Friday, November 13, 2020

2020 - The Year of Lilith, Whores and Princesses (WAP)

There's some whores in this house.


Cardi B featuring Megan Thee Stallion, WAP


With Cummings confirmed to be on his way out, its clear that a) the rats are leaving the sinking ship of Brexit and b) those who would replace them are already deep in their machinations.  I think Gove is poisoned by Brexit as regards with him fitting in with the New Biden Order so I still think after another leadership contest it will be Technocrat in Chief Jeremy Hunt at the helm of the Good Ship Brittania.  Regardless, the depleting Brexit of Boris is yet more confirmation of the general de-Yellowing theory and the crushing of the Yellow Spirits.  Remember the focus of the Yellow Phase is ''inverting'' the West and the Air/Wind. 


Trump and Johnson are not the only dumb blond airhead precious princesses up for de-Yellowing though and the spectres of Princess Diana and Britney Spears being brought back to public attention at the same time (the Martin Bashir interview and FreeBritney campaign) cast me back to theories we had at the beginning about the inversion of Malkuth and, of course with the history of those two, theories of MKUltra and Princess Sacrifice in general (importantly, and the subject of another post, Andromeda in the Perseus Myth).  

As you all know by now some of the primary symbols of Malkuth are the Princess and ''The Fallen Daughter'', so in Lilith/Medusa/Algol or ''2020'' as pedestrians refer to it, and, if you remember, we expected there to be anti or evil versions of the Princesses.  Since it has been clearly established that Greta (Pearl) is playing Malkuth, the Fallen Daughter of the Earth we expected anti-Gretas or evil Gretas specifically focusing on Meghan (Pearl) Markle as being an anti-Greta. Meghan (Pearl) Markle, frequently shown wearing Green during the Green phase, has been setting herself up as an advocate for climate/social justice - was she effectively ''de-Greened'' during that Phase when she was accused of ''stealing our Prince'' and they both fled the country?  Now we think back to when this all began with the covid outbreaks on the cruise ship the Diamond Princess, and later the Ruby Princess and after that the Grand Princess... there was a strong focus on the Princess as set as well as persona.  

So back to the ''sudden appearance'' of our blond airheads - Diana and Britney - in the mainstream media.  If there was an order of the princesses playing out for Lilith it would have been attached to the phases of Malkuth played in reverse so...:

  • Wands (Fire/Red Phase) Jan-Mar
  • Disks (Earth, Black Phase) Apr-Jun 
  • Cups (Water/Green Phase) Jul-Sep 
  • Swords (Air/Yellow Phase) Oct-Dec 

I have to admit I can't recall everything at the beginning of the year but it stands to reason if you want to emblazon the word princess in each phase you would need to have several active princesses of each type to reach different classes of the people at the same time - Britney and Diana are both necessary; a proper princess and a pop (popular or people's) princess, if you like.  Stack in a bunch of ships called Princess and attach them to Lilifluenza and you have that dual symbol (''Whore'' and ''Princess'') again in people's consciousnesses.  For instance I think People's favourite Katy Perry was the Princess of Wands (fire) as she was big at that time of the year (shown in Midsommar style here), Naya Rivera could have been one of our ''pop princesses'' of Cups (water) whereas Britney and Diana are now pointing at the Princess of Swords (air).  

Hmmm.... Is there anywhere else extraordinarily mainstream where these images of the princesses have been played with, on and through?  Put your seatbelt on as we go all Vigilant Citizen.


What seems to have ''happened to appear'' in the set of the music video WAP by Cardi B and Megan (Pearl) Thee Stallion is the design/imagery of the Princess Tarot cards from Crowley's Thoth Deck.  Drawing inspiration from the Tarot Deck is far from uncommon, and we need to look no further than the chevron master - David Lynch (who has been so astutely referenced in the video) who frequently dips into the Tarot for imagery in characters, plot and set.  The set of the video itself appears to be the Princess and the Whore is the dancer who is inverting (or Lilithising/Dualising) the Princess.  The ''Whore'' is represented by the dual/multiple/fragmented, forgive me Lord, ''Qliphothic self'', as the ''Princess'' would be the united, forgive me Lord, ''Sefirothic self''.  The exception would be in the final ''Princess'' Room where we see a single dancer in a room who is not represented by the two singers - is this because at the time of the release (The Green Phase), the Princess of Swords had not been activated - do the two singers look into that room because they will swap her out as they have in other rooms?  More on this and a few other missing pieces later, for now have a scroll.


