Wednesday, January 26, 2022

2023 - The Year of A'arab Tzereq, The Invasion of the Body Snatchers

And so this is the end of our story
Everyone is dead from AIDS
It took from me my best friend,
My only true pal, my only bright star
(He died of AIDS)
Well I'm gonna march on Washington,
Lead the fight and charge the brigades
There's a hero inside all of us
I'll make them see everyone has AIDS


Everyone has AIDS, Team America



2023, The Year of the A'arab Tzereq (Burning Ravens of Dispersion) will see the beginning of Invasion of the Body Snatchers, in my opinion one of the most genuinely terrifying films in the Cult Movie Meta Theory development of the Unifying Colour Theory.  One of the reasons why I struggle to hold back my tears in this movie is that what Invasion of the Body Snatchers invades is a love story.  It seeks to replace that personal human love story that is ultimately what humanity is with the love of the hive and in so doing kills stories altogether.  In this darkness of future's past I will give you a taste of what I believe lies ahead from 2023 - 2026 and an idea about how to get ahead of the weather with countermagic and alchemy.  In my pursuit of the truth, I have employed ''bureau guidelines, deductive techniques, Tibetan method, instinct and luck'', but ultimately the source of perfect light to defeat this darkness truly burns in your own heart, we can only provide the tools and you will have to wield them for yourself.  If your heart runs from this reading, return to the place.

As anyone neurologically still functioning can see by now the events of 2020 have lead inexorably to one of the true goals of the Demolition Team the imposition of the green pass or health passport and digital ID (with chip already in some areas) and normalized the means to enforce it.  In reviewing various versions of this passe-sanitaire that have been distributed by governments and supranational bodies (WHO me?) we can see that there are places for multiple diseases not simply lilifluenza - some have been left as ''field blank'' in order to avoid huge technical problems in the future when they have to update their databases and spreadsheets.  In my own vision work in mid-2020 I projected to the north-western Canada of 2025, just outside one of the newly built ''smart cities'' in a ghetto type area occupied by climate refugees.  The refugees were caught in a wicked game of access to the city - their green pass would not be considered valid and they would not be permitted to enter the city unless it contained three vaccinations along with a general health check.  All of these required money to realise and climate refugees were forced to work either in PPE factories or synthetic food generation (Tofu factories).  The general medical part of the health pass also required maintaining a veneer of health while working in these desperate conditions having fled even more desperate conditions in the past - this veneer could also be gamed by a combination of expensive supplements.  Criminal gangs preyed on these refugees and many were forced into crime, sex work, or other degradations, in order to get the money, or fell prey to drug addictions and enslavement and never even managed to leave this ghetto.  Neither the refugees or the inhabitants were allowed the kind of access to nature we currently still kind of enjoy on the grounds of human action triggering fires etc.  Weird psychological barriers were already in effect with the banning/cancelling of old anthropomorphic animal cartoons on eco-critical grounds (a Wokish arms race development of what we see in critical race or gender theory right now). These barriers to Nature were in fact concealing something else going on in the heart of our turbulent and vengeful mother but that is a story for another day, maybe another year.  The most important part of this vision for us today is the nature of the diseases - there was a respiratory virus, a fungal infection and a bacterial infection.  The fungal infection caused unsightly and uncomfortable rashes and lesions while, strangely to some it may seem, it was the bacteria that caused hallucinations and cognitive impairment (something like neisseria meningitidis I imagine).

Although Invasion presents us with a number of tragic and/or insidious variegated futures of what will be meant by body-snatching I want to focus in on something that seems obvious to me as both a very literal reading of the film and of the logical development of the events of the last two years i.e. the fungus.  Knowledge (and symbiosis) of fungus has been seeded into the consciousness as effectively as viruses were, but burning in the background while the virus took the foreground, with documentaries like Fantastic Fungi or shows like Star Trek: Discovery (which used a mycelial network to achieve faster than warp instantaneous travel) or habits like microdosing.  The mind controlling aspects of fungi are understood at the popular culture level by the hypnotised ant with a mushroom popping out of its head, but as with all microbial mind control its much more insidious than that in reality - when you are infected with anything you should not be sure that your thoughts are entirely your own, if you can truly claim any belong to you when you have rid yourself of all the marketing that masquerades as ''society''.  If you can then this is your light of reason (logos). During the wave of infections in India horrible stories began to emerge of a black brain eating fungus, mucormycosis, which had eaten into the faces of COVID-19 victims and which required literal defacing surgery to treat.  Ostensibly the reason given for these infections were that they were opportunisitically taking advantage of the suppressed immune systems caused by steroid use in treatments.  The astute will now see where this is going.

When it comes to the discussion of adverse side effects most people focussed on blood clots to begin with, then menstrual disruption in women and now myocarditis particular in young men and atheletes.  This is entirely consistent with the astrological associations of this Kircher-Structured Demolition, the Earth (for 2020, i.e. systemic) the Moon for last year (i.e. reproductive) and now Mercury (i.e. young men and athletes).  There has also been a genuine concern throughout regarding ADE or antibody dependent enhancement but the media focussed on those issues above to drive ADE into the background of public consciousness.  I remember a friend of mine talking about the risks of blood clots being mininal (because this is what the BBC said) and I told him to scan through the 57 pages of different side effects listed by Astrazeneca themselves while informing him blood clots were not my primary concern.  When it comes to the discussions regarding ADE people have dramatically focused on dying from a simple cold but what they have avoided is the less dramatic and more grotesque angle of opportunistic fungal infections leading people to scratch their own faces off i.e. ''the burning ravens'' who ''disperse'' spores.  If we are not tooled up the fungal threat is going to catch most people by surprise.

Mucormycosis then is the dramatic of the grotesque, while many of the fungal problems encountered by people with disempowered immune systems are as mundane as Athlete's Foot this particular spore on moldy bread, fruit, soil and basically just in the air with the rest has the right amount of visceral horror in it to justify more panicked reactions and more treatments.  The twisted narrative, already as twisted as a boa constrictor, may well run something like this.  People who are not ''fully vaccinated'' (i.e. even those with only two or three shots or six shots or whatever by then) cannot avoid ''covid'' and ''long covid'' leads to a weakened immune system which leads to an increased risk of catching the Burning Ravens.  This disease, or other fungal diseases, may not be fatal for everyone - like liliflu wasn't, or even lead to the defacing surgery seen in India in a western setting but they may well be very unsightly and therefore constitute an attack on both pride and especially vanity.  It is the fear of losing your face.  Although repeated mRNA treatments will continue to batter and derange immune systems and therefore in reality be the source of the problem, the pride of a great many is so wrapped around this narrative for a multitude of reasons, they will continue to take them.  The fact that the treatment itself acts as a blinding agent by clogging the pineal doesn't help either.  Hopefully you can now see what I mean by insidious - it does not have to be fatal to have an effect on society worse than something that actually is.  In order to preserve their looks and physical comfort people will be forced into more and more immunosuppression. An attack on beautification and looks (and on fruit and other soft tissues...) is entirely consistent with an attack on Venus and the Love Story.

