Sunday, April 4, 2021

2021 - The Year of Gamaliel, The Abysmal and the Steve Reeves Movie

Let me show you around
Maybe play you a sound
You both look you're like pretty groovy
Or if you want something visual
That's not too abysmal 
We can take in an old Steve Reeves Movie


Sweet Transvestite, Rocky Horror Picture Show

I think I've reached the level of focus and accuracy that is currently possible within this Rocky Horror meta-theory.  I cannot seem to punch past the +/- 1 or 2 days mark and I think maybe this is a hard limit for the Destruction Team as well - this could be to do with rounding numbers.  They are also very compartmentalized so there is going to be some friction over dates, I would think, it's also about when news lands as opposed to when it happens persay - so maybe I am looking for a level of precision that simply cannot be there.  Still this level of accuracy is remarkable in itself. 

Familiarity with the video sequence of Sweet Transvestite is necessary to get what is going on just as it was with Time Warp 

  • I'm cold and I'm wet and I am just plain scared - Sydney Flooding
  • How'd you do, I see you've met my... faithful handyman... - First Transgender member of the Cabinet 25th-27th + beefed up role of Kamala, Johnson & The Royals, British news stories that we were transitioning away from
  • He's Just a Little Brought Down because When you Knocked, He Thought You Were the Candyman - Candyman could be a reference to vaccine/economic trade deal - important note: Candyman remake release date, rescheduled for 2021, like with ''Morbius''
  • Don't get strung out, by the way I look, don't judge a book by it's cover, I'm not much of a man, by the light of the day but by night I'm one hell of a lover, I'm just a sweet Transvestite...+ chorus - Trans Visibility Day March 31 2021, Biden's Statement
  • You could make the argument that the Lil Nas X Montero release is actually a kind of rendering of Sweet Transvestite, note the overstated hell-purple palette and for later, the chains and colosseum setting...).

''Let me show you around
Maybe play you a sound
You both look like you're pretty groovy
If you want something visual
That's not too abysmal
We could take in an old Steve Reeves Movie'' 

The ''Steve Reeves'' Movie has been bothering me quite intensely and I've been searching the world for a correlative of Hercules or the Last Days of Pompeii when perhaps I should have been searching the movies... For example in one of Jordan Peele's most memorable scenes, his Hollywood script doctor character helps design the plot of Gremlins 2 by telling every member of the writing team to invent their own crazy Gremlin and he will put ''it in the movie''.  Honestly this seems to be a part of the destructive process, especially last year when once the Qabalistic correspondences had been established they would come up with interesting blends and disturbing distortions.  Jordan Peele clearly has great responsibility as an artist.  He made Us and Lovecraft Country important ''fore-shadowings'' of the debacles of 2020 and beyond; Us is a particularly excellent introduction to the horrors of doppel-gangering that await us.  Entirely by coincidence I am sure, he wrote and is producing the remake of Candyman, a song mentioned in the lyrics of Sweet Transvestite above, which also deals with mirroring.  Entirely by coincidence, Jordan, Candyman is probably a good parallel for Gamaliel as well, right?

So maybe ''the old Steeve Reeves Movie'' (see picture above) is a reference to re-makes or re-watches that have been going on while people tune out from the abysmal news regarding problems with vaccination (blood clots from Astra Zeneca + shortages of supply, etc), or... where else have we seen a ''Sword and Sandals'' display of Herculean strength Unchained?  Not so much in the movies, but in the memes.  Here is a selection of the ''visual'' people were ''taking in'', instead of the ''abysmal''.  Important note: review your Yesod correspondences again as this is some seriously massive Qabalah we are talking about.

Note that engineers used the Moon to shift the blockage in the end. You could argue that Kong, etc, are acting out Herculean labours like fighting Hydras, etc.... On that note the Apocalypse Squad wants to point out one of the sequels to Hercules Unchained which was Hercules Against the Moonmen.  In this movie the Moonmen try to ruin the world by creating a giant sandstorm -  a very long sequence that showed the cast floundering about and didn't advance plot or character at all.  Wait didn't we see this in China?

Getting back to the ''now'' the cup of water that Frank'n'furter splashes over the camera is quite possibly associated with this breach in a radioactive pond (more Scifi B-movie madness this is essentially/literally how ''Tarantula'' and all those other giant insects from horror movies are created) that is occurring right now in Florida.  I understand that this is all deeply dark and disturbing.

Tread softly, Destruction Team, because you tread on my memes.

Well you got caught with a flat
Well how' bout that?
Well babies don't you panic
By the light of the night
It'll all be alright
I'll get you a Satanic Mechanic


Sweet Transvestite, Rocky Horror Picture Show


  1. Again, does this remind you of the Millennium Season 2 finale? The bleeding plague caused by prions? They HAVE admitted to the presence of prions in their vaccine...

  2. From Wordman's blog (years ago):

    "Many Middle Eastern cultures, in accordance with their religious traditions, prohibit the mixing of meat and milk.  The purpose of this, allegedly, is to avoid accidental ritual.  Jacques Vallee says his favorite UFO case is the one he calls “Copper Medic,” so named in his arcane filing system.  In this case an elderly couple, Clint and Jane Chapin, panhandling for gold in the California mountains happen upon a rattlesnake.  They kill it in what amounts to a ritualistic manner, cutting off the head and then burying the head and body separately, marking it with a stone “so no one will step over it.”  Almost immediately in the trees beyond the tall grass, they both spot an oval object, about the size of a VW, she sees it as cream colored, he as a burnished gray.  It lifts up and pauses before shooting away at tremendous speed.  It leaves behind a deep oval depression, some pale yellow-green glassy fragments, and a silvery colored block that appears as a copper alloy.  It is October 30, 1969.  The same object appears again in the same spot on December 27, 1976 and October 13, 1977.  In another “high strangeness” case in his files, something like a Sasquatch materializes immediately when a hunter and his young son perform certain accidental actions with a freshly killed dead rabbit.  There is evidently a very certain danger of accidentally stumbling into ritual."

