Monday, June 13, 2022

2023 - The Year of A'arab Tzereq, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, The First Quarter (Working Document)

Jack: It's a big conspiracy.
Matthew: What's a conspiracy?
Jack: Everything. 
Invasion of the Body Snatchers 1978, Philip Kaufman

The Year is 2023 and I told you life was gonna be this way.  Your job is a joke.  You are broke.  Your love life is DOA.  It's like you're always stuck in second gear when it hasn't been your day, your week, your month or even your year.   But I'll be there for you when the rain starts to pour, I'll be there for you, like I've been there before, I'll be there for you 'cause you're there for me too.

As promised myself and the Apocalypse Squad will now provide a rough overview of 2023, starting with the 1st quarter, following the script of Invasion of the Body Snatchers with a little bit of help from Claire Audience.  We are not going to do this minute by minute like Rocky Horror as, although the Devil is in the Details, we will lose ourselves in the minutiae and we are not currently aware of what I have referred to before as ''structural enrichment'' yet.  Like the posts in 2021 we will present this as a working document which I can then supplement with your comments and opinions as well as my own research over the next few days.  When we have completed all four quarters we will provide a master copy here.  As the Squid Game has progressed some of the choices have become more and more obvious - look at our potential ''cast'' below - and it is entirely possible to engage with this through pure reasoning without any psychic or occultic assistance.  Although some of my peers are very wary or mistrustful of such abilities or practices I believe, like many other gnostically inclined folk, that these skills are inherent in a great deal of us and we have been systematically robbed of our own true heritage.  I know it doesn't feel like this right now but Light Magic is as real as the Dark.  To quote a diminutive grey spirit I met at a halfway house a long long time ago, these powers are part of being a real human being, one who drinks from the depths of their soul.  Yes it is risky, I'm not denying that.  So is mountain climbing.  

I do not want you to think that I have abandoned A Clockwork Orange (now being wonderfully detailed by Journeyman at Hotel Apophenia) - that circus will obviously continue with its parade of Alexs, Alexanders, Alexeis, Oleksiys, Alexandras, Alexandrias, Alessandras, Dmitris, Vladimir Vladimirovichs, Peters, Petros, Pedros and Pierres, the milk references, the economic decay, the ultra violence, the overt and blatant use of orange signalling, the ''singing in Ukraine'', the crime and the punishment - 2022 is like being trapped in a giant gif of this movie, and like Alex and the Ludovico Technique we are all being mind-controlled by the repetition of this orange doom cycle - passified and defanged.  As we approach this MKUltra moment, the climax of the film, it is going to get very very meta and expect many of the public narratives to do a complete 180 degree flip.  Anyway feel free to comment on ACO in the comment section of this blog as well, I can handle both narratives simultaneously and thanks to Journeyman we have parallel pages. 

To reiterate I wanted to get ahead with IoBS as this is a movie that truly scares me, several scenes in particular - Dr Kibner's betrayal, Amazing Grace, and of course the finale.  As mentioned in my first post on this subject - 2023, the Year of A'arab Tzereq - I also find this to be a deeply tragic love story that touches me in profound ways, not so much the body horror, but the assault on something more rarefied about Aphrodite. She is one of the few goddesses I have worked closely with and as I remain something of an acolyte of hers, I will feel personally attacked by this upcoming assault on her Temple (in Netzach, according to the Golden Dawn system).  I can emotionally handle the bio-political warfare and the immune failure and ultimate betrayal of many of my friends and family, but less so the death of love itself and the triumph of despair, the snuffing out of the soul.  I need to face these demons, the Ravens of Dispersionnow, in good time, so I can ''be there for you'' when all these seeds that have been sown come to their dark fruition.  

In the spirit of a comprehensive study once we have provided the overlook of the quarters we will examine two other possible movies that could be used to structurally enrich that cycle - Soylent Green and Beneath the Planet of the Apes.

Finally Mr Sutherland, if you're reading this I just want to say Great Work, maybe your best.