Continuing on to the bacteria, strangely absent from a world that dementedly thinks it now only has one disease when there are millions of cases and a hundred thousand deaths every year from something as treatable as cholera, this final part of the unholy trinity will materialize sometime in 2024 and complete the microbial part of the Green Pass.  Changing climate patterns and multidrug resistance have already produced some miniature demon-titans in waiting that are the scourge of hospitals where they take advantage precisely of people with weakened immune systems.  As the ''ADE'' or immunosupression continues in society at large these little monsters will finally begin to enter the spotlight - and the push for more ''boosting'', probably mixed ''vaccines'' at this point or one vax to end all vaxes as it will be sold.  Again people will deny what this is doing to them for as Dr House used to say: Everybody Lies.  2024, the Qlipha of Tifereth, is defined by pride, whether it be the arrogance of man over nature, over his fellow man or over losing face.   This year the temperature will break the 1.5 degree threshold for the first time due to a combination of the sun cycle peaking in '24-'25 (solar max) and El Nino, which will form during the Summer of 2024.  This Mad Max experience will bring an energy crisis, catastrophe to developing economies, cause mass people movements requiring some kind of mechanism to manage climate refugees (see above) - and complete the segue from health pass to climate pass.  On the back of this the carbon credit system is finally imposed in some way by 2025 although Canada, New Zealand etc will lead the pack on this as they are leading the pack on the other thinly veiled climate restrictions.  The reason they are leading the pack is that they are destinations for these refugees - the USA, already the site of killer tornadoes, hurricanes, wildfires, and the rest of the beast legion of Cetus, will get a very rough experience of 2024 and its not going to be somewhere you necessarily want to be.  US Americans may well flee north alongside others.

By 2026 reaching the world of Logan's Run is not hard to imagine at all.  ''Smart'' climate-controlled cities, populated by empty husks of  materialistic immuno-suppressed denizens living under a ''dome'' of anti-septic plastic shields, sterilizing ultra violet lights, with repeated treatments to keep away unsightly infections, watched over by AI, merrily enjoying the few years left to them in orgies under rainbow banners completely in denial about ''the countdown to carousel'' signified in those beating red crystals in the palms of their hands.

By then your only choice will be to run for Sanctuary.  But do not run away in panic.  Run towards with courageThe Run is a Love Story and Fortune always favours the brave.  

Everyone has AIDS
My grandma and my dog ol' blue
The Pope has got it and so do you
C'mon everybody we've got quiltin' to do
We gotta break down these barricades
Everyone has AIDS AIDS AIDS


Everyone has AIDS, Team America


  1. Out of control booster going to hit the Moon:

  2. The future? If the remote-viewers at the DIA were right (or were telling the truth), everything's a "blur" until about 400 years from now. What did they see (according to info published by Jim Marrs)?

    *Everyone's living in gigantic greenhouses, the size of small cities, and humanity has apparently devoted itself to taking care of plants, animals, and each other. A very rustic lifestyle where no one gives a f**k about wearing make-up or the latest fashion, very much an "Amish" low-tech society. The outside world has become very wild and dangerous to human beings, you travel from one greenhouse city to another by way of tunnels, and extraterrestrial beings visit us openly on a regular basis to help out.*

    Doesn't sound that bad, despite the utter lack of rosebud porn.

    ("PSI Spies: The True Story of America's Psychic Warfare Program", if I'm not mistaken. Marrs also published some remote-viewing stuff in his "Ancient Aliens" book.)

    1. I have this book and have read that section several times and have attempted similar work. I also have a direct one step link to Dr P. it's a very weird one we can talk about in the future. This work is now enhanced by clairvoyance and clairaudience (hunting powers from "Diane") using our "movies" and "soundtracks". Fully functioning schizo powers lol.

      People have no idea how finely turned you can make your skrying with something as simple as Tarot. This three card thing of your past present and future is the trash equivalent of popular numerology but so many think this is what it boils down to. If you have arete you can do things like say: Tarot tell me the average temperature difference between 2023 and 2024 in 3 cards the first being local,the second regional and the third global. Please represent this where possible in pure numbers. Or: Tarot take a one card picture of this room. I normally use this technique for calibrating readings including that picture at centre of the individual time compass. But it's to do with hard work, experimentation and expertise. Very few people put in the hours to do something as simple as memorizing correspondences before their ego gets involved and starts trying to make a buck out of it doing paid readings. It's very sad I'm totally sick of that type of person most of them are reduced to cartoon characters now anyway. Just hawk essential oils or bitcoin with everyone else. Jeez. And if we are talking power tools for specifics and nuance the Yi King is available online FFS if you want to sit at the feet of the master of the cosmos it's right there, unlike nearly every other book's soul this one does not care if you read it. But lets face it people do not want to know the future. See this post above for why. They want to believe in the fake heroes and the fake medicines. They want to be told that death means "transformation" and "rebirth" while I am like Holly from Red Dwarf saying: Dave, Everybody is dead, Everybody is dead, Dave.

  3. I remember Guillermo Del Toro trying to make a movie several years ago called "The Return of Saturn", in which the Sun had turned into a Black Hole, so the governments' solution was to tell people to stay indoors and avoid talking about it. The story would have been from the POV of a little boy being sent to the grocery store and convenience store over and over again by his frightened grandparents, the old sacrificing the young during an absurd, surreal Apocalypse.

  4. This lines up pretty well with my experience in 2014. The major landmarks were -

    1. Isolation. Everyone locked away in a room by themselves, "for their (plutocrats) profit."
    2. Fear. Stalked by an unseen attacker, "not plant, not animal."
    3. Control. "If they touch your neck, they can control you."
    4. Death. Men running one after another to fall dead in a heap. "I am destruction/death/annihilation."
    5. The visitor. "Do you want to play a time trick?" "Yes."

    1. The lead-in to Isolation was hooks on fishing lines coming out of the sky, catching the little people floating around by teacup handles sticking out of their backs. Everyone had a weakness like those teacup handles, in different shapes and places, but that day there were fishing for those so it's all I saw. I twisted myself into some uncomfortable positions in an effort to wring out weaknesses, which turned into an idea that body positioning could be used to travel or project into one's past, and different eras.

    2. My thought on Fear at the time was that it was a fungus, even though it didn't quite make sense considering its vicious ferocity and the need to stay downwind from it. Also, it seemed intelligent. Even though I'd had mushrooms in years prior, it never really sunk in that they had their own intelligence rather than just acting as some kind of conduit. Mucormycosis sounds terribly vicious, and its ubiquity fits with it hiding behind a tree. Since it affects people's sinuses, I wonder if it might distort people's sense of smell or even heighten it somehow. In their anger at having been affected, some people might lash out and try to make sure everyone else gets it, too?

