Sunday, August 14, 2022

2022 - The Year of Samael, Alex Jones Johnson Baldwin Ocasio-Cortez was Right!

And o' my brothers would you believe your faithful friend and long suffering narrator pushed out his red yahzik a mile and a half to lick the grahzny vonny boots.  The horrible killing sickness had wooshed up and turned the like joy of battle into a feeling I was going to snuff it.
Alex de Large, A Clockwork Orange, Stanley Kubrick


At the same time that Donald Trump and Alex Jones are being investigated and/or fined the FBI also state that Alexander (Alec) Rae Baldwin pulled the triggerSee what they just did there.  For four years during his Presidency Donald was shadowed by a parallel Alex (Alec Baldwin) who regularly ridiculed him on SNL.  For many liberally inclined people who couldn't stand watching the real Trump, our parallel Alex was ''the president''. In late 2021 on the set of the movie Rust, Alec Baldwin pulled the trigger of the gun that fired the bullet that killed Halnya Hutchins - occuring as late in '21 as it did with the segue to A Clockwork Orange and therefore to ''Alex'' as a ''protagonist'' it became obvious that he was one of the Alexirillion (Rust = Orange).  His not-so-subtle qabalistic references to a Splenda packet marked him out still further as one of the warlocks.  The timing implied the drama around the shooting would coincide with the investigations into Trump that had already been planned.  Although to the attentive this seems absurd, for the purpose of the pedestrians and to some extent the global ritual they are unknowingly participating in the FBI may as well have said Donald Trump pulled the trigger.  If anyone believes this is ''just a coincidence'' they are a moron.


Anyone who has been around people will tell you things are not the same post-pandemic, with substantial personality alteration and modification having occurred.  To what extent has this modification been structured according to the Unifying Colour Theory and the Cult Movie Meta-Theory?  More precisely to what extent were aspects of our original personality removed during the years 2010-2019 and to what extent are the new characters that we find ourselves surrounded by actually the characters from these films?  A bit like Beta Kittens or Delta Assassins lets have a look at the citizens of the Post-Ultra Normal.


The true nature of heroism lies in selflessness, a heroic character being willing to sacrifice their selves (or their own) to save others.  Selfishness then is the opposite of heroism.  The rise of the Selfie type (2010+) of pure smart phone narcissism and self-indulgence coincided with the cinematic ridicule/execution of many (primarily male) heroes from our collective childhoods - Luke Skywalker, Indiana Jones, Superman, the Ghostbusters, Kirk/Spock, Logan/Xavier, Mad Max (muzzled and overshadowed by Furiosa), Deckard, James Bond, Khaleesi... etc, or even the 50% of Marvel heroes in one snap by Thanos.  You can argue that even Birdman was an attack on the heroic archetype. In so doing, they psychically maimed, disempowered or killed the hero within.  And which character did they glorify more than any other?  Joker.  Almost at the end of their decade long ritual they uplift and celebrate one of the most iconic villains of all time.



One of the powers of White Alchemy is the power of Eternal Youth with the expert being able to maintain a youthful appearance alongside cultivating longevity.  In Dark Alchemy (FFS, I can't believe I just wrote that but whatever) you can weaponise Eternal Youth by using it to regress the individual to a child-like state and leave them there.  This can be achieved through ''Disneyfication'' nostalgia beams from black mirrors i.e. making them watch characters from their youth, forcing people to use child-like emojees in transactions and encouraging the use of infantilized language such as ''Yay''.  People regressed like this are, or rather were, far more suggestible - and when you crack them open there is nothing but a plastic toy inside. A dark point of view, I know, and sad as all hell.


So we take a bunch of cowardly, self-centred children and then we scare the shit out of them in 2020.  If you don't do what Father State says Lilith will get you.  This would have coincided with Clash of the Titans 1981 which at the time I thought was to do with the Perseus ''war effort'' against Lilifluenza - celebrating doctors, nurses, key workers, teachers, etc who all came together to ''defeat'' Medusa.  But can we see the Covidians represented in Perseus himself or in the characters he meets?  To some extent I think the ''magic weapons'' that Perseus has to acquire are the trappings of the Covidian - mask, vaccine, etc.  We could broaden this to say that people who actively engaged in spreading the fear of lilifluenza and making sure people obeyed lockdown or mask wearing (i.e. remained petrified or paralysed) became Medusas - or the Karenification if you will.


While simultaneously starving the majority of children of their education (no-one learned anything during the pandemic) they also pushed whey powder, protein shakes and regular gym workouts to both boys and girls through a variety of influencing channels.  They also successfully got many of them off cigarettes, booze and drugs (replaced with that sweet dopamine drip from TikTok) and identified this kind of reckless behaviour with the toxic male form - ''Eddie''. This was the ''Rockification'' of the youth, and I am assuming this took place as robots cannot (currently) build dams, flood barriers, clear dead wood from forests effectively, etc and they are going to need a bunch of guys and gals who can lay brick better than they can solve simultaneous equations.



During 2021 Frank, as the form of societal deviant that was mainly suppressed throughout the last few hundred years (at least), was released and ''Frankishness'' was positively encouragedYou all saw this and some of us did in painstaking day-by-day detail.  Whether this be the horror stories of teachers sharing their sexual proclivities with class, assisting students in getting ''gender affirming surgery'', the decimation of female athletes or just leathered up and loose about the town - the Franks were created and then released.  We could talk about Brad and Janet (how kink was inserted into mainstream conservatism*) and so on as well but I think you get the point!  What is the point of creating Franks?  Well the more people you encourage to ''explore their sexuality'' the less likely they are to have kids especially if they have a gender affirming hysterectomy.  I am not interested in coming across as conservative here, personally I don't care about how people are expressing themselves but one of the net effects of this alteration that I am interested in from the MK-perspective is people are being neutered like house-pets.


As expected the ''Alexes'' are those residual ''toxic males'' who evolved to the situation they found themselves in and have been typically associated with conspiracy - Alex Jones, Joe Rogan, Donald Trump via Q-Anon, ''truckers'' etc.  For your average person, especially those who have been vaccinated, these people are scary and are set out to destabilise society.  If you are not in the control group do you really want someone making constant noise about SADS, or ADE?  I would find that unsettling to say the least.  As we move into a new cold war where the state-approved conspiracies of ''Russian meddling'' or ''Chinese espionage'' are going to take the foreground surely you want to silence and defang your Alexes?  If we broaden this to the Droogs as a whole we see that the state has some intention for Dim and Peter providing them with job opportunities in the enforcement and execution of state power.

If you think this is implausible I would kindly remind you that those movies of the UCT were watched by countless critics for a decade but only Chris Knowles picked up on the colour synching, which I then subsequently developed, in 2017!  This alone shows how dumb and blind the majority are.  For those who are with me I could go on with discussion about Matthews, Elizabeths, Maxs, ''Eco-Kids'', Brads, Janets, Jessicas and Logans but I am running short of time and there are obviously massive spoiler alerts in here if for some reason you want to stay ''surprised'' over the next eight years.  As JB says the relentless accuracy of this theory is depressing and honestly watching it day-in day-out as I did during 2021 was truly fucking mind-bending.  I would be interested in all of your takes on the idea of this ''character as MK-Alter'' theory and if we think this is a good direction we can also discern a great deal from deeper ''character study'' and therefore, at this point, ''time travel''...

She came toward me with the light like it was the light of heavenly grace, and the first thing that flashed in my gulliver was that I would like to have her right down there on the floor with the old in-out, real savage.   But quick as a shot came the sickness, like a detective that had been watching around the corner and now followed to make his arrest.


Alex de Large, A Clockwork Orange, Stanley Kubrick

*This will ''bear fruit'' in 2025 when we return to Brad and Janet in Shock Treatment.

P.s. Second quarter of IoBS & A'arab Tzereq up next



  1. "This will ''bear fruit'' in 2025 when we return to Brad and Janet in Shock Treatment."

    I still have to disagree with this, because Shock Treatment is *not* a "cult movie", the near-totality of the human race has *never* even heard of it, and even most fans of RHPS are oblivious to it. We need to better fit for 2025.

    1. I hear you JB but I am pretty damn sure its Shock Treatment. Why, I hear you ask! 1) Its completely red which is necessary for the sefira of Gevurah 2) In its reference back to Brad and Janet I would see it as an extension of the cult of Rocky Horror and to diehards Shock Treatment serves as a cult within a cult which is something the cult in charge loves 3) within the film you have an enclosed colour-coded ''set'' where an experiment is taking place, this is the ''Smart City'' (one of which will be trialled in Canada 2025 for sure, and be a focus I think) 4) this provides a segue to the rainbow coded and sexually promiscuous domed and doomed ''Smart City'' of Logan's Run. Smart Cities are heavily pushed after 2024 the Year of the Megafires (Mad Max 3) because of the benefits they supposedly provide for energy usage/efficiency which after the events of 22, 23 and 24 in particular will be supported by the populace i.e they are the ''solution'' to the ''problem''. O'Brien is also a necromancer-warlock which is another thumbs up from the demons in charge.

      I need to watch it again and I am more than happy to consider rivals. As people know I do not mind being wrong, I think truth is the most important thing and we know early in the year now anyway. For instance I definitely still have Soylent Green and Beneath the Planet of the Apes on the backburner for next year even if I am pretty fucking sure its going to be Invasion. We will know by end of January '23 (even by Halloween *this* year actually when the ''trailer'' runs) at latest. If they drop ''space fungus'' to add to the list of reasons people are dying so randomly and horrifically (added to joy, orgasm, winter vagina, cold showers, working in the soil, cosmic rays and climate change).

      Similarly I do not like Videodrome which is our current placeholder for 2028. I have watched it and the pacing/content is not right. Repoman, another Knowlesian fave, is a potential replacement - better pace, better content. I am not sure how ''grey'' it is and I need to review it again.

      Mad Max 3 2024, Logan's Run 2026, Bladerunner 2027, Labyrinth for 2029 are now inevitable and I do not think are going to change.

    2. The only “Shock Treatment” I know is ECT electro convulsive treatment - recognised as the most effective treatment for Severe depression, bipolar, schizophrenia and psychosis. It entails a short acting anaesthetic and electric shocks to the brain. It’s mode of action is generating a short sharp burst of oxidative stress which stimulates an inflammatory response followed by the therapeutic anti-inflammatory response. It is associated with an increase in BDNF (Brain-derived neurotrophic factor). You may have noticed that the reduced serotonin hypothesis for depression has recently been discredited - interesting timing because many of us have questioned it for years due to lack of evidence - all the evidence points towards inflammation and oxidative stress. Therein lies the rub - SSRI’s do actually have some anti-inflammatory effect - which is why Fluvoxamine works in long covid - are they trying to get people to stop this medication or doctors prescribing it?!

      Fluvoxamine absorbs UV light in the UVB range!
      UVB reduces BDNF
      Covid reduces BDNF
      Oxygen therapy reduces BDNF
      Ozone can increase BDNF -
      And so can RED light!

      You could say the spike protein is inflicting prolonged ECT on the cell - the difference between chronic and hormetic stress!

      TPTB will continue the Fear fest and reveal the ADE,CoVaids potential of the therapeutic to further feed the Spike with the energy it needs.

  2. "I would be interested in all of your takes on the idea of this ''character as MK-Alter'' theory..."

    *KUBARK*. KUBARK is a cryptonym for the CIA itself, used since the '60s. Look out for that word.