Matthew Bennell: Matthew McConaughey, Matt Damon, Matt Smith, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry
Elizabeth Driscoll: Elisabeth Alexandra Windsor (already featured in Rocky Horror and A Clockwork Orange), Lisa Kudrow, Elizabeth Olsen, Elisabeth Moss (Hunger Games Prequel Nov. 2023 starring the young version of Donald Sutherland's character) Elisabeth Fraser 
Jack Bellicec: Jack Black, Samuel L. Jackson, Jack Dorsey, Hugh Jackman, Johnny Depp (Jack Sparrow - already featured in A Clockwork Orange and Clash of the Titans)
Nancy Bellicec: Nancy Pelosi (already featured in Rocky Horror), Nancy is a derivative of Anne
Dr David Kibner: David Attenborough (already featured in Rocky Horror), David Lynch, David Bowie (possibly necessary to set up for 2029 -maybe AI Bowie), David Icke, David Schwimmer, David Cameron, David Harbour, David Beckham
Jeffrey: Epstein
Katherine: Kate Middleton Windsor (already featured in Rocky Horror), Katie Perry (will be featured in Shock Treatment 2025)
Harry the Banjo Guy: Prince Harry (already featured in Rocky Horror), Harry Styles
Running Man: David Icke (strong psychic resonance for this, we are still expecting Alex Jones to go down in 2022 at some point)
Mr and Mrs Tong: China

Important Note: As we learned last year the ''Trailer'' or Pathwalking between the Sephiroth will run parallel to the end of A Clockwork Orange and begin in Halloween.  So expect a lot of weird alien news around that time.  The ''trailers'' are their way of including these paths without which the Great Work of the Demolition Team would not be complete.

January - Space slime with semen connotations; novel STDs; gas giant - space news regarding alien life, panspermia; floods/crop blights (bear in mind we also have to eat through reserves before we get true famine in the west thus this will unfold in 2024), trash - recycling; priest on swing with kids (catholic pedophile story); San Francisco Golden State Warriors game to playoff; Jeffrey Epstein; a ''grex'' or artifical blend between two species (genetic modification story, another ''novel'' species - possibly novel blight or plant virus/fungus); French celebrity chef; Dept. of Health + rat turd/mouse droppings i.e. rise in leptospirosis, Weil's disease as a function of immune system collapse to cover for vax damage; caper shortage

January (Words Are)Geofree - immigration crisis - slow build into February and beyond (plays into "Great Replacement" fears)(Also syncs with Planet of the Apes and Alien 2), Transamerica (this is the spire/spike building), push for children's ability to "consent," more random daylight attacks in public

February - microbiological investigation of rise in leptospirosis and salmonella (basically these are fundamentally opportunistic infections that I talked about in my first post on 2023, a tripled friend of mine already had her neck swell up like a balloon and the doctors are saying ''Weil's Disease''); rise in sleep disorders possibly tied to SADS (don't sleep you might ''die'' will be a recurring theme in 2023); personality changes in vaxxxed become more noticeable; unvaxxxed and vaxxxed split couples; trash - recycling; rainbow banjo guy with dog (Harry i.e. prob. Harry Styles could be Prince Harry), ''fake'' food i.e. rise in fake fish, field investigation, giant rats; Jeffrey Epstein; asian food; dramatic rise in affairs, divorce, marriages breaking up over change in sexuality (woke related i.e. pod people); San Francisco skyline (obv. 'frisco is Woke HQ); eye change is important indicator of being podded (we already see this in vaxxxed - cloudy, diluted or dull eyes)

February (Words Are)amphetamines for lingering Cold gains traction, eyes - more cataracts literally clouding vision, contaminated food esp. meat, cxl culture expands into revenge vandalism, targeted chefs - Anthony Bourdain, Julia Child and possibly Vietnamese restaurants

March -  weird reports about personality change from China; money laundering stories; trash - recycling specifically textiles; growing awareness of the truth of some conspiracy theories (Alex Jones was Right kind of stuff), Jeffrey meets with strange people in official building (Epstein revelations links to conspiracy, who was on that island, what was on the tapes that were made there, etc), UN, WEF, G7 etc news; celebrity psychiatrist has book/show on post-pandemic disorder (to explain personality change); Sahara desert news, desertification link to famine; ''death'' of David Icke; we meet ''Jack'' - when the group of four are assembled we will start seeing the ''Friends'' references I started this post with, many Netflixers have been playing Friends on a kind of soothing nostalgic loop for a while now, this will be ''used'' somehow in the same way Britney was in 2021.