    3. Control was the dominant idea during the protect your neck phase. It was all about the neck, I was consumed with the idea that anyone who touched your neck would have total control over you. It only occurred to me about a month ago it might be TB, when there was supposedly an outbreak at Goldman Sachs. That this might come with hallucinations and cognitive impairment makes perfect sense - this was the only time I was so concerned with what someone else in the house might do to me; and I went so far as to pre-emptively touch one person's throat because I thought if that person got me first, I'd simply be done for; and since I had no intention of actually controlling them it was harmless self-defense. This was the one thing I did that actually scared someone enough to call and have me put away. Of the entire ordeal, this was the stage when I was the perceived threat to someone else and suffered real consequences as a result. This stage is no joke.

    4. I also broke a picture window to end the apocalyptic Death vision. So, all in all I really can't blame anyone for thinking I was a hazard.

    5. As soon as the visitor disappeared, I experienced something that felt like a seizure, flashback to December 1986, back and forth between 1986 and 2014, disorientation, and then back to feeling like myself and somewhat ok. I don't know if 1986 is anything to do with all this, or just a personal issue. That year was the first time I've ever felt anything like a seizure, and I got a lot of cowpokes that year, for what it's worth.

    I've got a small collection of bookmarks and pdf's about preventing and treating fungal infections. I'll try to organize it into something coherent to post here in the next few days if that's ok.

    1. 3. It was the TB scare that led to thoughts of meningitis, which I have yet to follow up on. It definitely seems worth pursuing now.

      4. One reason I've been hesitant to follow up on any of this until recently, and afraid to pay attention for fear of feeding into it is that the experience left me with a feeling of personal responsibility for the events. I'd been trying to reconnect with my heart near the very beginning and at some point, the more attention I paid to it the more it became something I didn't recognize and craved death, pain, and misery in the world. Every time I thought of something really horrible, it was like a little cool water fell on my heart which would suck it in and immediately thirst for more. It was awful and frightening, but I couldn't stop it. The more I resisted, the more powerful it got. At some point it passed, and the rest of that mess played out. So then, when I was watching the Death scene in the window it started out as just something I was watching with horror and fascination. But at some point, I became a part of it. I wasn't myself anymore. The closest I could come to describing it was that I became Kali. The event changed from something to be feared, into food or something. I was just gobbling it all up and getting bigger and more powerful and more overwhelmed by whatever the hell was happening to me with each millisecond, until I found myself starting to talk and then recognized it as sounding like that Oppenheimer quote and ruined the flow and didn't get to hear if it would be the same thing or something different. I think that's when I broke the window. That right there might be the single most disturbing moment of my life, and I've had a few.

      So, I'm trying to tread carefully. I'm pretty careless lately, though. Reversing decades of bad mental habits isn't easy. I just really, really, really don't want whatever that was to become any part of reality.

    2. TB is a good call. It's already very MDR. Combined with immuno suppression that could be a massive problem and could be the one they use for the unholy trinity. There is clearly important material in your visions. Do not blame yourself for the future you've seen. You are not creating it. You are having intuitive visions which are then being interpreted by ego that always wants to take possession of things even in bad self harming ways blame shame guilt etc not just narcissistic vainglorious ones. I'll give a clearer more detailed response to this I'm not writing on a phone. Of course you have permission to share that's the point of this solid bit of void gazing. So we can prepare properly.

    3. Ok, great. I didn't think it would be a problem, but I already feel like I'm posting just a bit too much. Gotta condense things somewhat.

      I'm actually feeling quite a bit better about that whole thing now. What you said before was a huge help so again, thank you. I posted all this here today in case it might add something to the discussion. Well, that and I'd like to figure out what the hell 4. was all about. It's not like the men were fighting anyone. They were just running from the left side towards a flagpole in the middle, and then falling down dead into a big pile, but maybe a pile in a hole or something. There were bodies all around and in the foreground, in front of the whole scene, somewhere towards the bottom left was the giant face of an old man laughing somewhat maniacally. I think he had white hair, but I don't know who it was. When I think back it looks like the current dude in charge, but I think I'm just filling in a memory gap. It's frustrating because I think I might even have recognized him at the time and been like, him, really? It was dark out by then, so the picture looked like it was happening in the dark too. Anyway, the whole thing took a day or a day and a half so I could just go on and on, but that's probably enough.

    4. So Aryeh Kaplan talks about running and returning as between non-verbal (Chokmah) consciousness and verbal (Binah) consciousness - a little bit like (it's a little bit of a myth but...) right brain and left brain type thinking. Often the vision is quite true but the swing back into ''verbal'' consciousness chattering ego etc is what causes the misunderstanding/misinterpretation. You're *witnessing* some incredible vista on the astral and that verbal consciousness goes ''but what does it all mean (to me)?'' and shatters it. But we have to do it. We run and return. We go and we bring back and we try to fuck up as little as possible in our interpretations. We try to be logical and self-critical and separate simple dreams from inspired vision.

      None of this Apocalypse is your fault. I mean it is your problem like it is currently all of our problems but its not your fault. It is very frightening and the ego may well call for retreat generally into either a) total hiding (dissociation) b) shame & guilt c) denial & blame or the worst d) delusional and manipulated ''hope'' (wishful thinking). It's happened to a few members of my squad, I don't despise them for it at all, it's human and understandable, but it doesn't change the fact for them that perfect courage is the only way through. Watching people take their eye off the ball because its got a scary face on it and then getting caught out and telling themselves that it is going to be ok when it is definitely not going to be is not an attractive look. At least cut a courageous silhouette in the lightning flash of oblivion I say.

      That's the true horror of this ACO experience for me. False hope in people like Rogan, Malone, etc, even Boris if you ask some conservatives, when the reality is they are going to seem like muppets of the worst order if something worse happens and this is who they are gathered around. This is a breather, a valve, release mechanism that's all the ''narrative is crumbling'' rhetoric is achieving. A large percentgae of the population want this to go on because they hate themselves and they have no integrity or dignity. They're just waiting. The truth is the truth above. The damage is *already* done it doesn't matter if it ''crumbles''.

      We've all done crazy shit though, my friend. In Europe we call it ''passion''. Stop beating yourself up about it.

    5. Yeah, I did have to stop myself a couple of times from thinking too hard and just descending into gobbledygook. It was a weird combination of feeling like I couldn't control anything - that's it I've gone hopelessly over the deep end, and that it was nothing to worry about just some kind of spontaneous drug trip and all I had to do was relax and stay grounded enough to not look high and it'd be over soon enough.