  3. On the note about being wrong, I was wrong about Jeremy Hunt. Liz Truss as Alex's mum anyone..?

  4. Either "The Warriors" or "Profondo Rosso" for 2025.

    1. The Warriors, all wearing red. Notice the gang names.

      "Cyrus, leader of the Gramercy Riffs, the most powerful gang in New York City, requests that each of the city’s gangs send nine unarmed delegates to Van Cortlandt Park for a midnight summit. The Warriors, a gang from Coney Island, attend the summit. Cyrus proposes to the assembled crowd a citywide truce and alliance that would allow the gangs to control the city together, since they collectively outnumber the police by three to one.

      Most of the gang members applaud this idea, but Luther, the unbalanced and sadistic leader of the Rogues, shoots Cyrus dead as police officers arrive to raid the summit. In the ensuing chaos, Luther realizes that one of the Warriors, Fox, appears to suspect him, and makes a false accusation which leads the vengeful Riffs to attack the "Warlord", Cleon. Meanwhile, the other Warriors escape, unaware that they have been implicated in Cyrus's killing. The Riffs put out a hit on the Warriors through a radio DJ. Swan, the "War Chief," takes charge of the group as they try get home, though the Warriors's main enforcer and brawler Ajax disagrees with Swan being leader over him.

      The Turnbull ACs spot the Warriors and try to run them down with a modified school bus but the Warriors escape and board an elevated train. On the ride to Coney Island, the train is stopped by a building fire alongside the tracks, stranding the Warriors in Tremont. Setting out on foot, they encounter the Orphans, who are insecure about their low status in the gang hierarchy as they were excluded from Cyrus's meeting. After Mercy, the girlfriend of the Orphans' leader, instigates a confrontation, Swan throws a Molotov cocktail and the Warriors run to the nearest subway station. Impressed and desperate to escape her depressed neighborhood, Mercy follows the Warriors.

      When the group arrives at the 96th Street and Broadway station in Manhattan, they are pursued by police and separated. Three of them, Vermin, Cochise and Rembrandt, escape by boarding a subway car. Fox, struggling with a police officer, is thrown onto the tracks and fatally hit by a passing train as Mercy flees the scene. Swan, Ajax, Snow and Cowboy are chased by the Baseball Furies into Riverside Park but defeat them in a brawl. After the fight, Ajax sees a lone woman sitting on a park bench and leaves the group despite Swan's objections. When Ajax becomes sexually aggressive, the woman, revealed to be an undercover police officer, handcuffs him to the bench and arrests him.

      Upon arriving at Union Square, Vermin, Cochise and Rembrandt are seduced by an all-female gang called the Lizzies and invited into their hideout. They narrowly escape the Lizzies' subsequent attack, learning in the process that the gangland community believes the Warriors murdered Cyrus. Acting as a lone scout, Swan decides to return to the 96th Street station, where Mercy joins him (although he spurns her promiscuity). After reaching the Union Square station, they reunite with the remaining Warriors and engage in a fight with a roller-skating gang, the Punks. Mercy proves herself formidable in combat. A member of a different gang visits the Riffs and tells them that he saw Luther shoot Cyrus.

      At dawn, the Warriors finally reach Coney Island, only to find Luther and the Rogues waiting for them. Swan challenges Luther to single combat but Luther pulls a gun. Swan dodges his shot and throws a switchblade (taken from one of the Punks) into Luther's wrist, disarming him. The Riffs arrive, acknowledging the Warriors' courage and skill before apprehending the Rogues. As the Riffs descend upon him, Luther screams. The radio DJ announces that "the big alert has been called off" and salutes the Warriors with a song, "In the City." The film ends with Swan, Mercy and the rest of the gang walking down a Coney Island beach, illuminated by the rising sun."

    2. I think Warriors is a good call, I am not familiar with the other film. I see the segue from Mad Max 3 for sure, not so much the segue to Logan's Run. I also think the ''action'' provided by MM3 will be enough ''action'' for a while.

      From Mad Max 3 to Shock Treatment I see as ruined city from megafire (Sydney scenes) to smart city experiment solution to environmental challenge, there is also some continuity here from ''Bartertown''. The other advantage of Shock Treatment is it relies on some characters that we've already met (Britney as one definite example of a Janet they will use again, or Tucker and Piers for Brad). From Shock Treatment to Logan's Run I've outlined above.

      I am not familiar with the other film and need to check it out...

      ''But as a Go game progresses, the possibilities become smaller and smaller. The board does take on order.
      Soon, all moves are predictable.'' Pi, the Movie

    3. I just put Profondo Rosso there because A) it is a classic cult art film, B) John Carpenter and other iconic directors/producers seem obsessed with it, C) it is entirely characterized by the color red.

    4. The introduction to the book Logan's Run says:

      The seeds of the Little War were planted in a restless summer during the mid-1960s, with sit-ins and student demonstrations as youth tested its strength. By the early 1970s, over 75 percent of the people living on Earth were under twenty-one years of age. The population continued to climb—and, with it, the youth percentage. In the 1980s, the figure was 79.7 per cent. In the 1990s, 82.4 per cent. In the year 2000—critical mass.

      In the world of 2116, a person's maximum age is strictly legislated: 21 years, to the day. When people reach this Lastday they report to a Sleepshop in which they are willingly executed via a pleasure-inducing toxic gas. A person's age is revealed by their palm flower crystal embedded in the palm of their right hand that changes color every seven years; yellow (age 0–6), then blue (age 7–13), then red (age 14–20), then blinks red and black on Lastday, and finally turns black at 21.

      In the book, Sanctuary turns out to be Argos, a previously abandoned space colony near Mars.

    5. The film is substantially different from the book though I think. I see the lifeclock appearing in the following ways
      recognition (and subsequent denial through hedonistic pursuits) of decreasing life span due to the effects of (the jab) winter vagina/joy/climate change/working-in-the soil + stress (economic and environmental) + possibly radiation & a rise in Euthanasia practices in the world (maybe with a focus on early onset dementia which will rise dramatically because of blood-brain barrier micro clotting because of ''winter vagina'' and ''cosmic rays'') i.e. carousel. With all the rainbow magic they are working and the colour code system that will be in effect in the ''smart cities'' it's definitely LR for 2026. 100%.

      I posted these before but ''the run philosophy'' or runxue is time-seeding for 2026. Abso-lute-ly-frickin'-definisimo it is. Logan needs some ''runners'' to chase after all. And what is Logan and the rest of the crew called? Sandmen. Again, I rest my case.

      Interesting that the antagonist's name is Francis, i.e. Frank...

    6. Soon all moves are predictable.

    7. It's one of the explanations for a rise in conditions such as SADs, heart attacks, blistering, reproductive issues, etc along with cosmic rays, climate change, cold showers, "joy", orgasms and working in the soil that couldnt possibly have been caused by anything else that might have happened over the last two years. Doctors are baffled y'see? This murder of explanations is going to be joined by a murder of microbial explanations (droogpox is just the first of many). Early 23 I think leptospirosis is going to be one of the first of the A'Arab Tzereq because of clues from IoBS. MDR candida auris is another one that will definitely be on the list IMO. TB is another.

      The Bridge of Pride is next to impossible to cross, ask Dr House, and a lot are going to suffer on the wrong side of it.

    8. Ironically this Frankie nonsense can be counteracted by Frank-in-sense!

      Indeed, all the 3 gifts to Jesus have anti-inflammatory properties - wisemen and biblical advice for Covid!

    9. Correct Blogos - all of those infections can be counteracted by UV radiation! So what happens in the body when it is losing its protective light?! Thankfully UV light is increasing in the environment to protect the “control group”

    10. “Red” is the Shield (Rothschild) it protects us from the Blue/Purple - Think about the colour of blood and it’s oxygenation status! Look at the Rothschild’s coat of arms - they understand the importance of Gold and Colours!

    11. It is notable that Agent Red was missing from “Rainbow Herbicides” - Pink was mixed with Green, then there was Purple, Blue, Orange and White.

    12. There was a 2000 film however, called Agent Red with an interesting story line involving a Submarine and a Russian chemical virus attack on America!

      One of it’s directors - Damian Lee has an interesting filmography

      Including a film called:,_Guardian_of_the_Universe

      Abraxas - has a lot of mystical meanings and was also a central figure in Carl Jung’s - Seven Sermons to the Dead - part of his “The Red Book” manuscript.

    13. Thanks for this Dr Rob. I am definitely with you on the side of the Sunshine (Apollo) and the Spirit that Standeth in the Sun (Hermes) and soaking up that UV as we speak. I have never felt more healthy in my life.

      I do worry that there are very few of us left now though...

    14. UV light is both the Creator and the Protector! Which is why I refer to it as the Holy Spirit!
      Once you make this connection - it puts a whole new light on The Last Supper! I suspect there are still enough “Sons of Light” to make a difference and win the final battle!

    15. I hope so. Hey Dr Rob have you considered the idea of the vaccine as a ''blinding agent'' it seems to dovetail with and complement your ideas about the ''darkening''. The spike proteins plug the ACE2 receptor in the pineal and the blockages there cause a homeostatic cascade of enzymatic problems.

      I'd broaden this to say with you that ''light'' is changing and when the ''light'' changes we will be able to *see* things that we could not before. The spikevax is basically a blinding agent to prevent that which they do not want to be seen to remain unseen. I got myself well away from 5G and cities in general and my ''sight'' definitely improved because of it. My sister, who is psychic, talked about the vax as a kind of squid ink. I've also noticed significant changes in the eyes of the tripled - cloudy, wishy-washy, or dull. I am assuming this is because the inner light is blocked.

      What do you reckon have you already considered this as part of your work?

    16. The ‘Light” produced by the Spike Protein certainly impacts on the Pineal gland as it disrupts melatonin production - I like your sisters description of squid ink which is black - uv light can be black - I suspect the cells of the immune system, bacteria derived mitochondria and Microbiome can “see” this light and respond accordingly (eg Ozone/free radicals released) However, this light stress completely disrupts the cellular clocks - they think it’s day when it’s really night - and nobody gets any rest! The colour of the retina certainly changes depending upon the light environment it is subjected to - this will apply just as much to inside conditions as it will outside - the formation of cataracts will be speeded up causing clouding of the eyes as a protective response to reduce light entry.

    17. So, because of this clouding and cataract formation you could certainly view it as a “blinding agent”!

    18. Sensible to avoid 5G - just another stress on the system - do you also avoid ALAN and excess blue light - I have a theory on obesity that implicates too much blue light and not enough red and purple as the primary cause.

    19. This also accounts for those crazy covid dreams eh? So... its slowly exhausting people as they cannot properly rest and also slowly suffocating them. Do you agree with melatonin supplements as treatment?

      You've chronobiologically triggered me into thinking about cryptochrome again and its relation to the unifying colour theory. This descent down the Tree of Life then led us into ''ultrablack'' in 2020 at the end which fits nicely with the idea of the start of the Qliphoth. Now I was reading up on cryptochrome and correct me I am wrong here but its not implausible that there are various molecular cogs and spokes like cryptochrome that are not only light-sensitive but *colour-sensitive* like cryptochrome is. Tweaking these colours have been shown to activate genes and start processes in the cell cycle - right? Assuming Deep Underground Military Knowledge of this as opposed to just university level to what extent is it possible for them to tweak mood by colour i.e. if you colour everything you can in a given year with the red palette - fashion, movies, games etc then you are bathing a large part of the population in red - direct or reflected. When they were starved of natural light by being in lockdown the population were all bathed in the glow of whatever colour Netflix was playing etc...