March (Words Are)weaponizing mental "healthcare", spike in "schizophrenia" and court-ordered medication (tracked with nanotech), demonizing home gardening and keeping animals as pets or food, rise in urban food-growing buildings

Elizabeth: How are we going to get out of here?
Matthew: Through the door, come on. 
Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Philip Kaufman

P.s. I realise this is incomplete at the moment.  We will update it in real time and I want to get started. 


  1. Or... we could just f**king kill ourselves already.

    1. It is grim. I am not going to sugar coat this, or pep anyone up or provide ''hope''. We need to steel ourselves before the Lord and find our courage. Some people have really totally fucked up. Especially the triplers and the mixers. I know a lot of these personally (I am sure we all do) and am watching the horrors unfold in real time. Necks swelling up like balloons is for two now. One was apparently for ''leptospirosis'', the other is for an ''unknown'' thyroid condition. This does not include those of my friends/family already either bleeding out during their cycles, who were hospitalised or who had serious cognitive impairment/hallucinations. As you said JB, fucking ''de ja vu'' is a side effect... but what this really means is memory impairment. For those of us who may have survived the first two rounds relatively intact we've got a long dark road ahead. Inflation will drive people to suicide.

      Here is some good news, kind of. The weird effects that we are seeing in the eyes of victims (and possibly a whole range of symptoms and distress) probably stems back to pineal blockage, the eyes normally ''shine'' as a result of something going on in the pineal (third eye). The spike protein blocks the ACE2 receptors in the pineal gland which then causes a neurotransmitter/hormonal feedback. You can alleviate this to some extent by taking melatonin supplements.

  2. Words Are you made some really interesting points on the last post comments just as I posted this one. Feel free to post the same comments here to keep them current if you wish, cheers!

    1. Ok. I'll see if I can condense everything into one or two posts here.

      A lot of people have started taking zinc and zinc ionophores to prevent and treat the virus and lingering symptoms. If a fungal infection is suspected, though, it might be a good idea to reexamine any supplements. Especially zinc, iron, and other metals. I wondered if zinc would help prevent fungus and found this instead:

      An I Ching hexagram worth contemplating anytime, but especially in times like this. (Every site has a different angle, it's fun to compare.)

      The nanotapes and amyloid plaques mentioned here made me think of biofilm and fungus. The enzymes tidbit was interesting; it would be so ironic to use powdered worms to rid oneself of the negative affects of a sht taken in lieu of de-wormer that it seems like it just might work.

      A few doctors are now saying intermittent fasting helps the body clear S proteins, especially in combo with 'vet goo' (say what you want, it really cuts down inflammation imo). As weird as it is, shedding is real. So maybe this would help?

      A recurring concern of mine for years now is that household fungus would become a big problem and people would just give up on trying to get rid of it and start burning places down. Like, whole towns at a time.

      Crude attempt to explore why 7/17 makes me nervous.

      That probably covers all the interesting bits and more. :)

    2. This is excellent work, thank you for your service. Adding the astro-timing brings a new level of the clockwork - Clockwork Universe, Isaac Newton style.

      I've just been talking to a German doctor who was helping with the v-program until she saw too much shady shit and fled the country. There are way more of these types, high IQ working med-fields with eyes open to what was happening but unable to cut through the Mind Kontrol. Another one was working indirectly for the Phucksters, knew Phullwell that there was all kinds of Pfuckery going on, now post-vax immune collapse and in hospital with serious meningitis. Re: fungus I think MDR candida auris and murcormycosis + other black moulds spreading out of tropics are the ones to watch - if the shrooms are MDR and you are immuno-comprised that is going to cause the kind of effects we see in IoBS. I'll put the blog on the roll, I don't know how many people interact with this site through the web but it might help. Hunger Games 2 with the clockwork motion of evil monkeys and gas is prob. worth a look.

      Around 2000 I asked the I Ching which Hexagram would dominate the future around this time and it was Ta Kwo, I don't have time to research along these lines and I don't know if that helps you but Ta Kwo is pretty doomy.