      Unfortunately, the inevitability tracks with my experience too. Not only was there never a suggestion of personal agency beyond reacting to the situation as it developed, but I had the very strong feeling in the beginning that if I could just live past 2022 or 2024 (I tried to reason here too and mucked up the message) then I'd be ok. I'd survive. That was the only goal.

      I was trying to learn the Yi Jing before any of that started. Spent weeks if not months puzzling over the text, asking questions and tossing coins, trying to make sense of it, to translate the characters, to find the Way of the people who compiled it so I could connect with it better. By the time I had that vision thing, I'd taken to trying to literally internalize it by feeling the trigrams in my body. Maybe if I hadn't allowed that gap in the hexagrams between belly and chest, and felt them as a more connected whole, maybe the experience would have been more cohesive and comprehensible. Anyway, it really is an astonishing book. Mind boggling, so simple but almost hopelessly complex with all the changes and the commentaries and the text itself. I've been almost afraid to look at it for the last few years, thinking it drove me crazy. Ok, there's no almost about it, that book terrified me after what happened. But since it's starting to seem less like a psychotic break or a traumatic stress reaction, and more like an actual look into real events, I don't think I have to be scared of it anymore. I mean, I'm in no hurry to pick it back up or anything, but I feel like I could if I wanted to. And if I did, I'd be just a little more cautious. That book really is something. It could even predict the weather. It was so accurate it made me suspicious. Like, what drives it, and does it have an agenda? When I asked, it told me to stop asking stupid questions. Ha! That book is wild.

    6. I think the Yi King is too hard for me but its 64 rather than the 22 + (10 x 4), which is 32 really with four flavours of 10. They're both extending raw duality. With the Yi King I just used it to predict the headlines of the news every night this was long ago. One of the readings was ''counting corn'' or something as the first line and I was like OK what is this going to be and it was EU agricultural subsidies. When I asked about the future (post 2012 to be specific) it gave me Ta Kuo. It was just an exploratory exercise really I had already invested a decade or so becoming buddies with Tarot at that point so it seemed like gratuitous overkill for divination techniques. These days I rarely use the Tarot because it is in the world around us all the time, its language/code of reality. Is that 6 cups on a table I see? Welcome to the schizohypothesis :-)

  5. It would be a lot less trippy if these comments didn't disappear whenever they relate to weird occurrences. For instance, the thing that has my head spun at the moment is the fact that on an interesting anniversary, someone accidentally deposited 217 thousand dollars into my checking account. 217,000 dollars. They are, naturally, phoning me with great urgency now. But this was a waking world reminder of something that I was told to do in a dream. Occurrences like this always contain data relating to the experiments I've been conducting.

  6. Blogos, what scene from ACO is supposed to be replicated in the real world between 4 février 2022 – 20 février 2022?

    Because that's what the China Olympics take place, and I have a VERY strong intuition it will be disastrous PR-wise due to several athletes getting heart-attacks live caused by the Vaxx.

    1. Jourmeyman is running it over at Hotel Apophenia. Feb calendar is there.

    2. And how praytell do I get to this exclusive hotel? Remember: I am limited to a mere, used-up smartphone.

    3. Nevermind, found it on the web version.

      Beginning of the Olympics, the 4th:

      "He turns to Mr. Alexander."

      Ending, the 20th:

      "Close up of Beethoven painting)

      Music starts.

      ALEX (V.O.)

      Then, brothers, it came. O bliss, bliss and heaven, oh it was

      gorgeousness and georgeosity made flesh. The trombones crunched redgold

      under my bed,"

      WELL then, expect Beethoven music for the Closing Ceremony of the Olympics.

      The Opening Ceremony? Something having to do with Alexander personally?

    4. It's a good thread to follow. Personally I'm curious about "Singing in the Rain." I'm thinking climate change related massive floods plus chemical weapon attack by Russia (poss false flag or false false flag would require the masks) with woman being Ukraine and Mr Alexander being liberal west (Alexei Navalny as russian rep of that) and doing nothing. Anyone else want to hazard a guess?

    5. They might get lazy and just start a YouTube trend where people are singing that song for some reason.

    6. I dont think its lazy. Its insanely powerful. People cannot see it anymore. Its like every other character is called Lily - I exaggerate a little but you get my point the percentage of vilification is still nuts. They don't think that is weird???

    7. Sorry Lilification. Same difference almost though.

    8. I think I secretly worship/love the primordial, extraterrestrial version of Lilith, though.

      (If someone asks me

      "What are your personal beliefs?"

      In my head I'm thinking

      ("Well, the Great God Pan created the Universe at the dawn of time, then a blue-skinned, blue-blooded amphibian from the planet Venus created the human race with her own DNA about 5 million years ago, but in modern religion we call her Lilith, while Pan has split himself as his benevolent shepherd-half and his malevolent goat-half, what we call Jesus and Satan.")

      Outloud: "Oh, it's personal, sorry.")

    9. I'm guessing that Beethoven will be represented at some point this year by a woman or women who didn't start out that way. Check out who Kubrick hired to write the original score.

      Maybe a top medal in some event. Something to really trigger the "snowflakes" and rile them up. (Isn't it funny how snowflake was "appropriated" and then used as an insult by the people it was first directed against? It's almost like the two sides really are switching positions in some fundamental areas.) When the backlash comes, it would make the people who got angry look Dim.

    10. I really don't want to live in a world where some ugly, horrifyingly mutilated bloke can just pretend to be a woman, and real women have to shut up about it or else.

    11. I feel really bad for all the people getting caught up in it. It seems like a very cynical ploy to make people dependent on one party, almost like medical slavery or something. Nothing lasts forever, especially in politics when money is involved. At some point the funding will end, and a lot of people can't pay for the treatments on their own. It's a sh*tstorm in the making. And in the meantime, women and kids take the brunt of it as always.

    12. No one has to mutilate themselves anymore. Maybe just a little bit for the Olympics. In most other situations any ordinary lad(y) can declare himself a woman just this Tuesday for instance, and she doesn't have to shave her beard, carry a purse nor even attempt a friendly smile to use the lady's facilities or sit in on any women's group taking notes. Now there's a person with nothing to lose no matter which party is in charge. It's very progressive, refusing to judge a woman by her looks or fashion sense, and encouraging her to put her own needs first like men are expected to do every day of their lives. How could anyone object to that just because she is a man every other day of her life?

    13. These themes are built into the eye-make-up of Alex. I posted several times last year that the RHPS (Frank) to ACO (Alex) transition depended on this.

      It makes me so sad for the women who will never be able to win again until this is resolved. This also falls within the ''attack'' on athletics. Again I am all for freedom of choice and expression but if you want equality/equity this all seems like a grotesque perversion of that. The player themself must see that it is deeply unfair. I don't get the sporting logic as to why this is even happening at all.

    14. ''A lily by any other name is still a lily.''