    20. In the Land of the Blind, the One-Eyed Man is King

    21. Yes there are blue sensitive cryptochromes and opsins - melanopsin is the latest one to be discovered - found in the retina, blood capillaries and fat cells which is blue light sensitive - blue light is natures energy/information for growth - together with green in plants - maximum blue light occurs at midday - the foods you eat contain the photonic information from the environment they were grown in - food itself can create circadian mismatches - eg eating a high carb diet in the middle of a cold northern hemisphere winter.
      Porphyrins are also very important for light transfer.

    22. Modern life has been designed to disrupt our natural interaction with light which has guided our evolution. Those who stray from the laws of “God/light will lose energy - sinners!

    23. That blue light thing is a trippy point. I remember from studies that all we had to do was shine a pencil torch on to the back of someone's knee to start the ''wake-up'' cycle. So those lights they stashed everywhere in the bedroom have basically been poisoning people. Blue, in terms of obesity, is interesting as well since it is associated with Jupiter (Chesed) and therefore ''expansion''. I was advising people for many years over various problems and I would always tell them to switch those lights off and get heavy curtains and try that first for a month - before they went to therapy or on experimental medication.

      Let your melatonin cycles reset FFS.

      Seriously I would see people eating fucking spam sandwiches, drinking 2 cans of Monster, having no exercise or light, bathing themselves in a satanic glow in the evening and wondering if they needed to go to therapy to see why they were fucked up! Treat all the mechanical stuff first (light, diet, exercise) and then if you absolutely have to, then take whatever is left over to ''therapy''. Or just learn to meditate and be done with it.

    24. Blue Light is natures signal for maximal light energy - hence a time to grow or expand. UV is the stress signal for growth/adaption and red light is relaxation and recycling / autophagy. Modern tech is designed to produce max blue - to trigger dopamine and addiction - its a dreadful combination for health. I’m hoping this is the wake up call people need to focus upon staying healthy rather than symptomatic relief - critically thinking and maintaining dopamine levels are going to be the key to survival

  5. If The Warriors is the "middle-film", then the narrative is thus: civilization collapses, the lost children raise themselves (Mad Max 3); more and more children raising themselves = more and more ultra-violent gangs taking over the cities in ruins (the Warriors, blood red all over the place); the "smart cities" kill people as soon as they reach the age of 21, a permanently infantilized population coddled by an A.I. nanny government (Logan's Run, taking into account the novel).

    1. I'm watching it now the colour coding is solid, the politics are there, in frame anyway, but the pacing is off so far. It's a poseur piece, a lot of imagery, costume and action but not much dramatic content. I have a feeling that MM3 is their total war kind of year with a lot of action and that's the big firework show. I think they are going to definitely make us think the plane of civilisation is going to hit the ground but they will pull up at the last possible moment.

      Imagine it like this:

      2020 = 1 doom (virus)
      2021 = 10 dooms (virus + vax)
      2022 = 100 dooms (virus + vax + energy + economy)
      2023 = 1000 dooms (ADE, opportunistic infections is 1000 x the original 1 doom of covid)
      2024 = 10000 dooms (all of the above + food + water)

      You would need 10000 dooms for the west to accept colour coded smart monitored restricted access Shanghai style screaming skyscraper -zones ie the end of liberal democracy and the start of ecofascist technocracy.

    2. Finished it. It's not Warriors. Pacing is totally wrong, not enough content.

    3. I still don't get why the nasty, deadly side-effects of the V-a-x-x are being called "winter vagina". Where does this term come from, ACO?

    4. Winter vagina was offered as an explanation for various ailments that people were suddenly experiencing during Winter along with the suggestion that playing in the snow can cause heart attacks. Following from that were others: SADS; cosmic Rays; climate change; working in the soil; cold showers; orgasms and joy. From various MSM articles. Did you miss all this? Maybe I dreamed it.

    5. Repo man seems like a decent candidate its greyscape in many scenes and bleak has a good pace and has the same type of whackiness and cast size of the others. I just had a thought though so... is They Live even remotely possible..? I remember it being *very* slow paced (eg an 8 min fistfight) but the grey via the black/white scenes would be consistent with the release of the artist in 2011... Are there other black and white candidates for 2028 we should think about? The segue would be from Bladerunner and then on to Labyrinth...

    6. No, you probably didn't dream all that, but I totally missed "winter vagina", how absurd.

      And both Repo Man and They Live are very interesting, since they both end with alien disclosure.

    7. On 'Warriors', it certainly ticked the cult movie box. 'Oh Warriors, Come out to play-ay' did the school playground rounds in the 80's as it was one of 'those' video tapes that would get shared around. Sufficient that if the Destruction squad had a similar experience (except they went to sorceror school, travelled by broomstick, pet dragons etc) then it may have been on their potentials list. Not quite at 'Escape from New York' levels, but in the same ball-park.

      I'd forgotten nearly everything about it bar that one line till I read that synopsis JB posted above, what struck me was the esoteric significance in the various character names, 'Ajax' 'Swan' 'Mercy' etc. Probably a lot going on there with or without a starring role in the UCT Pantheon.

      Repo Man is an odd film. I don't think Alex Cox did much else bar the quite decent review shows he used to film for Channel 4, but again from memory it had an interesting ramshackle charm to it. I never saw the Jude Law version, the setup didn't appeal from memory.

      The 8 minute utterly pointless fight scene from They Live is great. Turns conventional film theory on its head, utterly bonkers, doesn't move the narrative on one bit.

      Black and white candidates...

      How about some consideration to Ed Wood - brings in the Plan 9 from Outer Space which its based on and which I've seen someone make quite a detailed argument that it's actually what they're up to, will try and find the post but may take awhile. Anyway, it would seem to offer a fair bit thematically, opens up Johnny Depp's deeply arcane back catalog also?

      Man Bites Dog - hope it's not this one, was a very bleak watch even back when my tastes were a lot more accustomed to bleak.

    8. At times I feel like my whole life is that fight scene from They Live. It definitely makes the point about how hard it is to make people see.

      Plan 9 is actually a good call but its well outside of our sweet spot in terms of its release date. The Qlipha of Chokmah or Ghogiel (the Hindering Ones) would be the *9th step* of our descent into the Tree of Hell.

    9. Blogos - I have a hunch Kingsman = Oxygen! “ Vaughn revealed that filming on the sequel will begin in September 2022, for a 2023 release but Egerton believes that the third film will start in 2023” Oxygen and Ozone! A Golden Circle indeed -

    10. Kingsman is the Oxygen atom!

      The Kings are the “Sons of Man” relates to book in bible


      Cyber attack
      Tracking devices


      Richmond Valentine - Love/Oxytocin neurological problems

      Roxy - reactive oxygen species

      Harry Hart - Heart problems

      Harry suffers from amnesia - dementia

      Statesman agent Tequila develops blue rashes (lack of oxygen)

      Whiskey - water of life - H2O

      Poppy Adams - Opiates/Heroin/addiction - C21H23NO5

      Chief of staff fOX

      Champagne CO2

      Charlie - Cocaine - C17H21N04

      Ginger ale - an antioxidant

      Princess Tilde

      Merlin - King Arthur - Round Table - O

      Eggsy - fertility.

    11. Not only that, my friend, if you check the Unifying Colour Theory you will see Hod is related to the Bene Elohim. They released Kingsman 2 (which was bizarrely, weirdly orange in costume, production design etc) in 2017, i.e. 1+7 = 8 Hod.

    12. Yes - I wonder if next years release has a purple colour scheme!

    13. They are reversing through it now because we are in the Qliphoth.

      To start from Netzach in 2016:

      2016: Green
      2017: Orange
      2018: Purple
      2019: The Four Colours of Malkuth (best exemplified in Joker)
      2020: The Four Colours of Malkuth but in reverse because we were in ''Lilith'' the Qlipha of Malkuth, the beginning of the Qliphoth
      2021: Purple (Gamaliel)
      2022: Orange (Samael)
      2023: Green (A'arab Tzereq)

      I expect to see a ''green'' Hell ritual in Halloween when they will open ''the path'' to the next Qlipha which will begin in 2023. This ''path'' is incorporated in the UCT by calling it a ''trailer''. My money is it being ''inspired'' by the trailer for Invasion of the Body Snatchers.


      But they've definitely been weaving the symbolism through their core movies. This is an example from Mad Max. I've got several essays on others to show how comprehensive this was. I didn't do one on Kingsman though! :-)

      In Joker we saw a very sophisticated study and visual representation of Jung's Psychology of Transference which you will know is a tractate on alchemical woodcarvings. Although this was technically as ''ticking the boxes'' as other efforts this one was much more intricate and definitely adept material.

    15. Thanks Blogos - I am still playing catch up on this, my movie knowledge isn’t great - I have only seen 2 of the 10 movies you have earmarked!

    16. Dude, I was the same in 2017. I had to play massive catch up to figure out how comprehensive this was. Probably like yourself I was deep in my own personal bio-metaphysical studies from 2010 until then and my recreational time was not spent on TV, cinema or films really. If I had not seen that observation of Chris Knowles and then put two and two together we would not be here!

    17. Blogos - I relate the 4 colours of Malkuth - yellow/green to chloroplast and russet/black to mitochondria

  6. You might need to read this.

    1. (Apologies for the duplication from my post on the previous update, I've just posted this on the Den as well. Call it twin posting and maybe it's a ritual in itself... )

      Just read the Anne Heche piece and took a quick look at the news footage Robert Phoenix is featuring on the video Chris linked.

      Numbers on fire trucks, ambulances and police vehicles serve to identify them from the air. I believe they also offer the ritual magician a chance to sign an event with a particular number.

      Ladder 69 is the first vehicle featured. This is the number that sits at the top of the Royal Masonic Arch. It's also apparently a twin flame number uniting the 6 (man) and 9 God. Plenty of other references, Astrological sign for Cancer, sexual meaning etc. I think the twin connection could be key here though given Anne's background.

      The most obvious number reference is the 63 (6 x 3) ambulance the figure on the gurney is pushed into.

      Another fire truck is E43. I thought about this a couple of ways, 43 doesn't appear significant but could be a 7 reference, or connected to 42 which is loaded with symbolism. Visually, the E and the 3 face each other which could be a 33 / EE reference with the Tetrad in between. Or maybe none of the above! I'm not a ritual magician and Mathers and other numerology works are so dense with allusions that it seems at times like anything could be made to say anything.

      It does feel like a ritual nonetheless. This from a post on Hermetic Lessons a few days ago:

      Celeste her middle name, from the Latin caelestis, meaning heavenly or celestial. Anne = Hannah = favour or grace.

      Father = Donald... This means Dark Stranger and there's dark allegations about his behaviour with Heavenly Grace.

      Mother = Nancy = diminutive of Anne (see above). Difficult relationship with mother and surviving siblings.

      Amish background, abuse allegations:
      She played twins in the Another World soap. Twin symbolism has been heavily programmed:

      I think it links with the Alec Baldwin ritual. The woman that he shot has a similar look. HH 88 reference there.