    3. It does help. I've been curious what the I Ching would say about the current situation, but didn't actually want to reach in there right now. Do you happen to remember if there were any changing lines? If not, that's fine. I'll look into it either way and update here later.

      And I've got a trifling request to make. I don't even know how much I'll keep updating it, but would you mind changing the title of the news blog to "now entertaining weird stories" in the link? It's still a little cringe, but nowhere near as bad as the original title. Sick body, sick mind I guess.

    4. No I don't remember, sorry, and I'll make the change to the title no problem.

  3. It definitely seems like the more that can get worked out in advance, the better. I'm concerned for long-term connectivity, because I tried to give my computer away in the 2014 dream state but can't exactly remember when.

    Alex is in Cell 23 at the prison. The truck at the very beginning has 23A, LEACH, and WHITE written on it. It's a garbage truck.

    October into next year: calls to "take out the trash," struggle sessions

    January: Geofree - immigration crisis - slow build into February and beyond (plays into "Great Replacement" fears)(Also syncs with Planet of the Apes and Alien 2), Transamerica (this is the spire/spike building), push for children's ability to "consent," more random daylight attacks in public

    February: amphetamines for lingering Cold gains traction, eyes - more cataracts literally clouding vision, contaminated food esp. meat, cxl culture expands into revenge vandalism, targeted chefs - Anthony Bourdain, Julia Child and possibly Vietnamese restaurants

    March: weaponizing mental "healthcare", spike in "schizophrenia" and court-ordered medication (tracked with nanotech), demonizing home gardening and keeping animals as pets or food, rise in urban food-growing buildings

    June 21 the bigwig at the prison says soon they'll be needing all their prison space for political prisoners, full implementation in a year's time. July 2nd the big sign in the Ludovico lobby is mostly readable. The sign is the same colors as the garbage truck, one of the lines says B 12 - 21 Rms. July 15 when Nimoy leaves the apartment, 1221A is lettered on the side of the building. This is when we learn Nimoy is a pod person. So, from this July to next, releasing some (probably violent) prisoners (possibly drugged and/or house arrest) and replacing them with political inmates.

    The US Senate approved a bill to make Daylight Saving Time permanent because switching back and forth, "frankly, it's just dumb," according to Marco Rubio. If approved by the House and signed, it would add considerably to disrupting people's sleep schedules beginning in November.

    Harry - Jokers, Team Modrna (Here's one I can't believe slipped by - Charles Pfzer was originally from Ludwigsburg, [now] Germany. The old Ludwig Van or vehicle, indeed.)

    1. Nice work with great connections, Words Are and I agree. Thoughts on Elizabeths... other than HRH and Kudrow?

    2. Elizabeth Fraser. The Sybil's new album coming out saturday.

    3. Nice one. Chris'll be proud. ;-)

    4. You mean they might finally switch off the hologram and retire the actors.

    5. Yeah, good call JB.

      I keep going back to how Elizabeth means God's oath, and Matthew means God's gift. It makes me wonder if there might not be an acceleration of the push to move away from all things traditional, including religions. It also seems like a step further in the alchemical marriage. In essence, they could be two aspects of the same entity. But like Highlander, at the end there can be Only One.

      Elizabeth Holmes is scheduled to be sentenced this September, I wonder if it will be held back just a little? Might not be great for her if it is.

    6. I've transferred these to the main post.


    Note the hair colour in this article.


      And here as well. Note colour and symbolism.

    2. It's Leeloo (messianic space Lilith) from The Fifth Element.

    3. Leeloo's got evil looking eyebrows. So creepy it made me think, in this version of They Live the sunglasses are to hide your human looking eyes from the obviously deranged aliens.

      The internet's gotten more outwardly dystopian since they stopped tracking everyone so much. (If only it were true.) Now it's all auto-play videos and pulsating ads and probably eventual insanity by 10,000 irritations.

  5. Amanda Seyfried is a bit of a dead ringer for Nancy.

  6. OK, this is probably a big one for us. Hunger Games Prequel: Songbirds and Snakes starring a young Coriolanus Snow i.e. Donald Sutherland's character, and Elisabeth Moss.

    Scheduled for Nov. '23.