    15. Hey JB, Mercury(Athletes/orange) goes direct(out of retrogradation) on February 4th. And February 20th is the average date the Sun moves into pisces.
      Also, Venus turns direct(out of retrograde) on January 29th. *maybe this is signaled in the ACO rape scene

    16. Also, Pisces rules the Feet (the two fishes) which automatically makes me think *Fungal.
      Often times if the native has a difficult aspect in a pisces ruled 6th house or 12th house placement, they may have issues with foot fungus.
      *I've actually seen this in a close friend.
      Maybe even something to do with Worms, like hookworm or some other worm that one picks up walking barefoot.
      *if only my feet had winged hermes booties.

    17. Speaking on Trans.
      This recently took place in my hometown and really rattled an entire community that I used to be a part of. This *They worked and took teacher training at a Yoga studio that I also worked and trained at.

      "Beale, whom police described as male but whom acquaintances said uses the non-binary pronouns they/them, fell under police scrutiny after Dardar’s estranged husband went to police on Dec. 23 and reported her missing. The husband said she had left him and moved in with Beale at a home in the 2300 block of Pauline Street, according to police.

      Update: Neighbor says he saw missing woman week before dismembered body found in freezer

      An officer then went to speak with Beale, who claimed Dardar had moved out the previous week, police wrote in court records. But Beale — who is also known as Kelley Kirkpatrick"

      My immediate thought after reading this was the movie They Live.
      It seems to me, if one becomes a "They", They may no longer be held liable by their own Conscience for actions taken. The dissociation makes way for the Walk-In.
      Also of note is the name. His given name Benjamin Beal has the "BB" and once transformed Their name became Kelley Kirkpatrick, noting here the "KK"


    18. Useful insights, thanks Jockamo

  7. Hey guys the escaped ''Ebola Monkeys'' in that crash scene were they the droogs in the Durango? When was that parallel?

  8. January 21, the car ride. I think they got all four back that escaped, and put down three without saying why.

    1. So I imagine the monkeys as the droogs (or another gang of droogs that they ''duelled'' with) here which I don't think is too much of a stretch. Monkeys in crash. The crash may have happened earlier but news is still disseminating so it happened in people's minds a little later. Depending on how that story develops with the woman who was infected that might be one of the throughlines for the ''rape'' as the monkey hissed in her face and scratched her. Maybe a stretch... not sure. Again I am trying to look for stuff that is not environmental (although that could potentially be controlled) that is not covered by the idea of parallel parades of ACOs. In RHPS we had a ''royal'' cast and a colonial ''cast'' with some extras. Is the same going on here. Pfeffel DeLarge is the royal cast, Trump the colonial cast, the rest are extras and set dressing?

      Joe Rogan Experience is absolutely part of ACO (there is just no other way of reading that logo people) and I really hope too many people do not get caught in this next obvious trap.

    2. I hadn’t heard about the woman yet. Found this article which mentions she got a letter from the CDC dated the 21st, so it was probably before then? At any rate I don’t think it was reported before then.


    4. I think in terms of public consciousness it could count as one of the crashes that occured. Its a very dramatic crash so it draws attention. If I remember rightly they drive under some sort of lorry as well as playing chicken with others.

    5. Right, the first encounter they have on the road, I think, is a lorry parked across the entire street. The guy standing in front of it has to dive out of the way as they barrel toward him and then under it.

      My first thought was droogs, when I saw the article. And now they've killed three of the monkeys. Alex had three droogs.

      It seemed almost inevitable that someone would get sick from a monkey. Having her go "from a monkey situation to a COVID party situation," well, "It's ridiculous," for sure.

      When you say you're looking for stuff that is not covered by the idea of parallel parades of ACOs, is it because the parallels are just pageantry, and the real action is in the deviations which still match the script?

      At the end of last year there was this story about a squirrel attacking people in Wales. Preview to next story?

      Two days ago, this story of an Alabama meth squirrel trained to attack people turned up. This is around the time Alex & Co are parking at the Alexanders' place.

      Alex vs Alexander coming up. Meth makes me think of 40's super soldiers, and bikers.

      Sick monkeys and meth squirrels and ?? oh my! Whatever this invasion is, it seems like it's going to be a weird one.

    6. I am curious as to whether it is basically all being covered by ACO. These are the major stories as I see them:

      If we look at Jan (I know I've missed details but this seems to be overview):

      Europe: Vaccine Passports who can and cannot party, Eastern european countries Czech etc resisting/ending mandates + Djokervic + Russia so all the Nadsat and Korova Bar stuff
      America: similar + lots of road action (monkey crash, milk bar crash) there as well + Trump (court cases on ultraviolence paralleling UK's partygate) + Joe Rogan (i.e. him and his ''droogs'' talking about the drugged milk and other anarchic anti type stuff, now turning into Spotify drama)
      UK: vaccine passports revoked general droogs then go freewheeling + Alex DePffefel parties with droogs (to his friends apparently he is Al or Alex not Boris that's just for the masses and is a persona he can lie and perform through)

      Supply chain crisis, gas prices, inflation, building cladding/levelling up in UK etc is the kind of urban decay set dressing for movie. We know general throughline will be about ''reining in these rogues''.

      Environmental stuff like Tonga volcano not included (it was inc. last year in enriched RHPS with ''Steeve Reeve's movie)

      I am wondering what has not been included in the main narrative and whether there is need of any enrichment or ACO will basically cover it all in terms of people social drama)? It's looking pretty solid to me so far.

  9. Worth considering that the ''rain'' in RHPS was the lilifluenza. It could be thematically consistent but I am sure there will be at least 3 tags on ''the rain''. Let's try and project or deduce as a little test for ourselves.

    1st Prize: A brand new cadillac
    2nd Prize: A set of steak knives
    3rd Prize: You're fired

    1. Track 10 of Slayer’s 1986 Reign in Blood is called Raining Blood. It fits the meth squirrel motif, and the idea of snakes representing Kukulkan to announce the pending arrival of Chaac the god of rain, thunder, war, etc. It took 6 weeks to peak at 94 on the charts, and it was used on South Park’s March 16, 2005 Die Hippie Die episode. That date was 60 years after two Japanese cities were nuked, which also ties into snakes and squirrels. In early February an asteroid is supposed to pass close to Earth, one did pass Earth in February 1994.

      My guess is something related to events from March 16 of any year and/or late January/early February 1994. I’ve got some ideas for news I might expect to see while they’re in the house, but they need to be narrowed down and I might be too focused on the wrong details. The scene keeps making me think Reign in Blood, though, and I don’t even think I’ve heard that album. The first song, Angel of Death, is about a bad man who was known for medical experiments on unwilling people.