    2. I think you've just spelled it out. This reeks of IoBS ritual to me (it would be early maybe its some kind of seeding, like they were talking about Biden's clone as well) but maybe we've missed something obvious again like with Ezra Miller. The talk of clones, the emergence of her fresh from the ''pod'' of the bag before she is bundled away into the ambulance... Donald... Donald Sutherland...? Nancy, Anne... Bellicec? Maybe I am heading off-piste now...

    3. Journeyman - I always assumed E3 = 8! So it could be 84 or 42

    4. In fact 69 and 63 can both represent 8!

    5. Is this another concealed reference to oxygen which is needed to create fire and breathe? Anoxic!

  7. 2023 may bring us Deliverance.

    In 2014 after the floating eyeballs which watched to make sure people couldn't see them stopped feeling so threatening (From Beyond - MK Ultra), I went to the river for a swim. After coming back up there was a threatening, vicious something watching me (it felt like) from behind a tree. It felt like teeth and claws and hatred, and the only thing that saved me was not having any clothes on for it to smell. When I made it back into the house I had no desire whatsoever to go back out.

    Until now the focus has been on suburbanites and city-dwellers. It might be necessary to really put the microscope to all of the dangers lurking outside the safety of civilization and walls to make people embrace captivity.

    So four city dudes invade the sanctity of nature before it's ruined to make way for a dam and power plant. They are hunted, preyed upon, battered and abused by nature itself, and forced to do terrible things to survive and return to the safety of their civilized life.

    Some of its messages - you can't trust nature or people who dwell within it, you shouldn't exploit nature, everyone is potentially a murderous maniac, water is not your friend, you can't even trust that you are really the person you think you are.

    ACO ends with Alex reaching the Milky Way in his imagination, or the cosmic river. He feels free. Deliverance has men exploring a river and finding out freedom is too dangerous to allow. It depicts the harsh emasculation of men who dare to stray from society's protective barriers.

    If music is a metaphor for unconscious programming, Dueling Banjos reveals that nowhere is safe from Greenbaum and his colleagues. Everyone is a potential 'pawn' in a hidden game.

    And just like parts of ACO may be playing out even when the camera isn't pointing at them, like Mr. Alexander's hidden transformation into the unhinged but calculating killer Alex meets later, the fearful situations depicted in Deliverance can be used to herd people towards their intended destinations.

    Maybe not, but it's something to consider.

    1. Reaching the Milky Way, you say?

      "The origins of the name Starbuck have to do with astro-theology: the Norse word stor, "great", and bokki, "river". Stor-bokki, the so-called “great river”, was a mythological reference to the Milky Way, where the gods and slain heroes would sail among the stars all the way to Valhalla. In Star Trek, the Klingon version of Valhalla was called "Sto'Vo'Kor", very similar to the Norse Stor-bokki."

    2. Cool story hang on to it. I think you're wrong for similar reasons to those outlined above but I would not rule anything out. I reckon we will know by Halloween some kind of hell ritual to "open the Green" like what happened with Travis Scott and orange and we will get the trailer. I think it also has to be somehow qabalistic which IoBS gets with Goldblum and Nimoy to say the least. Its consistent in many other ways as well, cold war infection etc.

    3. I haven't ruled out the possibility the 2014 thing and some other unsettling oddities over the years weren't the product of 'suggestion' or other interference, and if so could have been accidental or on purpose.

      So there's that. I'm not terribly attached to most of the ideas I have. Ideas are fun to consider and turn over.

      Rocky Horror and Clockwork Orange were both somewhat shocking or jarring when I first saw them. Which is to say they impacted me emotionally, no, they undermined my sense of stability somehow. So did Deliverance, and Harold and Maude.

      At any rate, October will tell.

    4. JB, if the Milky Way is the river between people and 'the land of milk and honey' it's pretty hilarious that you can go to any Starbucks and buy a cup of mud water with *milk and sugar.*

      I guess it's also the River Styx. In an inside-out, upside-down sort of way.

  8. If Alec Baldwin is a shadow Trump, I wonder what this story from 7/17/2022 is getting at.
    "Alec Baldwin made a solo stop at Montauk Beach in The Hamptons," says one of the captions.

    ACO says, "then another. This seemed real, very real, though if you thought about it properly you couldn't imagine lewdies actually agreeing to having all this done to them in a film, and if these films were made by the good, or the State, you couldn't imagine them being allowed to take these films, without like interfering with what was going on. (Girl being r-ped.)[. . .]"

    The juxtaposition of Montauk Beach with a reflection on the Ludovico film's origin is interesting, and their anniversary with a r-pe scene as well. The article quotes Hilaria's mention of the "wear and tear of so many pregnancies."

    It's funny that Alex calls the State "the good," and then Alec is said to have pulled the trigger during the bootlicking scene.

  9. The North Galactic Pole is in Coma Berenices, aka Shepherd's Bush, not far from Virgo.

    In London, Shephard's Bush isn't far from Westminster.

    hashtag: red wig, baldwin, alopecia, amber, mcdonald's, virgin islands

    1. The Precession is not only positioning Aquarius as the sign which rises on the vernal equinox, it is bringing Virgo towards Leo's currently accepted throne. Between Leo and Virgo is Coma Berenices. Hair, 'a woman's *crowning* glory.'

      Black queen - North virgin.
      Perversion - women bad, black bad
      The beat goes on. The drummer stays the same.

    2. I think this is behind Exodus symbolism. Moses got Law from a burning bush. Boötes and CoBe, a shepherd and his bush.

    3. Maybe the Shepherd gets a message from the Bush to put bait on the Crown or Tablet (corona borealis), and then knock out the Strong Man with his Cane-snake while he's caught between the baited crown and Lyra's tones. Then Shepherd can change the radio station and Strong Man's none the wiser. (Siren-song, swan-song, anything except an accurate message.)

      Presto, brains over brawn! Transcending the material world and ascending to the heavens. Nevermind the stars Strong Man sees are just a concussion. Why can't they just get along?

    4. Words are - Moses represents Infra-Red Light, the Finger of God is Lightning and the Law from a burning bush and the Ten Commandments relates to electrons! The whole of the Bible is a Scientific textbook written in code.

    5. While Virgo's becoming the new Leo, Libra (a male sign) is *transitioning* to Virgo's place as the last sign before the fall equinox, September the 9th month.

      Since Virgo had been celebrated as the mother of eternal Leo in Precession Time and the Sun was dragged to the underworld in Earth Time, it stands to reason that she has been benefitting from undeserved privilege this whole time on Earth. Because earth is heavy and female (yin) and heaven is light and male (yang).

      Spica is the sheaf of wheat in Virgo's left hand. Thomas Hyde said it derived from "Sibulla, the Singing Sibyl, of the constellation." He also said 'shibboleth' signified an ear of wheat. Maybe we're moving to a time where the Virgin will whistle to the Shepherd's two Dogs with her Singing Shibboleth and they'll do her bidding instead of his. Or something, who knows.

      True or not, this is fun because it reframes blatant hypocrisy as just a different kind of story than we're usually told. Instead of linear, it's circles or something.

    6. The Sun was indeed dragged into the underworld on earth - the mitochondria and chloroplasts! The +ve/female/protons/Eve attracts the negative electrons from the Sun to be sacrificed in the burning inferno of Hell that resides in the mitochondria.

    7. Bit off tangent but anyway...

      Bara sheet, Bara elohim - in the imperative: Create 6, Create 86. 6+86 = 92 naturally occurring elements, divided into the ones that bind 86 and the ones that do not bind 6.

    8. Interesting - and there can never be anymore than 92 - what is the derivative of 79?

    9. This comment has been removed by the author.

    10. Dr. Rob, describing an essential function of life with strong, negative words seems weird. Any process or structure can be framed in many ways. I prefer to think of life, health, and physical bodies in ways that don't encourage disconnecting from them.

    11. Its gnostic alchemy, light = good & matter = bad. You can swap it around if you like... or go with no distinctions.

    12. Words are - the metaphors used for Hell have been designed to generate fear and stop us taking that dangerous walk that illuminates upon the truth - Out of death comes renewal - like a rising phoenix -The inner mitochondrial membrane is where the electrons are sacrificed in an oxygen fuelled furnace to produce the “energy” for the cell as well as materials/hormones and communication signals to the nucleus/DNA to ensure survival - fusion and fission processes are delicately balanced with a turnover of 2 billion mitochondria every second! They are the Stars of our underworld and the key to our health - they even have a different Genome - passed on only down the maternal line - circular in shape encoding 37 genes - only 13 of which are used by the mitochondria - perhaps this is where the last supper takes place, perhaps those “stories” of the Nephilim are true. Ultimately, they are the “Black Suns” that connect us to the power above.

    13. Fair enough. It 'triggered me' as the kids say, because it's been my experience that any disconnect between body and mind has been a barrier to the proper functioning of either. I'd go so far as to say it's the fundamental basis of most if not all of our problems from personal to societal. If 'original sin' exists, it's a disconnect (alienation, unawareness, etc.) between body, emotions, and mind.

      It's been occurring to me lately that emotionally charged words don't need to be used to described things which are outside our control. When they are, they are always metaphors. Metaphors can be a tool for controlling people, for changing the way they relate to things.

      Looking into institutions and groups of people today reveals most have been infiltrated and often turned to purposes opposite to their founding intent.

      I see no reason for older establishments to have escaped the process of being taken over and reshaped by elements whose intent is to further 'bog' people in the problems they are supposed to be helping them become free of. In fact, the longer one has existed the greater a probability exists they now run contrary to their stated purpose, to some extent.

      So I try to keep that in mind while looking into any esoteric or religious ideas, if for no other purpose than to avoid being unknowingly triggered or influenced by unhelpful assumptions embedded in certain language.

      None of which is to say any of that has happened here. I saw an opportunity to point out something which seems beneficial to be aware of, and took it. If I expressed this poorly or inappropriately and offended anyone, I am sorry.

    14. Try reverse-gnosticism on for size: Infinity is evil and is trying to kill us. Is it as disturbing an idea as Finity is evil and trying to kill us? What is this ''us'' that is being ''killed''?

    15. They're both disturbing ideas. How well would a lung function if someone could convince it that either expansion or contraction were evil? Without the dynamic interplay of opposing forces, how could life even exist at all? Anthropomorphizing physical reality seems silly. I've even done it in this post, but don't expect anyone to take the metaphor seriously. In fact, I would hope not.

      I don't know what life really is, or what living things really are. I think when I was a kid I thought of it like an emergent phenomena, things come together in a certain way and consciousness emerges. Things fall apart, and it blinks back out again. But, thinking about things often left me with less understanding than I'd started out with. I just don't know.

  10. Appy-polly-loggies

  11. Ezra is a “Non Binary” Star - Just like our Sun - having mental health problems - which can be related to the solar cycle ! Perhaps, The Flash is foretelling of an X class Solar Flare hitting earth - the last big one was the Carrington event in 1859

  12. Virgo becoming the new Leo is in an hourly sense. As the equinoxes *pre*cess, the clock continues to *pro*ceed.

    What I think, is that as the zodiac wheel moves backwards through the signs, the clock face is moving forward through the hours. So where Leo represented Noon during the Age of Pisces, the approaching age of Aquarius positions Virgo as Noon. This is consistent with Ophiuchus as Midnight.

    Clock - Zodiac - ? Hours - Seasons - ?
    The Earth rotates on its own axis, and we get hours from our alternating exposure to and shelter from the Sun's energies. The Earth revolves around the Sun, and we get seasons from the angle of the Earth's axis relative to the Sun's.