    Clocks and Snake Oil referenced in this article. The link provided in the article is this one:

  8. Jeffrey: Dahmer and celebrity cannibals.

    Jack and Nancy Bellicec - Bill Belichick and the NE Patriots. Any self-declared patriots. Any bellicose conspiracy theorists (cec, kek). So, Trump? Also maybe "Nancy boys," and gays in general whether they're married or not. There might be more trouble at spas. Could be attacks, but "unsanitary conditions" seems more likely.

    Dr. Kibner: David Byrne, assorted talking heads. Kibner's just written a book. California is trying to pass a bill to shut doctors up who spread unsanctioned information specifically linked to "novel" 19.

  9. A comment was just deleted. Not sure which...

    1. It was one of yours. "Maybe we could all just. . ." or something like that.

      I've noticed I can't comment on any blogspot blogs unless I'm on the Chrome browser anymore. At least, not Edge or Safari. Haven't tried Firefox yet. That's a little weird.

    2. Not to mention that the comments are now in the wrong order, with the wrong time stamps: Blogos' response to my initial comment, when we wrote "It is grim, I am not going to sugarcoat this..." was originally the second comment, now it is the 13th.

    3. It got marked as spam. It was in the spam folder.

  10. Jeffrey was the first to go down, and he spent all his free time watching tv. If one party gets a big majority in November, next year tv could all be like this:

    “There is nothing wrong with your television set. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. We are controlling transmission. We will control the horizontal. We will control the vertical. We can change the focus to a soft blur or sharpen it to crystal clarity. For the next hour, sit quietly and we will control all that you see and hear."

  11. I'd forgotten how easy it is to get lost in complexity with the I Ching. There are so many layers and ways to approach it. You could probably write a book on each hexagram.

    There seem to be two main ideas in 28. The first is decadence leading to decay. You could call it Saturnalia or Swamp Gas as easily as Great Excess, Critical Mass, or any other name. Too much of a good thing brings ruin. Supports are weak, the situation's dangerous. There is lots of opportunity, but detachment is needed. The lines:
    1. White grass - use care and caution. Stay flexible. Bai Mao is an herb that actually addresses a lot of issues people are having.
    2. Symbiosis - when an old tree and legumes grow together, both are nourished. Develop beneficial situations. Bai Yang Zhi is another herb pertinent to recent developments.
    3. Weak support, danger - Ignore a problem and it gets worse. This leads to oppression/exhaustion (the drained swamp or dry lake).
    4. Swoll ridgepole, lucky but stingy - The support's there, but since there's nothing supporting the support luck is pretty much confined to avoiding disaster.
    5. Old tree in flower - chasing clout and squandering resources. No blame, no praise, no future. Like putting a new bedspread on your deathbed, it's nice but nihilist.
    6. Drowning, in over one's head - Over-involved, no detachment, just carried away. Ominous, but blameless. Leaves one open to questionable influence. A warning to keep perspective.

    1. The other main idea I noticed is, how to put this delicately, a sort of sex instruction. It's cautioning against getting carried away and losing one's essence. In light of how prevalent certain themes have been lately, it seemed worth mentioning. Jing is a person's essence. It's damaged by sexual excess, fear, some drugs, bad eating habits, etc. It's something like the genetic force or energy pool in each person. It certainly appears to have been targeted the last few years. It's like a foundational energy which people need for health and vitality.

      This hexagram cautions against excess fear and sexual emissions, and gives some hints to how that might be accomplished. Chief among them is don't get carried away. No excess, no losing oneself. Detachment allows a person to not be fearful. Detachment allows one to not engage in excess, and to practice retaining fluids instead of expelling them. There's whole websites and books about this stuff.

      Controlling one's own internal responses to stimuli doesn't seem to be on many people's radar. But, it's something which is free and has an immediate effect on people, and can help or hurt them over time. It seems like a worthwhile thing to keep in mind. Especially when, as during times like these, there seem to be concentrated efforts to provoke people in certain ways.

    2. Some basics on Jing, Jing Well points, and an acupuncture point called Lidui (Dui is the name of the top trigram). It actually may help some issues becoming more common lately, including neck swelling, excessive fright, and Bell's palsy. Points don't have to get moxa or be needled to be have an effect. Soaking feet in warm/hot water could help, so could massage.

