Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Magickal Memory

The purpose of building your ''magickal memory'' is not for the purpose of remembering past lives. You know how many lives you have had???  *Lots*.  The purpose of the magickal memory is not to open some vast attic containing endless piles of dusty photo albums so you can get all nostalgic about that time you got murdered by being clubbed over the back of the head and chucked down a well*, or that time you died of dysentry.  What would be the point of that?  I know many people spend endless hours reviewing their memories in this life and struggling to let go of them (or indeed dealing with the reality of their own mortality/immortality which is the real cause of the reviewing) lets not extend that problem to all those other lives as well!

When you practice the development of the magickal memory you may indeed receive random ''flashbacks'' to things that never happened in this life, you may get bizarre feelings of dejavu around certain places you've never been because you have been and these are indeed ''results'' and show the efficacy of whatever technique you're employing but they are baubles in the end.

The point of developing the magickal memory is the same as developing the ''physical'' memory - memory is a storehouse of information that you can access in order to improve your ability to deal with the present moment.  When the magickal memory is developed you will recieve information from the memory of past lives that will allow you to deal with situations in this life.

Opening this memory channel, unblocking the magickal memory of the trauma of its last death, so that these memories may flow more easily is *early work* in a magician's career.  Once these memories are flowing, and you'll know it because you'll be experiencing the effects, the next stage is to organise the mind for ''referencing'' - this is why we *study the Qabalah*.

Magickal Memory, like awareness of and an ability to explore the Astral Plane were said to be the work of the ''Zelator'' which corresponds to Yesod and in our Metabolism of Time diagram we see that this is associated with the ''Altered Past''.  Studying the QBL is the work of the ''Practicus'', this ''referencing'' ability I discussed is enriched by such study.  After all a magickal memory is useless if you don't know what it is you are supposed to remember...

*True story.  I was a Cathar when it happened.  Bastards took me unawares.

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