    Our Solar System is part of a larger system, the Milky Way Galaxy. (Galaxy -> galactic -> ga-lactic -> lactose -> milk) Coma Berenices contains the Galactic North Pole.

    And then the Milky Way Galaxy is part of a larger structure, the Local Supergalaxy, I think they're calling it. It has its own Supergalactic Plane and Supergalactic Pole.

    The first three planes or equators, celestial, ecliptic, and galactic, could be visually represented in a stylized way as a circle divided into six sections - the Chi-Ro. Alex's parents had a Chi-Ro in their bedroom, and his mother had a wig collection in the same area.

    This might be saying that Alex's parents were 'in on it.' (Why else would they give Deltoid a key to their home?)

    It also implies the usage of a larger, or different, structure than the Galactic Plane being used to stage manage life on Earth. Alex's parents may have been involved, but they weren't at the top tier of the pyramid.

    To understand the machinations at a higher, or Meta(tm) level, may involve not only getting to know the Galactic Plane but also possibly the Supergalactic Plane and perhaps larger structures.

    Maybe it only goes as far as the Galactic Plane and then jumps to something else entirely? It's hard to say whether the Supergalaxy was unveiled as a distraction or not. At any rate, it certainly seems to involve the Galactic Plane and Coma Berenices as the Galaxy's North Pole.

    1. More specifically, the Chi-Ro surrounded by wigs points to Alex's mother's complicity and his father's hapless role as he is sidelined by her. This is consistent with the overall demonization of all things female/physical by the ruling class.

      The 'woman bad' narrative is more explicit in Alex's homecoming scene. Em sits next to the border (who may be her handler) and is physically comforted by him while Pee sits apart, nervous and uncomfortable. Symbolically, he is the cuckhold whose existence justifies today's incel/men's rights movement.

      Alex's treatment by his parents is consistent with the behavior described in the Greenbaum Paper, reinforcing their role in his psychological capture.

  13. Post on banned dot video entitled The American Journal: Rise of the Orwellian Police State Shocks Nation. Scroll a few rows down to find it. Play from 14m in and you'll hear the Clockwork Orange opening theme. They've been doing it for a little while now over there but I thought I would give you a concrete example. Make of it what you will...

    1. Pausing it here and there while the theme is playing shows some interesting images. For instance, at 14:25 it looks like a crowd giving Jesus the old one-armed German, and what could be a 'shopped hand holding up 3 fingers above the W in the network's name. Real horrorshow.

    2. Nothing to see here. Of course they're going to pay to license music from a 1971 movie that most of their target audience never saw, wouldn't like and won't get the reference to... Move along now....

      There's a montage when the ACO prelude music plays, Christ, a VR watcher, an Anonymous mask in a US flag, a woman who I should've maybe recognised but didn't. Gas
      prices. The Washington(?) statue playing Beethoven?

      Set dressing, host Harrison Smith has an orange marker on his desk and he picks it up prior to playing the MSM compilation.

      Also noticed the black cube InfoWars logo bottom right and the trapezoid top right, Entire set has a lot of black and white dualism going on. Laptop has 1776 sticker on the back, but the way it's been designed it's as much showing a 17 and a 76, first a wink to Q community? second could be gematria code or 'spirit of 76' reference?

    3. Its weirder than that. The ACO thing and to some extent the Body Snatchers started being referenced a few months ago. ACO just with soundtrack, Body Snatchers directly. Over the last few days Alex and another host have been going on and on about Logan's Run. Alex did a big rant about it yesterday. They don't seem to have linked all the dots yet but they are groping in that direction. They should definitely mention/explore/link ''runxue'' (if they haven't already) as as people realise they are getting perma-lockdowned in the cities (whether it be through biosecurity or energy crises or fallout clouds or whatever) more and more are going to run. The West is heading for China Light, and China Serious if they drop a major disease next year (which we have to assume they will but I think fairly late in the day based on the film).

      So what do you reckon this is:

      1) Happy coincidence, nothing to see here.

      2) They got it from here. Although the UCT is one of the best kept conspiracy secrets (for some reason...) Higherside Chats and so on end up on BV so maybe link through Secret Sun / Den of Intrigue. Maybe through Wordman as I post a bit there occasionally. I honestly thought Icke was going to pick up on it first.

      3) They figured it out themselves or at least are beginning to get the vibe. The way I think this happened for me is that my subconscious actually recognised the opening of Rocky Horror Picture Show (and some other key tableaus) and then through various Orphic efforts I managed to claw it out. Similarly they could be seeing the tableaus and imagery (it is actually kind of obvious) and their subconscious minds are beginning to light up. Remember the Cult Movie Theory is a way of structuring a demo calendar. They know they are into *cult* movies (Kubrick etc), they know there is a structure (you are watching a movie) and they know there is a calendar. The UCT/CMT just joins all that together with something sick and twisted enough it might just be right. (is right).

      4) They are part of it. I said before that Rogan, Jones etc may not be directly controlled but there is a lot of room for indirect manipulation. The double timing of Alex and Alex around the Trump Raid Situation should set alarm bells ringing. Do we trust these guys?

  14. After having read "The Smoky God", and researched all of Olaf Jansen's sources and evidence, I've decided to travel to the Inner Earth! Wish me luck!

    1. UPDATE: Apparently, you need to prove your vaccination status at the entrance, the giants of Eden are picky about that, so... *sigh*

  15. So Anne Heche was starring in a movie with Alec Baldwin! Get outta here!

    1. Mercury brings us the news:

      'For Baldwin, “Supercell” becomes his second production in less than a year to be associated with a tragic death. Several months after finishing work on “Supercell,” Baldwin flew to New Mexico to film “Rust,” the scene of the fatal on-set shooting of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. Some of the producers involved in “Supercell” also worked on “Rust.”'

    2. You were right about it connecting to the warlock Baldwin JM. Excellent observation roll there Eldritch Investigator :-)

  16. update for my readers by peter levenda/dbd6ym

    Beginning at 1:28:54 Christopher O'Brien addresses: "Quote: I have been told by law enforcement that a part of our government does know that there is a quasi-military group out there doing ritual magic involving blood ritual sacrifice, and not only cows and the inference being human." -- "particular aspects of ritual occult crime having to do with blood sacrifice, and having to do with occult-type activity" and "a ritual response team" update for my readers by peter levenda/d9q9006

    Begin listening at 1:08:55: "ritual occult group within the [United States of America] government that had access to military technology and they were going out and doing cattle mutilations as a ritual response to whatever was out there mutilating cattle", "ritual blood sacrifice", "maybe the true high-strange cases are perpetrated by some sort of as yet undefined or misunderstood predator that has always been living along side us", "shut down some sort of doorway or to close down terminate some sort of portal"

    1. They're called Vampires. It's obviously Vampires. That's been made abundantly clear by now. Garlic and sunshine and you're good. That logic might even last the whole ride.

      People are fascinated by vampires. That is one of their powers to fascinate. But honestly fuck vampires. If it was a choice between being a magician or a vampire I would take magician any day. Kill me and I reincarnate. Whereas when you die, you are dust. And you are so fragile really aren't you? Almost delicate. Like an old rose turning to powder at my touch.

      Portal? Come for me in the night and I'll open a portal to the sunshine and connect it to my pyjamas and see just how much you like portals.

      Vampire or Magician, what is it citizens of the world? Imagine never being able to see the Sun again and make your choice.

    2. Alex also appears as a vampire in one of the cut scenes.

    3. Covid/spike protein is a form of Vampire - an “Energy” Vampire - I always try to avoid them like the plague!

      What kind of energy are they sucking out of you? Electrons/Photons/Light.

      The oxidative stress generated disturbs the Redox balance of the cell - remember Reduction is gain - Oxidation is Loss of Electrons - this mechanism is linked to the photoperiod of the environment ie circadian control.


      Because, to an aerobic diurnal organism it is vital that oxygen/energy supplies are linked to demand.

      Therefore, communication systems are in place that allow for efficient supply of energy to meet demands in a Time dependent manner.

      This is why we have clocks in every cell and a master regulator called the SCN in the brain which connects to the retina. Light, oxygen and electrons are the key.

      You can think of Fishes as electrons - swimming around in a vast ocean of waves.

      There is a reason why certain disciples of Jesus were fishermen and he was able to feed the 5000!

      Anyway - how do you Kill a Vampire?

      Sunlight - Vit D UVB

      A wooden stake - a non conductor of electrons - antioxidants eg. Vit C

      Silver - The best conductor of electrons and easily oxidised - overload the system and blow its head off - too violent/dangerous for my liking. Though also effective against bacteria.

      Melatonin will work but it will disrupt the body’s own natural production if used for any length of time. The biggest enemy of melatonin is Blue light!

      So what are the environmental conditions associated with Covid - hot inflamed oxidative high stress/pressure - all conducive to a violent summer thunderstorm - note lightning is rare in winter.

      Perhaps, we need to induce more winter like conditions and reset the clocks!

      I have already discussed, red light (the light of the night) gold and oxytocin (love) as possible therapeutics.

      Fasting and Keto are the “diets” for winter
      Cold is the temp - cold thermogenesis would help to reduce the inflammation.
      Light conditions - dark and no UVB!

      All the recognised treatments IVM HCQ Steriods NAC etc are good at absorbing UVB Llght

      Clearly anything that reduces “Stress” of any type, will help.

      The Vitamin D for winter comes from mushrooms.

      Chaga - note the presence of melanin- what does melanin do?

      There is another type(s) of mushroom that would also be beneficial - any guesses

      On a more esoteric note, amethyst and Shungite would help.

    4. Cheers Dr Rob, I'd been using the anti-vampire cocktail from the beginning when it was obvious this was a blood disease. The idea was to keep the immune system pumped and then when I got infected I just nuked the living shit out of it with massive dose of aged garlic - I used this on other people as well and it works a treat. I dropped the colloidal silver out of my potions after a while because of its limited anti-viral properties but I think there is an argument for including it if you do get infected because it can help destroy any opportunistic bacterial infections getting in the mix with viral pneumonia.

      Red light, oxytocin and gold. Now this has perked me up, thank you. V. interesting. Colloidal gold right? I've had some colloidal gold cosmetic treatments in my life and they are very powerful, my phone was blowing up with various offers/propositions after them. Can you repost the link to your presentation so I can give it another look over? If you are using gold can you give me details on your source/supply? Cheers boss!

      Another question. Can I ask what your position is on how long the average person will continue to produce the spike? The CDC has just changed their guidelines on a couple of very important positions, the new positions are: 1) that the mRNA does not stay localised and 2) it can interact with DNA. If this is the case are the triplers hardwired with the spike now, something like a clock mechanism that pumps the spike protein out every so often and we need to intervene to break up the spike at that point, or does it have a time when it actually stops so if the person gets off the treatments they are not perma-fucked. Curious where you are on this.

      And do you know about the milk (moloko) angle source of melatonin and lactoferrin?

    5. So far there is evidence for the spike persisting up to 16months post infection/transfection - hidden away in their monocyte coffins- no doubt they will also be somewhere in the Microbiome.

      The length of time is obviously going to differ between individuals - those with the most mRNA (Moderna) content and those with the highest cellular/mitochondrial Redox potential (ie young healthy energetic individuals) will produce the most.