After spotting the tiger in the doorway our attention is drawn to this golden pedestal, our first major clue to what is going on in terms of set design and dressing.  In terms of the costumes it's worth noting the green rays (in ''the colour wave'') in the Princess of Wands imagery and how they show up in the bikinis and in the green snakes.  The snakes overall are part of ''the colour wave'' but I would argue that one of them is intended to be the tail of the tiger.  Its worth looking closer at the hair design here as well - you can see in one of the images below how the artist's black hair has been stylised into the shape of the blond, golden, green lock of hair in the main card with the flick at the end.


In this interpretation of the Princess of Disks the duality of the whore is represented by splitting the symbolism into the two different costume/set designs for the two different performers.  The aspects of Cardi B's segment relate to the yellow, brown, dusky oranges and golds of the Princess.  The chain braids are a reference to the hair; the nipple tassels are probably a cheeky reference to the coloured shield (?) she is carrying.  The shift into Megan's segment and the appearance of the Siberian Tiger is the black and white aspects of the Princess of Disks costume, in the fur you see flowing over her shoulders and down to the floor.  It is probably worth paying attention to the shifting representation of the pedastal in this sequence as well.


In the next sequence you can clearly see the colour wave of the Princess represented in the colour wave of the set.  Not only the colour wave but the structure of the set itself suggests the opening of the clam.  The colours of the clam and bird are suggested in the plastic leather look of the costumes and in aspects of their choreography.  


The colours of the ''colour wave'' are again very striking in this particular interpretation of the Thoth Tarot Deck.  The Goddesses with the arms raised in the corners (possibly another reference to the Red Room of Master Lynch) is almost certainly the Athena-like presence we see in the image of the card although the angle of the choreography suggests that this performer is the intact Princess.  At this point in the video, our saucy twosome are still discovering these rooms (i.e. that phase of the plan had not happened yet at the time of the videos release but is in fact happening now) so perhaps this Princess has not yet been ''dualised'' or ''whoreified'' by them (but by implication will be soon).  The wonderfully lit black balls that are are falling down from the pillar/plinth shelf at the right side of the image are reminiscent of the bulbous ball like shapes forming out of the dark mist that surround the goddesses and scatter around her feet.  In the video these balls are also shown at different levels as if they are falling off that shelf, which connect to the pedestal of our card again.


There are a couple of segments that I have left out so I just want to comment on them here as they are slightly separated from the four princesses.  In the purple-green machinery sequence the camera is shown descending through the floor (Blue Velvet reference?) to the basement and, combined with the colour, I originally thought this was a reference to Yesod, the Foundation and ''the Vision of the Machinery of the Universe''.  Structurally, I am not sure why they departed from the Princesses theme, at that point in the song and then returned to the ''General Whoreification'' except to show that there is considerable industry behind this process. You see several other performers in different rooms flashing up before the end. Vigilant Citizen may refer to them as Beta Kittens, and the house is filled with these pussycats but I originally interpreted these later rooms as a progression through the rest of the Qliphoth and the idea of other demon-whores in other rooms (Qlipha).  This later stage is, at most, a few moments of the overall footage though.

That there are some whores in this house is no great revelation nor is the set being dressed with sacrificial princesses.  As discussed in the previous post, these powers of writing/design are used by our Destruction Team, so while debating the symbolism in art and dance we've also been navigating through it in the real world - 2020, forgive me, has been an obstacle course made out of the abandoned princesses of our dreams and designed by the Queen of the Night herself. The only usefulness in looking closer at set dressing is to see if we can divine what will happen next specifically - otherwise we'll always be Captain Hindsight.  Maybe worth looking a little closer at the Princess of Swords.

There's some whores in this house.


Cardi B featuring Megan Thee Stallion, WAP


  1. Ridicule those "dumb blonde patriotic leaders" all you want, but they are/were our very last chance to avoid bloody, violent civil war/revolution. There are over 70 *million* conservatives who supported Trump in the US; not only are they the only productive people in the country, but they own 300 million guns and 1 trillion rounds of ammunition. They have *not* been exhausted by all this; they're more enraged than ever at the fact that the election has clearly been stolen, that a communist/globalist/"woke" regime is about to be imposed, and they are ready for war. The "colour-coded" stuff is less relevant than 70 million enraged heavily-armed patriots who have nothing left to lose.

    1. I understand you're angry about that whole de-yellowing thing JB. You can't say you weren't warned! Remember the tone/perspective of the post is not always my own but the tone/perspective of who I am looking at it through. The Green Spirits heard some harsh words over the Summer.