      For trying to get a technical understanding of any hexagram I like to look at each character individually. This site makes it a lot easier. The bold parts are original text. I think everything not bolded is Confucian commentary, so it can safely be ignored but sometimes adds a little something useful.

      Finally, 28 seems to have an affinity to this part of the Dao De Jing. The translations are weird and sad, but looking at the characters one by one gives an entirely different impression.

    3. I've recently tried accupuncture for the first time, early days, but it seems to be a good thing for me. I liked the I Ching link you posted earlier, that seemed like a feasible state of mind to pursue in this madness.

  12. Here's something slightly worrisome:

  13. Blogos...

    "According to the Kaballistic text known as The Zohar, Lilith, a demoness who was supposedly Adam’s first wife, was originally part of a hermaphroditic being, the male half of which was called “Samael” (“the blind one”). Together, they formed something the rabbis called “the Beast” and “the Other God.” In the beginning, God had separated them, because their union created a critical mass of demons that threatened to destroy creation. And if they ever were to come together again, existence would be snuffed out immediately. But they yearned for each other, and they still manage to enjoy the semblance of sex somehow, as they are said to use an “intermediary” called the “Taniniver.” Nobody knows exactly what that means though."

    Any idea what the "Taniniver" might be?

    1. I found some stuff Tracy Twyman wrote about taniniver, and put a little of it here, at the bottom. It actually seemed to pull some of the ideas together I was having a little trouble sorting through. Anyway, thanks for bringing it up.

    2. Tracy was quite a loss. Another very interesting article from her that I'd never come across before. It fits in with some stuff I've been (trying) to work on.

    3. As I understand it Gamaliel (2021 - the Year of Yesod, the ''Obscenity'') fulfilled the same purpose as Yesod in the Tree of Life and acted as the ''union'' of Samael and Lilith. You can see an example of this in Netflix's 2021 Army of the Dead which had both Samael and Lilith (the medusa imagery) and of course in the Rocky Horror Picture Show of transexual transylvania...

  14. Alexander Drueke is alive:

  15. Rare five-planet alignment to dazzle the night sky on June 24th, 2022 (6/6/6).

    Get set for a planetary parade when Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn will sequentially align for the first time in 18 years.

    (About June 24th:

    The Celtic version of Lilith, Melusine (model for the Starbucks Mermaid), was originally called "Mother Hydra" (old French "Mère Lusse", a lus being a river serpent commonly known as "une hydre"), the same name Lovecraft gave "the mother of all mermaids" in his stories. So all French noble blood is said to be blue like hers (same goes for other royal families), and the Fleur-de-Lys was originally her symbol, looking more or less like a big blue frog (interesting to note that "lily flower" could be interpreted as flower of Lilith).

    *In pagan Celtic times, she was celebrated by *drowning a young man in a river*, on what is now known as St. John the Baptist Day.*)

  16. The apostle Matthew was the patron saint of bankers. His feast day is September 21, the autumn equinox. This is when the Sun moves into Libra, the sign of the scales.

    The rider of the third horse of the apocalypse, the black horse, holds a pair of scales. The rider is accompanied by talk of wages and food prices. Is said to represent famine.

    The first we see of Matthew in IotBS, he is shining a (UV) light on unsanitary conditions at a restaurant. After dark. He quips about the prices the restaurant charges. Then he gets in his car and drives away.

    Movie Matthew works for the government, not a PPP (Private Public Partnership). However, in St. Matthew's time, "Private entrepreneurs purchased the right from the government to collect taxes.",St.,called%20to%20be%20a%20disciple.

    It could be that the PP (Pod People) are advocates/beneficiaries of PPPs. They stand in line to get material with which they "spread it." This could be something akin to bread lines or food rationing. A low tech representation of CBDC used to control people's consumption.

    “Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.” -Kissinger

  17. "Tanin'iver (Heb. תַנִין, "dragon" + עִוֵר, "sightless" — the "blind dragon") is an evil cosmic entity expounded in kabbalistic teachings. He is the steed of Lilith, so he is considered a mechanism by which evil is activated. He is still the catalyst for the coupling of Lilith with Samael, a union that brings pestilence and death to the world."

    The steed of Lilith, which brings pestilence to the world... The Taniniver is one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse? Covid-19/the Vaxx being it's embodiement?

