutely real - just like acid rain, and environmental despoliation from mines and drilling.  

If you were charged with saving humanity from itself what would you actually do?  There are only two ways - eco-austerity and/or geoengineering and I believe that it will be through the combination of these two, by the powers that be, that we will get to a version of the New Jerusalem.  But things have to get considerably worse before The People willingly sign up to both of those and that is what 2020 and Beyond are about, i.e. it becoming bad enough to force radical change.

Honestly I struggle with the ethics of all of this as I don't see The People as the highest or even an inherent good because The People consist of absolute assholes, hypocrites, idiots and the criminally and less criminally insane.  I don't see Nature as the highest good either as Nature is really about cute things massacring and eating other cute things for eternity. I don't see Technology as the highest good as it always seems to be a Faustian pact of some form.  If you believe in the Good though, you have to recognise that we seem pretty removed from it right now and if you were charged with saving the Earth and [as many of] the people and you had license to whatever was necessary what would you do?


  1. I'm curious about your take on the Major Arcana starting at the year 2000.
    2001- The Magician(between twin towers/pillars) and on through.

    I mostly see the semblance with my own personal/subjective experience, but also notice some synchronization with the world of matter i.e. Twin Towers.

    2009 as The Hermit hits me as its the year I started Oil Painting full time, hidden away in my studio.
    2013 i experienced the death of a two year long project in which i was invested.
    2016-Trump Tower, Dark Tower
    2018- I got engaged, The Moon
    2019- married with honeymoon in Greece. Apollo, Apollo,Apollo.

    Now 2020 Judgment and 2021 The World.

    Just curious what u think?

  2. Well... the Magician and the Two Towers and the Star (Pentagon) seemed fairly well established if I remember rightly but I don't remember anyone pursuing it. I might give it a go at some point if I get a chance! I see the link with 2016 and 2020. I wouldn't rule out that plan. The Unifying Colour Theory showed them working the Sephiroth from 2010 - 2019 *and* the paths though as I explore in the movie analysis of Fury Road or The Arrival for example.

    I think we should separate personal and global a little but whatever they are synchronizing out there will have an affect on the personal depending on the willpower of the individual.

    In working with the letters I certainly noticed more resonance or a more powerful physical response with the letters attached to my sun sign, the element of my sun sign, my opposite sign, and my rising sign *therefore* you may have been more affected in those tarot card years if such a ritual was afoot, if you get me. Well at least that might be a place to start in analysing them...

  3. Thanks for your response. I greatly appreciate your work and input.