      I would be very surprised if we saw the kind of armed uprising you are talking about. Most of everyone is knackered and confused. I think it'll peeter out in the cold and the dark. And deny it all you want but a lot of people do think Donald Bigly Trump and Boris ''Pish! Tush! Etc'' Johnson are more than a little bit dim, mate, so its not hard to find someone with that perspective to look at it through.

      You know my position I think they are all puppets and just didn't buy into the Trump puppet show like other people did. Regardless of who won - Big Corp Won. A lot of this circus show at the moment is to do with finishing the rage-milking for the Great Reset.

      Honestly, I'd conserve your energy if I were you.

    2. It's just summoning homicidal-level righteous anger to hear the World Economic Forum's plans for the future saying that "In the year 2030, you will own *nothing* and you will be *happy*!"

      Yeah, bet on that. As if elitist multi-billionaires can't die.

    3. P.S.: the above was *not* a threat on my part, I have always been non-violent, but it goes without saying that non-violence is *not* the philosophy of the millions upon millions of more conservative folks out there who practice at a shooting range on a regular basis. I just don't get how these elitist multi-billionaires screwing over all of humanity right now sincerely think they'll be able to remain safe and sound. Really big "panic rooms"?

    4. I've thought for a while now that If Trump wins you would see immediate (continued) riots in the big blue cities, but if Biden won, it would be crickets for a bit, and then random large attacks by lone gunmen, and militant units out of the woodwork. As the Quarn comes back so do the redhats. Severity to set things straight. I'm not betting on much at this point. All I know is that Tiferet will guide the whole world upon the axis of the central pillar as has always been. Everything is in perfect place, the One Life is unscathed, the story must be told.
      Go Gold!

    5. If you're gonna shoot me for the calling the soon to be former president a popular blond ''air''head princess, from *Quebec*, JB, you'll need a pretty long gun. :-)

      I think what irritates a lot of people is that everyone has lost heroes this year, if we are including Trump on this list, so join the club mate! Most of my leftist colleagues are not happy with Biden either as he is Neoliberal. They wanted Sanders in the States and Corbyn in the UK.

      Most of our ''heroes'' for the last decade were assets anyway as the Marvel Movies showed (Agents of ''Shield''), the next ten years of ''anti-story telling'' will have us venerating villains. Or ''seeing things from the villain's perspective.'' By the 30s we will be back to more wholesome figures.

    6. The liberals who supported Sanders in 2016 are all self-betraying f**king idiots if they *still* voted for the Demoncrats in 2020, considering how the rest of the party stole the nomination from Bernie *twice* now. The Dems are not real old-school liberals, folks, they're the Neo-Cons under a new label. Michael/Michele Obama is even BFFs with George W. Bush now ffs!

  2. Yesterday I dreamed about the town of goats and the town of beans, wanted to be joined together in marriage. But the goat men didn't want to marry, and sought divination in the Bean princess.... By reading the inside of a mochi bean pastry. If the marriage was done, there have to be goat blood in the ceremony. Goat people lived in the mountains btw.

  3. Re: "David Lynch...who frequently dips into the tarot..." - But, but, Lynch says that he gets all of his ideas solely from the warm, nurturing bosom of Transcendental Meditation! Its often so dissonant when creators tap into the occult to make content and then disavow/obscure their sources, saying that "this stuff just pops into my head sometimes". Enjoying the color wave theories, thanks!

    1. The Tarot was all over Season 1 and most of Season 2. Season 3, The Return was a ''pathwalking'' of the entire (Qabalistic/Golden Dawn) Tree of Life. From the Black Lodge (Malkuth) and the divided self (Cooper, Mr C, Dougie) to the White Lodge (Keter) and the unified self (Richard Cooper). He was being contrary because he was unifying while the rest of the global ritual moviemaking thing has been based on dividing. Now, in lockdown, he is pulling 10 balls with numbers on at random out of a jar. If he was ever hiding it in Eastern Mysticism, he wasn't hiding it very well.

      These were first thoughts:

      Now I would say that he did *everything* *including* episodes on Ain, Ain Soph and Ain Soph Aur as well as Paths (Tarot *and* many Hebrew letter associations) and Sefiroth.
      I'll write it up in full at some point in the indeterminate future!

    2. Thanks for the links! I'm looking forward to that point in the indeterminate future for the full hermetic write-up! I also enjoyed Youtuber Twin Perfect's recent interpretation that the core symbolism in Twin Peaks is a meditation/criticism of violence on television.


    De-yellowing continues?

  5. Kylie Minogue as well, as my sister pointed out to me.