      I certainly don’t think think the reverse transcription phenomenon will occur in the majority of cases.

      Those who are anxious and stressed may be more susceptible and also produce more spike - another concern would be spike shedding - I think the medical profession is going to be hit hard. The prolonged use of masks and corresponding increase in HIF-1 gives them a double whammy.

      In the UK the data is deliberately clouded because of the widespread use of Astra Zeneca - which should not reverse transcribe into the DNA or persist as long.

      3 spikes and your out would be about right for many.

      Yes colloidal Gold - which does have anti-viral properties - I use medical grade 10nm - anything below 20nm should be ok, though clearly different sizes and shapes will have different optical properties and needs further research - you can expect future spike protein induced cancer treatments to involve gold nanoparticles.

      This is the one I use -

      I notice 79 relates to Boaz the left pillar of Solomons temple - I suspect that is relevant.

      The link to the video is here -

  17. OK, if it wasn't clear the double Alex thing has me spooked as well so let's go. Disclaimer I had one of these meltdowns during 2021 when we started getting insane pings so I apologise in advance and at once for my openness.

    To be as clear as possible, in this day and age, as far as I know I am not currently a card carrying agent of the crown. This blog, prior to 2018, I hope, testifies to something of my authenticity. But why should it? If Alex is an agent their whole corpus was also generated to serve the lie. Why would I be different? Because I know it in my heart? But do I truly know the measure of my own heart and even if I do, what reason would you have to trust me? I could be a sophisticated chat bot. What reason do I really have to trust myself? I could be a sophisticated chat bot. I don't know if I can even prove that I am ''alive'', in the clinical sense, and this is not just my ''ladder''. It would certainly explain the weirdness. My early life is just as oblique, am I simulated with some scattered memories among the backwoods of forgetfulness to keep me ''productive''? I remember that once I was king but now I am un-kinged by Bolingbroke and straight am nothing. But whate'er I be, nor I nor any man that but man is with nothing will be pleased 'til he be eased with being nothing. I do remember that. This is the central problem. Arthur's wound. And this one I *will* take for ''the team''.

    So I appreciate the caution regarding Alex should also be caution regarding myself and I'll join that club because I honestly have no idea at this point. I will admit I don't know exactly where this is coming from. Everything I do know I've tried my best to explain in this complicated social mine field of resentment and triggery.


    1) I'm an agent and I know it. (ARG creator)
    2) I'm an agent and I don't know it. (direct manipulation - a la the Pentaverate)
    3) I'm an agent and I don't know it. (indirect manipulation - caught in the Zeitgeist like the rest of us)
    4) I'm not an agent and this is at least partially a result of authentic work on QBL/time travel with angels/gods and/or remote viewing carelessly stored schemes and scripts. (authentic)

    If it was 1 why would I admit it and even if I did admit it it might only make your paranoid asses even less likely to believe it. And paradoxically If I don't admit to 1 people are more likely to believe that.

    With 2 there is a lot of stuff that has happened to make me feel this way but that could just be my ego + 3. Some of it has been very fucking spooky though and very much pushed the limits of ''synchronicity''. I think 2 applied across time and relative to myself is a certainty.

    Apply brutal reason and 3 seems most likely to me. We are all mind-controlled by this circus to some extent and there are a lot of us out there and by them applying this in such broad strokes something like this observation would have to happen statistically speaking. Its weird that it's here though. Seriously movie critics should have spotted it way before now. The dream is powerful.

    Regarding 4 well what? I did the work believe it or not. You can read it. I did it. At least my fingers typed it. And I did it in practise as well. I lived it. I did the Work. All the Things. Such wonders, such horrors.

    And I have the Stone to prove it.

    I also realise there should be some caution applied to this idea of ''us'' as well as we've already established that JB works for the FBI and JM works for MI6.

    1. Dude, I exercise great restraint on here, believe me, I could be way way worse.

    2. For the record, I do NOT wear khakis. ;)

    3. Blogos, I think I know where you're coming from, to some extent.

      The 'vampires' have been shaping society for so long that it's a continuous act of will to get along with most other people without either succumbing or making oneself a target. Since getting along in some fashion with others is a requisite for public school education, and earning income and hence surviving, the 'struggle' is mandatory for most if not all people.

      Seemingly every facet of society and human interaction is 'colored' in some way by the influence of those who seek to diminish others so they can rule over them from their own position of inadequacy. Even the words we use cast 'spells.'

      Given that we must 'swim' in 'corrupted waters' for so much of our lives, it's natural that we (all human beings) will have moments of doubting ourselves from time to time.

      You haven't asked for advice, but if I may offer some, this might be a good opportunity to remember that everyone has a 'logos', as I think you've called it before. An unbiased consciousness which exists regardless of anything which may obscure it from time to time.

      As long as you remember that you are still you, whoever you are, and can maintain some awareness of your body, emotions, and mind, you'll be able to relax enough to start letting go of the habitual patterns which can sometimes bring about a feeling of crisis. The 'space' that's left will naturally regain circulation and connection without any need to be replaced by a new 'pattern'.

      Sometimes a person must flex a bit before they're ready to relax. Awareness and feeling are more central to the process than immediate results. Results come more immediately with more connection to feeling and awareness. Some imbalances could be a 'deficiency' of some sort to start with. Relaxing and flexing will bring back the connection and circulation and then a little weight or movement can be added.

      People just need to take a moment now and then to pay attention to themselves and make sure everything's functioning, and give attention to the areas that need it.

      At least that's what I've found for myself, having experienced many and varied kinds of self questioning through the years.

  18. In 2021 the vaccine was identified as the ''light'' in the song ''there's a light'' in Rocky Horror Vampire Picture Show. I am not sure exactly where we are at and when this exactly happened but the UK has approved the next gen v. 50% OG and 50% Om. Why would you put 50% OG at this point in a v-cycle in there... only to make the spikes I think? Anyway so bear in mind we already know the ''light'' (listen to ''there's a light'' again and imagine Alex Johnson singing it as the vaccine rolled out to the ''Brad and Janet'' demographic as this is where it synched) is the v and we have this from ACO:

    ''She came toward me with the light like it was the light of heavenly grace, and the first thing that flashed in my gulliver was that I would like to have her right down there on the floor with the old in-out, real savage. But quick as a shot came the sickness, like a detective that had been watching around the corner and now followed to make his arrest.''

    Bear in mind we already know that Alex is ''stealth omicron'' because of the synch of that announcement with the stealth entry into Mr Alexander's house and the BA variants are the ''droogs''. This announcement could easily be more important than what else is happening on the merry-go-round/morris dance theatre spectacle right now.

  19. Bearing in mind that although they are not vampires yet (they are thralls), they will unfortunately start turning into vampires next year. That's just how this works. So let's get down to brass tacks here people. How do we cure this? And I am not talking the long-form Apollonian approach we need a quick and almost naughty Hermetic style fix before long-form can even come into play. I need this when I move to Kings and start the slaying and the curing so throw me a ''bone''.

    At the moment I was planning to go in with high-melatonin sleep as a cure (but it takes some will to put yourself to bed as well as the medicine and will is sorely lacking in the sleepless) and Vit D/Zinc/Omega3/High Dose Garlic on infection + sleep (easy) still as a treatment. Does anyone have another move I should consider without treating all society's evils as well? i.e. sugar tax.

    P.s. The fish are the ''running water'' which vampires cannot cross

    1. What about milk? For the lactoferrin. This indirectly ties to the iron stake and the historical apotropaic use of iron. The ol' moloko?

    2. Nattokinase, serrapeptase, and rutin. The enzymes (taken on an empty stomach) break up blockages and free up movement or something. It helps reverse or prevent the plaques or aggregates or whatever from the spike, I've read. Whatever they do, it's a big help.

      Coenzyme Q-10. Good for the heart, and circulation.

      Slow cooked pigs feet. I don't know how it works, but it brings the feeling back into my feet and toes when I take the time to make and eat them. Maybe it improves circulation.

    3. Thanks for this, v. useful.

    4. I wouldn’t argue with any of those - CoQ10 is a benzoquinone and therefore absorbs UV light it is involved in the ETC in the mitochondria to generate ATP (energy) in OXPHOS

    5. Serrapeptase and nattokinase are proteolytic enzymes so should in theory help to breakdown the fibrins generated by the spike protein

    6. Pigs trotters contain lots of Collagen type 1 which helps with repair and inflammation

  20. Presently reading "Astronomical Myths: Based on Flammarion's "History of the Heavens" by Blake (very long version), and found this:

    "The month of February was named after both the "februalia", the sacrifices (of blood) by which all faults were expiated, and "Februo", the god of the dead; the februalia sacrifices typically took place during the "nones" of the month (before the ides), from the 5th to the 7th.

    These spring purification activities occurred immediately before Lupercalia, a Roman festival in honor of Faun (the Roman Pan); because of this coincidence, the two gods (Faun and Februo) were often considered the same entity."

    Ffs, I "spilled all of my blood" and met Pan years ago on precisely February 6th.

    1. There's this, too, from Wikipedia:

      "The rites were confined to the Lupercal cave, the Palatine Hill, and the Forum, all of which were central locations in Rome's foundation myth. Near the cave stood a sanctuary of Rumina, goddess of breastfeeding; and the wild fig-tree (Ficus Ruminalis) to which Romulus and Remus were brought by the divine intervention of the river-god Tiberinus; some Roman sources name the wild fig tree caprificus, literally "goat fig". Like the cultivated fig, its fruit is pendulous, and the tree exudes a milky sap if cut, which makes it a good candidate for a cult of breastfeeding.

      Research published in 2019 suggests that the word Leprechaun derives from Lupercus."

      The Lupus constellation culminates around July 8.

    2. It's always kind of trippy to notice when significant personal events line up with larger, older stories. It's almost like there are record grooves scratched into reality, or maybe repeated events have formed streams and other landscape somehow.

      Thinking about it too much feels strange, so I don't often do it. Do you think much about how or why life can contain 'mythic' moments or patterns?

    3. It's Momos' fault. Momos, according to the Ancient Greeks, was the minor god whose job was to make sure human lives acted out the dramas of the greater gods over and over again; he was forcing ancient myths into mundane lives.

    4. If you're talking about the son of Nyx, it sounds like maybe he does it to get on the other gods' nerves, haha. It seems much more fun than some of those other stories of gods interfering in the lives of people.

  21. Cat Lady may be Camelopardalis. It's a circumpolar giraffe constellation whose neck stretches towards the north celestial pole. Alex had to climb to an upper window, next to a pole, to get to her.

    Cat-Lady's front entrance is guarded by chimera statues. Camelopardalis means camel-leopard, because the Romans thought a giraffe looks like a camel in a leopard skin coat. The Ethiopian word for it comes from "graceful one."

    When we first see her, she is doing yoga which is said to make a person more graceful. She's upside down, defying gravity. People used to wonder how giraffes could defy gravity by not passing out when they bent their long necks down to drink water. Turns out their jugular veins have one-way valve checks.

    CL's space is full of sexual imagery and she's got cats all over. Luh Kea is a Chinese asterism in Camelopardalis which means 'concubine' or 'cervix'.

    Her red hair connects her to Coma Berenices. So does the painting of a woman with her tongue on a nipple with clouds in it over the flesh or material breast. The first breast could be the Earth and N. Pole, the cloud breast could be the Milky Way and the nipple its N. Pole. The woman with her tongue out is beyond the galactic pole.