    1. Blogos, my point being, if small, insignificant, UN-intentional rituals can bring about supernatural effects, imagine what kind of tremendous, earth-shattering supernatural effects will be brought about by the "KBL demolition team"'s mega-rituals taking place on a planetary scale.

    2. That's exactly what I am trying to do. Imagine what kind of effects.

    3. Aliens! Or demons! A permanent mass invasion of otherworldly creatures who will make us their sex slaves or use us for food.

  3. Blogos, *SPOILERS*,

    at the end of Godzilla versus Kong, Kong decapitates Mecha-godzilla (an evil robot version of the real thing), and proudly displays Mecha's head Medusa-style. Then Kong literally "buries the axe" in his ancient "clash of the titans" against Godzilla, and in the after-credits scene we learn that Kong will now be the King of Hollow Earth, leaving the surface world to his former nemesis.

  4. Blogos, more f**kery afoot, mythology-wise:

  5. I recomend to watch the last video of the , very informative in terms of blueprints.

  6. Blogos, *SPOILERS*,

    Reading Nick Redfern's "Final Events" right now, and... wow.

    The "Collins Elite" within the Pentagon and DoD are basically like the real-life Millennium Group, complete with two opposed factions:

    One that wants to try to control the Endtimes, even if it means literally making a deal with the Devil;

    The other wants to tell the horrible truth to the public, knowing that it will cause inevitable social collapse.

    The horrible truth being that aliens are in fact demons, let into our world en masse from 1947-1952 by Jack Parsons himself, and... it's too late. Armagueddon is gonna happen no matter what. And every single human being who turns their back to Jesus and fully embraces the new Anti-Christian one world religion will be have their *souls taken from them* by those friendly little grey men when they finally show up to "save" us.

  7. Blogos! It's Caitlyn (Bruce) Jenner which might be your "sweet transvestite", since he/she is thinking about running for governor of California against absolutely-hated Gavin Newsom, and Jenner is even getting encouragement and political support by Donald Trump.

    1. It could well be that dumb. I think the character is being passed around though in different spheres. Caitlyn is included. Lil Nas X did their part. Levine played another. I also believe Kamala is there as well covering one aspect. There were others I surely missed. I guess its the essence of the character they are going for. But if it is the movie then these players and others who are added to the character will be a big part of the overall year.

      Anyway so yes to all of the above. They are all ''Sweet Transvestites'' and they have all gone through various processes of the ''reveal'' against the backdrop of the ''Steve Reeves movie''.

      I am assuming the ''ghost guns'' are to tie in with the ''Satanic Mechanic''. As the cup of the water throw was the Florida phosphate pond...

    2. So, C. Jenner just showed up on that mask singer show in a Phoenix costume.

    3. Yes I saw ''the reveal'' a la the musical. The reveal in the song (when Frank throws off the cloak) itself I think was centralised around trans-visibility day.

      We had a chat about it and we think Jenner can cover the Satanic Mechanic aspect as well as the ''ghost guns''. The name Jenner means ''engineer'' and you have that whole vehicular manslaughter thing as well.

      According to the timeline this is what we are looking at in short.

      Sweet Transvestite ends around the 13th (+/- 1 or 2 days max) then roughly 40 days of whack transition scene ''in the lab'' then

      22/23 May - Sword of Damocles
      2 June - I Can Make You a Man
      12th June- Hot Patootie

  8. Immediately after the Satanic Mechanic lyric in the video (from the cult movie)- Mag, Columbia and Riff Raff rejoin the Sweet Transvestite to make the final tableaux for the song.

    As was established in the analyses of Time Warp the Windsors were equated with the characters in that video:

    Skeleton in closet (next to clock) - Prince Philip's heart problems
    Riff-Raff - Boris Johnson
    Magenta - Her ''Mag''esty & The ''Firm''
    Columbia - Markle (mainly)

    Today the death of Prince Philip will cause that tableau to form from the perspective of the media i.e it will transplant the characters from the last song into this one. So we are still *absolutely* in sync.

    These are the next lyrics that cover the next 5-6 days that are left (again I can't get an accuracy beyond this at the moment and I think that +/- 1 day is prob. their hard limit):

    9/10th April

    ''Why don't you stay for a night
    Or maybe a bite,
    I could show you my favourite obsession

    10/11th April

    I've been making a man
    With blond hair and a tan
    That's good for relieving my tension

    11th-13th April

    Sweet Transvestite chorus again

    14th-16th April

    So come up to the lab
    And see what's on the slab
    I see you shiver with anticipation
    But maybe the rain
    Is really to blame
    So I'll remove the cause but not the symptom...

    According to one of the Apocalypse Squad the rain lines prob. relates to the promise of vaccination offers for all Americans (by the 18th April...?) - the rain & storm having already been established as ''covid'' in ''There's a light Over at the Frankenstein's place'' and also by dint of association with Lilith, the Queen of the Evil Winds and the demon of 2020.