    1. Yes. The Vax was launched full-scale in 2021. See above in my other comment :-)

    2. JB, you made me think of something. In astrology, Black Moon Lilith is the point in the Moon's orbit when it's furthest away from the Earth, its apogee. Its astrological characteristics are very much in tune with the Lilith story.

      A *draconic* month is the time it takes the Moon to travel through the same node twice. There are two nodes, ascending and descending (the ecliptic). It's only when the Sun and Moon are both near a node that eclipses happen.

      The Earth precesses through the zodiac in around 26,000 years, and the Moon also precesses. When it does, it traces a circle around a point in *Draco*. That takes 18.6 years.

      I still need to read more about the Moon, but it's starting to look like Samael may be a representation of the Moon's nodes? Or possibly this Taniniver? In addition to ascent and descent into an underworld, there is the connection to blindness through the eclipses. And poison. Eclipses are supposed to be a time when there is pestilence in the air or something.

      I don't yet know what, if any, connection there is between the Moon's precession, its nodes, and its distance from the Earth. It seems like there's probably something, though.

      It's kind of interesting that in the two years right in the middle of the 2017 (Hod) and 2024 (Tagiriron?) eclipses, 2020 and 2021, both the nouveux ailment and its supposed antidote became widespread. On 11/11/19 Mercury transited the Sun.

  18. WELL,

    it's the 24th of June. We KNEW something was gonna happen, something having to do with child sacrifice, and it did:

    Roe VS Wade has been OVERTURNED.

    Both Moloch and Lilith are seething.

    1. I think I've got it:

      Today, June 24th, is traditionally when children would be sacrificed, drowned in a river, in honor of Lilith/Melusine.

      ROE vs WADE: two things phonetically done in a river (ROW, WADE).

      In Jewish mysticism, women who get abortions fall under the dominion of Lilith.

      If Roe vs Wade would have been upheld on this day, it would have symbolically represented lots and lots of children being sacrificed to Lilith.

      But the ruling being overturned, declared unconstitutional, means an affront to ancient pagan/satanic rituals going back millennia.

      The Dark Ones are pissed.

    2. First off an apology. Just been to Clockwork June and all (bar the 1st) the date syncs on the script have gone. I did do them, whether I slipped up by not saving an edit or an evil pixie deleted them is unclear. Let's go with the pixie. If you spot anything like this in the future pls let me know.

      Anyway 24/6/22 sums to 666 as we know. Roe vs Wade was overturned and the Q account began posting again, first Q posts since Jan 20th I think.

      24/6/22 is also exactly 1700 days from the date of the first Q post 10/28/17

      There's a marker in the Q posts for the beginning of the plan 11.3 which may or may not connect to Roe vs Wade 410 US 113

      24/6/22 syncs to the moment Alex is selected by the Minister 'He's perfect, have his records sent' - which arguably is the moment that his participation in the procedure begins.

      There are pallets of bricks being pictured in DC. Long hot summer ahead.

    3. ps on yesterday. The Donnie Darkened account has a couple of interesting links. Space force delta new hq opens. Check out the logo:

      They also make the John the Baptist day link which I think JB or Words Are previously highlighted. Stop the hologram I want to get off.

    4. That was JB. It is a really interesting point.

      The night before the judgement, I was reading something online about Albert Pike. Supposedly he wrote a letter in 1871 describing a vision he had of the necessity of three world wars for the multitude to "receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view. This manifestation will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time."

      After the news of the ruling sunk in, I remembered the Satanic Temple had been saying for years that abortion was protected as a religious freedom if it was part of a religious ritual.

      The first tweet about the decision came at 10:11 am, from what I could find. It wasn't announced before 10:00. If 10:11 is the official time, it's particularly interesting that the Satanic Temple announced their tax exempt status 165 weeks prior, as 165 can be reduced to 1-11. Their post was made at 2:54 pm Eastern Time on 4/24/19, which makes the precise time between announcements 1156 days, 19 hours, 17 minutes.

      11-11. 1917 is the year the US entered WWI.

    5. That reminds me of that tweet that was going round with the identical numeric summation of the start dates of WW1, 2 and the start of the Russian/Ukraine 'special operation'.