  10. Hey Blogos, know these guys, seen on Canadian TV, seem familiar?

    (the f**king RING)

    1. Its already all over man. They're going to win this year and the rest. There is too much inertia behind it now. The ''Squid Game'' is to try and survive til 2030 when ''the Sun'' at least starts coming up. Right now the controlled opposition is so well formulated. When the trailer for Invasion runs - the Karens, the Pflemings, the introverts, the self-haters, the work-from-homers, the apathetic ''I just want to watch Netflix and play on my phone'' masses, the slackdemickers, the children who hate going to school are going to be all over it. Whatever is coming in Halloween is almost inevitable now because everyone has had immune systems suppressed by lockdowns and junk food, the vax may as well have no effect on immunosuppression in the end (although obv. I think it does) as it doesn't need to - most people's immune systems are already seriously damaged. They don't understand when the government ''bails us out'' it means that we and our children are being sold into a life time of debt slavery and having our core assets and savings brutally devalued as well as prices on everything driven up. I've got younger buddies who are privileged twiddling their thumbs and extracting support from the bank of ''mum and dad'' as well as quietly waiting for them to die so they can inherit which is kind of callous - they don't realise those guys are going to have their future inheritances either ripped away by adult social care costs or just the economic inflation. Forget esoteric knowledge they don't even have basic economic knowledge. Try and escape it by blocking all the roads with trucks and we are just going to make the crisis even worse, the coils tighter. I appreciate what some people are trying to do and the logic behind it but we are playing straight into their trap. We are destroying ourselves because of our cowardice. The digital ''Invasion'' is basically complete a lot of these people are already cartoon characters devoid of principles or convictions aimlessly waiting for the next dopamine fix from social media, Netflix show or line of cocaine. For those who are still trying to rebel by clustering around controlled (in one way or the other) standard bearers like Rogan its just going to be easier to take everyone down. Take him down take everyone else with him down. Don't people see! Spiritual people talk about life being a school, a show, a game. They are being inc. positive about it for some unkwown reason. It's a lunatic asylum at best, and a safari park and factory farm at its worst. Back when I was explaining what the UCT implied to some friends before 2019, they were like ''you can't think three moves ahead''. FFS people need to play more Chess. They do. And you can think at leats ten moves ahead if you are playing someone who is constantly distracted by their phone.

    2. Winning is prosaic, plus is not a durable state.... Just keep the flame inside alive, we will need every ounce of warmth and humanity for the right moments. I figure this whole mess is like the old analogies put it, like menstruation or birthing of our mother earth, just part of the cycles. Some of them are using every tool to centralize power, in an attempt to slow down this and come on top afterwards, but the Nature of our earth/reality space is not favorable to centralization. As for me, I just want to see what tomorrows brings. Good luck with everything, hope you get to feel joy, happiness and warmth in your life even now.

    3. Pilar I basically took your advice (with a sprinkling of seasoning from Zod) just in case and got out to get ahead. I am very happy where I am. After a life in cities country living is fantastic. Food is plentiful and tastes great, the air is clean, people are lovely, the sky is amazing. Great for mystical theurgy too - I think the EM field is doing all sorts of things to people as my mind has really expanded since I am out of it. I'm still exploring different opportunities and adventures, where I am at kind of has it all, but I think I'll give cities a rest for at least the rest of this decade and then I may do some working tourism to places I always wanted to go and where Cyberpunk will be really cool. Tokyo, etc. The half-assed cyber upgrade for this decade with added demo-charges is god awful wank from Belzebub to experience and live through. If you're an intro maybe its satisified you in some way, but it's *not* been good for you. Most put on weight and got their minds digitized even in the best case scenario... They were already putting the squeeze on Dionysus where I was even before 2020. Here there are no obstacles I can currently see. Then back from tour in 2040 to retire and enjoy the best of solar-punk in peace and harmony :-) That's my rough plan. If I make out the other side of this decade!

    4. I am a ver analog person, I cook from scratch, sew by hand, draw a lot.... and my cellphone is mainly to read your blog and other of the kind. Do not own other screens and haven't been into the movies or streaming thing for years. Even then the screen and electricity bothers me a lot, more with ech passing day.... Glad you are enjoying the rural life :)

    5. I'm really happy for you Blogos. I got married in 2019, HoneyMooned in Greece, and we took a crazy risk 6 months later leaving the city, our home, our friends and some family, our jobs, and all the sensory fluff of the Northernmost Caribbean City (New Orleans).
      Still can't believe we moved only 4 months before the lockdown. We now live on a river in an old growth forest. Here the path is clear, like the Dharma, -is self-evident. The astral muck of the city can't hold the sweeping strawbroom no more.
      My 1st House Sagittarius revels in these woodlands under the long shadows of the moon, the deep well waters, and white sandy shoals of our river.
      Here is where the hands shake.
      Many blessings to you in your new abode and may it quench your thirsting soul.


    1. Its a good description, I partially disagree with it because I am no longer a ''presentist''. It might ''feel'' like that but that is not what is actually happening in my point of view. People are afraid to leave present perspective because they kind of feel that it sucks all the joy out of life but its not quite like that - although it definitely opens more challenging mysteries. Like I said before as you ''move'' up the different ''initiations'' in QBL the prima materia of the world seems to change roughly in this order (with a really enormous shift in world view and different abilities):

      Earth: Matter, Energy, Forces
      Luna: Dreams
      Mercury: Code
      Venus: Spirits
      Sol: Mind
      Gevurah: ''Motion'' (i.e. linear time)
      Chesed: ''Space'' (light's relationship with block time, the ''speed'' of light i.e. lightning)

      The stuff above this gets hard to explain in a simple sentence (its the Abyss right, as you well know) but ''movement'' on the ''level'' of Gevurah and Chesed involves disimilarity vs similarity. So like someone may explain everything from the materialist point of view in ''energy'' or someone more advanced might describe everything as forms of mind - you can explain and operate on a lot of phenomena using only Time as your base and no other concepts. For instance Raziel reduces the concept of Mind to ''Anti-Time'' and then makes it do things it couldn't before, in the same way Mind might reduce objective phenomena to ''Ideas'' and does thing with them they could not do before. With that temporal point of view you don't ''do'' anything in that sense as everything that happens is already ''done'' - in fact you are reading it in reverse. This link does imply that but it doesn't recognize things like the future already happened to influence the past and its written from a present perspective with ideas that intended objective. I don't think or will things that were not already willed in *the first place*. It does limit what used to be considered ''movement'' but it opens up a few even more interesting ''ideas'' that make my earlier ones seem tame. I mean I used to process ''magick'' from almost an entirely biological perspective.

    2. Sorry I switched correspondences half way through by Gevurah I mean Mars in this list and by Chesed I mean Jupiter in this list. I.e. Why the lightning is associated with him. I don't use this list in the sense that the G.D. do anymore if you look at the Saadia Tree in the top right you will see the planet-paths lead to those destinations but they are not conflated with the Sefiroth. The Sefiroth are referred only as ''the Depths''. So a Jupiterian intiation grants access to the South (i.e. expansion) whereas Mars grants access to the North (i.e. contraction).