    The galactic plane has Coma Berenices at N. Pole and Sculptor at S. Pole. The four directions are marked by Auriga opposite Sagittarius, and Cygnus opposite Vela.

    Above CL's desk is a painting with a woman in a river. On the land is a swan, and on the horizon a cloud. Vela is by the Milky Way in the southern hemisphere. The line of the ecliptic is shaped similarly to the shoreline on a star map. Camelopardalis is a little over 90deg from Cygnus, or just around the corner peeking up from the horizon.

    1. I think this is a good avenue of research, the stars as the clockwork. Cells are also clockwork like the stars. And many of them are ''ticking'' down right now.

  22. Sheila Raynor:

    Liz Truss:

  23. Not sure what, if anything to make of this:

    In mid-November the South Galactic Pole (in The Sculptor, or Sculptor's Workshop) is most visible to viewers in the northern hemisphere. The Leonids meteor shower peaks around November 17 each year, with potential for a storm every 33 years. In 1833 there was a meteor storm so spectacular, some people thought it was the end of the world.

    11/17 in ACO begins 30s of newspaper shots. Not all of the words match the headlines. For instance this, pieced together from two different frames:
    WEATHER: Warm, dry, sunny
    Doctors Charge as Alex recovers
    BRAINWASHING techniques were res-
    ponsible for the suicide bid of Alex
    Burgess, the "wonder-cure" boy murderer
    released from jail only a few days
    So say doctors
    when his body was
    this week.
    So now the art lovers
    are being offered mem-
    bership of such clubs as
    the Frothblowers Asso-
    ciation and the Strip-
    tease Lovers' Associa-
    The offer is being made
    by club founder Mr. Rupert
    Davis after the charter
    company Lloyd Interna-
    t'onal Airways, announced
    yesterday the cancellation
    of a second club fet trip
    to New York.
    "I invent all the club
    names," said 43-year-old
    Mr. Davis yesterday.
    "It's my way of getting
    round the stupid and re-
    strictive regulations that
    prevent people traveiling
    The first cancellation to
    hit the Bexley heath
    society came on

    1. So that's a little odd. Searching for "trevailing" brings up a book 'The Constables' Accounts of the Manor of Manchester from the Year 1612 to 1647, and from the Year 1743 to the Year 1776, Volume 2,' with these two entries one after another on page 8:
      "Itm given to Walther Illingworth & Robt
      Leaper poore men traveiling by passe 00 00 06
      Itm given Allex' whitte a poore lame souldier
      traveiling by passe 00 00 04"

      Another newspaper (note the 4 6d. which matches the book entry):
      9 a. m.-8 p. m. 45,230 4 6d.
      'Alex driven to suicide by scientists'
      Standard Parliamentary Correspondent TRAWLERS

      Pulling up a map of Manchester shows an art gallery right in the center of it. Manchester also has a museum of science and industry, and one of transport. To the south is an Alexandra Park. North of the city is Boardman Brook (Beck), and north of that is Middleton.

      5/10/2022 Kate Middleton "honors Manchester attack victims with symbolic bee earrings" - the Ariana Grande concert bombing of 5/22/2017 carried out by a 22 year old "soldier of Khalifa."

      The newspaper headline STORM OVER 'CRIME CURE' BOY is also marked 6d. and has some unintelligible markings but looks to be dated on ber 13. Assuming all the papers came out on the same day, Alex would have been released from 'jail' 4 days prior, on September 9. The number of days between 5/22/2017 and 9/9/2022 is 46,464. (It also would have put his suicide attempt 21 years after the Twins came down.)

    2. September 9 the script says, "like that, can we? I mean Joe is here doing a job. A contract it is, two years. Well, we made like an
      arrangement, didn't we Joe? You see, son, Joe's paid next month's rent."

      Since this is taking place during the November span of the movie, let's switch perspective and read the date as 'Southern point on (Novem) ber 13.' This would bring it back around to the visibility of the Galactic South Pole in the middle of November, and the Leonids meteor 'storm' 4 days later.

      10/4/2017 Trump said it felt like “the calm before the storm." Q started his schtick after that, right? Since T's been raided the media is hyping civil war wishes among his fans. Exodus symbolism points to the next plague as hail and thunder.

      November 13 is also the Ides of November. Jupiter, thunder, etc. It seems on November's Ides a lovely meal would be set out for statues of the gods to eat through their intermediaries the priests. That sounds a bit like the minister feeding Alex while he's in a full body cast.

  24. Youtube Video: ''TikTok is Worse Than You Thought''. A few lines in the narrator refers to ''droog-like music'' which is a pretty strange turn of phrase all considering. Thinking about it, in the context of how much damage TikTok has apparently done, it makes sense that some of the Ludovico Technique may have occurred there.

    1. Oh! I just realized:

      Droog = Drag (queen)

      And in french

      Droog = drogue/draguée (drug/single portion of medecine)

  25. Beethoven 9th symphony lol

  26. And for my next trick:

  27. There was definitely some Color magick at the Alex v Joshua fight last night!

    Billed as “The Rage on the Red Sea” - Joshua wore Black for the first time with a Red trim on his gloves and a Raven was pictured on the walls during his walk in.

    Then Alex was wearing blue, yellow and white and a t-shirt saying “Colors of Freedom” He also had a Green gumshield.

    So, it was clearly Day v Night, Good v Evil

    Whilst waiting for the Judges decision Joshua covered himself in a Yellow/blue Ukrainian flag!

    Alex won on a “Split” decision and thanked Jesus (the Sun) whereas, Joshua completely lost his head - he dropped both belts on the floor, stormed off to the exit and then came back to the ring and gave a bizarre speech full of expletives, in which he gave Alex 5 hip hip hurrah’s not the traditional 3 (hip supposedly means Jerusalem is lost) and equally as weird 3 “Championes”

    I now have Joshua down as a Reactive Nitrogen Species - RNS

    1. Thanks for this. I just opened Guardian and its Alex Dugin at the top and then Oleksandr Usyk with the boxing for the middle. Its been going on like this all year BTW. The feed for RUS/UKR most days is just Alex Alex Dim Alex Alex Dim as they are ''Singing in Ukraine''.

  28. This would fit the bill for IOTBS

  29. It turns out Pelosi's maiden (Maidan?) name is D'Alesandro. Her trip to Taiwan was originally scheduled for April 9-10 according to Japanese and Taiwanese media, but she tested positive and the trip was postponed. April 8 Georgie said, "Not tonight - Not this nochy." April 11 the droogs were at Cat Lady's place.
    Before going to the health farm, Alex sits in his bedroom in front of a statuette of dancing Christs. He imagines himself as a vampire (wearing a blue suit?), and a woman at the end of a rope. The hanged woman footage is from Cat Ballou. "I read at Wikipedia on the film Cat Ballou that 'imagery from the hanging scene of Jane Fonda was used in a spoof advocating her execution for treason following her 1972 visit to Hanoi.'"

    Nancy's Taiwan visit took place on 8/2/2022. Three days later Anne Celeste, who's mother's name is Nancy, died in a very unusual car crash. One of nee D'Alesandro's own daughters is named Alexandra.

    8/20/2022 Alexander Dugin's daughter Darya Aleksandrovna Dugina was killed when her car exploded. (There are rumors that the father was allowed access to a library of occult and esoteric reading material by intelligence personnel many years ago.) August 20 the "light of heavenly grace" bows and exits the stage to loud applause (is Alex wearing the same blue suit he imagined himself as a vampire in earlier?). Darya is etymologically related to 'ocean' and 'gift.'

    The name Marion means 'star of the sea' or 'beloved.' It is one of the middle names of a woman who said a rat bothered her while using the loo in prison, and that she had an imaginary cellmate called A-17. Her former partner reportedly had some sort of obsession with creating a legion of children, using children.

    1. Alex wanted to give "heavenly grace" the old in-out in-out.

  30. Thought this was interesting. Start 1hr 5m in. Scientist analysing various vaxes. All identical (barring slight variation in quantities) no MRNA, no spike protein, only graphene oxide and very large amounts of heavy metals. Wondering about the alchemic implications of this?

    1. interesting - I had heard rumours about the Graphene oxide and also Graphene hydroxide- indeed there was the mysterious death of a German chemist who did a video on Graphene hydroxide

      To find no mRNA in over 2000 samples does sound suspicious - is it being used up in vitro in an alchemical melting pot - I remember they initially said the Pfizer vaccine had to be kept at below -70 degrees because it was so unstable.

      Another Dr seems to confirm their findings -

      The fact they found gold together with Graphene doesn’t surprise me - they really are trying to mess with your “Light” absorption -

      I noticed she also mentioned Boron - which is used in radiation poisoning.

    2. More V analysis:
      Similar theme of heavy metals:

      The following metallic elements were found in the vaccines:

      Alkali metals: caesium (Cs), potassium (K)
      Alkaline earth metals: calcium (Ca), barium (Ba)
      transition metals: cobalt (Co), iron (Fe), chromium (Cr), titanium (Ti)
      Rare earth metals: cerium (Ce), gadolinium (Gd)
      Mining group/metal: aluminum (Al)
      Carbon group: silicon (Si) (partly support material/slide)
      Oxygen group: sulphur (S)

  31. Blogos - I have just finished watching Labyrinth and Videodrome - I must commend you on your choice of films - there was so much that resonated!
    All of the subterranean underworld is there to see, along with the secrets of creation and eternity.

    Do we really have to wait another 7 years before the unveil?

    Out of the darkness comes the light!

    “The TV screen is the retina of the minds eye”


  32. Found this on Wikipedia's page for International Order of the Rainbow for Girls (which is 100 years old this year):

    Love (Red) In all its forms / / / Religion (Orange) The importance of religion in all its forms (based on love and forgiveness) / / / Nature (Yellow) Its importance in your daily life / / / Immortality (Green) The understanding of death is a part of life / / / Fidelity (Blue) Emphasis on being honest and reliable / / / Patriotism (Indigo) Encouraging citizenship to your country / / / Service (Violet) Service to others which bind all the colors together

    1. Around 1666 Sir Isaac Newton, while hiding away in a self-imposed quarantine to avoid the plague, devised a color wheel intended to correlate the colors of the rainbow to the notes of the musical scale. This was supposedly based on the beliefs of the Greek sophists who saw a connection between colors, music, objects in the Solar System, and the days of the week.

      To make them fit together, Newton had to add two new colors to the then-accepted color wheel. He added orange and indigo. (So, orange was one of the colors he added to make the 'clock' work.)

      Another thing Newton did with music was to divide an octave into 53 units.

      Isaac's work on the color wheel apparently began with him getting bored and playing with a prism, letting the colors shine on the wall during his isolation. On the wheel, the colors are supposed to blend to white in the middle, representing their overall unity or something. It reminds me of Alex's round lamp above his bed, which looks similar to a speaker when switched off.

      Euclid is said to have chosen the word "prism" from the image of a column with the sides sawn off. 'Prism' is derived from 'prisma' - "a geometrical prism, trilateral column" and means "something sawed (as a block of wood), sawdust," which itself comes from 'priein' "to saw" (related to prion "a saw"). (Rainbow Commission sounds so much less threatening than Trilateral. It's interesting that prism relates etymologically to prion, and people claim to have found prion bits in the spikey proteins.)