      I look at that plot of the two eclipses of 17 and 24 and they quarter the US, dividing it astrologically just as it's been divided by politics, race, gender and economics. I could well imagine activists pushing satanic rituals for abortion and idiotic angry idealists on the west or east coasts seizing on it as a way to show the Christian Right the error of their ways.

    6. It's kind of spot-on that Donnie Darkened character calling Trump "Messiah." The Satanic Temple said they got a huge boost in membership when he was elected.

      Q's post numbers start with 165. The "oath" post time of 22:04:01 is 10:04:01 pm, or 6. So they posted on 666 at 6. Then talks about an oath. Lol. The rest of the numbers from post 16506930 sum to 18, like the Space Delta 18. And 1494 from DD's gematria post. And the 18 months silence of Q beforehand. Fascinating. And like 666 haha.

      That Space Delta emblem looks a lot like the scenery when Alex and the other prisoners are walking around in circles in the yard before the Minister shows up. Circle beneath triangle, half blue and half pink or black area.

      DD also mentions Israel. The Pike letter says WWIII is supposed to be fomented "between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World."


    Alexander will not undergo ''psychological transformation'' - oh lol

  20. That's on the nose. Does that perhaps mean someone else will take over his role for the next scenes?

    1. I think, for one, it will prob. be radical change of narrative on Ukraine after Ludovico technique scene. Ukraine will have to become passive and surrender somehow. Alex de Pfeffel may resign on that basis, here is the quote:

      "If I were told that we had to give up the Ukrainian cause because it was becoming too complicated and the cost of supporting these people is too high in terms of inflation, economic damage, I would admit that I lost a very important dispute, and I would walk away," answered Johnson.

  21. On 10/24/22 the Moon will occult Mercury as seen from part of North America's west coast and a small portion of west Africa. From 1:50:33-55 Alex is in the bathtub with a dark blue washcloth over his eyes, just beginning to sing "Singin in the Rain" while Mr. Alexander plots his demise on the phone.

    There are three circles above Alex. Leftmost is a painted white disc. Then two lamps. The lamp nearest the disc is a reflection. The Moon reflects the light of the Sun. The Sun, Moon, and planets are called luminaries. Taken together, it's a pretty good representation of the Moon occulting Mercury from Earth's perspective.

    Mercury's retrograde is when outward communications get a bit screwy, and it's during this lunar eclipsing of Mercury period when Alex betrays his identity to his host.

    Since the Seattle area is a part of where the eclipse may be visible, and Mr. Alexander is on the phone when he recognizes Alex, it may suggest a use of technology to track people down? There's already tech out there which was reportedly used to trace someone based on the linguistic patterns in their online communications. In the book Alex was recognized by his speech patterns.

    You put a bird to sleep by covering its cage. So, this round of song could perhaps be related to Ukraine, or another kind of "singing" altogether.

  22. On the subject of evil, straight from the mouth of an old friend of mine:

    "Do they have a god, or a leader of some sort (the nightmare horrors, the black pseudo-elementals)?"

    Pan sighed. "Yes, unfortunately, my opposite. The Anti-Pan; a debased aspect of myself, a detached shadow. We're quite good friends in a way, but I keep him at arm's length.

    His horns are longer and vicious looking. He has real goat's legs and coarse hair. He is the real nymph-chasing satyr, the true model for the devil; he is the reason for the bad reputation I have.

    It is too easy to invoke him, but the fools who do deserve what's coming to them. Their cosmic consciousness is not highly developed, if at all."

    "Is he evil?"

    "He is a negative entity who brings negative energies, but he has a necessary role to play. But that's enough talking about him."

    - R. Ogilvie Crombie

  23. Ha! IotBS going mainstream:

  24. The first time I posted this, it disappeared (relevant for next year?):

  25. Timings for July, apologies for the delay, better late than never!

  26. July 5th. Alex is being transferred from the custody of the prison guard to the Ludovicci centre, forms need to be signed, 'Sign here, and here'.

  27. I've uploaded August's breakdown and September to follow soon,

  28. Thanks for all this Journeyman! Well here we go Alex Johnson is literally being wheeled into Ludovico for his de-fanging... Lets see how many of the other Alexes go with him...