  13. Seeding?

    1. It's (black mold) all over Archive 81 as well as a product of a cult ruled by Samuel Samael who is also called Aliester Spare. Spare after Osman Soare I guess.

    2. Also the "black goo" from the X-files, injected into people, turning them into mind-controlled zombies until the aliens took over.

  14. Watch this. Seriously.

    1. Blogos, at 2:41 there's the "Great Reset" symbol, with #12 on the rainbow wheel being an infinity symbol. I can't read what it says, though.

    2. Got it. Above their serpentine ouroboros there is written "Een munt", meaning "one currency".

    3. This is Dr. Arruda, our version of Dr. Fauci up here in Québec.

    4. JB, you've reminded me of another ouroboros reference I saw recently in regard to the new currency:

      Background, apparently this comes from someone associated with Peter Thiel. They post on twitter as Mr Loop, this image was deleted amongst most of the others recently. Why they post, whether its related to gaming crypto or signalling changes in the upper levels I can't say. Perhaps Een Munt forms a big part of it, that the dollar's time as world currency is coming to an end and they're going to crash things in order to solve et coagula the new settlement. My comments underneath were an attempt at decoding some of it, but if it's not a larp, the 8/ouroboros links to both the trucker and Blogos's vision as well as the myriad 8 references detailed here: and elsewhere.

  15. Singing in the Rain doesn't properly begin until Monday 31st, but the doorbell has rang at the Alexanders.

    The most horrible aspect of this sequence is the rape of Mrs Alexander, but there are other conflicts at work than sexual violence or the war between the sexes. An establishing shot has already identified Mr Alexander as a writer, they have a lovely out of town residence. Alex is working class from the city existing on what he fences from his robberies. So there's urban vs rural, rich vs poor, upper/middle class vs working class and perhaps more subtly continued through the movie the bourgeois intelligentsia vs Alex's earthy cunning, because there's no lack of intellect in Beethoven loving Mr Delarge.

    One potential way of setting up this conflict may be underway in Ottawa, with Trudeau the darling even the personification of the left intelligentsia vs the working class truckers of the protest movement. It's only one facet of course, but looking around at the events which are capturing global interest it does seem to work on that level and also via timings.

    1. Solid observations there thank you

    2. It should be a triple Alex-off as well. How is that doable with what we see before us with our Alexes?

    3. The original Hunger Games movie premise is exactly this struggle between the city dwelling, dependent, purple-haired intelligentsia vs the rural, self sufficient, family oriented folk.
      I was a late to this movie, and despite its hollywood fixings, I appreciate the dystopian vision -which has certainly come true(to light) through the controlled opposition narrative.

      Have you seen it?

    4. Jockamo, I always find it a great irony how many "Wokesters" LOVE the Hunger Games, yet are oblivious to the fact that THEY are the villains in the story, with the workers in the Red States as the heroes. Katniss Everdeen, IRL, would be wearing a MAGA hat.

    5. Yes. It kind if falls into that meme:

      Old dystopian novels: this is a warning you must stop this happening
      New dystopian novels: girl has to pick between two boys

      Still doesn't stop the fact that the Hunger Games society is coming true. 15 Million Merits from Black Mirror may be even more stark - same vibe. The liberal elite of ACO definitely resonate with the liberal elite of Hunger Games.

  16. ps. Apologies, meant to include a link to the timings:

    I did a rush job of January but the format for Feb is hopefully a little better:

    and I'll stick to that going forward.

    1. This is great. I'm going to return to ACO next and focus on Singing in the Rain. I will flag the calendars up there.

  17. Blogos, I apologize if this is a very long subject, but I am a HUGE fan of the Gilgamesh Epic (and Ancient Sumerian myth in general), and I was wondering: is Gilgamesh's journey a trip up the Kaballistic Tree of Life? Some people believe it's actually a journey across the Zodiac (the Bull of Heaven, the giant Scorpion(-men), the Tavern keeper/Water Bearer...).

    1. Well it wouldn't be the Kabbalistic Tree of Life persay as that is quite a late development off the top of my head I think around the 11-12th century - the Sefiroth took the traditional names we use today around then too. The SY does not have the Tree of Life in the manuscript, although it is implied. The Sumerians had their own Tree of Life though with a simlar set up of branches and flowers although not with the same interlinking.

      What might be more interesting if you want to map this Sumerian journey to the well known Tree of Life is to take a look at the Euphrates and the Tigris as ''The Rivers of Time'' (I think this is the original starting point for all these maps, specifically the Tree of Life as we know it now, and where ''Eden'' was incidentally).

      The larger northern bit is the larger spread of Sefiroth including Gev. Ches. Bin. Chok and Keter is in the mountainous source. The pinchpoint is Tifereth (roughly where Babylon was) and then the branching out again before and into the delta/swamp is Hod. Netz. and Yesod with Malkuth being the bay. I don't think you will find much commentary on this it might be an original idea from this blog (I put an essay up around seven years ago I think) but its pretty interesting. If you imagine all the cities on the various points of the river Lagash, Kish, Nippur etc and then draw ''the paths'' between them this is pretty much ''The Tree of Life.''

    2. Again if you are psychic you can use it to ''time travel'' this way. It's what I was implying when I said ''I left my keys in Nippur'' ;-)

    3. You might want to search for Mesopotamian cities not just Sumerian cities as this will include Assur and Nineveh which are more up-river. There will have been smaller settlements on these sites back then but they are probably totally lost in time. Doing archaeology has also been a nightmare there for the last few decades at least.

    4. I think I've seen a graphic which maps the Euphrates onto the tree, but I couldn't find it on a search, I thought it may have incorporated the spinal cord/pineal but may have been getting confused with this interpretation:

      I did find this though which was interesting:



    Ok this is the new ''Stealth'' variant of liliflu which I believe is timed to coincide with the ''stealth'' entry of the Droogs into the house of Mr and Mrs Alexander. On the headlines tonight and therefore in people's minds (esp. liberal types who don't want to let this end) tomorrow.

    This ties back to the idea that ''the rain'' was already associated with COVID-19 in Rocky Horror Picture Show. The rain and storm of liliflu being what Brad and Janet flee from into the ''light'' offered by the v-program.

    So its quite possible that BA.1 and BA.2 (''droogs'' perhaps) of Omicron may feature in the Singing in the Rain - ''stealthy break-in'' and rape scene. If this is the case, which looks likely, say what you like about them but at least they're consistent. As expected because of the ''Korova'' Bar this also implies that the continuing lilifu saga is contained within ACO and we don't need to look outside of it.