      Prism also means "optical device having a triangular shape and made of glass or quartz, used to deviate a beam or invert an image." If everyone has an aura or some kind of 'light body', then a prism could be used to invert their image of themselves and make a deviant of them.

    2. A prism refracts light. Refract means "to bend or break the natural course of" (from PIE root *bhreg - "to break). A prism sounds rather like a prison in that regard.

      Rainbow. Regnum -> regn -> regnboga -> rainbow. Regnum ("kingdom"). From rex ("king").

      Bow: Old English bugan "to bend, become bent, have or assume a curved direction; to bow down, bend the body in condescension or reverence, to submit." Past participle - bogan (do Oz bogans get bent into their status?)

      Corona: "crown, a garland" (from a suffixed form of PIE root *sker - "to turn, bend").

      Strong's H6446 (remember 4 and 6?) פַּס pas - palm (of hand), sole (of foot); by implication a long sleeved tunic - colors. Worn by people of a more noble rank. Genesis 37:3 "Now Israel loved Joseph more than all his children, because he was the son of his old age: and he made him a coat of many colours." Joseph went on to enslave all of Egypt's people during a seven year famine he saw coming ahead of time. Exodus deals with the aftermath of his Egypt adventure.

    3. The 153rd day of the year is June 2. June is pride month, when people bedeck themselves in rainbows. The symbol used to be an inverted pink triangle. (Maybe they switched because the inverted triangle recalled the prism and hence deviancy. It was mostly L G and B back then. Did Marc Bolan think that was a Rip Off?)

      265/153 gives a number very close to the square root of 3, which can be visually represented in the vesica piscis or mandorla as it's called in Italian (does that make the Mandalorian an Italian, and how about baby Yoda?) You can also use a vesica piscis to draw a perfect slice of pizza.

      The vesica piscis is a type of lens, but it's probably not a good idea to make contact lenses from fish bladders.

      153 is a 3-narcissistic number. It's also a triangular number, the sum of the first 17 integers.

      Genesis 9:13 "I do set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be for a token of a covenant between me and the earth." 9x13=117

      Another way to approximate the square root of 3 is 97/56, which reduces to 7/11 (not math-wise).

    4. Before Alex plays his Beethoven, he pulls a Goggly Gogol tape from the player. Google has a 53 qubit quantum computer processor called Sycamore (how sick can one tree get?), created by its artificial intelligence division. If Alex's thoughts and impulses aren't his own, maybe he's an artificial intelligence.

    5. Very interesting Words are - Newton - “the last great magician” certainly knew about the importance of light and frequencies and therefore the rainbow - For most people the colour theme/symbol over this PANdemic would be the Rainbow. This quote you gave from genesis is important -“I do set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be for a token of a covenant between me and the earth." What forms in clouds that can be shot from a bow?!

      There is another play on words for Beethoven - Beet as in sugar Beet and Haven/Heaven - where might Sugar Heaven be found or for that matter Sugar Hell? I agree the ninth should represent the colours and the 4th movement the colour Green!

  33. Finally got round to watching ACO - not quite what I thought it was going to be!

    Here are a few initial thoughts:

    I have Alex down as a Carbon (valence electron) along with the other 3 droogs - Alex = 42 = 6 Delarge = 51 = 6 = 12C. The recurrent symbols of the 4 pointed square cross did it for me.

    Then he beats up a drunken old man represents alcohol

    Activated carbon is used in ethanol poisoning and purification

    The Billy boy and his 4 droogs rape scene = 5 valence electrons of nitrogen and the release of ammonia NH3 during the breakdown of proteins.

    The fight between the 2 gangs Carbon and Nitrogen gives
    CN = cyanide = dark blue = boys in blue

    Drive in dark no lights trees also respire at night.



    Alex/Carbon (bonds/rapes) a women 2 exposed breasts presents 2 oxygen molecule = CO2 add the H2O (rain) and light

    The singing represents the freq/ resonances of the different wavelengths of light

    The glorious 9 th Beethoven (the colours) 4 th movement would be green light which plays a key role in carbon fixation

    Snake and Ludwig van in bedroom = different light frequencies from the sun

    Comes out of bedroom (now a carb) meets mr deltoid (muscle) - wants to save sugars as glycogen.

    Singing is linked to frequencies of light when Alex is speaking to the 2 girls with ice lollies.

    In prison Chocolate and tobacco/nicotine (both carbs) items in his pocket which he loses.

    The circle in prison ground represents oxygen

    Ludovico technique -


    2 photo systems

    6CO2 + 6H2O + light energy - C6H12O6 + 6O2

    The reverse of the mitochondria

    C6H12O6 + 6O2 - 6H20 + 6CO2 + energy

    Alex Carbon carrying orange pillow around = C02

    Hypothesis - Covid - inverse photosynthesis.

  34. Goro:

    "A quick note about the symbolism of NASA’s Artemis 1 mega-rocket headed for the Moon:

    Artemis = “Artemisia” = Wormwood
    Common wormwood = “Chernobyl”

    The 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster took place in Ukraine – the exact same country we see in the news everyday in 2022. Not coincidentally there is an ongoing situation right now in Ukraine chillingly evocative of Chernobyl.

    Also worth noting: The Ukraine-Russia war started in February when the film Moonfall – all about the Moon and destruction – was released. Both Moonfall and the Beijing Olympics started on February 4th with the latter concluding on the 20th just 4 days before the start of the war.

    Then in May there was quite literally a financial “Moon fall” black swan event in the form of a massive “Terra Luna” crypto/stable coin collapse… which has been described as the biggest wealth destruction event in crypto history.

    Terra Luna” as in Earth and the Moon…"

  35. We started Alex's flat scene on 26th, the awkward exchange with Em and Pee taking us to today when Alex raises the elephant in the room, Joe the lodger.

    This is the point where Alex's triumphant return starts to hit the skids.

    Meanwhile news from Oz.

    In the Ukraine war, Zelensky has just launched a much trailed offensive in the south looking to isolate Russian forces and force a retreat across the Dneiper or Dnipro river. Russia says its failed miserably.

    IAEA visit to the much talked about Zaporozhye power plant is due from tomorrow. I think this body does something completely different to what it supposedly does. So in turn I think this visit has more import than just a visit from the safety inspector.

    Artemis ritual was delayed for a technical issue with the candle, I mean rocket.

    HMS PoW has propeller issues so couldn't make it across the Atlantic. Embarassing for the RN types, but could this be linkd to Artemis in some way?

    Alex gets the bad news about Joe the lodger tomorrow. Which of the fun time news stories above will reflect this? Press your button now, remember no call a friend in this round.

    1. These all relate to power or locomotion in some way. Alex and the Border deals with housing issues, even leading Alex back into the HOME he invaded earlier. Alex also travels in a vehicle and then is forced underwater between one home and the next.

      The homeless drunk made his first appearance on January 6, and the border's name is "Joe." Maybe an energy surtax to fund homes for either a fresh influx of refugees, homeless people, or both? Seems too obvious, though. Maybe selling more of the strategic oil reserves overseas as the eviction crisis ramps up ahead of cold weather. Pit Europeans vs. Americans and chronically homeless vs. newly homeless.

      The UK's proposed end of Section 21 evictions is already encouraging landlords to evict, and sell housing units. Perhaps more countries will introduce similar legislation. It doesn't even have to pass to take a lot of people out of the business of renting. Follow that up with a few corporations making massive purchases of unoccupied units and defeating eviction reform, et voila! Dystopia.

    2. This still sounds like the mitochondria/chloroplasts with their energy(light) use and production. Ultra Violence is clearly a reference to UV light - which is ionising radiation ie it has enough energy to break bonds - and it does this by exciting the electrons (droogs)!

  36. I can't remember if it's been pointed out, but February 23 Alex is in his room fantasizing, and Beethoven is shown behind him on the viewers left, and a stripe of yellow and blue behind his other side, around 19:30. And then, when the wigged man in the white dress falls through the trap door, it's blue sky and yellow wood.

    The next day Pee and Em are at the breakfast table talking about Alex, and there's a smiling sunflower on the table. They don't know what Alex does all night. Apparently Alex doesn't know what they do either, because Em is dressed for the Duke of New York but doesn't correct Alex when he says to have a good day at the factory.

    This might be too random, but if you multiply the digits of Alex's combo lock, 17*34*89 = 51,442. Divide by 2 for 25,721 which is approximately one precessional cycle. Dividing that by 12 gives about 2,143 years for an astrological age. Subtracting from 2022 yields 120 BC, the year Berenice III (a Cleopatra - "cat") was born (although it may have been 114 BC?). She'd been married to an Alexander and was eventually murdered by a half-brother and former step-son, who was in turn mobbed and killed for it by angry Alexandrians. Cat Lady does tell Alex to "Cut the shit, sonny," which is sort of interesting.

    1. This is weird. Alex's combo multiplied to 51,442. William III of England, Prince of Orange, lived for 51 years 4 months and 4 days; from 11/4/1650 - 3/8/1702. He was known as "King Billy" in Ireland and Scotland.

      Monarch butterflies may have been named in his honor.

      His wife/cousin Mary died of smallpox, and he died of pneumonia after his horse stepped in a mole hole and he broke his collarbone. Another burrowing animal is the black-tailed prairie dog - Cynomys ludovicianus.

    2. Rainbows and butterflies go together like milk and cookies. Billy Boy and his gang appear on January 12, the same day a judge refused to dismiss Virginia's lawsuit against the current Duke of York.

      In April, while Alex and the droogs are at the Duke of New York, the city of York was petitioning to remove Andrew's title as Duke of York.

      Monarch butterflies - William III of Orange aka King Billy. Andrew will never be king, only a randy Boy Billy goat. Rainbows - ROYGBIV, Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain, Richard the Duke of York.

      Monarch and rainbows can be connected to illusion, wishful thinking, and potentially traumatic experiences. In 2015 a double rainbow was widely reported over New York City on September 10, 14 years after the Twin trauma. Also in 2015, Monarch City USA was created.

      King Billy and ROYGBIV are twins insofar as their birthdays both include a 114. 11/4/1650 and 9/21/1411. If 114 is shorthand for deception, how funny is it that 411 is the information line in the US?

      The current Roy GB IV, or fourth in line of succession to the British corona, is Charlotte. When William becomes king, the IV may be Harry - another Billy Boy role by virtue of having dressed up in N-z- costume already.

      The UK had 9 bio safety level 4 labs as of 2009, speaking of GB IV. The US is gearing up a 4,000 sq ft Level 4 in Manhattan, KS which could open as soon as this year. Nothing ominous at all about situating it in a city with the same name as the scene of the most serious attack on the country in its history.

    3. If true, this would suggest that light is the key to material or lower wisdom, and darkness is what's necessary for spiritual or higher wisdom. Seems about right, keeping in mind that there's nothing bad about lowliness. Without low there could be no high. They need each other.

    4. My comment before 6:09 just disappeared.

      Virgo is the Sophia of the Gnostics. Because the Galactic North Pole doesn't precess like the Celestial one does. Thunder Perfect Mind supports the hypothesis.

      Chokmah (Wisdom) can be gray or rainbow because Neptune as water looks like a cloud or rainbow on earth, or a colorful or gray river in the sky. Both are arcs.

      There was more, but that's about the gist of it.

  37. Bad news for Alec

  38. Latest Jones show: Globalists setting up America for Civil War 2 mins in there is a clip from Bodysnatchers. Particularly the scene which we think relates to David Icke.