    1. Samiflu is prob. the correct name from now on. (???)

  19. Two things:

    1) In one of the earliest Sumerian Bilgames/Gilgamesh poems (long before there was even an Epic), he had to go up against *Lilitu* (Lilith), who was "killing a very old tree by the banks of a river, by making her nest in the hollow of the tree". This was later briefly mentionned in the Bible itself, as "the Screech Owl" (Lilith) killing the Tree of Life by making her nest in the middle of it.

    2) Remember Hillary Clinton's FOIA demand for any and all info about "the Resurrection Chamber of Gilgamesh"? My theory is this: since the Biblical *Nimrod* is without a doubt Gilgamesh (a great hunter before the Lord, king of Ur and Akkad), it seems his "quest for immortality by defying the gods and building great monuments" never really ended, so after the end of the Epic, not only did he build the Tower of Babel, but he also somehow got his hands on some Anunnaki technology, hence the Resurrection Chamber, probably a suspended animation pod.

    1. 3) In order to reach the Garden of the Gods, Gilgamesh had to travel to the *Twin Peaks* of Mashu, reaching to the walls of Heaven and descending into the depths of the Netherworld. Upon reaching these Twin Peaks, he had to travel blind for 12 hours in total darkness before finally seeing the forbidden living jewels of the garden.

    2. One of the most famous Inca sites is Machu-Pichu. Not only does "Machu" sound exactly like "Mashu", not only is it essentially situated between "twin peaks", but Machu means "old man", while the Epic's Mashu mountains were the gate Gilgamesh needed to cross in order to find the Oldest Man on Earth.

      Also, a unique, very controversial bowl covered in *cuneiform writing*, very similar to Sumerian-Akkadian, was found there. A golden shield depicting a tall bearded warrior, holding two *lions* by the throat, very similar to Gilgamesh, was also allegedly discovered near the Temple of the Sun at Tiahuanaco, and was exposed for a time at a Native History Museum until it "mysteriously disappeared".

      In Twin Peaks, the great adversary of the series is the "Jowday", which is none other than Lilith, mother of all abominations. This is significant due to Gilgamesh's first great exploit being to defeat Lilitu.

    3. If the Anunnaki were actually based in South America back in Sumerian times, it would explain how the Inca Empire ended up with legendary "Cities of Gold" and at least $1 TRILLION in gold later stolen by the Conquistadors.


    Did we forget? Did someone mention this already and I missed it? If we missed this it's as bad as me watching Joker looking for a phoenix and missing it.

    Woman wearing orange is therefore Ukraine. It was in the maiden right?

    1. It was mentionned repeatedly in your color-theory years ago, but not in the context of ACO.

    2. In the maiden? I don't remember seeing anything about this.

      On March 16, 2014 Crimea voted to secede from Ukraine and join Russia; January 14, 1994 Clinton and Yeltsin signed the Kremlin Accords to stop aiming nukes at each other and dismantle Ukraine's nuclear arsenal; April 26, 1986 Chernobyl disaster in Ukraine.

      The man who owned the so-called meth squirrel denies drugging it, maybe this connects to the false flag people are being told to expect.

      Two other countries with an Orange connection are South Africa and The Netherlands, which is interesting because there's been a news story or two saying Omicron may have appeared in The Netherlands before South Africa.

      The Dutch king's wife's father wasn't invited to their wedding on account of serving a government during a dirty war. If you put everything in a blender, maybe a dirty bomb comes out.

    3. Yushchenko had been poisoned with dioxide just before the Orange Revolution. During the December preview a Minnesota household of 7 died of carbon monoxide poisoning. 8 alarm fire in Majestic Industries section of a NJ chemical plant earlier this year, and Alabama just executed a man using nitrogen hypoxia. Hm.

  21. Blogos,

    Which diet do you recommend to help develop and improve clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience? I'm in in the process of opening my third eye via Steiner's methods and have had good results so far, at least at getting Lynch's Number Of The Day right on average of about 6 out of 10 times.

    Recently I caught a glimpse of myself sometime in the future, late at night standing in the Arizona desert and looking up into the starry heavens.

    However, it's still very difficult for me to gaze far into the future or very far into the past (Though the past is much much easier to see clearly).

    1. Do you know where I could find Steiner's methods for this?

    2. Certainly.

      Knowledge Of The Higher Worlds: How Is It Achieved?


      An Outline Of Esoteric Science

      These two are good books to begin with. To be clear, I'm agnostic about most of Steiner's claims, by which I mean that I'm in a state of agnosis about them, having not confirmed them with my own clairvoyance, which is very sporadic and very very weak compared with a genuine, spiritually perfected initiate's clairvoyance for example.

      I'm no hardcore Steinerite and I'm no anthroposophist but I find Steiner's work fascinating.

    3. Many thanks for this. I've only read Steiner via some of his lectures being posted online. He's come more to the fore recently, in part due to his statements on vaccines. So I'm more aware of him and his influence than his actual words.

      I'll hunt out those books. I do have one already on opening the third eye by Samuel Sagan but it's in the reading pile which is rather daunting...

  22. Turns out I had kind of a lot of information related to fungus, and it's probably total overkill but I think a lot of it might be useful to somebody so I'm going to try to pick a decent sampling and break it up into a few posts by topic. Maybe something along the line of - background info, environmental preventative measures, skin health, general health prevention, and possible treatments. It'll probably take at least a few days to get each post set up. None of this is medical advice, just food for thought.

    Fungus - a little background

    November 8, 2021 Profounda Inc receives FDA Orphan Drug Designation Approval for the use of miltefosine to treat Invasive Candidiasis (1)

    Any vitamin not marketed before 1994 is at risk of being removed from the market if a drug company wants to study its use as a potential drug, so it may be a good idea to follow the news for any pending removals and consider stocking up a bit on anything that keeps well and a person is particularly inclined to want to keep on hand (also to write or print on paper the natural sources of any nutrients one may wish to have around - in case of internet/power outages). (2)

    Fungus thrives in acidic environments, in diabetic people and immunocompromised people, people who are malnourished or have received an organ transplant, and steroid and drug users, among others. (3)

    Excess iron can also make one susceptible to fungal infections. (4)

    Black fungus found in Arkansas Americans with Covid December 2021. (5)

    Some background and basic information about Candida Auris, and fungi in general. (6)

    Some hospitals already seem to have given up on stopping the spread of c auris, calling it "common." I couldn't find a link to the page I've got saved; this one is a pdf of a newspaper, and the column is on the right side of the front page. (7)

    April 28, 2021 Pfizer acquires Amplyx Pharmaceuticals. Deal expands anti-infectives pipeline with addition of novel antifungal Phase 2 candidate, Fosmanogepix (8)

    Very long article which talks about many different fungi. (9)










    1. Studying herbal medicines that are local to you is a decent idea, as is learning homeopathy.